Alphonse comes to terms with his daughters confession and makes a decision that they will both hold in their beating hearts forever.
Sinclair Stories™

<Begin Dream Sequence>

“This is your baby Alphonse and you can keep it.” I stared down at the small sleeping baby speechless “C-Cindy…” She just stared back at me angrily “Take her… I don’t want her, you’ve ruined my life you worthless shit!” She almost literally tossed the baby to me “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” I yelled as I quickly caught the baby “I told you Alfonse, I don’t want it… it’s ruined my career, the school board caught on and fired me. I’m lucky I’m not going to get arrested since the police can’t find you when you ran away!”

My father walked into the room just as I yelled back “I never ran away you dumb bitch, I transferred schools because my dad took a new job and I needed to take a course the school didn’t have!” My father did a double-take when he saw the baby in my hand and said “Son, what the fuck is going on!?” She pointed at me and replied “I’ll tell you what’s going on; your worthless son knocked me up then took off!”

My dad’s eyes grew wide and unfortunately my mom came in to room to see what the commotion was “I told you Cindy I did not run away; besides, how was I supposed to know you were pregnant?” My father’s eyes look like they caught fire as he walked closer, raising his hand to slap her but instead hit me “Don’t you call my son worthless, this is your fault not his… take responsibility for your actions!”

She spat on my foot and kept yelling “Don’t you blame me old man, I didn’t get pregnant on my own!” Mom ran over and stood in front of me “Yeah well he didn’t rape you either… In fact according to the law, you raped him; I’m calling the police.” I grabbed her by the wrist and shook my head as the baby started crying, awakened from all the noise “SHUT UP!” Cindy yelled at the baby.

I gently rocked her back and forth and shouted back “Don’t you talk to my daughter like that!” Mom and Dad both stared at me for a second before Dad bowed up and screamed at her “GET OFF MY PROPERTY BEFORE I SHOOT YOU!!!” She stepped back in fear and walked back to her car “Fine… I hope you all burn in hell!” Mom walked out onto the grass chasing her and yelled “It’s you who’ll burn in hell!”

The whore tore out of the neighborhood as Mom walked back inside and Dad closed the door behind her. They both yelled at me in unison as I started crying “You’ve got a lot of fucking explaining to do young man!” I started walking back to my room as Dad grabbed my shoulder “Where are you going… you’re going to sit down and explain yourself right now!” I jerked my shoulder away from him and ran to my room, locking the door behind me as Dad banged on the door shouting.

I sat down on the bed with the baby in my arms and just gazed down at her in a trance “Why did she do this to me?” I asked myself aloud as the baby cooed and grabbed my finger lightly. I smiled as one of my tears fell on her tiny stomach “Hi there little one… I’m your daddy… your my daughter.” Dad stopped banging and stormed off in a fit of rage.

I gently held the baby up to my face and kissed her cheek “You’re going to stay with daddy for now on, I hope you don’t mind.” She just laughed and made a small burping sound. I felt my eyes swell up with more tears as I held her in my arms and rocked her back and forth. “I bet that bimbo didn’t even give you a name.” I pulled the blanket she was wrapped in back to expose all of her and smiled as I thought of a name “How about I call you… Katie?”

I noticed the doorknob turn and the lock unlock as Mom came in holding a butter knife she used as a key “Honey, do you want to talk?” I turned around so she couldn’t see me and replied “No, you guys are just going to yell at me.” I heard a car start up and tear out of the driveway “No baby, I won’t yell at you… your father is going to go drown his sorrows at a bar so it’s just you and me… and the baby.”

She sat down next to me on the bed and hugged me “Katie” I said to her “Her name is going to be Katie…” mom smiled and rubbed my back “So you’re going to keep her?” I stared daggers at her making her shut up as I replied “I’m not going to let her go through the world without both parents.”

She stared at the baby and ruffled my hair “That’s very mature of you honey, a lot more than Ms. Rushford was.” I started crying again and hugged her with one arm as I held Katie in the other “Don’t call her that Mom, she’s nothing but a dumb whore.” Mom laughed and held me tighter “You’re right about that… but do you realize the responsibility that comes with a child?”

I stood up and leaned against the wall, still rocking Katie as I replied “I know that my personal life is over and that I have to spend all my time taking care of her… is that right?” Mom just stood up and put a hand on my shoulder “Well baby doll… for the most part yeah, you’ll have to spend most of your teenage life with her… you will have to be her independence because she will be dependent on you, being a parent is defiantly not an easy task and you can’t just start and then stop because you get tired of it.”

Katie sneezed and I pulled the blanket around her to keep her warm “I know Mom, I couldn’t ever abandon my own daughter… thank you for being so understanding and supportive, I just wish dad was the same way.” She walked over to my dresser and pulled a drawer out as she mover the clothes to another one “He will be honey, just give him time… he didn’t expect to be a granddad so soon.”

“What are you doing?” I asked as she stuffed a blanket in the drawer “I’m creating a make-shift crib until we get you one.” I smiled as she walked out of the room “Now I’m going to go to the store and get diapers and baby formula, when I get back I’m going to teach you things you need to know.” I thanked her as she put her coat on and left the house. I looked down at Katie as she slept peacefully in my arms and said “I love you Katie…”

<End Dream Sequence>

I woke up sweating and noticed something on top of me. I blinked a few times to get the sleep out of my eyes before they grew wide, realizing that all of last night’s events were no dream. Katie was still sleeping on me and I smiled, slowly peeling her sticky skin off mine as I rolled her over. Something wasn’t right though, the boat was darker than normal, I couldn’t hear the engine and the atmosphere felt strange.

I felt around for my phone and grabbed it, tapping the screen it didn’t light up ‘what the hell?’ I pushed the button on the top and it lit up as it turned back on ‘Why was it off; it had full charge when I last checked it, did Katie turn it off?’ I stood up and stretched as Katie snored, I kissed her forehead before putting my sweatpants back on ‘I’ll let my little girl rest up.’ I climbed the ladder and immediately felt a cold draft of air.

