Gas, grass, or ass, Nobody rides free

Driving home I saw this small shadow off the side of the road. As I approached I could see a young boy on the sidewalk but it was late for such a youngster to be out walking. Pulling over just ahead of him I put the window down and waited until he got aside the car. Hey kid, isn't it a little late for you to be out?

Yeh, my brother didn't pick me up at the gameroom. Today's my 12th birthday and my parents let me stay out later than usual, my brother was supposed to get me but he's at a party and probably drunk by now and forgot.

Well, I can give you a ride. No thanks, I'm not supposed to get in cars with strangers, I'll just walk home though it is a long way.

Oh come on, I'm a nice guy, look I drive a Porsche, how many bad guys do you know who drive a Porsche? All I ask is you do me a favor if I do you a favor, ever heard the expression 'gas, grass, or ass, nobody rides for free?

No, what does that mean?

I open the door and the light from the interior shines lightly on his face. He looks so young, even younger than the 12 years he said. Wearing a t-shirt and some baggy jeans, hair cut so it just hangs on his shoulders, and bright eyes with a sweet face my cock spasms a little pre-lube.

Don't worry about it kid, get in and I'll explain it to you. Hesitantly he walks towards the car, I can tell he's nervous but doesn't want to walk all the way home. If I don't get home in an hour my parents are going to be mad, he explains. Well, how far away do you live. About 6 miles, on Maple Road. Oh don't worry, we have plenty of time to get you home, come on, hop in.

When he comes to the car door I can see a little bit of his butt crack, you know how kids wear their pants so baggy and low these days. Again a little goo squirts from my semi-hard cock thinking about his tiny ass. His t-shirt is tight showing a budding muscular young man, he's got many years to fully develop but still looks very sexy yet so young.

Closing the car door behind him he says thanks mister for the help, my name is Jason, what's yours? Hey Jason, I'm Dick. Not my real name, I don't want this kid to be able to tell anyone who he's run into tonight.

Quickly I accelerate back onto the road so he doesn't have time to change his mind. So Jason, it's your 12th birthday huh, did you have fun today? Yeh, it was alright, nothing great except I got to hang at the gameroom without my brother having to watch over me. Just wish the asshole wouldn't have left me there.

But then we wouldn't have met kiddo. Hey, I need to stop at this friend's apartment nearby, it won't take long, cool? Yes, I guess so if it won't be long. This is a two bedroom apartment I rented under a fake name so I could live out my perversions without jeopardizing my identity.

It is sparsely furnished but has a nice big bed in one room and a 'play room' in the other. The 'play room' has bondage, devices, and other fun stuff to dominate my 'play toy boys'. There is no position I can't get a 'play toy boy' into that won't please me. Oral, anal, spanking, whipping, suspension, you name it I have the device to enjoy my boy toy any way I want. And I want!

I pull into the parking lot, turn off the car, and get out. Come on Jason, we'll be here just a few minutes. That's a lie, and it will feel like forever before I'm through with him. It's upstairs, follow me. Unlocking the door we enter and the dark living room, I flip the light switch which barely illuminates the room. Go ahead and grab a seat on the couch there, you want something to drink? Sure he says and I head to the kitchen, as I planned.

Mixing a coke with a touch of rum I put a little ruphynol in it, the date rape drug. Not enough to knock him out but enough to make his head spin and be relaxed. I need him awake to do what I want but want him just enough out of it to not be able to identify me later. He'll still resist and struggle which makes me excited but won't remember much later.

Here you go Jason, I hand him the drink and sit down beside him on the couch. Typical kid he gulps it down which fits my plans perfectly. As I notice him getting groggy that's when I make my move.

Remember Jason when I told you gas, grass, or ass, nobody rides for free and you didn't know what that meant? Well, either you have to pay for my gas, got any money? No, I spent everything at the gameroom. Then what about some grass, got any weed? No, my brother does that stuff but I don't. Ok, that only leaves ass, so I'm going to get yours, understand!

