My name is Simon Blue Sky and I’m half Cherokee Indian. I got my brown hair and blue eyes from my mother and my wiry frame and muscles from my father. In college I had earned a degree in fabrication engineering before changing to criminal justice. I also learned a few languages like Japanese and Spanish, I already knew Russian.

I was accepted into the US Marshals right out of college and went into fugitive recovery and was sent to California. I moved around towards the back of the large apartment complex as my team moved into place. We were to the north of San Francisco by the Russian river to catch a fugitive that had escaped from a federal prison.

I glanced at my partner as he moved forward towards the back door and stepped to the side to make room. I felt the chill as it swept over me and then it got pitch back and icy before I staggered a step back. I looked around and all the tall apartment buildings were gone. Bill, my partner for the last three years was nowhere to be seen.

I was standing in a lightly wooded forest and glanced around carefully. Way down the hill was a light but that was it. I looked around again and could almost hear my partner. I had read about strange things like this but... I turned and started walking down the hill. As I got closer to the building it was like I had stepped back into the distant past.

There was a storm lantern hanging from a post beside what looked like an old tavern. I hesitated before going to the front door and opening it. A couple of people turned to look at me as I stepped in and closed the door. When the larger man stood and spoke, it was in Russian. I was lucky growing up because one of my friends had been Russian.

I smiled, “I’m a little lost. My name is Marshal Blue Sky.”

I spoke in Russian and the man tilted his head, “Your accent is strange. Are you from the Spanish duchy to the south?”

I blinked and looked at the other man, “No.”

The man shrugged and glanced at another door as an Asian girl came out, “warm soup Cherry.”

She nodded and went back through the door as the man looked at me and waved to the table he had been sitting at, “Sit stranger.”

I walked towards the table as I looked around at the few lanterns that lit the room. The man had a belt with two old single barreled percussion pistols and there was a rifle leaning against the wall beside the table. Some of the questions they asked were about my clothes. When I took off my windbreaker and they saw the forty five on my thigh and looked at each other.

That led to other questions, I was surprised to learn it was the same year but no one had weapons like mine. They had rifles, pistols and even cannons but they were like old single shot black powder weapons. That led to a lot more questions, this part of northern California was a Duchy of the Russian empire that extended up into Alaska.

The English had duchies on the east coast that stretched to what I thought of as the Ohio valley. Wild Indians controlled the rest of what was central United States and most of Mexico and Canada. Spain had a few duchies to the south that stretched across the lower part of Mexico and up to where Los Angels used to be.

Japan had an empire that stretched across the pacific ocean and most of the coast of China. France was split into a few duchies split between by England, Germany and Spain. There were other empires that shouldn’t exist anymore but were still here. I finally stood and stretched, “I need to find a place and sleep.”

Petre grinned and stood, “You stay with us until you find your way.”

I looked at his brother Jorge and he nodded as he stood. Petre turned to the steep stairs, “Cherry!”

I looked at him and he grinned, “she will keep you warm.”

He looked at the girl, “Maybe she can go with you when you leave.”

I looked at the cute girl, “go with me?”

Petre shrugged, “her people have little use for females. Her father was going to drown her when her mother got pregnant last year.”

I looked at him and he shrugged, “Strange people, women aren’t worth much.”

I looked at the Cherry when she walked in and knew she was in her teens. The small room I followed the girl to was tiny with one bed. She hesitated before undressing, “Petra never let a man have me before.”

Her Russian was broken but she smiled. I slowly undressed and slipped the pistol I was carrying under the pillow. I only had my boxers on but she knelt on the bed and pulled them down. I took a breath thinking this couldn’t be happening. Cherry laid back in the center of the bed and held her arms out.

I shook my head, if this was going to happen it was going to happen my way. I slipped onto the bed and between her legs, I kissed her and moved down. She went to her elbows as I licked through her musky pussy and nibbled on her small inner lips. I covered her clit as she shuddered and moaned and started wiggling my tongue and teasing it.

When I pushed my tongue into her she jerked as I hit her maidenhead. I went back to her clit as she started breathing hard and shaking. She stiffened and then started thrashing around as she howled and wailed. She squirted a little as I kept licking and teasing her. She was completely incoherent long before I moved up and shoved into her suddenly.

