I lusted for my sister's friends but she became my lover
Does an 11 year old girl get horny? Can she feel the need to get fucked, even if she doesn't know what it means? Would she enjoy having a boy between her legs, filling her tight young pussy with his discharge? If she hasn't started puberty, can she have an orgasm? Those were questions that were lodged deep in my mind, they wouldn't leave my 15 year old head and every time my little sister's friends came to our house the questions surfaced and floated across my mind endlessly. I would get big aching erections anytime one of Sara's friends came over. If the girl was sleeping over, I spent half the night yanking my crank, imagining my cock cumming into the flat chested little girl's tight, hairless pussy. It was an obsession; it was a goal. I wanted to fuck Sara's best friends and I wanted to do it before they started growing tits.

I spied on my sister and her friends every time they came over. I would hide in her closet and listen to them talking in her room, I took a step-stool and put it behind the bushes under the bathroom window so I could look at them going pee. I watched several times as my sister and one or maybe even both her friends took baths or changed clothes. The wall under the bathroom window was stained with big blotches of dried cum. The cutest of the two was Willie, short for Wilhelmina, she was a pale skinned, blue-eyed blonde with a very pretty face. Willie was maybe 4'8, a head shorter than me. Her slender legs and tom-boy tight ass and soft looking pussy always made me get hard when I thought about putting my stiff cock into her.

The second girl that I liked to look at was Shonda. Shonda was three months shy of 12 and at 4'11 taller than Sara and Willie and she was showing signs of being really sexy. She was a black girl, her dark brown eyes smoldered, her young body was so lithe and supple that she could move and dance like Beyounce'. Her ass was as round and solid as two basketballs under her skirt and when she was showing her moves for Willie and Sara I always imagined what it would be like if she moved like that when I was fucking her. Shonda was second on my short list of two preteen girls to fuck.

I fantasized and jacked off endlessly using the two girls as the inspiration for my hard, nut wrenching ejaculations. I wanted to screw them, I wanted to put my cock into the tight, smooth skinned bald pussies and fuck them forever but I didn't know how to get them do it with me. Finally in total desperation I went to the only person I could think of that might help get the girls to fuck me. My sister Sara.

We were home alone, our parents were gone for the afternoon and my sister wasn't going anywhere so I decided to stay home and see if she would set me up with Willie or Shonda. One of my friends had given me some cookies made with a marijuana mix so I decided I would share them with Sara. I didn't know how she would act but I thought getting stoned with her might loosen my tongue and her morals enough I could tell her what I wanted.

“Hey Sara, did you and your friends ever get high?”

My sister doesn't live in a bubble so she knew what I was asking “No, not yet but Shonda's brother keeps offering to let us.”

“Not yet? Does that mean you want to try it? Get a buzz from pot?”

Sara let the question hang for a few moments then “Not with Terrence, he doesn't seem like a boy I would want to mess with at all. He's a little scary, he looks at me like I'm his favorite dinner.”

“What about me, does your big brother scare you?”

My 11 year old sister cocked her head which caused her long brown hair to fall over her face “What are you offering?” The girl is not stupid.

“I want to do a little something and it's more fun with somebody than all by myself, come on, it will be fun.”

Sara swiped the strands of hair from her eyes and looked around the room as if she were checking for witnesses then back at me “What do you have?”

I led her to my room and grabbed two large weed laced cookies and handed her one. We went to the kitchen where we ate them in silence then washed down the crumbs with water. Getting stoned by eating a cookie isn't as fast as smoking the stuff but it won't make you gag or cough and it didn't smell up the house. Sara went to her room and I sat in the kitchen until I felt the buzz start. In a couple of more minutes I was drifting on a nice pot high so I went to find my sister.

Being smaller than me Sara's metabolism was a little faster so when I opened the door to her room I found her lying in the middle of her bed, arms and legs spread wide and waving like she was making snow angels. She was naked. I'd seen her naked before when I spied on the girls but this time my heart thumped and my balls tingled with a thrill at the sight of my nude sister. My eyes went immediately to her little hairless pussy, Sara rolled her eyes to me “God, I feel funky.

She didn't seem upset that I was checking her nudity so I went to the bed and sat beside her. “Funky like you’re gonna be sick or just having fun?”

She put a hot hand on my arm, “I got warm so I took my clothes off but I'm don't feel sick or anything, this is fun, I’m thinking all kinds of weird stuff.” I looked at my sister lying beside me, her lovely naked body looked a little flushed, her eyes were bright and alive, my dick was getting bigger. She watched me look her up and down the asked “Do you think boys will like me when I'm old enough?”

“I think boys would like you right now, you look sexy like that.”

