A father discovers the true extent of his love for his daughter as they fish in the open sea.
Sinclair Stories™

Character Statistics

Alfonso Burnham:
Age- 34
Height- 6 Ft.
Weight- 165 lb.
Build- Ectomorph
Hair- Jet Black
Eyes- Light Blue
Status- Divorced

Katie Burnham:
Age: 18
Height- 5 ft. 7 inch.
Weight- 130 lb.
Build- Hourglass
Hair- Jet Black
Eyes- Green
Status- Single
[Time: 10:30 A.M.]
[Date: September 15]

(Alfonso’s- P.O.V.)
“Come on Katie, it’s time to go!” She ran down the stairs with her suitcase in her hand and stopped in front of me “All set dad.” I raised an eyebrow and asked “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather stay with Aunt Sally like always… we’re going to be out there for a few months.” She shook a finger in my face and replied “No way, you promised me you’d take me with you for my birthday present.”

I turned off the lights and drug my giant suitcase outside as we locked up the house “Alright sweetie; that’s fine by me, I just think it’s kind of strange you wanted to tag along. You’ve never wanted to come with me before.” She shrugged and threw her suitcase in the back of the minivan “well, I wanted to spend some more time with you.” I put my suitcases in the back with her and closed the trunk as she got in the passenger seat.

I got in the driver’s side and started the engine, pulling out of the driveway as I responded “What are you talking about? You live with me; we see each other every single day.” She sighed and gently shoved me “Just be quiet dad; I don’t want to go to Aunties, she’s boring… all she ever wants to do is teach me how to be a housewife.” I laughed and used the turn signal as we left the cul-de-sac “What does she teach you?”

She opened her book she’s been reading for the past week and replied “Ugh, stuff like cooking and sewing.” I turned on the radio and tuned it to some indie rock as the song ‘Dashboard’ by Modest Mouse came through the speakers. “Katie, those are things that can come in handy through-out life.” She rolled her eyes and giggled “Yeah but I already learned that stuff in home-mec.”

“I doubt your home-mec teacher was as skilled as your Aunt Sally is.” She slammed her book down on her knees as we came to a stop at a red light “Are you trying to get rid of me?” I laughed and draped my arm around her, pulling her into a hug “No-no, you know that’s not what I meant… If you want to smell nothing but salt and fish for two months that’s not my problem.”

“That’s right” She said “now leave me alone, I got fifty pages left and I want to finish it before we reach the docks.” I gave a sour look and went back to driving. ‘She can be so ornery at times’ I thought to myself as she turned down the radio.

[Time 12:00 N]

We pulled into the dock parking lot and I asked “Did you finish your book?” She rolled her eyes and got out “No because you drove to fast.” I flared my nostrils and popped the trunk. We got our suitcases out of the back ‘more like I got our suitcases’ and locked the van. I set the suitcases down and unfolded the cover “Come here and help me put this thing over the car, I don’t want it looking all dirty and grimy when we get back.” She sighed and assisted me in wrapping the car with the cover.

“Alright” I said, handing her suitcase to her “come on, my boats at the end of pier.” We rolled the luggage down the wharf until we reached my boat. “There she is… the Sea-Nyle!” She put her hands on her hips and stared at me slack-jawed “Really?” I put my arms up in defense and replied “what?” She shook her head and stepped on the craft “You named your boat the Sea-Nyle?” I carried the suitcases on the ship and responded “No miss smarty pants, it was already named that when I got it.”

I gave her the luggage and reached down to untie the rope that held the boat on the dock “Take our suitcases to the crew quarters; I got to do some last minute maintenance before we set sail.” She picked up the bags but stood still “Umm, where exactly is the crew quarters at?” I worked on untying the knot and replied “It’s in front of the passenger chair in the wheel house.” She walked into the cabin as I finally got the rope aboard.

I walked around the edge and scraped a few barnacles off before heading inside. Katie was putting a few of her sodas in the fridge as I climbed down into the engine room. I opened the circuit box and flipped a few switches, turning the auxiliary power on before starting the core generator. The boat groaned a few times before coming to life “It’s alive!” I yelled, receiving a laugh from Katie.

I climbed back up and checked the gauges on the dash “Okay, we’re all set… say your goodbyes to solid land.” She looked out the window and waved “Sayonara!” I smiled and put my captain’s hat on, sitting down in my chair and pushing a lever forward. The boat sputtered for a second and slowly moved away from the pier “Hey Katie… Hand me a beer would you.” She grabbed one out of the fridge and used her shirt to pry the cap off “Here… don’t think I’m going to be your personal assistant the whole time though.”

I steered away from the shore out into the open waters and replied “Fine, but don’t think you’re going to sit around and do nothing. This is a fishing vessel and I have fish to catch and money to make.” She huffed and sat down in the chair next to me “How much money do you make off this anyway?” I tapped my finger against my lips in thought “Let’s see… I get about two thousand and four hundred dollars per ton, I usually catch about thirty tons before I head back so… that’s about seventy two thousand dollars.”

Her head rebounded and she looked at me with wide eyes “Holy cow!” I smiled and took a sip of my beer before replying “Don’t get too excited, that’s my salary for the entire year.” She opened her book and said “yeah but still… I didn’t know you could make that much off of nothing but fish.” I pushed the throttle all the way up to full speed and responded “Of course, hell salmon catchers make more than that.” She raised an eyebrow and asked “What are we going after?”