But Dick, what does that mean, give you my ass? It means you're going to please me many ways and one is going to be me taking your young sweet asshole for a ride, you're getting two rides tonight little boy. First in the car and now in your butt, I'm going to teach you why your parents told you not to get in cars with strangers.

His eyes were glassing over yet wide open, he can tell he's in trouble but is defenseless against what is about to happen. I can tell him to do anything and he will, he may resist the hardcore stuff but will readily do simple commands. And I will give him many commands for my perverted pleasures.

Get up Jason, stand in front of me, he does. Take your t-shirt off, showing his hairless chest with ever so slight muscles starting to form. Now, unbutton your jeans and let them fall to the floor. This exposes his boxer shorts also riding low on his hips. Take your shorts off slowly, I want to enjoy watching you.

His thumbs slip inside the waistband pulling his boxers down slowly as I commanded. As they pass just above his penis I can see he has very little fine pubic hairs, again my cock twitches looking at this young virgin boy. Continuing pulling down his shorts releases a half hard dick, he's turned on but doesn't know why. He's under the influence of liquor, drugs, and an authorative man like his father.

Come closer to me Jason, he takes a step and is within my reach. Touching his sweet child-like face my hands move to his smooth chest then around his increasingly stiffening dick. It feels so good in my hands as it begins to get harder. I cup his small hairless ball sack slowly rolling them and tickling with my fingertips. This makes him grow harder even more.

With one hand fondling his balls I take the other and grip the base of his boy cock. Gently squeezing at the base and with a pulling motion I get him to full erection. His eyes are rolling back in his head so I can tell he's falling into my trap, he's enjoying what's happening but again has no idea why. His fully engorged boyhood is about five inches and fairly thick, for a 12 year old he's got a marvelous cock.

My hand that's on his nut sack opens and with my palm I rub his sack and let my fingers slide up his ass crack. The other hand starts to make longer stokes down his rigid penis. The head gets a darker purple color and I see the glistening of pre-cum on the tip. I'm getting so turned on that my man cock is straining against my pants.

Parting his butt cheeks with my index and ring finger the center finger rubs his asshole. My hand is so large compared to his tiny smooth boy butt it is easy to pull him towards me. Taking my tongue to the pee hole licking off the clear goo he throws his head back and inadvertently pushes his hips towards me.

My reaction is pulling him into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the head of his dick. Still palm massaging his balls and fingering that soft butt crack with one forceful motion I jam his midsection into my face. His legs tremble but his boy cock gets even harder.

Now my hands reach around to each butt cheek gripping so I can jam his dick in and out of my mouth. Just five inches long he barely reaches my throat, being totally in my mouth excites his drugged mind even more. Needing less force to get face fucked by him because he's now bucking his pelvis into my mouth, this makes me ready to explode.

This goes on for a few more minutes before I feel his butt cheeks start to clench. He's about to cum, that sweet young boy jism that tastes so good. There's not much at that age but it is a nectar I'm anxious to taste. So far I've been gentle with him and am about to get a little reward. He stiffens and presses into my mouth, now groaning in a low voice, his butt and legs tremble, cock at full size it pulses as the thin cum squirts over my tongue and I gulp it down hungrily.

Jason that was good my little boy toy plaything, but it's just the beginning kid. His body goes limp and he leans on my shoulders to steady himself. Pulling him over onto the couch I lay him lengthwise with his head resting on the side arm. I get up and take off my shirt, pants, and shoes, not wearing any underwear. My pants have a definite wet spot from all the pre-cum.

Looking at his limp body still lucent but in a dreamlike state makes my cock twitch in excitement. So far I've been gentle but it's soon to escalate, one level at a time until I'm savagely and brutally using his young boy body as a fuck rag. I've done this before and know to take my time so as to not burn myself out before getting into the darkest pleasure abusing this tiny body.

Moving around to the end of the couch his head's at I dangle my smooth shaven cock, balls, and ass over his face. Jason, open your mouth and stick your tongue out, and he does. I dip my big man sized nut sack into his mouth and tell him to lick them. He's unable to resist and laps at my sack. Lifting my hips up and down dipping my balls in his mouth I'm hard as a pole looking at his naked smooth body lying on the couch.