She jerked and twisted and thrashed as I fucked in and out until I was hitting her cervix. I held her and kept kissing her as her tight pussy continued to spasm and squeeze my cock and she moaned about loving my big cock. I grinned and started fucked her as I whispered in Japanese, “I love your tight pussy too.”

She clutched me as she kept thrusting her hips up, “aaaaahhhhh!”

It had been a few months since I had been with a woman and I needed to cum. Cherry writhed around on my cock as I fucked her with long, firm thrusts before pushing into her nice and deep. I held her and kissed her as she shuddered before gushing huge spurts of cum. She groaned and hugged me as her pussy tightened and she tilted her hips.

I pumped each spurt of cum straight through and into her womb. I fucked Cherry six times before going to sleep with her on me. I woke to the door opening and slipped the pistol into my hand. It was early morning and a young woman looked into the room, “Cherry?”

She saw me looking at her and blushed, “I was going to see if she wanted to bathe.”

I nudged Cherry and she lifted her head. I smiled and whispered in Japanese, “she wants you to bathe with her.”

Cherry looked at the woman before slipping out of bed and putting her shift and dress back on. I waited and then got up and dressed in my dirty clothes reluctantly. When I walked out the front door it was to see a few buildings around the tavern. One of the things I had learned was that the rifles and the pistol they had let me look at were smooth bore and not rifled.

Petre came out behind me and glanced around as he took a deep breath and I smiled, “good morning.”

He grinned, “My wives said you kept Cherry up a long time.”

I blushed but he turned to gesture, “come help me start the forge.”

That was something that had interested me. Most settlements had blacksmiths but Petre and Jorge told me they also made rifles. I followed him across to a shop above and beside the wide river and helped start the forge and glanced at the steel he had. I was a little surprised at the quality but remembered steel had been made in ancient times too.

It wasn’t long before I was working smoothly beside him. The only trouble I had was fitting horse shoes. I let him talk and only had to prompt him to get him started on something. I learned the reason for most men to have many wives was plagues that reoccurred and killed a lot of the men.

I removed my shirt and jacket but kept my pistol in the thigh holster. When the four men rode in Petre hissed and reached for his pistols. I glanced at him as one man swung down and grinned with rotten teeth, “we gave you a week, pay us or we burn everything.”

I absently flicked the safety off my holster, “who are they?”

Petre spit on the ground, “robbers and thieves.”

The man pulled what looked like a huge pepper box pistol and sneered, “At least we are no sheep.”

I pulled my 45 and shot him through the chest and then the man turning a shotgun towards us. Next was a man trying to aim a rifle and last was the man that had dropped off his horse and lifted what looked like a blunderbuss. I shot them one, two, three, four and they each went down with a bullet through the chest.

Petre stared at me in shock as men shouted and began running towards us. I slipped the thumb safety on and holstered my pistol before going to check each man. They were dead and when I stood Petre and I weren’t alone. He grinned and then laughed, “now you have horses and weapons.”

I looked at him and he gestured to the dead mens horses that had moved away. I barely thought about it before nodding. We put the horses in the correl behind his shop and stacked the saddles and gear to one side. I stripped the weapons off the men with knives and pouches of money. A couple of neighbors threw the bodies in a wagon and started off.

Petre grinned, “They take them to the Baron’s court to get reward.”

I looked at the departing wagon and smiled, “At least we don’t have to bury them.”

He laughed and slapped my back before waving his brother away. It was a little later that I looked at him. I had been thinking about the large pepper box, “How would you like a good rifle that shoots straight and has several bullets?”

He snorted, “to heavy.”

I grinned, “let me design it and it won’t be.”

He looked at me and then pointed to my pistol, “Like that?”

I shook my head, “No.”

He shrugged and then nodded, “Okay.”

My partner used to put together old percussion pistols and rifles kits but I was thinking of something newer. I had helped him many times and had many designs of guns in my head, (mostly from my college days.) I sat down to eat and smiled at Cherry when she kissed my cheek before slipping back into the kitchen.

I used a parchment and a sharpened piece of graphite. I drew the plans for an old cattleman’s rifle or the more modern Judge chambered for forty five seventy. I extended the barrel to twenty six inches and added a forestock. Petre and Jorge and several neighbors came in to drink and gossip before just watching as I drew.

I sat back finally and grinned, “its chambered for a smaller bullet than you use now but you’ll really like what it can do.”