I laughed and turned my laptop on, setting the coordinates for a good fishing spot “The smelly tuna!” She made a face of disgust and said “Yuck, I hate tuna.” I smiled and stood up, clear of other boats so I didn’t have to worry about running into somebody “You won’t be saying that when we’re rubbing the cash through our finger tips.” She giggled and walked with me outside, the salty breeze blowing through her hair ‘She’s so beautiful’ I thought for a second before shaking the thoughts away.

I unlocked the hatch on a metal toolbox and pulled out four heavy-duty fishing poles. I walked around the boat placing them in there holders as I explained to Katie what to do “Once we get out a bit further I want you to go around and cast each line out as far as you can.” She gave a nod and picked up a pole, I waved my hands and said “Not yet though, we’re moving too fast for it to do any good right now.”

I walked back in the wheel house and scratched my head “Now where in the hell did I put that little radio?” I shrugged and picked up my beer, pulling the throttle back a bit as the excessive speed was unneeded. I flipped a few switches as I gulped down my beer and pulled down the map, marking the areas we’d be heading. The first was dead center in the middle of the Sargasso Sea.

[Time: 2:18 P.M.]
I tossed my beer in the trash can and walked outside. Katie was staring up in the sky with a content look on her face as her hair blew back wildly “Alright, go ahead and cast them out like I showed you.” She took the first pole and threw the line out as far as she could while I walked back inside. I grabbed the tangled fishing net out of the storage room and brought it outside, attempting to untangle it as I adjusted the weights along the float line. “What’s that for?” She asked as I attached it to the stern of the boat.

“This is a Midwater trawl and it’s for catching most of our fish.” She took the third pole and gently casted it out into the water “Then what are the fishing poles for?” I guided the net into the water and watched it sink down past visual before I replied “Well, the poles tend to help catch stragglers and bigger fish; mostly though, they give us something to do while we wait for the net to fill up.”

I noticed she was casting it out wrong and walked over to help her with the last one. I hugged her from behind and held my hand over hers ‘She smells really good’ I thought momentarily as my eye twitched “Here, let me show you the proper way.” I pointed the rod out in the direction I was going to cast and gently retracted her elbow to a ninety degree angle, paying more attention to her than the pole. “You want to bring the pole up over your shoulder then just throw it forward like you would if it was a baseball…”

My heart beat faster as her scent drove me mad ‘what’s wrong with me… she’s my daughter for fuck sake.’ She threw the line out farther than the other three and I let go of her, softly clapping “There you go… see how much further it went this time?” She gave a small nod and looked away from me, her rosy cheeks bright red from embarrassment. I walked back in the wheel house and slowed the boat to a gentler pace.

She came in and grabbed a soda out of the fridge “Dad, I don’t think we have enough supplies to last us two months.” I turned around and watched her as she bent over and looked through the cabinets “of course not” I replied as my eyes were glued on her luscious ass “We’ll have to stop by the docks again unless we run into some traders.” She caught me staring at her and I quickly jerked my head away as she said “are you serious, there are people who just float around in boats waiting to trade things?”

I laughed and marked another spot on my overhead map “No, this isn’t the wind waker hon. we’ll come across a few fishing boats on our trip and we just trade a few supplies… I’ll need food and they’ll need something else.” She walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me, looking up at the map. I pointed to a circle off the coast of the Bermuda islands “This is Ely’s Harbor; it’ll be our first stop and where we’ll rest from the ocean and gather more serious provisions.”

She picked up an old photo and asked “Who’s this you’re with?” I smiled and replied “Old Brad… He was my fishing tutor when I first started fishing about fifteen years ago, strange old coot but he was my best friend on our long journeys.” She sat it back down and opened her soda “How come I’ve never seen him?” I stood up and walked outside with her as I responded “He passed away about eight years ago…” She hung her head and softly rubbed my arm “I-I’m sorry… I didn’t know.” I pulled on the ropes of the net to make sure it was still there and replied “It’s okay… He went peacefully.”

We walked along the edge of the boat and checked each of the fishing poles. We came up to the last one I helped her cast and noticed the line was tight “Alright!” I exclaimed as I took the rod in hand “Looks like we got one, come her Katie… This one’s on you.” I gave her the pole and she proceeded to reel it in “Steady… don’t jerk it!” She blushed and took a step back, walking into me.

I grabbed the pole and held it still as she reeled it in “Sway it side to side as you reel.” She did as I said and lifted the rod higher, gaining the upper hand on the fish. I let go of the pole and slid my hands down to her hips, keeping her Sturdy as the fish surfaced. “Good job!” I said, kissing her on the cheek as she reeled it up to the tip of the stick “It looks like a Sargassum Anglerfish.”

I let go of her to my dismay and took the fishing pole out of her hand, holding up the line so she could take a good look at the fish as it squirmed about. She made a face and said “That is one ugly fish, we’re not keeping it are we?” I removed the hook from its mouth and tossed it back in the ocean “Nope, most of the fish we catch with the fishing poles are just going to be game.”

I threw the line back out in the water and set the pole back in its holder “besides, I’ve never ate one of those guys and I’ve never heard of anybody who has either.” We walked to the stern and checked on the net again “On the other hand… once this net fills up with fish, we’ll have to haul it in and dump the entire load in the fish hole.” She took a sip of her soda as I watched her and offered me a drink. I swooped her up in my arms as she poured some in my mouth and laughed.