Poke your tongue straight out I order him, you're going to taste ass little boy bitch. Pulling my ass cheeks apart I sit on his face, positioning my hole directly on his tongue. Squatting up and down his tongue pokes into my asshole, keep it there kid. The vision of my cock and balls on his chin with his tongue in my hole makes me throb.

Now lick my hole in circles boy! That's it, lick it like it's candy. I start grinding into his tongue harder and harder, getting off on his gasping for air. His boy cock is reacting by getting firmer and that makes me more excited. Now I'm pressing my ass into his face with enough force he's trying to get out from beneath me. Drugged as he is survival instinct is taking over.

There's so much pre-cum on my cock head I decide to feed him some. Lifting up off his face he takes deep breaths. Grabbing my cock I spank his face with it, smacking his boyish cheeks with a board hard dick. His mouth is barely open now and I rub my bursting cock head on his lips.

Lick that goo fuck toy, that's a man's pre-cum, lick your lips and enjoy it fucking boy slut. Of course he does what I say with an attitude that says he's liking it but not wanting to.

Placing my hard prick at a better angle to put it in his mouth by bending over him my cock is ready to enter his mouth while his is close to my mouth. Grabbing his hair I pull his head farther back over the couch arm which opens his mouth. With one hand I bend my dick downward and into his mouth as far down as it will go. He coughs and gags but I don't care.

His mouth is now a fuck hole and I'm going to stuff it. I press into his mouth as his saliva grows in volume and rolls into his hair which I still have a handful. Jerking his head by the hair my fat cock enters his young throat. He has a natural resistance and is gagging, can't breath, and his throat is trying to reject me. Sorry, your 12 year old mouth is getting fucked, just like your young boy ass is soon to be.

Not ready to cum yet but still gagging him with my cock I bend over and put him in my mouth. As my mouth fucking gets harder his boy penis gets harder in my mouth. Pushing my cock all the way in his throat I just stay there deep in his mouth cutting off all his breathing. I stay there removing my grip on his hair, he can't go anywhere, using both hands I pull his legs back while sucking his dick.

He's struggling under me trying to get some air but I've got him pinned down. Being so much stronger he's at my mercy, which I'm giving him none. My spit has dribbled down his penis and balls into his ass crack. That's when I decide to begin training his butt hole for a raping later. Inserting my thumb he squirms but is held down at the hips by one hand and has my midsection pressing his head into the couch.

I know how far to take it, feeling him slowly slip into unconsciousness I back my cock out of his throat. He gasps for a breath, one, two, three, and then no more as I get back into his throat choking off his air again. My thumb has loosed him up enough, and the drug helped, that I can pull it out replacing it with two fingers, then three.

His hole clenches my fingers as the searing pain of a virgin young boy ass is being violated for the first time. Again he starts to pass out so I give him some relief. I want him awake as my sick yet exciting perversions take him over.

Noticing that his hairless cock and balls are fully engorged I know deep inside he must like this. Many of my boy toys often become sex slaves, either they like this or their mind just forces them to be a bitch boy slut to me. Either way I couldn't care less, I just like to use and abuse them.

Time to get serious, grabbing Jason's hair dragging him off the couch he rolls onto the floor. I pull him to his feet and take him to the play room. He's walking but needs my assistance to get there, eyelids fluttering yet he can talk asking me what's about to happen.

Jason you're going to get everything a little dumbass boy like you needs to learn his lesson about getting in a stranger's car. But sir, you said it was ok. Oh yes, it's ok with me but you are going to wish this never happened yet you're going to have wet dreams about it forever.

Opening the door to the playroom several dim lights are on, in this room I've covered the windows and walls with soundproof insulation. The screams and moans need to be muffled as to not alert the neighbors. The brutality and punishment and violent raping that goes on in here is extreme so the soundproofing keeps my secret chamber secret.

