This is chapter six of the true stories of Sadie, (my wife) and David (me). How we met, discovered, schemed and molded our sexual lives, beginning in the nineteen sixties, the height of the sexual revolution. Characters and events in this chapter depend on references and descriptions from earlier chapters. So if you have not yet read the previous chapters, we hope you will consider going back and reading them first, starting with, Sadie 01 – Prelude and Awakening.
Sadie – Chapter 6 – Marty, Beth and the Aussies

Marty and Beth looked up from their game of Chutes and Ladders at the ring of faces surrounding them and froze. “What?” they said in unison.

“We need to talk.” Said Jess, taking the lead as the oldest one among us.

“About what?” they asked?

“About the rules of the house.”

“What rules? We heard what Uncle Jake said.” Marty protested.

“Not those rules, our rules.” Jess told them looking around at the rest of us.

Beth and Marty looked skeptical.

“But first we have a few questions of you two.” Jess continued.

“Like what?” Beth asked, somewhat indignantly now.

“Like how do you feel about sex?” Jess said straight out.

Beth blushed and Marty looked very uneasy at this line of questioning.

“I.. I don’t know.” Marty stammered.

“Um… It’s okay?” Beth said as a question.

“Yeah, we all know it’s good. But have you ever had sex with anyone?” Jess asked.

“Uh… no.” blushed Marty. “Why are you asking this?” clearly uncomfortable.

Jess ignored him. “Have you ever had sex with a boy?” she asked Beth.

Beth looked down at the floor and blushed again. “Um… you won’t tell will you?” she asked.

“No, that’s one of the rules for the week in fact. Whatever you hear or see here never gets talked about to anyone except one of us. EVER!” she emphasized. “For your whole life” she added.

“So give it up. We promise we won’t tell.” Jess urged her.

“Well, yeah, once after the Winter formal last year I let Stephan LaDue kind of touch me… down there.” She said shyly, then she looked up quickly, “Don’t get mad Jake!” she said in a panic.

Jake smiled at her. “I thought something went on that night.” He said.

Her eyes got wide. “You could tell?” she blurted even more panicked now.

“Just suspected.” He assured her. “Did you like it?”

“Well,… kinda, for a while, but then we… did it… you know, went all the way and he just did it real fast, and it hurt and he just did it until he finished and that was it. It wasn’t so great.” She finished quietly.

“Ummm.. it’s a lot better than that, I promise, you just have to have the right guy.” Jess assured her. “So, okay, here’s the thing. This week is all about having fun any way we want. We’re going to swim, play on the beach, eat whatever we want, fish, crab and shrimp. We’ll go out to Sand Island and anything goes. Rule number one, if you want to have sex with anybody, any time, that’s okay.” Jess announced.

“What?” Beth was shocked. “But we’re all cousins and stuff…”

Marty just opened his eyes wide and said nothing.

“We’ve gotten over that problem.” Susan said. “It’s not like we’re getting married and having kids, we’re just having fun.”

“With everyone?” Marty asked, eyes still open wide.

“Only if you want to.” Sadie said. “By the looks of his shorts I think he wants to.” She said looking around the circle. Marty put his hands over his lap and looked even more embarrassed.

“In fact, that gets us back to the basic rules. Rule number two. Nobody wears clothes inside the house at any time.” Jess announced.

Marty now looked truly terrified and Beth simply looked surprised.

As if on cue, everyone around the circle immediately began to take off all their clothes.

Beth opened her eyes wide and Marty looked like he wanted to ooze down through the cracks in the floor and escape. But there we all stood, Jake on one side of them, me on the other with Jess, Jen and Jules to my right and Sadie, Susan and Katherine to my left, all as naked a the day we were born.

Beth looked around the room trying to avert her eyes but Marty just sat and stared at Jess. She had the biggest breasts of the lot and I think they may have been the first pair he had ever seen.

“You two can get undressed any time you like.” Jess said, “Take your time, but you’ll come around.”

Looking around the circle at the rest of us she said, “Oh, and rule number three for all of you? Nobody has sex with Marty or Beth unless they agree. Okay?” We all nodded our assent. “Fine. Good. So… the week begins!” she announced as she turned to Jake, fell to her knees and took him immediately into her mouth and began sucking wantonly. Jake leaned his hands back on the stuffed recliner and was hard within seconds.

Katherine wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her breasts against my chest, stood on tiptoe and lifted her face to me. I bent and kissed her passionately, taking her in my arms and pulling her to me, feeling her tiny waist and her firm little rear.

Susan, Jen and Sadie sat on the couch side by side and began kissing and fondling each other’s breasts.

Jules sat on the other recliner facing Beth and Marty, hooked one leg over each overstuffed arm spreading herself wide and began to rub her clit and insert one finger seductively, staring at them both. Marty stared back but Beth averted her eyes.

Beth and Marty looked around the room at all the activity and their eyes were wide with shock.

Jess was now taking Jake in almost all the way, frantically bobbing her head back and forth while Jake lolled his head back with closed eyes, gripping the arms of the recliner.

Kat lifted a leg and pulled up on my shoulders. I lifted her rear end in both hands, and eased her back down on my now extremely hard member. She rotated her hips a couple of times until her opening found the end of me, and lowered herself all the way down, threw her head back and moaned in ecstasy.

At the motion, Marty turned his eyes from Jules to us and his eyes opened even wider to see his big brother’s hardness disappearing up between the legs of a beautiful naked girl.

After a few moments of this, Jake started moaning and twitching and Beth and Marty turned to see Jess pull away from him, stroke him two or three times and lean her head back as Jake let fly several strong streams at her chest which ran down over her breasts and trailed down her stomach.

At this Marty groaned and Jess looked over at him and smiled. He was rubbing himself through his pants and staring at her breasts, now covered with Jakes semen, then back at Kat, bouncing up and down on me, then back to Jules now working herself into a frenzy.

Jen and Sadie had moved to a full sixty nine position with Jen on top and Susan was licking up the crack of Jen’s rear end while she fingered herself. Everyone seemed to be acting as raunchy as possible, intentionally putting on a show for Beth and Marty.

Jules looked back at Marty and with her free hand motioned for him to come to her. By now his eyes looked like a Margaret Keane painting and he stood shakily and walked over to her. “Let me see it.” She said and he shyly unzipped his shorts and let them fall to his ankles. She reached out and tugged at the sides of his boxers and he put his hands in front of himself when she pulled them down past his knees. “Come on Marty.” She urged, “You’ve seen me already.” I was surprised that the look in her eye was several years older than her actual years in just a few days. Marty slowly moved his hands away and stood awkwardly with them stiff at his sides.

I was also surprised that he was bigger than I had last seen him, not as big as me yet but bigger than I was at his age. Jules spread her vulva, opening herself to him with one hand and her eyes begged him. She reached out and took him in her other hand and stroked him two or three times, pulling him towards her. He leaned over her and fumbled trying to find the target. She held him to guide him and as he touched the soft warm skin between her legs he immediately lurched, grunted and came on her stomach. To her credit she squealed and said “That was so cool. Let’s do it again.” and pulled him towards her.

He was fourteen, had just seen his first breasts, his first vaginas, his first naked girls of any kind, just had his first orgasm with a girl and he was immediately ready again. Once she guided him to the right spot he slipped in easily all the way to his balls and groaned in delight. He immediately started pumping in and out like a jackhammer and Jules wrapped her legs around him and lay back in the recliner, her head bouncing up and down violently from his thrusts, her mop of red hair bouncing in the opposite direction with each movement.

Kat was reaching her apex and was squeezing me tightly, her inner muscles rippling on me and she finally came with a bone crushing squeeze of her thighs and arms around my neck, and cried out in a voice that seemed much louder in the confines of the house than it had in the open air of the beach.

Beth looked from her brother Jake, now sitting back in the lounger, recovering from Jess’s attentions, then over at me, as I sat Kat down on the sofa next to Susan, my hardness still pointing upward but now unused. She seemed to make a decision, cousin or brother? She stood, looked me in the eye and began to undress.

When her shorts dropped to the floor, she stepped out of them, walked over to me and took hold of my hardness. She let her hands slide in the lubricants from Kat, still coating me and guided me to the braided carpet in the middle of the room, then lay down on her back, pulling me down on top of her.

Sitting on the floor in front of Jake in the lounger, Jess said, “Didn’t take those two long to come around.”

“Didn’t think it would.” Replied Jake.

I began by kissing and caressing from her neck down, finding my way across her breasts, chest and stomach to that oh, so sweet spot that made her gasp when I breathed on her there. I kissed all around her, avoiding the truly sensual spots until she reached down putting both hands over my ears and pressed my face directly in the middle of her beautiful mound. So I kissed her directly in the middle then extended my tongue, parting her lips and licked over her clit which sent shivers across her body.