It took me two weeks to make because I ended up doing six at once with both Petre and Jorge helping when they could. The hard part was making the small fore stock and the butt stock since I had never worked with wood before. I used oak and hallowed the butt stock to make a type of skeleton stock. I made molds for the brass cases and die tools to load and reload them.

Besides making rifled barrels I had made molds for round nosed hollow point bullets. The whole small community came out to watch as I loaded the six rifles. I used large blocks of wood for targets and started to zero the first rifle. I was shooting at targets a hundred paces away and the men were amazed I was hitting them.

After zeroing the first I handed it to Petre and he grinned and hefted it, “light.”

I nodded and he grinned, “we need to test it on wild hogs.”

The men laughed and I turned to zero the next rifle. We were up early the next morning, I rubbed Cherry’s cute butt before sitting on the edge of the bed, “have you gone through those packs?”

She stretched and nodded and I was tempted to fuck her again. I grinned and rubbed a nipple, “finish cleaning the clothes and I’ll see you when we return.”

She pulled me down and kissed me and I sighed as I felt her body. I finally stood and left and found Petre waiting with Jorge and two other men. An older boy walked in from the kitchen, “momma said to be back by noon and not to let the hogs eat me.”

Petre grinned and looked at me, “This is Gregor my son, he is apprenticed to the baron to learn his letters.”

I nodded to the boy, “ready to go?”

They nodded and led me out. I had been hunting from the time I was little but had never had to carry boar spears. It didn’t take long to find the large pack of wild hogs and I let the men spread out and cock their rifles. At least they had smokeless powder here so when the loud volley roared there was no cloud of smoke to block the sight of six large hogs dropping.

I think the men were as surprised as the hogs. I cocked my rifle and followed a fleeing hog before firing again. The men shouted and started talking at once as we moved to check the downed animals. Gregor went to bring the horses up as we began cleaning the hogs. There was a huge celebration that night and I had Petre’s wives roast one of the hogs I had killed.

The whole time I had been here I had only seen the women or girls a few times. That night they were everywhere. There were easily six or ten women for each man. Petre sang, danced and drank and as it got later he quieted after one of his wives started murmuring in his ear. He turned and looked at me as I sipped cold water and listened to stories of great hunts.

He stood and held up his hand, “Simon my friend.”

I smiled, “Petre.”

He turned as his wife led a girl about Cherry’s age to the long table, “My Sasha is of age and there are no boys for her.”

I looked at the golden haired girl, “not even in the baron’s court?”

He waved that away, “I give her to you.”

I opened my mouth to say something and the whole area rang with loud cheers. The girl walked to me shyly as there was a dozen calls for ale. I glanced at Cherry and she was grinning as she pulled Sasha down on the bench beside her. When I slipped away it was after midnight and half the men had already passed out.

I slipped into Cherry’s small room to see her and Sasha already on the bed. They smiled as I undressed and blew out the candle before crawling into bed. I caressed Cherry, “are you okay with this?”

She rubbed my chest and hugged me, “Sasha is my friend and will be a good sister wife.”

I caressed her bare hip before letting her go and moving over her and then onto Sasha. I kissed her, “Are you sure Sasha?”

She sighed as she put her arms around me, “yes.”

I kissed her softly before sliding down. She giggled as I kissed her clit and then licked through her pussy. Cherry snuggled against her and kissed her as I kept licking and pushed my tongue into her. Her hymen was still there and she hissed. I covered her clit and started teasing it and using my tongue.

When she lifted her hips I used two fingers to stretch her hole as I nibbled and sucked. Sasha jerked and shuddered hard as she squirted a little. I moved up and shoved into her and kissed her. She stiffened before starting to struggle and whimper. I held her with my cock buried all the way inside her, “Wait and relax.”

She stilled, “It hurts.”

I kissed her softly, “I know, wait and relax.”

I wanted to move as her almost hot, tight pussy held my cock but I didn’t. I kept kissing her as Cherry murmured that she was okay and it would be over soon. It was almost ten minutes before Sasha shuddered suddenly as her pussy squeezed my cock. She moaned and pushed up, “it feels good now.”

I was more than ready and pulled almost out of her before starting to fuck her slowly. She lifted her hips and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock again, “oh!”

I continued to fuck her slowly and it was a couple of minutes before she hugged me, “I have to pee!”