I was sure the engine was off now as there was defiantly no heat flowing “What the hell is going on?” there was just enough light shining through the windows from the morning sun to allow me vision to find a flashlight. I opened a cabinet and pulled out a heavy duty flashlight, turning it on as I climbed down into the engine room.

The engine was off and smoking slightly “huh, must’ve overheated.” I gently placed my hand on it and was surprised “Stone cold… how long was it off?” I grabbed the cord and yanked back, trying to get it started. It sputtered a few times before roaring back to life “Well at least we avoided that disaster.” I stayed with it for a moment to make sure it stayed on and climbed back up.

I checked the gauges on the dashboard and noticed the gyroscope was spinning out of control, I tapped it and said “We must’ve gone through some sort of magnetic interference” I examined the GPS to see where we were and received nothing but static. Looking out the window I could barely see the sun as the fog was too dense “This is not going to be fun to work in.” I thought for a second about the situation ‘I have bigger things to worry about than fishing, where in the hell are we?’

I tried to reset the GPS but it was no use, it was like it got fried somehow. I heard a sudden voice below deck call my name “Daddy, where are you?” I smiled and yelled in response “I’m up here pumpkin.” I sat down in the captain’s chair and kept trying to reset the GPS, we’re really screwed without it… I’m not very good at using the stars. She climbed up naked and I just stared at her curvy form, taking in all that I couldn’t see last night.

She giggled and strolled over to me, wrapping her arms around me from behind “Like what you see?” she asked as she rubbed my chest. I tried to ignore her and keep resetting the GPS but my eyes were drawn up to her beautiful chest “So you’re not regretting anything we did last night?” I asked nervously, making her laugh and reply “How could I regret something that I wanted to happen for six years?”

She smashed her lips against mine and sat in my lap, wiggling her cute little ass on my crotch for a few seconds. I gave her a gentle tap on the rear making her jump and whispered in her ear “While I could stare at you beautiful naked body all day… you need to go put some clothes on before you catch pneumonia.” She stood up and shook her buns in my face before going back down to the crew quarters.

“Hope you took a good look Daddy… cause it’s the last you’ll see of them until later on tonight.” I laughed but caught my tongue, realizing what she meant by that. The static on the GPS thankfully finally went away and restarted, it still said searching for signal but at least it was on. We would have been fucked without it.

The fog started to lighten up a bit enough were I could see around the boat as the sun rose higher in the sky. Katie came back up dressed in a purple sweater and a pair of tight blue jeans; she wrapped my orange fishing coat around me and replied “I don’t want you to catch a cold either.” I stood up and buttoned it as I took my sweat pants off put my normal pants on in front of her. She stared at my member as I slid on my pants and blushed “It’s hard to believe that giant thing was in my pussy last night.”

“And don’t forget your mouth.” I teased as I spun her around “How could I forget daddy, my jaw and pussy are still sore!” I held her hand and kissed her as we walked outside into the fog “Wow” She said looking around “It sure is foggy this morning.” I gave a nod and walked over to the net “Yeah, I wonder if that had anything with the engine and electronics?” She looked at me confused and replied “What are you talking about?” I tugged on the rope and motioned for her to help “Well this morning I woke up and everything on the boat was off, even my phone.” She gave a worried look but I quickly reassured her “It’s alright though, everything is working now.” I thought about the GPS and Gyroscope and decided to leave that out as I didn’t want her to be concerned.

We pulled the net up out of the water and were surprised to see it was completely full of fish. “Wow” I exclaimed as we started unloading each fish into the chute that led down to the fish hole “I didn’t expect to get this many; look at that… we filled the entire net, must’ve gone through a whole school of the little buggers!” She shrieked as one of them jumped out of her hands and landed back in the ocean.

I laughed at her and said “Well he’s a lucky one.” She blushed in embarrassment and kept unloading the fish “How many do you think we got in just this load?” she asked as we kept sliding the fish down the hole “Well, from the looks of it Katie… I’d say well over a hundred!” She smiled and kept working “How many do you have to catch?” I thought for a second and replied “It’s more about weight than amount.”

She grabbed the net as it started sliding back towards the water, saving me a bunch of work “damn, I wasn’t paying any attention… thanks sweetie.” She grinned and kept sliding the fish down the chute as I continued talking “let’s see I usually get about thirty tons so that’s probably somewhere in the ten thousand range.” She stared at me and responded “There’s going to be ten thousand fish in the hold, how in the hell can the boat float with all that weight?”

I laughed and said “It doesn’t, we’ll give all the fish we have to the Bermuda Island… our first destination, then keep going as we pick up more fish until we reach our next destination.” She shook her head understanding what I was saying and we finished up unloading the entire net “Well, that was a lot more work than I thought it would be; I guess I’m starting to get old.”

She giggled as we put the net back in the water and tied it to the back of the boat “Daddy, you’re only thirty-four; besides, you were pretty young in the bed last night.” I smiled and laughed “I admit it Katie, your body makes me feel ten years younger.” She giggled and hugged me “I still can’t believe we did that Daddy!” She squealed as I swooped her up off her feet and twirled around with her “Alphonse and Katie sitting in a tree!”

She laughed and kissed me with each letter I said “K...I...S…S...I...N...G...” I smiled and sat her back down as she said “I guess we should probably keep this a secret from Grandma and Grandpa huh?” I stared at her for a moment in a serious manner and she laughed “I’m just kidding Daddy; I know we have to keep it a secret from everyone.” I slowly shook my head and she hugged me “I wish we didn’t though, I wish there was a place we could get married and live together forever.”

A breeze blew through the air and I wrapped my arms around her as she shivered “I know baby, but society would shit a brick if it found out about what we did last night.” She blushed and rubbed up against me “A-are we going to do it again tonight?” I gave a naughty smirk and she giggled “I’d take that as a yes?” I laughed and walked around the deck with her checking the fishing poles “That’s a maybe…” She hung her head and I playfully smacked her ass “Don’t feel so down Katie, your pussy needs some rest after last night.”

