Kevin is a 5-year-old boy who attends the local daycare center, Little Learners Daycare Center. His teacher, Mrs.

Jones, is also his own mother and all the children enjoy being in her care. They have fun everyday and they

learn new things as well. And while Kevin loves that about daycare, his favorite thing about it is naptime. But

not because he gots to sleep in class. Everyday at naptime, when all the other kids fall asleep, his

teacher/mother takes him into the private bathroom and they touch each other. This has become so routine

that they both know when all the kids fall asleep and how much time they have to finish. They always finish at

least five minutes before all the kids wake up, therefore no one finds out about them. Why they have been doing

this for so long is going to need some explaining.......

It all started one weekend when Kevin was left at home with his dad because his mom had to run some errands.

His dad was always tole to notice Kevin, but all he did was watch tv on the couch and listened out for any loud

noises. Kevin was in his playroom with his toy cars and toy dragons, he lovd playing with them. He was playing

so long that his dad forgot he was there, and his dad did what he usually did when Kevin and his wife weren't

home during his lunch break. He got up to look for a nice porn dvd to pop in so he could masturbate. He sat back

on the couch and pulled out his dick without hesitation, pressed play, and his fun began. Kevin eventually grew

bored of playing and was getting hungry, so he went downstairs so he could ask his dad to make him a

sandwhich. The volume on the tv was up, and Kevin didn't have on any shoes, so his dad had no idea that Kevin

was watching him masturbating to porn. But Kevin looked at what was on the tv and was confused, he had never

seen naked people on tv, and they were moving on top of each other and moaning, he saw that his dad was

moaning too. He started to feel funny and he reached for his penis and rubbed it, discovering that it felt good

when he did. He gasped, and his dad swiftly turned his head, turned off the tv, and tried to explain to his son

what he was doing. "Oh my God, oh God, my son just saw me jerking off! How am I gonna explain this to him?

Hell, how am I gonna explain this to Cheren?" he said to himself as Kevin slowly walked over. Kevin's eyes

welled up, thinking he was going to get in trouble for disturbing his daddy. "I'm sorry daddy, I didn't mean to, I

just wanted something to eat." Then his dad comforted him. "No no no, it's alright buddy, you're not in

trouble." Kevin asked, "what were you watching daddy? And why were you making noises?" His dad

stammered, "Um, uh....I was um.....Well, I can't tell you because it's for grown-ups, but I have to make you

promise me something, please don't tell mommy about what you saw me watching and doing." "Okay daddy, I

won't tell, I promise." "Good, okay let's make us some lunch buddy."

After lunch, Kevin's dad took the porn dvd out of the dvd player and back to his room. Kevin was feeling a little

tired and went to his room to take a nap. As Kevin was trying to nap he couldn't stop thinking about the naked

people his dad was watching on the tv. He started to feel funny again, and he bagan rubbing his penis through

his shorts. So Kevin took off his shorts, pulled down his underwear, and started to rub his little cock with both

his hands. This made Kevin feel really good, his breathing quickened, his rubbing got faster, and he felt almost

like he couldn't stop. He felt a really strong feeling envelope him and then, he involuntarily thrusted upward as

he finished. Kevin took his hands away from his rubbed out penis, and fell asleep almost instantly.

"Kevin? Kevin, wake up baby, it's almost dinner time. Kevin?" Kevin awoke to the soft sound of his mother's

voice. "You had a really long nap, huh? Must've had a nice dream, he he he. But get up honey, dinner's almost

ready." Kevin rubbed his eyes and almost got up, but realized he didn't have shorts on. "Okay okay I'll give you

some time. You have five minutes, okay?" And she walked out and closed the door. Kevin quickly pulled his

underwear back up and put his shorts on, then wondered if he should tell his mom about what he discovered.

But then realized it tied into his dad watching watching naked people, which he was sworn to secresy. So he just

went to wash his hands and down to the dinner table.

That night, his mom tucked him in and asked how his day went with his dad. He lied and said, "It was fun, we

watched tv and played dinosaurs and cars, then we watched Cars the movie." "Sounds like fun." She said, but it

sounded weird to her since she knows that her husband doesn't watch Kevin, just that he listens out for him.

"Well okay sweetie, 'night 'night." "'Night 'night mommy." And she walked out, but left the door open. After a

few minutes Kevin couldn't sleep and decided to rub his cock again because he figured it helped him to sleep. so

he took off his dinosaur jammies, pulled down his underwear, and started rubbing. as he pumped faster and

faster, he closed his eyes. But he didn't realize that his mom was peeking around the doorframe, watching him

rub himself. This took her by surprise, but it also turned her on. She felt guilty, but started fingering her pussy in

time with his rubbing. Kevin was almost done, and he started rubbing faster and breathing harder. This excited

her and forgetting where she was moaned, which startled Kevin and he sat up immediately to see his mom with

her finger up her gown. She froze and all she could do was apologize. "Kevin, I'm sorry I scared you honey." She

came in and closed the door behind her. Kevin had tears welled up in his eyes already, sure he was going to get

spanked. "Oh, Kevin, what's wrong?" Kevin knew that he had to explain what he was doing, and eventually tell

on his dad. When he did, his mom told him to stop crying. "Sweetie it's okay. Daddy ended up telling me what

happened, and he's not in trouble, and neither are you." He stopped crying, and then asked, "Do you know what

they were doing mommy? And why they were making noises? And why daddy was making noises?" She decided

that it would be okay to give him a little bit of the talk.

"When you were touching your peepee, it felt really good, right?" "Yeah, was daddy touching his peepee too?"

"Yes he was. He was doing it because the people he was watching on tv made him feel like that. Did they make

you feel like that?" "Yes, I kept thinking about it and it made my peepee feel good." "You see honey, sometimes

watching people do that makes you feel good down there, so you touch yourself to help get it off your mind so

you can do other things, like sleep or play." "Okay, but what were the people doing mommy?" Cheren was trying

not to teach him about full-on sex, so she sugar coated it some. "Sometimes people don't want to touch

themselves so they have other people do it with them, so they rub their peepees together to feel good. They call

it 'Humping'" "Oh, so do you and daddy do that?" "Yes we do." "But why were they making all those noises, and

daddy was too." "They were making noises because it felt so good that they couldn't be quiet. That's why when

me and daddy do it we close our room door so we don't wake you up." "Oh, okay. But I was quiet. And you made

a noise." "Sorry I didn't mean to, it's just watching you made me feel good so I started rubbing my peepee, just

like you. Some people make noises and some don't, that's all." "Okay, I think I get it now." "Good, I was actually

having a hrad time explaining. Do you need anything else before I leave you alone?" Kevin thought and said,

"Can I hump you, mommy?" Cheren was reluctant, then Kevin said, "We both want to feel good, so why don't we

hump together? Please mommy?" She couldn't say no to her little boy, and she was turned on by watching him

masturbate. "Okay, honey, but we have to be quiet or we'll wake your daddy." Cheren got on top her son, made

sure both of their privates were in position, she held him in place, and started humping away.

I hope to write more soon

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