I had spent most of my seventeenth year in training, another eighteen months in a combat zone and a last year in Germany. Two of my closest friends since basic had bought choppers with me. We even went to the same area overseas, when they were killed I was surprised to find out I was named as their beneficiary.

Besides a half million dollars apiece the two other motorcycles became mine. I walked down the street with a large pack, a duffle bag over one shoulder and another in my hand. I walked up the long overgrown driveway and dropped the duffle bag to unlock the front door. I bent to grab the duffle before walking in.

The furniture was covered and all the lights were off. I sighed as I set the duffle bags down and took the pack off, “I’m home mom.”

I knew she would never be able to hear me, she had died while I was in combat. I started cleaning and getting the house set up. When I opened the garage the three motorcycles were parked beside each other. I went to check the midnight blue one with realistic red flames and caressed the crossed rifles on one side of the tank.

I turned at the cleared throat and smiled at the two teenagers, “hello.”

The two girls were night and day, one had black hair and the other blonde. They both had killer bodies wrapped in tight leather pants and vest. The blonde walked in, “these bikes are cool.”

I turned to look at them, “they were built for me and my friends.”

The dark haired girl came closer, “where are you friends?”

I looked at them, “dead.”

I shook myself, “I’m Devlin but you can call me Hammer.”

The blonde was Georgia and the other was Ash. I turned back to the bikes, “I was just looking at them before I get them running again.”

Georgia grinned, “we can help.”

I looked at her and then at Ash before shrugging and pointing to the stacked cans of oil. I was filling one while they started on the other two and Ash grinned, “we are going to join a biker club.”

I smiled as I kept working, “biker bitches aren’t allowed to ride by themselves.”

They looked at me and I shrugged, “most bitches are gang raped for their initiation. After they are in, they are available to any and all the men in the club until one claims them as their property. Even then he can share her with the other men in the club. Most are put to work as prostitutes and drug dealers.”

They looked at each other and I shrugged, “I saw a discovery show about biker gangs.”

It was mid afternoon before I hooked up all three batteries and started the bikes. I shut them off and grinned at the two girls, “do you have a license?”

They nodded and I tossed helmets before straddling mine. I led the way out onto the street and started off slow as they followed. I took them to a gas station and filled all three tanks before taking them back the long way. I backed my bike in and shut it off before putting the stand down. I helped the girls and then closed the garage.

They looked around in the house before leaving and I ordered a pizza before pulling out my laptop. I started the utilities and then began removing the sheets covering the furniture. After I ate the pizza I carried my things back to the master bedroom and set them against the wall. I wouldn’t have gas or electric until the next day as I laid on my mother’s bed and closed my eyes.

I woke with my heart pounding and sat up to look around. I finally got up and went to check the water, it wasn’t on so I went out back. I peed and sat in the deep shadows of the back porch before going to change, I wore army sweats with just my ID. I stretched and went out for a run as I let the nightmares fade.

I was almost home with the sun beginning to rise when the police cruiser pulled up beside me. I glanced at it before going to a walk, “need help officers?”

The driver smiled, “running early.”

I nodded, “I do that sometimes.”

He returned it like he understood, “combat?”

I looked at him before nodding again and he shrugged, “it takes time.”

I gestured and he stopped and looked at me. I looked around at the silent neighborhood, “I ride and someone mentioned a club.”

He frowned, “stay away, they mostly deal drugs.”

I looked at him, “do you know what the initiation is for a girl?”

He looked at me in surprise before nodding. I explained about the two girls and he shook his head, “I hope they check it out first.”

The water was turned on an hour later and I took a cold shower. I was washing the bikes and waiting for the electric company when Georgia and Ash returned with a dusky girl that looked younger, they called her Smoke. I smiled as they watched and Ash cleared her throat, “we checked what you said.”

I straightened, “about?”

Georgia shook her head, “the club.”