I grabbed at the fishing rod but she suddenly slammed me up against the side of the bulkhead “Katie?” Her cheeks were as red as a tomato as she ran her hands down my chest and jumped up on me “Damn Katie, you’re too heavy for me to carry baby!” She kissed my neck and sucked on it until she left a hickey “I’ve waited six years to have sex with you daddy… now I just want more!”

I smiled and held her close to me “I-I guess you could say… I waited eighteen years for it Katie…” She looked up at me and flashed a sexy smile, reaching into my pants to grab my member “I bet someone else down here waited a long time as well?” I spun around so she was the one backed up against the bulkhead and replied “I love you Katie.” She smiled and kissed my jaw “I love you too Daddy.”

I licked her neck and she unbuttoned my pants “L-let’s not get too into this right now Katie.” She ignored me and stroked my bare organ “Katie…” She released her grasp on me with her legs and slid down the bulkhead, getting right in front of my crotch as she pulled down my pants “Katie stop; Ugn… I don’t want to get to frisky right now.” She stroked faster and put her finger to my tip.

“I think your body begs to differ Daddy!” She stuck her tongue out and gently swirled around the head, making my knees buckle and forcing me to put my hand on the bulkhead for support “Oh God Katie, you’re so fucking good at this.” She giggled and took my length in deeper “Really?” She asked with my cock in her mouth. “Yeah baby… are you sure you’ve never done this with anyone else?”

She bobbed her head for a second before talking all of me in her mouth and sucking with an airtight seal “Ugn… uh… Katie!” She let go with a pop and stroked faster as she gazed up at me “You’re the only person I’ve ever done anything sexual with Daddy…” I put my hands on her head as she went back to sucking me off “And you’re alright with that Katie?” She ran her tongue along the side of my shaft and kissed the head of my prick “Yes”

‘Unbelievable’ I thought to myself as she licked the underside and gently fondled my balls “I love everything about you Daddy… The way you take care of me, the way you act like such a man, and defiantly the size of your big dick!” I pulled her up to me and kissed her as hard as I could, letting our tongues meet outside our mouths and twirl around with each other’s.

“I love everything about you to Katie; I love your beautiful smile, your soft voice, the way you walk…” She smashed her lips to mine and let go of my member, wrapping her arms around me as we passionately made out “Daddy…” she moaned as I slid my tongue in her mouth and ran it along her perfectly straight teeth “Katie…” I moaned back as she ripped my fishermen coat open and ran her hands down my exposed chest.

Her tongue clashed with mine, attempting to gain the upper hand in our sensual battle of lust “Love me Daddy…” She groaned as I left her mouth and got on my knees, quickly unbuttoning her jeans as fast as I could “Forever Katie… I’ll love you forever and ever.” I yanked her jeans down to her ankles and rubbed myself for a few moments as I stared at her dripping panties “You’re soaking wet Katie.”

She blushed and pulled her panties to the side “You make me that way Daddy!” Immediately I licked the fluids off her puffy lips, making her jump from the sensation “DADDY!” I stopped and licked my lips to get a good taste of her nectar before she shoved my face in her groin “Eat me Daddy!” I smiled and sucked on her swollen lips “Oh Daddy, it feels so good…” She ran her hands through my hair as my tongue slipped inside her and churned her juices.

“AHH” She screamed as I went deeper, tasting what was left of our sex from last night “DADDY, YOUR TONGUE IS SO DEEP IN MY PUSSY!” Her words fueled my sex drive as I stroked my shaft faster, gaining deeper leverage as she slid down the bulkhead. I grabbed her ass as she wrapped her legs around my neck and pulled her pussy up closer to my face “It tastes so good Katie…”

“Daddy… Daddy… I love you so much Daddy…” I fell over on the deck and she snatched hold of my dick “I…Want to pleasure you too Daddy.” She adjusted herself in a sixty-nine position and proceeded to suck my cock vivaciously. I ran my hand across her crotch and flicked her clit with my thumb “UGN… DADDY!” Her love tunnel moistened with more of her essence as I continually rubbed her clit. She licked the pre-cum off my head and ran down the side of my prick with her tongue until she reached my testicles. I withdrew my tongue from inside her and moaned “Oh Baby… my Katie…”

She giggled and slurped on one of my boys “You like that Daddy?” I barely touched her clit with my tongue and she moaned loudly “Yeah baby, you really know how to make me feel good.” She smiled and dove her mouth back onto my member, massaging my balls as she took my shaft to the back of her throat. I stopped and watched her deep throat me with everything she had “God Katie, you’re so fucking sexy!”

She must’ve liked the compliment because she sucked my dick all the way down to the hilt, driving me crazy with the sheer warmth “Urnm… Katie… So good…” She tightened her legs around my neck and slammed my face into her pussy, taking the hint I continued our fervid adventure; sucking on her clitoris as I slid a finger inside her “Urmm… Dad…” I felt her shake a bit before she collapsed on top of me “Did you just cum Katie?”

She blushed and shook her head yes “I’m sorry Daddy…” I laughed and twirled my finger around inside her “What are you sorry about silly?” She blushed a deeper shade of red and let go of my member “You just… you make me feel so good, I can’t stand it.” I lapped at her juices as they dripped out of her into my mouth “I feel the same way baby… I’ve never had a woman treat me as good as you do.”

She smiled and went back to my cock, sucking on the head until it felt swollen “I don’t know what to think of you as Daddy… are you my Dad or are you my boyfriend?” I stopped tasting her and looked down at her in a serious manner “Katie… no matter what happens… know that I’ll always be your father.” She gave a nod and stroked my dick as she engorged herself on the shaft, taking me to the back of her throat again as her tongue swirled around the base.