I didn’t stop, I fucked her hard and deep and a moment later Sasha was bucking and thrashing around as her tight pussy spasmed and milked my cock, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I kissed her as she jerked and twisted and kept thrusting her pussy up. I thrust into her and pushed her cervix open a minute later. She arched her back and stiffened and then I was gushing cum. She grabbed me and writhed around as I continued to pump sperm into her, “YES!”

When I was done I kissed her again and pulled out. Cherry slipped a rag between Sasha’s legs and kissed her. I smiled and moved her before laying between them. They both turned and put heads on my shoulder. I relaxed and it seemed like just a moment later I pulled a pistol at the knock on my door.

Sasha shifted, “Momma?”

The door opened a crack, “come wash.”

Cherry sighed and rubbed my chest as Sasha moved over me and gave me a kiss. She slipped off the bed and dressed with Cherry before slipping out. I had started the forge and some of the work before Petre showed up. He groaned and sat on a bench, “I was thinking about making another batch of those rifles.”

I smiled, “I don’t think you will enjoy the hammer this morning.”

He grinned and looked at what I was doing, “What is this?”

I smiled, “Pistols.”

Petre grinned, “you make both, yes?”

I smiled, “six rifles and a six pistols.”

He nodded eagerly and then sighed, “I need to go collect money for last rifles you make.”

That would be the three he had sold to his three friends, (contingent on the hunt.) By the time I stopped working he had another dozen men wanting rifles. I was taking a break and sitting down when I saw the three men. They were peeking around a bush and I glanced around, “Petre?”

I had never seen the men before and was going to ask who they were. When I looked around though I saw two other groups of men trying to sneak up. Petre turned from a horse shoe and looked at me and I gestured, “who are these men sneaking up on us?”

He glanced around and dropped the hammer and hot horse shoe as he lunged for the rifle he had left hanging on the wall. The men rushed towards us as I pulled my pistol and knelt. I shot the first three that had been almost to the open shop before turning. Petre fired and another man went down as I shifted and shot the man that had been beside him.

Petre cocked the rifle and fired into another man and then there were three more shots from down the road. The last man stopped and lifted a huge blunderbuss and I shot him twice in the chest. As quickly as it started it was over... I thought. The front door of the tavern slammed open and two men came out holding one of Petre’s wives, Sara and Sasha.

I heard Petre curse as one grinned, “Give us the rifles.”

I smiled and started walking towards the men, “Tell you what, let them go and I will give you a head start.”

One sneered and put a knife to Sara’s throat, “I kill her.”

I was only six paces away and lifted my pistol and shot him between the eyes. I shifted to the other man as he stared in shock and Sasha stomped on his foot. She twisted as he yelled and I shot him in the chest. I walked forward and looked at the man before Petre came and kicked him and spit in his face.

I looked at Petre and he looked away, “older brother. He was always good for nothing.”

One of the men went looking and returned with all the horses they had hidden. Sasha and Cherry both came to the blacksmith shop as I returned to work. I glanced at Sasha a few times to see Cherry squeezing her hand. I traded most of the weapons for linens and clothing. The Baron even came to speak with Petre.

From the way they acted I thought they were friends. Sasha and Cherry seemed to have plans and slipped away early when they saw Sara with another woman. I went back to work on the rifles and pistols as the community gradually settled down. When I finally turned to take a break Petre and the Baron Meleck were standing there.

I bowed to the baron as I dipped water from a barrel over my head. He smiled, “My friend says you are a miracle worker and death to robbers.”

I glanced at Petre before shrugging, “I am educated yes but I am... was a deputy marshal. I hunted and brought bad men in.”

He grinned at Petre, “He sounds like the man to head my marshals.”

I looked at the baron, “perhaps for a time but I was thinking of a small farm or blacksmith shop.”

Petre grinned, “We were talking and Tomas agreed to pay for Jorge and I to expand the shop and put in another forge. You could make more of your weapons.”

I grinned, “and build a house for my wives?”

The baron grinned, “are you looking for another wife?”

I glanced at him and he looked at Petre, “Remember that Spaniard that came to start a dairy out on the valley floor by the river?”

Petre nodded, “He lost several cows and came looking here.”

The baron nodded, “Yes well, he has several women and many daughters and asked at court for a match.”

I looked back and forth before Petre grinned, “That would make the Spaniard feel like part of the Barony.”

The baron nodded and turned, “save one of your new rifles for me.”

I watched him walk away before grinning at Petre, “I wouldn’t mind having a cow or two.”

