I started learning to give a massage when I was only fourteen. I wanted a way to touch a girl or woman. Well it worked but all I got was frustrated. Of course I went to a massage school when I was sixteen, it helped me make money but not get what I wanted. I was eighteen when I met Miss Kim.

She had scheduled an appointment and when I arrived it was at this really nice house. I carried the table in and she smiled as she led me into a large empty room. Miss Kim was a slim Asian in her mid twenties. I turned when a teenage girl walked in wearing a robe and nothing else. Miss Kim smiled, “Mia will be your subject.”

I shrugged and started setting up. I turned to help the girl onto the table and stopped when she dropped the robe. She smiled and walked to the table and sat before laying on her stomach, “I want a full service massage.”

I frowned and looked at Miss Kim who nodded. I turned and moved to her feet and started with warm oil. By the time I did her cute butt my cock was hard and drooling. When I finished with her back I turned her and started on the front. By the time I was done I was really hurting but Miss Kim cleared her throat.

She walked to the table, “you are very good but you need to learn to finish totally relaxing her.”

I looked at her and then at the girl, “I didn’t miss anything.”

She smiled and moved Mia’s legs until her feet were together. I watched as she started to rub her pussy until the girl was breathing hard and her hips were lifting. She slipped a finger into her but continued to rub the sides and her clit. Soon a second finger joined to first and the girl started jerking and moaning.

A minute later she was squirting and spasming as Miss Kim jerked her hand up and down hard with her fingers curled. She looked at me, “go to the closet and bring the wedge and step.”

I turned to look and crossed the room, the wedge was a large foam wedge and the step was just a plastic step. I brought them back and saw the girl panting as Miss Kim turned her and lifted her before sliding her back and gesturing to the wedge. I let her have it and she put it under the girl’s hips before looking at me, “fuck her.”

I looked at her and then at the girl as she continued to moan. Miss Kim smiled, “slow and deep and then hard and deep.”

I opened my pants and pushed them down and off before moving to the edge of the table. I was staring straight at the girl’s open pussy and moved forward and pushed into her slowly. She shuddered and groaned as my thick cock stretched her pussy and sank all the way into her. Miss Kim grinned, “push deeper each time.”

I pulled back and started to fuck the tight pussy and the girl began to shudder as her pussy grasped and squeezed. Miss Kim pressed against my back, “hard and deep now.”

I fucked the girl hard, burying my cock and pushing with each stroke. Miss Kim hugged me as the girl wailed and screamed while she squirted and her pussy rippled around my cock. I felt it when her cervix opened, she howled and convulsed almost violently. I groaned as I fucked her hard again and finally thrust into her and shoved.

I peed cum in a hugely thick stream and Mia screamed and jerked while her pussy milked the cum into her. When I stopped Miss Kim pulled me back, “you start on the front and work up to the waist. Do her pussy like I showed you and make her cum hard before straightening her and finishing the front. Do the back completely before placing her on the wedge or over her legs. Fuck her like you just did until you cum but try to make her cum too. After you finish lay her down and massage her lower back.”

I looked at her and opened my mouth and she touched a finger to my lips, “you work for me now.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “I think three or four a day will be enough.”

She gestured to Mia as she took a deep breath, “Mia is yours. Practice and in a week I will test you.”

I looked at Mia with cum leaking out of her gapping pussy and smiled, “okay.”

I heard Miss Kim laugh out in the hall as I moved to Mia, “lets get you dressed and pack up.”

She sighed and moved off the table before putting her robe on, “this is all I have.”

I dressed and then packed up before leaving. I was a little nervous about bringing Mia home but I crossed my fingers. I parked under the carport beside mom’s car and started carrying things in with the girl following. Mom turned to look when I came in and opened her mouth before gesturing to the kitchen, “put that away and wash up.”

I went to my room but when I looked, Mia was missing. I found her in the kitchen talking to mom as she helped. I was a little nervous but washed and set the table. Mom looked at me while we ate, “so Mia belongs to you?”

I looked at Mia, “I... I guess. She is my practice... dummy.”

