I was eighteen and on my own. The huge space station Gramirror was a commerce center for cargo to or from the planet. Most of my life I have studied or done engineering. I was looking for a way off the station and out into the wide galaxy beyond. I watched every ship that came into the system and saw one that I thought I could help.

The large armed cargo ship was an old Kaire ship which meant clan. I waited until they began off loading to find and approach the captain. He was a large Kaire with broad black strips on a grey body. The female across from him was spotted and his first officer and mate.

I stopped next to the table and took a breath, “Captain Killgore. I am Kimber Ser Hunter and an engineer. I have a offer.”

He looked at me from feet to head and leaned back, “your offer human?”

I saw the amusement in the female’s eyes and the captain’s tail, “your engines are very old and I could increase their efficiency by at least twenty percent, saving you time and fuel.”

He looked at the female as she sat up and I could see his tail moving more. He nodded, “and the price?”

I looked at the female and took another breath, “a birth in your ship.”

He blinked and the female laughed, “Old Simpson could use the help.”

He grinned which meant baring his teeth, “true.”

He looked at me, “we are going to be in the station for a week. If you can do as you promise you can have a birth.”

I smiled, “thank you captain. I’ll get my tools and go to your ship.”

He gestured and I turned to walk away. I had everything ready to go in a small rental locker not far from the ship. When I walked into the huge cargo bay the Kaire were unloading crates and a merchant checked each one. I stopped at the ship cargo hatch and an old Kaire looked me over, “human?”

I cleared my throat, “I’m here to work on the engines.”

He grinned, “so the captain warned me.”

He gestured, “follow me.”

He led me through the huge ship and back to one of the engine compartments. I glanced at the huge engine and knew I had my work cut out for me. I set up and ignored the old Kaire as I shut feed lines off and started disconnecting the lines to the engine. I was buried in my work when I heard giggling and felt someone tug on my foot.

I crawled back to see several Kaire girls, “yes?”

One that looked like she was just starting to develop held up a tray, “the first officer sent us with dinner.”

I looked at the half cooked food and smiled, “thank you.”

I set the tray to one side and took a bite of warm spiced meat. I nodded and smiled as I looked at the spotted girl, “very good.”

She grinned, “she said to tell you we don’t burn our food.”

I reached out to rub her cheek, “you are a pretty girl. Thank you for dinner.”

They giggled and I grabbed another bite before crawling back into the engine. That set a pattern, I worked sixteen to twenty hours a day for four days. The engine had a lot of build up that had to be cleaned and in a couple of cases, milled off. I made the adjustments I needed to and put the engine together.

I turned from the feed line and found the captain, the first officer, the old engineer and several others standing there. The captain gestured and the old engineer started checking the engine as I stepped back and watched nervously. The old Kaire finally turned to everyone else, “almost thirty percent increase in power and twenty five percent drop in the fuel use.”

The captain grinned and looked at the others. Each nodded and he looked at me, “very well done human.”

I cleared my throat, “call me Kimber or Hunter sir.”

He grinned, “Hunter it is.”

He gestured, “Show him his quarters Myra.”

I looked at the girl that had been bringing me my meals. She grinned and took my hand before pulling me towards the hatch. I followed and couldn’t help looking down at her cute butt. She was wearing a loose shirt like all Kaire with a long skirt that had a slit for her tail. The set of rooms seemed large after living on the station in a cramped cubicle.

Even the wide bed seemed very large and I looked around and grinned at Myra, “perfect thank you.”

She grinned as she looked at me, “do you have a mate?”

I shook my head, “not even one promised to me.”

I reached out to rub her cheek, “careful kitten, sex with a human is addictive to your kind.”

She grinned and turned to walk out with a strut and a sway to her hips. I left and went to bring my few belongings back. I washed and went to see the old Kaire who told me to be back in twelve hours. I woke to an extremely tight pussy forced down my cock. I humped and reached up to hold the girl as my eyes opened.

I looked at Myra and then down at my thick cock stretching her obscenely. I let her go and she wiggled and pushed while shuddering and purring, “this is not good kitten.”

She leaned down to look into my eyes, “Kimber Ser Hunter I claim you as my consort.”

I caressed her hips as her tail rubbed on my legs before pulling her all the way down and rolling. I pushed her legs open as I humped into her and looked into her wide eyes. I began to fuck her and she mewed and started shaking. I finally managed to sink my cock all the way into her. Her tail wrapped around my hips and held me tight.

I began to hump and jab with short thrusts. She started bucking and yawling a minute later as her pussy worked to milk my cock. I heard giggling and a chuckle but ignored it to keep fucking the wild cat under me. It was awhile before I thrust into her and pushed as I peed cum. Myra clutched me and her claws dug in.

