I've written this story because I felt the need to write something with a bit more of an action element, rather than having it focus entirely on the sex.

I urge you (nicely of course) to vote and comment. Positive and constructive commentary is appreciated the most, as it can really help me on my way of becoming a better writer, and it will also be a big motivation for me to keep writing. Negative comments are also appreciated, as long as you can inform me what exactly is bad about the story. I thank you for this in advance.

Everything that happens in this story is purely fictional. Some characters are based on real people, but by far not enough to make this story any kind of true or even realistic. Some of the characters/events might be based on other fictive works, so if you have a déjà-vu moment, keep this in mind. This part of the story doesn't contain a lot of sex, but I’m sure my next part(s) will.

Please keep in mind that this story might contain elaborate descriptions of sexual taboos, horror, violence, murder, blood and gore. If you are easily offended by these types of things, please stop here and close this page.

Enjoy reading.


A sickening cracking noise emerged from the side of my leg, as I fell to my knees while being bombarded with beer bottles. I grabbed my ankle as I collapsed, my face hitting the pavement. Five shadows stopped right before me, viewing the bloodshed. I tried to stand up, but one of the shades kicked me in the stomach, making me drop right down. I attempted to analyze their faces: Vanessa, Rick, Ashton, Bear and Cathy.

They were my opposites and my enemies… They were my bullies. They were the assholes that had ruined my school life, from elementary school up till now: high school. Vanessa, Rick and Ashton were in my class, while Bear and Cathy were a grade higher than me. You might be wondering why Bear is called what he’s called. It’s mostly because he’s a 6’5” giant with brutally humongous arms which could cause damage equivalent to that of a bear’s claw. He could literally cause dents in cars with his fists. This monster was looking at me with bloodlust, as well as his 4 other equally bloodthirsty “friends”.

The other 2 noticeable members of their group were Cathy and Vanessa. These weren't some kind of nicknames, they were their actual names. That’s right, 2/5th of these fiends had a vagina. Contrary to what you might think, they were actually pretty hot. Cathy dressed like the average wannabe male rapper: an NY hat, a couple of rings and an oversized necklace. That did not lessen her hotness at all. She was about my height with long blonde hair and a delightful face. She was wearing one of those hipster glasses which normally looked ridiculous on even the most attractive girls, but she did manage to pull them off. Other than that, she wore tight jeans and some kind of blouse. She had unbuttoned the upper couple of buttons of her blouse, causing the top of her nicely shaped C-cup breasts to be revealed.

Vanessa, on the other hand, had a more feminine look. With a height of 5’8”, she also had long and straight hair, but she was a brunette. With an incredible pair of piercing blue eyes, her face looked like that of an angel, which was ironic of course. She was dressed in a much more cliché strapless shirt that squeezed her B-cup tits together as if she was trying to get the milk out of them, and she wore a mini skirt that was so inappropriately short that she could’ve just not worn it at all. In addition to that, she was wearing high heels, which altogether gave the intention of, “I’m a huge slut, take me right here and now!”

The fact that they were hot didn't matter though; they were contributing to my death anyway. Maybe it’s somewhat comforting that I can tell people in the afterlife that I died by the hands of 2 incredibly hot chicks.

Regardless, my fairly average 5’10” frame was nothing to be taken seriously. I worked out sometimes, not obsessively though. I was kind of chubby, but not visibly fat. I had a 50/50 chance of handling the average Joe in a fight, but I don’t think anyone was capable of receiving this kind of physical punishment and still be standing, be it a scrawny kid or Mike Tyson for that matter.

The reason I was getting this inhumane beating was a fairly simple one: they didn't like my behavior. I was always kind of the quiet, but socially acceptable kid. I’m using socially acceptable in its strictest form, meaning that I was on the edge of being a social outcast, as far as my classmates were concerned. Even as a 17 year old I always refused to drink, smoke, go to wild parties and have sex with every other drunk teenage slut. I wasn't afraid to say no, whether that was to an obnoxious classmate, or a faulty teacher. I was the kind of person who didn't sugarcoat his words… or his actions.

Just half an hour ago, when I was at my locker getting some stuff out, these bunch of high school commies who thought they owned the place, came up to me and asked me to “borrow” them some money. Of course, I, valuing my dignity over my reputation, told them to fuck off. When I got too stubborn, Bear grabbed me by the neck, and just as he was about to lift me up, I socked him in the eye as hard as I could before sprinting away. A couple of minutes of a mediocre-speed chase and here I am, lying on the ground, the asphalt functioning as my deathbed.

“What’s up now, you fucking cunt? Aren't so tough now, huh?” One of them said.

My ears were ringing so loudly, I couldn't even figure out whose voice it was.

“Yeah” another one agreed, “Fucking little bitch is gonna die today.”

