Part 9
“Tenten Tool Set”

"Another try Tenten!" Neji yelled as he blocked all the kunais from Tenten.

"Hey Tenten will you please fire off another boulder scroll!" Lee called standing around crumble.

"Lee don't you see she is with me" Neji replied to Lee.

Tenten was growing tired of the yelling between the boys all she was to them was a tool, and she hated that. She needed was rest even pleasure. Her favorite time of the day is a nice long hot shower before going to bed. She was able to rest peacefully after. Now know she couldn't deal with the boys any longer. She had to call it.

"That is it boys I am beat" Tenten says while walking away. The boys looked at each other and shrugged it off and worked on training together.


Within hours of leaving Ino's Karin was caught. Well not really she was bored really and damn horny. She now is sitting on Sakura’s bed getting drilled. Tempted to fight she would have been pointless, and before she couldn't handle it any more there is a knock at the door.

Sakura shuts up for only seconds when she goes even wilder if that was possible. She pulled in the one person Karin loved more than Sasuke it was....

"NARUTO!!!" Sakura grabbed him and shoved him onto the bed next to Karin. Both Sakura and Naruto were undressing as Karin sat there shocked and bewildered that this happens after she returned to Sakura's place.

"Are you joining or not!?" Naruto asks Karin. She blinked and realized she is the only one dressed. She takes her clothes off as Sakura is on top of Naruto making out with him.

Sakura sits up looks at Karin with lust in her eyes and kisses her fully on the lips. Karin allowed this instant pleasure after being drilled only minutes ago. Sakura moved her tongue deep into Karin's mouth. Karin moved her hands so she was cupping one of Sakura's breasts and the other behind her head. Sakura had one hand on Naruto's cock and the other rubbing Karin's pussy.

Naruto laid there with a raging hard being rubbed by Sakura watching a lesbian act from his pink-haired friend and this vibrant redhead Karin. He watched as Sakura was getting both of them off. With the constant sex Naruto has had lately it would be awhile before he came.

Karin felt that urge below as pre-cum dripped from her pussy onto Sakura's rapid fingers digging deep into her pussy. She longed for an orgasm and she felt it flow thru her body until she screamed. Smoke came out of no where Karin looked down to see Naruto was in his female form still with a cock and Sakura has a cock as well. Before Karin could make another breath she was slammed by Sakura onto Naruto's cock and Sakura positioned herself so her pussy and balls were sitting on top of Naruto's face. Sakura's cock pointing at Karin who knew what was about to happen next. Karin was down sucking her cock as Naruto rode his in her wet juicy pussy.

Naruto licked Sakura's pussy automatically, all the while moving his hips up and down into Karin's pussy.  

Between the three there was constant moaning, licking, sucking, and wild sex sounds that would drive any one over the top. As the three grinded for a short while they were clueless that some one had walked in ready to join these sex fiends.


Tenten walked in the streets heading home craving a hot shower and rest when she was stopped by her good friend Ino.

"Tenten, so good to see you how are the boys?" Ino asked walking side by side with Tenten.

"Oh you know they are good for one thing keeping me in great shape" Tenten responded.

"…And your sexuality?” Ino asked.

"Masturbate before going to bed and in the morning before I leave the bed" Tenten said casually.

"Damn girl you need some dire attention. Why you come with me to Sakura's she has some toys that can really help." Ino tempting Tenten. Ino was starving for Tenten's pussy in her mouth.

"I've got plenty of toys" Tenten replies.

"Let’s share and spread the joy like we did with the infamous dildo" Ino licked her lips as she could imagine the pleasure Sakura, Tenten, Karin, and she could have tonight.

"Okay I could use some attention" Tenten fell into Ino's lap. Ino grabbed her and they ran off to Sakura's.

As they entered it seemed the party had already started. Ino stripped. Tenten had her jaw down with the scene in front of her. Ino whispered in her ear to undress and she did as commanded. Now there were five naked bodies in the room.

Ino got on her knees grabbed Tenten's legs and began licking her pussy. The three on the bed heard nothing of these two. Tenten moaned with euphoria flowing thru her body. Never had she been touched by another woman and here she was naked standing there be satisfied by Ino.

From the moment Tenten said yes Ino she knew she was going to have the first taste. Tenten's pussy was luscious and felt so fresh like engulfing forest air. Tenten knees were faltering with the joy by Ino. She couldn't deal with it any more she needed to do the same as what Ino was doing to her. She pulled Ino with a stream of pussy juice on Ino’s face and the rest on her own legs going down to the floor. Tenten realized at this moment this is far better than any hot shower. Ino lay on the floor playing with her breasts luring Tenten.

Tenten moved on down so her pussy sat on Ino's face as she buried her own face in to Ino's pussy. Eating pussy for the first time. Tenten was no virgin she did it with a boy in her clan and had done it with Neji a few times but it never really was that great. Eating Ino's pussy reminded Tenten of the taste of sweet flowers. Once she licked it she couldn't stop she had to have more ignoring Ino and all other sounds Tenten was in peace.

Ino could no longer eat Tenten's pussy how her own was being devoured. She felt a tightness cringe thru her body that she knew she was going to go off any...

"Tenten oh fuck!!! Don't stop!" Ino wailed forcing the three on the bed to stop and see two of their female friends in a sixty-nine on the floor.

Sakura made the first move from the bed with her hard cock still attached. She grabs Tenten's head forcing it up. With no second thoughts she forced it into Tenten's mouth and had her suck on it.

Ino saw in the corner of her eye that Sakura had Tenten busy. Ino decided now she can suck on her friend’s pussy.

Naruto wasn't going to be left out of what was going on, but with Karin fucking his hard on he couldn't move his body. Quickly making the hand signals. Within seconds there were three female nude Naruto clones in the room with hard cocks all horny for rough sex.

Naruto clone one moved Sakura away from Tenten and began fucking her ass. Sakura stood thee with her hands on the ground accepting the pain. Naruto clone two moved Tenten off of Ino and began pounding her pussy with Tenten below him. Clone three saw Ino and Ino saw his full female nude body with a cock. Ino made the hand signals, and she too had a cock. Naruto lifted her up gave her quick peck on the lips and they parted. Ino goes to Sakura lifts her up and moves in front with her back to Sakura and gets fucked in the ass. Clone three sees the opportunity and does the same by getting ass fucked by Ino. Naruto clone two moves Tenten around so clone three can fuck her in the ass. Clone two remained her pussy. A large train of ass fucking in the room went on in the middle of the room.

The real Naruto saw what was behind Karin and drilled his cock even deeper with a fire in him that buried his cock deeper with each thrust.

Karin thought it was wild enough before and now with this new found energy from Naruto she knew she never wanted to give up this moment. She heard noises behind her, and knew the other girls were also having fun, but she had no idea how much.

That is until Naruto could no longer lay still shoved Karin off.  He made the hand signals all his clones were gone as well his cock. He still remained in his female form. All the girls looked at him with anger and lust. He quickly spoke up "No cocks all lesbian fest!"

"I've got the toys!" Tenten said holding a couple scrolls and dropping them releasing dozens of female toys that every one grabbed while also enjoying each others company.

A lesbian fuck fest orgy went thru the night with a mysterious person over hearing this incredible orgy. They dropped a little food ball that dropped down to the roof and rolled down going past the window and down to the ground. The spy knew it was lost, but no one heard it thankfully. The spy realized one hand was soaked as well as the pants and quickly left with the aroma of sex in the area.


Next Week: The Heat Lee & Choji

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