Dawn wanted us to take a vacation and decided we would drive. First to the east coast and then all the way down to the keys. My fourteen year old son Eric needed a little persuasion but Vicky, the thirteen year old was all for it. I had almost two months of company leave so I decided to do it.

I had just bought a large SUV and we pulled out the third row of seats and loaded up. For the last few years my sex life with Dawn had slowed. I had been tempted several times but never strayed. When we started Dawn sat in back with Eric and my daughter sat up front with me. It didn’t take Eric long to get bored but Vicky kept watching out the window.

I was watching the rear view mirror and my wife kept looking at me and biting her lip before looking at our son. She was wearing a short skirt and kept spreading and closing her legs. I knew she did that when she was horny but was surprised when they spread wider and I saw her bare pussy.

She nudged Eric and pulled his hand under her skirt and to her pussy. It was moments before he was fingering her and her eyes met mine in the mirror. She pulled the skirt up around her waist so I could see his finger sliding in and out of her as she shuddered and humped. It was several minutes before I realized Vicky was watching them too.

She had her hand under her skirt and moaned and I looked at her. Dawn spasmed and moaned before turning to kiss Eric and then look at our daughter, “take your panties off and show your father.”

Vicky blushed as she looked at me but was already wiggling her panties down her legs. She pulled her skirt up and I saw her bald shaven pussy as she started fingering it again. I glanced into the mirror as Dawn removed her seat beat and then Eric’s. She looked at me before turning and laying back with her pussy towards our son.

He didn’t even hesitate or look at me as he moved between his mother’s legs and shoved his drooling cock into her. Vicky spasmed and jerked as she watched her brother fucking her mother. She was pushing two fingers into her tight hole and jerking. I reached over to slip a finger deep into her extremely tight pussy.

She jerked and pushed up as her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhhh!”

Dawn was moaning and bucking as Eric spewed cum into her and continued to fuck her. I saw the rest area and pulled off the freeway and into the very back. Eric was still fucking his mother but she was incoherent. I reached for my daughter and pulled her onto my lap after shoving my pants down.

She rubbed my cock in her slit before I pulled her down and forced my thick cock into her. She groaned as she clung to me and her extremely tight pussy squeezed. I thrust up as I held her hips and pulled her back and forth. Eric was grunting and jabbing again as he spurted a third time and Dawn clutched him and jerked.

It was a couple of minutes before I held Vicky down and against me as my cock erupted and I pumped a huge geyser of cum through her cervix. She jerked and gasped as her pussy rippled and milked my cock, “oooohhhhh!”

I kept spurting cum through her cervix and groaned, I knew where I was cumming just as I knew she wasn’t on birth control. It was several moments before I stopped and held my daughter, “I’m sorry baby.”

Vicky giggled, “I’m not. I want to do it again.”

I looked at her and then in the mirror at my wife. She was holding our son with his cock still buried in her slimy cunt. I lifted my daughter and pulled up my pants before opening the door. I helped Vicky out and closed the door before taking her hand and walking across the lot to the bathroom.

I watched her walk in before looking back to see my wife and son. Dawn smiled at me faintly before she followed Vicky into the bathroom. I went in the other side with my son and washed before going back out to wait. When Vicky came out she took my hand and we walked back to the car.

She scooted over next to me as we waited for her mother and Eric. When they climbed in I started the car and looked at my wife in the mirror. She held Eric against her and looked back until I started driving. Vicky perked up and turned the radio on before dancing in the seat. Dawn and Eric held hands and whispered as I drove.

We stopped at a deli for lunch before continuing. We reached the beach and the state park in the afternoon and had dinner before parking. We moved bags and most of the stuff to the front two seats before I folded the two read seats forward. Dawn zipped two sleeping bags together for a mattress and then the other two.

