1st of 3 specials. This story has nothing to do with the main story line. It is merely a filler episode.
“Massive Naruto Lesbian Orgy Special”

Naruto could only think of one thing and that was pussy. Last twenty-four hours he hadn't had even one and he was getting hornier by the minute just thinking about it. There was only one thing he could think of to get some pussy he would have to find as many in the village that are his friends. Going on a mass exploration to find all that he can find. A few hours later he is laying on his bed waiting to see who is coming.

A knock at his door happens. Naruto gets up opens the door to see Tsunade and Shizune standing there.

"Naruto are you ready?" Tsunade speaks showing off one of he breasts to him.

“I am waiting for a few more. If you like you can..." Naruto is cut off as they walk in and shed their clothes.

"You may want to change to your female form" Shizune says before sucking on Tsunade's left breast.

Naruto changed into his female form as yet another knock at the door occurs. He opens it to reveal Kuranai.

"I had no idea... I didn't..." Naruto stutters by the surprise visit.

"Tsunade told me and here I am" Kuranai replies “I see you have already started" she walks in undressing and joins the other two on the bed.

Naruto fingered his pussy watching about ready to join when the door knocks again. Naruto opens the door to see Hinata with Hanabi and Moegi.

"Uh...this isn't for kids" Naruto says to Hanabi and Moegi.

"Oh please we are already sexually active" Hanabi states than kisses her friend passionately with their tongues intertwined.

"Okay you’re in" Naruto says. The two stop and walk in.

"Thank you Naruto" Hinata weakly states bowing to him as she enters following her sister and Moegi.

Naruto watches as the number double to six. He couldn't stand and do nothing he create a clone to invite people in as the real Naruto joins the orgy. He first kisses Hinata on the lips. Thus began Naruto's sexual activities.

"Oh Naruto" Shizune says behind him. He turns to see her and immediately begin making out. Shizune went a step further by fingering his pussy. Hinata got behind him and cupped his breasts and a finger in his ass.

Next to them Hanabi and Moegi were locked in a sixty-nine on the floor eating each others pussies. Hanabi on top of her good friend.

On the bed Tsunade was licking Kuranai’s feet as Kuranai did the same to Tsunade. They did this to warm up before everyone else showed up for the party.

Cloned Naruto who stood by the door played with his female body watching the others warm up. The door knocks startling the cloned Naruto by surprise. He opened it to see Temari standing there.

"Why, hello Naruto I see my tuitions were correct" Temari licks her lips as she says this.

"I didn't..." Naruto surprised by the visit.

"Girls talk in town. Ready to fuck" Temari says licking his breasts.

"Yes...yes I am" cloned Naruto with a huge grin shutting the door and following Temari into the pile of nude females.

Cloned Naruto gets on his knees eating Temari's pussy who is sitting on a chair by the table. With Hanabi and Moegi right behind them. Hanabi sits up and sees female Naruto back to her and begins to move under Naruto. Cloned Naruto spreads legs apart allowing Hanabi to eat his pussy.

Moegi feeling alone gets up and walks over to the bed, but before she could have the Hokage eat her pussy the door knocks. She walks over noticing every one busy and opens the door. She looks up to see Ino and Tenten who both looked to have extremely wet pussies by the look of their pants.

"Moegi?" Ino recognized the girl but surprised to see her especially in her birthday suit. Tenten on the other hand didn't mind that a young girl stood there she was horny and badly wanted to have a piece of Naruto before the night ended. Tenten walked past the two and saw the Hokage and Kuranai tribbing slowly holding embracing each other.

Tenten got behind Kuranai and nuzzled her neck while cupping her breast in a rotating movement. It made Kuranai shiver with excitement. Tsunade grabbed the back of Kuranai’s head and kissed her hard on the lips locking tongues in a warm embrace.

Ino closed the door grabbed Moegi by the hand and walked around everyone. She sat down on a chair opposite of Temari and shoves Moegi into her pussy. Moegi licks and sucks on Ino's pussy. This was the first pussy that Moegi ate besides Hanabi. Ino was more mature and thus had a far more experienced pussy compared to Hanabi.