I gently sucked and licked all around every sensitive area and finally began to work myself back up towards her face. When I was fully on top of her again, I brought my hips down and quickly found the right place, pressing in until I felt her lips envelop me and pushed gently inside. I began to move in and out slowly, feeling her around me, under me, her breasts pressing against my chest, her arms around my shoulders and her hips rotating to meet me.

It took several minutes but I finally felt the pressure build and at the very last minute I pulled out, pressed against her pubic bone and came on her stomach. She hadn’t come yet and looked disappointed so Jake got up and came over and knelt between her legs. But she looked up at him and said “No Jake, not with my brother. I can’t.” Jake shrugged his shoulders but gave her a look that said it was okay and moved away.

Still pounding furiously like an animal in rut, Marty begin to grunt and Jules said “On my stomach again.” So he pulled out and squirted half a dozen shots on her stomach, adding to what he had left there previously. He moaned as he did and fell back on his heels. “That was SO much better than I ever thought it could be!” he declared and Jules beamed at him.

Somewhere in that span of time one or two of the girls on the sofa had orgasms, I’m not sure how many or who. Of course Jake and I had come once, and Marty, by accident, twice, but besides being well serviced, neither Jules nor Beth had yet to have satisfaction. The penises were obviously well outnumbered by vaginas and as exciting as that is to a virile male of the species, it really can become a problem.

Not for Marty though, while most teens experience their first time in the back seat of dads Chevy, or after the prom, the first sex of Marty’s young life was a smorgasbord of beautiful girls and he was ready to go again immediately. He started to move towards Beth but Jess cut him off and pulled him over to her, grabbed hold of him, still rock hard and began to stroke him gently. “You need to relax Cuz.” She cooed at him seductively, but soothingly. “We have all week.” And she bent and took him in her mouth, drawing him all the way to his balls, then back out several times. He moaned loudly and closed his eyes.

She turned him gently and pushed him backwards onto the lounger and Jake jumped out of the way just before he sat down and popped out of Jess’s mouth. He looked almost disappointed until Jess climbed up on the lounger, placed a knee on either side of his hips, and lowered herself down, guiding him in with one hand until she was sitting fully down on his lap, then began to rotate her hips slowly and seductively staring down at his wide eyes.

Jess reached down and took one of Marty’s hands and raised it to her breast. When he touched it he moaned once again and immediately put the other hand to her other breast. He lay there, moaning in ecstasy while she slowly milked him with her hips, swiveling them back and forth, or swirling them around in little circles, feeling him inside, and showing him a cornucopia of feelings he had never even dreamed of.

Remember, there was no internet then, no easy access to porn. There was no VHS or DVD’s and we were protected from outside influences by a puritan society. The closest most of us came to porn in those days was stealing a look at your uncle’s Playboy’s. So Marty’s exposure to sex was pretty much limited to his imagination, trying to sneak a glimpse of his older sister in the bathroom, or listening to the usually inaccurate descriptions of sexual encounters from schoolmates. But now, Marty’s first actual experience with real sex was a pure overload of live interactive porn and he was like a kid let loose in a candy store for the first time.

Watching Jess expertly maneuvering my little brother had its effect on me and I was ready again in no time. Susan was still kneeling on the floor behind Jen, caressing, kissing and licking her firm cheeks so I moved behind Susan, pulled gently up on her hips and she responded by lifting them up which allowed me to guide myself to her and press all the way inside in one thrust. Marty’s eyes shot open in surprise once again as he watched his older brother and sister engaged in actual sex.

I began to move slowly in and out of our sister, pulling almost all the way out and plunging back as deep as I could go. Susan raised her hips obviously enjoying the sensations as she moaned between Jen’s legs. Beth watched us awhile in stunned silence, trying to wrap her head around the idea of a brother having sex with his sister, or more scandalously, a sister letting her brother have his way with her, and ENJOYING it! When Susan came with one of her violent, body tensing, spasming, squirting orgasms, I think Beth almost made up her mind, but not quite. It made my mind up for me though and I pulled out just in time to release three or four squirts on Susan’s back and rear, just for Beth to watch.

Right about then, Marty grunted and humped up towards Jess several times and let his third load of the morning shoot up inside Jess, who smiled down at him, kissed her fingers and touched them to Marty’s mouth. “Who’s up for a trip out to Sand Island?” she said cheerily as she stood up, letting Marty’s finally softening member plop out of her along with a dribble of his juices onto his stomach.

“Not… quite… yet…” Sadie panted as she tensed up while Jen’s tongue worked on her clit, then within a few seconds she tensed, spasmed and screamed her now familiar orgasmic scream. She lay back on the sofa, relaxed and spent breathing deeply for a few more seconds then sat up, “Okay, now we can go!” she said cheerfully.

“Let’s pack up some snacks first.” Said Jake and for the first time during our week together, we set about our domestic tasks, all fully in the nude. It was just amazing to see all those naked bodies, making sandwiches, packing a cooler with ice and sodas, gathering up towels and, everything NOT sexual in perfect comfort and ease with each other. Although truth be told, Marty and Beth hung around the fringes a bit, doing little but watching the rest of us, and we let them skate this time since they were so new to the whole idea.

Finally, we dressed in swimsuits, cover-ups and tee-shirts and carried everything downstairs, locking the door behind us and headed for the boat. On our way across the beach we were scattered by a good looking young boy who bowled through us without looking, and dove to catch a Frisbee that came sailing out of the sky right in the center of our group.

“Whoa! Watch it dude!” Jake said, irritation apparent in his voice.

“Sorry mate! Didn’t see ya there.” the boy said, in a thick down under accent. The girls all giggled.

When he stood, we could see that he was well tanned and muscled, with nearly white golden blonde hair in a curly mop on his head (unusual for the time in Alabama) with clear blue eyes and dazzling white teeth that stretched between dimpled cheeks when he smiled.

He put out his hand to Jake “I’m Matt, good to meet you mate!” He pronounced I’m, oime.

The Girls tittered and giggled, Jake took his hand and shook it but you could tell he wasn’t warming up to the guy yet. Just then, an exact duplicate of Matt came running up from down the beach, apparently the thrower of the Frisbee. “This is me twin brother Mick!” he said with a smile. The girls twittered and giggled some more.

“Where are you two from?” Susan asked, smiling from ear to ear.

“We’re from Brisbane. Australia that is.” Said Mick. “Good to meet ya! And what might your name be?”

“I’m Susan, and this is my big brother David, and my little brother Marty and these are our cousins, Beth, and Jake, they’re brother and sister, and our other cousins Jules, Jen and Jess, guess you could tell they’re sisters, and this is Sadie and Kat, our friends.” She said as everyone shook hands all around, crossing arms over each other and the girls all making dreamy faces at the two Aussies.

Looked more like a keystone cops comedy to me. Jake and I were eyeing the newcomers suspiciously for knocking into us and being so damned cheerful about it, but the girls were clearly smitten by them and were all goo-goo eyed and smiley.

“So when did you guys get here?” Jess asked them.

“Oh, we got here today. Moved in to that house next door there. Da is an engineer and he’s here on business with some oil company talkin’ bout drillin’ off the coast for oil. We’ll be here for a couple of weeks so Da rented this place to make it a holiday while we’re here. Ma’s up in the house unpackin’ so we just came out to get us some sun.” Mick said. Or maybe it was Matt. Mick and Matt, what mother does that to her children? Even twins.

I admit, it was probably jealousy on our part, but we were just teenagers after all and these were OUR girls, thank you very much, and here come these too hunky looking guys overtly flirting with OUR girls. But under the circumstances, I think the girls were looking at them as evening up the score between penises and vaginas. After all, Jake and I had maybe too much to handle, even with Marty thrown into the mix.

“Listen mates.” Susan said mimicking them with a coy smile “We’re about to head out to Sand Island for a little… fun.” She hesitated. “Maybe you guys would like to come along?” she said, as a question, then added “How old are you guys?”

“Seventeen in two months.” Answered Mick, or maybe it was Matt. “What’s Sand Island?”

Marty pointed out to sea, “That sand bar out there.” He said. They’ve been going out there to collect sea shells all week long.” He told them.” The girls all looked at each other and giggled.

“Aces!” Said Matt, or maybe it was Mick, “let me go tell Ma where we’ll be!” as he ran off back to their house, and disappeared inside.

Jake and I looked at Susan with stern faces. “What?” she said. “We can make friends can’t we?” but before we could reply, the absent twin re-emerged running across the sand with two beach towels under his arm and came to a halt next to Susan. He flashed his white teeth in a dazzling smile at her, raised his elbow in an invitation to take his arm and escorted her over to the boat, now high up on the beach because of the low tide.