“Oh Baby… you can really take my meat in can’t you!?” I felt her smile even with me in her mouth and I licked her pussy, rewarding her for her hard work “Mmmf, Daddy!” I held her hips still as she sucked harder and crammed my tongue back inside her tunnel, holding the tip of it down with my finger as I swayed my head back and forth “DADDY!!” She screamed as part of my tongue brushed against her clit “MORE!”

I happily complied and slipped another finger in, releasing my tongue so I could feel her tender walls. She cupped my balls in her hands and gently squeezed both softly, “Katie… I’m getting close…” I felt my loins heat up as she sucked harder and let go of my boys; favoring my shaft as she twisted her hands around it, attempting to wring the cum out of me “Baby doll… I love you so much!”

My fingers slid out of her as I focused on my own orgasm “OH GOD KATIE!” My leg muscles tightened and I felt myself release into her mouth “YES KATIE, DRINK IT!” She swallowed as much as she could before she flew off my organ and watched the ropes shoot out onto her face “Ugh… damn…I…” I looked at her pussy and saw the nectar dripping out of her, realizing she’d had another orgasm of her own just from the pure excitement.

“Daddy?” I got my breathing under control as she crawled off me “Yes baby?” She smiled and stood up “You covered me.” I turned my head and gazed into her emerald eyes, noticing the strands of cum trickling down her face “Uh-ha, yeah… yeah I did…” She grabbed my hand and pulled me up “Come on Daddy… let’s take a shower.” I stood up and she laughed as my joints in my knees popped “You sound like grandpa when he tries to get up out of his chair!” I smiled and grabbed my clothes off the deck “Not even close, he sounds like bubble wrap.”

She giggled and pulled me inside the wheelhouse, swaying her ass with each step she took “Mmm, look at that ass!” I smacked her rear as she pulled the door to the bathroom open “Ooh, Daddy; you’re so naughty!” I gave a smirk and squeezed both her luscious cheeks “I wonder who made me that way?” She flashed a smile and started the shower, taking her sweater off to give me a good look at her creamy breasts.

“Katie…” She blushed and wrapped her arms around her chest “What are you doing?” She blushed deeper and turned around before I grabbed her “Katie, what are you so suddenly being shy about? I’ve seen your breasts before.” She let go and I went back to starring “They’re not too small?” Instantly I narrowed my eyes and replied “Small! What cup size are you Katie?” She put her hands to her face in embarrassment and said “D”

I laughed from amazement and she turned as red as a tomato “You’re a D… and you’re worried about being small?” She turned around and stepped under the stream of water. I shook my head at her senseless concern and got in behind her, wrapping my hands around her breasts “You’re far from small Katie, in fact…” I cupped each breast in my hand and lifted them “I think they’re the most perfect pair of titties I’ve ever seen.”

She leaned her head back against my chest and smiled “Really?” I let go of her breasts and ran my hands up her neck, holding her head to my chest “Yes… everything about you is perfect. You have the most stunning body in the whole world.” She closed her eyes and let the water wash my sperm off her face “I love you Daddy.” I leaned back against the shower wall and replied “I love you too Katie.”

She turned around and gazed into my eyes with a lustful longing for love “Katie…” in an instant we flew into an embrace, holding each other as tight as we could “Daddy… just hold me for a bit will you?” I smiled and kissed her soft lips “Anything you want Katie, I’ll do my absolute best to make it happen.” She grabbed a bottle of shampoo off the upper corner of the shower and handed to me.

She hung her head to let the water trickle down her long jet black hair and I gently pulled it back, squirting a dab of soap onto it “You need a haircut baby.” She giggled and looked up at me, kissing my jaw before replying “I kind of like it long, although it takes forever to dry.” I shook my head and smiled “Believe me, I know. You wake me up every morning with that damn hairdryer.” I ran my fingers through her soapy hair and kissed her again.

“But I look good when I come out of there don’t I?” I laughed and gave a nod “Darlin’, you look a lot better than Barbie herself.” She grinned and let me finish her hair before I lathered her body “Man Katie, your body is just so… scrumptiously luscious!” She put her leg up against the shower wall and smashed her lips to mine as her breast pushed into my chest.

I opened my mouth as her tongue invaded and darted to mine. I spun around and pushed her up against the shower wall, running my hands up her tight stomach to her succulent breasts. “Daddy, you make me feel so hot.” She grabbed the back of my head and deepened the kiss, sucking my tongue into her mouth and gently holding it with her teeth.

She rubbed my shoulders and I flipped her tongue up on top of mine, letting her dominate me for a few seconds “Katie…” She kept her lips to mine so I couldn’t talk and grabbed the bar of soap, quickly rubbing it between her palms before setting it back down “Let’s get you nice a clean Daddy.” She went right back to kissing me as she grabbed my semi and soaped it up, getting it nice and slick.

“You know Daddy… all the time you call my body perfect you never stopped to realize how much your own was.” She licked my neck and rubbed my chest “All that beer you drink and you don’t have a gut, your stomach is as firm as a rock!” I wrapped my arms around her and smiled “Not many men have a great body like yours Daddy and even less with a good head on their shoulders.”

She kissed my neck again and suddenly started laughing “What’s so funny?” She looked up at me and kissed my jaw “I left a hickey on you earlier.” I shook my head as she kept kissing me “Naughty girl… how would I explain that to your grandpa and grandma?” She giggled and said “I guess you’ll just have to tell them we were having sex and got caught up in the moment.” I chuckled and grabbed her ass as the water started going cold “I don’t think that would go over very well.”

I let go over her and rinsed myself off as she did the same “Brr… It’s cold Daddy!” I smiled and washed the soap off my groin and chest “I guess we shouldn’t spend so much time making out next time Katie.” She rubbed up against me and whispered in my ear “So there’s a next time?” I smirked and turned off the water, grabbing a towel off the rack and wrapping it around her “As many next times as you want baby.” She dried her face on the towel before throwing it to me.