They were spread out in the back of the Suv and after we finished we put on swim suits and went for a walk on the beach. I tried to hold my wife’s hand but she grabbed Eric’s. When we returned Dawn was rubbing on my son. They climbed into the suv as I waited for Vicky at the bathroom.

When we got to the car Eric was between Dawn’s legs fucking her again. Vicky looked and then started to undress, “fuck me to dad.”

I looked at her and undressed as she climbed in and folded our clothes before following. I slipped into the bag as my son grunted and Dawn spasmed while clutching him. I caressed Vicky and fingered her before she pulled on me, “fuck me.”

I sighed and looked at Dawn as our son started fucking her again. I turned to move up and over between Vicky’s legs and carefully fitted my cock and pushed. I thought I would have to push harder but my cock slid into her and stretched her tight pussy. I fucked her slowly until I was in her completely and then I began to use deep thrusts.

She grunted and clung to me as her tight pussy grasped and milked my cock. I continued slowly and it was a few minutes before she began to spasm and jerk. She was humping up as her slippery pussy squeezed my cock while she moaned. When I buried my cock and kissed her as I spewed large spurts of cum she gasped, “yyyeeessss!”

I pulled out when I was done and glanced at Eric fucking Dawn from behind. I rolled Vicky over and lifted her hips before pushing my cock back into her slimy pussy. I fucked her four times before holding her as she fell asleep. My back was to Dawn and my son as she held him.

It was an hour before my wife moved and put her hand on my hip and pulled me onto my back. She straddled me and lifted my cock before pushing down to sink it into her slimy cunt. She laid on me and whispered, “I wanted him so bad honey.”

I looked at her and she sighed, “we were not enjoying each other and you know it.”

I sighed and put my hands on her hips, “and neither you or Vicky are on birth control.”

She wiggled and rocked, “I know.”

I looked at her and she put her head down on my shoulder, “please.”

I thrust up and she shuddered as my cock throbbed deep inside her. I turned my head to look at my sleeping daughter and then my son. I looked at Dawn as her pussy spasmed and she shuddered. I shifted until she was under me and buried my cock before humping, “tomorrow you get Vicky a morning after pill.”

She shuddered and nodded, “I’ll fill my prescription and let her use it too.”

I started fucking her and didn’t stop as she spasmed and her pussy milked my cock. It was awhile before I shoved into her cunt and began pumping sperm. She jerked and tried to pull away as I spewed and gushed against her cervix. When I stopped I looked into her face before pulling out. I shifted again and pulled her over until she was half on me.

She put her head on my shoulder and caressed me chest, “you can fuck me too.”

I caressed her bare shoulder before relaxing and closing my eyes. I woke to my daughter stroking my cock and looked down as she licked it. She looked across as her mother smiled and nodded for her to keep going. I groaned as Vicky put my cock in her mouth and Dawn turned to wake Eric the same way.

I watched Vicky lick and suck until I shuddered and lifted my hips, “I’m cumming!”

My daughter pushed down until my cock erupted and I began pumping spurts of cum down her throat. She swallowed each spurt until I was done and pulled off with a grin, “I liked that dad.”

I smiled and ignored Eric and my wife as she swallowed his cum. I climbed out and helped Vicky before walking with her to the bathroom. We stopped at a drug store and Dawn got a morning after pill for our daughter and filled her prescription. After that we had breakfast before I started driving south along the coast.

It was several hours before I glanced back to see Dawn. She was in the middle of the seat with her legs spread while our son fucked her. Vicky undid her seat belt and slid over to lean against me, “when we stop for lunch you have to fuck me like that.”

I smiled, “how many times?”

She grinned, “once and then once more before dinner and several times when we go to bed.”

I laughed and glanced back as her mother spasmed and jerked while Eric grunted and pumped cum into her. I sighed and turned to watch the road, “nice and deep.”

She put her head on my shoulder as we ignored the two behind us. When I stopped for lunch I parked in a far corner of the lot. Dawn leaned forward to touch my shoulder, “Eric and I will go order while you and Vicky fuck.”