He grinned and turned to start working again. The next week had several men arrive with wagons full of thick timbers and boards. When I wasn’t working on the rifles or pistols I helped build onto the shop. I did add a large metal tank around the new forge’s chimney and Petre added a room to one side after I explained about the water tank.

He added a float and valve before filling it as he started the forge for the first time. I smiled when Cherry and Sasha led almost every woman that lived around us into the shop. They crowded into the warm room we had put several large water troughs in. I grinned as Petre stared and went back to work.

I had another small side project I finished before the rifles and pistols. I called young Simon and Petre and Jorge turned. Simon was another of Petre’s sons that was only ten. I handed him the narrow rifle and the pouch of small lead pellets, “Pump it three time before opening the side with that bolt. Put one pellet in before closing the bolt. Use the peep sight like I showed you and slowly squeeze the trigger.”

He grinned, “No powder?”

I shook my head, “it uses air, just remember to pump the fore stock three times.”

I watched him walk off as if he was on a cloud. I grinned and turned back to start working. It was dinner time when I went into the tavern. Sara and her sister wife Cindy brought out large platters of roast rabbit as Simon preened, “I killed them.”

Petre and Jorge looked at him as more men came in to eat. Simon’s pellet rifle was a huge success with the other boys. When I finally finished the rifles and pistols I was working on I spent a day zeroing them and then cleaning them. I was up early the next morning holding Cherry with Sasha as she vomited.

Sara and Tasha both appeared and pushed me away which didn’t make me feel good. Petre slapped my back as a crowd of men in the common room laughed, “My Sara said Cherry might be pregnant.”

I turned to go back as he pulled on me, “Come, we hunt a large pack of hogs.”

I looked around before nodding and excepting my rifle. Even baron Meleck walked with us as a couple of wagons followed in case we actually killed some hogs. We found the hogs in a steep sided gully as we crawled to the lip and looked down. I was amazed at the size of the herd and aimed at a large boar on the far side.

Petre counted and a moment later there was a rippling crash as eighteen rifles fired. There was another huge celebration that afternoon with Baron Meleck and most of his court and their families. One man stood out, a dark skinned Spaniard that laughed and slapped backs. He had four wives and a dozen sons as well as a lot of daughters.

The first thing I had done when I returned from the hunt was look for Cherry. She had run into my arms and hugged me with a big smile. As more people arrived for the celebration Petre, baron Meleck and the Spaniard approached me. I held Cherry against me as we teased Sasha and turned to smile.

The baron smiled, “I hear congratulations is in order.”

I grinned, “Thank you.”

He turned, “This is Senor Mendez.”

I nodded and spoke in Spanish, “I heard you have a dairy.”

He nodded, “Yes, I have a few milk cows.”

I glanced at Petre, “Do you make cheese?”

He grinned, “Of course.”

He turned and gestured to one of the women that I thought of as his wife, “I was told you would accept another wife?”

I looked at Cherry and then at Sasha and they both grinned and nodded and I smiled, “I would be honored.”

I was surprised when the women turned and pulled a girl Cherry’s age around in front of her. Senor Mendez grinned, “my daughter Maria.”

Cherry stepped away and held out her hand, “come talk.”

Sasha was nodding as Maria looked at them and glanced at me. I smiled and spoke in Spanish, “my other wives wish to talk.”

She glanced at Cherry before smiling shyly and taking her hand. I looked at Senor Mendez, “you wish it formal?”

He shook his head, “we are part of this barony now and must learn its ways.”

We continued to talk and Petre and senior Mendez started talking about buying and selling cheese. I had been thinking about the rifles and sat down to draw. This time it was a long barreled single shot like a shotgun but it broke in half to insert a new cartridge. I also drew something like an old volcanic pistol but with cased bullets.

I glanced up when Cherry bent to kiss my cheek. I smiled, “done plotting?”

She grinned and pulled me up and away from the table, “now you come and make Maria a woman and our sister.”

I grinned, “our room is getting crowded.”

Cherry squeezed my hand, “we have spoken with Sara and she said they were having a house rising gathering starting tomorrow afternoon.”

I looked at her as we climbed the narrow stairs to our room, “house rising?”

She opened the door and pulled me in, “it is when a man is ready for his own house. All the men around gather with their wives to help build the house.”

I grinned as I closed the door and pulled her against me, “where?”

She grinned up at me, “The baron has given you a piece of land up the river.”