I put her back down and took my hat off, placing it on her head “I’m glad you came with me honey… it gets really lonely out here at times.” She smiled and hugged me as she replied “I never knew you worked alone, I always assumed you had some help.” I draped my arm around her, taking solace in the contact as I rested my head against hers “No, I’ve worked alone for eight years… I guess it just kind of grew on me.” I hugged her tighter before we walked back inside.

[Time: 6:00 P.M.]
We just finished hauling in our first load of tuna; it wasn’t as much as I expected but maybe we’d catch more over the night. The sun was just beginning to set as it illuminated the clouds on the horizon “Uh-oh” I said as I pointed up “Looks like we might have a storm on the way.” She shivered slightly as a strong wind blew up against her “Do we still have to work if it’s raining?” She asked, I laughed and walked her inside; washing our hands at the kitchenette sink to get the fish slime and smell off “Yep, the fish don’t care if it rains and we won’t neither.”

She sighed and sat down at the table “Dad, I’m hungry; what do we have to eat.” I opened the fridge and said “well… we’ve got TV dinners, more TV dinners and oh, how about that, more TV dinners.” She rolled her eyes and leaned back, propping her feet up on the booth “Is that all you packed?” I shook my head and replied “sorry babe… gourmet food doesn’t last very long and TV dinners are easy to store. They’re hungry-man so they should at least be filling.”

I took two out and unwrapped them, poking holes in the pack before popping them in the microwave. I sat down at the table with Katie and turned on the television, smacking it a few times to get a signal. She raised her eyebrow at me and said “I’m surprised it’s getting anything way out here.” I changed the channel to static and turned it back to the news “It won’t forever so don’t get used to it.” She closed her eyes and laid her head on the table “Tired?” I asked, tenderly rubbing her hand.

She groaned and responded “Yeah, I don’t see how you can do this for two months straight.” I caressed the back of her head and replied “Get used to it sweetie, cause tomorrow is going to be the exact same as today and the day after.” She moaned and I stood back up as the microwave dang. I took the ready meals out and peeled the wrap off, sticking a fork in the meat before handing hers to her. She leaned up and took a bite “Just so you know dad, I’m not regretting any of this.”

I unwrapped mine and sat down across from her “I never said you were.” She eyed me for a second before taking another bite, salting the hell out of it as she said “I bet you were thinking that though…” I stuck my tongue out at her as she giggled and replied “You don’t know what I was thinking… actually I just wanted another beer.” She rolled her eyes and kicked me lightly “oh what else is new.” I leaned over and opened the fridge, grabbing a cold one.

I twisted the cap off and yawned. She watched me take a sip and I motioned for her to take a drink “No thank you” she said, pushing it back towards me. I laughed and responded “Come on, there isn’t anyone around to see you.” She hesitated briefly and took a big gulp; immediately she held her hand over her mouth and swallowed “UGH, that is disgusting!” I slapped my knee and broke into a fit of laughter “Tastes like horse piss doesn’t it!?” She took a few bites of her Salisbury steak and gulped down the rest of her drink to get the taste out of her mouth “Carbonated horse piss…” She replied.

I took a swig as I held back more amusement “Yep, you’re right about that.” I turned the volume on the mini-TV up and said “Once you get through eating go ahead and take a shower; but make it quick, the tank doesn’t hold much water and I’m getting in afterwards.” She blushed and tapped her fingers together, slowly responding “Umm… W-we could… take one together?”

My eyes widened and I dropped my fork, quickly fumbling to get it “What?” I asked embarrassed at her comment. She turned really red and went back to eating “Nothing… never mind, forget I said anything.” I stared at her for a moment as my heart rate returned to normal; I took a huge drink of my beer and kept eating, running her words through my head over and over.

Our feet barely touched each other’s and we stopped eating, gazing into one another’s eyes. ‘What is the matter with me’ I asked myself ‘this beer must be going to my head’ She snarfed down the rest of her food and threw the tray away before standing up. “Alright” She said as she took her shirt off in front of me to my surprise “I’m getting in.” She unhooked her bra as she walked away and I caught a short glimpse of her creamy breasts.

I shook my head and adjusted my pants yelling to her as she walked in the bathroom “After you get out you need to get started on your school work!” She shouted back as she turned on the shower “Do I have to… I can do it tomorrow.” I took the last bite of my hungry-man and tossed it in the rubbish bin. I stood up and gulped another swig down of my beer as I walked up to the bathroom door.

‘There must be something wrong with me’ I thought as I leaned my ear up against the door and rubbed myself through my jeans. ‘I haven’t masturbated in years’ I thought as I slipped my hands in my pants and stroked my shaft. ‘The way she’s been teasing me today… and what she said about getting in the shower with her, it had to just be innocent talk right… right?’

My breathing quickened as I stroked faster, my tolerance was low to something like this from all my years of pent up sexual energy. I felt the tension building up in my balls before she scared the hell out of me by saying “dad… where’s the shampoo at?” I stopped and retracted my hand, looking down at the tent in my pants as I replied “I-It’s in the cabinet above the toilet.” I heard her step out of the shower as I walked away, imagining her firm naked body in my head. I sat down in the captain’s chair and mentally slapped myself “You’re sick Alfonse… you know that, you’re messed up in the head; she’s your own daughter for Christ sake.” I said aloud as I spun around in the chair.

