A promising excursion unfolds with more opportunity than expected.
Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. The novella consists of multiple adult men having sex with multiple women, including underage teenage girls. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I sometimes make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

To those who proceed, I love getting feedback. So, enjoy and feel free to vote and comment!

- seltra

- - -

Early the next morning, Monday sunshine began to illuminate Rick’s living room. The pale light landed softly on the furniture and walls, forcing the shadows of night to retreat. Objects that were once obscured by the darkness came into view, including a large mass of bodies on the floor. There, four people slept: two adult men in their twenties and two teenage girls. All four were without clothing, resting peacefully and comfortably together. Even in sleep, the men held the beautiful girls close, cherishing and treasuring them.

The night before, they had brought Rick’s king-sized mattress in from his bedroom to have their ‘sleep over’ in Rick’s living room. Even with all of them, there was more than ample space to stretch out and have a comfortable night’s sleep if they lay sideways on the mattress. They had exhausted themselves with making love endlessly the previous evening. As a result, all four of them enjoyed their slumber into the later hours of the morning.

Lindsey rested calmly on Jiz’s arm as he spooned her from behind. She smiled subconsciously in her sleep, dreamily perceiving the feel of her most recent lover’s strong, warm body around her. Stirring slightly in his embrace, she nestled against his brawny chest further. Equally unconscious, Jiz reacted by pulling her closer and holding her tightly.

Curled up against Rick’s chest, Adelle breathed softly as she slept. One of Rick’s arms enveloped her, keeping the two lovers pressed tenderly against each other. Adelle wrapped one of her smooth, teenage legs and arms lovingly around her new boyfriend. The two had fallen deeply in love with one another over this past week, despite their considerable age difference. They now savoured every moment together they could. Their bodies warmed one another’s skin, pacifying their deepest emotions for one another.

Only once the sun itself flooded over the apartment buildings and amplified the light in Rick’s apartment did they begin to awaken.

Rick opened his eyes first. Looking into his arms, he stole a few moments to adore the beautiful young woman he held close. He watched as she breathed deeply, sleeping off the exciting night before. He lost count of just how many times he had brought her to orgasm. As long as she was satisfied, did it really matter, anyways?

He smiled as he thought of how her face twisted up in pleasure every time she felt a sexual climax. It was an expression on her face that he took great delight in causing. So long as she was his, it was something he promised himself to make happen often. He hoped that the opportunities would span many years to come.

With how much he knew they loved each other, he figured it probably would be. He couldn’t imagine loving anyone else.

Beneath the covers, Rick’s arm wrapped around Adelle’s young body firmly, though not so tight as to inhibit her in any way. Within the confines of his muscular arm, he could feel her chest rhythmically fill with air and then deflate. Adelle’s breath felt warm and smooth on his chest as it rushed out of her lungs and over his skin. He admired her beauty, loving her more with each breath she took. Despite her being asleep, it seemed as though her every breath was filled with the same deep emotion for him. He sighed complacently, sensing their love fill the very air around them.

Against his side, his teenage lover’s firm breasts complemented her gentle breathing. They pressed against his rib cage; a pair of growing adolescent globes that made alluring curves on her body so enticing that he would be content seeing only them for the rest of his life. Although he knew Adelle would let him be with other women from time to time, his true desire was and always would be her. In his life, he would always put her first, no matter what.

Tilting his head, Rick planted a gentle, tender kiss on Adelle’s forehead, holding her a little tighter. His lips lingered on the top of her face for a moment as he basked in the wonderful feeling of having such an amazing young woman give herself to him.

His kiss lasted a second too long. In his arms, Adelle cooed and stirred, leaning into his gentle, loving gesture. Though bleary-eyed, she raised her head to look at him, encircling her limbs about his body.

“Good morning,” Rick whispered softly to his precious young girlfriend.

Adelle leaned in, their lips meeting fully and tenderly as they kissed their morning hellos so deeply, over and over again. Immediately, Rick felt their expression of pure love trigger a rush of blood to his loins. Somewhere deep beneath the covers, his manhood was hardening in response to this tender teenage woman’s touch and love.

When their kisses broke, Adelle whispered back, “Good morning to you, too.” Her free hand roamed his strong chest muscles, fording its way down his side to where it melded into his leg. Rick smiled and breathed in sharply as she began tickling his pubic area with her fingernails, her fingers coming to rest on the solidifying digit between his legs. “And good morning to him!” she snickered in a suppressed giggle.

With her fingers’ grasp tightening, Adelle began lightly running them over her adult lover’s thickening sex. Rick twitched as her thumb rubbed the very tip of his penis, gently coaxing out the slippery lubricant that had begun to build inside of him. She quickly coated the entire head of his sex, spinning her thumb around and around to awaken his most basic desires.

As quietly as possible, Rick moaned, “Ohhh...Sweetie...” His jaw and head fell lax as his breathing grew deeper and deeper. Adelle watched his reaction with rapt interest. “First thing in the...morning...?” he asked with great effort. He looked over at Jiz and Lindsey at the opposite end of the mattress. “They’re not even awake yet.”

A mischievous grin crossed Adelle’s face. “What better time to do it?” She bit her bottom lip excitedly, continuing to watch her lover’s sexual senses being invigorated. “I love the feeling of hard cock in the morning – most especially yours, Rick,” she tempted in a hushed tone. Leaning in close to him, she began to plant kisses along his collarbone before moving up to his neck. “I love you,” she whispered softly at his ear.

Bringing his arms around her more tightly, he closed his eyes and pulled her as close to him as physically possible. “Adelle...” he groaned silently with deep breaths, “I love you...too... Ohhh...yeah, Sweetie... good...” The pleasure built as Adelle’s whole hand groped his masculine organ, beginning to stroke slowly but firmly. She continued to kiss his neck, shoulders and chest to increase his enjoyment.

Slowly, Rick cracked open his eyes again. The first thing he saw was Jiz staring straight back at him. Had the circumstances been different, Rick would have been highly disturbed seeing his friend’s face as he and Adelle began arousing one another. As it was, the whole situation was highly erotic.

At first, Rick thought Lindsey was still asleep. Once she drew in a sharp breath and exhaled quickly, he knew that she wasn’t. Her eyes were instead closed in deep pleasure. Rick noticed that the arm Jiz had underneath the dark-haired teen was wrapped around her, softly fondling one of Lindsey’s breasts, his thumb and forefinger playing with her nipple.

Jiz’s other arm disappeared beneath the other couple’s blanket. Rick knew exactly where it was from the expression on the fifteen-year-old’s face. His friend’s arm moved slowly back and forth as he caressed Lindsey’s tender womanhood, building an irresistible lust in his young lover’s body. Lindsey breathed in sharply again. Jiz’s efforts were not far from completing their intention.

Catching Rick’s eye again, Jiz winked knowingly at him. Rick winked back.

Turning his attention back to the young blonde in his arms, Rick fitted a hand between them to squeeze the fourteen-year-old’s supple breasts gently and lovingly. He felt the adolescent girl’s body rise as she inhaled deeply in response to his meaningful touch. Her hand stroked the turgid flesh between his legs with a slightly increased rhythm, as though desperate to prepare him to make love to her – which he already was.

As she returned to his neck, pressing her lips onto his body wherever she went, Rick’s thumb and forefinger found her nipple, beginning to tweak his teenage lover’s nipple gently and tenderly. In mid-kiss, Adelle softly hummed to the new stimulation, her breathing efforts becoming more and more laboured.

Adelle rested her head on Rick’s shoulder, letting his intimate touch saturate her mind with pleasure. “Mmmm...oh, Rick...” she moaned softly, basking in Rick’s loving treatment to her pubescent body. “Hmmm...that feels nice... Oh, Rick...I love you...”

Directing his hand away from her breast, Rick glided it along the length of her athletic, lithe figure. He reached as far as he could, squeezing her bum gently and causing her to giggle. Smiling lovingly and passionately at her, he returned his hand to the top of her body, his hand caressing the smooth, taut skin of her back. He wove his fingers into the fine lace of her hair, cupping the back of her head and pulling them together.