Before I could even contemplate the situation, all 5 of them ganged up on me and started kicking me everywhere they could. That’s right, even the chicks who could probably be somewhere getting whatever they wanted by flashing solely their bras, were kicking me. It didn't take long for my senses to die, as most of my blood gushed out of my body, and I lost consciousness. The last thing I heard was, “I think he’s dead” and a feminine reply, “Serves him right”.

It was kind of dark. Actually, everything around me was pitch-black. Being surrounded by this menacing darkness wasn't even frightening. I felt calm and at ease. I didn't particularly feel the fear of a dying man. But then again, I didn't feel like I was dead.

I tried moving my arm. I could move it regularly. No pain at all. The same thing applied to any other muscle I tried to operate. I stood up and looked at myself in confusion. Everything looked normal… except that I was naked. No blood, no broken bones, no missing skin, but no pants either.

I looked around me, but there was still nothing but darkness. Is this the grave? Am I going to be wandering around here for all eternity? Maybe I could somehow return and at least get my revenge. Yes, the thought of punishing those assholes that killed me, enticed me. It might seem psychotic, but those freaks fucked me up pretty bad, and I was almost getting aroused by the sheer thought of their blood on my hands.

As those thoughts took over my mind, shapes started forming in the darkness. Well, they didn't really look like shapes, more like splashes. Random spots appeared, removing the single pitch-black environment, and the ground below me started looking kind of yellow, or maybe a lighter kind of brown.

Inch by inch I started seeing an entirely new world: everywhere in sight, an alternate sky was formed; a sky created by a mixture of 2 very dark shades of red and purple. I thought that sight was unsettling, but when I looked down, I almost had a heart attack… if that was currently even possible; the ground I was standing on consisted solely of muddy skulls. A deformed mixture of yellow and brown solid was the only thing keeping me standing.

The fact that the ground consisted of skulls wasn't even the biggest surprise; the skulls were making noises. Where intact, the jaws were grinding and making freaky sounds. Some skulls were even almost recognizable as people, as some their flesh was somewhat still intact.

I wanted to run away from this fucked up sight, but as I looked in every direction, I saw that the skulls covered ground for as far as I could see, so I couldn't be sure if running away would solve my problem. Instead, I started screaming, “Is anybody there? Where am I? This isn't funny!”

I really hoped there was someone out there who could hear me and explain what the hell was happening. Apparently there was… something: as I kept shouting my head off, I saw something in the corner of my eye. When I turned, I almost fell backwards from the shock: a couple of thousand skulls were heaping up, forming a giant mountain of mostly skinless human heads. They moved upward towards the dark red-purplish sky for about a 100 foot before stopping.

As the growth got to a stop, I could vaguely make out 4 figures on top of it. I tried squinting to see them more clearly, but as I did, the mountain seemed to alter again. I thought it was growing bigger, but it actually moved towards me. As it got closer, I started seeing the 4 people, or whatever they were, on top of it. I could distinguish them easily, but I couldn't believe my eyes:

The first critter seemed to be a small floating ball with a cute, innocent looking smile. As it floated above the stack of human bones, it would spin or do a summersault every few seconds. Another noticeable thing was the fact that it had some sort of tentacles as limbs, but apart from those, it also had a pair of hands, which seemed to be folded.

The second creature was slightly larger but still pretty small with roughly a 4 foot frame. Its face looked strange, as it was making an o-shape with its lips, while its eyes were tightly shut as if it was constantly squeezing them. On its back there was a reversed ribcage that was used as some kind of back shield or accessory. The ribcage didn't go around its front, but instead was cut off at the separation of the back and the front torso.

The third one popped up behind the first two, and this one looked slightly more intimidating. Instead of the almost-hilarious apparel of the other 2 “monsters”, this guy was at least 10 foot tall, and his face seemed to be some kind of misshapen skull. The top of this skull wasn't bald, but there was an actual brain protruding from the inside of his cranium. His eye sockets didn't hold a pair of eyes, but instead had a red fog hanging around in them. He was wearing some kind of cape which covered up his entire body from the neck down.

The last one I saw was a whole different experience: Instead of being a creepy-looking, or even a funny-looking creature, it turned out to be a young woman… or something of the likes. She had a beautiful face, which did not look a day over 25. Her lips were red and her eyes were a piercing kind of green. She was also huge, but about 2 foot smaller than the skull-brain guy, and her body was almost entirely covered by a cape which seemed to resemble a pair of giant batwings stuck together. The only things that weren't covered… were her breasts. That’s right; this female’s D cup tits were hanging out of her dress as if she was at some kind of fetish party. Other than that obvious perception, I could notice that her hair was not real hair, but actually consisted of a bunch of thin snakes planted into her head, some kind of Medusa style. It might seem strange, but this did not actually make her less attractive.