My boner finally dissipated as she came out wrapped in nothing but a towel. She strolled past me as I kept my eyes on her, as she climbed down into the crew quarters she winked at me “Take a picture… it’ll last longer.” My cheeks reddened and I teased her “I would but I seem to have lost my camera.” She giggled and climbed all the way down past sight.

I stood up and went into the bathroom taking a leak before starting the shower. I removed my boots and stripped my clothes off, stepping under the warm stream of water as all the images of Katie flashed through my mind once again. I sighed and ran my hands down my chest to my member, slowly stroking myself again to the mental picture of her breasts. ‘Why is she doing this to me?’ I asked as I quickened my pace.

‘Doesn’t she realize what she’s doing to me?’ I leaned back against the shower wall and slid down to the floor ‘She’s so beautiful’ I moaned quietly as my hand went faster. ‘What if she knows what she’s doing?’ I closed my eyes and switched hands ‘what if she wants it as bad as me?’ My heart fluttered as the thought got me more excited ‘She’s never talked about a boyfriend before.’

My moans got louder as my breaths deepened ‘I’m just fooling myself, there’s no way she could have ever even thought of doing something with me.’ My eye twitched violently as I felt the pressure building up ‘I can’t believe I want to fuck my own daughter’ I fondled my balls as the slapping sound was getting too loud. “Oh God” I exclaimed before clamping my hand over my mouth.

‘Everything about her made me want her more… her smell, her shape, her voice, the way she’d flaunt her ass when she walked.’ The water began to turn cold as I held back the urge to cum, my hips bucked wildly and I slammed my head back against the wall with a thud ‘I love her so much, but I never thought I loved her in that way.’ I thrusted my hand along my shaft fiercely as I moaned too loud, releasing my entire load on the shower wall.

I turned off the water since it was cold and noticed a shadow run underneath the door. ‘H-had she heard me? Oh-no… this is going to be hard to explain.’ I dried off as fast as I could and wrapped the towel around my waist ‘I haven’t had an orgasm in six years and it was over my own daughter, I’m so twisted.’ I opened the door and looked around; not seeing her I walked down into the crew quarters and swiftly put some sweatpants on.

I heard her footsteps above and I yelled “Katie, are you doing your schoolwork?” She didn’t say anything for a moment before she tentatively replied “Yeah dad, I was just… umm, I was just out getting some fresh air to clear my head.” I climbed the ladder back up and saw her sitting at the booth in her red P.J.’s with her notebook open and calculator in hand. I smiled and asked “What are you doing, math?” She gave a nod but didn’t look up at me.

“Well” I said as I walked outside to make one last round “I’d offer to help but you’re probably already better at it than me.” I heard her giggle and I grinned, checking the net to see if it was taut ‘maybe she didn’t hear me when I was in the shower, perhaps she was just walking by.’ The rope was rigid which signified it was holding at least some fish. I walked around checking the fishing poles just as it started to drizzle.
I walked back to the wheel house since none of the rods had anything and closed the door “It’s starting to rain.” I told Katie as I turned off the TV for her to concentrate on her work. It was already seven-thirty and I was starting to get tired “Let’s not stay up to late okay sweetie… we got to get an early start at the break of dawn.” I set the GPS and gyroscope for autopilot and turned on the strobe light so other boats could see us in the rain.

[Time: 9:00 P.M.]
Katie just finished her work and the rain was really beginning to picking up as I said “Hmm, looks like it’s turning into a good storm… I hope it’s not still raining when we get up.” She yawned and stood up from the table stretching “I hope so too, but for now let’s go to bed.” We walked together to the crew quarters and I went down first, holding her hand to help her down the ladder.

I assisted her in getting in the top bunk and looked away when she almost literally shoved her ass in my face. I laid down in the bottom bunk and covered up, taking my phone out of my pocket and setting the alarm for six o’clock as I said “Good night baby doll, I’m so happy that you came along with me… it’s going to make this trip so much more bearable.” She shifted around trying to get comfortable and replied “I’m glad you don’t think I’m being a burden, this is your job after all.”

I closed my eyes as I turned off the light “Honey you’re never a burden to me; you’re my pride and joy, what would make you say such a thing?” She didn’t say anything so I continued talking “I love you so much Katie, you’ll never know the whole amount… now rest up and get some sleep, we’ve got a long day ahead of us tomorrow.” She exhaled and rolled over.

(Twenty minutes later)
I heard her moan and roll over again, waking me up from my daze “What’s wrong?” I asked as she coughed. “Nothing, I’m just can’t get comfy and it’s a bit chilly in here.” I thought for a second and said “I’m sorry, it’s so cold babe… it’s from the icy water.” I stopped for a second and asked “Did you want to sleep with me?”

I waited for her to say no but instead she jumped down and pulled the sheets back. I scooted over as she laid down beside me and rested her head on my chest. A sudden clap of thunder made her jump and I draped my arm around her “It’s okay… it was just thunder.” I rubbed her back and pulled the covers over the both of us as her boobs pressed into me.

She laid there for a moment before she said “It’s hard to sleep with that noisy engine.” I kissed the top of her head and continued caressing her back “I know, but you’ll get used to it; hell, my first night I was awake the whole time.” I opened my eyes as her scent flew up my nostrils. She looked up at me and sighed “Dad” I stared at her as she said “Tell me about mom.”