Lips touched lips, at first softly rubbing against one another, until they were aggressively groping at the other’s mouth. Their tongues probed at each other. Kissing one another passionately, they shared their affection with ardour and love overflowing between them.

“Rick...!” he heard Adelle cry out desperately for him. “Rick...I want you in bad...!” Pulling away from him, she lay back on the mattress, opening her legs widely to allow him access to the most precious part of her body.

With loving haste, Rick positioned himself above the teen, his manly rod aimed straight at Adelle’s fourteen-year-old vessel. The young teen reached around him, grabbing him by his muscular legs, urging him to finish what she had started. Rick kissed her lips gently, then pressed his rigid pole into her feminine cavern.

“OHHH!” cried Adelle, her body trembling from immense excitement just because Rick joined their bodies together. He never ceased to be amazed with how tightly her velvety muscles held him. “I love it when your cock goes in!” she vented desperately.

Moving his body at an even pace, Rick pressed his reproductive spear deeper and deeper into her. Moaning softly, he asked, “Even though I’m twice as old as you?” He wrapped his arms around the young woman he loved so much to hold her in place as he thrust, sexually unifying their bodies.

Their eyes locked. “Mmmm...especially because you’re twice as old as me!” she grunted in response. “I, Rick... Your cock feels so...good in my pussy...” A wide smile crossed her face, her eyes burning with infatuation and animal desire. She leaned up to connect their lips again. “Make love to me... Make me cum... Ohhh...Rick... Make sweet love to me...” she pled.

“Alright! I can’t stand it anymore!” Both Rick and Adelle turned to the intrusive voice. Lindsey was struggling free of Jiz’s arms. She knelt, the fifteen-year-old pushing her twenty-eight-year-old companion flat onto the mattress. “Jiz, you made me cum twice just with your fingers!” she emphasized. “My pussy’s wet already!”

Jiz shot the other couple a look of surrender, one that said, “She’s a wild one, isn’t she?”

Straddling his body, Lindsey impaled herself on his manly digit, gasping in pleasure as it entered her waiting love channel. She started pressing their bodies together. “You work in a restaurant,” she pointed out, leaning forward and bracing her body on his chest. “Does the phrase, ‘I want what they’re having.’ still work?”

Laughing, Jiz assured, “Yeah, baby.” He took Lindsey’s breasts into his hands, caressing them tenderly before leaning up first to kiss, then to suck gently on each of them in turn. “Ohhh...does it ever, baby...” he moaned, feeling their bodies unify.

“Don’t their...cocks feel great...?” Adelle asked her friend between pleasured gasps as Rick

“Mmmm...” moaned Lindsey, her long, black hair brushing back and forth over her body with every thrust she made against her sexual prey. “Best...ever...!” she seethed through clenched teeth. “Thick...cocks... Ohhh...! Jiz...! Cumming...!” she gasped in surprise, squeezing her eyes shut. “Jiz...! I’m cumming... Uh...UHHH!”

Holding onto her body at the waist, Jiz helped to rock the teenage girl’s body to prolong the climax. “Cum for me, baby...” he encouraged, watching as the olive-skinned teen enjoyed the orgasm echoing in her body. “Yeah, baby. Cum for Jiz...”

Leaning down, Rick kissed his own youthful lover on the cheek while she watched the other couple have sex. She turned to look at her own partner. When their eyes, both deep with love for one another, locked together Rick offered, “Now, it’s...time for yours...” He adjusted his pressure to stimulate her swollen clit. “Ohhh...Addy...”

“Rick...” she gasped as her desire grew, wrapping her arms tightly around him. “Ohhh...I love you...Rick...oh, I love...I love you...!”

Clutching onto his brawny torso, Adelle breathed heavily beneath Rick’s body. Thrust after thrust, Rick filled her body with pleasure, her vaginal walls being stretched delightfully by his massive, thick manhood. Adelle’s stiff bud was taking the brunt of her adult boyfriend’s loving punishment. He pressed his swollen rod deep into her muscular, clenching loins only a few more times before Adelle felt her sexual pleasure begin to surge. She knew she was on the verge of her first orgasm of the day.

“Rick...! Ohhh...Rick...!” she moaned in ecstasy. “Hmmm...mmmm... Oh, don’t stop...” All at once Adelle’s muscles failed to relax again. Her whole body only clenched. She held on tightly to Rick’s strong back, hastily breathing in once more, barely managing, “Rick... I’m...CUMMING...!”

“I know...Sweetie...!” groaned Rick, his own pleasure starting to swell. As Adelle’s orgasm built, her young and tight feminine cove began to grip his stiff digit as he pressed it inside her. It was more than he could stand.

Below him, Adelle moaned in difficult, sharp squeals, revelling in the delight filling her senses.

Hearing her begin to climax caused Rick’s sexual need to overflow. “Ohhh...Adelle...!” he moaned in ecstasy. “You’re so tight...Sweetie...! I’m gonna...cum...too...! Oh...ohhh...! Mmmm...!” The man’s grunting gave way to breathless spasms as he held his beautiful teenage lover against him. After several seconds of pure bliss, Rick felt his penis gush its contents into the adolescent girl below him. “AHHH!” he exhaled violently.

Together, their minds exploded with pleasure, each enjoying how magical the other’s body felt against them. All at once, they both gasped for air, their euphoric feelings subsiding. After a few breaths, Rick leaned down, kissing Adelle’s mouth before exploring the rest of her face and neck with his lips.

“Oh...Rick...” she giggled breathlessly underneath him. “Ohhh...I love you so much!”

Tenderly, Rick touched her lips with his one final time. “I love you, too, Adelle.”

“You guys are so cute together,” chimed in a young woman’s voice beside them, quickly drawing in a sharp breath, “that it’s disgusting.” Rick and Adelle chuckled, looking towards the other couple lying beside them. Both the dark-haired girl and her lover were breathing hard, having obviously finished just a moment before them. Lindsey was grinning at Adelle as she rested on Jiz’s chest, envying the other couple’s afterglow. Even Jiz, despite his entire carefree attitude, seemed to be admiring the passion and connection that the other two had.

Giggling snidely at her friend, Adelle commented, “You’re just jealous you don’t have a guy like Rick.”

Lindsey smiled from behind her dark hair. “Well, maybe.”

“Oh, really?” inquired Jiz with a slight, amused contempt in his voice. Brushing Lindsey’s long, black hair from her face, he posed, “And just what am I to you?”

Lindsey chuckled happily, grinning broadly. “A damn good time...?” she defined unfocusedly. Jiz laughed deeply in his throat in response to her assessment, shrugging his shoulders and rolling his eyes in acceptance. “You’re pretty good for a quick fling, Jiz,” Lindsey explained, “and you sure know how to make a girl cum, but remember that I have a boyfriend, too.”

Jiz planted a quick kiss on Lindsey’s forehead as she settled down onto his chest again. “You’re a damn good time, too, baby,” he sighed, closing his eyes and relaxing on the mattress. “You sure know how to treat a man.”

Rick dismounted from Adelle, rolling to her side so he could watch his friend and the other young woman whom Jiz had been primarily enjoying himself with this weekend. Though it was very quick, Rick thought he saw a shred of remorse in Jiz’s eye. He couldn’t have been sure; the possibly emotion was fleeting; it was there and gone again.

“At least you know how to treat me. My boyfriend’s not half as good as either of you in bed,” Lindsey kept going, “and not half as good as Rick with charm and pillow talk.” Her emerald eyes pierced straight into Adelle’s sapphire ones. “Consider yourself lucky, girl,” she advocated. “With Rick there you have an amazing lover and an even more amazing guy to care for you. There aren’t many like him.” Lindsey pointed a finger at the younger girl, commanding, “Don’t lose him.”

Adelle relaxed her head onto Rick’s arm. “I won’t,” she vowed to her friend. Looking up at her grown lover, she added, “I promise.” Placing his hand gently on her cheek, Rick lowered his head and kissed her tenderly.

“And, Rick,” Lindsey pressed on, already staring accusingly at him when their faces met, “you take care of her in every way – or you’ll answer to me!”

“That would be all my nightmares come true,” he asserted with a chuckle at her boldness, then pledged, “You can count on it, Lin.”