She shuddered and her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I was done I took a breath and looked at her, “Myra I... accept your claim.”

I pulled out and reached for the sheet she had pulled aside. The captain and at least a dozen girls Myra’s age or older were standing just inside the hatch. Captain Killgore shook his head, “My mate said she would do it. Fuck her as much as you want.”

He looked at the other girls who looked surprised, “any of the others that want it too.”

The girls grinned as he left and Myra rubbed my chest, “only three.”

I looked at her and she reached for my cock, “I will choose.”

I grinned and rolled her onto her stomach before lifting her hips as I moved behind her. I stroked her tail before pushing my cock into her tight slimy pussy. I held her as she shuddered and pushed back before I began to fuck her with deep thrusts, “listen to me Kitten. I will approve any girl or woman.”

She mewed and spasmed as her pussy gripped my cock. I ignored the girls as I continued to fuck her and it wasn’t long before she was convulsing and yawling again. I fucked her six times while the other girls watched and whispered. When I stopped and lay holding her after we were finished she was very slimy and cum was still leaking out.

I slept soundly with her in my arms and woke to the ship chime. I lifted my head to look at the time keeper on the wall before caressing Myra’s body beside me. She shifted and turned her head as she purred, “mmm?”

I rubbed her butt, “the ship is leaving the station.”

She smiled as she moved to lay half on me, “my pussy wants more.”

I grinned and hugged her, “I thought you were going to find and choose another girl?”

She rubbed her face against mine, “yes.”

She rolled away and out of bed before walking towards the hatch naked with a sway to her walk that made me want to follow. I grinned before getting up and going into the fresher to shower and then dress. I found the old engineer in the reactor room. He nodded as he finished making adjustments, “this is also something that needs working on.”

I grinned, “that would take a couple of weeks and someone to help me.”

He grinned, “after the engines we talk to the captain.”

I nodded and he started showing me normal ship activity for the engineer. I glanced at the two older teenage females that came to start a shift and he said they were just learning. He left and I looked at the two girls before going the my tool kits against a bulkhead. I came back and waved the girls closer.

I held out a comp screen, “start with the introduction and work through it.”

The comp screen was old and had the basic engineering course as well as a few new subjects. While they leaned together and started watching I began making cheeks including the gravity systems and the anti gravs. I had to shake my head at the state they were in and knew I had a lot of work to do.

I made a list of what needed to be done and checked on the girls to see four more crowded around watching. I shook my head and called the bridge, “Captain?”

“He is down this shift. This is the first officer.”

I smiled, “It seems we have a few girls that wish to learn more about engineering. I was wondering if there was an empty set of quarters I could turn into a classroom.”

“You wish to teach?”

I looked at the girls, “I don’t see a lot of qualified engineers and they are interested. If you have any males that wish to learn I would be glad to teach them.”

I heard her sigh, “we have not had good luck with males. The clan only has five left and three are... older.”

I waited and heard her take a deep breath, “use the empty quarters Blue five.”

She ended the call and I looked at the six girls that were looking at me now, “after my shift I will need help in Blue five. I will need any that wishes to learn ship engineering to come.”

They looked at each other before nodding. I sat back and started thinking this ship really needed help. I looked at the girls as they left and made a note of subjects needed on a cargo ship. It was a long twelve hours before the old man appeared. He smiled, “want to teach do you?”

I grinned, “actually my lessons are part of an AI data net. All I need is a holo table and it will teach everything from the basics to advanced courses.”

I stood and went to get the AI core from my kits, “I think perhaps this ship could use courses in other areas too.”

He nodded as he began his checks, “you don’t know how bad.”

When I walked into the room there were ten girls waiting. I looked at all of them before walking to the table, “we are going to start with a basic course...”

The AI drew the girls in and even the reluctant ones had to answer or respond. They were all around the table as I watched. Just over two hours later the AI dismissed the girls and I cleared my throat, “be back here tomorrow after my shift.”

They nodded and left talking to each other and I went to find the dinning area. Myra slipping onto my lap and kissed me, “consort.”

I grinned and caressed her naked body, “no clothes today?”

She rubbed my cheek as she purred, “we are Kaire and do not need clothes.”

I caressed her sides and turned to look at the captain as he stopped by the table, “I wish words Hunter.”

I patted Myra, “go eat.”

I stood and the captain led me out, “My mate said she told you certain things?”

I looked at him and shrugged, “this ship needs help sir. I can do the repairs and teach engineering. At the next port I could even download class AI’s for Navigation, Piloting and Communications or even cargo management. What I can not do is provide more males.”