She smiled sweetly at the grown up compliment “I never did anything with a boy, I'm only 11, but I know what I would do if I could.” Sara rolled to her side, propped up on an elbow then surprised me by saying “I'm naked and your aren't,” she added coyly “if you take your clothes off I'll tell you what I want to do with a boy.”

She didn't have to beg or bargain, I had grown a long stiff hard-on but that didn't embarrass me at all. I'd never put sex and Sara into the same idea before but all of a sudden, she was as hot as either Willie or Shonda. I stood beside my sister's bed and pulled my clothes off while she watched. When I was done her wide eyes were riveted on my erection, my hairy balls. She looked up to my face then back at my cock then reached over had wrapped her fingers around it. My sister started pulling and pushing on me while watching my nuts move. I grew harder, my hand didn't feel near as good when I stroked myself. I watched a glob of clear goo squeeze from the head of my cock and smear over her fingers.

Sara dropped my erection and fell back to her pillow. My heart was crashing when I told her “I want to look at you all over, flip.”

She smiled up at me then rolled to her stomach and spread her arms wide across the bed. “Like this?”

“Your legs too.”

Sara splayed her legs wide enough to give me a clear view of her body crack from where it started on her firm round ass down to the top of her pussy. I got onto the bed and went to my knees between her open legs and pushed them wider apart, as I stared down on her slender back my cock convulsed and I almost shot a load of cum on her. I put a hand over the left cheek of her butt and felt the firm roundness tremble, I put my other hand on the right side and squeezed them both.

It didn't matter that the girl lying on the bed showing me everything was my sister; what mattered was what she had between her legs. A smooth hairless pussy that looked so sweet and tender I wanted to taste it. I grabbed Sara on the hips and urged her to roll over again. She had to lift a leg high to get it past me and when she did I caught her ankle and held it up. I reached for her other ankle and in seconds my sister was lying on her back in front of me with her legs held straight up, my cock was almost touching her. Sara grinned, licked her lips with the end of her tongue and said “This is weird.” She wasn't bothered that I was holding her legs wide open or that my erection was in the right place to push into her tight little hole. I was quickly forgetting that the reason for getting my sister stoned was to solicit her help in seducing her friends.

I dropped her legs to the bed then flopped beside her, Sara reached over and twisted my left nipple. I put a hand over her flat chest and tweaked a fingertip across her little nub and saw it pucker up slightly. Surprised by the reaction I did it again and noticed her shutter. I stretched my fingers across her chest and started rubbing both at the same time. Sara relaxed back and let me feel up her flat chest then started to laugh and slapped my hand away. She rolled to her side and went for my ribs with her fingers to tickle me so I grabbed her waist and dug my fingers into her sides. Sara convulsed with laughter, panting for air and begging me to stop. As she wriggled and squirmed her legs were rubbing on mine, her body bumping against me, twice her hip crushed against my hard-on.

I pulled my hands off my young sister, I was cooking hot with sexual energy and the weed was working well but I abandoned Sara and got off the bed “You want something to drink?”

She smeared a finger tip in a gob of lube that my erection had left on her right hip, “Yeah, do you have another cookie too?” As I turned to walk away she called out with a giggle “Nice buns, I want to bite one” again I had to fight the urge to cum.

She came out of the bathroom at the same time I came back with a bottle of water and another pot pastry. She stopped and watched my hard-on bouncing as I came closer, “It sticks out a long way” she observed. I followed her to her room and the movement of her petite round butt caused an earthquake in my balls. We got on the bed and sat cross legged facing each other, my erection stuck up from my groin for her viewing pleasure and her sweet little cunt was open for me. We finished the cookie and quenched our thirst. When she put the bottle down Sara reached between my legs and pulled on strands of curly hair over my cock, she twisted them slightly then asked “What do you want to do now?”

My mind was firing off ideas so fast I couldn't keep track of them “Will you let me look at your pussy, I want to see the hole?”

My sister's eyes widened briefly then she blushed lightly “Really?”

“Really,” she didn't reject me so I continued “lie back.”

Sara uncrossed her legs and fell back until she was once again spread for me. My cock was hurting from the pressure of the blood pounding though it. I laid on my stomach between my sisters legs then put a hand on her pubic area where I noticed she had a patch of pale soft peach fuzz, pre-adolescent pubic hair. Sara sipped a breath then reached between her legs with both hands and spread the lips of her pussy. She held her cunt open and shifted her butt so I had a clear view of the little hole that I wanted to fuck. It looked small, not big enough for even my finger. I carefully moved my hand from her body to her entrance. With the tip of my long finger I touched the soft pink flesh then wiggled it into her to the second knuckle. Sara's leg shook slightly and I realized that even if she was only 11 and not yet developed she could enjoy what we were doing. I slid the tip of my finger down the open crack of her body and my sister huffed a soft “mmmm”, I started stroking her, listening to her get turned on.