“Good,” concluded Lindsey succinctly. Climbing off of Jiz’s body she announced, “Well, I need to have a shower.” She stared meaningfully in Adelle’s direction. “Anyone care to join me?” she asked with mock aimlessness.

“Oh, alright,” Adelle agreed in similar sarcastic exasperation. “You talked me into it.”

“Sweet!” exclaimed Lindsey, starting a nude race down the hallway. Both Rick and Jiz watched her dark hair swipe lightly across her naked back with each hurried step, just barely tickling the top of her firm butt cheeks. Adelle, in all her disrobed glory, was only a step behind her. “C’mon already!” Lindsey urged as the two nude teens scurried down the hallway, “I wanna taste Rick’s cum again – straight from your pussy!”

Before Adelle answered, the bathroom door closed. The men could hear conversation behind the door, but couldn’t identify what was being said.

Putting his hands behind his head, Jiz sighed with the utmost contentment. “Damn, what a great weekend.”

“Jiz, I have to agree with you,” Rick sighed as well, lying down on his back. “Glad I invited you to share in my private little privileges?”

“Hell, yeah!”

Rick smiled in delight, chuckling lightly. “Well, the best part has only just begun.”

“Oh, I know!” Jiz reveled in disbelief. “Let’s see; what do we have coming our way?” he pondered in jest. “Oh, yeah; half a dozen gorgeous, horny teen girls looking for a pair of good, strong cocks to please them.” Jiz sighed again, this time in absolute wonder. “How could life possibly get any better, dude?”

“We’d be independently wealthy, never having to work another day in our lives, buy our own island and enjoy this lifestyle day in and day out?” suggested Rick out loud, with a distinct chuckle.

“That was more of a rhetorical question; but yeah, you’re right,” Jiz agreed wholeheartedly. “That would certainly make it better.”

The two friends laughed heartily.

After a moment, Jiz asked, “Dude, can I tell you something?”

Rick looked down the mattress at the other man. There was a look of seriousness in Jiz’s expression – one that Rick didn’t see too often on his just-out-for-a-good-time friend’s face.

“Yeah, sure,” encouraged Rick in curiosity. “What’s on your mind?”

After taking a deep breath, Jiz opened up. “Dude, you really have something special with that girl. Lindsey’s right; all she and I have is meaningless sex.”

“That’s all Lindsey and I have, too,” Rick interjected, “though I wouldn’t go straight to meaningless. If it didn’t mean at least something, we wouldn’t do it.”

“Dude, when I say ‘meaningless’ I mean that we’re just here for the sex,” defined Jiz. “We’re here just to make each other feel good; to have a good time. That’s all it means.” Rick nodded in agreement. “We’re not here to have a relationship. Hell, I might not even remember her name a week from now!”

“That’s all either of us will have with the girls when we’re up at the cabin for the next few days,” Rick pointed out. “Besides, can you remember the names of half the girls you’ve ‘had a good time’ with?”

“Point taken; I can barely remember a tenth, probably,” admitted Jiz. He then agreed, “And, yeah, I know that about the girls at the cabin. I mean, it feels bloody good, right? I mean, hell; I love a good time, dude, especially when it includes cumming a few times, and getting a girl to do the same.” Jiz breathed heavily.

Rick chuckled lightly. “You and me both.”

“That’s what this cabin trip is all about, right?” his friend clarified. “Having a damn good time, I mean – like Lindsey just said. The fact that it’s all teen girls we get to get laid by all week is just the cherry on top.”

“I think all the ‘cherries’ are long since gone,” Rick joked. Jiz laughed at his friend’s pun. “But, yeah; see?” he indicated with a shrug, “It’s all pretty much meaningless – according to your definition anyway. It’s meaningful in the sense that we all get to make each other feel good. But, beyond being there for a ‘sexcellent’ time, the physical pleasure is about it.”

“And that’ll be true for everyone there – except you and Adelle. That girl...” Jiz hesitated, staring up at the ceiling. “You and that girl have something more than just sex, dude. I’ve seen you with a lot of women.” He chuckled audibly. “Hell, I’ve been with a lot more women that you have – and I can tell you that there’s something there between the two of you that’s far more than just sex alone.”

After letting the words hang in the air for a few seconds, Rick teased, “Aw, what’s this? Does Jiz have a soft, emotional, philosophical side after all?”

At the opposite end of the mattress, Jiz grinned. “Just don’t tell anyone. If you do, your ass is mine.”

Rick laughed at him.

“Honestly, though, dude,” Jiz confessed to him, “and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually kinda jealous of you. Seeing you and Adelle together kinda almost makes me want a permanent girlfriend. What you two have together is probably what’s missing in my relationships, and why they really don’t last long.”

The news astounded Rick. He couldn’t believe what Jiz said, either. Had he truly heard him right?

“You’re jealous?” Rick asked skeptically. Jiz nodded. “Of me?” His friend nodded again.

“Yeah, dude. You guys have found a real, true love in each other. That’s a rare gift.” After a pause, Jiz added, “I know the world doesn’t see it as right because of your age difference,” he admitted snidely, shaking his head contemptuously at the social norm, “but it’s real. It’s honestly very real between you two. I can see that.”

Smiling genuinely, Rick offered a heartfelt, “Well, thanks.”

“I mean it,” confirmed Jiz. “It’s kinda something I wish I had; I just love a good time too much.” Jiz stared at the ceiling again. “Maybe one day.”

“Maybe,” Rick agreed. Eying his boxers, he grabbed them reluctantly. “Maybe even with Lindsey.” His friend chuckled again. “In the meantime,” Rick suggested, hearing the shower water finally start running in the bathroom, “let’s get some breakfast started for these girls.” He stood, and made for the kitchen.

Looking at cell phone, Jiz amended, “Probably more like lunch. Look at the time.”

Checking the clock stove as he entered the cooking area, Rick saw the time was after 11:00am. “Damn!” he cursed. “We’re going to have to hurry. I think Lindsey said something last night about being at her mom’s place at 1:00pm.” Grabbing some basic foods and the cookware for it, he commanded, “Give me a hand in here, will you, man?”

Grabbing his own undershorts, Jiz complied, “Yeah, sure!”

The two adult men set themselves to work, gathering enough for a simple meal of tuna sandwiches and some fresh vegetables to munch on. All the while, water flowed in the shower down the hall. More than once, they heard one of the girls moan out, obviously feeling an orgasm filling her young body.

“Holy crap,” remarked Jiz at one point, a wide, amused smile on his face. He gawked down the hall, shaking his head in disbelief. “Those girls sure don’t like to stop for nothing, do they, dude?”

As he set out plates on the table for the four of them, Rick laughed, “Nope; they sure don’t.”

Just as the men set up their finishing touches, the two girls emerged from the bathroom, each dressed only in a towel and brushing her wet hair. Their faces lit up as they saw lunch was prepared.

“Aw, thanks, guys!” Lindsey expressed, seeing the food.

“Yeah, thanks!” agreed Adelle. “This looks great!”

Waving them towards the table, Rick urged, “You’re welcome; but you girls had better hurry and eat. We’re going to be cutting it close as it is.”

A look of concern crossed Lindsey’s face. “What time is it?”

“Quarter to twelve,” announced Jiz.

Fear gripped the girls, both of them widening their eyes. “Oh, crap!” they gasped in unison. “My mom’s gonna be pissed if we’re late,” added Lindsey.

The foursome ate quickly, gobbling up the meal in record time. Before the clocks even reached 12:00 noon, the food was gone.

“That tasted great,” Adelle complimented, finishing her last bite. “Thanks a lot!”

Rick smiled at her. Leaning over the corner of the table, he kissed her gently. “You girls have had enough to eat?”

“Yeah, I’m full enough,” stated Lindsey. Adelle nodded in agreement. “There’ll be snacks and stuff as we drive up to the cabin anyways. So even if we get hungry, there’ll be stuff to eat.” Rick looked at the black-haired beauty and nodded understandingly.

“I think we should really thank these guys,” Adelle suggested coyly. Grinning smugly, Lindsey agreed it was a good idea. Both girls shed their towels – revealing nothing but their naked, teenage bodies once again – before disappearing beneath the dining table.