While they walked towards the restaurant my daughter climbed into the back seat and pulled her panties off before laying back with her skirt up. I got out and walked around to open the back door before looking at her splayed open pussy. I pushed my pants down before climbing in and on Vicky.

She stroked my hard cock before pulling it to her slit and pulling on me. I pushed and forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy before starting to fuck her. She hugged me and kept moaning as my cock sank deeper until I was all the way in. I humped and jabbed before pulling back to fuck her with deep thrusts.

It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and I kissed her as her pussy squeezed. She jerked erratically as I kept fucking her and a minute later she began to buck and thrash. I buried my cock to push against her cervix as I humped and pressed hard while my cock throbbed. A minute and she lifted her legs as I gushed warm sperm through and into her womb.

She shuddered and grunted as I pumped cum into her. When I stopped she giggled and wrapped her arms and legs around me to squeeze. I kissed her before pulling out and moving back and out of the vehicle. I helped her out and watched as she straightened her skirt and put her panties on.

Dawn and Eric didn’t say anything when we came in and sat down. After lunch we stopped to walk on a beach and collect a few shells before driving on. We stopped at a small beach side motel and checked into a two bed room. Vicky and her mother had whispered and giggled a few times.

After we carried the bags into the room Vicky pulled her brother out to look at the pool. Dawn caressed my chest and sat on one of the beds before laying back and spreading her legs, “fuck me.”

I looked at her cummy pussy before pushing my pants down. I moved forward and bent my cock and pushed into her. I started fucking her with long thrusts and she shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock. I bent over her and kissed her as I pushed all the way into her and humped.

She shuddered and hugged me as she pussy squeezed and she thrust up, “mmmm!”

I continued to fuck her as she began to clutch at me and spasm while her slimy cunt milked my cock. I buried my cock and humped into her hard as I tried to cum. Dawn shook and jerked as she thrust up. It took several minutes before I pushed as far into her as I could and came.

I pumped large spurts through her cervix as she jerked and spasmed, “YES!”

It was several moments before I stopped cumming and held her while she panted. She pulled my face down and kissed me, “I love you.”

I looked into her eyes before kissing her back. I pulled out and helped her up, “Eric and Vicky will be back.”

Dawn smiled, “Vicky knows.”

I looked at her as I got dressed, “and Eric?”

She pressed against me, “he doesn’t. By the time we get home he will. Boys are slower than girls.”

She kissed me again, “fuck your daughter good tonight and after Eric goes to sleep I’ll come over to your bed so you can breed me again.”

I smiled and we walked out to find Eric and Vicky looking at the pool. He look at us, “can we go swimming after dinner?”

Dawn smiled, “sure.”

I took Vicky’s hand as Dawn took Eric’s and we headed next door to a small diner. After eating we walked on the beach and then returned to change into swim suits. It was several hours before Eric and Vicky had enough and we returned to the room. Dawn pulled Eric into the bathroom and I heard the shower.

I pushed my suit off and smiled at Vicky before pulling her bikini bottoms down and off, “we’ll wash off after they finish.”

She grinned and rubbed her bald pussy. I laid her back on the edge of the bed and bent over her to give her a kiss, “thank you for this afternoon.”

She smiled, “you and mom need time together too.”

I lifted and looked down at her pussy, “can I?”

She reached for my hard cock and guided it to her pussy and I forced it into her. I fucked her nice and slow and she shivered and humped up. My cock stretched her pussy and sank all the way into her. It was a few minutes before she spasmed and jerked as her pussy grasped my cock and she wailed, “dad!”

I buried my cock and enjoyed her pussy as it milked and squeezed while Vicky thrashed around and convulsed. I rubbed her pelvis as she panted and pulled back before starting to fuck her extremely tight pussy harder. She thrust up harder and then began bucking and jerking as she twisted and squirmed.

I continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts and a few minutes later shoved into her. I was pressing against her cervix as I began spewing and spurting. Vicky grunted and lifted her hips as her pussy clamped down around my cock. She thrashed and struggled as I held her hips while flooding her with warm sperm.

When I was done I bent and kissed her, “thanks baby.”

She grinned and hugged me as her pussy tightened. I pulled out and turned to sit beside her and finger her now cummy slit. She shuddered and laid back with her legs spread while I kept fingering her. Eric and Dawn finally came out and I pulled Vicky up and after me as we went to wash. I took my time and felt and washed her firm body.

After drying off we shut the light off and came out to my wife moaning and shuddering in the light from a night light. Eric was behind her fucking her hard and Vicky grinned as she jumped onto the bed and went to her hands and knees, “do me like that.”

I smiled as I pulled her back to the edge of the bed and rubbed her slit. I bent my cock and pushed into her before fucking her with long thrusts. She began pushing back after a minute and put her head down, “mmmm!”

I ignored my wife and son as I fucked my daughter. A few minutes and she wailed and spasmed as her pussy clenched and squeezed. I smiled as she jerked and kept shoving back while my cock pushed into her. I held her up while she spread her knees wider and started grunting as I fucked her.

She was shuddering and a few minutes later I buried my cock and pushed. She put her face in the bed as she wailed and her pussy spasmed around my cock. I held her as I pumped strong spurts of cum through her cervix and she kept shaking. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed as I pulled out and let her slumped to the bed.

I smiled as I turned her on the bed and glanced at the other bed. Dawn had Eric between her legs as he fucked her but she was watching us. I laid beside Vicky and caressed her body and fingered her leaking pussy. I smiled as I moved over her again and pushed her legs open. She put her arms around me as I lifted and pushed into her.

I pushed all the way into her slimy pussy easily and kissed as I began to hump and press. I tried to keep my cock in her nice and deep as her pussy squeezed and I kissed her. I used small thrusts as I humped and pressed while her tight pussy gripped my cock. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering hard again.

I only fucked her a couple more times before she just snuggled against me. Eric had taken his time but finally lay against his mother and barely a couple of minutes later he was snoring. Vicky was sleeping peacefully as her mother shifted away from him and climbed out of bed. She crawled onto our bed and laid back beside me and I carefully shifted away from my daughter.

I moved over between Dawn’s spread legs and pushed into her slimy pussy. She shuddered and put her arms around me as I began to fuck her, “you enjoyed fucking Vicky.”

I gave her a kiss as I buried my cock and began humping and jabbing with short thrusts. I was hitting and kept pressing into her cervix as her pussy tightened and squeezed. I didn’t speak as I pulled back to fuck her with long thrusts as she began to shudder. Her slimy pussy grasped at my cock as I kept pushing it all the way into her.

She was grunting and spasming a minute later as I fucked her hard and deep. I fucked her steadily as she constantly shook and her pussy kept squeezing my cock. She pressed against my shoulder to quiet her screams and wails. It took awhile before I thrust into her and pushed as I spurted and pumped cum.

She jerked and shuddered while I came in her and then I began to fuck her slimy cunt again. I did her three times before stopping and letting her slip off the bed and back into the other bed with our son. I woke to Vicky forcing my stiff cock up into her tight pussy. She shuddered and grinned when I opened my eyes and began to rock.

She was still cummy from last night so my cock slipped in and out easily. I reached up to rub her nipples and tug on them and she shuddered as her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I smiled as I pulled her down and rolled before kissing her and starting to fuck her with firm thrusts. She put her arms around me and held on as I buried my cock and pushed her cervix open before pulling back. I continued to fuck her with long deep strokes and she began to spasm a couple of minutes later.

She humped up and wailed as she began to thrash and struggle. I kissed her as I buried my cock again and started humping and pressing and grinding. She lifted her legs up and spread them wide as I pulled back and fucked her with deep thrusts. She was grunting and jerking a few minutes later when I slowly pushed into her completely.

