picking up where I left off, on a true story
Once again let me state that this is a true story. I can not “make” anyone do anything. These events really happened, and took place over the course of years. After my week long stay at Grandma’s with Cindy, nothing ever really happened between us again. After the summer Cindy hardly ever came to Grandma’s on the weekends. However My family went every weekend, and so did Toni’s family. What happened stuck in my mind, and when Cindy would be at Grandma’s I would always suggest a game of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” but as hard as I pursued her, it never happened again.

The week I stayed at Grandma’s with Toni and her little brother Mickey was fairly uneventful. We would get up, eat breakfast, go outside and play until lunch. Then go back outside and play until suppertime, or it got too hot to play outside. Toni was being a brat and sticking with me almost every where I went. Finally a few days before my parents were to come get me, things got interesting. Hide and seek had become one of Mickey’s favorite games. One of us would be “it” and seek after the other two. Since Mickey was the youngest cousin, it took him a little longer to find anyone when he was it. Toni would follow me and try to hide where I was hid. For some reason this bothered me a lot. I would make her leave where I was hiding and go some where else, but she would try to sneak back and hide with me. More than a couple times this would help Mickey find us both. Finally on Mickey’s turn at It, I hid in a barn full of hay bales, Toni came in behind me, I told her “if you are going to stay, you have to do something for me.” Toni said “Ok” with out asking what it was. I told Toni “pull down your pants.” Without a hesitation, she unsnapped her jean shorts, pulled down the zipper and dropped her shorts around her ankles. Toni looked up in to my eyes, then hooked her thumbs in her cotton panties, and lowered them down with her shorts. Toni was almost 8, and I was almost 11. She stood there while I looked her hairless pussy over for a minute, then pulled her pants back up. I had actually hoped asking her to do that would make her leave me alone. I saw Mickey coming through a crack in stack of bales and left out the back before he could catch me. After Toni pulled her pants down for me, I got bold. The next time Toni and I hid, she followed me as usual. When I got to my chosen hiding place, the wood shed, I told Toni “ this time when you pull down your pants, you have to keep them down until I say that you can pull them up.” “Ok,” Toni said, “but what about Mickey ?” “ I will keep a watch for him,” I said. At that Toni promptly pulled down both shorts and under wear to her ankles with one motion. I looked at her young pussy, and back out the crack in the door to the wood shed. As I continued to look at her I could feel my dick getting hard in my shorts. Toni maybe took notice ( I figured this out years later.) Finally I spotted Mickey walking up, and signaled for here to get her shorts up. This went on for the rest of the day, until one of Mickey’s last turns seeking. This particular time I did not pick the best hiding spot for keeping a good look out from. I never saw Mickey coming, then when Toni and I heard him come up through the bushes behind us, I think Mickey caught a glimpse of Toni pulling up her shorts back up. After supper I saw Mickey talking to Grandma, and shortly after that Grandma had a talk with Toni. From then on Toni would follow me a little, but she would not pull down her pants again.