Smoke was wearing old jeans with a jean jacket and I could see she didn’t have a bra. She smiled, “my step dad is in the club and I told them.”

I looked at her and she shrugged, “he says I’m old enough to bleed so I’m old enough to breed.”

I waited and she looked at the other girls, “I didn’t want the whole club to rape me.”

I smiled, “smart.”

Ash caressed David’s bike, “are you going to join?”

She was fishing and I smiled, “no.”

I patted Simon’s bike, “I’ll find someone that wants to ride with me.”

They looked at each other as I went to shut the water off. I headed towards the door and they followed. I was walking into the kitchen when Ash cleared her throat and I looked back. She grinned, “want three Biker bitches?”

I grinned, “how’s the ride?”

Smoke laughed, “mine is a little bumpy with a few screams.”

Ash and Georgia grinned and Georgia crossed to me, “standard initiation? We’ll even wear a property patch.”

I smiled and cupped her firm breasts through her vest, “as a tramp stamp?”

She looked at me and then at the other two girls. Ash grinned as she pulled Smoke with her, “sure.”

I nodded and turned to pull Georgia after me. I stopped beside the wide bed and started stripping her while she blushed. Ash and Smoke had followed and were undressing. I bent her over the bed and undressed before rubbing her slit, “nice and deep the first time to leave sperm in each of you. The next time I will take my time and see if I can make you scream.”

Georgia grinned back at me, “that sounds good.”

I pushed into her pussy and kept going until my cock was buried against her cervix. Ash and Smoke sat on the edge of the bed and watched as I began to fuck Georgia with deep thrusts and she started to shudder. Her pussy grasped and clench each time I thrust into her. A couple of minutes later she shuddered hard as her pussy squeezed, “oh my god!”

I continued to fuck her as she jerked and twitched and finally pushed all the way in and held her as I began to pump huge spurts of cum. Georgia shuddered and pushed back, “yes!”

I spewed more than a half dozen jets of cum before pulling out. I rubbed her butt and she grinned back at me. I helped her onto the bed as Ash stood and turned to bend over with a smile. I moved over and fingered her slit before tickling her clit and pushing into her when she shivered. She groaned and pushed back as I sank my cock into her all the way.

I held her and rubbed her asshole before pushing against it. She pushed back as she looked over her shoulder. I grinned, “we need anal plugs for when you bitches bleed.”

She grinned as Smoke laughed and Georgia snickered. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes and enjoyed the way her pussy grasped my cock each time I pulled back. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and dropped her head to the bed, “oooohhhh!”

I smiled as I kept fucking her and she began spasming as she wailed louder. I fucked her hard and deep and held her up as she continued to jerk. I finally buried my cock as I grunted and pumped and spewed cum. She pushed back and sighed, “mmmm!”

Georgia and Smoke laughed as I spurted and pumped cum into her. When I was done I moved her forward onto the bed, “that was nice.”

She turned to looked at me and smiled, “you sure left a lot of sperm in me.”

Georgia moved over and held her hand as Smoke slipped off the bed and turned to bend over. I smiled as I stood her and turned her before pushing her back on the bed. I lifted and spread her legs before rubbing her fuzzy pussy. She shivered and grinned before humping up. I moved and forced my cock into her and pushed deeper.

She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy and sank deeper. I looked into her eyes as I began to fuck her. I started with long slow strokes that buried my cock with each thrust. I humped, pressed and rubbed against her as she grunted and then shuddered. Her tight pussy squeezed my cock constantly as I kept fucking her.

I continued to look into her eyes as she began to spasm and then jerk before howling, “oooohhhhh!”

I smiled and fucked her a little harder, “feel good tuff bitch?”

She shuddered almost violently, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

Georgia and Ash laughed as I used one hand to rub Smoke’s clit and the other to tug on a nipple. She arched her back and screamed as her tight pussy clenched almost painfully, “aaaaahhhhh!”

