My parents and grandparents sponsored me to Trinidad when I was sixteen, it was an ocean world. It had millions of tiny atolls and islands covered with what they called lattice trees. The trees would send branches out that would send feelers down. If there was ground the feeler grew into a tree and soon the island was covered.

The tree also had large beautiful flowers and had a type of fruit named coconut melons. There were flying insects and millions of brightly colored birds. In the ocean was fish varying from tiny minnows to huge predators over ten meters long. Most islands were to small to build on so the early settlers had began building one kilometer cement octagons.

Now there were several floating towns and one small city. I had two new octagons on the edge of a small town. I also had a medium sized sail boat designed mostly for cargo. I had thought about what to do and put a sanitation unit on one octagon. Around my house I planted lattice trees for shade and to block the ocean wind.

I filled them both with mulched lattice tree since they grew so fast and it was cheap. While I waited for the mulch to settle I carried cargo in my boat and dived with a solid suit to pump up sand and ocean silt into a mixing barge. The last was to make another octagon and to clear channels between islands.

I also harvested melons from unregistered islands. After only two years I had eight octagons and had started planting. First it was wheat and corn and then I started a truck farm with all types of vegetables. One octagon I used for smaller animals since meat was very expensive. I had my octagons in a square with the center open.

I had a predator net stretched under the open water. Slim lattice tree walkways crisscrossed the surface. I grew the local variant of a abalone clam type of shellfish. Swimming around them was medium sized fish that ate mulched lattice tree leaves and melons like the shellfish.

Not everyone succeeds, in fact less than half. I returned from dredging and glanced at the council solar skiff at my dock. I dropped the sail and let the boat drift close to the dock before I jumped out and tied it off. I glanced from the fit looking councilman to the two girls, “what’s up?”

He smiled, “working on another octagon?”

I shrugged, “I was thinking of expanding the ocean farm and growing lattice trees for the melons.”

He turned and gestured to the girls, “this is Bell and Kitty. Their mother died while diving and their father...”

He cleared his throat and Bell shifted on her feet, “the dumb bastard killed himself.”

I looked at her and then at the councilman. He shrugged, “he was lazy and a gambler. His two octagons were sold to pay his bills and there is nothing left.”

I waited and he looked at the girls, “we have offered them in bond to several people...”

I looked at the girls, “bond? That won’t help them, as soon as the bond is over they will be right back in the same place.”

He frowned as the girls looked at each other and Kitty grinned, “need a couple of whores?”

I blinked as the councilman blushed. Bell grinned and cupped her breasts through the bikini, “you take us in bond and we service you. If we like each other we make it permanent.”

Her sister nodded and I looked at the councilman, “is that legal?”

He laughed, “their sixteen and that is the age of consent.”

I looked at the girls and smiled, “you girls are in for a lot of sex.”

The councilman laughed as he turned to his boat, “give me a hand with their things.”

Their things consisted of two small suitcases each. I took everything to my house and set it inside the door. I glanced at them and shrugged, “I need to work on the ocean farm.”

I stripped to my suit and headed across to the steps down. I used a small hand cart as I tossed mulch. I glanced back when the girls followed me out on the floating walk. It wasn’t long before they were helping as we talked. It was a couple of hours before we finished and put things away.

I went to check the desalination building before starting the watering sequence for the octagons. When I closed the door to the house Bell and Kitty took their bikinis off. I grinned as I headed into the large kitchen. I washed and pulled food out for dinner and was pushed to the table as they started cooking.

I looked at their bodies and Kitty turned before wiggling her butt. I looked up and she grinned before walking to me and pulling me up. She pushed my suit down and off before pulling me after her towards the sleeping rooms. She turned at the bed and sat before laying back, “fuck me.”

I grinned and knelt between her spread legs before leaning forward and licking through her pussy. She shivered and lifted her hips as I did it again and then began to nibble. I covered her clit a minute later to suck while teasing it with my tongue. I went back and forth from teasing her clit to licking her.

Several minutes later she wailed and spasmed, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

I grinned as I stood and moved between her legs as she lifted them. I pushed into her tight pussy before beginning to fuck her. I fucked her slowly as her warm pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. She started to shake and then convulse as she squirted and screamed, “I’m cumming!”

She twisted and bucked as I began to fuck her harder. She thrashed around and kicked in the air as she spread her legs and howled, “aaaahhhhh!”

It was another couple of minutes before I buried my cock and held her as I gushed and spewed against her cervix. She screamed as warm sperm was pumped into her and lifted her hips, “yyyeeeessssss!”

It was awhile before I stopped cumming and slowly pulled out. I turned to sit beside her as she put her legs down and kept panting. I caressed and felt her pelvis and tummy until she giggled, “that was so fun.”

I grinned and turned to tug on a nipple before standing and helping her up. She laughed and pulled me after her and through the house naked. Dinner was a lot better than anything I could make. After dinner we cleaned up and I pulled the girls out to the outer edge of the octagon facing the setting sun.

I always loved to watch the show and I think the two girls were surprised and I doubt if they had ever paid attention to it. After the sun was down I stood and Bell took my hand, “my turn.”

I grinned as she pulled me back into the house and then back to the bedroom. I turned her at the bed and pushed her on before leaning forward and pushing her legs open. I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her clit with my lips. She shuddered and lifted her hips as I licked her again and pushed my tongue into her.

I covered her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue. She moaned and thrust up as I went back to licking and nibbling. It was several minutes before she wailed as she spasmed and twisted while covering her pussy. I grinned and pushed her all the way onto the bed and moved between her legs.