I gushed sperm through her cervix and into her womb. She jerked as her already tight pussy clenched and started milking the cum into her. When I was done I kissed her and held her while she slowly relaxed and caught her breath. I looked at the other bed as I pulled out and lay beside Vicky.

Dawn was under Eric as he pounded her and I pulled my daughter out of bed and into the bathroom. After peeing I started the shower and pulled Vicky in. I used my hands to wash her body and she was almost purring before I was finished. When we got out Dawn and Eric climbed in and we went to get dressed.

After eating we got on the road and my daughter scooted over to lean against me. I tried to ignore what my wife and son were doing but it looked like they were just looking out the windows. We stopped for a deli lunch and walked around on another beach and spent time playing in a seaside arcade.

When we got back on the road we only had a few hours of sun left and ended up in a campground with a lot of dunes. Dinner was hamburgers from a fast food place and then we set up the rear of the car. We went for a long walk and Dawn and Eric turned back early. When Vicky and I came back the car was rocking and we could hear Dawn moaning.

I grabbed a couple of towels and grinned at my daughter before looking around and undressing her. I wrapped a towel around her and then stripped and wrapped one around me. I held her hand as we walked to the nearby set of showers. It was dark and no one was there so I pulled her in.

I pulled her towel off and rubbed her nipples before hanging both towels on a hook. I pulled her into the showers and turned them on before caressing Vicky and kissing her. It was a couple of minutes before I reached between her legs to rub through her slit. She shifted her feet apart and clung to me as I began to finger fuck her.

She started breathing heavy and shuddering as she humping into my hand. I groaned before just lifting her and turning put her against the wall as she wrapped her legs around me. I lowered her onto my cock and slowly impaled her tight pussy before starting to hump and fuck her. Vicky moaned and shuddered harder as her pussy grasped and squeezed.

I tried to fuck deeper and she spasmed as my cock bottomed out and pushed her cervix open. She stiffened before jerking and putting her mouth against my shoulder as she wailed. I kept fucking her and she continued to jerk as her pussy grasped my cock. I was fucking her firmly as I tried to cum and she kept thrusting her pussy down and onto my cock.

It was almost ten minutes before I almost dropped her as I grunted and began pumping a geyser of cum through her cervix. My daughter shuddered hard as her pussy clenched and milked my cock. She was moaning and shaking while I kept spurting cum into her. When I was done I leaned against her and the wall and Vicky giggled, “needed to get it out dad?”

I smiled and bent to kiss her before lifting her off my cock and putting her down. I washed her and then turned the water off before pulling her out to dry her. We walked back to the car and it was quiet and the car was still. I put our clothes in the front seats and helped Vicky into the sleeping bags.

Dawn was awake but Eric was already snoring. Vicky kissed me when I lay beside her, “fuck mom and sperm her.”

My wife laughed softy, “I heard that.”

My daughter grinned, “I get his big load in the morning.”

I rubbed her bald mound before shifting as my wife turned onto her back and I moved over between her legs. I pushed into her slimy pussy and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She hugged me as her pussy squeezed and she shuddered while humping up. I kept fucking her as we kissed and she moaned into my mouth.

It was few minutes before she shuddered and then spasmed and jerked. Her pussy rippled and milked my cock as it slipped through her cummy hole. It was several minutes after that when she began shaking and jerking. By the moonlight I saw her eyes roll up before she slumped and went limp.

I buried my cock to hump and grind as I tried to cum while ignoring her. A couple of minutes and I tried to push deeper before I began to pump a huge gushing torrent of cum through her open cervix. When I was done I sighed and relaxed as I looked at her and then pulled out. I whispered for Vicky to move and I laid back before pulling her onto me.

She slipped my cock into her and laid on me, “momma passed out?”

