I sighed and relaxed before gesturing and summoning the rabbit fur deer hide. I was going to make it larger but when I murmured the spell the wild magic surged and the hide balled up and shimmered. I sighed when the shimmer vanished and six small colorful kittens were floating where the hide had been.

I gestured and pulled them onto my lap as they mewed and squirmed in the air. I pet them as I began to examining them. Brandy climbed up and stopped, “Where did they come from?”

I sighed again, “I wasn’t focused and tried to make the rabbit fur hide into a blanket.”

She moved around and sat before putting a kitten in her lap, “But where did they...”

I shook my head, “The wild magic made them from the hide.”

Brandy grinned and pet the one in her lap, “What are you going to do with them?”

I gestured and all the kittens floated up into the air. I pulled Brandy onto my lap before summoning wood and dead grass. I merged the wood into a large basket and spun the dead grass together and made cotton before turning it into a pillow to fit in the basket. I used the little cotton left over to spin into a dark green cloth that I used to cover the basket.

I dropped the kittens into the basket and glanced at all the singing birds, “why don’t you go find mice to feed to them?”

I lifted and set the basket behind us on the roof of the wagon beside one of the leopards, “Watch them.”

Brandy leaned against me and rubbed my chest, “Well?”

I smiled, “When we find a suitable little girl or boy I will give a kitten to them.”

She grinned, “You’ve done this before?”

I nodded, “many times. The kittens will not grow bigger or age so the trick is finding the right home for them.”

Simon the stag cleared his throat from beside the wagon and I looked at him. He glanced back, “Amanda and Cara are here.”

I leaned over and looked back before moving Brandy and dropping off the wagon, “Hold up Edward.”

I strode back to the two teenage girls pulling trunks towards the wagon. One had orange with black spotted hair and the other had long pale blue hair and they were both fourteen. They were wearing flowing dark blue gowns that matched each other. I swept both into my arms and hugged them before letting them go, “What are you doing here?”

Amanda patted my cheek as Cara caressed my chest. She glanced past me at Brandy standing by the wagon, “Momma Tara told us you took a concubine.”

Amanda nodded, “we went to momma Paige and told her we want to be with you.”

Cara looked at me, “we want you to make us your concubines too.”

Amanda grinned, “and momma Paige told your father to send us to you.”

I opened my mouth but they both put a finger to my lips. Cara shook her head, “you can argue but momma Tara said to tell you to do it.”

I sighed and finally moved to gesture to their trunks. I led them back to the wagon and sent the trunks in as I looked at Brandy and pointed each girl out, “This is Amanda and Cara.”

I reached for Brandy’s hand, “This is Brandy girls.”

They grinned and Amanda cleared her throat, “granddad said you seemed to be good for Amerlyn.”

I reached out to summon silver before frowning. I glanced around and brought several pounds of raw ore to me. I murmured a spell to transmute it into silver and pulled two pieces out. I wove it into two thin filigree collars that went to Cara and Amanda. It wrapped around the girls throats and fit them like a second skin as I finished the binding spell.

I dropped the silver and lifted a fist sized rock as they both touched the collars. I murmured and pulled out three thumb nail sized tear drops from the stone and dropped it. I had been thinking about this for Brandy but with three of them... I murmured another transmution spell and the tear drops became dark red rubies.

I continued with another spell before sending one to attach to each girl’s collar in the hollow of their throat. I sighed and glanced at Brandy who was looking at me. Cara and Amanda were both staring open mouthed and I shook my head, “time to go.”

Amanda stirred and then grinned as she pulled the dress off, “we can finally stop wearing these.”

Cara nodded as she took hers off too and I shook my head, “I spent years teaching you two to wear clothes and in one day you throw them off.”

Brandy grinned as the girls laughed. I tossed the dresses into the wagon and pulled Brandy after me as I headed towards the front. I glanced back when Amanda leaped up onto Leo and Cara did the same on Max. I sighed and climbed up before pulling Brandy onto my lap as I gestured to Edward.

I hugged Brandy as we started going and thought about how to tell her what she wanted to know. I looked at her, “When I was six the wild magic was starting to make itself known. The other children were warned to stay away and leave me alone. I can understand now why they were told that but to a six year old...”

I shook my head and glanced at Amanda and Cara trotting ahead of us, “I was almost always alone or with mother, grandmother or father.”