I stopped rubbing the smooth skin of her vagina and looked up at her, I saw permission in her eyes, she was willing to let me do anything I wanted. My nuts vibrated as I dipped my head between Sara's legs and licked my first taste of a preteen girl. She arched her back, bent her legs up which opened them wider and put her hands on my head. Encouraged, I started licking my sister's sweet body. I kissed her body lips, licked the honey from her crack then probed the hole with the end of my tongue, Sara was whimpering and shaking as I ate her pussy. All of a sudden her legs went stiff and her toes pointed to the end of the bed, she tightened her grip on my hair and started humping under my mouth. She shuttered then relaxed, limp again. I moved to her side and watched as she drifted, she was silent, soft and sexy. I knew the answer to one of my many questions.

An 11 year old girl can have an orgasm.

My sister rolled her slender flat body to me and put an arm over my chest “I never ever did anything like that before, it is always fun?”

I wasn't done, I needed to relieve the pressure in my balls so I asked Sara to jack me off. She put her fingers around my erection but instead of pumping me finished she asked “Would it be better if you put it in me?”

I looked into her baby blue eyes and saw that she was serious, she wanted me to fuck her. My cock was dripping strings of clear lube and I had just made her pussy soaking wet with my mouth so I got off the bed and pulled her sideways by the ankles until her butt was on the edge of the mattress, her legs hanging over the side. I stepped between her thighs as she lifted her feet and put them on the bed wide apart for me. I held my cock then slid the head of it up and down her small bald slit. Slowly I eased the end of it between her lips and found the narrow entrance by feel. I pushed into Sara while she watched me with wide eyes, her lips were open slightly as she breathed through her mouth. She put her hands under her knees and pulled up her legs which gave me more room to move and penetrate her, my cock was hammering with desire to screw the tight preteen cunt. Her pussy stretched around the girth of my prick and when I saw her flinch knew I was pushing against her virginity. Sara put her feet back on the bed, her hands on my arms then looked down to where my cock disappeared into her. She grabbed my arms then pulled herself against me, impaling her sex on the rigid pole. She gasped sharply and tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

I lost it. I convulsed and cramped as I gushed hot cum into my tender young sibling.

Sara pushed me away then rolled to her stomach. I thought she was crying and I started feeling guilty that I had fucked her, taken her virginity. I put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her back to face me and saw that she was smiling, a broad happy smile with lots of teeth. “O my god that felt good, I mean it hurt at first but when you squirted in me I could feel it all the way in my belly. Me and Willie and Shonda always talk about how it would feel now I know.” She got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean the blood and cum from her legs.

When my sister came back a few minutes later, I was still on her bed. She crawled up and over me and continued as if she hadn't been gone “It felt good when you did it, your stuff made the hurt go away. I pulled her up until she was lying on my stomach, my cock started getting fat again as her tender little pussy rubbed on my skin. She spread her legs across my hips and let my erection kiss the lips of her body. Sara and I stayed like that as we talked.

“I came really fast, Sis, you were just too fucking hot and I lost it way too soon.”

“You mean it's supposed to go longer, that you won't finish so fast?”

“When I fuck Marcie I can do it for a long time and she really gets hot.”

“I want to do it for a long time, why didn't you make it longer for me?”

“Because you are hotter than any other girl I know and you made my balls boil over but if we do it again it will be much better, you will like it more.”

Sara smiled down on me prettily, her eyes glinted warmly “Then lets do it again.”

She was already spread open and my cock was sniffing the entrance to her body so I flexed my butt and put the end of it on her lips. Sara reached between us and put me where she wanted me and with just two pumps of my hips I was fucking the eleven year old girl again.

I thought she might still hurt but Sara was riding my erection as if we'd been doing it forever. She rocked her hips on my lap as my boner slid in and out of her very tight young cunt. I looked to where she sat on my cock the sight of her smooth hairless pussy covering me drove another spike of lust into my balls. I pulled her down so that her titless chest was rubbing on mine and got hotter. I'd been dreaming of her two friends but as my baby sister fucked me I realized I'd been targeting the wrong girls. I was in my own version of paradise when Sara bolted upright on my lap, dug her fingernails into my skin and squeaked repeatedly as another orgasm tore through her. I squeezed her ass cheeks and fired another volley of ball juice into the girl.

I left the sated 6th grader on the bed to sleep off the effects of her first pot high and losing her virginity. I didn't see her until the next day.