She turned me to the bed and Sasha and Maria, “show Maria a good loving.”

I quickly undressed and moved onto the bed where a nervous Maria lay. I caressed her body and gave her a soft kiss before looking into her face and speaking Spanish, “do you have your maidenhead?”

She blushed and shook her head, “it was broken while I rode a horse.”

I smiled and caressed her, “than this will be very enjoyable.”

I moved down and pushed her legs open before licking through her pussy. I heard Sasha moan and lifted my head to see Cherry licking her. I grinned and went back to licking Maria and teasing her clit. She started shivering as her hips lifted and then began to shudder. Minutes went by before she bucked and thrashed as she wailed, “aaaahhhhh!”

I moved up as she shook and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. I kept kissing her as I fucked her deeper until I was all the way inside her. I held still but continued to kiss her as her pussy gripped and squeezed my cock repeatedly. I ignored Cherry moaning beside us as Sasha took her turn licking her and started to fuck Maria slowly.

I used long strokes that pressed my cock all the way into her and against her cervix. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering hard and moaning loudly. Several minutes later I fucked her hard and deep as she began to spasm and howl, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

She was bucking and thrashing around while her pussy grasped at my cock and she became slippery. I thrust into her and kissed her as I started to pump huge gushing spurts of cum. She tilted and lifted her hips as she screamed, “YES!”

I spurted through her cervix as she continued to shudder while her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I was done she sighed and relaxed and Cherry pulled on me, “our turn.”

I laughed as I pulled out and moved over Sasha while Cherry slipped onto Maria and kissed her. I lifted Sasha’s upper leg as we lay watching and worked my cock into her. She shuddered and smiled back at me before turning back to watch as her tight pussy squeezed. It was several moments before Cherry started to hump and Maria giggled and humped back.

A few minutes and they were both shuddering and moaning. Sasha had began to push back as I held her hip and fucked her slowly. Her pussy was warm and kept grasping my cock as I thrust into her deeper. She started to shift as she rolled and I ended up above her as I fuck down into her with deeper thrusts.

Her tight pussy was grasping and clenching around my cock. I continued to fuck her as she began to wail into the bed while kicking and jerking. She bucked and spasmed and thrashed as I kept fucking her with long thrusts and it was awhile before I buried my cock. Sasha tilted her hips and shuddered as I began spewing and spurting cum deep inside her.

She sighed with each one and when I stopped cumming I pulled out and she turned over, “that was a good one.”

Cherry laughed and Maria giggled as I shifted and moved almost off the bed. The girls squeezed together and Cherry pushed me onto my back before straddling me and pushing down to get my cummy cock into her. She wiggled to get comfortable and laid on me, “we get a big bed yes?”

I caressed her hips, “yes.”

I looked at Sasha and Maria and Cherry turned my head, “the other husbands have a room for each wife.”

I grinned and hugged her, “I don’t think we are doing that. I like all of you in bed with me.”

I repeated what I had said to Sasha and then Maria and they grinned. Cherry was rocking back and forth slow and gentle as her tight pussy squeezed and grasped my cock. It wasn’t long before she began to shudder and jerk while her tight pussy continued to grasp and squeeze. She became erratic and tried to rock and ended up bouncing.

Sasha and Maria giggled and I grinned as I rubbed her nipples before fingering her clit. Cherry wailed and thrashed around on me as she wet me and I pulled her down. I shifted with her until she was under me before I pulled back and began to fuck her. I went slow but used long strokes that almost pulled my cock out.

She was shuddering constantly and clutching me as I kept kissing her. A few minutes and she was thrashing around and wailing as I fucked her a little firmer. She held her legs up as I continued to fuck her and enjoy her tight pussy grasping my cock. It was a little while before I thrust into her and held her shaking body as I spurted and pumped cum.

When I was done I pulled out and Sasha pulled on me, “fuck Maria again.”

I did and her and Cherry before laying on the very edge of the bed while the three girls snuggled together. The house raising took a week and the house seemed a lot larger than I thought it should be. Petre and the Baron only laughed and said I would need the room for the children.

I still work with Petre and his brother but we have a larger shop now and several apprentices. In the evenings I draw new plans for weapons I remember. I have even helped the Baron by training marshals for him. The girls have given me children several times and keep me satisfied.

I have returned to the spot I came here from but never get to close. Sometimes I think I hear voices there but I’m not sure if it is real or just my imagination.
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