“Kuranai and Shikamaru”

“Come to me little one” Temari replies as she is on her knees holding a play toy for Kuranai’s child.
Shikamaru watches from the other side of the room watching the two “What would our child look like I wonder if you know…?”

Temari looks at him as the baby falls onto her “You think too much” then turns her head to the baby
“Doesn’t he think too much little one” she grabs his arms and stretches them into the air. The baby is happy.

Kuranai walks back into the home with groceries “Can someone help me here”

“Sure thing” Shikamaru says walking around Temari and grabbing the bags from Kuranai. He places them on the counter and starts moving them into their spots.

“Temari, how has he been?” Kuranai asks as she helps Shikamaru.
“He was great we played a few games and even got Shikamaru during meal time” Temari laughs as she says that.

Shikamaru rolls his eyes as he places some food into the counter. Kuranai places a hand on Shikamaru’s shoulder reassuring him. Kuranai then turns to Temari “Well thanks for helping he has been a hassle these past few months.”

“Oh no problem I’d love to do it anytime he is great” Temari responds as the baby crawls around her playing with random toys.

“How about tomorrow?” Kuranai responds to Temari.

“Actually she’s got to head home something about Gaara’s birthday or something” Shikamaru cuts in.

“Yeah Gaara has a birthday at the end of the week, so tomorrow I’ll be hopefully getting into the village.”

Temari says to Kuranai then turns to Shikamaru “Are you ready to take me to the gate or…?”

“I need to talk to him about something Temari can you alone?” Kuranai says before Shikamaru could say yes.

“See you next week then” Shikamaru says to Temari

“Yeah you too” Temari says to Shikamaru then turns to the baby “And I’ll see you next week too little one doesn’t get into much trouble you here” the baby ignores her playing with his toys.

“Let me get the baby asleep, and we will talk Shikamaru” Kuranai says grabbing her child and lifting him into his cradle. The baby goes to sleep soon after Kuranai leaves.

Going out to the porch Shikamaru watches as a bird chirps and water flows in Kuranai’s pond. “One week we have together” Shikamaru says openly as Kuranai walks out.

“I know this is complicated, but a woman has needs and well…” Kuranai says sitting next to Shikamaru.

“Since we started this past month though I’ve had to make some hard sacrifices” Shikamaru says.

“I know I too have made some rescheduling plans of late. Hinata is behind in her discussions, who knows where the boys are in their training, and of course for the past couple of weeks I’ve had to delay visiting the Hokage due to…” Kuranai stops seeing Shikamaru stare at her. She looks at him intently. Shikamaru moves forward and kisses her on the lips then leaves.

Shikamaru waves to her as he walks away “I’ll see you tonight my mother are making her favorite and I can’t deal with the smell of it.”

Kuranai watched as he walked away frozen not believing that he kissed her not a friendship kiss, but a real kiss. It wasn’t her imagination he actually kissed her, and she enjoyed it.

“Shikamaru how are you today?” Tsunade says meeting him at the entrance to Kuranai’s place.

“Just fine Hokage, I’ll have those reports in tomorrow” Shikamaru responds standing in attention.

“Good I don’t expect them to be late you here?” Tsunade says walking toward the front of the house.

“I won’t and Kuranai is at the porch Hokage” Shikamaru says waving good-bye as Tsunade walks around the house to see Kuranai with a blank face studying something. Tsunade sits where Shikamaru sat moments ago.

“Hokage I’m sorry I’ve been swamped lately” Kuranai says surprised by the visit.

“No worry in fact I’m glad you didn’t come I’d rather talk to you away from prying eyes.” Tsunade says as she looks at the pond.

“What is it?” Kuranai questions the Hokage.

“There is a reason why I don’t want any prying eyes if anyone found out it might make the situation more complex than it should.” Tsunade responds.

“A mission” Kuranai says “I…I… don’t know if…I…”

“You won’t need to use any chakra the only thing you need to do is listen in to conversations within the village. I suspect something big is going down behind my back and no one wants to talk.” Tsunade responds in a monotone.

“I understand and the length?” Kuranai was intrigued

“The more information you collect the better. You won’t be going to me though with this information instead I have a spy in place scouting similar information. They will be your contact.

“What is it that I am to listen into?” Kuranai asks. Tsunade takes a deep breath and whispers in her ear the information Kuranai held her hand to her mouth now understanding the danger she herself was in. “I understand.” Tsunade leaves with Kuranai watching the scene in front of her with two birds chirping as the fish swim and a breeze goes through the garden.


That night at Kuranai’s Shikamaru stands at the front door ready for tonight.
Kuranai opens the door with one hand and the other she is holding her child while welcoming in Shikamaru.

“Need help there” Shikamaru offers to hold the baby.