I looked away and fluffed my pillow “Darlin’ we’ve talked about this before…” She stopped me and replied “But I want to know the truth this time.” I took a deep breath and responded “Katie, the truth might hurt.” She kept looking at me and batted her eyelashes making me feel the butterflies in my stomach “Alright… Your mother was a ditzy teacher at my high school I went to… We… fell in love with each other the very first day.”

She gazed into my eyes listening patiently “She… sorta had a thing for younger boys, which I painfully found out quickly. We made love in the bathroom after school that same day, it turned into a routine thing that I looked forward to.” She blinked and asked “How old were the both of you?” I contemplated and replied “I was fourteen and she was twenty-seven.”

“A pedophile?” She said under her breath, making me laugh “Yeah, you could defiantly say that… One day I transferred to a different school to take an advanced course in Environmental Science and I didn’t see her again for over half a year.” I stopped talking and held back the urge to sob as the memories flooded my mind “Then out of the blue she shows up with this baby in her arms, screaming at me and telling me that I ruined her life and it was all my fault… after a brief shouting match she gave you to me and hauled ass.”

She kept staring at me with wide eyes before a few of her tears dropped on my chest “Daddy… did you not want me?” I pulled her closer and held her head as I responded “Baby you couldn’t be more wrong… I fought with my parents for weeks to keep you; I remember it like yesterday, your grandma and grandpa were furious… all they wanted to do was go over to your mother’s house and throw fists.” She stopped crying and smiled “I took care of you and fell in love with you the second I laid eyes on you.”

She grinned and I wiped the tears out of her eyes as she asked “Did you ever see her again after that?” I shook my head and replied “No, I hated her from that day forward and never tried to contact her ever again.” She rubbed her head on my bare chest and blushed “I still don’t understand why you didn’t find someone else… you’re so handsome.” I felt my member move as she said that “Any woman would be totally lucky to have you!” I tilted her head up and smiled at her “Katie, do you really think so?”

She scootched further up and continued staring at me as she replied “Yes, you’re such a hardworking and kind hearted man… I wish I could find a boyfriend like you, I-I wish you could be my boyfriend…” My breath quickened as our faces got closer, our lips getting less than an inch away before I couldn’t hold myself back any longer.

I closed the distance and kissed her passionately, holding her tight as we felt each other’s body. I grabbed the back of her head and deepened the kiss, sliding my tongue in her mouth tasting her saliva. Our tongues battled vivaciously as they twisted around one another’s; she took her top off as we continued making out, our mouths never straying from each other’s.

I flipped her over on her back and sadly broke away “Katie, are you sure you want to do this?” I kissed her neck and ran my tongue across her throat, up her chin, and back to her mouth as she replied “Yes, I’ve wanted this for so long!” We smacked our lips together a few more times before responding “Me too… but you’ve got to understand; what we’re about to do, you can never… ever tell anyone.” She gave a nod and kissed me again.

“I love you so much daddy, I’ve been trying to get you to do this with me for years!” I darted inside her mouth and wrestled her tongue, pinning it down as I unhooked her bra. We exchanged spit as our passion grew stronger, gently running my hands along her silky breasts. My tongue swirled around in her mouth madly; no longer caring that she was my daughter, I wanted her… I wanted all of her.

“I love you too Katie, you hold a special place in my heart your mother never could.” She started crying her eyes out and I stopped, placing my hand on her cheek I asked “Honey, what’s wrong?” She smiled and kissed my chest “Nothing at all, it’s just that all my dreams are coming true!” I beamed back at her and kept smooching, taking out all my years of pent up lust and sexual frustration on her body.

My tongue slipped out of her mouth and ran down to her luscious breasts, licking her nipple making her moan loudly “YES, OH DADDY MORE!!!” She bit down on her lip to stop herself from moaning and I stopped “Don’t quit moaning, there’s nobody who can hear us out here… be as loud as you want.” She continued moaning as I massaged both her breast, sucking on her left nipple like a small child.

A very loud boom of thunder scared her and she pulled the sheet up higher. I turned my phone light on so it illuminated her face and went back to kissing “It’s okay, daddy’s here with you and I’ll never let you go.” She kissed me energetically and shivered as I flicked her nipple with my thumb. I felt her run her hands down to my member and rub it through the fabric, feeling my entire length making her blush.

“You’re really big down there dad… I don’t know if you’ll fit.” I smiled and felt my face flush as she nibbled on my ear responding “I heard you in the bathroom earlier… tell me, who were you thinking about as you stroked yourself?” I chuckled at her naughty words and replied “You know exactly who I was thinking about… You teased your old man all day long with that tight ass of yours; did you think I didn’t notice?”

She giggled and ran her hands along my abs “I was hoping you’d see to all of my advances… what did you think when I asked you to take a shower with me?” I softly kissed both of her breasts and licked in-between them “It made me really horny babe.” She smiled and held my head as I ran my tongue down to her navel, gently licking around it as she rocked back and forth on my clothed shaft.

“Good” she whispered as I continued going lower “That was my intent.” I pulled her pajama bottom down as she shoved my face in her crotch, inhaling the sweet-sweet scent that only your own blood can have. I made her moan really loud as I sucked the juices that continually soaked through her panties.

