The Basement, Part 4

He awakened before she did. He was always awake before her, but to make certain, he glanced at the screen that transmitted the video feed from the basement where his slave lived. He could see her sleeping form on the small cot. He hadn't gone down to her in two weeks. He'd left food and water for her, but always took to be abused by him, and she would have begged just as fervently to be slapped, whipped or any number of other punishments that his warped mind could come up with. He loved women, he loved sex, but life with his slave was something different. She considered herself to be his property, and he couldn't have agreed more. He allowed plenty of time to pass since his last visit for two reasons. One of them was to give her body a chance to heal from his "punishments" and the others was to fuck with her mind, in the same way that he fucked with her body. The basement was dark, so she had no idea of what time of day it was, or what day it even was. Her complete isolation created in her mind, an unshakable dependence upon him. He'd tested just how far she would go for him, and he was confident that there was nothing that she would not do, if it was his will. He watched her stir in her sleep, her shapely rear end moving, and he decided that he had waited long enough, today he would go to her. He needed to make some preparations first, though.

She was awakened by sounds that made her think that she was still dreaming. She heard the sound of movement in the basement, and was afraid to open her eyes, just in case it was a figment of her imagination that she heard her master near her. She heard more sounds and realized that it wasn't a dream. She opened her eyes and sat straight up. She saw her beloved Master and tears of gratitude started rolling down her cheeks. He wasn't looking at her, it appeared that he was busy setting something up. She looked around to see what he had brought down with him. She saw an old fashioned, metal wash bucket, and several large jugs of water. Bottles of water lined the metal table where he would occasionally abud see herself, being whipped, slapped and fucked, and when she heard her own voice shrieking in climax, it was hard to not rub herself to orgasm. She knew that she was not allowed to do so, and she also knew that if she did, the punishment would be severe. So, she fought the urge as much as she could as she watched all forms of porn in her waking hours.

He heard her wake up, but did not acknowledge her in any way. He was preparing the room for the day's activities, and would not look at her or speak to her until he was ready to. He got everything ready and turned to her, her adoring eyes staring up at him. He sneered at her and turned to the table, picking up one of the bottles of water and handing it to her. "You've got ten seconds to drink all of this." He didn't say anything more, he didn't need to. She took the bottle and twisted the lid off, gulping down the water in half the time he had given her. He handed her a second bottle, nodding his instruction. She did the same with the second, third and fourth bottles that he handed her, but by the time she reached bottle number four, she was drinking much slower. He inwardly chuckled and decided it was time to prep his little slave.

Her stomach was gurgling and queasy. She hadn't had anything to eat for a couple of days, and all of the water hitting her empty stomach was making her feel like she was going to be ill, and she fought that urge with every fiber of her being. She closed her eyes and tried to calm the water sloshing around inside of her. It was getting harder, though, because her master wasn't being gentle as he tied her arms tightly behind her back. Her breasts were thrust forward as he knotted rope around her wrists, and then her elbows, forcing her shoulders back and her chest forward. With a shove, he quickly pushed her over so that he could place spreader bars between her knees and between her ankles.

He tied her with expertise. With the positions he planned to put her in today, it was imperative for him to make sure that the ropes held her securely. When she was bound to his satisfaction, he flung her over his shoulder, as effortlessly as if she were a sack of flour. He moved her to the ring and transferred her body so that her knees were bent over the ring, her body hanging upside down. He secured the spreader bars to the ring and added some more rope, simply for the visual effect. He stopped to take some still photographs of her this way. (He had video survellyance in the basement, but the flash of a still camera was a reminder to his slave that her torments were being recorded,.) He went to the wall to the switch that caused the giant ring to be raised and lowered. He estimated the position where her head would be even with his waist, and pushed the switch, listening to the whir of the motor lifting his slave into his desired position. It sounded similar to a garage door opening, and within seconds he had her in the right place.

She felt the blood rushing to her face, making her dizzy. She was uncomfortable, but it was more from needing to urinate, than in the position that he had tied her. She saw him approach her, and she was distracted from her discomfort by the sight of his naked body arriving in front of her. His cock was perfectly aligned with her mouth, and she eagerly opened her mouth to accept it. He wrapped his hands around her neck and pushed his growing cock into her mouth, pulling her so that her nose was crushed against his balls. She felt him get harder as his cock pushed down her throat. She made gagging sounds, fighting for air. She couldn't have struggled against him if she tried, he held her tightly against him. She thought she might throw up, and fought against the urge with every fiber of her being. Saliva flooded her mouth. She wanted to please him so much that her will became stronger as she relaxed her throat. She felt him move, pulling out just enough so that she could catch a breath, before pushing back down her throat. The need for oxygen and the need to please him were at war in her body.