The other twin, mimicked his brother but lifted both elbows, one to Kat and one to Jules who both giggled, took his arms and headed to the boat. I had a sudden thought and laughed aloud. “What?” Jake demanded crossly.

“It just occurred to me that those two are feeling good that they have a couple of pretty girls to flirt with and that they are hoping like all guys that if they pour on the charm and act nice by the end of the week they might get a snuggle or maybe even cop a feel if they’re really lucky.” I said.

“Why’s that so funny?” Jake asked.

Jess was already laughing out loud. “Because in about fifteen minutes they’re not going to even know what hit them.” She answered gleefully “Don’t be a stick in the mud.” She added to Jake as she grabbed the font of his sorts and squeezed as she walked past him. “You won’t be left out or disappointed I’m sure.”

I laughed again and said “Come on Cuz, we need to get the boat in the water.” and took off after Jess. Everyone else followed. I pulled the anchor free from the beach, and everyone including our two new friends put their shoulders under the hull and pushed hard towards the water. It didn’t budge. The keel and about six inches of the stern were buried in the wet sand caused by the high tide washing around it. Now it was high and dry and wouldn’t budge.

We lifted and pushed and strained but it was stuck hard. Then one of the twins suggested that we try pushing on one side only and twist it out of the sand. We gathered up by the bow and heaved counting “One, two, three HEAVE. One, two, three, HEAVE.” And after several pushes it broke free and started to pivot around towards the surf. We turned her all the way around so the bow was facing directly at the water, then gathered behind the transom and gave a final mighty shove. It started to slide on the sand and gather speed as we pushed harder and faster until a small wave washed up underneath us and the boat shot off of the sand and glided out into the water, floating free.

We gave a cheer as if we’d just launched an aircraft carrier and everyone scrambled aboard while Jake got the Johnson started and we headed out to Sand Island. Uncle Jakes boat was not a big boat, well enough in size with a covered bow over a storage area, two bench seats along each side and two captain’s chairs forward, one with steering and controls, so comfortably it would seat six, eight if you squeezed three to a bench, so twelve was pushing the capacity a lot and four people were without real seats. Add to that the canopy, coolers and towels, and the ride out to the Island was very crowded indeed.

The twins of course were just “aces” with that since they both found a seat on an opposite bench with girls pressed up close on either side. Marty sat on the floor between Katherine and Jules and Jess stood between the captain’s chairs holding on to the back rest of each as we bounced across the small Gulf waves. I guess, because of the crowded conditions on the boat, or perhaps it was the girls plan, nobody took off their suits in the boat. And it turned out to be a good thing for we nosed around the head of the island only to find another boat there with a nice little family of mom, dad and three little kids picnicking on the beach. The look of disappointment was evident in all of the girl’s faces as Jake ran the boat up on the beach and I jumped out to set the anchor. Jake and I smiled at each other in recognition of the girls discomfort and set about putting out the coolers, towels and canopy like this is what we always did here. The Aussies were helpful, carrying the coolers up on the beach and moving things around. I got out the big beach bag that was stowed under the bow and tossed it to Jen and said, “Looks like the tide brought in some nice shells!” and I smiled at her. She stuck her tongue out at me and stamped away with the bag.

The three little ones from the family scurried over, the littlest one hanging back, sucking on a thumb and staring at us. The mother hurried over and herded them back to their own blankets and waved at us politely.

Still not sure what to do here with this family so rudely intruding on ‘our private Island’, Kat and Jules climbed up to the top of the dune and called to the Aussies, “Hey guys, check out our hot tub!” and disappeared over the bank. Mick and Matt followed them and looked at each other with matching smiles, then plunged down the bank after them.

The rest of us followed and found the four of them splashing and playing in the water like a bunch of joyous teenagers. We plunged in after them and soon had a large game of chicken going with five girls mounted on five guys, with Jess and Beth filling in the sixth team.

After several rounds of Chicken, one of the Aussies with Susan on his shoulders began chasing Jake and Jen around the pool. Jake hightailed it out of the pool and over the dune with Jen still mounted on top and ran down to the gulf and plunged them both into the cooler Gulf water. The Aussie followed with Susan urging him on and splashed down next to them, all four laughing hysterically as they came up for air and lay back in the water.

Just as they were beginning to calm down, the sound of an outboard idling up and then throttling out to sea got their attention and they watched the little family pull away and head towards shore, leaving us alone on the island. Susan and Jen looked at each other and then at Jake and Mick, (or Matt), and to the Aussie’s surprise and obvious delight, stripped off their suits and tossed them into the boat.

“Bloody hell.” Matt muttered under his breath as the two naked girls ran back out into the ocean and began splashing and laughing at each other. Having heard the outboard and the commotion on the beach, the rest of us climbed the dune to find the two girls splashing away naked and the Aussie staring at them dumbfounded as Jake sat in the water and shook his head, smiling. When the rest of us saw what was going on, the rest of the girls stripped too, tossing their suits into the boat and ran to join the fun. Marty was the first of the boys to strip and he ran down to the girls with his hard penis wagging in front of him.

Jake got up and walked over to the boat where I was just now pulling down my shorts and turned to the Aussie still sitting in the water. “Forgot to tell you two, No clothes allowed on Sand Island.”

The other twin, just walking down from the beach overheard him and said, “Truth Mate? Is that a rule in the States?”

“No, just our own personal rule.” I smiled as I stepped out of my trunks and sprinted out into the water to join Marty and the girls. Jake followed and by the time we got out to the rest of the group, Jen and Sadie were both working on Marty’s hard member, gently stroking it and squeezing his balls. He was already on the verge of coming and I took Kat’s hand and pulled her close to watch.

It took a few moments for the Aussies to confer with each other with animated movements and hand gestures but eventually they both stripped off their suits (which they called ‘swimmers’) and waded out to join us.

As confident and flirtatious as they had been, they were now reserved and shy, both holding their hands in front of themselves as they came toward us and when they arrived they knelt side by side in the water up to their necks, staring at the plethora of breasts and other naked skin unabashedly on display.

Susan wadded up between them, her silky mound at their eye level, making no attempt to cover it. They had no idea where to look and they both darted their eyes all over her body. She knelt down between their knees, reached down and took one hard member in each hand, stroking them in unison. They looked at each other in surprise and both leaned back and let Susan do her thing while they looked at each other, then at Susan who had her tongue out slightly on one side of her mouth, intent in her work.

Marty grunted several times and shot a cloudy stream out into the water while Jen and Sadie squealed with delight, then Jen wadded over next to Susan and as if on cue they each wrapped their legs around a twin and lowered themselves down onto their very hard and ready members all the way to their pubic bones. “Bloody hell.” Mick said to his brother, or it might have been Matt.

“Bloody hell my arse.” The other one replied and they fully immersed themselves in this unexpected and bountiful pleasure. It became a sex fest as Sadie wrapped herself around me, then Jules went to Marty, Jess to Jake and soon all of us except Kat and Beth were in the same position, each girl impaled on a boy and everyone bouncing up and down, almost in rhythm sometimes, with moans, groans and sighs freely flowing.

After a few moments of this frenzy, Beth finally succumbed to the stimulation and she and Kat entwined themselves and began making out, furiously rubbing their bodies together, touching, kissing, and fondling. Everyone moved close and we pressed all of our bodies together letting backs and sides rub against each other. Soon we were in a tight cluster grinding against each other, five couples going full at it, five hard members encased in soft warm vaginas and while I couldn’t see exactly, I’m pretty sure there were a number of fingers up inside two more soft warm places.

Luckily Jules came before Marty due to his very recent ejaculation but to his great pleasure Kat immediately traded places with her, and began humping away, primed by the interaction with Beth.

Jen was the next to come and she tensed up on Micks lap, spasmed several times squeezing him as she did then slid off to float on her back in the warm Gulf sea.

Beth looked apprehensive, but Jules had worked her up to the point of no return and she climbed up on Mick who simply could not believe this was all happening. She reached down, guiding him into her ready and hungry vagina and rotated her hips slowly and sensually. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in for a kiss that became as sensual and sexy as I have ever seen. She had finally given over to the idea that this was purely fun and amazing recreational sex. She came with a mind numbing ferocity that we all turned to watch. She squeezed Mick so tight with her arms and legs that he could barely breathe and apparently she squeezed so tight with her inner muscles that he could stand no more and with fear in his eyes he gasped, “Stop… I can’t… you’ve gotta stop… Ummmmph…” but it was no use and he jerked and grunted several times into Beth which fueled her orgasm even more and she let out a long low moan from deep in her throat. When she was finished she clung to Mick, resting her head on his shoulder and holding him, still inside while she came down from her high summit of pleasure.