He snorted and nodded, “if we can get Wyvern back in shape and find cargo I can arrange...”

I stopped as I had an idea, “I do have... Kaire friends.”

He looked at me as I grinned, “they are not ship handlers. They are artists and real teachers.”

The captain continued to look at me and I gestured, “what is our next stop?”

He shrugged, “High Station in the Meltant system.”

I looked at him, “Mark, Dagger and Quinn could be there in three weeks.”

He shook his head and I touched his shoulder, “sir? This ship needs major work. The anti gravs are very shaky and the gravity systems has been jury rigged a dozen times. Your reactor uses three times as much as it should and your life support systems need purging. All that and I still need to rebuild the other three engines.”

He stopped to look at me, “but three weeks...”

I nodded, “three weeks. I will start with the reactor and then the anti gravs and the engines. We could actually land on a planet and get a real cargo. I can do the gravity system while we are under way and the life support at the first planet fall. If you bring my friends aboard they can teach any subject you need taught. They are mostly golden with black hands and feet. They are single and very... amorous.”

He laughed, “horny tom cats.”

I grinned, “and you have a ship full of horny girls.”

He slapped my shoulder, “okay.”

I nodded, “I need to use the star comm.”

He turned and led the way through the huge ship and onto the bridge. A single male glanced back from the pilot seat before grinned, “not breeding young girls?”

I grinned back, “later.”

It didn’t take long to send the message but I had to wait for a reply. It was short and to the point, “a ship of females? We are packed and leaving now.”

The captain snorted and then laughed, “go find Myra.”

I grinned as I strode off the bridge and headed back to my quarters. I walked in and stopped when I saw two naked Kaire girls sitting around the holo table with Myra. She jumped up and walked to me as her tail swished behind her, “just in time.”

I rubbed her cheek when she reached me, “In time?”

She purred and turned, “Ash is the grey and Leah is the tabby.”

I nodded to them and looked at her, “and?”

She looked up at me, “I have chosen them.”

I smiled, “and did they agree or have anything to say about your decision?”

The tabby, Leah laughed and started towards me, “I had a lot to say until she said I could try you and if I could walk away she wouldn’t say anything.”

She was a teenager that was maybe sixteen, “and you aren’t promised?”

She walked around me, “no.”

I looked at the other girl who almost looked afraid, “and you?”

She smiled timidly, “I’m not promised.”

I looked at Myra before starting to undress, “in that case I am going to teach you a lesson.”

They looked at me as I ignored the door with girls starting to gather in it and reached for Leah. I pulled her after me and to the bed before laying her in the bed and sitting beside her, “my consort... took advantage instead of asking.”

I rubbed Leah’s hip and pelvis, “humans are not Kaire. We enjoy making love to our partners.”

I cupped a breasts before bending to suck on the nipple. She shuddered and thrust her breast up, “OH!”

I smiled, “Kaire on the other hand tend to rush. They are also more sensitive. My friends that I sent for took lessons from me so they are different.”

I caressed Leah again before moving over her and laying beside her. I rubbed her cheek as I reached down between her legs. I rubbed her pussy and she humped and shuddered, “mmmm!”

I smiled and rubbed a finger through her slit and push it into her. She jerked and thrust up as her pussy squeezed, “aaahhh!”

I smiled as I ran my finger through her slit again and kept pushing into her while she humped and spread her legs. She tossed her head as her breathing changed and her pussy became slipperier. I looked at Myra and Ash as they stood beside the bed watching and the other girls that had come in and spread out.

I turned to move over Leah and rub her face with my own. She clutched me but I smiled as I moved down. I stopped to suck on each of her nipples and she jerked and spasmed. I moved down between her legs as she lifted her head to look down at me. I smiled and open her pussy before licking through it and then sucking on her clit.

Leah yawled and thrashed as she kicked the bed and convulsed. I pushed my tongue into her and started nibbling on her inner lips and then her clit which made her scream louder. She bucked and twisted and shook as I continued to lick and tease her clit with my tongue. I finally moved up and looked into her face as she panted and pushed into her tight slippery hole.

I forced my cock all the way into her and held on for the ride. She bucked and thrust up as her pussy grasped, gripped and squeezed. I pulled back a minute later and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She roared and screamed and wailed and howled as her body twisted and writhed around under mine.

Her almost hot pussy was constantly tightening and squeezing as she squirted. I kept fucking the wild thing under me as she clutched me and hung on. It was ten or fifteen minutes before I buried my cock and rubbed her face with mine as I peed cum. She jerked as her pussy clamped down and started milking my cock.

