“The Heat Lee & Choji”

The server handed out Ino and Tenten's meals. Next followed four servers holding Choji and Lee's meals that took up the whole table.

"This is going to be interesting" Tenten whispered to Ino who both blushed.

"Ready for a little friendly competition Lee?" Choji asked Lee with hunger in his eyes.

"You bet 3...2...1!" Lee says as the two boys devour everything in sight.

Tenten and Ino ate their meals a little bit slower. They of course were hornier than hungry playing with each others pussies.

"Victor!" Choji yelled after finishing drinking his water.

"You are indeed a worthy opponent" Lee bows to Choji in defeat and finishes his own meal.
Once they were finished Tenten and Ino smiled to each other and then looked to the boys.

"What is now, I can pay it all if you want?” Choji replies to the girls smirks

"No, we can pay our own. We dare the two of you to do something for us" Ino says seductively.

"I am in no challenge is too hard for Lee!" Lee jumped in with peak interest.

"Fine with me what is it?” Choji asks curiously.

"We need to head deep in the forest for this dare" Tenten replied knowing this was going to be fun.

After awhile walking in the woods the four peers stop. Choji and Lee turn around to face the girls with dumbfounded faces "So what is it?” Choji asked. Ino walked up to Choji as Tenten walked up to Lee. Both girls kiss the boys on the lips.

Both boys stood back shocked by what happened. They turned to each other with huge grins and kissed the girls. Boys had their answer and were enjoying this dare.

Slowly all their clothes dropped to the ground as these two couples passionately made out. Both boys were as hard as iron and the girls were dying to be fucked.

Ino tugged gently at Choji's cock. He noticed and inserted in her pussy. The bulky yet large cock was tight compared to Naruto who had an average sized cock. She breathed as it went further into her. Her walls were stretched further than the private session with Karin. She kissed him as there tongues playfully fought amongst each other.

As for Tenten it couldn't have been any better. Lee had a similar sized cock as Naruto had perhaps a little thinner than Neji, but it was cock. That was the only thing that mattered. Lee undid Tenten's hair letting it flow downward and to let breathe. He than moved kissing and caressing her beautiful body. He teased her nipples affectingly. He rubbed her stomach kissing it randomly making Tenten feel weak yet wanted. She yearned for his body and his touch. Lee kissed her thighs as she moaned. Followed by licking her clit and moistening it. He stuck two fingers in her pussy stuck them out sucked on them and then repeated the fingering allowing Tenten to taste her own pussy juices. She allowed him to eat her out. Enjoying the sensation she looks over to see the other two having a fun time to her it looked rough. She had no problem with hardcore, but she really loved the type Lee was doing to her.

"Uuugggghhhh...oh...Choji fuck yes!" Ino moaned as she thought she should of fucked Choji years ago.
Pounding his cock deep in her pussy his balls slapping with each thrust. Choji had always wanted to fuck Ino, but thought she would rather do Shikamaru. His moans were muted out by the sounds of Ino. He looked over to see Lee lay on the ground as Tenten got into position to fuck his cock.

"Konoha's number one vibrator!" Lee screamed as he drilled Tenten at lighting speed. Tenten held onto his legs so she wouldn't fall off or go flying. She was having multiple orgasms per minute.

"I'm going to cum!" Lee screamed as his load shot into her pussy. Not only did it fire into her pussy Tenten shot off his cock in a hurry.

Choji fired his load, but the noise from Lee and Ino made it impossible to hear. He took his cock out and walked over to Tenten. Ino wanting the same as Tenten got her pussy on Lee before he could recover from before. The partners had swapped and the orgy continued.

Ino faced Lee allowing Lee to suck on her breasts. After seeing what Lee did with Tenten she wanted the same vibrating feeling. Lee slowing worked his cock in her before picking up the rhythm. Ino wrapped her hands around his body as the two became a mere blur with speed Lee was going at.

As for Tenten she was sucking on Choji's cock that was moist from Ino's pussy and his sperm. Tenten found it an open invitation. He gladly accepted it and it was far more peaceful than Ino. He rolled his head back as she rolls her tongue around the shaft of his cock. She acted as if she had done this a thousand times, but the fact is she only has done on it twice. Both with Neji. She rolled his balls around her fingers bringing Choji to his breaking point. She than decided to place a couple fingers into his asshole.

"Tenten going to come!" Choji announced looking down.

She had stopped turned around for doggy-style. "Do me in ass Choji" he did as commanded and buried his cock into her ass. Her pussy was full from Lee. After a few minutes he came at long last. She pulled away saw that Ino was wandering around in a circle before collapsing. She went over and kissed her on the lips as the boys rested next to them. They rested on the ground floor.


"This a written description of earlier events that I witnessed out in the forest secluded from people for a good 5 km." The spy spoke to Lady Tsunade "Also Kuranai is still in love with Shikamaru; however she has heard some intriguing news which is in the other folder my lady."

"You did well, but I do have one question." Tsunade says placing the folders down on her desk.

"What's that?” the spy asks.

“How wet is your pussy?” Tsunade asks licking her lips looking at her spy’s body with lust. &

The spy peels her clothes off to show how horny she has been since this mission began. "This fucking horny" the spy says walking around the desk and makes out with Tsunade. This was going to one enjoyable evening.


Next Week: Massive Naruto Lesbian Orgy Special
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