He quickly began to fuck her throat. He could hear her attempts to fight against gagging, which pleased him. Her saliva was running down his balls, and briefly considered cutting off her breathing long enough to force her to throw up. He decided against it for now, and let her get a couple of breaths in, as he fucked her mouth. He enjoyed the feeling of her throat milking his cock and he was read to cum fairly quickly. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, ejaculating onto her chin, watching his jizz start to quickly slide down her face, covering her lips and heading for her vulnerable nose. His slave must have realized this as well, because she snaked out her tongue, trying to lap up every drop that she could. He laughed and moved to adjust the position of the ring, so that she was nearer to the ground. He was excited to see her body from this position, the little nook of where her shapely ass met her legs enticing to be whipped. More enticing, though, was the undersides of her breasts. The soft, creamy skin there, that had never been marred by his punishments was exciting him in a big way. He brought the metal tub over and moved her so that her hair brushed the bottom of the tub. He could see that her stomach was bloated, and before long, she would start to cramp with the need to release her bladder. He decided it was time to tell her what he had in store for her. "Hey, you stupid cuntt! Look at me when I am speaking to you, or accept the consequences!" He watched her attempt to arch and twist her body to see him. "You are a pathetic whore, I'm sure you know." She nodded, so he continued, "I am going to take the crop to your body, to whip you in areas that you have been lucky enough to not have been whipped in, yet. You are in this bucket because you may displease me by pissing yourself. You do not have my permission to urinate. However, you do have permission to whimper and cry."

She needed to pee before the crop ever touched her body. She was already straining to hold it, and when the whip hit in the tender flesh below her left breast, the pain was intense, not just from the lash itself, but from the agony of not releasing her bladder as well. When he brought the crop down hard in the exact same place, she cried out in pain, biting her tongue on the sound, wordless tears streaming towards the ground, landing in her hair. Her mind counted every last, and he gave her twenty across the underside of her left breast before he moved to the right now, where she counted the same number of lashings. The tears continued as she endured the sensitive undersides being whipped with the riding crop. The pain was incredibly intense, and it hurt so much worse because her insides were cramping, twisting into knots with the need to urinate. She felt the crop start to alternate, with no apparent pattern, and she almost lost control, but she managed to fight the urge to pee.

His slave's resilience was pleasing and surprising to him. He had thought that she'd piss herself the first time he'd brought the crop down on her. Silently, he wondered how long he could whip her sweet tits before she finally relaxed her bladder. He could have kept going, but he was ready to move things along. He moved so that he was facing her pussy. With one hand, he stroked it gently, affirmatively nodding at how wet it was. He spread her labia open, exposing the moist, pink interior. Her clit was hard, further proving that she got very turned on by being abused by him. He smiled and with sadistic delight, he raised the crop up and brought it down hard, whipping her exposed cunt and clit. He heard her scream in pain, which was followed by a pathetic whimper as she realized that she had lost control of her bladder.

She had tried to hold it as long as she could. When she started to pee, she also started to sob hysterically, not from the pain ,or from the shame, or from the fear of being punished. She was terrified of disobeying him and displeasing him. She felt the warm piss flow down the front of her body, sliding past her tits and face, and ending up in her hair. She stopped as soon as she could, hoping that would please him. She sobbed, fearing that she had disappointed her master. When he spoke to her, his voice was calm, "OK, you nasty little slut, you have started to piss yourself. I should have known that you were too pathetic to hold it like I ordered you to. Well, if peeing is that important to you, then you can now have permission to completely empty your bladder. I will be whipping you as hard and fast as I can with the crop as PARTIAL punishment." He proved what he meant by ruthlessly bringing the crop down on her exposed clit. It hurt like hell, giving her the inspiration she needed to pee faster than she ever had in her life. Streams of urine washed down her body. She kept her head positioned so that it avoided her nose and mouth, but it was soaking into her hair, causing her to smell awful, and the disgust she heard in his voice was what was the prevailing thought in her mind. She felt the stings of the crop, but her sobs were increasing in volume and intensity as her heart was breaking at having disappointed him. Her mind was whirling and she lost control, which soon caused her to make an even bigger mistake.