She hopped out and sat down on the toilet as I wrapped the towel around my waist “Then I guess we’re going to have a lot of sex from here on out dad.” I stepped out of the shower and pulled the curtain before walking over to the sink and grabbing my electric razor “I guess so.” She finished peeing as I got rid of my five o’clock stubble and flushed the toilet “Then we’re on for tonight Daddy…”

I smiled and smacked her ass “You really are a naughty girl Katie.” She laughed and walked out of the bathroom “I’m Daddy’s naughty girl!” I leaned out of the doorway and yelled “You better start being a good girl and get started on your school work or you won’t be getting anything tonight.” I heard her shout back from the crew quarters “Yes sir!” I shook my head and finished up shaving ‘damn, I can’t believe I’m getting pussy from my own daughter.’

“Something else, that’s for sure.” I replied to my own thought as I sat the razor down and walked out into the wheel house ‘I wonder if the GPS is back up yet.’ I walked over to the helm and picked up the GPS “Yay, I was starting to get worried.” The signal was strong and we were back on course to the next fishing spot “Worried about what Daddy?”

I turned to see her coming out of the crew quarters dressed in the same clothes she had on “Nothing, just some problems with the GPS… why are you wearing the same clothes?” She climbed all the way up with a pair of my boxers, handing them to me as she replied “because I just put them on this morning.” She ran her hands down my chest as I slipped into my boxers “Different panties though… you made me drench the ones I had on earlier.” She flashed a smile and I laughed.

[7:00 P.M.]

“You got it?” I asked as we reeled in the net “Yeah, I’m starting to get the hang of this!” I gave a nod and we got the net up to the boat “Wow Dad, look at all of them.” I shrugged and started sliding each fish down the slide into the fish hold “Eh, it’s not as much as this morning.” She grabbed a couple of the slippery bastards and slid them down the chute “It looks like a lot to me?” I shook my head and replied “Just wait until we get to the next fishing spot, we’ll literally have to come out here and do this every couple of hours.”

She made a face and kept dropping them in the hold “Yikes; that sounds like a lot of work.” I laughed as another one jumped out of her hands and fell in the water “I told you it wasn’t going to be any fun out here Katie, and if you keep dropping them it’s just going to take longer.” She rolled her eyes and stopped “Oh I got what I wanted out of this trip Daddy.”

I stopped and wiped my head with my forearm “What are y… wait… Oh my god… I just realized…” She blushed and started up sliding the fish again “Y-you planned all of this out didn’t you!?” her face flushed a deeper red and she giggled “W-well… Not all of it.” I continued with the fish and responded “You sneaky little girl, that’s why you bugged me so much about going out here with me!” She giggled and stared at me “Three whole months alone with Daddy, I knew I couldn’t pass up a chance like this.”

I felt my cheeks get a tad red as I finally became conscious to the fact my own daughter had planned on fucking me. She noticed my blush and giggled “I told you Daddy, I’ve wanted you in me for a long-long time.” We finished up dragging the last of the fish out of the water and shoved them down the chute “Naughty girl…” I whispered to her as I closed the latch to the fishing hold. She kissed me gently and whispered back “Like I said earlier, I’m daddy’s naughty girl.”

I smiled as we walked back into the wheelhouse, washing our hands in the sink to get that fish smell off “You hungry?” I asked as she dried her hands. Immediately she shook her head yes “Let me guess, more TV dinners?” I laughed and opened the fridge, grabbing a beer and a few hungry man dinners “Yep” She rolled her eyes and walked into the bathroom, sitting down on the toilet without closing the door. I popped the TV dinners in the microwave and stared at her “Pervert.” She called me as I watched her pee.

I smiled and shook my head “Katie…” She stared at me as she kept peeing “Did you really plan to fuck me?” I cracked open my beer and continued watching her, making her blush more “Y-yeah… you don’t believe me?” I shook my head as she stood up and flushed the toilet “No I believe you, I… I just….” She pulled her pants up to my dismay but then walked over to me “Believe it Daddy; I… wanted you since I was twelve.”

She rubbed up against me as I took a drink of my beer and grabbed my groin “Does it make you horny Daddy?” My eye twitched as I swallowed my beer “Does it make you horny to know that the daughter you raised for eighteen years lusts for you?” She felt me grow as her hand gently squeezed “I know it does, I can feel you getting bigger.” I stared at her as she kept teasing me, unable to speak as she pushed me against the cabinets.

“Does it make you horny to know you shoved you big cock in me last night?” I opened my mouth to say something but her lips crashed against mine “Oh, it makes me so fucking horny Daddy.” I sat my beer down as I held onto her “Katie…” She put her finger to my lips and kissed me, pulling my lower lip back with her teeth “Shh… Don’t talk.” She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers “Mmm…Daddy…”

I parted my lips as she aggressively took the lead, slipping her tongue in my mouth and ran it underneath mine. I swear, my heart felt like it was going to stop from the exhilaration of having her dominate me. I closed my eyes and moaned as I held her close to me, letting her spit run down her tongue into my mouth “Baby” I said to her before she smashed our lips together again, silencing me.

The microwave dang and I pulled away “Katie… stop for a bit.” She ignored me and kissed my neck “Katie…” I felt her hand go lower and sip into my waist band “Katie… stop…” she grabbed my hardened member and I gently pushed her off me “Katie…” I pulled her back over to me and kissed her furiously, smothering her until she went limp. I let go and she gasped “D-daddy… so passionate…” I softly nibbled on her ear and whispered “Save some for tonight.”

She blushed and smiled as I let go, giving her a smack on the ass as she turned to sit at the table. I grinned as she turned her head and winked at me, making my heart flutter. I shook my head and turned around, taking the TV dinners out of the microwave and peeling the wrap off “Oh man…” I turned back to Katie as she banged on the little television “What’s wrong babe?” She sat the remote back on the table as I brought her dinner to her “The stupid television doesn’t have any signal.”

I started laughing and she looked at me “What?” I smiled and bent over to kiss her “Your face is as red as a beat.” She giggled and took a bite of her food “You about made me pass out with that last kiss!” I grabbed my beer off the counter along with my dinner and sat down across from her “I guess I love my Katie to death sometimes.” She flashed a smile as I took a sip of my beer and about choked when I felt her leg go up mine.

