This takes place in book five right after Hagrid shows Harry, Ron, and Hermione Grawype and Hagrid is banished from the school grounds.
I can't believe Ron and Harry made me come all the way out here to check on Grawype! They know this is the forbidden forest. I mean bloody hell I am a witch and all but still, what if I run into an ambush or something. They are my best friends and they should be by my side instead of chasing after then blasted witches! Harry should look at me instead of Cho! I have bigger breast than that chink anyways. Oh well I need to check on Grawype and then get back and study for my OWL's.

Hermione pranced off in a fit and in her fit of jealousy and anger managed to not see Malfoy hiding out of sight. He heard footsteps and cast a temporary weak invisibility spell on him self.

Flash Back

Hay Malfoy come here!

What is it Crab I'm busy right now. My father gave me some very important shit to do!

It will only take but a second. This 7th year showed me this awesome spell. I cant believe everyone doesn't know about it yet.

What are you talking about you incompetent buffoon! Anything you can produce I bet I already know and can do it to a higher level you dumb ass!

No Malfoy I guarantee not, who ever came out with this spell is a smart guy! Even smarter than you boss. Just watch. At that moment Crab grabs Malfoys robe and start to pull Malfoy.

Crab! You incompetent donkey raper let me go!

No boss were almost there! Just hold on! Crab continues to pull Malfoy until they are in the dungeon. Crab then pulls Malfoy into an empty room with 2 girls in it doing some potions home work. They hide behind a short wall that is behind where the girls are working.

Now see boss just watch. Crab says in a hushed tone. (just as a side note don't tell me about how my dialog is improperly formatted this is how I like to read it so this is how I wright it.)

Crab pulls out his wand and does a simple flick of it to the girls while whispering Corneum. All of a sudden the girls almost seem to be in a trance. The girls stand up and gently start to pull things off of the table and and set them on the floor. Now a description of the girls is in order. The girl on the left has an emo girl hair cut that is midnight black with pink and blue died bangs that cascade down over her left eye. She has a petite figure with some gentle curves around the hips. She has massive brown eyes that let you gaze into her past. She stands at about 5 foot 9 and is the taller of the group. He name is Stary.

The other girl is smaller and larger. She is about 5 foot 3 and has one of the widest asses Malfoy has ever seen. Shes not fat by any means, but she has some massive curves. Because of her hight the curves seem to fly out from her hips. When she walks her ass cheeks seem to lift and sway, Her eyes are exact replicas of Stary's prompting him to question if the two had some relation. This girl had also had black hair but it was neatly settled upon her head and had pink highlights going through it. To top it off she had a stunning 36D chest that were perky and didn't sag like most chicks with big chest do. Her name is Kiyann. (pronounced K-Eye-Ann)

After Crab cast his spell and the girls were done cleaning off the table of their study materials they climbed atop the surface and sat down facing the guys who were still hidden. Stary and Kiyann had their gorgeous eyes as usual but this time they were different. They had a since of lust and fog in them. The girls set the boys in a dead lock in their vision. In synchronization they lift up their skirts revealing their cotton white panties. Kiyann's were slightly see through do the moisture emanating from her pussy. Stary's were still dry do to her internal nervousness, which unfortunately the spell did not eradicate. Kiyann, being as turned on as she suddenly was, pulled aside her cotton undies and started to plunge a finger into her pussy.

Crab! What the hell did you do to them?

Isn't it amazing!! It’s a spell that greatly increases the arousal level of anyone you cast it at. The Wheasly brothers showed it to some chump. I was spying on the kid when they were doing it and then beat the snot out of him until tell he showed me.

Wow crab that was brilliant of you! I didn't think you had something like that in you.

Thanks! Look Boss! Malfoy turned his head away from Crab and what he see almost made him jizz his pants. Kiyann had her wand out and was now starting to message her clit with the wand.

Oh wow Kiyann! Ive only used my fingers, I've never thought to use something else before!