I was blushing as Mia started explaining to mom who was surprised and interested. After dinner I cleaned up as mom watched and finally stood, “bring your table out and show me.”

I had given her a massage many times but wasn’t sure about this. When I carried everything out and set up the table Mia dropped her robe and laid back on the table. I looked at her and smiled, “thanks.”

Mom laughed and rubbed my shoulders, “show me.”

I smiled and started to warm the oil and a couple of minutes later started at Mia’s feet. I worked up each leg to the hip and Mia sighed, “now my pussy.”

I shook my head and patted her mound, “quiet.”

Mom laughed as I moved Mia’s feet up by her butt. Instead of going to her pussy I went back to her thighs and worked up. I finally moved to one side and used more warm oil before starting to rub over and down against her pussy. She sighed and shivered and I kept doing it and a minute later slipped a finger into her slit.

I continued to rub the sides of her pussy as I slipped the finger into her. Soon she was panting as I buried the finger to the last joint and rubbed her mound with the palm of my hand. I slipped a second finger into her as she shuddered. I jerked and rubbed and pressed before curling my fingers like I had seen Miss Kim do.

I buried my fingers and jerked them up and down for almost two minutes as she screamed and howled while squirting. I stopped and began rubbing her pussy gently as she continued to jerk and spasm while leaking more cum. I rubbed her legs and then straightened them and starting to work up her body.

I used more warm oil as I kneaded her breasts and mom moaned softly. I glanced at her and she shuddered, “I’m next.”

I grinned as I worked to Mia’s shoulders and neck before her face and then scalp. I finally turned her over and went back to her feet. I moved up her legs as I thought, I didn’t have a wedge but I did have an idea. After I finished her hips and butt I moved and lifted her hips and pulled her back and over her thighs.

I rubbed her lower back before going to get a step stool mom used in the kitchen. I put it at the end of the table and undressed and stepped up and rubbed her pussy. I bent my hard cock and pushed into her all the way. Mia groaned as I began fucking her with long thrusts, sinking my cock to press against her cervix with each stroke.

It was a couple of minutes before she began to spasm as her pussy clenched and then she squirted and wailed. I fucked her hard and deep for several minutes and thrust in and pushed and began pumping large, strong spurts of cum. Mia jerked and shuddered hard, “yyyeeeessssss!”

When I was done I pulled out and stepped down before moving around and lifting her hips and laying her forward. Mom was shuddering with her hand inside her skirt and I smiled before going back to massaging Mia from her thighs up. When I was done she with almost asleep and I pulled on her and rolled her over before lifting her in my arms.

I carried her to my room and slipped her into bed before pulling the sheet up. I returned to the table to see my mother naked and laying back. I checked the warm oil and put some on my hands before starting at her feet. I worked up to her thighs which were tight and slowly worked the tightness out.

I moved to her other leg and massaged it all the way to her hip before stopping. I moved her feet together and pulled them up close to her butt. I started spreading her legs and massaging her thighs until she was spread open like a butterfly. I moved to the side and added more warm oil before starting to rub her pussy.

She moaned and shivered and a moment later my middle finger slipped through her slit. Mom shuddered as her hips lifted and I smiled as I kept rubbing her. I rubbed and let my finger slide into her as my palm rubbed her clit. She thrust up and gasped but I had pulled my finger out. I continued to rub the sides and slipped my finger all the way into her as I curled it.

A couple of minutes later I added a second finger and her hips lifted off the table and she shuddered and gasped, “aaaahhh!”

I grinned as I kept going and finally when she trembled and shook I buried my fingers and curled them before jerking up and down. Mom wailed and howled and a moment later squirted and screamed. She did it several times before I slowed and stopped. I caressed and rubbed her pussy as I pulled my fingers out.

I kept it up as she slowly relaxed and straightened her legs. I massaged her thighs and then moved up her body. I kneaded her breasts with more warm oil and then her shoulders and arms and finally her face. I bent to give her a soft kiss, “turn over.”

She smiled as she carefully turned over and I positioned her. I started at her feet again and worked up to the top of her thigh. I did it again on the other leg and finally lifted her hips and pulled her back over her calves. I rubbed her lower back before stepping up on the stool and dropping the robe.