Ino loved this girl the moment they met a few years ago and she is glad that now she has her eating her pussy. Moegi reminded Ino of a younger version of her and that is why she is loving this moment.
Once the real Naruto moved from Shizune to allow her all of Hinata he saw his clone busy with Temari. He sees who is on his bed and knows he has to get behind granny Tsunade. Positioning himself behind her he rubs her giant breasts and kissed her neck. Tsunade turned her head and kissed him on the lips as Kuranai sucked on her breasts.

The door slammed wide open, but it seemed no one took notice until Sakura screamed "Naruto!!!" In her head her thoughts were they started without her how dare they. Everyone saw her and went back to what they are doing.

Karin who stood by Sakura couldn't believe what she saw. This had to be the most awe inspiring scen3
she ever saw. Boys were stupid and always wanted to get into her pants. This though had no men if you count Naruto as female made life so much easier. She finally found paradise in this cruel shinobi world.
Sakura kissed her on the lips by surprise as they walked into the cramped apartment full of naked female shinobi. Karin peeled her pants down then Sakura's. Sakura stopped kissing took off her shirt. Karin followed suit. Once the two were naked Sakura got on her knees and grabbed Karin's thighs and licked her pussy. Karin stood there with weak knees enjoying the pleasure.

After awhile everyone was getting comfortable Naruto got off of Kuranai moved to Sakura and whispered in her ear as she was having her pussy eaten by Hinata.

Sakura stood up and screamed "STOP!!!" Everyone stopped and looked at Sakura.

"Tenten unleash the toys the party is to get interesting" Naruto says as everyone adjusts themselves so they can see Naruto. Cloned Naruto disappears. Tenten grabs her bag and rolls out three scrolls. A large pile of female sex toys were shown in the center of the room was everyone could see them. Everyone rushed to grab one. Some dildos, others to satisfy the breasts, and then some odd toys that also satisfied the body. For a half hour or so everyone was enjoying themselves, but soon got bored.

Naruto removed the double dildo that was inserted in his ass and pussy that vibrated, and got up getting everyone’s attention. "Alright time for some sexual games!" Everyone tossed the toys and paid attention to what Naruto was saying. "Any ideas anyone?"

"I do...I do" Hanabi says "we should all get into a big circle and eat each others pussy."

"Or we could put our names in a basket and compete to see who will last the longest before giving an orgasm" Temari says "I've done it in the sand village before." Everyone was in agreement with Temari. All names went into a ramen box.

"Right first two are..." Sakura says pulling the names out as everyone watches with anticipation "...Shizune and Tenten."

Both of them got into position with Tenten on bottom with Shizune on top in a sixty-nine.

Licking and fingering Tenten was giving it her all. Tasting the wet pussy that was dripping juices before the game started. She fingered her asshole while her tongue devoured her pussy.

Shizune had a different approach she sucked on her clit twirling her tongue around it. She knew from the amount of practice with Tsunade she knew how to get any female off within moments.

Tenten held her orgasm in as long as she could. She fingered Shizune's asshole deeper and with her fist. She used her other hand to help spread her pussy lips apart. For all of Tenten's training though she was about to lose.

Around the two everyone was rubbing their own pussies or rubbing their tits to keep them hard. Though the sight alone made everyone horny without the extra pleasure.

"I am going to come!" Screamed Tenten as her juices are swallowed up by Shizune. Once Shizune had cleaned her up she gave a little taste of Tenten back to Tenten by kissing her. Both drank it up smiled and moved on.

"Alright next couple is..." Sakura says pulling names out "...Tsunade and Moegi."

"This is going to be quick" Tsunade says getting on the ground as Moegi gets on top.

"Good luck lady Hokage" Moegi smiles looking underneath to see Tsunade split her legs apart.

"Begin!" Sakura says and off they go. Tsunade sucks on the girl’s pussy with so much power. Moegi unable to get anything but a single taste of her pussy before she screams in an orgasm.