He was enjoying this. He lashed at the undersides of her tits, until they were covered in red welts. He then went to her ass, marring the smooth white flesh with dark lines from his crop. As he had promised her, he was whipping hard and fast, and rather than carefully placed lashes, they were crossing and intersecting. He could see that she was straining to finish emptying her bladder. He brought the crop down hard on her clit several times as the trickle of urine finally stopped. He circled her and stopped for a minute to allow her to stop the child-like blubbering she was doing. He moved and decided that he was going to whip the bottoms of her feet. She screamed out in pain when she felt the first sting of the leather crop hitting the soles of her feet. The intensity of her scream led him to believe that she had very sensitive feet. He was surprised that he hadn't realized this sooner, and was frustrated at himself for it taking him so long to learn this about his slave. With zealous strength, he began to frantically whip the bottoms of her feet, emphasizing each stroke by calling her all of the nasty names that he referred to her as:

"You disgusting slut!" whack

"Fucking cunt" whack

"Cock sucking bitch!" whack

"Piece of shit whore!" whack

"Nasty white trash!" whack

"Dirty fuck meat!" whack

"Useless fuck hole!" whack

"Stupid little skank!" whack

"Worthless sack of flesh" whack

"Pathetic," whack "revolting," whack "sickening," whack "sleazy" whack, whack, whack "cock craving," whack "ball sucking," whack "ass licking," whack "cum eating," whack "lower than dirt," whack, whack, whack "fuck pig!!!" whack, whack, whack, whack, whack!

Each whack caused her to shriek in pain, and after several strokes, she lost all control and screamed, "PLEASE STOP, SIR!" As soon as the words left her mouth, she realized the seriousness of her mistake. He did stop, for a moment, and the room was completely quiet. She could feel his anger, his disgust, and she wanted to beg and plead for another chance, but she didn't dare speak. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her face up. He glared into her tear and urine stained face. She was whimpering like a child, and she needed to stop it immediately! He pulled her face up close to his, twisting and contorting her body in the process. "DO NOT EVER ASK YOUR MASTER TO STOP! YOU HAVE EARNED A SEVERE PUNISHMENT FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!" He spit into her open mouth, slapped her hard across the face and unceremoniously let go of her head, not caring that it hit the side of the washbasin as it fell. He realized that his tirade had made his breathing ragged and his heart pound furiously. He stopped, and glanced down at his rock hard cock. He wanted to fuck her, but he had extraordinary patience.

He would wait. He decided to go back to the reason why he had her dangling upside down. He started emptying the big jugs of water into the washbasin. The water quickly rose up to her hairline, and then a little further, finally stopping right across her eyes. He almost laughed when he saw her lift her head so that her eyes were free, because in about 3 seconds, her whole head was going to be submerged. He reached the controls for his contraption that kept her tied up and positioned to his will. He turned the knob and as he predicted, her whole head was underwater. She made the mistake of screaming just before, so she got a big mouthful of water. He raised her up fairly quickly when he saw that, he wanted to train her on having better breath control, and if she became too anxious, she would continue to just sputter and cough, the way that she was right now. He went and retrieved more jugs of water, filling the basin, ignoring the fear that he saw on her face. When it was filled to his satisfaction, he went back to the controls to have some fun.

She was terrified of water. As a child, she had never learned how to swim, and as a very young teenager, one of her friends had thrown her into the pool at a party. She nearly drowned and ever since, she had been scared to death of water. She had told her master this, so she knew he was playing on her fear. She tried to hold her breath, but as soon as her head was submerged, she felt her lungs flooding with water. When he pulled her up, she was grateful that he was going to stop, but her relief was short lived. As soon as she stopped sputtering water, he lowered her head back into the water. Her lungs burned, but the pain in her chest was nothing compared to the panic in her mind.

He was watching her closely. She was a fine piece of fuck meat, and he wasn't going to risk accidentally drowning her. He lowered her for several seconds and then brought her back up. He let her catch her breath and then lowered her. He knew she was a quick learner, one of the things that made her such a great little toy. At first, she was only able to last a couple of seconds, but after a few minutes, she was learning. She'd take a deep breath as he'd lower her, and slowly let it out. This made it so much easier for him to train, because he knew exactly the right moment to rescue her by raising her back up. He figured he'd need a few more sessions with her, like this, to get her where she needed to be. He lifted her up high enough so that he could remove the basin.

She went through so many emotions that she couldn't keep track of things in her own mind. She was in agony, inside and out. It may have been minutes or it may have been hours that he had been dunking her underwater, with each breath she fought for, she was fighting to please him. She was his, and she would do anything to get him to forgive her for her earlier mistakes. When he finally moved her away from the basin, she ached to say something, but knew she couldn't. She heard him walk upstairs, and the longing was so deep, she ached inside.

He left the basement to go upstairs to the freezer to retrieve the items he had waiting there, for the next activity he had planned for the day. When he walked back through the basement doorway, he enjoyed the sight that was before him. Her upside down, suspended body gently moved back and forth. Not the movement of a human body, but something more akin to the way a side of beef hangs from a big meat hook. He made a mental note to put her in this position again, wrapping her with cling film and stamping the film with a "USDA", certifying her as a prime piece of meat. He chuckled as the mental image and returned to the task at hand.