The men exchanged glances. Rick felt a young woman’s fingers prying open the front of his boxers, retrieving the prize contained within them. With the table blocking his view, he couldn’t be sure which of the girls was working in his lap. He groaned in his throat as he felt a pair of teenage lips, soft and womanly, wrap around his manhood once again. Slowly, the suction increased, quickly reviving an erection in his penis.

Beside him, he heard Jiz begin breathing deeply. Looking over, Jiz had set his face in his hands, his body relaxing as it absorbed some unseen pleasure. Obviously, the same thing was happening to him.

“Do we really have time for this?” asked Rick somewhat hesitantly, trying to repel the sexual urge filling his mind.

Beneath the table, he heard one of them say, “There’s always time for this.” With his concentration elsewhere, he wasn’t sure which one had answered.

He felt a fist hit his arm. “Dude, don’t interrupt!” Jiz scolded him. Setting his head in back in his hands, he ordered, “Just shut up and enjoy it!” After a second, Jiz moved a hand underneath the table to cradle whichever girl’s head was in his lap. “Oh, yeah, baby...” he breathed. “Just like that... Mmmm...”

Relenting, Rick abandoned himself to the mouth of the teenage girl pleasuring him. He relaxed and let the feeling of pleasure again flow through his body.

“Ohhh...” he groaned desperately, moving one of his own hands beneath the table. Gently, he stroked the face and hair of the unknown benefactor, encouraging her to keep up the fantastic rhythm. “Oh, yeah... Oooh...that feels...good...!”

Not long later, both men groaned hard as another orgasm engulfed each of them. Both Rick and Jiz felt what little reproductive cream was left in their body spew from their penis into the waiting mouth of the unnamed girl below them. A moment after, the still-naked figures of Adelle and Lindsey crawled out from under the table.

“I trust you guys enjoyed our thank-you,” Lindsey hoped. Both men murmured in agreement.

Tenderly grabbing Adelle’s hand, Rick insisted, “I think we need to thank you back.”

The girls giggled and Lindsey pulled the blonde away from her boyfriend. “Not so fast, lover boy,” she denied cheekily. “We need to get ready. We’re going to be late.”

“Hey!” laughed Rick, “You guys said—”

“We said there was enough time to give you guys a blowjob,” Adelle interrupted with a playful, snide wink. “We didn’t say anything about you guys returning the favour.”

Lindsey laughed, chiming in, “You guys can take care of that later!”

“Oh, you girls!” Rick chided just as playfully. Both men stood up, beginning to teasingly chase the adolescent women into the living room.

As Rick bounded around the door frame only a couple steps behind the girls, he met with a pair of jeans in the face. He heard Jiz laugh at the trap that had been sprung on him. Taking the pants from his face, he saw the young girls quickly grabbing for their clothes and getting dressed.

“C’mon,” encouraged Adelle, still giggling. “We really do need to get ready.”

Glancing at his friend, Rick gave him a look of surrender.

“Guess our fun’s over,” Jiz nodded glumly, though a smile still hung on his face.

“For now,” commented Lindsey, an undertone of promise in her voice. Both girls giggled.

Once all four were dressed, the girls packed whatever they thought they’d need (which included very few clothes) for the trip before leaving the apartment with Rick, reminding him that it was his responsibility not to forget the massage table that was still in the apartment from a few nights previous. Jiz agreed to stay behind, waiting ten minutes or so to avoid suspicion before heading down to his own apartment to get himself ready for the vacation as well.

As they drove across the city, Adelle and Lindsey couldn’t help but chat about the upcoming events.

“I can’t wait to get up there again,” Lindsey said excitedly from the back seat. “Every time is just better and better!”

“I know, right?” agreed Adelle from Rick’s passenger seat. “I mean, a few days with nothing but sex and food? It’s, like, the best thing ever!”

Rick sat quietly behind the steering wheel and smiled, fanaticising about the upcoming days.

“And,” Lindsey emphasized, building on the younger girl’s words, “it includes him!” Rick felt Lindsey’s hand squeeze his shoulder as she rested her chin briefly on it. “The other girls are going to be so jealous that you’re dating this guy!”

“Oh, I know,” concurred Adelle as she bit her bottom lip. She reached over and placed her hand on Rick’s knee. In one smooth pass, she slid her hand up his lap, her fingers gingerly touching Rick’s exhausted manhood through his pants before quickly retreating. “The Sisterhood’s just lucky I’m willing to share him.”

Chuckling softly, Rick mentally suppressed the tingle that was persisting in his crotch.

Behind them, Lindsey giggled again. “Yes, we are.”

Questions formed in Rick’s mind. Each time? Sisterhood? Squinting his eyes, he asked, “Just how many times have you girls been up to this cabin of yours?” The teenagers looked excitedly at one another. Rick took advantage of the pause to ask another question. “And what is this ‘Sisterhood’ you’re talking about?”

“I’ve been up there, like, ten times, I think,” answered the black-haired girl in the back. “Addy, you’ve been up there, what, six times?”

Adelle nodded. “I think so,” she confirmed.

“And you guys run around naked, constantly having sex with a couple guys every time?” inquired Rick further.

Both girls giggled again. “More or less, yeah,” Lindsey responded.

“Just guys we can trust – like you and Jiz,” placated Adelle. “It’s not like we get just anyone.”

“I see...” Rick mumbled, stopping at a red light. “And the ‘Sisterhood’? What’s that all about?”

“You’ll see,” promised Adelle with her teenage giggle.

He nodded dismissively. “I take it that it was your turn to find the guys this time, Sweetie?” he directed at Adelle.

“Yup,” she agreed without hesitation. “It’s so we can have an...initiation for...a girl I know.” She exchanged looks with Lindsey again, before both girls fell into a giggling fit again.

Rick was getting more curious by the minute. “” he dismissed airily, figuring all would be explained when the time came. He resumed speed as the traffic light turned green.

“Do you think she’s ready?” Adelle asked, turning to Lindsey. Rick glanced over and saw a look of slight apprehension on Adelle.

Screwing up her face, Lindsey stared questioningly at her friend. “Who, Sierra?” Adelle nodded in confirmation. “Do I think so?” Lindsey mirrored. “She’s your cousin. You tell me.” Rick was listening with rapt interest.

Adelle shrugged nonchalantly. “Yeah, I think she is.”

Nodding slowly, Lindsey complied, “Then I think she is, too.” After a second, Lindsey included, “She’ll be fine. Don’t worry about her.”

After the words hung unsteadily in the air for a few seconds, Rick dared to ask, “Ready for what?”

A case of the giggles caught both Adelle and Lindsey once more. Biting her lips to control her laughter, Adelle managed, “You’ll see later that, too.” Adelle and Lindsey began laughing uncontrollably again.

Shortly before 1:00pm, they arrived at Lindsey’s mother’s house. Rick could tell instantly that they had the right place. Three teenage girls were already packing the blue-coloured SUV in the driveway, apparently all giddy about something. Rick figured it was the upcoming excursion.

Pulling up to the curb, he saw two of them were twins. Judging from their appearance, he figured they were each sixteen. Both stood about 5’4” and both had athletic, strong bodies. Rick figured they were about 120lbs each. Long brown hair cascaded over their shoulders, halfway down each of their backs. Even from the edge of the yard, Rick could see they had a rich, brown colour to their eyes. Each had a set of prominent 36C breasts to add an alluring shape to their chest.

A desire to mate with them grew in Rick. He realized he could hardly wait to feel each of their pubescent bodies pressed against his in turn.

The third young teen already present seemed a little more reclusive than the other, apparently older two. Her face was filled with just as much excitement, but she was reserved, almost to the point of shy. Short, blonde hair and bright blue eyes were matched with a very stunning and attractive feminine face. Rick realized that this girl looked much like his own adolescent girlfriend. Rick surmised this was Adelle’s cousin she was talking about only moments ago.

Sierra was a petite young woman, standing only about 4’11” and probably weighing not much over 100lbs. She had a small bust, only about a 28A. He could tell her body was just beginning to respond to the hormones that had been building in it. Sierra was well on her way to becoming a beautiful woman, though many of her young features still reflected the childhood she had evidently left behind only recently.

