This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 12 years.

Sarah had decided to defer her first massage until her ‘drought period’ was over. She wanted to try out the new position Lucy had used.

So, it was my turn for a massage. The girls were very keen. Clearly, it was going to be a joint effort on their part and a new experience for me.

I laid face down on the table. They took up positions each side. Some discussion took place about the best way to work. They decided to ‘split me down the middle’. One would start at the top and the other at my feet. Since there was only one bottle of massage oil, the hollow of my back would be used to store backup oil to share. Sarah up-ended the bottle onto my back, but, was too heavy handed and I could feel the oil running down my ribs onto the table cover. Lucy said it did not matter-they needed plenty so as to make me really slippery. They did not want to wear themselves out.

Finally they started. Sarah was working on my lower leg when she commented that the oil made the hairs on my leg look a lot darker. She suggested that before next massage all the hairs could be removed – like the cyclists do.
I replied “no way - I did not want to look like a pro cyclist!”
In any case, I did not want to give them any possible excuse to shave off their pubic hair, as they had hinted a number of times. Next, they would want to shave off mine!!

Lucy started on my shoulders and back and met Sarah at my bottom.
“One cheek each - let’s go up and down together, Sarah. Put plenty of oil on, particularly when you start on his back.”

Even though the girls were chatting all the time, it was very relaxing. I was partly dozing.

On completing my leg Lucy returned to my back.
”Sarah, we have quite a bit of oil still left on his back. We can use it up.”
With extra oil on her hands she rubbed it all over her breasts. Then, she beckoned to Sarah to lean forward and proceeded to rub the remainder of the oil on Sarah’s breasts.

“Ooh I like that – feels really good……oh, my nipples have popped out” Sarah said.

Next I feel a weight on my back. Lucy is sliding her breasts slowly up and down my back and onto my bottom.
“Ooh that feels really…………. nice – I’m almost……..yes I am ……………oooooooh……. I think I will have a bit more…………oooooooh……….it’s nice and slippery………..Sarah you can have a go now.”

Sarah was happy to have a turn. She followed what Lucy had done. After a few minutes Lucy said
“Are you ‘coming’ Sarah?....................keep going then…….lift up a little so just your nipples are rubbing…………that’s it!.........keep going as long as you like, Jimmy won’t mind.”

From Sarah’s faint reply it was obvious she had ‘got nice’ too.

After a towel down, I turned on to my back.

After looking at me up and down, Sarah’s gaze fixed on my dick. “There’s not enough for two to share there! ..............but if was hard………?” She said.

No doubt, I was so relaxed that my dick was seriously deflated.
Lucy picked it up, gave it a stretch and dropped it across my leg sideways.

Sarah commented. “I would like to watch it go from real soft to real hard. Usually when I see it, it is either soft or hard or somewhere in between.”

“Ok Sarah, you can watch while I make it go hard. Don’t touch it……just watch.”

Next, Lucy leans towards me so her breasts are hanging down-
“Jimmy……. My nipples are really slippery………would you like to feel them for me?”

Not only were her nipples slippery, so were her breasts.

Using 3 fingers it was easy to spin around her nipple and just slide off. Her nipples popped out hard almost instantly…….ready for a good suck. However, I did not fancy the taste of oil.
Anyway, why stop there? Lucy knew I loved her breasts hanging down. It gave them that extra fullness. Shiny breasts with popped out nipples were irresistible. She knew I would not be able to resist fondling them.

They felt even better than usual, all slippery.

Then I heard Sarah say “He is getting fatter……..oh……..his dick is starting to move…….it is sliding across his leg towards the middle…….and I did not even touch it. I think it is getting longer.”