He had selected an oil based lube, so it didn't freeze solid. He picked up the large metal butt plug that had spent the night in the freezer. He liberally coated it with the lube and before the shriek of protest reached her lips, he had spread her open with one hand and with one firm shove, buried the plug all the way into her anus. She screamed, a lovely shrill sound that was half pain, half shock from the cold.

The cold stung her like a thousand little needles piercing the insides of her ass. She hadn't recovered from the initial shock of the butt plug when a very large frozen dildo was roughly pushed inside of her pussy. Her body started shaking, she wasn't sure if it was from shock or from the cold. She felt him lower the ring and begin to remove her restraints. She hoped that he didn't want her to stand. With the pain in her feet and the new shock/pain of the frozen intrusions into her intimate holes, she didn't think she'd be able to stand. However he didn't. He gathered her in his arms and sat her into the metal tub. The urine and water rose slightly as he sat her down into the middle of it. The cold was spreading through her insides at a crazy rate. She wrapped her arms around her midsection, trying to draw in some warmth.

As soon as he had deposited her, he turned and grabbed the two bags of ice, opening then and dumping them into the tub. He watched his slave shiver and shake as the cubes touched her body, filling the space around her. He watched her nipples become hard nubs, and goosebumps begin to form on her skin. He could see the great discomfort that she was in, and was pleased that she was keeping quiet, except for the sound of her teeth chattering. He knew he couldn't leave her too long like this, but he enjoyed transcending his slave's physical boundaries. He watched her for a few minutes, enjoying the sweet anticipation. When he felt that she couldn't take the cold anymore, he gathered her in his arms and moved to gruffly drop her on the cot.

She was numb, inside and out. Her insides were frozen and she flexed her fingers and toes to make sure she still had feeling in them. She had hated sitting in the ice bath, and hated having the frozen things penetrating her body. However, she was glad that her feet were numb from the cold. She knew that with as bad as he had whipped the bottoms of her feet, that she would have residual pain from that for quite some time. Her body was shaking and shivering and her teeth were chattering. She wanted so desperately to please him, she fought the symptoms as best as she could, thinking only of pleasing him.

He was hard as a rock and was more than ready to fuck his little piece of ass. He turned to her , watching her in the most pitiful state. Her hair was a knotted mess, soaking wet and dripping all over her, several sections dripping right over her face. She was shivering so much that he could hear the chattering of her teeth. Without a word, he strode over to her and effortless picked her up, flipping her over so that she was on her stomach. "Ass in the air, you piss loving whore, so I can fuck you like the animal you are!" He watched her obey quickly. He pulled her icy cold hips towards him. He pulled the frozen dildo from her pussy and handed it to her, "Suck on this while I'm using your cunt." He spit on his cock because he figured that her insides would be pretty frozen. He crudely shoved a couple of fingers inside of her frozen twat. He rubbed his thumb against her clit, and grinned when it took only moments for her cunt to thaw. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his rigid prick. He groaned out loud as the sensation flooded from his cock through his body, the freezing cold quickly replaced by the sexual heat engulfing him as it emanated from his fuck toy.

She was reeling from the experience. In what seemed less than a minute, she went from freezing to being on fire. His cock felt so good inside of her, and the warmth quickly spread through her. She gladly sucked on the dildo, hoping that if she did a good job, he would maybe forgive her. She forgot all about her whipped feet, and forgot all about her whipped feelings... she lost herself in being his whore, and bucked back with wild abandon. She felt him abruptly flip her over so she was laying on her back, facing him. He knelt between her legs and she arched her hips up to meet him.

He wanted to see her eyes. He wanted to see the pleasure, the fire... but he also wanted to see her complete submission, free from any fear. He pounded his dick into her, deep and hard and ran his hands up her body. He briefly fondled her tits, noting the new marks across them, before moving his hands to wrap around her neck. The harder he fucked her, the more he tightened his grip around her throat. "You can cum now, you dirty little bitch! CUM! Cum, now you fucking cunt!" He fucked her mercilessly, his arousal growing as he saw her face turn red as she fought for air. He felt her pussy flood with juice as it started to convulse around his cock. He flexed and released his grip on her neck in rhythm to her orgasmic spasms. The intensity of the moment was so great that it brought out his own orgasm, and he filled her with his cum. His own breathing was ragged and his heart was pounding from the experience. He closed his eyes and without a word, released her, pulled his cock out, stood up and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him. His slave had done good, but he wasn't going to let her know.

Her hands and feet were still freezing, but the rest of her was on fire. When she came, it was so strong, so powerful, that she felt it from the tips of her toes to the ends of her hair. She was scared that he hadn't forgiven her, since he left so abruptly. But, she reached between her frozen thighs to feel his hot cum oozing out of her pussy.. She licked it off of her finger with a smile. She wrapped up in her blanket and drifted off to sleep in a sea of confusion and ecstasy.

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