When I was done I looked into her eyes to see them rolled up. I pulled out and laid beside her to caress her tummy and pelvis as I looked at everyone, “and that is why sex with a human is addictive.”

Myra grinned, “I want a ride like that.”

I shook my head, “next is Ash and then you.”

She frowned as I looked at Leah, “first you must make sure our consorts are used and then I am going to fuck you.”

She laughed and looked at the door, “I love fucking.”

Leah sighed and opened her eyes before shuddering and humping. She closed her legs and looked around before smiling at me, “I claim you as my only consort.”

I smiled, “to late, you belong to me now.”

She laughed and turned to rub her cheek against mine, “I accept.”

Myra crawled onto her as she pushed her onto her back, “you are my sister now.”

Leah put her arms around her, “and you are mine.”

I sat up and looked at Ash, “ready to try?”

She grinned and ignored everyone as she nodded and climbed onto the bed and over the other two girls. She laid against me and looked into my eyes, “slow?”

I smiled, “slow would mean you would have to enjoy it a lot longer.”

She smirked, “I know.”

Myra giggled and Leah laughed as I shifted and rolled Ash onto her back, “slow it is.”

I kissed her as my hand began to caress down her body. I kneaded her breasts and bent to suck on a nipple. She shook and pushed her breast towards me as I held it with my lips and tugged. She jerked and grabbed my head, “OH!”

I ignored the laughter as I moved to her other nipple and sucked on it and nibbled. She spasmed and I smiled as I moved over between her legs and rubbed my cheek against hers. I slid down and licked both nipples before going lower. I opened her pussy and licked through it before pushing my tongue into her while she wailed and kicked the bed, “aaahhh!”

I continued to lick her for a minute before sucking on her clit and nibbling. She bucked and thrashed while wailing, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

I wiggled my tongue on her clit and pushed it into her again. She struggled and jerked as she howled, “fffuuuccckkk... mmmeee!”

Myra and Leah laughed and I looked up before moving up and pushing into Ash suddenly. She froze with a look of surprise as I rubbed my face against hers. I forced my cock all the way into her before humping gently and pressing. She shuddered and wrapped her arms and legs around me, “mmmmm!”

I pulled back to fuck her slowly and her pussy began to grasp and squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she was completely incoherent. Her body was racked with spasms as her pussy milked my cock and became a lot slipperier. It was awhile before I buried my cock and held her as I began to pump strong spurts of cum.

She jerked hard and held her hips up, “YES!”

I grunted as I kept spurting until I was done. I looked at her panting under me and pulled out to lay on my back. Myra crawled onto Ash and looked into her face, “do you claim him?”

Ash shuddered and put her arms around her, “he claimed me.”

Leah laughed as Myra grinned and shook Ash and rubbed her face. I shook my head and reached for Myra and rolled her off Ash and onto her back before moving over her. I rubbed her face before lifting and forcing my cock into her extremely tight pussy, “mine.”

She humped up and shook as my cock stretched her pussy. I stopped and rubbed her face as she clung to me and purred. She shuddered and looked into my eyes, “mine.”

I smiled again and began to fuck her, “yes.”

She humped and jerked as I finally pushed my cock all the way into her. I kept fucking her slowly and she spasmed and struggled under me while wailing. I loved her tight pussy and the way it tried to milk my cock. She humped and bucked while clinging to me as I fucked her and rubbed her face with mine.

She howled and screamed and yawled as I started fucking her hard and deep. She was a wild thing I was burying my cock in. She hugged me tight when I shoved all the way into her and spurted and spewed. Her pussy clenched around my cock as I kept pumping cum into her. When I was done I rubbed her cheek with mine as she panted and pulled out to lay beside her.

She smiled before turning to look at Leah, “again?”

She laughed as she moved over her and straddled me, “yes.”

I fucked them each once more before going to sleep with them on and against me. I shifted and left them in bed when I got up. I washed and went to eat before relieving engineer Simpson. I made checks before pulling a couple of girls after me. I started a complete survey of the gravity system before starting to put it back into the shape it should have been in.

I had to make checks on the other systems during the shift but managed to get the first part done before Simpson relieved me. I had more girls for the class and started a basic aptitude test that brought in all the girls in the ship. I looked at the first officer when she walked in. She looked at the results as I finished with another group of girls and grinned.

Out of my three, Myra had an aptitude for navigation. Ash seemed more into cyber and computer systems. Leah had an aptitude for cargo or storage management as well as planning which a good super cargo manager needed. I ate with the girls and went to sleep, well a couple of hours of sex before sleep.