This went on for months after the summer was over. I would ask Toni to show me hers, but she would not. Weekend after weekend I would pester and ask her over and over, always the answer was “NO!” Finally after Christmas before spring, I offered Toni “if you show me yours I will show you mine.” Once again “NO!” Cindy was never around, and Toni would not show me anything. Then one Saturday when we were all at Grandma’s, Toni, Mickey, Davey and I were playing a board game inside. It was very cold out. We had the board set up in the bedroom on one of the twin beds. The bed set up so tall, that it came to just under our arms when we were knelt down. Davey and Mickey were on one side, Toni and I on the other side in between the beds. Something Toni did in the game annoyed me so I poked her in the ribs. Toni was on my left, and dropped her right arm so I could not get her ribs. Then I poked her leg, but she did not stop me, so I kept doing it over and over. Finally when I went to poke her leg, Toni grabbed over top of my hand and held it still in position. Since I am right handed, this had my wrist at an uncomfortable angle I pushed my hand forward until my fingers were on the top of her leg midway up her thigh. Toni removed her hand and left my hand where it was. From then on every time we played a board game, my hand was on Toni’s leg, unless it was my turn. This continued for a few months until one time I took things a step farther. It had warmed up again and we were all wearing shorts. This time when I reached for Toni’s leg, I pushed a little farther until my fingers were midway up on her inner thigh. Toni’s caught her breath for an instant, and looked me in the eye, and shook her head affirmatively. At first I kept my hand still, but later I started rubbing my fingers up and down her inner thigh. When ever I did this for a few minutes, I would notice Toni’s breath get shorter, ( too bad I did not know anything about how girls acted when they were getting excited.) By now it was winter again. I was 12 going on 13. I had finally began to mature to the point my dick was 8 inches long and big around as a 50 cent coin. I dressed left so when I would rub Toni’s leg, I would get a hard-on, basically in my left pocket. One time while stroking Toni’s leg I stopped, took her hand and put it on my leg about an inch below where my dick was bulging up “in my left pocket.” Toni kept her hand right there until it was her turn to roll the dice. Toni got to the point where I did not even have to place her hand on my leg, she would do it on her own. Finally Toni started to caress her fingers up and down my thigh as I did the same to her leg. Every week I would ease my finger higher up her thigh up almost to the junction of her leg and her mound. Eventually Toni started to ease her hand upward. I t was inevitable, that one day she brushed the head of my dick. Toni had previously seen my bulge, and sometimes I would catch her glancing at it as we played board games. When she accidentally rubbed my dick she froze and looked down. She pulled her hand back and blushed.

Spring turns to summer, and Toni and I were growing. She finally began to sprout some breasts. She would still put her hand on my leg while playing board games, but she always looked very closely at my bulge before putting her hand safely away from it on my leg. She would keep a close eye on my bulge, but not touch it. The second week of July, Toni, Mickey, and I were to stay at Grandma’s. We were playing army outside. Army was glorified hide and seek, with toy guns. You could either sneak up and “kill” or capture an opponent. If you captured some one, you had to take them back to your base, so this gave some good alone time between Toni and I. I let Toni capture me a bit, because for some reason I could get a hard on at will around her. I loved seeing her eyes widen when see saw my dick looking like a small log in the front of my shorts. This time when we got to her base, I asked again for the thousandth time “ I’ll show you mine if you will show me yours.” “NO!” Toni answered. “How about you show me your boobs, and I’ll show you my pecker?” I asked Toni. “O o ok, “ Toni breathed. My dick went immediately to a full bore hard on. We agreed to go at the same time. On the count, I pulled both my athletic short and underwear down at the same time. My dick sprang forward, free at last, as Toni pulled her shirt over her head. When it cleared her head she froze like a deer caught in headlights, staring at my dick. Then she stepped up closer to see it better. She still had a training bra on, as she looked up and down every inch of my dick. “I’ve seen my brother’s peters a few times, but they were not like this.” Toni whispered. “Why is it standing up like that ?” Toni asked. “I am excited by seeing your boobs. Which you still need to show me,” I said. “Sorry, “ Toni said, and hooked her fingers under the cups of her training bra and popped them over two perfect AAA boobs. They were small but perfectly perky. Her nipples were bigger than I remembered Cindy’s, and they were slightly browner. “Mama says I only have to wear a bra if I’m wearing a thin shirt, “ stated Toni. “Well you need to wear thicker shirts so I can see your boobs easier,” I said. From then on Toni would show me her boobs almost every time I asked. Sometimes she would let me touch them lightly for a few seconds. Some times she would ask “show me your peter again,” and I would gladly grant her wish. When I wore a pair of jean shorts that were getting too small, instead of dressing left, I could take hold of my balls and pull everything up and forward. If I did this when I got a hard-on, I could squeeze my legs together while clenching my muscles and make the head of my dick spy-hop above the waistband of my shorts. I would then get Toni’s attention and flash her. She seemed to like seeing my dick. Especially since I would do it at any time, even if there were others around. I think she liked the “danger.”