Seeing this, Matt was the next to go and with much the same mannerisms as his twin, he grunted twitched and spasmed several times up inside Susan, my sexy, wild little sister who squealed with joy and began pumping up and down at twice the previous rate until she too clamped up in a fit of pleasure before letting go. She lay back in the water but did not immediately remove herself from his hardness and they floated there, still coupled in the afterglow.

I was next, then Jake but neither Sadie or Jess were satisfied yet so Jess went to Marty who couldn’t believe he was about to have sex for the umpteenth time on the first day he ever had sex so he was more than ready to oblige her. Sadie moved over to Beth and touched her arm lightly. Beth made a slight backstroke with her arms and parted from Mick and Sadie eagerly turned her back to him, leaned over in the water with her face directly between Beth’s legs and presented her firm rear end to Mick who moved closer and slid himself inside smoothly, held her firmly by the hips and began pumping away at her while she sucked on Beth’s clit, holding her above the water with both hands under Beth’s cheeks.

It was at this point that I pretty much lost track of who was doing what to who, except that Sadie signaled her conclusion with her now familiar scream and a series of body jerking spasms that translated nicely to another small orgasm for Beth and after a few more seconds Mick let loose again, but with much less force than the first time. Sadie pulled herself away and glided over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and kissed me deeply. I returned the kiss and even felt a little stirring in my loins but said, “Let’s go get some lunch. I’m starving!”

A quick look around the group and I could see that everyone was thoroughly wasted. They all moved lethargically towards shore and trudged out of the surf collapsing under the canopy in a large naked pile of arms, legs, breasts, butts and limp, spent penises. We lay that way until the sun slanted enough to start baking exposed flesh and finally Jake got up and retrieved the lunch cooler from the boat. I tapped Marty on the shoulder and he helped me carry the ice chest with the drinks up from the boat.

Everyone roused from their nap and formed a rough circle in the shade and we passed out sandwiches and drinks to everyone. I clearly remember the thought that struck me at that moment, looking around the circle. Huge barriers had been removed from all of us. Here I was, completely naked and at ease in front of my brother, my cousin and two strangers that we had only met this morning, not to mention seven beautiful, naked sea nymphs, none of which were in the least bit embarrassed or concerned with covering up in front of anyone. We were simply a group of friends and relatives enjoying each other’s company as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Forgive me while I wax philosophical here for just a few paragraphs.

This whole story, nay, my whole life seems like any male’s wildest fantasy come true. And for the most part it was and still is. But the reasons it happened are layered in the many personalities involved.

One of the things my parents pounded into me growing up was that girls were to be treated with politeness and respect. (I’m sure this was a result of me not treating my sisters all that well when we were very small.) Later, when I began getting interested in girls in other ways, they taught me to never try and pressure a girl to do anything she didn’t want to do. No means no. As a result I never made any advances to any one of these girls. I never pressured any girlfriend’s before this into anything so when sex finally happened with them it was mutual, agreeable and wonderful.

If you’ve read this story from the beginning, you know that Sadie and Jen discovered the joy of sex together, and consciously made a decision to try the things they learned with a boy. When they say actions speak louder than words, it goes to the point that obviously, even being Jen’s cousin, the two of them recognized that I was not going to be a slobbering idiot about sex, and they decided that I was the boy they wanted to experiment with first.

That having been accomplished (and bringing my sister into the whole scheme as well) they had no compunction against being involved with plenty of other boys at their own whim.

Most girls are brought up being told that sex is bad, that all a guy wants is to get into their pants (Which isn’t far off the mark) but it’s taught in such a way that girls become defensive, wary and even afraid of boys. And when they finally get involved with a boy, their upbringing has also pounded into their heads that sex should be monogamous, and while they actually may cheat on a boyfriend or husband themselves, hot, raging jealous anger will ensue if the boy or husband is caught cheating on them. I know this from personal previous experience.

But in my case, my beautiful wife of over forty years started our relationship as a multi partner affair and it has seemed only natural ever since then. So thanks Mom and Dad for making me kind and gentle and thanks Sadie for recognizing that, and choosing me as your partner in crime for life!

At any rate, I had these thoughts as I sat eating a ham sandwich and drinking a Coca Cola, naked in front of everyone without a care in the world. We sat and ate and talked about all kinds of teenage things, the latest music, friends and enemies at school, teachers and subjects loved and hated, you name it. We got to know the Aussie twins and they told us about diving on the Great Barrier Reef, going walk about in the outback (that’s camping in the wilderness for us) and when everyone had finished eating, we calmly walked out into the ocean again to about waist deep, and squatted up to our necks in the saltwater and continued to talk and laugh and get to know each other more.

When we finally had enough of the sun baking our heads and the water pruning up or fingers and toes, we gathered up our gear and trash, piled into the boat and headed back to the house. The twins went home to their rental and their mom greeted them from the balcony and waved at the rest of us. We waved back and smiled and headed inside.

Sadie was first up the stairs and she stopped at the top landing and put out her hand like a traffic cop. “Stop! No clothes past this door! Everyone strip off and give me your suits and towels.”

She stripped her own suit off and tossed it in the laundry basket. Everyone smiled and followed her example and between us there were two loads of suits, towels and cover-ups. The upper landing was big enough to hold a few things you might not want to bring into the house proper like coolers or shoes and the washer and dryer sat against the outside wall out of the way. Sadie put half of the basket in the washer, loaded the detergent and started the machine.

Rinsing off the fine sand of Dauphin Island was one thing but you really needed a shower with soap so, the girls headed upstairs to the master bath and the guys stayed downstairs to take turns in the small stall shower in the guest bath.

While Marty and I were standing in the kitchen snacking on some fruit waiting for Jake to get out of the shower it occurred to me how silly our ingrained modesty was. I finished off the fruit, wiped my hands on a dish towel and said “Come on, this is stupid.” and headed up stairs. We went into the master bedroom and around the corner and could hear the girls giggling and splashing in the shower. When Marty and I walked into the bathroom the girls looked up, screamed and covered themselves, then burst out laughing. Sadie Jen and Susan were in the shower and we could see them through the frosted glass, close together, soaping each other off, spending inordinate amounts of time cleaning certain areas of each other.

Jules, Kat and Beth were sitting on the counter, with their legs up, cleaning, filing, pruning or otherwise doing whatever it is girls do with their toenails. Their position facing the door put the soft folds between their legs on full display. Jess was sitting on the toilet with the lid down, plucking at her bikini hairs with a tweezers

Marty immediately sprung one on and the girls giggled at him. When Beth reached over and started stroking it softly, I reacted too. Well, I came up here for a shower so I slid the door open and stepped in with my original three girls. Susan reached down and began to soap me around the balls and between my legs and Jen soaped my shaft to its full upright position.

Sadie leaned in and kissed me and I put a hand on her breast and twirled her nipple while I probed between her legs until I found that soft place to insert my fingers. She moaned into my mouth and ran her hands over my chest and shoulders. Jen and Susan were now lathering me up really well and the attention of three girls at once was almost more than I could bear. They could tell that I was about to let go so they smoothly slid their hands away from that area and began to wash my back, rear and legs, occasionally reaching up and stroking my balls.

Sadie pivoted on her feet and faced away from me, putting her hands up on the top rail of the shower enclosure and arched her back, lifting her rear to me. I took hold of myself and guided the end to her soft folds, sliding it up and down over her clit, and all the way back to her pink rear entrance.

Each time I slipped over that tight little space she shuddered and when I started to slip into her, she rotated her hips down so that I caressed her tiny anus and whimpered. When I put a little pressure there she said in a high wanton sound, “Um hum..”.

“You sure?” I asked her.

“Ever since Jess showed us.” She said.

I pressed harder, smearing the soap, mixed with my pre-come and pushed in little jerks. Susan and Jen were on their knees now, still running their hands up and down my thighs and cupping my balls with their faces at eye level to the action, watching fascinated at what we were doing. I continued to push until she finally relaxed enough and the head popped in and the combination of slippery soap and my fluids allowed me to press nearly all the way in.

She bit her lip and winced, and put a hand behind her to stop me. I waited and when she removed her hand I started rocking back and forth in small motions, pushing a little harder and longer each time until I was finally all the way in with my stomach pressing against her cheeks, then almost all the way out, just to the rim and back in again.

Sadie began panting and making little “Unuuuh, Unuuuh, Unuuuh” sounds and Susan reached forward and inserted two fingers up into Sadie’s empty vagina while Jen reached around and massaged her clit. I could feel Susan’s fingers rubbing against me and it magnified the sensation hugely.