I thought back, “fourteen years ago in the spring we were traveling through an area on the far side of the free states. There was a village that had caught a leopard. She was very pregnant but they were going to kill her anyway. My other mother Paige, was very pregnant with my sister at the time, she begged dad to save her and he stepped in.”

I looked at Amanda as she screamed and played with Leo and Manty, “We left with her in a cage intending to free her a few days later with a spell to keep her away from people. She gave birth to three cubs.”

I looked at Brandy, “I was there and watching and reached out to touch one of the cubs. The wild magic surged through me like never before. When it passed I was left unconscious and the cub I had touched had been changed into a little baby girl.”

Brandy gasped and I smiled, “that was how Amanda was born and made into a real girl.”

I sighed and hugged her, “A week later we were entering an area with plains. The leopard and her two cubs were safe in the forest and I was almost on a leash with my father. We came upon a stand of woods where several wolves had been killed in a fight, one was barely alive. She was pregnant and dad tried to save her.”

I smiled as Cara laid on Max as she urged him to chase a rabbit in the field beside us. I looked at Brandy, “Of course she began to have the pups after the healing spell finished. I wanted to help and the wild magic came like it does. Cara was the first born and changed as she took her first breath.”

I sighed, “Dad managed to stop the wild magic before it did anything else. I was the one to raise both of them as if I was their mother and father.”

Brandy smiled, “and now you made them your concubine.”

I looked at the two girls and nodded, “yes.”

I looked at Brandy, “the ruby I added to your collar will keep you from getting pregnant.”

She grinned and wiggled before glancing at the wooden basket with the kittens, “I think they have enough mice.”

I turned to look and sighed at the basket full of mice trying to escape. Brandy giggled as the birds kept pushing the mice back into the basket. I gestured and all the mice flew out and over beside the wagon before dropping to the ground. It was a couple of hours before I turned us in beside a fast moving river as dark storm clouds gathered.

I held Brandy’s hand as I made the fire platform and the area for our morning shower. I let her, Cara and Amanda cook dinner as I went to bring the glass barrel of vapor brandy to the fire. I felt the wild magic stirring and looked around before it filled me and a ward shield flared around the camp and over us.

There was a huge crash of thunder and a bright flare of lightning that struck the shield. We looked up but the wild magic that filled me had already gone. The shield held and the rain that suddenly deluged the shield ran down the sides. I knew what was coming and smiled at Brandy, “Watch dinner.”

Amanda and Cara were both rushing to me. They clutched me as Brandy looked at them and I hugged them, “They don’t like storms.”

Brandy smiled, “Take them into the wagon and I’ll finish dinner and bring it in.”

I shook my head and gestured as I began a spell. When I stopped I gestured, “come, the dinner will come in when it is done.”

She looked at the fire platform before shrugging and turning to follow us into the wagon. I pushed Amanda and Cara towards the bed and turned to close the door. Brandy shifted back and forth as I pushed her towards the bed and followed. I sat and the girls pulled me in and shivered as they clung to me.

Brandy frowned before sitting and looking around, “I don’t hear anything from the storm.”

I glanced at her as I kept caressing the girls, “dad made the wagon for me when we were young and made sure the girls wouldn’t hear or see a storm.”

I nodded to the skylights and Brandy glanced up before looking at me. She shook her head and reached down to pull Cara away, “remove it and fuck Amanda.”

I looked at her and Cara struggling to return to me. I glanced at Amanda before gesturing, a moment later there was another crash of thunder and the girls whimpered. I pushed Amanda back and kissed her as I moved between her legs, “Look at me.”

She hugged me and looked into my eyes and I smiled. I kissed her and lifted and pushed into her slowly. Her eyes widened and she moaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I kissed her again, “This is what you wanted.”

She looked at me and her smile seemed to brighten the room as her pussy tightened. I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts that pushed against her womb. It was only a few minutes before she stiffened and then started bucking and thrashing around as she wailed, “ddddaaaaddddyyy!”

I buried my cock in her spasming pussy to kiss her. Amanda kept shaking and jerking as her warm pussy milked my cock and she clung to me. I finally went back to fucking her and she sighed and shuddered as she began to meet each thrust with one of her own. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and then shoved into her to hump and press as my balls churned.