She squirted and thrashed around as I continued fucking her with nice deep thrusts. She bucked and jerked back and forth as her pussy tried to milk my cock. I smiled and held her hips and began to fuck her hard and deep as I tried to cum. I ignored her wails and a couple of minutes later thrust into her and held her as she squirmed and began pumping cum.

She stiffened and tilted her hips as warm sperm gushed through her cervix while she kept shaking and tossing her head. When I stopped cumming I rubbed her pelvis, “did I sperm your pussy good enough?”

She grinned and nodded as Georgia and Ash laughed. I pulled out and helped her up, “as soon as the electric and gas company get here we can take a ride.”

They grinned as they moved off the bed to get dressed with me. It was a couple of hours before the electricity and gas were on and the girls had helped me clean everything by then. Smoke sat behind me and wrapped her legs around my waist for our ride. Georgia and Ash rode the other bikes as I led the way out of the city and up into the mountains.

By the time we returned and parked the bikes they were grinning. Smoke was almost vibrating as she pulled her boots and pants off. I had to hold her arms to keep her from falling off while riding. The seat was still slimy from her cum leaking through the pants as she had continuous orgasms.

She straddled my bike and laid forwards over the tank as Georgia and Ash laughed and I stripped before getting on behind her. I felt her slimy pussy before shifting and pushing into her. I stood and fucked her as I held her hips and her tight pussy grasped my cock. She shuddered and pushed back as I fucked her while her tight pussy clenched around my cock.

We had the garage door open and watched the street as cars drove by. Smoke jerked and spasmed as I held her hips and fucked her hard with deep firm strokes, “oooohhhhh!”

It was a minute before she began to spasm and wail. Ash came to kiss her so her loud screams were muffled. She continued to jerk as I fucked into her tight pussy for a few minutes before burying my cock and pumping cum into her. She shuddered and her pussy milked the cum out as I continued to hold her.

Georgia rubbed her shoulder as I leaned back and pulled out, “we are getting you a collar.”

Smoke grinned before moving off the bike. I climbed off and went to close the garage before heading inside. I made lunch as she girls talked and drew the tramp stamp design. After lunch I called a taxi as the girls went to wash their pussies. I wasn’t sure about the girls being able to get the tattoo but Smoke spoke to the shop owner.

I sat and watched as the artist put the script on each one. It was simple and only two lines, the first said Property of and the second said Hammer. I knew the girls would be hurting and took them back to the house. I had them lay on the bed on their stomach as they whimpered and moaned.

I sat on the edge and rubbed Ash’s bare butt, “what are your parents going to say?”

She smiled at me weakly, “dad is rarely home and mom drinks and keeps telling me I need to find a job and my own place.”

I looked at Georgia and she sighed, “they won’t be happy. They are very religious. They told me if I joined a biker gang not to come home.”

I looked at Smoke and she grinned, “mom will shrug and dad will complain because he didn’t get to fuck me.”

I laid beside Ash and continued to caress her butt, “than I guess you three need to move your things into the club house.”

I reached between Ash’s legs to rub through her slit and then started finger fucking her as she spread her legs more, “I was going to take a few weeks and do a long ride.”

Ash started pushing back and panting as I slipped a finger in and out. I smiled as I buried my finger, “I guess we can go together.”

I moved off the bed and turned Ash as she spread her legs. I pushed my pants down and pushed into her. I started to fuck her slowly with long deep thrusts and her warm pussy grasped my cock each time I pushed into her. Georgia chuckled, “you need to buy handcuffs for Smoke.”

I buried my cock as she grinned and Ash shuddered, “handcuffs?”

Smoke giggled, “to keep me from falling off.”

I laughed as I pulled back and began fucking Ash again. She pushed back, “don’t forget her collar.”

I fucked her hard and fast as Georgia snickered and Smoke grinned. Ash spasmed and thrashed as she forgot all about the pain. Her pussy tightened as she jerked around and I kept fucking her while she howled, “oooohhhh!”