"Tough luck kid, but you did taste delicious" Tsunade says moving Moegi off of her.

"That was the fastest anyone has gotten me off" Moegi replies sitting down by her friend Hanabi.

"Right now the next two are Hinata and Hanabi" Sakura states.
"Can we speed it up and have two couples" Ino says "I am dying for some pussy." Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Okay and the second couple will be Ino and Kuranai" Sakura read the names and both in agreement.
Hinata got on top of her younger sister, and Ino on top of Kuranai.

" that pussy!" Sakura yells

Hinata and Hanabi lesbian sisters both using byakugan stimulate each others pussies that with in second Hanabi is screaming "oh sis fuck eat me!"

As for Kuranai and Ino it was tough at first. Neither gave in. Kuranai spanked Ino's ass while licking her clit, but Ino was not moving her pussy was trained for this type of simulation. Ino chewed her pussy like a beaver chewing a log, however Kuranai experienced pussy was well trained with a daily masturbation period in her shower.

Ino had to turn it up so she did a mind jutsu at the same time Kuranai had put them both on a bed with candles around them all. Ino was in a trance that made the round an easy win for Kuranai.

Once returned to her own body Ino congratulated Kuranai’s victory. Still there were plenty of aching pussies to be eaten in the group.

"Next we have Naruto going against Temari and Karin and me!" Sakura shouts “after this we will go to the next round everyone."

Naruto laid below Temari and Karin laid under Sakura.

"Who is going to start us?" Sakura asks as she gets into position.

"I will Sakura" Tenten says "on your marks...get ready... to eat those pussies’ ladies!"

Naruto dived right in to Temari's golden purse as Temari did the same to Naruto who unlike her was shaved. She was a little jealous, but didn't mind when he was making her stir than she realized she needed to go. Diving in Naruto's delectable pussy that reminded her of those tasty melons vendors sell in the summer. Both showed remarkable amount of power as they try to make the other scream.

"Again Sakura" was the thought that crossed Karin's mind. With all the time with her lately though Karin knew Sakura's weakness. She shoved a finger into her asshole and her fist into the pussy which made Sakura squirm above her.

Sakura's time with Karin lately allowed her ample time to know her weakness. Sakura also knew her own weakness. She held it in and licked, sucked, and devoured Karin's pussy.

"Oh damn you Sakura I am going to come!!!" Karin screamed as Sakura continued her pursuit until she had all Karin could take.

Temari and Naruto continued at a fierce pace with neither willing to give up. Everyone watching and rubbing their own pussies to see who will win. Seconds turned to minutes as the crowd was getting hornier. The losers sat on one side and the winners on the other.

Temari sat up allowing the defeat to over come her. Her juices began to flow into Naruto's mouth. Temari screamed "you win Naruto!" Temari got off joined the rest of the losers. Naruto moved on to the winning side.

"I have got to piss" Moegi says cupping her pussy.

"Me too" Hanabi says. Everyone was showing the sign that they all had to take a piss.
"Aaaaahhhh" Naruto pisses on the floor as he sits next to Sakura.

"Not right here you..." Sakura stops to see everyone else pissing on the floor and now there was a huge puddle of yellow pee all around them. Sakura reluctantly joindd in pissing on the floor

"Right now to the next round" Tsunade says as she finishes up peeing.

"Six to go. Here we go..." Sakura pulls names out for first couple "Shizune and Kuranai" she drew again” second couple is Tsunade and me. Meaning that leave Naruto with Hinata are left."

Shizune got down in the pee covered floored as Kuranai got on top. Tsunade laid next to Shizune as Sakura got into position. Naruto splashed down on the floor by Tsunade as Hinata got on top of him. All were hungry and horny for each other. The losers watched sitting in the pee covered floor.

"Go you fucking bitches?" Tenten screamed. As she said that the three couples were at it licking and sucking pussy.