I held her as I grunted and began gushing a torrent of cum through into her womb. Amanda wailed again when she felt the warm sperm erupting deep inside her and started jerking, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I shuddered as I pumped a dozen spurts that flooded her belly before I was done. I kissed her and sighed as I looked at Cara who was still trembling while Brandy held her. I looked at Amanda who was relaxed and kissed her again and pulled out and moving towards Cara. Brandy turned her onto her back as I slipped over her and pushed her legs open.

I kissed her as she hugged me and wrapped her arms and legs around me, “Ready?”

She swallowed and nodded her head so I lifted up and Brandy reached between us to fit my cock to her pussy. I pushed and wiggled to enter Cara slowly and she groaned as my thick cock spread her pussy open. I began moving slowly and fucked her deeper as Brandy moved around to hold Amanda who turned to watch us, ignoring the storm outside.

It was a couple of minutes before Cara jerked and shuddered as her pussy spasmed around my cock. She moaned and lifted her legs and spread them as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. I was pushing her womb open and she started to howl as she squirted and thrashed around. I fucked her hard and deep and started kissing her as she began to buck.

She continued to howl as I kept fucking her and her pussy became slipperier. She clung to me finally after almost twenty minutes and whined as I buried my cock. I kissed her as my cock throbbed and erupted in a strong stream of cum. She tore her mouth away to howl as her body convulsed and her pussy clenched around my cock, “FATHER!”

I pumped and spurted into her until her belly was full and finally stopped. I kissed her as she panted and waited until she looked at me and grinned, “thanks dad.”

I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back and glanced at Brandy as she hugged Amanda and slipped over her. She straddled me and glanced back and forth at the girls, “see, nothing to be afraid off with his stuff in you.”

They looked at each other and then grinned and snuggled against me. Brandy lifted up and I held my cock before she slowly pushed her pussy down. She shuddered as her tight pussy sank onto my cock and Amanda and Cara reached out to rub her pelvis. Brandy smiled as she began to rock and thrust back and forth, “I really love feeling him inside me.”

I glanced at the girls as they smiled and then reached up to cup Brandy’s breasts and let a trickle of magic sparkle and dance on her nipples. She got a surprised look and wailed as she shuddered and her pussy clenched. She jerked back and forth and twisted and wiggled as she wet me. Her pussy spasmed and clenched around my cock as she continued to convulse.

I finally grinned and shifted around and Cara moved to let me roll over and then I began to fuck Brandy with deep thrusts. She wrapped her legs around me as she howled and squirmed and I began to fuck her harder. It took awhile before I thrust into her and pushed as I started gushing thick spurts of cum.

She jerked and clung to me as warm sperm exploded and flooded her. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed and sighed. I pulled out and grinned as I pushed Amanda onto her back. I fucked them twice more each and not once did the wild magic do anything. Even the dinner that floated in went perfectly.

I woke in the early morning and slipped out of bed. I glanced at the three girls before putting a warm robe on and leaving. I walked out and looked around before Grif appeared and bumped me towards the road. I looked into the semi darkness and saw someone leave the road and walk through the rain towards us.

I shook my head as I opened the ward shield and Trinity walked in. He walked towards the fire platform and held out his hands, “well?”

I smiled, “I have done a lot of spells holding or touching Brandy. They went smoothly with no surge. I have even let the wild magic in and done a couple of spells and it seemed to only amplify the spell.”

I glanced towards the river, “I wish I knew why.”

He sighed, “We have been over that Amerlyn.”

He glanced into the distance, “if the library in Arolus had not been destroyed we could have found the answer I’m sure.”

I looked at him, “Library?”

Trinity smiled, “Did you think the Arolus magi only wrote the scrolls your father has?”

The thought of something answering my questions... “Arolus was destroyed by mage fire.”

He nodded, “and took almost every mage to get it under control and put it out.”

I sighed, “To bad I don’t know what the library looked like.”

Trinity laughed and gestured, a large crystal orb appeared in his hand. He tossed it and the wild magic surged to fill me with a sense of waiting. I caught the orb and it flared with its own light. I looked within at the large mage city and gestured to the side. The large stone library was copied into an illusion.

I released the orb to float in the air as I expanded the image of the library to its actual size. Trinity moved closer as I slowly turned the image and then brought the doors closer. The image in the orb was a magical copy of Arolus right before the mage fire consumed it. I gestured and the large double doors at the front of the building opened.