At one end there is a table with a hole in the middle so a face down boy whore's cock and balls are accessible. On this table are leather straps mounted towards the sides just above the knees. Strapping the legs open at the knees the feet are then pulled up and hog-tied with the arms pulled behind the toy's back. This gives a great view of a virgin boy's backside, especially his tight smooth tiny ass. It also causes him to clench his ass cheeks, another visual stimulation.

The end where his young face is has another set of bindings. These go around his throat and forehead then attach to the hog-tie straps forcing him to keep his chin up. A mouth ring forcing his jaw open is included. Table height after strapping in my boy toy puts his mouth at the same height as my cock. Now I can face fuck him with perfect in the mouth down the throat accuracy.

Jason is now totally bound to the face fuck table. Before I ravage his face I slip under the table at his hairless pubescent dick and balls dangling through the hole in the table. My mouth is drawn to him, that feeling of a penis so smooth and just enough to fill your mouth and knowing this fuck toy boy can't help but get excited makes me excited.

Sucking and licking him there makes him hard again. He wouldn't if he knew what was going to happen to him for hours. That's why I drug my boys, I want them to be out of it enough they can get hard but can't resist my pleasures of their flesh.

Positioning myself in front of my young boy fuck toy with his head pulled up, mouth ring keeping his jaw open, I beat his face again with my hard cock. No use to grab his head or his hair, his face and mouth is immobile, his mouth is open and at my pleasure.

Looking down at my cock it is bouncing around with excitement, pre-lube accumulating on the head. Stepping forward my cock enters Jason's boy mouth. It doesn't take but a few thrusts before I'm back to gagging him and so deep in his throat he can't breath. My cock is even harder and larger because not only am I dominating this young bitch boy but I look down at his lithe tiny body and butt thinking about how I'm going to rape him.

It doesn't take long before I feel the cum building up in my balls. It's been a good night so far and I'm ready. My thrill is growing, I know Jason has never at his young age had to swallow a thick wad of cum. And he's going to if he wants me to pull out of his throat so he can breathe.

Jason whore boy toy, I'm going to cum hard into your mouth and you better swallow every drop. If one little bit dribbles out you're going to get a spanking so severe you'll never forget it. At that moment I could feel my cock head swell from the build up to this point.

My back tightens and I press deep into Jason's young throat, unloading waves of thick salty cum as I slap his face. Seeing him struggle against the bindings as he tries to swallow each torrent of jiz just makes the next wave come with more force. Looking down temporarily delusional by my heady cum session there is milky goo seeping out each corner of Jason's boy mouth.

I told you stupid fuck I would punish you if you didn't gulp all my cum down your throat, now you're really going to feel my wrath.

Jason's becoming slightly more attentive as the booze and drugs are wearing off, that makes it more thrilling. My cock softens but is still semi-hard, knowing what more I'm going to do to this boy whore bitch. Time to give him a beating he'll never forget and I won't regret!

In another corner of the room is a large wooden X with straps at each end of the boards. As Jason was coughing up my cum I prepared the whipping device. On the wall next to the X were the spanking and whipping tools. Hard paddles, leather straps, cat-o-ninetails, those kind of things. For young Jason I wanted the paddle so I could blister his little butt cheeks without drawing blood.

Going back to the table I saw he was soft in his penis place. Being throat fucked to the point of suffocation can do that to you. Doesn't matter, what I was going to do to his sweet soft butt both on the whipping X and after he'd be so scared and used.

I removed the face strap and mouth ring and his head dropped with a thump on the table. He was now so subjected to my brutal pleasures his body had resigned to being used as a fuck toy. Next I undid the hog-tie then the knee straps and he still didn't move. He was in my total control, a tiny ass 12 year old boy, a total virgin, being used and abused by a man, ahhhh this was delicious.

Pulling him off the table he could barely move. It wasn't the drug, it was his body in total submission to me, and I liked it! Walking him over to the beating area he was going to endure there was no resistance. I pushed him into the X, pulled one arm up and strapped it, then the other. Next I did each leg, his sweet fuzzy haired ass open slightly.