Shizune saw Kuranai’s raw pussy and devoured it. Her clit was well moist so no need to suck on it next was for Shizune to find Kuranai’s g-spot which was becoming difficult with her own body slowly betraying her. Kuranai licked sucked every part of Shizune's pussy. She got more desperate and began fingering her asshole as well. With each tongue lashing by Shizune she was growing weaker and weaker.

Teacher and student of the medical world both knew women’s weaknesses to make them come to an orgasm. Sakura powered her tongue into Tsunade. Tsunade being a medical sage knew she would win she simply wanted to toy with Sakura for awhile Moegi was an easy victory after all.

As for Naruto his tongue went further into Hinata's pussy as he tasted her delectable pussy. Every time he tasted her he got a stronger aroma. Hinata could beat Naruto with one lash of the tongue. That was how good the Hyuga clan is when it comes to stimulation and knowing the right points in the body. She was conflicted if she beat Naruto would he still love her, if she lost would he think how easy she was and move on to another girl.

Everyone else played with themselves watching the couples compete. They watched in anticipation to see who the three victors would be.

Hinata sat up allowing Naruto to defeat her. She hoped it was the right decision she loved him and hoped he would win this contest. " you!!!" Hinata unloaded a large amount of pussy juices into Naruto's mouth. The crowd knew this would happen and now they focused on the other two couples.

Kuranai had thrown everything at Shizune, yet she could not break her will. Shizune has medical skills that Kuranai would have no chance to win. Kuranai sat up letting her pussy juices to flow into Shizune's mouth. Shizune cleaned her pussy.

Now it was down to the medic teacher vs. the medic student. Tsunade vs. Sakura. Tsunade could end this the moment it began, but decided she wanted to have some fun. Moegi was nothing to her before. As for Sakura she knew her well but not enough. Tsunade removed her tongue from Sakura's pussy. She moved her tongue around the exterior of the pussy with quick slashes. Sakura knew she lost her body betrayed her. Tsunade knew a technique that Sakura didn't. Sakura removed her tongue from Tsunade's pussy and screamed. Tsunade took her off swiftly into the wet floor.

It was now down to three. Tsunade vs. Shizune vs. Naruto. Tsunade could beat Shizune as for Naruto he was going to be hard to lose to. Shizune was worried for Naruto Tsunade could beat her, but Naruto she didn't know. As for Naruto he was cocky, horny, and still hungry for pussy.

"Now we are down to a threesome you may decide how to proceed" Sakura says as the final three look at each hungry for each other.

"I concede" Shizune says "I can't beat Tsunade and would rather watch than participate at this time."

"Understandable" Sakura says "Tsunade vs. Naruto than!"

"I'm going to win granny Tsunade believe it" Naruto seductively states getting on the floor ready for Tsunade.

Tsunade also gets on the floor opposite of Naruto "How about some tribbing this time" she spread her legs apart as Naruto follows suit.

"Go tribbing!" Sakura screams as they rub each others clits together. Pussies slamming each other.

Everyone was getting hotter than before. Ino couldn't hold it back she summoned her cock and started working it. Soon Tenten, Shizune, Karin, Sakura, Hinata, and Hanabi have their own cocks.

“How did you?" Moegi curious and surprised to see them do so as much as Temari and Kuranai.

"Here" Ino made the hand symbols for them and soon they all had cocks and masturbating them as they watched Naruto and Tsunade continue.

"I won't lose" Naruto cringed as his pussy was slammed and rubbed with Tsunade's.

"You will lose I am the Hokage!" Tsunade screamed.

"I will be Hokage believe it!" Naruto screamed.

Both felt their bodies tense up and neither wanted to lose but knew it was coming.

"Ooohhhh" both came at the same time screaming in unison.

"Tie" both realized it.

"Tie" Sakura says "now fuck us Naruto!!!"

Naruto turned to see all had cocks and rubbing them while he had a pussy. He looked back to Tsunade who know also had a cock. He was in his female form. He grinned widely and made ten clones. All

Naruto's had a cock in his pussies and were being fucked by all of them.

"How's it like in a reverse roll Naruto" Tsunade says fucking him.