I rubbed the head of my cock through her pussy before slowly pushing all the way to her cervix. Mom groaned and shivered as her pussy squeezed and I pulled almost out before fucking back in. I used long thrusts like the first one and it was only a minute before my mother spasmed as her pussy squeeze and squirted.

I didn’t stop and kept fucking her with long strokes as she came again and again. I finally buried my cock and pushed before pumping spurts of cum through her open cervix. She jerked and shuddered when she felt the warm cum pumping into her. When I stopped I pulled out and moved around to lift her hips and lay her forward.

I used warm oil and started on her thighs and worked up to her butt. It was awhile before I finished and smiled to see her asleep. I carefully rolled her and lifted her in my arms and carried her to her bedroom and put her to bed. I pulled the covers up and turned the light out as I left and went to clean up.

I turned all the light out in the house and slipped into bed. Mia turned to put her head on my shoulder as she sighed. I held her as I relaxed and woke to the beep of my alarm and looked at the beautiful girl in bed with me. She sighed and opened her eyes, “you cum a lot.”

I grinned and turned her onto her back as I moved between her legs. I gave her a kiss as she held me and wrapped her legs around me, “Miss Kim said you need to learn control. The first four times you cum need to be during a massage and then you can have sex.”

I smiled as I humped and pushed into her and slowly worked my cock deeper until it was buried. I pressed and rubbed and humped but didn’t pull back. She grinned, “I like this massage.”

I continued as she shivered and started humping back. Soon it was shudders as her pussy squeezed and grasped and then it was jerks and spasms followed by convulsions. I wanted to fuck her long, hard and deep but I continued humping. It was almost twenty minutes before I pressed into her and began gushing cum.

Mia jerked as her pussy clenched, “yyyyeeeeeessssssss!”

When I was done I kissed her and pulled out before moving off the bed and reaching back to pull her with me. I grabbed our robes and led her into the bathroom and then the shower. When we walked into the kitchen mom was humming as she made pancakes. I kissed the back of her neck, “feeling good this morning?”

She grinned back at me, “I haven’t slept that good in a long time baby.”

She smiled at Mia, “have a good wake up call this morning?”

Mia grinned as she sat, “yes.”

After breakfast I got dressed as mom pulled Mia back and found a skirt and blouse for her. I went to work and got a list of three people for the day, the first was in the clinic. The second was across town and a couple of hours later. The last was a few blocks from home and one of my mother’s friends.

She smiled when she let us in wearing a robe, “Jason, I was just talking to your mother this morning.”

I smiled and gestured to Mia, “this is Mia.”

She led the way into the clear space in her living room as she looked back, “your practice victim.”

I glanced at Mia, “mom told you?”

She nodded as I began setting up, “she recommended a full message like you gave her.”

Mia grinned as she sat, “are you on birth control?”

Ms Roberts grinned, “yes and I normally use protection.”

I patted the table after setting mom’s step at the end. She dropped the robe to show she was naked. I checked the oils in the warming tray and the towels before undressing. I put warm oil on my hands as I started at her feet and she spread her legs a little. I moved up her legs slowly and stopped at her hip before moving to the other leg.

Like before I worked my way up to the hip before stopping. I put her feet together and stood at her hip as I added more warm oil. I started massaging her pelvis and then her mound before rubbing both sides of her pussy. She was moaning and shuddering as her hips lifted and she humped.

When I rubbed a finger through her slit and onto her clit she shuddered and jerked, “ooohhh!”

I smiled as I continued to massage around her pussy and started slipping a finger through her slit and into her tight pussy. She shuddered each time I pushed a finger into her and when I added a second she spasmed and convulsed. I buried my fingers and curled them a minute later as I held her pussy cupped.

I jerked her up and down as she suddenly howled and spasmed almost violently and squirted hard. She squirted a second and then a third time before I slowed and went back to just rubbing her pussy. I straightened her legs and slowly began massaging up her body. When I finished with her scalp I helped her turn over.