Even as the mountain of skulls got closer, my fear level stayed at 0. I did not feel frightened whatsoever, even though the creatures looked pretty intimidating. When the mountain was about 20 feet away from me, it abruptly stopped moving forward. Immediately I took the chance to speak.

“So, are you going to tell me what I’m doing here?” I spoke loudly as I stared at them.

No answer.

“Well?” I reinforced my previous question.

“You want it…” His voice was loud, clear and heavy.

“… What?”

“You have a strong desire for…”


“Revenge!” He suddenly said loudly. His strangely shaped eye sockets grew big and the foggy red color in his eyes lit up to become a passionate fire.

“Is this a joke? I’m not dead yet, right?”

“Let me explain this to you, young man.” He continued, “ You've been chosen to stay alive.” He paused for a second before continuing, “Every once in a while, let’s say every 10000 years, someone dies under certain circumstances.”


“We are the guardians of the afterlife. We decide where you go after you die.”

“So… I’m dead?”

“Yes… unless you decide otherwise.”

“I have options?”

“Yes you do… because we need you.”

“Why would you need me?” I asked in surprise.

“We need you to feed us.” He replied, his voice as menacing as the skulls I was standing on. “We live off the agony of tormented human souls. Every few earth-seconds a human being passes here. If they died as good people, we send them to a so called heaven. If they died as bad people, we will let them stay here… for eternity.” He pointed to the skull-covered ground. “Those people often die of very regular reasons, like old age, a gunshot, a disease or a car accident. The fear and agony induced when they die is very little, so when their souls reach us we don’t get as excited as we should. Once in a while, however, someone dies who has just been tortured, physically and mentally, until there was nothing left of them. When those souls come here, they entice us. We do this work solely for those moments.” He paused for a second before continuing, "When people die with a strong feeling for revenge that overpowers any other emotion, however, we can direct them back to life. In that case we will let them sign a simple contract.”

“What kind of contract?” I asked. I was not yet buying it, but the revenge part definitely sounded good. My hunger for those 5 bastards’ blood was growing each and every second.

“You’ll have to take revenge upon the people you hate most, and we will give you the tools to do so.” He spoke. The other 3 creatures hadn't spoken yet, but now they seemed to be chuckling a little.

“So what’s the catch?” I asked, anticipating something sinister like losing a limb.

“Like I said before, you have to take revenge.” He emphasized the word ‘have’. “It’s not a choice.” He said with a very serious tone. “Not only do you have to take revenge, but… you have to destroy the lives of those you loathe, and then… kill them!”

“What do you mean by ruin?” I emphasized on ‘ruin’.

“It means that, like I said before, we want them to be emotionally destroyed. When you’re finished with them, they have to be craving death. We want you to shatter their minds.”

“That sounds like something I would like to do, but I have a couple of questions.” I stared at his fiery eyes and continued when he just stared back: “Those 5 assholes just killed me, how am I supposed to exact revenge on all 5 of them? Other than that, what’s going to happen to me if I was able to complete this ‘contract’? Would I just come back here and die? And what if I refuse?”

“Do not worry about the details. Your life can return to normal after you've provided the necessary services. To answer your last question… you will die”

“Am I not dead already?”

“Yes, but if you refuse the contract, you will go through the regular process of selection.” He paused and his eyes went back to their regular form. ”But let me advise you, the chances of entering heaven are about 1 in a million. Most people do much more evil than they do good, even if they don’t realize it. That being said, what will be your choice?”

“I guess I have no choice then. I accept.” I said, unsure whether this was real or just my imagination.

“Very well then, let’s seal the deal.” As he said that, the beautiful woman with the bat cape started hovering off the mountain.

She reached me and said, “I will need some of your bodily fluids to complete the arrangement. I could take some of your blood… but I think I have a better idea.” She said teasingly.

All of a sudden I noticed that I was getting taller. No… she was actually shrinking; she went from an overwhelming 8 feet to exactly my height.

She grabbed my cock, which was surprisingly flaccid considering the incredible sight in front of me. My member grew bigger in her hand, and I don’t mean that I got an erection. No, my pretty average 4 inch flaccid stayed flabby, but actually got longer. Within a few seconds I had reached a flaccid length of at least 8 inches, which would be double my initial size.

My cock started becoming erect as the young lady stroked it. Within seconds I had reached an erect length of what should not be less than a full 12 inches. I was never discontent with my original size, but I could only imagine the possibility of it being twice as big.

“Mmm, that’s nice, now you’re a real man!” She said as she kept stroking it.

She came closer to me, and her tits brushed against my bare chest. She locked her lips onto mine, and inserted her tongue into my mouth. I didn't exactly know what to do, as I had never done anything remotely sexual with a girl before, but my natural instincts took over and I returned the favor by pushing my tongue past her lips as well.