I nodded as I caressed her hips and rubbed her back. She sighed as she began rocking, “do me a couple more times?”

I smiled and hugged her before letting her fuck my cock. I pump two more loads of cum into her as she rode me before she fell asleep with my cock still in her. I woke to Dawn shifting as Eric climbed between her legs and pushed into her. He started fucking her like he needed to get his morning cum out.

Dawn sighed and hugged him as she woke, “mmmm! Morning honey.”

He kissed her but kept fucking, “morning mom.”

Dawn giggled as she wiggled on me and lifted to move my cock and push it back into her. She began rocking and pushing back and down to get my cock all the way into her. Soon she was panting and shuddering as I held her and rubbed her back. I looked at my wife doing the same thing to our son.

I humped up and Vicky’s slimy pussy gripped my cock as she kissed me and screamed. She twisted and rolled her hips and shuddered while her brother kept telling his mother he was cumming. It was a minute before I held my daughter down as I lifted my hips to pee cum. She jerked and held on as I kept pumping sperm into her.

When I stopped she sighed and turned her head to look at her mother and brother before grinning, “want to fuck me Eric?”

I felt a twinge as he looked at her and then at Dawn who was frowning. Vicky leaned down and whispered, “do mom while he fucks me and pump your sperm in her deeper.”

I looked at her and she winked before lifting her hips and moved down, “I’m slimy with dad’s sperm.”

I shook my head as Eric moved off his mother and I moved over and between her legs as my daughter laid back and spread her legs. I pushed into Dawn and whispered, “she said I was to sperm in you deeper.”

She looked at me and then grinned as she humped and her slimy pussy squeezed. Vicky grunted as Eric shoved into her and hugged him, “slow down.”

He stopped and looked at her while blushing, “sorry.”

My daughter humped and pulled on him, “long slow thrusts.”

Dawn giggled in my ear, “she might actually teach him.”

I grinned as I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. It wasn’t long before my wife was shuddering and jerking and we glanced at our children fucking slowly. Vicky was humping up and Eric was using long thrusts and moaning as much as she was. I buried my cock to hump, grind and jab while Dawn hugged me and her slimy pussy squeezed and milked my cock.

It was a few minutes before my wife was jerking and shaking and Eric was grunting as he spurted cum into his sister. Another couple of minutes and I was fucking my wife long, hard and deep. I was thrusting into her and pumping thick spurts of cum through and into her womb. She jerked and spasmed while she wailed and her pussy squeezed the cum out of my cock.

When I was done I pulled out and looked at Eric holding Vicky. I glanced around outside, “we better wash and leave.”

Dawn rubbed my hip, “we are going home.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “if we are going to fuck like this we can do it at home and in one bed.”

I nodded before we began to get dressed. It took a couple of days to get home but we spent each night in a hotel. I fucked Dawn and Vicky and so did Eric. My wife slept with her son and I slept with my daughter. Dawn did get pregnant and it was Eric’s. At home we mostly sleep together but some nights Dawn goes to Eric’s room and Vicky stays with me.

My wife got pregnant with Eric a second time a couple of years later. Then Vicky missed her period and got pregnant. She was only having sex with me and Dawn knew she had done it on purpose. That was when things changed again, Eric had met a girl. Dawn was back to sleeping with me and Vicky and Eric was sleeping in his own room.

I woke to Vicky following her mother out of bed and followed to shower with them. Vicky was eighteen now and stunning just like her mother. She looked at Dawn in the shower with us, “I’m pregnant again dad.”

Dawn hesitate as I kept washing our daughter, “on purpose?”

She smiled, “of course and this time I made sure mom would get pregnant and it would be yours too.”

I turned her and looked at my wife, “another one?”

She smiled and rubbed Vicky’s nipples, “yes. I scheduled your vacation and bought an RV. Eric is going to stay so he and his girlfriend can have some time alone. This time we are only going to fuck you on our family road trip.”
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