True story, picking up where I left off
The summer I turned 15 was one of my best. I took driver’s education and got my learners permit. I got a work permit, which gave me the chance to get a part time job. I looked for jobs until late September, when I got a job as a clerk at a drug store, next to the grocery store where my mom worked. Until I went to work I still got to go to grandma’s every weekend and see my cousins. Early in the summer one small thing changed. When my family left grandma’s house one of my cousins would ride home with us. Later their parents would come by, stay a while and eat a late supper before they all went home. Usually when a cousin would come home we would either play pool in the basement, or I would ride them on my motorcycle. I had a 100 cc trail bike, and I would take them back through the woods, down paths to an old abandoned tobacco barn and back. The trip was almost a mile.

The second time it was Toni’s turn the summer was almost gone, and it was late August. We left grandma’s about 2 hours before her parents would leave, bringing her brothers Davey and Mickey to my house. When Toni and I got to the house, she wanted to play pool. So we went downstairs and proceeded to play eight ball. I would take it easy on Toni and let her win some games, so she thought she was better than she really was. After 4 or 5 games I asked Toni if she wanted to bet on the next game. “What do you want to bet? “ Toni asked me. “ I want you to tell me truth about some things, kind of like 20 questions, but you have to tell me the truth” I said. Toni said “Ok,” and I don’t remember what she wanted if she won. I let Toni break, and she made a ball or two before it was my turn. I all but ran the table, and won the game after Toni’s following turn. She asked me “let’s play another round and bet again?” I said “sure double or nothing. Double means you have to answer my questions, AND you have to do something I ask you to do, like a wish from a genie.” Toni was silent for a minute and said “Ok, but I may not do what you want me to, it has to be something I feel ok about doing. If I don’t like what you pick, you have to pick something else, and if you ask for 3 things and I don’t like any of them, all I will do is show you my boobs.” “That sounds fair to me.” I said. I racked the balls and let Toni break again. I teased her this time and let her have 4 or 5 turns before I beat her. “Lets go ride the motorcycle, and we will get down to my questions and my “wish” that you will have to do,” I told Toni.

We went upstairs, and I told my mom, “It’s cooled down some so Toni and I are going to ride the motorcycle.” Mom said “ That’s fine keep up with the time, supper will be ready in less than an hour.” Toni and I hopped on the bike and took off. Toni would hold on to me tightly when we rode together, pressing her boobs against my back. I could feel them jiggle every time I hit a bump. We rode to the abandoned barn a couple of times, back and forth. I wanted to make sure no one was around. The third time I stopped, and shut the motorcycle off. I told Toni, “ Now for my questions, and you have to tell me the truth.” Toni nodded affirmatively. “First question, do you like me messing with you, touching you ?” Toni blushed and answered “ When you rub my boobs and nipples, and when you rub my leg and the lips of my coochie… it feels so good I can hardly breathe. I know it is wicked, but I do like it. “ Then I asked “ why are there times then you will let me mess with you and other times you won’t? “ “ Well….” Toni stammered “ it scares me kind of, when you touch me… I know its wrong and we should not mess around… but I do like it… how it feels, how it makes me feel.” “Ok… scared. Scared of what? ” I asked. Toni paused and said “ I start feeling tingly in the pit of my stomach… and I know that feeling will just get stronger and stronger… until I loose control, and start pulsing down there and… I will, I will… cum… kind of like you do when you stroke your dick in front of me… but I don’t shoot anything out, I just get really… wet.” “Have you ever cum before Toni? I asked. “ A few times… yes I think I have, “ Toni breathed out and turned to face away fro me. I stepped up behind her, just close enough for my hard-on to barely brush her butt, I put both hands on her shoulders and said “ It’s ok, you know I won’t tell on you or anything.” This seemed to put Toni back at ease, and she asked “What’s your next question ?” “ I want to know, when is the first time you came, and how did it happen ?” Toni was quiet for a few seconds and then in a low voice said “ the summer we stayed at Grandma’s, after I slept in your bed, cause Mickey wanted to sleep by himself. I woke up that first night and my stomach was tingling down low. Cindy had told me that was the beginning of what she called an orgasm. Cindy had told me that if I would rub myself down around the lips of my coochie… I could have one. So I got out of bed, went to the bathroom, and rubbed and rubbed until I exploded. “ I wrapped both my arms around Toni and gave her a hug, then asked “ do you make yourself cum often ?” Toni hesitated and then said, “ once in a while… usually after we have been messing around for a while, like when we play board games, and you… you have got me really worked up. “ I lowered my hands from the tops of Toni’s shoulders, down to her biceps, my fingers touching the sides of both boobs. I asked Toni “ You have started touching my pecker some recently, why don’t you do it more, and why did you not do it sooner ?” Toni sighed and said “ I was scared of IT, scared that if I touched your thing I would like it too much, my mom had warned me about boys, and not to touch their peckers… that if I did, I would be a wicked, bad girl, and later on no man would ever love me and marry me… and I do like touching your pecker, how it feels so, so hard, how I can feel your pulse in it… how it’s heat almost burns my hand… and I wonder… how it would feel up in me.” By now I had a raging hard-on, and as we had talked, Toni had pressed back against me and her back was against my chest, and my dick was firmly planted up in her butt crack. I had begun to massage Toni’s breasts. She had grown some through the summer and was a full B cup. Her nipples had gotten so stiff I thought they might pop. Her breathing was shallow and ragged. Toni’s pulse raced a mile a minute, and so did mine.