I coughed into my hand a few times and she giggled “Are you okay?” I gave a nod and she spread my legs wider with her foot “Yeah, you just surprised me.” I took a bite of my own food as she removed her shoes, making me laugh “Katie…” She looked at me and blushed, reminding me of how bashful she really is “What happened to my little girl that used to come crawling in bed with me at the sound of thunder?”

She smiled and rubbed my crotch with her socked foot “I-I still do that…” Her toes pulled at my waistband for a bit before going back to rubbing my groin “I just suck your dick when I crawl in bed with you now!” I rolled my eyes and took another sip of my beer “Don’t you roll your eyes at me… you know you like it.” I gave her a naughty smile and she pushed down on my crotch with her heel, making me moan.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” I smiled as she started teasing me again “Tell me Daddy… How did it feel to have my pussy wrapped around you?” I leaned back in the booth and closed my eyes as her mischievous joshing aroused me more “Katie…” She pushed her heel down harder and I winced “Answer me Daddy… How did my sopping wet Pussy feel wrapped around that big cock of yours?” My breathing quickened and I replied in a small voice “Amazing…”

She rubbed me faster and bit her lower lip before taking the last bite of her food “I can’t hear you!” I felt like a teenager with a nose bleed as I sniffled “Amazing…” She gave a smirk and managed to pull the waistband of my pants down enough that my hard-on sprung up for me to see “Louder Daddy, I want to hear you say it!” I slammed my fists down on the table and stood up “Dammit Katie… Your pussy was glorious, it was the most magnificent feeling I’ve ever been blessed to feel in my entire life!”

I heard her fork drop on the table and opened my eyes to see her staring at me wide eyed and slack jawed. She looked up at me and wiped her mouth on her napkin before standing up and throwing her TV dinner tray away “Katie?” She stopped for a second and spun around, literally jumping at me “Daddy!” We fell over against the booth and she kissed me “Oh God Daddy!”

She pulled my pants down enough to grab me and rubbed her breasts on me “I need you Daddy… I need you inside me now!” She stroked my member until I was fully hard and I picked her up, slamming her down stomach first against the booth’s table “Take me now Daddy, I need it!” she unbuttoned her jeans and I jerked them down to her ankles “Do it Daddy, I need your cock in my pussy!!”

My breathing quickened and I slapped my shaft against her skimpy panties “You Need it you say!?” She moaned and replied “YES!” I smiled and prodded her tunnel with my tip “How badly do you want it!?” Her hands tightened to fists and she shoved her ass back against me “BAD!!” I wanted to tease her for some payback from all the taunting she did to me, but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep it up.

“You want it now!?” She looked back at me and pulled her panties down “FUCK ME!!!” I held my shaft and slowly slid inside her for the second time in my life “YES DADDY!” I let go and grabbed her hips “You’re so tight baby!” I smashed her hips against my loins and poked at her womb “Mmm…Daddy…so big…ah…yes…more…” I thrusted into her and she kept moaning my name “I love you so fucking much Daddy; you’re tearing my poor pussy apart!”

“You like it don’t you!?” She moaned ceaselessly as I let go of her hips and held her hands, using them to pull her back on my dick while I pounded her harder “OH YES, I love it!” She threw her head up and screamed as I slammed into her forcefully, nearly pushing her womb open “DADDY… SO…ROUGH…UGH” I laid down on top of her and humped with a rhythm “You like daddy’s dick deep in your pussy!?” I let go of her hands and her arms fell to her side “I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!”

“OH DADDY…DA…DAD… CLOSE…SO CLOSE…” Her body shivered as her orgasm rocked the very core of her soul “CUMMING!!!” Her fluids slickened my organ as it slid inside her, gushing out of the sides with each thrust “Oh that felt so good on my dick Katie… I can feel your walls vibrating with your heartbeat.” I put my hands on the table as I continued making love with her “oh… Daddy… I love you…” She grabbed my hand and licked in-between my fingers out of pure ecstasy “I love you too Katie, my baby, my lover.”

She rocked her ass at the word ‘lover’ and moaned louder “YES, I’M YOUR LOVER DADDY!” I sucked on the back of her ear and brushed her hair back with my other hand “You like it when I call you lover?” I whispered in her ear, feeling her tremble in response “Y…Yes Daddy, say it again!” I closed my eyes for a second and humped her harder before resting my head on her shoulder “L..O..V..E..R..” She rubbed her cheek against mine and squealed “I’m Daddy’s lover!”

We turned our heads to the side and made-out passionately, too wound up to care that we knocked the salt shaker and my beer over “I’m my daughter’s lover…” I replied to her previous comment, ramming into her faster and faster “I love you so much Daddy!” I silenced her as I pressed my lips against hers, feeling her part her lips for me to invade her mouth with my tongue “Mmm”

I slid around in her mouth and sucked her tongue into mine, gently grazing my teeth along it to feel all of her taste buds. I stopped thrusting for a moment and stayed inside her as I focused on our kiss “Mmm… Daddy, why did you stop?” I grabbed her cheeks and started up the kiss again, softly running my tongue along her plump lips “I don’t want to cum yet, your tight cunt makes me want to cream instantly.”

She giggled and ran her hands through my hair as we kissed vivaciously; touching the tip of each other’s tongues with one another’s before twisting around to a near knot, letting our drool mingle together then slurping it back in our mouths. She muttered something about it tasting good as I pulled her to an upright position and started thrusting again. I wrapped my arms around her and fondled her big luscious breasts “Take off your sweater baby.”

She didn’t waste any time and pulled it over her head, throwing it to the ground in a heap “You like my titties Dad?” I pinched her nipples and felt her jump “I love them Katie, they’re so beautiful.” She moaned and rubbed her ass on my groin “Mmm… Keep fucking me Daddy…” I smiled at the way she moans and shoved my prick deeper inside her “like that?” She held the back of my head and squealed “YES, oh that was so deep; I love this angle!” I held her nipples between my fingers and gently tugged on them, feeling them get bigger from the stimulation.

