D is always welcome!
D Returns II

Yes, D returns and returns and returns. Why????? Hoping for the pussy to get better and better and hotter and hotter and more and more.

D is very patient. He visits and visits, hoping the get his very nice rock hard cock into my lady's pussy. He arrives for his regular visit, having been promised an erotic massage. This promise has existed for quite some time and D has been patiently waiting. Maybe today ?????!!!!!

D arrives as usual, gets comfortable, injects his semi-hard cock and “jacks it off” (so that the prostaglandin does its job) until its very hard and reasonably long and large in diameter. Long enough and wide enough to satisfy most any pussy or mouth.

We relax and set down to watch a few porno movies. This helps us get into the mood for the sex hopefully to follow. My lady even joins us watching beautiful young ladies suck big long cocks and young men with big long cocks licking the pretty ladies pussies. It is obvious that both the ladies and men enjoy this sexual activity which soon turns into sessions with big hard long cocks sliding in and out of the ladies hot wet pussies. Do these men and women cum ??? We're never sure about the women but the men usually cum in to ladies mouths or all over their breasts. We do enjoy these videos and hopefully we; D, me and my lady (which is unusual) learn something, get us excited and help us get ready for some fun ourselves.

My lady has promised D an erotic massage and she has decided to suggested to D that this might be just the right time. D smiles, his cock hardens and lengthens more. We spread a large blanket on the living floor and ask D to lay on his stomach on the blanket. My lady decides to start on D's feet and I start on D's head. We have some very nice almond oil that we pour in our hands, warming the oil before we spread it lightly on D. I spread oil on D's neck and shoulders while my lady spreads oil on D's feet and legs. We massage the oil evenly and slowly into D's skin making D warm and tingly. I precede down D's back as my lady continues up D's legs and onto his thighs. We continue, I toward D's buttocks and my lady toward his crutch. When my lady reaches D's crutch, she gently caresses his balls and slides her fingers up and around D's rock hard cock. This all takes a fare amount of time during which D's excitement grows, his cock staying very hard from my lady's caresses and anticipation of what D hopes is to come.

I and my lady arrive at a place where it is obvious for us to have D turn over. We ask him to do so and we again start at our appropriate ends, me at D's head and my lady at his feet. We again spread our almond oil all over D's body, me his chest and stomach and my concentrating on D's feet. legs and upper thighs. Again, we reach our goal at approximately the same time. I again warming the oil in my hands, I place my hands on D’s rock hard cock as my lady concentrates on D's balls. At this point, I turn over all activities to my lady as she moves her hands from is balls to his rock hard cock. My lady moves her hands up and down his gorgeous cock, making it warm and very slippery.

My lady continues to move her hands up and down, up and down on D’s cock. His cock now at its maximum length and width. My lady has just started to enjoy sucking cock. She started by sucking the head of my cock being concerned that I not push it too deep in her throat. She now leans over D
and slides her mouth over and down D's rock hard cock. My lady has obviously come to enjoy a nice warm cock in her mouth.

She slowly begins to suck on D's cock as she massages his large dandling balls. She moves her mouth to D's balls and gently sucking each ball one at a time into her mouth. D moans again wanting to cum but my lady is not ready. D continues to moan but my lady is still not ready to let D enjoy his climax. She continues to suck gently on D's cock, sliding her mouth up and down its length, tickling the underside of his cock head with her tongue and again in sucking D's now very large cock head into her mouth. My lady sucks harder, and for a longer time. D can no longer hold back. He shoots a very large sweet load of cum into my lady's receptive mouth. She swallows and swallows, only a drop or two dripping out the side of her mouth. She looks up at D, smiles and licks her lips.

My lady has come to enjoy the feeling of a rock hard cock between her lips and as much of its length as she can tolerate. D's has cum but will again fulfill my lady's needs - to shoot another load of his hot creamy cum deep in her swelling hot pussy. D will satisfy my lady !!!!

With the thought of D's hot creamy cum in her pussy, my lady moves up over D, placing D’s cock head just barely in her vaginal opening. D lifts his hips, wanting his cock buried deep in my lady pussy, but she must tease D a bit more. She too wants D's rock hard cock in her pussy. She can no longer resist and places D's rock hard long big cock in her vaginal opening. My lady slowly slides down onto D's oil slick cock taking its entirety, his balls brushing against her very hot and wet pussy. D is beside himself as my lady moves up and down on his rock hard cock. She moves upward to the tip of D’s cock and with all her weight, drops back down onto D's now ready to erupting cock. D pauses a moment and than with a jerk he pushes the full length of his cock into my lady's very hot, wet pussy, D's cum flood's my lady's pussy. My lady still pumps up and down, cum squeezing out around D's cock. My lady loves hot cum in her equally hot pussy, allowing this nice rock hard cock to move smoothly in and out, around and round in her stretched pussy.

My lady relaxes while still laying on D, his cock still rock hard and embedded in her cum filled pussy. Is she is not done? No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My lady rolls off of D onto her hands and knees placing her pussy high in the air. She now asks D to move behind her and again place his still rock hard hot cock deep, deep in her still hot cum soaked pussy. D gladly obliges and again drives his rock hard cock as deep into her pussy as it would go – so deep that his balls slapped against her ass. As he plunges into her, my lady drives her pussy back as hard as possible onto D's forward driving cock. My lady is again ready to cum begging D's to pump his hot creamy cum again deep into her pussy. He cums and cums, his hot thick creamy cum oozing out around his deeply imbedded still rock hard cock. It is amazing how long D's cock stays very rock hard and hot.

D withdraws his still rock hard cock from my lady's dripping pussy. It is now my time to lick his cum and my lady's pussy juices from his large straight still rock hard cock. D dips his cock back into my lady's wet pussy, withdraws and I again lick his cum and her pussy juices from his gorgeous cock. D being still rock hard, I suck it deep into my throat. Hearing D moan, I realize that I too will be bless with a load of D's thick hot creamy cum. Delicious !!!!!

Note: Most of my stories are based on true facts …... with a little author flexibility.

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