Even though they made eye contact only briefly, Rick could see an energetic spirit in her – filled with a passion for both life and adventure – that she worked to keep secretly behind that vibrant colour in her eyes.

Adelle rolled down the passenger window and exclaimed a salutation to the others as Rick pulled the car up parallel to the sidewalk. Just at that moment, a very attractive woman not much older than Rick appeared in the doorway of the house. Rick’s eyes were immediately drawn to her, panning up and down and visually digesting the woman’s beautiful features. She wore flip-flops, a pair of yoga capris and a white tank top with a light, beige blouse hanging open over top.

“Hi, Mom!” Lindsey called out from the back seat.

“Finally!” the woman half-scolded, heading for the car. “Do you realize what time it is? What took you guys so long?”

Rick kept his mouth shut, deciding it was probably better he didn’t answer.

“Sorry,” Lindsey apologized to her mother. “Addy and I were playing Rick’s Kinect and lost track of time,” she lied. “We wanted lunch before we left, too. It’s our fault; don’t blame him.” Lindsey’s mother looked up at the sky and rolled her eyes, shaking her head in exasperation. This gave just enough time for Rick and Lindsey to make eye contact. She winked smugly at him.

“Alright, well, get out of the car,” the woman ordered hastily. “Grab your stuff. We need to get on the road right away if we’re going to get you girls up to the cabin before dinnertime. Everyone’s here except one of you, so we need to be ready for when she arrives.”

Lindsey and Adelle exited the car quickly, grabbed their luggage and transferred it to the SUV.

“Hustle, hustle, hustle!” Lindsey’s mom prodded, ushering the girls along.

The woman stood with her back to Rick. From this angle, he couldn’t help but admire her shapely physique. She was a very appealing woman to admire. She stood around 5’9”. Her body was very fit, but full. She weighed, Rick guessed, a deliciously curvy 140lbs. Much like her daughter, jet-black hair flowed down the woman’s back, shining healthily in the sunlight. For a few seconds, Rick forgot all about the teenagers he was about to vacation with and just allowed his lust to focus on the woman in front of him.

Damn fine ass, he marvelled, his eyes fixing on the woman’s shapely legs, coming to rest at their top. Damn fine everything!

Rick broke his gaze quickly as she suddenly whirled around. “Oy!” she sighed in slight frustration. “Teenage girls; I’ll tell ya!”

“Yeah,” Rick chuckled in response with a glance towards the SUV. Adelle was busy whispering to the twin girls and Sierra, pointing in his direction. Their eyes were widening with awe as they looked at him. He knew exactly what the conversation was about. Lindsey, on the other hand, was hanging off the side of the blue vehicle. She caught his eye again, smiling coyly at him with a look of interrogation in her gaze. He knew she had caught him checking out her mother.

“So disorganized, even when they’ve been planning this trip for months,” the woman complained. “Sorry; hi, my name’s Gina.” She leaned down and reached through the window. Struggling to control his eyes, Rick did happen to catch a full view of Gina’s ample 38D cleavage. He hoped she hadn’t noticed him look briefly.

“Rick,” he introduced himself, shaking her hand. Their eyes met and Rick noted how mature yet good-natured Gina’s striking hazel eyes were. “Good to meet you.”

“You as well,” Gina agreed. She flashed him a beautiful smile. “So you’re the one that Harold and Sandra conscripted to look after Adelle, are you?”

Laughing, Rick confirmed, “Yeah; last resort. What can I say?”

Gina smiled warmly at him. “Well, you’re a good man to take her in for a bit. I know she hates going on those business trips with her parents almost as much as Lindsey hates coming along on mine.”

Rick smirked at her comment. “How do you know them?”

“Harold and Sandra?” asked Gina. “I’m their accountant.”

“Gotcha,” he nodded. “Yeah, well, she hasn’t been too much trouble or anything.”

“That’s surprising.”

Raising an eyebrow, Rick asked, “What do you mean?”

“Well, she’s something of a wild child,” Gina explained. “It’s no wonder that she and Lindsey have ended up friends. They have a lot in common.”


“Yeah,” she continued. “I’ve caught Lindsey a few times making out – and then some – with her boyfriend. I finally decided I had to get her on birth control, just to prevent any accidents.”

Rick nodded solemnly, feigning ignorance of both Adelle and Lindsey’s sex drives. “Yikes. That bad, huh?”

“You have no idea, Rick,” sighed Gina, shaking her head.

Knowing he really did have an idea, Rick just kept nodding.

“I fought with the gynecologist, but finally got her an IUD. It’s what I use, too, so I figured it would be good for her to have one.” Gina stopped short with her words, considering what she had just said. She laughed, “Sorry. I’m sure that’s more information than you needed. Look at me, so scatterbrained trying to keep this trip going smoothly, I can’t even control my own mouth from running away with me – and it isn’t even a trip for me!”

“It’s alright,” Rick chuckled, smiling genuinely.

“Anyways, long story short, when Adelle started to run around with boys I convinced her parents to get one for her, too.” Rick listened, nodding affirmatively, still acting as though he was unaware of the girls’ birth control situation. “They’re very effective,” Gina stated matter-of-factly. “Besides, better safe than sorry. I know what I was like at that age.”

“Oh, yeah?” Rick asked, tilting his head.

“Yeah,” admitted Gina sheepishly. “That’s how I ended up pregnant with her at seventeen.” She gestured to her daughter.

“I see,” Rick acknowledged, nodding slowly. “Yeah, I guess the ‘better-safe-than-sorry’ approach is probably advisable, then,” he added.

“Yeah,” huffed Gina in agreement. “They’ve both been caught with boys from school a few times.” She eyed him closely. “I hope they weren’t more than you could handle, trying to run off or anything.”

Rick chose his words carefully, assuring her that their behaviour hadn’t been difficult to regulate.

“Well, that’s good to know,” she breathed in relief. “I can’t thank you enough for looking after both of them the last couple days. I really needed to get some work done. With the stress of my accounting workload and their impending trip, it was honestly a lot better not to have Lin around.” Gina shook her head briefly. “I probably would have lost it on her over the smallest things.” She looked at him again with thankfulness in her light-brown eyes. “So, again, thanks a lot! You don’t know how much I appreciate it.”

“My pleasure,” reassured Rick her. He hadn’t meant to use such an appropriate double entendre, but didn’t work to correct himself, either. He smiled inwardly, knowing that the weekend had indeed been his pleasure.

“Mom!” called Lindsey from the SUV’s side door just as Gina opened her mouth to speak again.

Gina turned to look at her daughter, giving Rick another excellent view of the woman’s excellently-curved body. “What?”

“Lexi just texted me,” her daughter explained. “She says we should just pick her up as we leave since her house is on the way out of town. It’ll be faster that way.”

Sighing heavily, Gina relented, “Alright.” Turning to Rick one last time, she said, “Well, it looks like I’ve gotta get going. Should I just drop off Adelle at your place when their little camping trip is done?”

“Sure,” agreed Rick. “That’d work for me – should her parents not be back yet.”

Gina laughed softly. “I doubt they will be,” she muttered. “Alright then; we’ll do that. I’ll see you again in a few days.”

“See you then!” Rick confirmed, restarting his car. They said a quick goodbye before Gina turned to order the girls into the blue-coloured vehicle. Rick put the car in gear and began driving. As he left, he caught Adelle’s eye one last time. A knowing, mischievous smile crossed over both their faces.

Driving back through the city, Rick was left with only his own thoughts. He again mulled over what the next few days would hold for him, Adelle, Jiz, Lindsey and the other girls that had been invited. He tried to think of the names he had learned. There was Sierra, Adelle’s cousin. The names of the twins he hadn’t learned yet. The final member of the party that Lindsey had shouted out, he tried to remember.

That’s when it hit him.

“Lexi!?” he blurted aloud in surprise. The shock interfered with his driving concentration and he narrowly missed a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. The driver honked in frustration. Could it even be possible...? Rick wondered in amazement.

After pulling into the parking area for the apartments, Rick hurried up to his rental and packed his things in haste. He packed some clothes, but only a fraction of how many he’d normally need during a trip like this. He figured clothes weren’t something that he’d be wearing all that often over the next few days. He also included the massage table as he’d promised Adelle he would.