“I dreamed about you last night Katie.” I pounded into her for a few moments before pushing her off me, turning her around and penetrating her from the front; smiling at her beauty “DEEP…SO DEEP!” I stabbed at her womb as I held her from falling backwards “It’s hard to believe it’s been eighteen years since you came into my life.” I kissed her throat and ran up the side of her neck with my tongue, tasting the salt from the ocean breeze.

“You were so cute wrapped in your little blanket.” She moaned louder as I rammed into her with full momentum “I never thought… I’d be fucking your pussy later on in life… when I was changing your diapers…” Her eyes rolled back a bit before returning “Daddy!” I moved back a few feet towards the helm as I lifted her legs and held her ass “Daddy… I’m… I’m about to…” I could feel her pussy quiver and knew she was close to her second orgasm “Does it arouse you to know the man that’s fucking you is your own father that took care of you for eighteen years?”

I guess I was right on the mark since she unleashed more nectar on my shaft “OH…UGH…DADDY…LOVE YOU!” Her body convulsed in a seizure like manner before going limp, leaving me to continue holding her and doing the work “Shit… that must’ve been intense Katie.” Her face turned red from embarrassment and she gently kissed me “You make me cum so fierce Daddy.” I held the back of her head and deepened the kiss while I held her ass with the other, supporting her weight with my forearm.

I backed up further than I wanted and tripped, falling down into the crew quarters with her in my arms; landing on my back in a pile of our clothes with a thud “Oomph, damn…” We started laughing at our unexpected fall as the shock faded “Are you all right baby?” She giggled and slid off me “Yeah…” She helped me up and ran to the bunk bed as soon as I was on my feet.

“Come on Daddy” She laid down in the cot and stuck her ass up in the air “Fuck me!” I ripped my fisherman coat off and pulled my shirt over my head “You don’t have to tell me twice!” I jumped in the bed with her and pulled her hips back, forcing her onto my member “God Katie, your ass is so round and plump!” She shoved her ass up further and I rubbed my organ on her slit “I have an Idea… bear with me now.” I slid up to her asshole and prodded at the entrance.

“DADDY, THAT’S THE WRONG HOLE!!!” I grit my teeth as I tried to push in “Holy shit, you’re so tight I can’t get in you!” She moaned as I kept trying to get inside her ass “Wait… Daddy… my pussy… still wants you…” I gave up and went back to her pussy, feeling her juices drip out onto my prick “Damn girl…your cunt is flooded with your cum” I slid inside her and leaned back, poking her walls at a different angle “UH…OH GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING; THAT FEELS GOOD!”

I grabbed her hips and smashed her down on my crotch, almost hurting my balls “You like that angle?” She held her tits and fondled them as she moaned louder “YES…OH GOD…I THINK I’M ABOUT TO CUM AGAIN!” I ran my hands down her taut stomach and grasped her mound “Yeah, you like it when daddy’s dick stabs your uterus!?” She screamed as I pummeled her tunnel, shaking her ass as her legs flew up and smashed into my back “YES!!!”

Her back arched as I flicked my thumb across her clitoris and jammed my cock deeper into her, kissing the entrance to her womb again and again “Uh…OH…OH…I…I…I’m…about…Daddy… I’ve… never cum so many times…” I felt the rising tensions in my sack as her pussy constricted around my prick “Oh baby, I’m going to cum really soon.” I fell backwards on the cot and pulled her on top of me “CUM IN ME AGAIN DADDY, I WANT TO FEEL IT IN MY WOMB…OH IT FELT SO GOOD TO HAVE YOUR CUM DROWN MY WOMB!!!”

We both shook as our bodies melted together, Cuming in sync with one another. My testicles tensed up and unleashed a full load of sperm into her deepest parts “KATIE… I’M CUMMING!” she screamed and held her pussy, keeping every drop of juice from pouring out the side as my fluids gushed into her womb; filling it to the brim once again in pure blissful ecstasy “SO HOT DADDY, YOUR CUM IS SO HOT…IT’S BURNING A HOLE THROUGH ME!!!”

Once I emptied all I had into her tight vag we both laid still, huffing to catch our breaths “Amazing” we both said at the same time. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her, holding her to me as I recovered from the intense orgasm “I love you Katie.” I felt her shiver and I opened my eyes “Katie?” I furrowed my brow and turned her head, immediately noticing her tears “Katie… Baby, what’s wrong… I’m sorry if it’s something I did…” She cried harder and I went soft, switching back to father mode “Baby doll… what is it; a-are you regretting what we just did?”

My heart pinged in pain and felt as if it could sputter out “Katie… I’m so sorry…It’s my fault…I…I…” She slid off me and turned around, laying her stomach against mine “Daddy… so lonely… towards the end of the last year… I started to get so lonely… so very lonely…” My eyes widened at her confession and without delay I kissed her, caressing her back as she continued talking “The boys at school wanted me… they wanted my body… but they didn’t want me… you… you are the only person who wanted all of me… the real me…”

I hung my head and replied “Katie… what exactly are you trying to say to me?” She ran her hands down my chest, stopping to feel my abs before going all the way down to my groin “I…I’m saying… you were the only person in this world who really-really truly loved me… you didn’t just want my body… you wanted my soul as well.” My prick quickly hardened again as she stroked it and kissed my jaw “Katie… that’s nothing to be so sad about.”

