Part 7
“Karin’s Release”

“Do we have to?” A distant male ANBU shinobi says down the hallway.

“You heard the Hokage” another male ANBU shinobi voice states “We got all the information out of her that we could she’s harmless now. All she’s good for is replenishing other’s chakra that’s it”

“I still think it’s a bad idea” the first shinobi replies.

“Tell that to the Hokage” the second shinobi says. They stopped talking and walked on down the long hallway that held many criminal shinobi including Sasuke’s former female partner Karin.

They opened the cell where Karin sat up out of her bed after hearing their conversation. She was thrilled beyond relief that she would be free where she could seek her vengeance on Sasuke for betraying her for the pink haired shinobi of the leaf village Sakura.

The second ANBU handed her a black bag “Cover your face we are going somewhere little girl.” She did exactly that obeying them not that she had much choice in the matter. Next thing she knew they were moving and didn’t stop walking for at least an hour give or take. She figured they were probably trying to get her lost.

They lift her bag off of her as they stand in front of the Hokage’s palace. “There are some restrictions for you while you stay here in the leaf village” the first ANBU says “First you will not be allowed to leave the village without permission from the Hokage herself. Second you will be surveyed at all hours, so don’t think you can get away with anything. Thirdly if you break either of the first two laws you will be sent directly back to prison. Oh and fourth you will have no contact with the outside world. Is that clear miss?”

Karin nodded then was pushed forward with the two ANBU pushing her toward the Hokage’s office.
As they take the final steps the second ANBU says “You will be free to roam the leaf village after talking to the Hokage.”


“Are you in position?” Tsunade replies to no one in particular and her reply is a kunai thrown on to her desk. The door opens a moment later with three figures stepping in to greet her two ANBU and Karin.

“Hokage we bring you Karin” The first ANBU states bowing his head with his partner. Hokage waves off as the two leave the office leaving Tsunade and Karin alone face to face.

Tsunade stands up and walks in front of her desk saying a low but audible voice “Come here Karin” Karin walks up to her knowing she stood no chance of winning in a battle against the Hokage. Tsunade walks around her inspecting every inch of her body. Karin was sweating nervously hoping for her to talk.

“Do I…” Karin says before silenced.

“Don’t speak!” Tsunade sternly replies “Come in at once!” she turns to her door as another figure walks in. Karin had her back to who ever it was, but she sensed by the way they walked that they were female. “Karin turn around I have someone who will be getting you adjusted to your new lifestyle” Karin turned to see her worst nightmare come true well okay not her worst, but it was in her top three. Sakura stood there in front of her with that cute little girlish face that Karin grew sick of every time she saw it. Karin decided to act friendly so she could get out of here and roam the streets in hopes to find Naruto or a way of contacting Sasuke.

“Sakura what say you?” Tsunade asked.

“I read her report is that all of it?” Sakura asks looking directly at Karin.

“That is all” Tsunade replies.

“I’ll take her I know we are going to be best of friends when it is all said and done” Sakura says faking a smile to Karin. Karin faked a smile to her as well.

“Good luck Sakura and Karin!” Tsunade says as the two girls leave together.

The moment the door was shut Sakura grabbed her and held her to the wall “The only reason I’m doing this is because the Hokage had ordered it other wise I would pulverize you right where you stand. If you make one move that breaches your restrictions I will personally make sure you are sent into the furthest cell in the prison barely alive. Got that boyfriend stealing bitch!” Karin nodded repeatedly and obediently knowing she was going to get the final laugh. They walk out away with Sakura keeping a stern eye on her.
They arrive at Sakura’s apartment and the second Karin enters she is slammed onto the bed. Sakura takes her clothes off “Strip bitch!” Karin quickly does so confused by what is going on. Sakura makes the hand signals and with in no time at all she has a fully erect cock. Karin had no idea that there was any jutsu out there in the world that could do that. Sakura got on top of her and positioned her cock into Karin’s pussy

“You see you are my new found pet and you will be fucked is that clear!”

Karin nodded, but knew she had to say something with how Sakura was looking at her “Yes I understand Mistress.”

“Good pet. Now I’m going to fuck you” Sakura says shoving her cock deep into her vagina walls. Karin whimpered throughout the process. Her body let Sakura do what she pleased. Karin’s main thought throughout the process of being raped by Sakura was vengeance. She was intelligent enough to overcome these chains that the leaf village imposed on her. What would tip the balance in her favor? Naruto? Sasuke? Who or What?

Karin realized she had a jutsu that could tip the favor into her court. She smiled as Sakura kept up the punishment. Karin made the animal hand signals and soon enough she too had a cock. She saw the symbols that Sakura created earlier and copied them. Sakura looked down to see to her astonishment that her slave had done. Sakura gave a lustful grin to Karin. Pulling out she turned around and positioned the cock into her pussy. Sakura moved up and down on Karin with fullness and jubilee. Karin was far from done though. She made another hand symbol and her cock got thicker and larger. Sakura felt the new sensation swell up through her body. She never had a cock as large as this one and continued to fuck it.
Sakura was feeling a massive orgasms flow through her body as she loudly moaned “Uhh…Ohhh…Uuughh…Fuuuucccckkkk!!!” The orgasm was too much the intake of cum from Karin and release put Sakura out.

Karin removed the jutsu and moved away from Sakura. She put Sakura down on the bed and quickly got dressed ready for her next step.

Karin opened the door of Sakura’s to see Ino ready to knock at the door. Both girls froze trying to figure out the next step and who each of them were. Karin vaguely recognized her from the forest years ago, but what was her name. She had researched every person that Sasuke knew in every village, but this girl who was she? Why was she here?

“Hi you must be Karin. My name is Ino” Ino pleasantly replied holding her hand out as if she wanted to be Karin’s friend. Ino’s mind was screaming “Fuck Sakura already touched her, and probably raped her, and here I am too late to join the party. I’ll fucking rape her too if she does one stupid thing.”

Karin quickly responded back faking her own smile “Yes I’m Karin. Please to meet you Ino.” Now she knew who this girl was she was a mind transferring chick who can give any one a major issue in a battle. She was a minor threat to Karin and her plans. “Sakura is sleeping now she ran out of energy showing me this entire village” She lied.

“She raped her why I’m going to fucking kill this slut” Ino screamed in her head. Outside her head she says to Karin “Have you seen the flower shops this time of the year are truly incredible.”

“No I haven’t, but would love to” Karin lied and truth be told hated flowers and always did her entire life. Ino grabbed her and they ran off leaving Sakura passed out from on the greatest fucks of her life time.

Once they reached Ino’s place where their were dozens of flower shops all around she pulled Karin into her place and almost threw her on to her bed. Karin had déjà vu written all over her face, but knew now how to end this quickly as possible and that is what she did.

She left Ino’s place within minutes with Ino passed out on the bed and began her plan of escaping from this filthy village.


Next Week Kuranai and Shikamaru

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