Sadie was leaning against the door with her hands on the door jambs and presently she slid it open reached out and pulled Marty away from Beth, turned him to face her and pulled him in tight, kissing him and stroking him with her free hand. Then she pulled him toward her, guiding him to where Susan’s fingers were gliding in and out and replaced the fingers with his hardness. He had to stand on his toes on the ledge of the shower pan to reach her but he endured what was necessary to accomplish the task.

That was the hottest thing I had been a party to so far. A full on DP we call it today. We didn’t really have a name for it then. All of our experience had been confined to what we had learned for ourselves. The hardest pornography I had ever seen was that aforementioned Playboy Magazine so terms and alternatives were virtually unknown to us.

At any rate, now feeling Marty pounding my girl from the front while I tried to maintain a rhythm from behind was more than I could stand much longer and seconds before I released, Sadie clenched her muscles around both of us, began to jerk uncontrollably, turned a deep red about the face and shoulders and screamed exceptionally loud in the confines of the bathroom as I emptied myself into her.

I plopped out and stood back in the shower while Susan and Jen washed me thoroughly and Sadie trembled on her legs as she valiantly tried to remain standing for Marty who was going at her like a bunny in rut. It didn’t take long before he too succumbed and grunted several times as he jerked and released little gobs up inside her.

About that time, Jess trembled in a little orgasm of her own and I looked to see she had ceased working on her trim and now had two fingers inside while softly rubbing her clit with the other hand.

Sadie washed herself and got out of the shower while Susan and Jen rinsed and followed. Marty climbed in as I stepped out and Jules, Beth, Jess and Kat climbed in behind him. As we all dried off we could see the three of them surrounding Marty with a great deal of motion going on with elbows and arms, and while we couldn’t quiet see what they were doing to him it didn’t take much imagination.

We all trooped downstairs and met Jake at the foot of the stairs. “Where have you been?” he asked.

“Taking a shower.” I replied with a wry smile.

“I get the feeling I missed something.” He said.

“Nothing we can’t make up for later.” Susan said as she walked past him and gave his limp member a tug.

We gathered in the kitchen and started pulling things out for dinner. We had leftover shrimp and fried chicken, there were slices of watermelon in plastic wrap, a big bowl of potato salad, and plenty of cold sodas. We spread the feast out on the kitchen table and gathered around, naked, comfortable and happy. It was warm in the house, there were a couple of window air conditioners upstairs but the living room floor was cooled by opening doors and windows and letting what breeze could be caught waft in through the house.

Beth finally stood, slid the sliding glass door all the way open and walked out on the deck naked. I started to protest but I realized that with the angle of the house, this part of the balcony couldn’t be seen from the Aussie’s rental and there were no houses to the west for several hundred yards down the beach.

Also, the railing around the deck was boarded up with clapboard sheeting on the outside that matched the siding on the house and there were no gaps that anyone could see through. Everyone immediately picked everything off the table, carried it out to the patio table and sat down to dinner in the open air, nude as newborn babies. It was wonderful, exhilarating and free.

After dinner we cleaned up, and sat down in the living room around the TV. We flipped through the channels but on a Saturday night, we couldn’t find anything we liked on any of the three channels. We talked, played some board games, tried a few hands of cards but we were just too tired to do anything more.

The girls finally said goodnight and went upstairs and the three of us boys tried to get comfortable downstairs. No way, no beds, only a single couch two loungers and some folding cots stored up in the closet from the family reunion and of course, brand new to this free sex thing it took us a few minutes to realize, just like the shower episode, there was no longer any reason to segregate the boys from the girls, we had gone way beyond that point.

When we got upstairs we found nobody in the first back bedroom by the stairs and nobody in the right side master bedroom and everyone in the king sized bed in the left side bedroom, the one with glass on the two corners of the house. All seven girls were crammed side by side into the one bed and it was obvious that there was no room for the three of us.

Now, as new and liberated as we thought we were, the boys were NOT ready to sleep in the same bed together, just the three of us. It was somehow alright to be naked with each other but only if there were some girls to insulate us from each other. It was the eternal double standard, and to tell you the truth, I still feel the same way today, It’s okay for two or more girls to be sexual together, it’s okay for two or more girls to interact with a boy, it’s okay for two guys to interact sexually with a girl where incidental contact is tolerated but NEVER intentionally with each other.

I make no apology, but I just can’t get into guy on guy sex. I’m not against it if that’s what you like, but I have never been involved with it personally, don’t think I ever will.

Which lead to the conundrum of sleeping arrangements. To be sure, there were four other bedrooms so we could each have a bed to ourselves if we wanted, but it just didn’t seem right that we should sleep alone in separate bedrooms when there were all these willing girls to sleep with. We stood in the doorway just looking at all those soft bodies covered only by a thin cotton sheet in the heat of the Alabama night. We discussed a schedule of certain girls with each boy on a rotation basis, but it got complicated because all the girls liked to do things with all the other girls and figuring out that rotation required some calculus. Finally Jake said, “Come with me.”

We followed him into the first master bedroom where he pulled the slider onto the patio all the way open. He stripped the bed, pushed the king sized mattress off the two twin box springs and hoisted one under his arm. Marty and I got the idea and we moved the whole bed, frame, box springs and mattress into the other room, rousted the girls out of their bed and pushed it over into the corner, then set the other one up right next to it. Miffed at first that we had disturbed them, they now got the idea and helped us spread comforters over both mattresses to virtually form a twelve foot wide bed that would easily accommodate all of us!

We could push open the sliding doors on both sides of the room and sleep in the night air with the screen doors protecting us from the mosquitos and moths. We lined up all the pillows against the windows, lay sheets across the top and everyone climbed in together, the three of us boys sufficiently insulated from each other by at least one, and sometimes two beautiful soft female bodies. We turned out the lights, snuggled down under the sheets and fell sound asleep within minutes.

I slept pretty well that first night, but I remember coming half awake and feeling the bed bouncing under me from activity somewhere in the tangles of arms and legs and later, awoke from a very erotic dream in which I was just ready to come, but my short lived disappointment faded when I found that a pair of warm lips had caused the dream and I easily came into someone’s soft, wet mouth. But whoever it was, moved away under the covers and I couldn’t be sure which of the girls it was. But it didn’t matter. I fell back to sleep with a contented smile.

We began to awake well after the sun had lit up the calm waters of the Gulf and the scattered cuddling and little make-out sessions quickly ended with the realization that a good night’s sleep generally resulted in some pretty powerful morning breath, so one at a time we migrated to the bathrooms to brush teeth and wash faces.

We wandered down stairs and put some breakfast together and sat out on the balcony to eat. Everyone seemed exhausted and listless, but happy nonetheless.

Jules and Kat curled up together on one of the loungers and found some Looney Tunes on TV. Marty and Susan joined them on the couch.

Jake said, “Let’s go out and see if we can catch some dinner.” And the two of us left everyone else lounging around the hose naked and happy, to go out and do some fishing. We caught some nice size fish, a small King and two flounders and several croakers that we released. Then we fought a thirty minute battle with a large Barracuda that slipped the hook at the last minute but not before Jake gaffed him through the gills and brought him fighting and flopping up into the boat. It took us another few minutes to beat him into submission, all the while dancing and leaping out of the way of his needle sharp teeth, but our total catch would make for a very nice cookout tonight.

We arrived back at the house and some of the girls were lying out on the sand in their bikinis and the twins were out in waste deep water tossing their Frisbee. We hauled our catch in, cleaned them and filleted them and laid them on ice for dinner.

We went inside to shower and clean the fish off our hands and arms and found Marty sitting wide eyed on a kitchen chair with Kat straddling his lap, bouncing up and down, grunting and moaning while Marty gripped the seat of the chair to keep from being thrown off. Kat looked over at us as we came in, and with a cheery smile said “Hi guys!” and turned back to the business at hand.

Jake and I looked at each other and went to get our showers. I took the downstairs bath and was finished before Jake. When I came out, Marty had apparently just finished and was softening beneath Kat who looked over at me and said “Oh, David! Just in time. I need to finish.” And she pushed me back onto another chair, climbed on and with a few deft strokes of her hands, guided my now hard self into her sloppy but very tight entrance and began the same exercise she had just finished with my little brother. She had her feet up on the chair on either side of my hips and was squatting over me, holding on to my neck and bouncing away for joy. I guess it was enough because after just a very few minutes she stopped rocking, pressed down as far as she could into my lap, grunted and jerked several times and relaxed down into my body, hugging me and pressing her knees together against my sides.

Then she began moving up and down very slowly, almost to the point of losing contact but just enough to keep my head barely wrapped in her lips, then dropped back down, slowly, squeezing with her muscles as she did. In about a dozen repetitions of this exercise, I felt myself swell then contract as I shot several times inside her as Marty sat and watched, slowly stroking his re-hardening penis with both hands.