The time seemed to fly and by the time we reached High Station I had finished with the gravity system. We unloaded and the cargo master started looking for a new cargo with Leah helping. Simpson and I began stripping the reactor. I had the girls that were helping drain the huge feed tanks.

They used remote scrubbers to clean the tanks and feed lines which hadn’t been touched in decades if ever. It took just over a week to finish and refill the tanks before running a check, Simpson almost danced when he saw the results. He slapped the captain’s shoulder, “sixty percent increase in efficiency and fifty in power.”

I shut the reactor down and grinned, “now for the other engines.”

Another week and I was done and ready to start on the neglected shield generators. Leah had found a good cargo despite a new Kaire cargo ship that had docked close to us going to the same planet. I was helping load when the three Kaire from the other ship came into our bay. That was also when my friends arrived and I grinned as I hugged them, “about time.”

Mark chuckled, “we had baggage.”

I looked at the long tube and several small storage crates and Dagger slapped my shoulder, “our med project.”

I shook my head and turned as the captain walked up, “captain Killgore this is Mark, Dagger and Quinn.”

He smiled, “welcome.”

I gestured to the ship, “they should put their stuff away and come back to help load.”

They grinned and Quinn laughed, “showing off to the ladies is always fun.”

The captain laughed and turned as the other three Kaire snickered, “it is probably the only thing this clan can do.”

I turned as the captain growled and his hand went to his hip and the weapon. I took a step to face the three, “you would disrespect our clan?”

The one in the middle sneered, “it looks like a dead...”

I moved before he finished and struck. The flat punch drove the air from his lungs as I kicked out to the right and the Kaire on that side flew back and rolled. I turned and caught a fist from the other Kaire and twisted before kicking him in the gut. I moved after the middle one trying to pull a weapon as the other fell.

I slapped the weapon away and grabbed his throat, “I should kill you.”

The captain caught my shoulder, “no.”

I growled and shoved the Kaire back, “you think your clan is better than clan Killgore? Prove it.”

The Kaire growled and I stepped close, “your cargo is going to Landry just as ours is. Does your captain have a female of age?”

He straightened, “two.”

I nodded, “we will wait for you to load. We will race to Landry and the first there and unloaded wins. If you win you get everything, our ship and everything we own.”

He glanced past me, “and if we lose?”

The captain growled, “the captain’s females of age and the price of your cargo.”

The Kaire glared but nodded, “done.”

The others joined him and they walked away and the captain growled as he turned me, “we have no...”

I grinned, “actually we will beat them by almost a day.”

I looked at Quinn, “you still have your collection of grav shol scans?”

He nodded and I grinned, “there are two between here and Landry. Normally we go down and...”

He chuckled, “you want a way over both in a single jump.”

I nodded and he grinned, “that would save time.”

The captain cleared his throat, “we don’t have...”

Quinn gestured, “I have charts and it is actually possible and probably safer.”

I gestured to the ship, “they need to put their stuff away and we need to finish with the cargo.”

The captain looked at me, “you need to go work on the shields and then the anti gravs since we will have to land on the planet.”

I hesitated before nodding, “yes captain.”

I headed into the ship as my mind thought of the things we needed to do. The ship had six shield generators and I didn’t stop until I had rebuilt all six. It had taken me a day and I was exhausted as I ate and went to my quarters. I showered and headed to bed but Myra was waiting and smiled as she held up a neural net head set, “you need to wear this while you sleep.”

I took it a frowned, “why.”

She stood and stroked my cock which made me growl as she giggled and started for the door, “your friends said they need a neural map.”

I slipped it on and laid down and between one moment and the next I was asleep and dreaming. I woke to the shift chime and looked at Myra, Ash and Leah on and around me. I was tempted but only caressed them as I shifted and moved off the bed to dress. I left the net beside the bed and headed out to find Simpson.

I was working on the sixty anti grav generators and coils and... well the whole system. The girls took turns hunting me down to feed me and twenty hours later pull me to bed. The ship shifted and I woke to the ship chime announcing the ship under way. I shifted away from the girls and set the neural net aside before dressing.

I headed to the next anti grav generator in the system. That was my pattern for a week and a half before I was done. I was tired when I walked onto the bridge and glanced at the captain in the pilot seat with several more girls on the bridge, “the anti grav system is up and running captain.”

He glanced back and smiled, “with a day to spare.”

I nodded, “how are we doing?”

He chuckled, “your friend is very good and devious. I think we are thirty hours ahead of schedule.”

I smiled, “and how many conquests have they made?”

He laughed, “I had to tell the girls they needed at least six hours of sleep. They were wearing them out and from what my mate told me we could be expecting cubs.”