His tiny ass cheeks looked so delicious I went to my knees and kissed all over his butt. I could hear a slight pleasant uttering from him as if he thought this was going to be pleasant. It was for a little while. My hands grabbed each soft cheek spreading them apart. In front of my face was this virgin young pink butt hole that I knew I was going to rape and ravage. I had other ideas right now.

Pulling his young boy virgin ass cheeks wide open my tongue went straight for his hole. He's been face fucked and strapped to another device yet bent his hips out to accept my tongue. I knew I owned him at this point, he'd be my sex slave as long as I wanted.

My tongue darted deep in his virgin sweet smelling hole. That's what I like about young boys, their cocks and asses taste so sweet and good. The little cums they have are delicious and I can savor it for weeks. At the same time I desire that brutal excitement and domination of young boys that are so innocent.

The little fuck toy boy's dick was hard again, this kid loved what was happening to him even if he didn't understand it. I'd fix that in a minute. Taking the paddle off the wall my cock started getting hard again. I was going to beat his young ass then rape him in his red cheeked butt hole.

Wham, wham, wham, what do you have to say now Jason? Nothing sir, please don't hit me again. Smack, smack, and a slap to the back of his head. Please sir, I'll do anything you say, please don't hit me anymore. Smack, wham, smack, Jason started to cry out loud.

I know you'll do whatever I say, except I said to swallow all my cum and you didn't. Raising the paddle as far back as I could I brought it down on his young butt nearly knocking him and the beating X over. Three more swats and his cries increased to screaming, good thing I sound insulated the room.

Scream all you want butt slut, the room is soundproof and the more you scream in pain the more excited I get. Please sir, please, I'll do anything if you don't beat me. I couldn't have cared less what this sweet ass boy toy had to say, I was in control and was going to exert my dominance and perverse pleasures at his expense.

If he thought a butt beating was severe he had no idea, I was going to fuck his asshole so hard he wouldn't be able to walk.

Soon he was no longer crying, he was limp on the X so I knew he'd been beaten so bad he passed out from the pain. It's no fun after that so I stopped. I hadn't beat him to the point of bleeding but his small boy butt was blood red. While he was still out of it I went back on my knees to lick his pink butt hole, darting my tongue in then a few fingers. By now he was used to getting that treatment.

Little Jason started to come to as I loosened the straps holding him to the whipping device. Now I was ready to give him the anal fucking rape he'd never forget.

Over against another wall was a pummel horse like set-up, like that gymnastic thing. It works good because I can bend over my boys, tie their hands on one side and bind their ankles at the base. This exposes their young virgin tight butt holes for my cock to fuck them hard.

I pulled Jason to his knees and once again made him suck my cock. I was semi-hard and needed to be at full attention to ravage and give his young boy ass a real fucking.

As he sucked my cock I slapped his face many times. Suck me harder you disgusting little boy, suck my cock bitch. He responded best he could but I kept up my meanness. Slap after slap I pumped my cock in his mouth, nothing is better than a little boy crying as I smack him making him suck my hard man cock.

Oh wait, yes there is. A young never touched tiny asshole that gets fucked and stretched out making them scream in anal rape pain. Yep, bend them over and drive a big man sized cock into their young hairless virgin butt as they scream begging you to stop. Then busting that huge nut that oozes out for days as they remember why their butt hole is so sore.

Forcing Jason over to the ass fuck device after his sucking me hard again I tied his arms. His delicious virgin ass was poking in the air exactly in line with my throbbing cock. I grabbed one leg and pulled it wide to one side of the device and strapped that ankle. Did the same with the other leg. Looking at him so helpless was very exciting.

There he was, a young 12 year old virgin ass at my discretion, scared and whimpering and I was going to savagely and brutally fuck his puckered pink boy hole. I liked to fuck little boys because being the mean dominate master got me off. I needed these little dumb kids to get off, I raped many and would get more, they were everywhere and most ended up as my sex slaves.

Jason would be no different, he'd been sucked off, beaten, and soon to be anally raped with a violent fervor. Yet he'd jack-off many times to this 'dream' he had, but it was no dream.