She ran her hands through my hair as I lapped at her nectar like a wild dog in heat. “It’s so good; you’re so wet baby doll.” Her fluids pumped into my mouth, making her panties utterly drenched. “It’s all for you daddy!” she said as she bit down on her finger, the moans escaping her lips and bouncing around the cabin “Every drop is because of you and for you…”

I rubbed myself through my sweatpants as I stopped “Honey, do you remember your sixth birthday?” She opened her eyes and smiled giving a response “When I said I’d be your wife when I got older…?” I smirked and kissed her fervently, surprised she remembered that far back “Well tonight you will be.” She flashed the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen and smashed her lips against mine.

Holding each other in a tight embrace as we drooled from sheer excitement; I ran my hands down her back and grabbed her plump ass, squeezing each cheek before softly giving the both of them a tap “daddy, I want to be your wife forever, not just tonight.” Her words motivated me as her tongue entered my mouth, swirling around as she tasted her own essence.

“I love you so much Katie, but you’re going to have to prove that.” She smiled and slid her panties down, holding them up to me and draping them over my shoulder “I think I can do that dad.” She forced my head down lower until I reached her bare pussy; she was clean shaven and only had a small streak of soft thin black hair leading down to her slit. The smell was making me lightheaded as I pried her open with my middle and index finger, gently tracing my tongue around her puffy pussy lips before flicking her clitoris.

“DADDY!!!” she trembled as I grazed my tongue across her clit a few more times “DADDY YOU’RE SENDING ELECTRICITY THROUGH ME!!!” her hips flew up as she orgasmed, propelling her liquids onto my face and in my mouth. She relaxed but quickly shot up as my tongue slid inside her “D-DAD, ARE YOU…” she squirmed about uncontrollably from pleasure as I forced my entire tongue inside her slit.

I tasted her juices as I slithered through-out her pussy like a snake. I looked up to see her eyes rolled back in her head as she pushed against the wall, trying to get me to go deeper. I churned around in her insides before grabbing her hips to start tongue fucking her; she moaned louder and even accidently bit her tongue as I picked up a rhythm. “Do you like that?” I asked with my tongue still stuffed inside her.

Her eyes came back into focus as she replied “Oh god yes, it feels so fucking good!” I fondled her breasts and kept whirling around inside her as my tongue darted back and forth. I went further and slid my right index finger inside as well, making her moan even louder as I circled around my tongue. “Faster!” She exclaimed as she started jerking around again.

I withdrew my tongue and licked her clit madly, spinning my finger all around at an angle to feel her walls. “DADDY; UGH, ONLY YOU COULD MAKE ME FEEL THIS WAY!” she leaned and pulled me up as we kissed, making-out as our mixed saliva fell on her chest and ran down to her flower, making erotic wet sounds as my finger flew inside her up to my knuckle.

She pulled my lower lip back with her teeth and let go as I said “I can’t believe we’re doing this… it’s so wrong but feels so perfectly right!” her breathing deepened as her pussy quivered “I’ve wanted you to do this to me since I was twelve… you were the first and only person I ever masturbated to.” My cheeks grew hot as the thought of my twelve year old daughter masturbating to me made my heart pound.

I sucked on her smooth breasts as she bucked riotously “I’m so close daddy, keep going… more!” I finger-fucked her faster as she yelled my name, I could tell she was close by her short rapid breaths. I went back down to her pussy and licked the clit one more time as she exploded in a frenzied orgasm.

I drank every drop that filled my mouth as she screamed lustfully “OH FUCK YES! I’VE NEVER FELT SO GOOD IN MY WHOLE LIFE!” Her hips smashed her pussy against my face as she filled my entire mouth full with her nectar. I swallowed and came back up gasping “So much” I said as we both caught our breath.

I wiped some of her juice on my hand and rubbed it on my hard shaft as she watched “Take it out” She said seductively as she stared “I want to see you…” I smiled and teased her by ever so slowly tugging my sweatpants down, stopping when it was just at the border of popping out. She giggled and pulled them down for me, eyes growing big when it flung out as stiff as a board “My god Dad, you’re absolutely hung… now I’m really unsure if it’ll fit.”

She blushed as she wrapped her hand around me for the first time, giving it a few strokes as I replied “Oh baby, your hand feels so good…” She stroked faster as I continued “You’re the first woman to touch me in twenty years… but you’re the first ‘real’ woman to touch me in my entire life.” She blushed deeper and smiled “I love you dad.” She ran her finger down my vein to the tip as I responded “I love you too Katie.”

She kept stroking me as she scooted down lower where it was directly in her face “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” She stuck her tongue out and ran it along the bottom of my head, getting a good taste as I felt her hot breath on the shaft. She looked up at me and smiled, making me even hornier “I can taste the sweat from our long day daddy… you spent all your time in the shower jerking off didn’t you?”

I chuckled as I held my hand on the wall of the boat “Yeah… by the time I was done the water was all used up.” She giggled and sucked on the head; making me moan “I never thought I’d see the day when my own daughter would give me a blowjob!” she groaned and licked her fluids off, making my leg muscles tighten up as she said “And I never thought I’d see the day were my own dad would let me give him a blowjob!”