At this point Lucy edged back and started to kiss me – not an affectionate kiss – a sensual, passionate kiss, which generally meant ‘I want something’. My dick got the message immediately and I heard Sarah say:
“It is rising up………quickly………it is even fatter……….. it is right up now and pointing backwards a little. I will test it to see if it is fully hard.”
I felt Sarah’s 2 fingers squeeze on my dick…….once at the bottom and then below the head, and said:
“Yes, it is definitely hard………gee, I feel really nice…….. Amazing………..hope you can do it again sometime…… Lucy! ...... look at this!……his dick is moving slightly up and down…….you could count his pulse rate. ”

Lucy stopped kissing me, looked and said to Sarah:
“See, it did not take long to get it up! ..........oh……..I do not think I have seen it move like that before.”

I looked at what had Sarah intrigued. I had never seen it moving either, but, on the other hand, I had never looked. Also, it was usually kept active by the girls using it – not laying idle, like now. Obviously, you needed to be very hard, and laying still, in order to see the pulsing movement.

Next Lucy said: “seeing your dick is so hard now I would like to put it in – I am very wet.”
She must have read my mind because I was feeling the same way! I quickly agreed.
And then……. “You will need to be cleaned up first…….so there is no oil on it.”

Sarah responded “Stay there Jimmy……Lucy, you get ready…………I will clean Jimmy”…….. and was off to the bathroom. Minutes later she returned with a washcloth and the special soap. Obviously, my ‘massage’ was finished.

She poured the soap on my dick and using 2 hands rubbed it up and down my dick, saying “there is plenty of room for 2 now….. even 3.”
Slowly she let one hand slide up and lightly off the head followed by the other hand, continuously.

Lucy had never shown Sarah how I liked my dick rubbed. Sarah just seemed to have a talent for it. In fact she was so good, I was just starting to get that feeling when I heard Lucy say to Sarah
“don’t rub him too much………just wash him ...…we do not want to waste any squirt and make his dick go soft.”

Sarah looked a bit disappointed saying “but I get real nice feeling the hardness and the length of it!”

However, Lucy was the boss, so Sarah finished off with the pleasantly warm washcloth wrapped around my dick, removing all the soap.
“All done” she said dropping on the bed next to Lucy. It was rare that we had ‘sex’ with Sarah present, but I guessed that this was another ‘special occasion’.

Sarah had done a good job keeping me ready. I was bursting to get my dick in to Lucy. I would have to control myself. I did not want to squirt too soon as Lucy would not be pleased.
I just managed to hold off long enough – but when I did squirt I seemed to go on forever, so much so, that Lucy commented how good it was, and that it was a long time since I had given her so much. She was very happy and relaxed. Looking across to Sarah I could see that, as usual, she had dozed off. Lucy said she was exhausted and needed a sleep. In minutes she was fast asleep.

I wondered if all girls were like my two. After ‘sex’, they liked to go to sleep. I supposed that that indicated they were relaxed and contented because I had done a good.


One evening, just before our shower time, Lucy said that they would ‘check out’ my balls after my shower.
She explained that a recent class covered testicular cancer. They learned that males 15-40 years of age were in the ‘at risk’ group. Therefore, it was important for males in this group, in particular, to have a regular examination of their testicles to determine if there were any obvious irregularities.
It was a simple procedure. The testicles were felt by hand to determine if there was any change from their smooth oval shape. Lucy said she and Sarah understood the procedure and what to do.

Lucy said that towards the end of my shower, I was to position myself so as to let water, warmer than usual, run over my balls. This would ensure that my balls hung lowdown and make them easy to feel.
Suddenly I was feeling apprehensive. I wanted to know if this was going to be painful. I impressed upon both girls that this was a very sensitive area.

In the back of my mind I had an idea I had heard something about this in High School, but, being a typical indestructible male, I had completely forgotten all about it.

I had my shower and followed Lucy’s instructions. Lucy and Sarah were waiting for me as I stepped out. Lucy said I was really hanging low, with the shape of the 2 balls clearly visible at the bottom. In fact, everything was hanging low. My dick and balls were about the same length.

Lucy quickly dried me off. She looked at me carefully and said one ball was hanging lower than the other, and that that was as it should be. As my dick was very floppy and hanging real long, it was in the way, so Lucy told Sarah to pull it to the side.