Jake came down the stairs just then, took one look and said, smiling “Boy, can’t leave you guys alone for just five minutes.” And he grabbed his suit and bounded down the stairs to join the others on the beach. Kat put her suit on also and went outside leaving me and Marty sitting on kitchen chairs holding our sloppy hardness. We looked at each other and both of us quickly jerked our hands away, then laughed at the outlandishness of it.

As I got up to get my suit and go outside Marty grabbed my arm and turned me around facing him. “David!” he said and paused.

“What?” I prompted him.

“David, this is just the BEST vacation I EVER had!” he said and threw his arms around me in a tight man hug. “Thank you, you’re the best big brother there EVER WAS!”

I squeezed him, back and gave him the obligatory three pats on the back and suddenly we both became aware of our naked genitals pressing against each other and nearly flung ourselves apart, looking nervously at each other and laughing self-consciously.

“Yes. Yes it is, isn’t it? You’re welcome.” I stammered “And we have almost the whole week left!” I added as I snapped his rear end with a towel I snatched up along with my suit and ran down the stairs, jumping into the suit seconds before I made it to the bottom door and he caught up to me, swinging and missing with his own towel.

We spent several hours on the beach, sunning, playing, swimming, building dribble castles by the water. After noon, when the Alabama sun was really starting to beat down on the beach, we migrated back inside for some snacks and invited the Aussies to join us.

Even after the previous day, the twins seemed shocked as we climbed the stairs and each in turn stripped off our suits at the landing and went inside naked.

“You blokes are crazy!” said one.

“Perverts.” Said the other

“Truth mate.” Replied the first. Then together they stripped out of their swimmers and joined us all, naked in the kitchen, raiding the refrigerator and the pantry for snacks and drinks.

We settled around the kitchen table and in the living room and talked like the group of teenagers we were and we told the story of how we had all come to this place in our lives, the conniving, the sneaking and our great hoax that our parents knew that we couldn’t get into any kind of trouble as long as there were so many of us here, all being sisters and brothers and cousins and all.

To this day, I know they thought there was safety in numbers and our moral lives would be adequately protected by the taboos of incest and modesty, both of which had left us all completely.

We got the twins to tell of their own sexual beginnings and they told us how Matt had met a new girl in school who didn’t know he was a twin and by way of schedules and fate they actually took her on several dates, one at a time and she never suspected they were twins until the night when Matt brought her back to the house while their parents were gone and she gave him her virginity. Then when he went into the bath, they switched places and Mick came back out naked and he did it with her and they took turns through the night until she finally got up to use the loo and bumped into the both of them as they traded places. First she was shocked, confused, then flaming mad and she stormed out of the house with only half her clothes on, getting dressed as she walked the three miles down the dirt track to home. “She never went out with either of us again, I can tell you!” said Matt.

Everyone got a good laugh out of it except Susan who sat with her arms crossed over her chest and her legs together and said “That was just mean.” And we had to admit that it really was. It only brought the mood down for a little while though and soon we were talking and joking again and even Susan eased up and became part of the fun. It was a curious, but fun afternoon. We sat around naked, just being friends and talking.

During the afternoon the sex was very casual. No wild orgies or craziness. We were very relaxed, lying about on the loungers and the sofa or on the braided rug. We’d be talking one minute and the next, Matt would be grinding his hips back and forth lying on his side behind Susan, grasping her breasts from behind as if they were handles while Susan continued in the conversation as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Or Jess, with her head on Marty’s lap would take him in her mouth and casually suckle him like a baby until he came and she cleaned him up without a drop escaping. Kat and Jules were cuddled on one of the loungers and they lay there completely participating in the conversation, but each with a couple of fingers up inside the other.

Sadie was sitting on my lap, leaning into me with her head on my shoulder while I twirled a nipple with one hand. She began to move her rear end around a bit until she could feel me get hard then maneuvered herself until I slipped inside and just sat still and made pulsing little inner muscle spasms until I came and then moved my hand from her nipple to her clit until she too had a little shuddering orgasm.

These little episodes didn’t occur all at the same time, but randomly throughout the evening. Everybody could see what was going on, nobody commented on it and nobody tried to hide it. They just happened as the circumstances permitted and never even interrupted the long stream of conversation that continued until the Twins finally heard their mother calling them to dinner next door. They collected their clothes, said their goodnights and headed home.

Jake and I went down to get the mornings catch ready for dinner and I was just about to light the grill when the twins returned, washed and scrubbed and wearing matching but different color “swimmers” and white tee shirts.

“What’s new mate?” one of them said.

“Just fixin’ dinner, how about you?” I said.

The other one replied, “Oh, Mum sent us to ask if you’d like to eat over our side.”

“Does she know there’s ten of us?” I asked surprised.

“Sure and she’s happy for it. She’s got sausage and rolls and we got the barbie fired up. Come on over!” they both smiled.

“Hang on.” I told them and dashed up the stairs. “Hey, the Aussies want to know if we want to eat over at their place!” I yelled.

A chorus of yea’s, cools, and ok’s rained down from above and I yelled up “Well hurry and get dressed, Jake and I will meet you over there!”

And we did. Jake and I followed the twins next door and upstairs to find a place very much like Uncle Jakes, only painted in different colors with some weird modern art paintings on the walls.

Their Mum was on the balcony grilling a couple dozen hot dogs and there was a table spread with paper plates and cups, all manner of condiments, grated cheese, onions, pickles and whatever you might conceive of putting on a dog.

“Mum, these are out new friends, David and Jake!” one of them said.

“Nice to meet you boys.” She said smiling. I hope you like sausage and rolls she said.

“Yes mam.” Jake replied politely. “But we have some fresh fish we caught just this morning too. We could bring it over and grill it here to share.”

“Truth?” she said.

“Yes mam.” Jake replied. “They’re already cleaned and on ice just waiting for a hot grill.” He said.

“Well go fetch them then, I’ve got just the hot grill they’re waiting for.” She said with a huge smile. “And you can call me Colleen.” She added.

“Yes mam.” Jake responded.

I offered to go and went over to the house to bring the ice chest back with our fish.

“Oh, those are some beauties. They’ll grill up nicely.” She said when I returned.

“You boys have quite a crowd over there. Do you stay out here often?” she asked.

“Oh, well it’s my dad’s house so my sister and I get to come down a lot.” Jake answered. “But this is the first time we’ve stayed here on our own. We had a big family reunion last week and our folks let all the cousins who wanted to, stay another week. It’s been a lot of fun so far but we’ve only been here since yesterday.”

“That’s what I hear. The twins tell me they had a great time with you all out on that little island out there.” She tilted her head in the direction of Sand Island.

“Yes mam.” Jake replied.

“Colleen.” She said

“Yes mam.” Jake answered.

Colleen smiled at him and continued, “Well I just wanted to thank you all for making the boys feel welcome so far from home and all.” She said. “So we’ve got a couple of gallons of ice cream in the freezer for desert too.”

“Thank you mam.” Said Jake just as Marty and the girls emerged from the house next door and came smiling and waving across the sand.

One of the twins went down to let them in and they all trooped up the stairs, in through the kitchen and gathered out on the balcony.

The twins made introductions all around and got everybody right except they switched Jen for Jess and Jules corrected them sternly. Everybody laughed and the evening was off to a good start. The sausages were what we call hot dogs and the girls laughed about it. The rolls were regular hot dog buns from the Piggly Wiggly. Then Jules asked about the chips and dip, “What do you call these in Australia?”

“Oh, those are chips and dip.” Colleen replied and we all laughed at that. The food was good, the fish did indeed grill up nicely and Colleen cooked them with lemon juice, butter and garlic. Delicious. The friendship was warm and Colleen was nice and easy going with us, laughing and joining in all of our jokes and conversation smoothly. Not like a lot of adults I’ve known. I liked her lot and I think everyone else did too. The twins had a good mom.

After a couple of hours when the sun started touching the horizon, Jess asked “How about a boat ride out to Sand Island for a bonfire?”

Colleen looked at her boys and their pleading faces and said, “You all go out there and have fun. I have a lot of cleaning up to do here. Be careful and don’t stay out too late.” And she clasped each twins head between her hands and gave them a kiss on the forehead, then turned them and delivered a slap to their behinds. “Scoot!” she said with a wide smile, and we did.

We went back to our house and gathered up towels and a cooler of drinks. We loaded several armloads of firewood from under the house stilts where it was stored and headed out to Sand Island once again.