I added more warm oil and starting at her feet again. I worked up her leg to the hip and then moved to the other one. When I reached her hip again I straightened her slightly spread legs and pulled her hips up and back. I rubbed her lower back as she lay over her legs and moved behind her and stepped up.

I looked at Mia who smiled and nodded and pushed into Ms Roberts in one long slow thrust. She groaned as her pussy was stretched and I held her in place as I started to fuck her. I used long firm thrusts and buried my cock each time. It was a couple of minutes before she was shaking and shuddering.

Her moans grew louder as I continued to fuck her and started to do it harder. Soon she was spasming as she squirted constantly while howling. I shoved into her a few minutes later and held her on my throbbing cock as I began to pee and gush warm sperm. She screamed when she felt me cumming in her and kept jerking until I was done.

I pulled out and moved around to straightened and lay her down. I rubbed her thighs and started massaging her butt and then her back. I did her shoulders and each arm before working on her scalp. When I stopped I looked at her to see her asleep. I put a warm towel over her and cleaned up.

I sat beside Mia who moved to sit in my lap, “very good.”

I hugged her and grinned, “I could get used to that.”

She grinned, “Miss Kim will have many clients that will want you.”

I looked at her, “and what happens to you?”

She kissed me, “that depends on you. You could return me and I will be given to another to practice on.”

I shook my head, “I don’t think so. I need to constantly practice and I want to do it in you.”

She stood and pulled me up, “wake your client so we can go.”

I moved to Ms Roberts and started rubbing her gently. She sighed and turned her head before smiling, “very nice.”

I helped her off the table and she kissed me before heading towards the hall. I started carrying everything out to the truck before coming back to Ms Roberts who handed me five hundred dollars. I opened my mouth and she grinned, “tell your mother thank you.”

I left and drove home with Mia wiggling beside me. I grinned, “need a massage?”

She laughed, “yes.”

I reached over to rub her thigh, “with me on you and between your legs?”

She laughed again, “and with my legs up.”

When I pulled in at home I was more than ready but we carried everything into the house. I didn’t even think about it as I set up the table. I grinned at Mia as I went looking and found the straps I remembered in the garage. I had to make a couple of changes before I was ready to use them.

I grinned when mom came home, I had stripped and put on a robe and stripped Mia and put her on the table. I started like normal and got her off as she struggled and squirted. I put a strap around each of her legs and cocked them back and up. I attached the bungy to the strap and slipped my robe off.

I moved around and began massaging the backs of her stretched thighs and worked closer to her pussy. I rubbed her pussy and she groaned and shuddered. I moved up and over her before slowly sinking my cock into her. Mia groaned as my cock spread her pussy open and I began to hump and jab and grind slowly.

I didn’t pulled back very far and kept it up as she began breathing heavy and shaking. Her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock as I continued to slowly hump and fuck her. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and I pulled back finally to started fucking her hard and deep. She howled and struggled and squirted as I kept planting my cock.

A few minutes later I thrust into her and began to pump and spew. She jerked as her pussy tightened and squeezed while I spurted cum through and into her womb. When I finished I slowly pulled out and moved back to rub and massage her legs as I released the straps. She groaned as I set them down and started massaging them again.

I worked up her body and then turned her over and started over. This time I didn’t fuck her as I moved from her feet to her scalp before finishing. I glanced at her face to see her asleep and grinned at mom before covering her with a warm towel. I walked to mom where she was sitting on the couch fingering her pussy.

I turned her and laid her back before moving over her and pushing into her slowly. I kissed her and began to fuck her as she sighed and hugged me. The week was spent practicing and perfecting several ways to do the massage. A week later I left Mia home with mom as I went to see Mrs Kim.

She had three young ladies waiting and frowned since Mia wasn’t with me. I grinned and walked around her, “you will be my first and then your other ladies. Mia is mine and not impartial.”

She had provided everything and all four tables were set up in one room. When I walked out all four were asleep on the tables. I worked for Miss Kim for several years until I finally retired at the ripe age of twenty five.

I married Mia and we have two children so far. Mom is still my best customer and gets her massage every day. I also have a few of her friends that have become regulars at our home at least once a week.
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