That night Mickey asked Grandma why he had to sleep with Toni, all the time and I got a bed to my self. Grandma asked if I minded taking turns, I said “oh alright,” like it was the biggest pain. Secretly I was thrilled. That night when the three of us went to bed, I rolled over to my side and went to sleep after a while. Mickey and Toni both drifted off about the same time. Before bed I had drank an extra large glass of water. My plan was when I woke up needing to pee, I would come back and have some fun. I slid back into bed after using the bathroom at about 2:00 am. I checked and made sure Mickey was asleep. I crawled under the sheet and got up behind Toni, who was on her side facing Mickey’s bed. I slid my hand under her shirt up to her boobs. I started to massage them lightly, as her nipples began to stiffen. I went from the right to the left boob and back giving them equal attention until her nipples were stiff and her breathe had gotten short and ragged. I remembered back to my episode with Cindy, and Toni let out a low moan. I stopped briefly. Then I took her shoulder and eased her over on her back. I took and unsnapped the low snap on my sleep shorts and pulled out my dick, and laid it gently on Toni’s bare stomach. I picked up her right hand and placed it on my throbbing hard-on. Slowly I slid my hand under the waist of her shorts and panties. I pushed my hand farther down until I had my fingers on top of her slit. There was a little bit of moisture where the lips met. By now I heard about girls “getting wet,” I did not know exactly what it meant, but know I had found out. I started to gently rub Toni’s slit. I felt a “bump” stiffen up under my fingers at the apex of where her lips met. I rubbed and rubbed in a slow circle, until I felt Toni start to lightly tremble, like she would when I would rub her inner thigh. I stopped for two reasons. One I was afraid she would wake up, and two recently I had discovered the feeling welling up in my nuts would end up in cum spurting out of me. I enjoyed the sensation of Cumming, but I did not want to make a big mess in the bed. That morning I woke up before Toni and Mickey. I looked at the clock and knew it would be very soon and they would wake up. I decided to have more fun. Toni had rolled on her side facing me in the night. I rolled and faced her, pulled my dick out, took her free hand and put it on my dick. I liked the feel of her touching me, so I took her fingers and thumb and curled them around my dick. By now my dick was fully hard and I could feel my pulse throbbing through it. I heard Toni’s breathing change, she would be awake soon. I closed my eyes to the smallest slit that I could see her through. I wanted to see what Toni would do when she woke up with her hand holding my dick. I started to clench my muscles, making my dick jump. Toni always seemed to be amazed when I made my hard-on jump. About the third or forth jump I saw Toni’s eyes snap wide open, she immediately saw her hand holding my dick, and let go like it was red hot. Toni froze for a minute and then rolled over enough to verify Mickey was still asleep, and rolled back over to face me. She waved her hand in front of my face, checking to see if I was still asleep. Toni pulled the sheet up over both our hips covering my hard-on from outside view, but not from her gaze. She studied my dick for minutes, checked me again to make sure I was “asleep” and reached down and took hold of my hard-on. She gently traced her fingers up and down the shaft, rubbing up under the helmet of my dick head. It was the greatest thing I ever felt, electricity of her touching me and the warmth of her hand. I was going to cum fairly quick, and I did not know what to do. Just let it fly, and probably gross her out, “suddenly” wake up and catch her, probably ending any chance of her ever touching me again, or rolling over in my “sleep” stopping Toni from making me cum. I decided on the last, and that worked well. I did “wake up” a few minutes later told anyone listening “ gotta go pee,” and went and gave myself some relief.

The next night was a carbon copy of the previous night. The only differences were when I was rubbing Toni’s wet pussy, I lingered much longer. She had been making kitten noises for a few minutes, when she started to tremble. Then she moved her hand from where it had been clasped around my hard-on and slid it over my hand over her shorts. I stopped completely, and slid my hand out. However Toni had left her hand in place and was slowly lightly rubbing her self. Her breath shortened, her trembling increased, and suddenly her hips started jerking. I think she had cum ( was not sure back then.) The room was slightly moonlit and I saw Toni’s eyes roll open. She looked over at me pretending to be asleep, then slowly caught her breath. She got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back she had on a different pair of shorts.