No sooner had we shoved off than Susan had her hand down the front of Matt’s shorts. (We soon learned that Mick always wore the blue shorts and Matt wore the red ones. Which didn’t help at all when they were naked). He was leaning back against the seat pad with his head back and Susan was working steadily beneath the fabric.

Kat was watching them from the opposite bench and had her own hand down her own the time we were half way out, everyone was naked and Susan was on her knees with Matt fully in her mouth sucking steadily and Mick had knelt down behind her and was guiding himself into her upturned bottom, which was clearly ready to accept him there. He clasped her firmly by the hips and began going away at her while she moaned and sucked alternately.

Matt came before we beached the boat and Susan dutifully cleaned up every drop. When we had set the anchor and everyone had jumped out on the beach, Mick and Susan were still on their knees in the boat going at it seriously with Susan grunting and moaning with each thrust, bent over the vinyl padded seat and grasping the gunnels with both hands.

The rest of the girls dashed over the sand dune and down into the tidal pool behind it and the rest of the guys unloaded the cooler, towels and firewood, then followed them over. The sun had just set and that meant another couple of hours of daylight so we waited on starting a fire.

The girls were all splashing about and playing in the water so we dove right in and joined them. Playing and rough housing became touching and feeling and soon we were paired off and engaged in all sorts of making out, kissing, petting and fingering. After a few minutes Susan and Matt came over the dune holding hands and ran down into the warm water to join us.

After awhile the girls broke off and separated into a tight huddle and started whispering and giggling to each other. I lay back in the water and just enjoyed the sight of all those bare backs and rear ends pulled tight together with arms wrapped around shoulders and heads bowed conspiratorially.

When they broke, Jen ran over the sand dune and retrieved a towel. Jess approached us boys with the others following and with a wry grin said, “Ok, game time!” and we all looked at each other with curiosity. “Who’s first?” she asked looking around at the girls.

“Me!” said Kat as she stepped forward eagerly and knelt before Jess up to her waist in water.

Jess wrapped the towel around her head, covering her eyes completely and said, “Ok, here’s the deal. We’re playing Guess the Guy. You get to step up one by one, and Kat gets to guess who is in front of her by any means she wants but without touching you above the waist.” We all looked at each other with a lot of anticipation and mirth on our faces. The girls were now getting creative with their sex play and it successfully heightened the atmosphere.

Jess pointed to one of the twins and motioned him over. He moved over to Kat in the water and she put her hands out like a blind person, waving them in the air until she made contact with his thigh, then ran her other hand up the inside of his leg until she contacted his balls and he flinched. She smoothed her hands out to the end of his hardening member and immediately declared “Matt… or maybe Mick” she added uncertainly.

To be sure, it was a little unfair since Matt and Mick were the only two of us uncircumcised, but still, there was the uncertainty about which was which. She said with a smile, “I’ll have to test a little further.” and guided him into her mouth stroking his shaft with one hand and cupping his balls with the other.

“Hey! You said test not taste!” Susan teased and everyone laughed.

She went on for a couple of minutes and just as he was about to build she withdrew and said “Next.”

Marty stepped up to her and this time she went straight to the mouth with him and after about thirty seconds pulled back and said “Marty.”

Everyone hooted and hollered and one of the girls said “Next.”

I was closest and it took her a few more seconds before she said “Jake or David, not sure which yet.” And I stepped back. Jake took my place and as soon as she touched him he made a little grunt that gave himself away. “Jake, the other one’s David!” she declared triumphantly.

The last was the other twin and Kat immediately took his full hardness to her mouth. She pulled back his foreskin and sucked wantonly, stroking with one hand, fondling with the other. “Not sure yet.” She said and turned around, pushing her rear end at him and taking his length inside as he grasped her breasts and began to pound in and out of her. “Matt!” she declared, pulling the towel off, moving away from the disappointed Matt and grinning in victory.

“How did you now that?” Mick asked. None of the rest of us could tell them apart even by sight and they were virtually identical in every way including size, and girth of their privates.

Kat just smiled and said, “Oh, I just know.”

“My turn, my turn!” begged Jules and she grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her head. She got Marty right but mixed up me and Jake and was inconclusive about the twins. “How did you know that? You didn’t even do both of them.” she begged Kat who just smiled without a word.

Jen got Marty, Jake and I but was uncertain about the twins. Sadie was certain about the twins but got them wrong, although they could have been lying and we wouldn’t have known. Susan got almost everyone wrong except Marty who was feeling proud of himself for being savvy enough that the girls all recognized him. To everyone’s credit, nobody mentioned that it was because he was significantly smaller than everyone else. Years later, at a family gathering, he mentioned it and said he recognized the truth much later but by then he was bodily taller and bigger than me and correspondingly larger in the endowment area as well, so no harm, no fowl as they say.

By now, each of us had been sucked, stroked and fondled to near ejaculation, but not quite and Jess said “Next game!” I thought we would reciprocate with the girls in a variation of the last game but instead, the girls all waded over to the bank, and lay down side by side, face down on the sand, the youngest on the left with Jess on the right in order of age.

Jess raised up on her elbow’s and said “You have to start with Kat, all the way in, twenty strokes, then move to Jules, then Susan and so on. The last one to come wins.” She said.

“No Fair!” Jake moaned, “Mick and Matt already came once.”

“Not my problem.” Said Jess who laid her head down on her arms, watching with her face turned sideways. All the girls raise their rear ends in invitation and the sight was marvelous. Triangular bodies, round firm rear ends and the hint of pleasure between fourteen long legs had me instantly hard and ready. Like the girls we all moved to one of them in order of our age, Marty with Kat at the one end and I with Beth, next to Jake with Jen at the other, only Sadie and Jess without a partner, waiting in anticipation.

“Ready? GO!” called Jess and everyone pressed down and in to a warm waiting vagina. Incongruously, the girls all counted and there was a cacophony of voices, “One, two, three, four,… eighteen, nineteen, TWENTY!” that made it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. I pulled out, and slid over to Jen, as Jake moved to Sadie. “…eighteen, nineteen, TWENTY!” they counted and we all moved down one and started again. We moved down the line one at a time and Marty was immediately out when he released just sliding himself between Susan’s legs. It was the first time he had approached our sister in any way sexually and I think just the thought and naughtiness of it was too much for him.

That was ok, because when I got to Sadie, the last one before Jess, she squeezed me with those tight inner muscles the way she already knew I loved it and I came in only three strokes. She smiled and hummed contentedly and I got up and went to sit next to Marty on the sand dune. Jake came in Jules but the twins both made it all the way to Jess, rounded back to their starting points, did their twenty and pulled both pulled out triumphantly raising their hands in the air and hollering like they’d just won an Olympic event.

We were all laughing and enjoying the silliness of the games when Sadie got up, walked into the tide pool and rinsed off, came back up on the beach, spread the towel, lay down on it and raised her hand to one of the twins. “Come inside me.” She said.

He didn’t have to be asked twice and lay down on top of her, inserting himself easily and began pumping his hips up and down with quite a bit of vigor. At that, Jen reached over to the other twin and motioned for him to come to her. “No.” Sadie said. “I want them all to come in me one at a time. All in a row.” We were all shocked. Even with all of the group sex we had experienced over the past week this was simply the most decadent, nasty, repulsive and extremely erotic idea we had ever heard. I have no idea if they called that a gang bang then, but that’s exactly what it was, multiple partners in a continuous orgy of stimulation and lust.

The girls immediately gathered around Sadie and began to caress her and kiss her wherever they could reach, the guys lined up behind Mick, or Matt casually stroking ourselves as we watched her being pounded by the guys and caressed by the girls.

Mick grunted, spasmed and released inside Sadie with several jerking spurts and pulled out, rolling off her and wading out into the tide pool. Matt took his place and began humping energetically while caressing her breasts. “That’s how I knew.” Kat said, “Mick always holds on to your hips but Matt likes to hold on to your titties.” She giggled. The girls all giggled and thinking back, agreed since hindsight always holds the correct answer.

Before Matt could finish, Sadie seized up in her typical body clenching convulsions, jerked several times, holding her breath and finally let it out with a scream that dissipated out over the water. She continued to spasm while Matt never missed a beat and she clenched up again in another mind numbing seizure as he finally grunted and came hard inside her. She was still jerking and twitching as Matt pulled out and Marty took his place.

Under Marty’s jackhammer technique Sadie was now writhing underneath him and began to push him away, panting “Enough, no more.” but the girls teamed up and held her down on both sides, effectively immobilizing her arms and legs so that she was being completely overwhelmed by the sensations now being forced on her, jerking and shaking under their hands.

Marty came with several spurts, relaxed and pulled out to be immediately replaced by Jake, but in the intervening seconds I saw a huge pool of white liquid pouring from inside her and pooling on the towel between her legs. Jake moved over her obscuring the view but not before I had enough of an eyeful to be extremely turned on and ready to go again.

