This story is completely fiction. All characters are a figment of my imagination. This story portrays a lot of different fantasies happening to a semi-young boy. Some scenes may be considered perverted and sick. If you don’t like those things don’t bother to read these stories.

Kevin’s sex chronicles
Chronicle 1: The beginning of my new life.
Hello my name is Kevin. I am now 23. My story begins on my 15th birthday. When I was 15, I weighed around 145lbs and stood at 5’6. I had my black hair cut semi-short. I wore size 32 pants and large shirt. Not really very muscular. Most people considered me a geek. I wore black rimmed glasses and a lot of black. Now the story starts on the morning of my 15th birthday.
“I’m awake,” I yell at my alarm clock. I open my eyes and see that yep its 6:30am. Time to get up and get ready for another great day at school (sarcasm). God I was having such a wonderful dream. I guess I’ll have to beat off in the shower again this morning. Let’s see, dragon shirt, cargo pants, boxers, socks, and towel. I hope no one is in the bathroom. Good the door is open. Turn on the hot water. Yep that feels right. Flip it to shower. Got to get out of these sleep shorts and boxers. Now time to get in.
As I step into the shower I feel the warm water cascade over my body and I melt. Then I look down and see my 6 ½ in dick sticking out asking for attention. Slowly I begin to stroke it. Mmmm, that feels good. I start to think about that porn I watched last night. The one with the tentacles fucking those girls and stretching their stomachs. Huh huh huh I’m about to cum. Then I feel a sharp tap on my shoulder. I jump about 3ft in the air and turn to see this sexy red woman in the shower with me. She stood at 5’1. Huge tits and ass. Flaming red hair and her bush was shaped like a pitchfork. Best of all she was completely naked. “Who are you,” I asked. “My name is Saphira,” she said. “I am a demon. I’m here to offer you a deal of the century.” “What’s that?” I asked. “Well any sexual fantasy you have will actually happen,” she said. “That sounds awesome. But what’s the catch?” I asked. She said “Well, your body will change and once your fantasy becomes reality it will play out completely even if you don’t finish the fantasy.” “What do you mean my body will change?” “Well since it is your fantasies you will sometimes need to be a girl or a shemale.” “Hmmm. Ok, sound great to me. Let’s get this thing started.” Saphira started to jump up and down with joy. She squealed, “Great. Now to seal the deal we have to have sex.” “Ok, works for me.” She dropped to her knees and took my full 6 ½ in in one gulp. Then I felt the weirdest feeling in my dick. It started to tingle like when your foot falls to sleep, but in my dick. As she slowly pulled away I was shocked to see that my dick was bigger. When she first started to suck it, my dick was about two finger widths wide. Now it looked like it was about four fingers wide. And it was longer! She pulled out to the 6 ½ in where my dick should have stopped and kept going. She finally pops the head out and my dick is like 13in long!! “There now you have a proper dick. Now let’s slide that thing deep in my fire crotch.” She jumped up into my arms and slammed her pussy down on my new huge dick. God was it hot in there. But it felt so good. As she slammed herself up and down it got to be too much and I yelled, “I’m cumming!!” “Yes. Shoot that big load right into my hungry pussy.” And then the flood came. When I started to shoot my cum into her pussy it was like a fire hose going off. And it didn’t let up for 5 min. I must have came about 10 gallons worth. Then she jumped off and smiled and said, “Now turn around and bend over.” “What? What for?” I asked. “So that I can fuck you of course.” “Wait a minute you don’t have a…” I then looked down to see not one but two fully erect 13in dicks. “No way. I am not about to let you fuck me with those monsters.” “Yes you are. Now bend over before I make you,” she said with a voice of pure evil. Scared I turned around and bent over. I soon felt the giant head of one of her dicks touch my ass. The other one was touching my balls. “Now just relax. It’s gonna hurt at first but you’ll start to like it soon after.” She then began to push. My God it hurt like a sonofa bitch. It stretched my asshole right over the head and just popped right in. She began to slide it in and out. Slowly pushing it deeper each time. She was right. It did start to feel good. I looked down and saw her other dick sliding up my stomach. This meant that the dick inside my ass was up in my stomach. It felt so good I reached down to start jerking my dick but she slapped it away. “No touchy. Not yet,” she said. Then she grabbed my arms and started to slam me up and down on her big dick. If I could just touch my dick I would cum. The pleasure was so great I thought I would scream. Then she slammed me down hard and I felt her hot cum rise along the shafts of her dick. As it exploded out the ends of her dicks I came too. I was covered in the cum shooting out of the dick outside me. And the one inside was filling my up completely. I felt it fill up my stomach and continue up my throat and explode out my mouth and nose. This completely coved me head to toe in cum. As she slid her dick out of my loose ass I felt my whole body tingle just like my dick did earlier. As I wipe the cum away I notice my hair is longer. Like down to my butt longer. As I wipe my chest I notice a pair of nice big firm tits. I wipe down to my crotch and find a pussy. I step out of the shower and look into the mirror and I’m a hot redhead girl. Saphira stepped up behind me and said, “This is Kelly. She is you. You are her. Everyone will remember you as both Kevin and Kelly. When one of your fantasies becomes reality other people around you will be in them. Afterwards no one but you will remember them.” With that she disappeared. I got dresses and went down to the kitchen. That’s where the second part of this story begins.
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