He had just finished packing and reached for the phone to call his friend downstairs when it rang on its own.

“Hey, Jiz,” he answered. “I was just about to call you.”

Jiz chuckled on the opposite end. “Sure, dude.”

“Nah, I’m serious,” insisted Rick.

There was a heftier laugh before Jiz asked, “It’s been one hell of a morning, dude. Please tell me you got them there on time.”

“Of course!” Rick confirmed. “You ready?”

After a scoff, Jiz claimed, “Dude, for this? I was born ready!”

“Then meet me at the car and we’ll get going,” ordered Rick emphatically. “I have something to tell you.”

“What’s that?” Jiz’s voice was filled with suspicion.

“Meet me at the car,” repeated Rick before hanging up abruptly. You’re in for a surprise, my friend!

After packing the vehicle quickly, they buckled themselves in and began driving out of the city. On the way, Rick enlightened his friend about the possibility that loomed before them.

“!” Jiz gasped in disbelief. “ in Sexy Lexi is coming out on this little adventure?”

“I don’t know if it’s Lexi – as in the fifteen-year-old, redheaded Lexi we work with,” Rick explained. “This is a city of two million people, man. There’s certainly more than one teenage girl named ‘Lexi’, man.”

“But, you think it is,” pressed Jiz.

“All I know is that it’s a girl named Lexi.” Rick watched as Jiz set his head back on the passenger headrest, his face in awe. “I’m just saying it’s possible, man. I mean...she is the same age and all.”

“Well, didn’t you ask your little lover girl what her last name was?”

“There wasn’t a chance,” Rick defended.

Jiz looked at the driver with friendly indignation. “Then text her now, damn it!”

“Alright, alright,” surrendered Rick. He queued up a text message to Adelle and handed the phone to the passenger. “Here, you do it. I’m driving.”

Taking the phone, Jiz eagerly sent a message. “Let’s see...” he dictated in a lovey-dovey voice while he typed. “Hello, my darling, dearest love.” Rick rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I just can’t help but think of you every second we’re apart. I can’t believe that I have a girl as beautiful and wonderful as you for all my life. You’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m in agony just being away from you for five minutes. I can’t wait to have you in my arms again. With all my deepest love, your heroic Romeo, Rick. P.S. Is Lexi the one that works with me and Jiz at the restaurant? Kiss, kiss, kiss.”

Jiz sent the message and set the phone in the console between them, gloating over his exaggerated impersonation.

“She’ll know it was you. That was way too sappy,” Rick critiqued, still shaking his head in contempt. “Good try, though.”

Laughing, Jiz retaliated, “Meh. I think it sounded like you.”

“Bull crap.”

The phone chimed a moment later with an incoming text message and Jiz opened it up. He laughed instantly.

“What’d she say?” demanded Rick.

Getting a hold of his amusement, Jiz answered, “She says, ‘WTF?’ Guess maybe I did overdo it.”

“Yeah, you think?” Rick snapped with a chuckle. “Gimmie that!” He snatched the phone from his friend’s hands.

Very carefully as he drove, Rick typed back, letting Adelle know the former message was Jiz’s doing, but insisting that the question at the end was his. When she texted back, Jiz again swiped the cell from the console. He huffed a laugh, but looked disappointed.

“Well?” urged Rick.

“All she said was ‘lol’,” Jiz told him.

Rick joined his friend in disappointment. “Well, maybe another message is on its way,” he suggested.

The two friends drove for the next couple hours, chatting, listening to music and enjoying the beginning of the trip. Another message from Adelle never arrived.

Pulling into the resort town closest to the Panoramique Chalets, the duo decided to have a quick supper while waiting for confirmation from the girls that all was clear and safe for them to head up to the cabins. Stopping at a little Italian eatery, they ordered their meals and sat patiently for the phone to ring.

Just as they were finishing, Rick’s cell rang with the ringtone that he’d set specifically for his young girlfriend. He answered it in a hurry.

“Hello, my darling, dearest love,” Adelle’s voice responded on the opposite end.

Rick couldn’t help but chuckle at her. “Yeah, that was Jiz, Sweetie.”

“I know,” she stated with a giggle. “I figured it was as soon as I read it. Not exactly something you’d regularly say. You’re sweet, but you wouldn’t over do it like that.” Rick heard her take an amused breath. “Tell Jiz it was pretty funny, though. We all had a pretty good laugh.”

“Glad you were amused,” he responded sarcastically, winking at Jiz. His friend grinned.

She giggled again. It was a sound that Rick knew he’d never tire of. “So, are you guys on your way?” she asked suddenly.

“It’s safe for us to come?” ascertained Rick, keeping his voice a little lower.

Adelle changed her voice, dropping it to a very sultry tone. “I hope it’s safe for you to ‘cum’ many times over the next few days.”

Rick chuckled in reply. “You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, it’s safe,” Adelle confirmed in her normal speech pattern. “Lindsey’s mom’s long gone. We’re in cabin number five.” Switching back to her sexy overtone, she encouraged, “Better hurry and get your cocks up here – how long do you think we can wait? There are some pretty horny girls here who are anxious to meet them.”

“Mmmm...Rick...! Ohhh...Jiz...!” Rick heard as faked moans started echoing in the background. He held the phone out for Jiz to hear. They both laughed over the sounds the girls were making.

“What about the guys who own them?” halted Rick, bringing the phone back to his ear. “Are the girls anxious to meet them?”

“Yeah, probably,” she played along, the womanly moans continuing behind Adelle’s voice. Rick could almost hear her smirk. “That’s second only to the good stuff, but I think they’ll like meeting them, too.” Adelle giggled again at her remark.

“We’ll be up right away,” he assured her with a chuckle. Before he hung up, he decided to pose his unanswered question once more. “Hey, about this she—”

Adelle cut him off. “See you up here, Rick!” she terminated suddenly. “Love you! Bye!”

“Hey, wait!” he attempted futilely to stop her. It was no use. Adelle had hung up on him.

Putting his cell back into his pocket, he met Jiz’s anxious gaze. “I think that pretty much confirms it,” his friend breathed in astonishment. “It is Sexy Lexi. It’s gotta be.”

“Ya think?” Rick responded sarcastically. He wiped at his face and stared out the window, unsure of what to expect a short time from now. As he watched the light traffic out on the street, a flash of blue caught his eye briefly, but he hardly noticed it as the maelstrom of thoughts whirled in his mind.

“What?” asked Jiz, turning around to look out the window.

“Nothing,” Rick waved. “This is just unbelievable, that’s all.”

“Yeah...” replied Jiz.

The men paid their food bills and then returned to their vehicle. Before long, they pulled up to the cabin. A large brass ‘#5’ was screwed onto the rustic-looking wall above the door. Rick’s heart felt as though it were about to leap out of his chest as he turned off the car.

“Oh...jeez...” his friend muttered from the passenger seat. “They’re really in there, aren’t they?”

“Yup,” Rick confirmed with just as much disbelief.



“I’ve never done this before,” said Jiz slowly. “Have you?”

“Had an orgy with teen girls?” Rick queried. Jiz nodded, still staring at the cabin. “Nope; not even when I was a teen. I mean, I slept with some girls – but nothing ever like this!” The men looked at one another. “You’re serious, though?” Rick asked him further. “You’ve never slept around with a teenager?”

“Not since I was a teenager myself – besides nailing Lindsey and Adelle the last couple of days, that is,” Jiz explained. He refocused his eyes on the cabin in front of them. “Now that it’s here, though...damn, man...this is insane!”

“Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts.”

“Hell, no!” denied Jiz. “I’m just feeling...anxiety. I guess that’s the best word to describe it.”

“You took the words right out of my mouth.” They both stared in wonder at the log-built abode. “C’mon; let’s go.”

Gathering their luggage, the men walked up to the door. “Better knock,” suggested Jiz.

Taking a deep breath, Rick nodded his head and rapped his knuckles on the door.

“It’s open!” they heard several feminine voices respond in unison.