Jake took a while, moving slow and pulling out to rub himself over her clit. By now she was practically writhing in the pain of the pleasure, constantly jerking and gasping for air, her whole body out of control as the girls held her down and caressed her other exposed erogenous zones. Finally he pressed himself in to the hilt and began pumping in and out of her rapidly, grinding his pubic bone against her clit a he did so. Her hips were pumping up and down wildly and he popped out several times but was guided back in by one of the other girls kneeling alongside.

Sadie was in a near panic, her body completely overloaded and her muscles totally out of control. She was panting and grunting, her face and chest were brilliant red and the veins protruded on her neck. She was thrashing her head back and forth and panting, “Too much… too much…” and she began to cry, but the girls held her fast and Jake increased his tempo until he jerked, grunted and spasmed into her three or four times.

When he pulled away again I could see the growing pool of white spreading on the towel, dripping from her open entrance and even though I had been the first to come inside her during the game, my hardness twitched as I lay down on top of her and gently slid inside and held there quietly as she spasmed and jerked under me. Her vagina pulsed around my hardness and the girls let go of her arms and legs and she wrapped them both around me tightly, sobbing.

“Are you okay?” I asked her gently, stroking her hair.

“Oh, God yes!” she whispered in a jerky, panting reply. “That was… too much… I never came… like that before…. I think I’m perverted… but I liked that a lot!” she gasped.

I began to stroke in and out easily with all of the juices now running out of her and she shuddered beneath me and clenched her inner muscles around me. And the heat of the moment, the perversity of what we had all just done and the absolute nasty, naughtiness of it made me come once more with hard, satisfying jerks as I filled her once again to over flowing. We lay there, coupled for a long time and nobody spoke. Finally Susan sat up, my now wild little sister and rather boldly said, “I want to do that!”

Sadie looked over at her and sat up slowly as I rolled off of her. She stood on unsteady legs and walked trembling down into the water, a great stream of transparent white liquid running down her inner thigh all the way to her ankle with large drops falling to the sand from her soaked and swollen lips. She sat down in the warm water of the tide pool and lay back with her head just up to her ears on the shallow bank and sighed contentedly, then shuddered two or three more times sending little ripples across the water from her trembling body.

Susan went over to the towel and sat down right in center of the wet spot, ground her rear into it with a seductive look on her face, ran her fingers through it gathering a great gob of mixed semen and smeared it over her mound, working it into her slit and over her clit. She leaned back on her elbows looking around for any takers. Her eyes landed on Marty who, looking self-conscious, nevertheless, crawled over to her, guided himself into her ready opening and began his typical jackhammer thrusting. I think he was amazed that here he was only a couple of days after losing his virginity, having sex with an older sister who until this week, at least to him, had been the epitome of chastity and propriety. Once again, it took him only a few moments before he let loose inside his sister and then bent down and gently kissed her on the lips. “Thank you Sis.” Was all he said and she smiled back at him. Mick and Matt followed, both taking much longer this third time around for them both tonight, then Jake and again me, taking up the rear, so to speak.

Susan didn’t come as hard and wild as Sadie but when she did come, it was with satisfying body spasms and prodigious amounts of clear fluid ejected powerfully from her vagina along with the semen left there by each of her partners.

Jen wanted to be next but all of us had to decline so we could recharge. Even for teenage boys this had been too intense to recover from easily. The sun was now well gone and the eastern sky was nearly black with stars beginning to show through. We all took a turn in the tide pool and rinsed off, splashing and playing a bit, then climbed back over the sand dune and built a nice fire on the beach.

Sadie was soon sound asleep lying naked on the open sand with her head on my lap while I stroked her hair. Everyone else coupled up with Jules and Kat together, and the rest in girl boy couples just sitting by the fire, holding each other quietly absently playing with a breast, or other private part.

It was a relaxing, quite time and my only concern was having my tender parts exposed while there were sparks flying about from the fire.

Finally when we realize that we were all drifting off to sleep, we loaded up the boat, and headed back to the house. We said goodnight to the twins, trundled up the stairs and everyone dumped their clothes and towels in the laundry hamper and headed upstairs to the shower. We bathed in groups again, but we were all too tired for any shenanigans and actually washed and dried ourselves before heading into our huge communal bed.

Just as we settled in, the doorbell rang.

Jake and Jess went downstairs and returned a few minutes later with the twins, naked per the house rules. “We told Mum you’d invited us for sleepover.” They said “We didn’t think you’d mind.”

Susan lifted up the sheet in an obvious invitation and they both climbed in with us, now sandwiched boy, girl, boy, girl across the entire width of the bed. Do the math. Twelve inches of mattress for each person. Sailors in old wooden ships were allowed fourteen inches to sling their hammocks. It was far too crowded and after an hour or so of bumping and jostling, Sadie, Jen and I got up and went to one of the rear smaller bedrooms and snuggled in for the night in one of the double beds there.

The rest of the week went exceptionally well. We spent days doing things you do on a resort island. One day we piled into the station wagon and drove down to Fort Gains, the old Civil War fort that guards the western approach to Mobile Bay. We took the boat around to the protected side of the island and water skied. Some evenings we walked down to Sandy Point and spread out towels in the sand dunes for some evening fun. Some nights we went out to Sand Island.

One night Colleen asked if she could go along, so we remained in our swim suits and sat around the fire roasting marshmallows and singing camp songs. At one point, one of the twins wandered off down the beach with Susan and returned several minutes later with a wink behind his mother’s back that told us the entire story. And while Colleen’s presence made for a rather uneventful evening sexually, it was still fun and it didn’t really matter because we made up for it later, back at the house in the big bed.

One evening, Susan brought up the subject of the girl the twins had fooled at home. She was still upset about it, but something had struck a chord with her nasty side and lying on a lounge chair on the balcony she demanded that as punishment for their past transgressions, the twins must take turns with her until they could no longer perform, starting with Matt, because he had started it with that other girl.

“That’s your punishment?” asked Matt.

“Starting now!” she said and spread her legs wide for him.

He eagerly knelt on the foot of the lounge chair, guided himself into her and pumped savagely at her for about five minutes, finally finishing with several deep spasms and Susan pushed him off roughly and said “Now Mick.” And Mick knelt down and took his brother’s place.

Mick lasted longer and finally succumbed and by this time Matt was ready again and switched places. After both had had two turns with her, Susan rolled over, got onto her knees and said “You’re not done. That thing will still work just fine.” And she motioned for Matt to have another go. Matt moved up behind her, guided himself into my little sister from behind, then grasped her firmly by the chest and began pounding into her, harder this time like he was getting revenge.

Mick took his place, holding her by the hips and followed his brother’s example, almost trying to inflict pain on her for this. It took him nearly fifteen minutes to come a third time and when he finally did, it was rather feeble. In the meantime, Kat and Jules had been stroking Matt and fondling his tender places to keep him hard and when he traded places once more, they moved to Mick and did the same for him.

Matt took hold of Susan’s breasts and squeezed them brutally while he pounded into her, but after about ten minutes he began to slow and shortly after that he began to soften and he started to plop out and soon, no amount of help could get him to stay in and he was finally unable to finish. Mick stepped up and also tried but he lost all ability to stay hard after only a couple of minutes.

It was an interesting spectacle to watch and I actually began to feel sorry for them but when Mick finally gave up he said “Maybe you should punish us again tomorrow.”

“Maybe.” Susan said flatly.

The rest of the week found us doing more of the same and Jen, Jules and Kat all wanted to try group sex with all the guys. Beth wasn’t sure she wanted to go that far and Jess said she just enjoyed watching. We had to split that up into a couple of sessions but all of them agreed that it was something they definitely wanted to do again someday. We were raunchy, nasty, experimental and not too embarrassed to try almost anything.

There were things we see on the internet today that none of us would try in those days. Nobody would suck a penis newly removed from somebody’s rear end. None of the boys would clean up a newly creamed vagina unless it was their own mess. But aside from that, almost anything was fair game. By the end of the week, all the girls had experienced oral, vaginal and anal sex, some of them had double penetrations and triple. Nobody refused anyone anything unless they simply couldn’t perform and that was only the boys who were generally ready to go again within twenty or thirty minutes.

But all good things come to an end and on Sunday morning we packed up the wagon, said goodbye to Connie and the twins. (The girls all had goodbye sex with the twins out on the balcony first) Jake drove the boat around the island and met the rest of us at the boat ramp where we pulled it out of the water. We headed north over the causeway toward home, happy, satisfied, tired and never in life the same as we had been two weeks before.

Chapter 7 – After the Island
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