“Now for my wish,” I said. “What I want is for both of us to take our clothes off… you will play with my pecker until I come… and at the same time I will play with your coochie until you come.” Toni almost stopped breathing “ O o ok,” she stammered, “ I think that will be, ok” Toni turned to face me, stepped back and took off her shirt, exposing her perfect boobs, with the faintest tan line showing. I took off my shirt, kicked off my tennis shoes, and started unzipping my jeans. Toni’s hands were shaking as she unsnapped her jean shorts and started to fumble with her zipper. I reached down and clasped her hands in mine and then took hold of her zipper and eased it down. Toni smiled and pulled down her shorts, when she said “ can you start off messing with me through my panties at first, then after a little bit I will pull them down… I am a little shy.” It was my turn to smile, “Ok that will be fine,” I said as I stepped out of my underwear, “here let’s sit beside each other on the motorcycle, I think we will be able to get at each other there” I stepped over and sat on the edge of the seat, and Toni came and sat down beside me. I reached to her crotch and found her pussy lips on fire, her cotton panties were already wet. She reached down and held on to my dick,. I started to rub at Toni’s pussy lips and asked “ how does that feel?” Toni whispered, “it’s ok, but I need to spread my legs a little more.” I thought for a few seconds and told Toni, “bring your clothes in to the barn, there is an table somebody has stored in there, we can sit on it.” Toni got her stuff, as I collected mine and we went in side and sat on the old kitchen table, after I took my t-shirt and wiped off the dust. I started back rubbing Toni’s pussy through her panties as she caressed my dick, rubbing her finger tips up and down it’s length. “Tell me what to do… what you like best,” I told Toni. She breathed raggedly and said, “ rub up and down, back and forth on the slit, and when a bump rises up where the lips meet, rub light circles around it. Now ttt tell me whaa, what you like.” Toni stammered. “I like what you are doing tracing your fingers up and down the side of my pecker, and sometimes across the head… but after a little bit, just wrap your fingers around it and stroke it up and down, like I’ve done in front of you before” I gasped. Toni’s panties were becoming soaking wet, and her clit had stiffened up to half the size of a babies finger tip. Toni had propped up on her free arm, her eyes closed, her head rolled back, her hips were rocking in time to my fingers on her pussy. “T t take off my panties,” Toni almost pleaded. I caught the smell of her musk, sweet, clean smelling. I could see her pussy lips fat, swollen up, reddish pink where they met, her clit raising its head out from where the lips met. I touched her naked pussy with my finger and lightly rubbed circles around her clit as she had instructed. The rocking of her hips became stronger. Toni was having trouble concentrating on what she was doing, and was just clinging on to my dick. Suddenly Toni arched her back, pushing her butt up off the table, her eyes sprang open, glassy. Toni started to spasm, her hips and belly convulsing, her pussy lips started to gasp, like a fish out of water. Toni shook for what seemed ages, and slowly the twinkle came back to her eyes. “I have never, never cum that strong before, “ Toni sighed, “now its your turn…” Toni went back to stroking my dick up and down. If she had not slowed down and then stopped stroking me earlier, I would have already cum. As was I had leaked enough pre-cum, until it had ran down the side of my dick and on to Toni’s fingers. This time it did not disgust Toni. The fresh lubrication made her pick up her pace. ”Do you like it fast or slow?” Toni asked. “Both feel very good… speed up when I get ready to cum… I, I will tell you when,” I stammered. Toni stroked me fast and slow for a couple of minutes, until I could feel nuts start to tighten. “I… I’m going… to cum,” I managed to get the words out. “ You just let it fly, baby, I want you to feel as good as you made me feel, “ Toni gushed. I started to jerk, and the cum erupted from my dick, in 3 or 4 ropes. The last rope just spilling out of me and running on to Toni’s hand. “That’s ok, don’t you worry, that will wipe right off,” Toni said. As my orgasm subsided, I reached up with the hand I had fingered Toni with, and grabbed her in a naked one arm hug. Toni reached up with both arms and held me, as her breath began to take on a normal rhythm. We both got our clothes back on. Toni finally spoke, “ that was intense, I have cum before… but never like that” “I know what you mean,” I weakly replied, it has never felt that good before.

We rode the motorcycle back to the house. I deliberately went through a big mud puddle on the way back, so I would have an excuse to rinse the motorcycle and me, as well as Toni off. Toni came back home early with me one more time and it was warm enough to ride. The only change was how quickly she stripped down completely. There was no fear, no hesitation left this time. I made her cum 3 times that time, and she made me spew semen twice. After that I worked almost every weekend. When I got my full driver’s license at 16, I got my first girlfriend soon after. Work and a girlfriend took up all my time. I did not see Toni again until I was 18, almost 19. My second girlfriend who I thought was the love of my life had dumped me. I let my Mom talk me into going to Grandma’s with her. Toni was there with a friend and Toni’s mom.

But that is for the next story.

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