I laughed as I turned to head to the dinning area and then bed. Mark, Dagger and Quinn were waiting with my girls and I was led through the ship to the med bay. Dagger looked into my eyes as I sat on a bed, “you look like shit.”

I glanced at the tube on another gurney, “and why bring me here instead of letting me sleep?”

He grinned as the other two started moving around checking equipment, “you promised to assist us with our med project.”

I groaned, “I’m tired Dagger.”

He touched my temple and everything went dark and the dreams returned. They seemed to go on for a long time before my eyes opened. Everything seemed to look different and I turned to glance at the girls in bed with me. I frowned because I wasn’t in the med bay and then I saw my right arm and hand.

I flexed my fingers to watch the claws extend. I turned to look down my golden body to see a tail that was moving slightly. I looked between my legs at the fur sheath that was large for a Kaire and the heavy ball sack below that. I wasn’t sure this wasn’t a dream and turned to Ash who was laying on her back.

I caressed her body and enjoyed the feel before bending to suck on a nipple. She moaned and shifted in her sleep and I smiled as I caressed down her body and cupped her pussy. It had been weeks and I was horny so I slipped a finger into her. She shuddered and humped as she spread her legs.

I moved over her and moved down as I smelt her arousal. I licked through her slit and pushed my tongue into her as she spasmed and thrust up, “OH!”

I kept licking her and sucked on her clit and carefully nibbled on her pussy lips before using my tongue again. She shook and jerked and finally twisted away, “aaahhhh!”

I moved up as I rolled her onto her back again and settled between her legs as I rubbed my cheek against hers. I humped and shuddered as I felt my cock emerge from the sheath and force its way into Ash. She grunted and spread her legs more as my cock stretched her pussy and I began to fuck her slowly but with deep thrusts.

It was a minute before she was clinging to me and wailing as her pussy grasp and squeeze. She bucked and thrashed as I kept fucking her with long thrusts. I shuddered at the feel of my cock squirting semen to lube her pussy and fucked her hard and deep. She lifted and spread her legs as she howled, “Hunter!”

I buried my throbbing cock a few minutes later and held her tight as I felt the churning in my balls. Ash held her hips up and tilted as I suddenly peed a stream of cum and it just kept going. I grunted and shuddered as I pumped and spewed and gushed before stopping. She was panting and jerking in spasms when I looked at her and pulled out.

I laid beside her and caressed her bulging pelvis as Myra held me and looked over me and Leah caressed Ash from the other side. I sighed as she smiled and finally turned her head, “I’m not sure which I like more.”

Myra and Leah grinned as I looked down my body and then at Myra when she stroked my tail, “hey!”

She grinned and gave it a tug, “fuck me proper.”

I rolled and pushed her legs open as I settled between them. I rubbed cheeks with her before humping and driving my emerging cock into her extremely tight pussy. She grunted and shuddered before humping up and I pushed into her deeper. I began humping and jabbing to drive my thick cock all the way into her.

I slowed once I was in and her warm pussy kept grasping my cock. I bent to lick her neck and jaw before I began to fuck her slowly but with long deep thrusts. Myra clung to me as she humped and thrust up while her tight pussy constantly gripped and squeezed my cock. A few minutes and she was wailing and screaming as she bucked and writhed around under me.

Her pussy was slimy with my semen as my cock kept squirting so it slipped in and out easier. I fucked her hard suddenly and she howled as she lifted her legs and spread them wide, “HUNTER!”

I buried my cock and licked her jaw as she kept shaking and started humping and grinding as I tried to cum. She twisted and humped under me as she struggled. Several minutes later I shoved all the way into her and grunted as I began peeing another large stream of cum. Myra jerked her hips up as her slimy pussy milked the sperm into her.

She was clutching me as I kept pumping until I was done. I rubbed cheeks before pulling out and laying back. She sighed as she panted and looked at the ceiling, “he cums a lot more this way.”

Ash and Leah laughed and then Leah moved over and straddled me. She rubbed her slit on my shrinking cock and it started growing again before she tilted her hips and pushed back and down. My cock pushed into her and she growled as it sank deeper and she kept pushing. She wiggled and began rocking as her pussy grasped and tightened, “want your old body back?”

I reached up to knead her breasts and she arched her back and yawled and shuddered hard while her pussy contracted. I grinned as she fell onto me and caressed her hips and sides, “I wouldn’t be able to breed you if I was in my other body.”

She spasmed and jerked as she licked my jaw. That sent chills and tingles through me and I thrust up and into her, “mmmm!”