Kuranai hands him the baby and rushes into the kitchen as she tells him “Keep him occupied I’m nearly finished in here.”

Shikamaru sets him down in the living room handing him toys to play and for a few minutes there was peace in the house that was until Kuranai cursed walking out of the kitchen with smoke. Shikamaru walks to her she tells him with a disappointed look “I can’t even do the one thing I’m good at.”

“It’s alright lets go out tonight my treat” Shikamaru hugs Kuranai reassuring her. The three leave and head out to a small restaurant that had some privacy. The privacy allowed the two to make out, while feeding the baby without someone suspecting something unusual going on. When they returned back to Kuranai’s they set the baby to sleep and went to the living room.

Shikamaru sat on the sofa waiting for Kuranai who was cleaning the last of the ruined food earlier. Kuranai walked in and sat down by Shikamaru and they began kissing each other.

Shikamaru removed her clothes slowly as she got on top of him. Kuranai pulled away from Shikamaru and undid his clothes and in no time at all both were in the nude making out. Kuranai moved her hands around his head. Shikamaru moved his heads so he was rubbing her back. Kuranai’s body ached for attention after months of tolling with the idea of having sex with Shikamaru she was ready tonight.

Shikamaru had a thing for Kuranai since his teacher had passed away, but with Temari always around it had been difficult. It wasn’t until today when he had kissed her did he know that she was ready. He had been trying to kiss her for weeks now, but to no avail. Here he was now with Kuranai on top of him in her full woman nude form. His cock got harder as Kuranai moved her body over his body. He needed to fuck her to feel what his teacher had once done.

Kuranai sat up and moved his cock to the point where it was starting to penetrate her pussy lips. She moved down on it feeling the cock pierce through. She moaned softly not wanting to wake the baby upstairs.

Shikamaru felt the tightness wrap around his cock as she engulfed it. He breathed heavily enjoying the sensation that was building up within both of them as they slowly fucked. “Kuranai…ooohhhh…fuck” Shikamaru repeated “I…I love you.”

Kuranai kept at it feeling somewhat bored and horny all at the same time. She remembered the last time she had this was pure fantasy. She wondered if Shikamaru would enjoy the same sensations as she once had with his teacher. She made the hand symbols. The next thing that happens is they are on a raft floating slowly on a river. Stars and the moon shined above them.

“That’s amazing!” Shikamaru looked at Kuranai and the sky while he rested on the raft.

Kuranai was far from done, but figured this scene would do for the moment. Shikamaru sat up and sucked on her tits for a few moments. Kuranai was feeling hotter and hornier with each passing moment. She moved Shikamaru away from her breasts and kissed him hard. She moved her tongue into his while he did the same to her. She was melting away with the energy between them was nearly as equal as before when she produced a son. The scene disintegrates away returning them back to the living room. Kuranai heard the baby cry, but she didn’t want to stop she could feel something coming and she didn’t want to stop.
Shikamaru felt tightness in his loins and pushed harder while kissing her harder. He pushed deeper into her as she moved faster. He heard the baby cry, but didn’t want this to stop until he came. Then it happens

“Oh fuck I came!” Shikamaru pulls away screaming in relief from the orgasm he had. Kuranai didn’t stop though. Shikamaru could see it in her that she too was about to come.

The load that Shikamaru had shot into her belly felt so warm, she could have faked an orgasm at the same time as him, but she hadn’t had an orgasm in months, and was desperate for one. She kept going as the baby cried and screamed to no avail, she was tempted to stop and take care of her child, but she was too horny and so close to coming she could feel it. She could feel the tension and tightness in her to finally release. “Aaaaahhhh…Ooohhhh!!! Fuck!!! Shikamaru!!!” Kuranai had came her juices flowed onto his stomach, his cock, and finally onto the sofa. She got up with both of their juices still flowing from her pussy and ran to her baby.

Shikamaru sat there taking it all in. The baby quit crying which allowed Shikamaru to at last think. A few minutes later he got up and walked slowly and quieting as possible to see Kuranai shaking her child to sleep. Still nude standing at the doorway he sees her nude feeding the baby with her milk. He had a taste earlier of it when they were making sex, and was indifferent with it. Shikamaru knew that Kuranai was likely to stay awake for awhile. Shikamaru left getting dressed and walking out the door knowing it was going to be a restless night for all of them.


The moment Shikamaru left another appeared at the door way revealing there selves to Kuranai. Kuranai responds to the mysterious person “I apologize for tonight this was the first time, for the rest of the info you seek it is on the counter in the kitchen.” The mysterious person nods walks over to her and sticks their finger into her wet pussy and sucks on the combined juices of Shikamaru and Kuranai. Nods and walks away.

The mission has begun for Kuranai, while for the spy it was only getting juicer by the scene.


Next Week: Tenten Tool Set

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