I kissed her as I lifted and pushed hard to force my cock into her. She pulled me down and hugged me as my cock entered her and stretched her pussy. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. Her pussy was almost hot as it squeezed my cock. I pushed all the way into her and began to hump, press and grind.

Bell lifted her legs into the air and wailed as she spasmed, “fffuuuucccccckkkkkkk!”

I kissed her and fucked her hard and deep. She thrashed around and bucked as her pussy grasped and milked my cock while she clutched at me. I slowed down and fucked her with long strokes as she shuddered and wrapped her legs around my waist. She spasmed and jerked constantly and her slippery pussy was milking my cock as I kept pushing into her.

It was awhile before I kissed her as I shoved in and my cock began pumping a gushing stream of cum. She jerked and screamed as warm sperm filled her. When I was done she dropped to the bed with a sigh and I pulled out. Kitty pulled on me, “do me from behind.”

I fucked them half the night before we fell asleep exhausted. I woke to song birds and glanced at the two girls in bed with me. I grinned and rubbed butts before climbing out of bed, “things to do.”

First was a warm shower and then breakfast before I led the girls around on an electric cart to check the fields before setting the automatic watering sequence. I checked the animals and their feeders before continuing around. I stopped at the dock, “want to come help collect sand and silt? I have extra suits.”

They grinned and pulled me towards the boat. We were still naked and the girls seemed to like showing off. The ride out to the drudging site was with the two girls standing in the bow. I showed them how to put the suits on and checked both before putting mine on. The girls talked and walked around the whole time we were underwater.

They spent enough time to learn how to do the job. When we returned to the boat Kitty was the first I helped out of the suit. She moved to put the sail up as I went to work on her sister. Bell started helping me after she was out and pushed me down into a seat before straddling me. She wiggled down my cock with a sigh.

She shuddered before giving me a kiss, “you need a couple more dredge hoses.”

I cupped her breasts, “and pumps.”

She was thrusting back and forth as her tight pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she began to shake and moan louder. I rubbed and then tugged on her nipples and she spasmed as her pussy clenched my cock and she wet me, “YES!”

I held her waist and pulled her back and forth as she twisted and wailed. Kitty laughed as Bell continued to jerk and lean against me. I waited before lifting her and turning her around. I put her down on her hands and knees and rubbed her pussy. I pushed into her in one long thrust and she howled as she thrust back and sank my cock all the way in her.

I held her and began to fuck her with long thrusts while she tried to slam back on my cock. It took several minutes for me to cum and I shoved into her as her pussy tightened. I held her as she spasmed and began to spew cum in her in large, thick spurts. Bell screamed when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her.

When I was done I pulled out and stood as she slumped to the deck panting and Kitty laughed, “I want mine in bed.”

Bell giggled, “with your legs up and spread.”

I grinned as I went to take over the wheel. Today was a harvest day and I had to pull up a few nets and cages of abalone clams. I had an ice machine that filled several bins with frozen sea water and covered the fish and abalone clams. I put my suit back on as the girls slipped into their tiny bikinis.

The trip to the market only took an hour and then I was unloading and bargaining with the merchant. When we left Bell was grinning and whispering to her sister. After we docked Kitty grabbed my hand, “Bell will start dinner while you fuck me.”

She pulled me around the house and to the edge of the octagon. She tossed her tiny bikini to one side and I grinned as I stripped out of my suit. She pushed me down onto the lattice tree bench and straddled me before slowly wiggling down my cock. She sighed as her warm pussy squeezed and began to rock, “what are we doing tomorrow?”

I shuddered as her pussy kept squeezing my cock and slipped a hand between us to feel her breasts, “tomorrow is a weeding day. The lattice trees are constantly springing up and now I am setting them aside for the next few octagons.”

She thrust back and forth as she twisted and rolled her hips. Her pussy continued to grasp my cock as she kept shoving down. We weren’t talking anymore as she began to get erratic and howled, “FUCK!”

She spasmed and jerked as she squirted and clung to me. I held her hips and began to pull her back and forth. Kitty wailed as her pussy tightened, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

It was another minute before I held her tight as my cock erupted in a geyser of cum. I pumped it against and into her cervix as she jerked and shuddered while screaming, “aaaahhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she was still shaking as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. She stood and pulled me out, “that was good.”

I grinned as I bent to pick up our swim suits and put an arm around her waist. We walked into the house and Bell grinned, “it sounded like planting season.”

Kitty laughed as she went to help her sister and I sat to watch them. After dinner we went out to watch the sunset and then Bell pulled me after her and back to the bed where she laid back and spread her legs. I woke to the grumble of a storm and looked at Kitty draped over me. I shifted and moved off the bed before going to the bathroom and washing.

I came back to wake them and found Kitty between her sister’s legs. I grinned as I bent to tug on one of Bell’s nipples, “I’ll be out weeding when you two get up.”

The storm was mild but had a lot of grumbling with constant light rain. It was a couple of hours before Bell and Kitty joined me and I grinned because they were naked. Weeding was fairly easy, just walking down the field or through the rows showed the growing lattice trees. We finished by noon and I fed the fish and abalone.

After we finished that we checked the animals and the auto feeders. It was still raining when we got back to the house and Kitty grinned, “now what are we going to do to keep busy?”

She pressed against me and rubbed her beautiful breasts on me and I laughed as Bell pressed against my back. I held Kitty’s hips, “well we could sit by the fire and make love.”

Bell laughed and rubbed her bare breasts on me, “or snuggled in bed and fuck.”

I laughed and turned to grab her hand and then Kitty’s, “bed and fuck it is.”

We made our arrangement permanent a year later when Bell and Kitty purchased a couple of artificial wombs. We have two dozen octagons now with most growing lattice trees around a fish or shellfish farm.
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