I rolled and fucked down into her hard, deep and fast. I slowed and buried my cock and pressed as I rubbed cheeks and pressed against her. She clung to me while her pussy worked its magic and milked my cock. I licked her jaw again before pulling back and fucking her slowly with long strokes. She started convulsing as she howled and wailed and I kept going.

I didn’t go faster or harder and I didn’t stop. Leah was clutching me desperately as her pussy clenched around my cock. She bucked and thrashed and wiggled as I continued to fuck her. Her screams and yawls seemed to echo in the cabin as I kept fucking her. Finally when she was completely incoherent I pushed all the way into her and began pumping and spewed cum.

She jerked and tilted her hips as she vibrated, “YES!”

I spurted and pumped and gushed until I was done and rolled over and held her on me. She kept shivering as Myra and Ash moved to rub and caress her back. She finally rubbed my cheek and looked into my eyes, “well Myra let me remove my implant so you may have bred me.”

I hugged her and looked at Myra and she smiled, “after she has her cubs Ash may remove hers if she wishes.”

I reached out to rub her cheek before Leah lifted and my slimy cock came out. I shuddered as she moved off me and Myra scratched my chest, “your friends are waiting and we need to see the captain.”

I nodded and moved out of bed before looking at my body and moving carefully. It was like I had to learn to balance all over again and my tail didn’t seem to help. The girls laughed and Ash rolled out of bed and came to help me. I had to learn how to go to the bathroom all over again and then I really needed a shower.

A ship enquiry and I found Dagger’s quarters. Over course he was in bed with four girls and I grinned as I walked to the bed and leaned over to pull his tail. He growled and shifted while he pulled his tail away and lifted his head as his eyes opened. He sat up and grinned, “how does it feel to be a real person?”

I shook my head, “you should have told me.”

He laughed, “why? You would still have done it.”

I nodded, “True but it would have been nice to know before.”

I looked down, “I am having to learn how to walk and balance all over again. I think I am going to be learning a lot of new things.”

He moved over the girls and stood beside me, “it didn’t come naturally?”

I hit his shoulder as I turned towards the door, “human muscle groups are different and are learned just as Kaire’s are learned.”

He chuckled, “all the muscle?”

I looked back and grinned, “some seem to work perfectly already.”

He laughed as I headed to the bridge to see the captain. I walked carefully and when I came onto the bridge he glanced back and froze before turning, “Hunter?”

I held the back of the captain’s chair, “I’m in here.”

He grinned and shook his head, “you are very strange.”

I grinned, “right now I am wondering how to control my tail. It seems to have a mind of its own and has no intention of helping me stay balanced.”

He laughed and turned back to this controls, “we will come out of jump in an hour. I spoke with Simpson and he said we should have more than enough time to completely purge the life support system if not rebuild it.”

I nodded as I thought about the system, “if we seal the recycling room and open all vents it would keep the smells out of the ship. The sludge from the tanks could probable be sold to pay for some of the rebuild if we need it.”

He gestured, “get with Simpson.”

I winked at the girls on the bridge before turning to leave. I got into the system with Simpson who ignored my change as if it didn’t matter. It was hours before I lifted my head to a different chime and glanced at Simpson, “what was that for?”

He smiled, “atmosphere warning.”

I turned and moved quickly across the engineering control room to watch the anti gravs. They came on and worked perfectly and the hull pressure changed and told me we were in open air. Forty minutes later we settled onto a large grav pad and they shut down. I grinned as Simpson slapped my shoulder, “damn fine job.”

It wasn’t long before the crew chime for all hands brought everyone to the cargo holds. The cargo master began barking orders to off load as carriers arrived to be loaded. I took a deep breath of port air before coughing and lending a hand. It didn’t take long and then I was opening the ship vents and purging the life support system.

The sludge from the tanks actually brought in a premium price. I was tired when I went back to my quarters and washed three times before heading to bed and the girls. I woke to the ship comm chime and struggled out of bed to answer, “Hunter.”

“The Windrunner is landing and the captain wants you and your friends at the starboard lift.”

I blinked before I remembered that was the name of the other Kaire ship, “I’ll be there.”

I turned to look around, “now I just need to find clothes.”

Leah laughed as she slid out of bed smoothly and crossed to rub my chest and then pull me to a package on our table, “we thought you might want something to wear when we took you shopping.”

I grinned and rubbed her cheek with mine. I was skeptical about the skirt or kilt but admitted it was comfortable for my tail and hid its constant swishing. The light shirt didn’t ruffle my fur when I settled it and added the thick belt. I found everyone waiting at the lift and Mark rubbed my chest with his knuckles, “getting the hang of it?”

I nodded and looked at the captain as he turned and started the lift moving, “Windrunner just landed.”