She came several times before I buried my cock and held her while spurting and pumping cum through her cervix. She shuddered and pushed back until I was done and then she relaxed. I pulled out and turned her on the bed, “rest and then go get your things.”

I left and rode to a store and did some shopping. The girls were gone when I got back and started dinner. It was barely a hour before Smoke was back with a large bag and a long black haired woman who smiled at me. A minute later a naked Smoke came out with her following, “my back hurt to much to wear anything.”

I grinned, “you can dress up after it heals.”

The woman laughed as she headed for the door, “enjoy your bitch.”

I looked at Smoke, “I already have.”

She grinned and sat, “soo...”

I turned back to cutting up peppers and onions, “so now we are waiting for another shoes to drop like someone’s mother being upset.”

She laughed, “don’t worry.”

I smiled as I looked at her, “I wasn’t. I got you a set of furry handcuffs while I was out.”

She stood and walked up behind me and pressed against me, “thanks for taking me.”

I turned and caressed her hips, “you are going to get used little biker bitch. I plan to fuck you hard and long just like Georgia and Ash.”

She grinned, “I was hoping you would.”

I grinned and looked at the door as Ash came in. She had a suitcase and a large duffle bag and grinned. I turned Smoke, “help her and look for your collar on my dresser.”

She grinned back at me as she went to help Ash. Georgia walked in a few minutes later with a sheet all bundled up. I frowned and went to take it and follow her down the hall, “It didn’t go well?”

She smiled, “as well as I expected.”

Ash was naked with Smoke helping her put clothes in the spare bedroom closet. I set the bundle down and turned Georgia before stripping her and giving her a kiss, “you belong to me and our club.”

She pressed against me, “thanks Hammer.”

I gave her butt a pat, “I’m burning dinner.”

She let me go and I went back to the kitchen. They came out a little later and set the table before I started serving. After dinner they cleaned up as I made a check and closed the garage. They were flirting with each other while we watched a show and then I shut everything off. After brushing teeth I walked into the bedroom to see the girls on the bed on their stomach.

I reached for Georgia on the edge and turned her before rubbing her pussy as she looked back at me with a grin. I stripped and pushed into her slowly before I began to fuck her, “tomorrow we need to buy saddle bags. We are leaving after that so plan on riding all day.”

Georgia shuddered and pushed back as I continued to fuck her and bury my cock. It wasn’t long before she started to shudder and her pussy clenched and tightened, “oooohhhh!”

I fucked her hard, fast and deep for a few minutes before shoving into her and humping. Her pussy spasmed around my cock as she wailed and shook. Ash and Smoke snickered as their friend thrashed and jerked. I pulled back to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts and kept going until my balls churned and I pushed all the way into her.

I kept pushing as I began to spew and spurt while her pussy gripped my cock. I sighed when I was done and bent over her to kiss her bare shoulder. I pulled out and helped her move and turn on the bed. I slipped in beside her and caressed her bare butt before putting an arm over her and closing my eyes.

I woke to the girls moving off the bed and glanced at Georgia before letting her go. I turned and climbed out before stretching and grabbing my sweats. I went to stretch and exercise before running. When I got back the girls had coffee going and were eating cereal. I grinned and bent to kiss each, “make sure you douche and take your birth control.”

I went to shower and get dressed as the girls started showering with a lot of giggling and laughing. I waited after opening the garage and when they came out I turned each of them to check the tattoos. Smoke grinned when she held up the handcuffs and I locked them after she put her arms around me.

The motorcycle shop was just opening when we got there but we had to wait for Smoke to stop cumming before we could go in. I bought and had the saddle bags put on before we went home. I let Smoke sprawl out with her legs spread as we went to start packing, an hour later I shut everything off and we left.

I led the way using the back road as Smoke clutched me and spasmed constantly. The girls are still with me and Smoke still can’t ride by herself. She is twenty four now and has two girls of her own. Georgia and Ash are twenty six and have two girls and two boys.
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