We both explored each other’s mouths frantically. We weren't kissing as much as we were exchanging saliva by licking around each other’s tongue. She kept stroking my cock, and my hands went up to cup her tits. They were firm and perky.

I massaged her tits with both hands as she fondled my member, and I noticed myself becoming increasingly horny. My hormones went flying, and I released the kiss to then immediately lower my head and position my mouth over her tits. With hunger I sucked on her right nipple as my right hand squeezed her tit. My left hand went south and her batwings parted to reveal her bare pussy.

While still sucking on her nipples alternatingly, my hand cupped her pussy and I slowly massaged it. She threw her head backwards and moaned in ecstasy. I continued massaging her bald cunt while doing the same to her tits and alternatingly biting and sucking on her nipples.

It seemed that the pleasure was becoming too much for her, and she released my cock and almost went limp in my arms. She was moaning and I got more aggressive. My gentle almost-petting motions on her pussy were becoming rigorous strokes of encouragement. She held my head and pressed my face against her tits. I started biting on her nipples harshly as my level of lust grew each and every second. With my left hand middle finger, I penetrated her pussy and I heard her moan. She ground her hips against mine in an attempt to increase her pleasure.

I aggressively pushed my finger in and out of her pussy. Her already wet pussy was getting even wetter, and I enjoyed the feeling of her soft insides. She was now moaning like crazy, and I noticed that my not-so-little-anymore friend was getting impatient.

As if she could read my mind, she pushed herself away from my grasp. My finger left her pussy soaking wet, and just before I could react, she showed me her flexibility: in a split second, she had kicked one of her legs all the way above her head, and dropped it on my shoulder. She was now supporting herself with only her left leg while her right leg rested near my neck.

As if it was basic instinct, I grabbed her lower back with my left arm, her right tit with my right arm, and showed my dick into her sloppy wet pussy as hard as I could. Her head fell back again and she let out a beastly scream of pleasure.

Her godly inside was nothing short of a miracle. Her cunt was tighter than a clenched fist, and I almost felt my skin being pulled off. Without hesitation I kept trying to plunge my dick in as far as I could. I kept forcing myself into her, and she seemed to be infinitely deep, because my 12 incher was entirely swallowed by her delightfully wet pussy within seconds.

I thrust in and out of her, synchronizing my movements with her moans of pleasure. Having such a long dick really added to my pleasure, and I jackhammered away at her cunt, 12 inches at a time. My right hand was roughly squeezing her round tits. She looked at me and moved her head closer before pushing her lips onto mine. My thrusts of ecstasy were becoming more aggressive, and I soon found myself to be fucking her pussy with a faster speeds than I thought possible.

She darted her tongue in and out of my mouth, occasionally licking my tongue in the process. I did the same. I continued alternating between massaging her tits and squeezing her nipples while still pounding her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

I slowly released her tit and moved my right hand around. I caressed her smooth back before slowly descending and grabbing her shapely bottom. While still fucking her pussy, I massaged her right ass cheek. I then suddenly dug my middle finger into her ass as hard as I could, and she loved it. Even more cries of ecstasy erupted from her mouth as I shoved my long cock up her pussy while fingering her ass.

The sensations became too much for her and she came hard: beastly screams almost shattered my eardrums, and at the same time she flooded my groin with her pussy juices. Her muscles squeezed my dick and this sent me over the edge as well: out of my sizable member, I felt a giant amount of man-juice unload. Not only did she engorge my dick to almost inhuman proportions, but my seed reserves were enlarged several times as well, and I must have at least shed half an average cup.

We stayed in the same position for about a minute, before I pulled out of her and moved away. As if she didn't just go through the rigorous exercise I described, she slowly and effortlessly descended her leg.

“I’m so glad it was a man this time…” She said, strangely happy.

“What do you mean?” I asked, trying to manage my breath.

“That is unimportant. The importing thing right now, is that we've sealed the contract.” She said, her tone of voice going back to a complete neutral.

I looked at her pussy, and to my surprise, there wasn't any cum dripping out. She noticed me looking and explained, “You signed the contract with me. That means whatever DNA you used to sign it, is now part of me. This DNA is like your signature, except that it’s more reliable and less prone to be faked. Our DNA is mixed, so we both have to keep our ends of the bargain. Remember that.”

“I see. What now?” I asked.

This time, she didn't answer, but the tall skull-man did in her place: “Now, you will go back to your world, and execute your part!” He said, with a sudden burst of aggression.

And with that, I saw him disappear and reappear right in front of me, and before I could even blink, he swiftly moved his hand to my face and penetrated my eyes with his sharp fingers. Everything went pitch black after that, and my senses died off again.

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