I smiled and moaned as she wrapped her lips around the head and pulled me closer, taking more of me in her mouth. I got about five inches in her mouth before she gagged, coming back out with a pop “You’re too big dad; I can’t get all of you in my mouth…” I rested my hand on top of her head and motioned her to keep trying. She engulfed my cock once more as her tongue circled around the shaft. She bobbed back in forth gaining more length with each attempt “Relax your throat” I told her as I thrusted all the way to the back of her mouth “Yeah, that’s it; deep throat me sweetie.”

Her face turned red before I slid out making her cough “Daddy that was really intense!” I brushed her hair back and gently kissed her until she breathed normal again “I love it when you call me ‘daddy’, you haven’t called me that in a long time.” She smiled and replied as she stroked me “Maybe I should start calling you big daddy?” I laughed as she went back to sucking and fondling my balls.

She squeezed my nuts a bit too hard and I jumped “Be careful with my boy’s babe… they’re very sensitive.” She kept sucking before running her tongue down to them and taking the one she squeezed in her mouth, licking around it and softly slurping on it for a moment. She stopped and licked the tip of my dick before responding “I’m sorry daddy, is that better?”

I smiled and sat back, leaning up against the other side of the bunk bed “Hold on” I said “Let’s get a bit more comfy so it’s easier to enjoy ourselves.” She laid on her stomach and continued licking my balls as her bare ass stuck up in the air for me to rub. She tenderly sucked on my sack before going back to my cock, forcing the pre-cum out as she drank it zealously “Am I better than mom was?” She asked as I closed one eye.

I moaned and replied “Katie you’re worlds better than that whore could have ever dreamed of becoming!” She was thrilled to hear me say that and went into overdrive; sucking relentlessly as she stroked at the same time, trying her best to make me cum. Her head bobbled violently as she took my entire length in the back of her throat “God damn Katie, I didn’t expect you to go balls deep!” She
suppressed the urge to gag and held herself down as her spit ran down my shaft, soaking my testicles.

She flew up gasping for air as I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her, exhaling my own oxygen into her lungs. She broke away and coughed “Daddy this is so fucking invigorating, I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight.” I grinned and whispered in her ear making her blush “When I’m done with you, you’re going to be worn out…” She rubbed her boobs against my chest for a moment before taking my pole in her mouth once again.

I felt the pressure building up inside me as she sucked so fiercely she left a mark “I’m so close Katie!” I grabbed her ass as she licked me like a lollipop, swirling her tongue around the tip making me moan “I’m gonna cum in your mouth!” She engulfed my entire cock as I blew my load into her mouth. There was literally so much she couldn’t swallow all of it; she gagged as it spewed out the sides of her mouth and ran down her jaw.

She continued to swallow until there was nothing left, licking it off her fingers and her lips “Oh my god baby, thank you so much… that felt so unbelievably good!” She ignored me and just kept licking her fingers and the tip of my dick as she said “This is the same DNA that made me… and it tastes delicious…” I smiled and kissed her, wiping the cum off her jaw.

As I broke away she grabbed my hand and sucked my gravy off the tips of my fingers, making me rock hard immediately. She took notice and kissed my cheek as she asked “are you ready to go again?” she rubbed my shaft and laid back against the pillow spreading her legs “I want... to feel you… inside me this time.” My eyes widened and my cock flew up against my chest, fully aware I was getting ready to have passionate sex with my own daughter.

I shifted up towards her and stood on my knees, softly rubbing my member on her pussy “sweetie, are you sure you want to go this far? Once I put it in there’s no going back… we’ll open a whole new chapter in each other’s life.” She raised her hand and slapped me across the face angrily “Shut up dad and take me…” I winced and rubbed my red cheek as I grabbed her hips.

She gazed into my eyes feverishly as she breathed rapidly, excited to finally have me enter her. I touched her entrance with the head and she shivered, closing her eyes I slowly slid all the way into her. Her eyes shot open and she screamed “OH MY GOD DADDY, IT’S SO BIG!!!” I pulled out and she grabbed me “what are you doing… don’t stop!” I smiled and slammed back into her, taking her breath away.

I thrusted into her with force as she wrapped her arms around me, holding on for dear life as I humped her. She moaned extremely loud in my ear as I fell over on top of her. “DADDY… DADDY… DADDY…” she flung her head back against the wall with a thud as I pumped into her slowly “FASTER…HARDER… MORE!!!” I quickly complied and smashed my cock into her as far as it would go, reaching all the way to her womb.

I banged her faster as her moans got even louder “Oh Katie, we did it… we’re actually fucking each other!” we made out briefly as she leaned up and bounced on my dick “I know daddy, it’s my first time and it is with you!” I stopped and stared at her “B-but you didn’t have a hymen!?” She kissed my neck and replied “I broke it on a hairbrush about six years ago when I was masturbating to you.”

I smiled and started pounding into her again “YES, I-I took my baby girls virginity!” she bounced like a spring as we both made love “Oh daddy, it’s spreading me open so much; you’re going to ruin me!” We fell back against the wall as I grabbed her tits “You’re so sexy Katie, your breasts rebound with every thrust…” I fucked her harder as I caressed her silky-smooth boobs.

Her nails dug in my back, scraping me roughly as my cock rammed into her continuously. “Ugh, daddy your dick fills me up so much.” I slowed down and grabbed her ass, gradually coming out to take a break. “I love you Katie… go ahead and roll over on your stomach for me.” She did as she was told and stuck her sweet luscious ass up in the air, begging for me to start up again. “I’m going to fuck you doggy style, this way I can watch as I slid inside your tight pussy.”