She smiled and sniffled “I’m not sad Daddy, I’m just so extremely happy; I don’t know what to do…” I hugged her tighter and flipped her over “I’m Sorry I never noticed the feelings you had for me Katie… I don’t know what to say about that.” I gently brushed a few fallen strands of hair out of her face and kissed her fervidly, twisting my tongue around hers as the passion re-ignited “I can’t do anything baby, to change the past…”

“I can; however, guarantee our future together will be full of one of the strongest relationship the world has ever seen.” She flashed a smile, showing her perfect teeth “I love you Daddy” I sat up and pulled her in my bare lap, turning her back to me as I massaged her shoulders “I love you too Katie, you make me so happy to be your father… to be your man… your lover…” She leaned back against me as I moved back down to her slit “I’m so happy to be your daughter Daddy… you’re woman and lover…”

My hand brushed her clit and she moaned “Mmm… I… I think I’m ready for more loving… are you up for it daddy?” I smiled as my dick poked at her ass; turning her head and kissing her sloppily, letting the saliva fall on our skin and drip down to our groins I replied “Yes darlin’, anything you want I’ll give.” I pushed her forward and prodded her pussy “No Daddy… I… I want it in my ass this time…”

I stared at her for a second and watched her blush “Are you sure?” She gave a few nods and replied “Yes… you already took my oral and vaginal virginity… I want you to take my anal too.” I really felt honored that she was letting me do all this “Okay baby… go ahead and lay down on your stomach for me.” She did as I said and put her face on the pillow, sticking her ass up for me to ram.

I got on my knees and rubbed my shaft on her sopping slit, getting it as wet as I could in preparation of the tightness “Mmm… Daddy…” I smiled and placed the tip at the entrance to her hole “Are you ready?” I asked as I put my feet on the bulkhead, readying myself to push in “Yes Daddy, I love you… I won’t ever be with anyone but you.” I close my eyes and slowly pushed into her asshole, barely managing to get the head in “Oh Katie, your ass is so fucking tight.” She bit down on the pillow and clenched the sheets “Ugn… Daddy… you’re so big…” Her hole tensed up around my cock as I slid in deeper, getting about two inches in before it was too tight to go any further.

“Oww… it kind of hurts Daddy…” I laid down and nibbled on the ear, sucking on the lobe before whispering to her “I know baby, but you take my dick like a champ… just relax and let me in.” I felt her loosen her sphincter enough for me to slip in deeper “Oh…Uh…AH…AHH…DEEP!” Her hole returned to its vice grip and I stopped “I’m about halfway in baby… how does it feel?” She moaned into the pillow and responded “BIG!”

I laughed and rubbed her back “You wanted it.” I saw her smile and felt her loosen; taking the chance I thrusted my meat all the way inside her, making her scream “AHH DADDY…OH MY GOD… MY ASSHOLE IS ON FIRE!” I leaned back up and saw how much she was struggling to hold my cock “OH FUCK, YOUR BIG DICK IS SO FAR UP MY ASS… MY GOD… I CAN FEEL YOUR BALLS ON MY PUSSY!” I pulled out and she gasped “AHAAU…SO SUDDEN…DA...” I cut her off by slamming back inside her, letting my balls slap against her slit.

“Mmm…oh Baby doll…your ass is tighter than your pussy.” She propped herself up off the pillow and moaned “You like how Daddy’s corrupted every hole in your body!?” She shook her head vigorously “YES DADDY…” I gave a naughty smirk she couldn’t see and smacked her ass as hard as I could “OH DADDY, PUNISH ME… I’M SUCH A BAD GIRL!” I slapped her ass again and she moaned louder “Yeah, you like having daddy fuck your ass and give you a whipping at the same time don’t you!?”

“YES, DO IT HARDER!” I laughed in my head as I couldn’t figure out which one she meant; the fuck or the spank. I smiled and settled on both; cramming my member as deep in her ass as I could and spanking her cheek until it turned red “You are such a naughty young lady, enjoying your own fathers cock so much!” I spread her cheeks a bit before letting go, watching them slap back together “Mmm, your ass is so plump!” She shook a bit and nearly snapped my dick off as another orgasm rocked her body “OH GOD… MY PUSSY IS QUIVERING FROM HAVING MY ASS SO FULL!!”

I pounded into her ass and felt some of her juice squirt out her pussy onto my balls, really sending me over the edge in excitement “Katie!” I vehemently pounded her hole as fast as I could, feeling the tension rise once again “Oh Katie… I’m about to cum… ugh… your so fucking tight…” She threw her head back and milked my shaft “Get ready baby, I’m going to cum in your ass!” She moaned and squeezed my dick as hard as she could, forcing me to orgasm “I’m Cumming Katie!”

I released all of my reserve deep in her ass, eyes rolling back from the intensity “HOT…DADDY…IT’S SO HOT…SO FUCKING HOT!” I fell over on top of her and finished Cumming in her “Oh baby…Katie… that was really-really erotic…” I slowly slid out of her and leaned back up, smiling at her gaping hole as it dripped out cum and struggled to close “Ugh… Daddy…I think you ruined me…” I got my breathing under control as she did the same and I pulled her up into an embrace.

Gently stroking her hair back as we both focused on our breathing “I love you Katie.” She looked up at me and softly kissed me on the lips “I love you too Daddy… You really wore me out.” I held her head to my chest and we laid back against the bulkhead holding each other “Did you really mean what you said Katie… about being so lonely?” she held my arm and shook her head “Yeah…”

I held her tighter and rubbed my head against hers “You don’t have to be lonely any more baby… I’ll always be there for you from here on out.” I saw a smile form at the sides of her mouth as she asked “Really, you promise?” I scooted us down the bulkhead towards the pillow and pulled the sheets up over us “I swear to god baby, I’ll never leave you ever.” I felt her exhale a sigh of relief as she snuggled up to my chest, letting me wrap my arm around her “Thank you Daddy.”


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Authors Notes: This story was hot as hell to write; as a single father myself, I'm far to chicken shit to pull off something like that with my daughter when she get's older. Anyway, the 'ORIGINAL' inspiration for this story was the music video 'Dashboard' by Modest Mouse! Hope you've enjoyed it.

[Also, to the people who keep saying the sex was jumbled up... I'm not a robot, when I have sex I don't go down a list like it's some predetermined program. You people really confuse me when you say that.]

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