On the rare occasions that Sarah had her hands on my dick, I usually went hard in an instant, but under these circumstances, it remained ‘dead’.

Lucy then cradled both hands under my balls, lifted them up slightly and placed her thumbs on top. The effect was that she had one ball in each hand. In unison, she let her fingers and thumbs slowly slide around each ball. Next, she used both hands to feel each one in turn. Her touch was light, in fact, quite pleasant. I was always amazed at what her long slim fingers could do.

After completing the examination, Lucy indicated to Sarah that it was her turn to check them.
Sarah followed the same procedure. But she continued on……..and on……….and on!
Then Lucy said “Sarah, that should be enough……don’t overdo it……remember Jimmy said they are very sensitive.”
Sarah replied “Ok…….it’s just that I like the feel of them………and it makes me nice all over.”

Her touch was similarly quite pleasant……..I was not complaining. I looked at Sarah’s face and could see the familiar slightly flushed appearance.

It did not take much for Sarah to ‘get nice all over’.

“Well” I said “What’s the verdict?”

There was silence! The girls could be teasers at times!

Finally, Lucy said that my balls felt perfect to her. Sarah agreed.

Lucy said that I could check them regularly myself, but, I was likely to forget. So, she and Sarah would set up a timetable and do it. I was pleased with that idea. They could feel my balls as often as they liked. Sarah also liked the idea. She said that she would be happy to help anytime.

With that, the girls hopped in the shower.


Our shower routine had now settled into a fairly regular pattern. I would go first and have my shower. The girls would follow. Usually, the girls showered together, during which time they chatted endlessly.

I liked this arrangement. I would sit on the bench and listen. This way I learned what was happening with them when I was not around.

More importantly, I could just watch them in the shower.

Whereas it took me 2 minutes in the shower, the girls spent 10 or more minutes, even though the shower had two shower heads – one at each end.

I loved the way the water cascaded off their breasts like small waterfalls. Their nipples stood out as they encircled them with their hands. I did not care how long they took in the shower.

On getting out of the shower their wet naked bodies glistened in the light. The raw beauty of their female form was something I never tired of watching – it was that voyeur in me, I guess.

Drying off was just as long a procedure. As they wiggled, turned and bent over, their breasts bounced and their nipples seemed to stick out even further as they toweled them off.

Even though I was used to this nightly routine, I had absolutely no control of my dick. By the time the girls were halfway through drying off it was up, usually, bursting hard.
Watching their bathroom activities was far better than watching TV.

I looked forward to this nightly ritual. In fact, it was undoubtedly the second best part of the day.


One night, the girls seemed to be focused on my dick and whispering to one another. I wondered what they were talking about. I looked down at my dick. It was sticking up in the air, as usual. Sometimes, they would comment if it had softened and flopped over. But this was not the case. It was as hard as a rock.

Then Lucy said “Sarah thinks something has happened to your dick…….it seems to be shorter”.
Next she went to the cabinet drawer and took out the old ruler and tape measure and said that she would check it. It was a quite a long time since she had measured my dick.

I stood up. Sarah pushed it down level, as she had done before, while Lucy put the ruler on it. They compared it to the previous markings Lucy had made. Then Lucy did the hardness test. She squeezed it with two fingers -

“It’s real hard and still 8 inches - definitely no shorter than before”. She commented.

Next she wrapped the tape around it and they both examined it.
“Wow……’s actually fatter…… 7 inches whereas it was 6 1/2 inches on the last measure”.

They concluded that it only looked shorter because it was now fatter.

I was not surprised that it had become fatter. Since Sarah had come to live with us, my dick had been stretched to bursting point nearly everyday, often twice a day. It was no wonder it had stretched and become fatter. In fact, on thinking about it – it would have been hard for at least 1 ½ hours a day.
The girls said it would not matter if it became even bigger. It would still fit in them easily.

Would it keep getting bigger due to the frequent daily workout it was given?


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