Taking one last look at each other, Rick turned the doorknob and opened the door. The two men stepped inside. Closing the door, they let their eyes adjust to the sudden darkness – and felt their jaws drop. All about them, sexy teenage girls stared at them expectantly.

To their left, Adelle and one of the twins that Rick had seen reclined against a dining table. Neither of them wore clothes. The sultry bodies each of them displayed shamelessly caused a rush of elation to wash over Rick. Immediately he felt an uncomfortable growth begin deep in his pants – one that could only be satisfied by copulating with one of the young women present. Adelle raised an arm and waved a finger at them invitingly, willing one of them to come over.

To their right, the youngest member that Rick had seen, Sierra, and the other unnamed twin hovered without clothes over one of three couches set around an inviting fireplace. A warm fire was already roaring in it. The subtle firelight danced off the girls’ flawless, naked bodies. They seemed to glow with radiant want for a man to satisfy them. Again, their naked bodies enticed Rick, his apprehension over this multi-day outing effectively disappearing.

Directly in front of them, at the bottom of a spiral staircase leading up to the second story, sat two more nude, teenage girls. One was Lindsey, her delectable curves and long, black hair as stunning as it had ever been. Just like Adelle, she, too, held out her hand and encouraged the men, enticing one of them to visit. The other young woman sat on the steps, her smile just as anxious and seductive. Candy apple red hair shimmered in the light from the fire. Smooth, teenage curves graced her body.

Rick knew her immediately. He just stared breathlessly as he heard his friend beside him whisper in disbelief, “Lexi...!”

Her smile grew wider. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she taunted. “So, is one of you going to get your cock over here or are you going to stand there and make me wait all day?”

Dropping his luggage, Jiz walked towards her – with an expression that can only be described as transfixed – and promised, “My cock is all yours, baby.” He looked her developing figure over again as he walked and confessed, “Oh...Sexy Lexi... This is one of my deepest, darkest fantasies come true.”

Both Lexi and Lindsey received him with open arms, beginning to caress his body and remove his clothes. “Yours and mine both,” she admitted, her lips diving straight for his. Jiz’s hands began to wander over the two young teens, feeling their bare skin and igniting their passion.

Back at the door, Rick still stood bewildered. He turned his head and looked at Adelle again. His adolescent lover just stared back and asked, “Well? What are you waiting for?”

He needed no other cue. He immediately kicked off his shoes and walked over to her and the one twin. Their hands embraced him, looking for any hem his clothing might have so that they could remove anything he was wearing. He felt their hands reach up into his shirt and rub his chest. Their touch stoked his desire and making it burn as hot as the fire in the room.

After a few seconds, Adelle moved her hands to begin unlatching his belt. The other girl unfasten the buttons on his shirt while she leaned up and began kissing his neck. In return, he started caressing the bodies of each of the adolescent women he was now with.

One hand explored Adelle’s body. It felt so familiar already. He was comfortable here. Rick knew her every curve and exactly how her body reacted to his every touch. With that knowledge, he brushed his thumb over one of her nipples, his hand gently squeezing the round globe on her body. She whimpered in delight as he touched her, a sound he cut short by joining their mouths together and kissing her passionately. He felt her body rise as she breathed in deeply, giving into the demand her body made for more. If she was the only woman he ever made love to again, he could die a happy man.

Breaking the kiss, she removed his shirt off one arm. “Oh...Rick...” she sighed, rubbing his chest again. “Isn’t he just, like, the sexiest man alive, Nancy?”

Removing the shirt off his other arm, the other girl agreed, “Pretty much, Addy.” Her hand touched his bare chest, feeling the ridges his muscles made. “Pretty much.”

Rick looked over the second nubile. With his other hand, he delicately touched her lithe, toned body as he had Adelle’s. It elicited the same response. He kissed her, too, and felt her arms wrap around his neck, begging him to continue the passionate embrace. He held her body with both hands, as though afraid to let go of this new lover. Adelle, meanwhile, dropped to her knees, focusing on removing Rick’s pants and any article of clothing that was kept underneath. Within seconds, Rick stood as naked as the two young teenagers he shared his sexual desires with.

A heave of air escaped Rick’s lungs as he felt Adelle’s fourteen-year-old mouth envelop his hardened manhood. Nancy laughed tenderly, recognizing what was happening. “Ohhh...Addy...” Rick moaned into Nancy’s mouth.

“She makes you feel pretty good, doesn’t she?” Nancy whispered into his ear. Rick could only moan in response as Adelle’s mouth clamped around his responsive digit, fellating him harder and harder. “She’s really good with her mouth,” the brunette added sensually.

Her words fueled the lustful needs in Rick’s body. Keeping his hands on her, Rick felt every seductive contour of Nancy’s young body. His lips danced over her neck and collarbone, drawing out gasps and moans from deep within the juvenile woman. Nancy’s hands explored Rick’s muscular back and glutes, conjuring up all the sexual urges that he’d been forced to suppress during the long drive to the cabin.

“Oh, Nancy...” he breathed into her ear. “Nancy...your body...oh, you’re a sexy woman... Mmmm...Nancy...”

Adelle’s lips let go of Rick’s turgid manhood. He wanted more, but waited patiently to see what his young girlfriend had in store. Looking down, he watched as, immediately, her focus centered on Nancy. No sooner had Adelle burrowed her face between the other teen’s legs, than Nancy gasped desperately, yelping in intense pleasure.

“Oh, my pussy, it...yes, yes...!” she squealed, her body beginning to tremble as the lustful emotions swelled in her. “Hmmm...oh, eat my clit...! my clit...! Right there...yeah...”

Lowering his head, Rick began gently gnawing on Nancy’s firm breasts, a hand firmly squeezing each one. Her nipples were stiff and perky, giving Rick a perfect target to caress with his tongue and lips. He felt both her hands clasp onto the back of his head, pulling him tightly against her chest, her slender fingers grabbing at his hair. He alternated his efforts, always keeping a hand on each of her smooth, fleshy orbs.

“ guys...!” she began to moan, moving her hands to the table to brace herself. “I’m...cumming...! Yes...yes...YES...! Uh...HUUU...!!!” With her mouth gaping open, her voice was drowned by the sheer force of the orgasm taking hold of her. Nancy’s body quivered, every strong, young muscle tensing up from the powerful reaction taking place from head to toe.

The air burst from her lungs as Nancy began struggling to breathe again. “Ohhh! Mmmm...!” she groaned as both Rick and Adelle stopped their efforts. “ guys...that was...amazing...!”

“There,” declared Adelle succinctly, standing up, “I think she’s wet enough for...something else now.” She winked at Rick in encouragement.

Cupping Adelle’s face, Rick kissed her passionately. When the loving embrace ended, he looked at Nancy. “Mm...” he hummed licking what remained of the other female’s nectar from his lips. “You taste good, girl.”

Nancy hoisted herself on the table behind her, barely sitting on it. She reached out, hooking one arm around Rick’s neck, the hand on her other arm grabbing his waist. Spreading her legs widely, she pulled him between them. Nancy looked him straight in the eye. “I don’t think tasting me is what Adelle had in mind,” she insisted forcefully.

Smiling lustfully, Rick steadied himself by spacing his feet apart. He glanced over at Adelle. His teenage girlfriend grinned at him, biting her bottom lip. Adelle stepped forward, placing her hand between them. Rick felt her fingers wrap around his erect penis and direct it towards Nancy’s burning labia.

This,” Adelle defined, “is what I had in mind.” She kissed her adult boyfriend before whispering in his ear, “Enjoy her body, Rick. I love you.”

Rick began pushing his body forward, feeling Nancy’s sexual lips devour his manly rod. She gasped in pleasure as her feminine interior squeezed and held him firmly in place. Her hands reached around his waist, clutching his butt and pulling him forward. She reached forward with her legs as well, hooking them around his thighs and driving his manhood deeply into her lustful body.

“Ohhh!” she cried out. “Damn, your cock is thick! Oh...that feels so good!”

Pulling back until just the tip remained inside the young woman, Rick brought their bodies together again. This time they both moaned in ecstasy as their desires melted together. Again and again, Rick slowly but deliberately retracted and pressed his sexual organ up inside Nancy’s tender, velvety womanhood. Both of them breathed heavier and heavier as their passions grew.