Yeah girl! It's amazing. Fingers are nice to warm up to but this thing can get so DEEP! Just as she uttered her last word she plunged her own wand deep into her warm waiting pussy. This sent her over the edge and made her convulse all over the table. Her face became flushed in pink as she began to come down from the deep bliss she had just experienced. Stary had been watching and was subconsciously beginning to explore her own body. As Kiyann came Stary tweaked her nipples and that finally hit the “Fuck it” button for her and made her strip off her clothes while Kiyann was coming down.

Hay Kiyann after that good one will you help me!

I don't know... I have never tried anything with a girl before. I don't know if I'm ready to try something like that just yet. I do know a spell that has been passed around the girls dormitory though.

OK. I'm game to try it!

Lingua. A moment after Kiyann cast her spell with her still dripping wet wand and little mouths appeared around Stary.


Just watch you'll see soon. Lingent. With this command given the floating mouths hovered over to her most sensitive parts: Nipples, clit, and anus and began their assault. Around her nipples one would pull and suck on the left nipple and and lick and caress the right one. After a few moments they would switch and do them on the opposite nipples. Around her vagina the mouth was shoving its tongue deep into her vagina for two or three strokes and then would suck her clit and then drink any juices she gave. Around her anus the mouth was gently shoving its tongue in and out and massaging her but hole. Her body was on sensory overload from the second they began their attack. She was squirming and moaning and making “coo” noises all at once. Her arms were thrashing about due to her lack of knowing what to do with them.

Malfoy was stunned. All his life he had lived sheltered and now here was one girl who had made her self cum with an instrument for magic and then another who was being pleasured by floating tongues. His boner, which he had knew existed but had never payed attention to, began to grow. Crab was setting next to him with one as well but was paying too much attention to the girls. Malfoy figured what the hell, and began to rub his dick through his pants.

Within 2 minutes Stary was a quivering mess. She had never experienced pleasure like this before.

IM CUMING!!!! Stary screamed across the corridor. It was so loud that Malfoy was forced to cover his ears. Stary's body was racked with a series of spasms. He body wrathed up and down upon the table. Kiyann was back going furiously at herself with her wand again. She was on the verge of cuming again. She looked around the room while Stary was still cuming and saw Crab and Malfoy staring at her.

ME TOO!!! Thats all she needed ans she let out a stream of cum through her cunt. This was the first time she had ever squirted but it was fantastic. She was in her seventh heaven as she road her orgasmic bliss. Her ears were ringing and her body was on fire as she came. Her back arched as she tried to prolong her orgasm.

Come on crab we have to go! She saw us. Come on before the spell wares off.

Hmm? Yeah right. Lets go. They crept out of the chamber and were left walking boners just swinging in the wind.

End Flashback

Heh! That dumb whore doesn't even know it, Malfoy whispered still hiding, nows is a perfict time to try out that spell. Corn-...... To be continued

Authors note: I do not own any names in this story nor does this reflect any ideas that the authors have. I wrote this for my own amusement and hopefully to entertain you. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave comments. Also don't be too hard on my grammar and punctuation. I wrote this to tell you a story from my imagination not to be an English major. That being said I hope any mistakes I may have made didn't distract from the story. Also I'm looking for a good editor to read my stories and make corrections to it so PM me if you want to help me. Also this was my first ever story I wrote. If enough people comment and like it I will wright more. I have some ideas of how to continue the story. Also no posting about people who want to “text or kik me” PLEASE!!! That ruins the comment section. Thank you for reading. More to come if you want.


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lol there was never any indications of HH ever in the books, even back in the GOF the tension between RH was clear as daylight.

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I haven't read the books in a while but I remember a part in the book where they do let her go in alone. I think it's because they were dealing with Umbridge and someone still had to deal with grawp do hermione had I do it. I choose her to be alone this way because I was trying to set up a sex scene with grawp. But I have decided to stop this story series because so many people didn't like it. I have started on another one. I really would like to have somrone to help me proof read please!!!

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