The next morning was going to be the same as the previous, except as I was waking up, I was dreaming that someone was playing with my hard on. I got lucky when I open my eyes, Toni was intently studying my hard on, which she was alternately stroking and lightly rubbing her finger tips up and down the shaft and head. I closed my eyes to slits where I could watch Toni, just as she looked up to check to see if I had “woken” up. Toni continued to play with my dick. Some pre-cum had oozed out of me and when she got some on her fingers she pulled up her hand amazed at the pre-cum string from the head of my dick up to her fingers. I slowly rolled over so she would not yet make me come. Later that day when were playing army, I captured Toni and took her back to my base. When we got there Toni asked, “show me your peter,” it had been a few days since she had officially seen it. I obliged, asking her “ if I show you something will you show me your coochie?” I had my pants down, my dick swinging like a pendulum up to full hardness, when Toni said “maybe, what are you going to show me ?” “I can do something… it feels so good. I can cum now!” I said. “What does cum mean? “ asked Toni. “You know…. Shoot off, like in dirty jokes” I said. “How do you do it?” Toni asked. I clutched my dick and started to rub up and down the shaft right in front of Toni. As I masturbated in front of her, I asked “will you show me yours now ?” “Maybe….. After you… cum… I don’t know” Toni breathed. In a few more strokes my balls felt like they were loading up to explode, I asked Toni “ hhhave you ever wanted to, to, to touch my peter ?” “I’m not sure… maybe… I don’t know… I’m scared. “ Toni answered. At that cum erupted from my dick and arced up and toward Toni, who jumped back, quickly snatching her shirt back on. I pumped three or four long ropes of cum, until I was spent. I eased my shorts back up and asked Toni “What about you? Your turn, please let me see your coochie.” Toni looked like she was in a daze, and suddenly came back to consciousness, she looked down and took and slowly slid her shorts and panties downward. Since I had last seen her pussy, she had matured some. Her pussy lips were fuller and she had a light covering of thin dark brown curly hair beginning to cover it. I also noticed where the lips met they were reddening slightly and glistening with moisture. Also her pussy was pulsing slightly. “Why is your coochie moving like that ?” I asked. “It does that some times if I have been thinking naughty wicked things like we just did, “ Toni stammered. “Lets get our stuff on before Mickey catches us.” Toni said. After that she only showed me her pussy one more time that summer, and never asked me to show her my peter. I did it any way quite a few times, even jerking off in front of her a couple more times, Toni would just blush and tell me to stop. We did not sleep together any more either. I think her parents told Grandma that we were too old to sleep in the same bed.

Things went back to the way they had been before with Toni that fall and winter. I could play with her leg, and she would play with mine. The only thing different that fall was Cindy’s mom had moved back to our state and I saw her a little more. The only she ever would do was bend over facing me and give me a good view of her now 36C boobs in a low cut bra. One time she caught me staring and told me “these belong to my boyfriend now.” One times I was able to sneak up on Toni and Cindy talking about boys. I heard Toni ask Cindy questions about boys. Toni grew a little more and was up to an A cup bra, (I found one in the laundry and read the label.) Sometimes Toni would still show me her boobs and let me catch a quick feel. Slowly Toni warmed back up to me some. The following spring warmed up early, and we got to wear shorts early. We still played board games. Risky, a war game, had become my favorite because it took over two hours to play. One weekend we playing Risky, Toni had on short shorts, a new fashion trend. I was fingering up and down her inner thigh as usual when I took a chance and ran my finger up under her shorts, all the way until I felt the very bottom edge covering where her leg met her mound. Toni let me continue run my finger up her thigh almost up to her pussy. I could feel her heat starting to radiate. Toni surprised me. When I went inside of her shorts, she did the same on mine. She did not know that not only were the legs of my shorts loose, but also my underwear was worn out and my dick had dropped out on the left side. Toni was to my left, and as I stroked up to the edge of her panties, Toni ran her fingers up the leg of my shorts until she made contact with the head of my dick. Toni stopped, but left her fingers touching my dick. Then she started back rubbing her fingers up and down my thigh, each time on the upswing coming higher up on my dick. As Toni rubbed my dick, I took my finger and ran it higher up on the edge of her panties until the crotch of her shorts got in the way. I took my finger and hook up over the crotch of her shorts and pulled down until I could access her pussy. Toni’s pussy was hot, and her panties were getting moist. I stroked her pussy lips as she lightly rubbed and squeezed my dick. We both stopped be fore either of us came. I excused my self to the bathroom and got some relief.

We continued fooling around like this until the end of the summer. I old enough by then I could get a part time job even though I did not have a driver’s license yet. Mom or dad would take me to work, almost every weekend, so I did not get to see any of my cousins. There was one more memorable encounter with Toni that fall before it got cold, but that is for the next story.

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