Adelle positioned herself behind Rick, reaching around him and wandering her hands over each of the other two’s bodies. She squeezed her breasts up against Rick’s back, feeling his muscles clench and relax as they worked to drive her friend on the table into the depths of another orgasm.

As Rick thrust, he looked around, wondering what the other groups may be up to. He smiled as his vision took in what was unfolding on the staircase. Jiz had, of course, been stripped of all his clothes by Lexi and Lindsey. He reclined on the staircase, bracing himself with one hand. The other he used to steady Lindsey, who had her legs spread, her womanly trove resting on his mouth. He sexually devoured her young, teenage flower greedily, tasting the lust being unleashed in her body.

Between his friend’s legs, Lexi – the same sexy fifteen-year-old redhead that worked with them – had a firm grasp on his rigid sexual obelisk with both her lips and a hand. Her mouth and fingers were wrapped tightly around it as her head bobbed rhythmically up and down, absorbing and releasing the stiff, manly flesh Jiz offered her.

The two friends locked eyes briefly. Letting go of Lindsey’s delicious curves, Jiz gave his friend a thumbs-up. Rick grinned broadly and squeezed his eyes shut, nodding his head affirmatively.

“Ohhh...Jiz...!” he heard Lindsey’s voice carry across the room. “I’m gonna cum...oh, Jiz...! OHHH...JIZ...!”

Ignoring what happened next with that group, Rick looked towards the far side of the room. The other two girls had all but disappeared. One of their hands was just visible, holding on desperately to the back of the couch, her body evidently on the cushions over the other side.

Gesturing with his head, Rick asked Adelle, “Where...are they...?”

“Hmmm...Nicole and Sierra?” Adelle asked, sliding her hands along the sides of Rick’s well-developed chest. Rick nodded all but silently. He breathed deeply to control his efforts, continuing to thrust in and out of the sexy, young teenager on the table underneath him. Adelle moved her hands and rubbed the front of Rick’s chest. “I’ll bet Nikki’s teaching Sierra just how good it feels to have her pussy eaten out. It’s Sierra’s first time doing this sort of thing, you know.”

Rick smiled, the new image taking root in his mind. “Mmmm...” he nodded with another pleasurable thrust into Nancy’s pubescent chalice.

The young woman below started holding onto him more tightly with both legs and hands. Nancy’s breathing became shallow. “Rick...Rick...! I’m gonna...cum again...!” she seethed through clenched teeth. “Keep going...keep going...Rick...! Ohhh! Addy...rub my...clit...! Mmmm...!”

Moving her hands off Rick, Adelle rubbed Nancy’s body up and down briefly before touching all around the entrance to the brunette’s youthful body – the entrance that Rick was already filling. Adelle’s pointer fingers caressed the stiff, swollen nub the other teenage girl had begged to have touched.

“Yes...! Mm...yes...!” Nancy moaned louder and louder, licking her lips with delight. “There...oh, there...! Uh...uh...UHHH...!”

Nancy’s tight interior clamped involuntarily around Rick’s manhood as her pleasure apexed. It took everything in him not to give into a climax of his own. The teen’s orgasm shook her until Nancy’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. She couldn’t breathe for several seconds. Her consciousness finally returned, her chest heaving from the lack of air.

“I think that’s...almost enough for you,” Rick told her breathlessly.

“If I was...the only one...I’d say...screw that...!” wheezed Nancy. “ do make Adelle...cum, too...”

Rick nodded with a smile. “True enough...” he panted. He pulled out of Nancy’s spent body. She sighed heavily and sprawled herself on the table, almost in a daze.

Putting her face next to his, Adelle kissed his cheek tenderly. He heard her whisper, “Do me on the chair, Rick.”

Sitting down where she directed, Rick took Adelle in his hands. She sat on his lap, straddling his legs, turning around so that her smooth, sleek back met his brawny chest. Slowly, she lowered herself, directing his rock-hard masculinity straight up into her yearning, teenage loins. Adelle gasped as Rick skewered her. He reached his arms around her thin, sensual body, fondling her breasts and kissing her back gently and lovingly as she settled onto him.

Adelle hooked her feet onto the cross-members between the legs of the chair below. Bracing herself with her hands on Rick’s waist, she lifted carefully lifted herself up. Slowly, she dropped back down again, feeling his strong manhood slide lovingly up and down along her heated, gripping interior. The skin along the inside of her vagina was so sensitive to the adult man’s body rubbing inside hers that every slight move the teenage girl made caused her to gasp and sigh.

Rick wrapped the adolescent young woman in his arms, helping her to move her tender, slim body with deliberate, gentle aim. With carefully-timed accuracy, he rocked underneath her, thrusting up gently into her body, meeting the beautiful girl’s purposeful drops onto his lap. He kept a hand on one of her breasts and the other above her petite, feminine cavern, stimulating both locations with gentle, affectionate precision. Together, they picked up a rhythm.

“Hmmm...mmmm...” the fourteen-year-old moaned, feeling her grown boyfriend make love to her. “Oh, Rick...!”

“Adelle...oh, my sweet Adelle...” the twenty-seven-year-old breathed into her ear. “I love you...!”

“I love you, Rick... Hmmm! Oh, you, too... Mm...Rick...!” Adelle murmured in response.

Feeling another pair of hands touch his thighs, Rick looked down. Nancy knelt in front of them, having recovered from her overwhelming climax. Her hands meandered over Rick’s strong body first before she transferred them to Adelle, drawing out more quick, unregulated breaths from the young blonde.

Nancy politely guided Rick’s hand away from Adelle’s womanhood. “I’ll take care of her here, Rick,” she offered. “You just concentrate on pushing that cock into her.” Immediately, Nancy leaned forward, flicking her tongue across the engorged bulb above Adelle’s labia. Still holding onto the young woman he loved so much, Rick crossed his arms, repositioning his hands to cup each of Adelle’s succulent breasts, stimulating her taut nipples in unison. With his lips, he planted more kisses up and down her neck and shoulders as far as he could reach.

Adelle drew in a sharp breath releasing it in a prolonged moan. “Ohhh...Nancy...! You and Rick...!” Her voice was lost for a moment as the pleasure in her body began overflowing. She forced out the words, “Mmmm...yeah...! Yeah...! Yes...! Oh...OH...OHHH!!!”

It wasn’t necessary for her to continue talking. Rick felt Adelle’s pubescent body spasm and tremor on his lap. He knew that her mind was once more drowning in the pleasurable rush of an orgasm. The tightening walls of his teenage lover’s vagina closed around the thick pillar he had inside of her. Soon, the feeling was also too much for him. He shut his eyes and braced himself for the familiar emotions to reverberate in his own body.

Somewhere far off, he heard Nancy’s voice. “Let’s get you to cum, too,” he heard her say. A soft, womanly hand began to fondle the sensitive skin of his scrotum. Her gentle touch tipped the scale even faster as it combined with Adelle’s young, slender body still jolting uncontrollably on his stripling frame. Her feminine cove was repeatedly absorbing his engorged manhood in quick succession. Rick’s every muscle and sinew tightened in a climactic seizure. For several seconds, all that existed was the wash of pleasure engulfing his body. At last, he felt the cannon between his legs fire his seed into Adelle’s accepting body.

As the tide of orgasmic bliss ended and Rick’s breathing returned to normal, he looked at the teenage women he had shared the moment with. He smiled at Nancy, but then turned his attention to Adelle. He brought his hands to her breasts to share with her the emotions of love flowing through his veins before kissing her with the purest passion a man feeling such love could offer. He knew he loved her! What’s more, he knew she loved him.

Adelle had proven beyond all doubt just how deeply her love for him ran by giving him the opportunity to join her this week. True, there were women all around with which he would enjoy himself. Still, there was only one who he truly wanted – one who meant everything to him. Essentially granting him unlimited pleasure this week, he would prove himself to Adelle by always returning to her loving arms. He kissed the youthful maiden he loved so much again and again to seal the promise of his continued adoration and devotion to her.

Looking around the room, Rick smiled. These next few days were all about physical gratification.

Their vacation had only begun.

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