I rubbed my shaft along her slit before slipping back inside her. “OH DADDY, I CAN FEEL IT SO MUCH MORE THIS WAY!” I held her by the hips and stroked into her, gaining more leverage. It was starting to get easier to move as she loosened up and kept my member slick with her pussy juices “I love you Daddy… I have never felt so much like a woman as I do now.”

Her words excited me as I said “Your pussy feels so good… so juicy… so tight.” She moaned louder as I kept pounding into her with force, her long black hair flowing down across her face with every thrust. “It’s so big, daddy I love it!” I pulled her hair back and gently held onto it as I pumped harder into her little pussy “My little girl” I said as she sucked on my finger “who would have known my little girl would take so much pleasure in daddy’s dick?”

She gave a half giggle and moan at the same time, enjoying the feel of my cock as I plunged into her. “I did daddy, I knew your penis was the only one I’d ever want.” My cock twitched inside of her as I replied “And I should have known your vise grip pussy was the only one for me.” I laid down on top of her and tilted her head to the side to sucked on her tongue as we both moved at a rhythm. She shook her ass against my crotch and I moaned “Yeah Katie, shake that ass…”

I felt her pussy start to quiver and I asked “baby, are you about to cum?” she shivered and her teeth chattered “Yeah daddy, you’re about to make me cum… your big dick is making your own daughter cum, can you believe it?” I felt a cold draft of air run down my spine as she continued teasing me by talking dirty “My daddy’s rock hard cock is fucking me in the pussy!”

I ran my tongue across her ear and replied “My daughter’s tight sheath is rocking back in forth on my sword.” She giggled but suddenly gasped “Are you alright?” I asked before I felt her release her love fluids on my shaft “UGH DADDY… that felt so fucking good.” I gently tapped her ass before starting up again; the erotic slushing sound her pussy made from her orgasm made me horny as hell.

“Oh baby girl, your pussy is so wet…” She turned her head and stuck out her tongue; taking the hint I placed mine over hers and kissed her sloppily, our drool mixing together leaving a trail as we parted. She twirled the string around her finger and sucked it off, blushing as she said “I love you Daddy.” I laid back against the end of the bed and pulled her up on top as I replied “I love you too honey… I worship you; the tenderness that I feel towards you is from the years of devotion.”

I kept thrusting in her until I felt the pressure I’d recently began to experience once again building up in my testicles “Katie, ugh… daddy’s going to cum soon…” She slammed her ass down on my shaft and started bouncing vigorously “Do it inside me daddy… I want to feel it gush straight to my womb!” My eye twitched as I held back the itch and responded “But Katie, you could get pregnant… I’m sorry but I can’t cum in you.”

She threw her hands up and pushed against the top bunk, keeping me inside her “You can cum in me daddy and you will…” I wanted to pull out but the pleasure was too intense for me to think straight. She smashed her lips to mine and shook aggressively as we both climaxed at the same time.

She tore away and screamed as loud as she could as I held onto her, burying my face in her tits “DADDY, IT’S SO HOT… I FEEL IT POURING IN MY WOMB; THANK YOU!!!” Her eyes rolled all the way back in her head as she collapsed on top of me panting, completely drained of all energy. We held each other tight as we caught our breath, my cock slowly softened and slid out of her; letting all my cum flow out as her hole struggled to close.

After a few minutes I exhaled loudly and moved us back up to the pillow. My heart was still beating out of my chest as I said “That… was… hands down… the most… passionate sex… I have ever had…” She smiled and kissed me momentarily before rubbing her head on my chest “My own daddy just fucked me…” I grinned and caressed her back as we just laid together in silence.

Her breathing deepened and I thought she was asleep when she suddenly said “Do you remember that lullaby you’d sing to me when I was young?” I thought back to that old Bobby Darin song and replied “Yeah?” She rubbed my arm as I draped it across her, holding her naked body against mine “Sing it to me please daddy, would you…”

I kissed the top of her head and cleared my throat “Somewhere beyond the sea… Somewhere waitin' for me…” She closed her eyes as I pulled the covers up over the both of us “My lover stands on golden sand… And watches the ships that go sailin'… Somewhere beyond the sea” A boom of thunder sounded off in the distance and she held me tighter “She's there watchin' for me…If I could fly like birds on high… Then straight to her arms I'd go sailin'… It's far beyond the star”

I noticed her mouth was open slightly and she was breathing deeper than before, signifying that she was almost asleep if not already. I smiled and watched her gentle form as I kept singing to her softly “It's near beyond the moon… I know beyond a doubt… My heart will lead me there soon…” She closed her mouth and lightly rubbed her head on my chest “We'll meet beyond the shore… We'll kiss just as before… Happy we'll be, beyond the sea… And never again I'll go sailin'” I stopped when she began to snore and brushed the hair away from her face “Goodnight Katie… I love you beyond what words can describe.”

I reached over to my phone, careful not to wake her and checked the time ‘wow, it’s eleven o’clock; we must’ve had sex for an hour and a half.’ I smiled and sat it back down on our pile of dirt clothes, returning to our sleeping position as I rested my chin on her head; thinking about what we just did to each other as I drifted off to sleep.

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