"Oh yyyyyyeeeeessss..." Naruto moans enjoying the constant pounding. He not only was fucking Tsunade, but since he also felt the clones he was feeling them fuck.

A full blown Naruto reverse mania orgy was going on. Breasts are flying, pussies pounding, balls slapping, cocks pounding, and everyone moaning in a full blown orgy.

"Oh Naruto fuck yes!" Ino moaned grasping his breasts.

"Harder...harder!!!" Temari slammed her cock deep into Naruto.

"Yes! I can't believe this. This is amazing!" Moegi moved her hips up and down pounding her cock into him.

"Fucking incredible!" A Naruto clone screamed in the orgy "I am going to cum!!!" That was just the first of many orgasms Naruto had as the orgy went on for some time.

Naruto removed his clones returned to male form, and climbed on to his bed. The girls laid on the ground panting in relief as their cocks are gone. Naruto shut his eyes peacefully and was out.

When he awoke he saw bodies moving all over his apartment. He also smelt food. Rubbed his eyes and saw everyone was naked walking around. Some girls were walking out of his bathroom with towels over their head. Others were in his kitchen cooking, and others still getting the table ready.

"What is...ooohhh" Naruto looked down and saw Hinata and Hanabi sucking his cock and balls.
"Naruto glad you’re awake" Shizune says walking up to him "we are almost ready to eat." She turns away shakes her ass.

Naruto's stomach rumbles. He removes the sisters and walks over to the table. Everyone sits around the apartment due to there were only four chairs. Tsunade sat on his left, Temari sat opposite of him and Sakura on his right. Everyone ate, joked, and talked. They all helped clean up and slowly departed from his apartment until it was just him.

He walked into the bathroom to see to his surprise there was one left standing in the bathroom naked and willing and that was Karin.

"Ugh Karin what...what are you doing here?" Naruto surprised to see anyone still around.

"I need to fuck" Karin walked over and grabbed him into the shower. She started the water as she kissed him on the lips. She stopped and demanded "get that cock in me now."

Naruto got his cock in her and began fucking her. He heard someone enter his apartment. He could tell that Karin hasn't noticed, and so he kept fucking her.

Sakura was on her way home when she noticed Karin wasn't with her. She turns back to Naruto's in hopes that she was there. If she was she was probably fucking him. That made Sakura angry and horny. She entered Naruto's and here's the shower. She knew they were doing it by the sounds going on there had to be two people. She didn't blame Naruto she would do the same in fact she was planning a night of sex with Karin. She looked into the bathroom seeing two figures in the shower and now she couldn't decide if she wanted to punch Naruto and steal Karin or join them. She looked down to see she was fingering herself. She knew her answer now.

Karin sensed someone walking toward them as Naruto fucked her pussy. She was incapable of moving with Naruto in her she would have to face them defenseless. The shower door opened...

Naruto felt a familiarity with the scent of the mysterious person walking toward them, but couldn't think who it was. The door opened he stared at the figure realizing who it was he grinned.

"Mind if I make this a threesome?" Sakura walks in to join them. Kisses both on the lips then they all touched tongues. Sakura got on her knees pulled Naruto's cock out stroked it then sucked on for a moment. She placed back in Karin's pussy with Naruto continuing to fuck her. Sakura moved around until she was licking Naruto's shaft and Karin's pussy.

Naruto after a few moments began feeling it come. Sakura sensed it too so she took his cock out. Stood up next to Karin turned around "fuck me in the ass Naruto!" He did as commanded and began fucking her tight asshole. Karin kissed him on the lips then moved down to his chest.

"Oh fuck here it comes!" Naruto felt his balls tighten up getting prepared to shoot his load. Sakura pulled out before that could happen. Sakura got on her knees and also got Karin to get down as well. Naruto shot his load onto Sakura's face and mouth. Karin quickly licked the cum from Sakura's face. Once cleaned both girls kissed sharing his load and tasting it in their mouths.

Afterward the three cleaned up and walked over to Naruto's bed for a sex filled night.

End of Naruto special 1 of 3.

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