Besides Mark, Dagger and Quinn were Simpson, the captain’s son Jass and the cargo master. We started walking towards the distant ship as the sun rose behind us. I saw the port lift for the other ship start down and they had two girls so I relaxed a little. The young toms that had confronted us were behind an older one that did not look happy.

The captain stopped and looked at the young toms, “you are late.”

They bristled but their captain turned to look at them, “quiet.”

He smiled wryly at us, “so how did you beat us?”

The captain grinned, “two grav shools?”

The other captain straightened, “you risked...”

His eyes narrowed and the captain held out a data stick, “survey scan data. We went up and right and passed over both before coming out and jumping to the system.”

The other captain took the stick and nodded, “makes sense.”

He glanced at the toms, “the human?”

The captain grinned as he looked at me, “working hard purging the life support system.”

The other captain laughed and then held out a voucher film before turning to pull the two girls out, “perhaps next time we can just arrange a mating between our clans. I think my son and his... cousins have learned a lesson.”

He gestured and the captain bowed before turning. He pushed one of the girls towards his son and the other towards me. I was surprised but caught her and took her hand. When the lift stopped and we started into the ship everyone was waiting. The captain held up the voucher and looked at the girls, “Jass and Hunter have accepted the girls and as soon as the cargo master is satisfied we are going shopping.”

Myra was suddenly pressed against me, “you accepted her?”

I smiled, “since the captain pushed her into my arms yes and be careful or I won’t fuck you.”

She grinned, “can we lick her after you fuck her?”

I shook my head and looked at the girl, “if you ask and she agrees.”

I looked around, “where is Leah and Ash?”

She grabbed my free hand, “in our quarters.”

She pulled me after her and I pulled the girl until we were in our quarters. Leah turned from licking Ash and grinned, “he gave you one of the girls?”

I turned to the girl and took the bag she clutched, “you can call me Hunter.”

I handed the bag to Myra, “we have a little time before the captain releases us to shop.”

Leah pulled Ash off the bed, “we get to shop?”

I smiled, “within reason.”

I rubbed the new girls cheek, “what is your name?”

She smile timidly, “Nikki.”

Myra pressed against her, “you are safe. Hunter is a good mate.”

Nikki looked at her and then at Leah and Ash. She grinned, “can I fuck him first?”

The girls grinned and started stripping me and Nikki hesitated before she undressed. Myra pulled her to our bed and helped her lay back, “you are going to really enjoy this.”

I caught Myra and pulled her back against me to cup her breasts, “temptress.”

She grinned back at me and turned to rub my cheek, “slowly so you cum a lot.”

I rubbed cheeks before letting her go and undressing and moving onto the bed. I caressed Nikki’s pelvis, “do you have an implant?”

She nodded and I grinned as I moved over her and licked her jaw. I started moving down and stopped to suck on her nipples. She shuddered and held my head, “mmmm!”

I licked a nipple before moving down between her legs. She lifted her head as I opened her pussy and licked through it, “OH!”

I pushed my tongue into her before licking her again and then nibbling on her inner lips and then her clit. She shuddered hard and humped up while her pussy began seeping. I licked it up and moved to her clit to suck and wiggle my tongue. She wailed and thrashed as she began to buck, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept it up until she tried to twist away while spasming. I pushed her onto her back as I moved up and looked into her eyes. She was panting as I settled and humped and my cock emerged from the sheath and pushed into her. She groaned and spread her legs more, “ooohhhh!”

I continued to hump and fuck my cock into her deeper before licking her jaw and beginning to fuck her with long strokes. She jerked and struggled and clutched me while her pussy tried to milk my cock as I continued to fuck her. She bucked and wailed while thrashing, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept it up as she constantly struggled and screamed until much later when I thrust into her and grunted as I peed cum. Nikki jerked as her pussy clenched and grasped my cock, “mmmm!”

I kept pumping loads of warm sperm into her while she clung to me. When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her and cupped a breast as she continued to shudder. Myra crawled onto her and between her leg before looking into her eyes, “we claim you.”

Nikki smiled and put her arms around Myra as I reached out to rub her butt, “dress so we can go out.”

I moved off the bed and began dressing. It didn’t take long to get the Wyvern back into shape. My friends helped more than they expected. The girls that they claimed ended up having large litters, as did mine. Leah ended up becoming the cargo master a couple of years later. Ash is the ship’s cyber systems officer and Myra is the primary pilot.

Jass and his first mate became captain and first officer. As for me, I am the ship’s engineer with a full crew on each shift that are very good at their jobs. The ship and clan made enough to purchase another ship and grow less then five years later.
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