It was Sara who started the next sexual encounter. It was Saturday morning and our parents were still in bed when she tiptoed into my room and got into bed. As soon as she lay down she kicked out of her panties, pulled up her night shirt and reached for my prick. “Fuck me” she whispered.

“Mom and dad are here!”

“So, if we do it quick I can be back in my room before they get up.” She was stroking my rapidly growing erection.

I got over Sara, held my cock in place then tried to push into her tight cunt. We were dry so I licked my hand, getting it wet with spit then rubbed it over my hard-on. Sara moved her legs wider, grabbed my ass and pulled me down until the end of me was in her small hole. She bounced her hips getting me deeper and deeper until my balls were pressed on her body.

When I started thrusting in and out of her she clasped her hands around my neck and said softly “I like this, this feels better than the first time.” I fucked my sister almost ten minutes until the pressure in my nuts blew out the end of my cock, filling her hole to overflowing. When I finished she hugged me close without saying anything then got up and sneaked back to her room. I don't think she climaxed but she didn't seem to mind.

That same night I screwed Sara again. It was after ten when she said good night to mom and dad then went to bed. As she left the room she shot me a quick look, an invitation. My prick became a boner as I thought about her taking her clothes off and going to bed; ten minutes later I left to go to bed. I stripped nude, put on a robe then very quietly left my room and went to my sister. When I clicked the door shut she rose up from her pillow, my cock pulsed even harder as I looked at her delicate young body, knowing she wanted me to stuff her pussy again. I reached for her hand and pulled her off the bed, turned her away from me then pushed her over until she was lying on her stomach, feet on the floor. I put the head of my cock against the slit of her body then pressed into her. This time there was no resistance, she was slick, ready to fuck, so I slipped easily between her legs.

I held her by the hips and pummeled her hot petite body, she reacted to the cock sliding in and out of her by getting more turned on. The first two times we did this she was receptive and liked it but this time was different, Sara was hot for sex, she was gasping for breath, humping her hips and tossing her head back and forth. I was scared our parents would hear her so I grabbed a pillow and put it over her head. She wrapped her arms around the pillow then started to squeak. Her legs shuttered and her small round butt vibrated against my groin when she came.

I pulled out of her and watched as she slowly melted to the floor next to the bed. Sara looked up at me, her chest was heaving for cool air, her eyes full of satisfaction. “Wow” was the only thing she said.

She was on her butt looking at my erection which hovered just inches from her mouth. I flexed my hips slightly and the end of it touched her chin. Sara looked up at me then kissed the end of my boner. She flickered her tongue across it then grabbed it in a hand. She opened her mouth and pulled me closer then locked her lips around the shaft. Marcie had never given me a blow job but I'd heard about them and now my preteen sister was doing a job on me.

Sara got to her knees and bobbed her head back and forth, it felt like I was fucking her again. She reached under and held my nuts in one hand while the other kept me in her mouth. She sucked on me until I couldn't hold back the flood, my cock convulsed and I started shooting cum into Sara's mouth. She gagged and pulled off after the first shot, the second hit her on an eye and in her hair. She quickly put her mouth over my eruption and let me finish on her tongue.

I sat on the bed and watched my sister clean her face with a towel she picked up off the floor. When she was done she turned to me and stuck her tongue out, showing me it was clean, that she had swallowed some of my discharge. Just as she started to say something we heard our parents going past her room, we both froze in place, holding our breaths until they closed their bedroom door. When all was quiet Sara stepped to me and sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck and nuzzled me with her nose.

I threw her to her back then started kissing her flat little nipples while pressing a hand between her legs. In moments we were making out and I'm sure she never did it before but it was fun kissing her on the mouth while feeling her up. Sara was a fast learner and in moments her tongue was dancing with mine. I moved down her slender body like the first time I ate my sister. While my tongue was busy probing her crack I started fingering her butt. Sara opened her legs farther and let me kiss her pussy while I slowly pushed my middle finger into her butt hole. Sara clasped both hands over her mouth to keep quite while I pumped the finger in her ass and licked the top of her cunt where I knew her little clit was hiding. I felt the small nub stretch as the tip of my tongue touched it then Sara exploded with another orgasm.

She yelped loudly then smothered herself with the pillow as her tiny cunt squirted cum on my chin. Moments later we heard footsteps in the hall, I scrambled to the far side of the bed while Sara covered herself with a blanket. I was lying on the cold wood floor when dad opened the door “Sara, are you okay honey?”

“I'm find dad, I tripped on something when I came back from bathroom”

“Well, you sounded like you hurt yourself, good night little girl.”

In the dark again, my sister giggled softly, caressed my nuts and said “I don't think I'm a little girl any more” then sent me back to my own room.

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