We saw racks and shelves filled with books, tombs, texts and scrolls. It almost made me mad that all the answers were there. I thought hard and growled as I began to murmur a spell and the wild magic roared within me. A huge portal opened and we could hear the roar of mage fire outside the building.

I shouted a word of command and every book, tomb, text and scroll flew towards me. They came through to drop onto the ground on the other side of the camp. Trinity put his hand on my shoulder as mage fire erupted through the back wall of the library, “CLOSE IT!”

I ignored him as I used the power of the wild magic to extinguish the mage fire. Over and over the mage fire burst through and I put it out as everything flew through the portal. After the last scroll came through I gestured and the portal closed. I murmured a spell to seal it and a tiny flicker of fire licked into the air.

The wild magic inside me reached out and the fire went out. I finished the seal and sighed as I turned to see the huge pile of books, tombs, texts and scrolls. Trinity was tight lipped as he looked at me, “You could have let the mage fire through.”

I smiled as the wild magic left me, “I had complete control.”

He turned me, “you are returning to the mage council with me.”

I looked at him and took a breath before shaking my head, “No.”

Trinity jerked as if I had slapped him, “You gave an oath!”

I nodded, “And I have not broken it. I preformed a spell I had total and complete control over. The wild magic will not and has not hurt or broken the mage laws.”

He spun, “Perhaps your father will feel differently.”

He walked away and vanished and I glanced at my wagon. Brandy, Amanda and Cara peeked out and then hurried to me. I let them embrace me and Brandy glanced back, “You better do something to keep the books dry.”

I jerked and spun, letting the wild magic surge into me and a shield appeared around the camp. Amanda touched my arm, “There is a jam in the river.”

I turned and looked at the pile of snags blocking the river. I gestured and the wild magic filled me as I lifted the wood and merged it. I brought it to me and glanced around before setting it down. I began spells I had only read about from my father but never tried. Wet sand came out of the river beside me as a huge chunk of wood split off.

It quickly molded into the form of a ten foot wide and twenty foot long wagon. Everything was there except the roof, sand melted into glass and filled the windows. I turned and summoned clear crystal which merge into a huge sphere. I gestured and it moved to the wagon and rolled out into a curved roof that merged with the wood of the wagon.

I turned to the wood left and began the spells that split it into twelve shapes. They flows and shifted to become horses and turned black. I brought them alive and smiled as I used cloudy crystal to make their eyes. I used a last touch and they seemed to burst into flames. I walked to the wagon with the girls and touched the small green stone.

Cara and Amanda gasped when the wagon’s roof rose as the front and back extended and the sides slid out. I opened the back door to look inside. Instead of a room sixty feet long and fifty wide, it was a hundred and eighty long and a hundred and fifty wide. The inside held bookshelves that seemed to fill the entire space.

I gestured and all the books, tombs, texts and scrolls lifted and began flowing into the wagon and filling the shelves. I turned and put my arm around Brandy’s waist, “Breakfast.”

She grinned, “Does your wagon open like that?”

Cara and Amanda giggled and pulled her back towards the wagon, “Yes, just not as big inside.”

I let them make cereal as Edward harnessed the two wagons. I smiled and watched Amanda and Cara as it kept raining and they acted as if it was just another day. I held Brandy’s hand after breakfast and murmured the spell that returned my father’s spell on the inside of the wagon. Cara and Amanda curled up on the bed and used string to play with the kittens.

I hugged Brandy, “Want to stay inside?”

She shook her head, “I’m warm so I’ll ride with you.”

I was tempted to take some of the scrolls but wasn’t going to risk them in the rain. I closed the library wagon and climbed up beside Brandy and nodded to Grif, “Time to go.”

Grif and George were both walking today as we moved back onto the road. I pulled Brandy onto my lap and caressed her as we moved through the rain. Amanda and Cara came out and climbed up onto the seat a few hours later. Brandy kissed me and moved before pulling Cara over and onto my lap and then climbed down.

Cara looked after her with the same expression as Amanda and I laughed. I cupped one of her breasts and tugged on her nipple, “She is my first concubine which means she can put you in my lap to wiggle and squirm.”

She grinned as Amanda laughed and leaned against us. Cara wiggled her bottom and I reached between her legs to finger her. It continued to rain but at least the canopy over us kept us dry. I finger fucked Cara to three orgasms before having her switch with Amanda. It was just after our noon stop when we came out of the heavily wooded forest.
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