As before first I tongued his young pink butt hole. It was more for my pleasure but it also made my bitch boys more relaxed. My tongue darted in and out of his tight boy butt. It was easy given his bent over spread cheek position.

Plus I needed some lube, not for him, fuck his open hole boy ass, I didn't want to rub my cock raw. He was going to get a severe ass fuck, one he'll never forget, but I will when I get my next boy toy. I smack his little butt several times with my hand, he winces but not much.

Looking down I spit on my cock, that's all the lube I need because once I'm in his tight virgin boy butt he'll lube my dick with his young ass juice. Pressing the head of my raging hard fat man cock at his puckered pink virgin bung hole some pre-cum came. Great, now I have enough lube to do what I really want to this young boy ass.

What's that? One severe disgusting pain inducing hard thrust that buries me ball deep in his 12 year old virgin tiny boy hole that makes him scream in such pain you'd think he was burned alive. Actually the pain in his butt is so burning he feels that way, and I get off on it!

Ramming my cock into such a tight young boy is the best, and I take all of it in. He's totally exposed, bound with his small virgin hole exposed he's taking a man cock in his virgin hole in one hard stroke. He's crying in pain as I ram his ass harder and harder. The more he screams and cries the harder I fuck his hole. My fat man cock is buried in this small boy's butt hole, a feeling of hurt he's never imagined.

I pound his bung harder and harder, grunting and gyrating. Slapping his butt cheeks my cock rapes his butt and my cock keeps getting harder. He cries, screams, tries to move away but he's bound for my glory.

Thrust after thrust I'm holding off on cumming, his pain and screams are so hot I want to punish his tight ass longer. Now the pummel device is swaying because I'm fucking his boy butt so forcefully. With each thrust I nearly knock it over but I can't stop. The cum starts welling up in my nut sack, I'm going to blow a load up this kid's asshole he'll feel it for days.

My hands grab his hips pulling me into him harder and more brutal than ever. My body starts to stiffen and Jason's hole grips my cock. As I feel that first cum squirt building I tell him to milk my cock, Jason I want you to clench your butt off and on to draw my cum in you. Got that boy whore cum bitch boy?

How do I do that? When I jam my man cock deep in your butt squeeze your butt tight then let go then squeeze again, keep doing that until I say to stop.

A couple more thrusts and I tell him now, milk my cock of cum you fucking young tiny ass boy toy whore slut bitch, milk it now! He clenches my cock tight with his asshole muscles, releases, then clenches, releases, clenches, draining my pulsating shooting cum cock of every drop.

After a few minutes my cock slides out of Jason's ass with a plop and dripping cum out of his formerly virgin hole. I walk around to his face and have him lick my cock clean of him and my cum.

He's still somewhat groggy from the ruphy and I drive him to the end of the street he lived on, smacking him one more time and warning to not say a word to anyone. I fucked him regularly until he was 16, once they get a car they aren't so easy the disgrace.

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2014-03-04 23:56:28
What is wrong with you man i am calling the police!

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2014-02-16 01:45:35
Sounds like this happened to you.
Clearly you don't drive a Porsche.
Teenage boys (and not that young - are you mad?!!) need gentle treatment, then they are so responsive and...if you're really skilful, will have a hands-free anal orgasm they'll never forget.

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2014-02-16 00:54:55
Sounds like this happened to you.
Clearly you don't drive a Porsche.
Teenage boys (and not that young - are you mad?!!) need gentle treatment, then they are so responsive and...if you're really skilful, will have a hands-free anal orgasm they'll never forget.

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2014-01-17 11:11:47
Good job! Fuck half of those earlier comments that were obviously written by the same guy saying the same thing. You did a great job fucking the splooge out of the brat. Love this story, although it's a little too long.

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2014-01-07 02:27:09
That was a very detailed story. Make a shorter version for every story that you tell. Post a story on how you almost got caught by the cops. Put some action in there, cop chase. Just kidding. That would not end up very good for you!

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