An extremely horny couple spend their night in a hotel. Working their way from cute to dirty. With me, Wynter, and my girlfriend, Violet. This is a true story, told in past tense.
As we reached the last step to our room, i sighed. all the walking around me and Violet did that day was exhausting. Admittedly fun, but i was glad to finally be at our room for the night. I pulled out my phone, the time was 9:13pm. We had been out for hours. We rarely got to see each other, as we're a couple with long distance. And we were young (Both 18), so meeting up was difficult. So far, we'd spent the day at the cinema (There weren't many people, i discreetly managed to slide my hand up her top and i could hear her moan slightly as i fondled her hardening nipple). We'd then gone for lunch, with her glancing at me frequently. I could tell i had worked her up back in the cinema. Then we went for a walk in the park, holding hands until suddenly she lightly nudged me down on a bench. She sat on my lap and kissed me lightly at first, then getting into it and pressing her lips firmly against mine. She slowly slid her tongue past my lips, playing with mine. She then started to grind her pussy against my cock, trying so hard to get any pleasure possible, even though so much material was in the way. She gasped occasionally, until i whispered 'Vi, honey, you're gonna get us noticed.' She stopped, and looked at my face sadly. She took a second to glance down at my lips, and whispered back 'But i'm so turned on.. Isn't there anything we can do?' I weighed up the pros and cons of somehow discreetly managing to pleasure her, but i realized if we got caught, it could turn nasty. 'No baby, you're gonna have to wait until we go to the hotel.' I then checked my phone for the time, it was roughly 8pm. 'Okay, screw it. We can make it there in an hour. Let's walk.' We started walking to the hotel, roughly an hour away. As we walked on, i could see how excited she was. She was glancing at me and smirking, and occasionally adjusting her tights, and taking too long. It was obvious she was trying to get even a split second of the slightest touch. She looked up and me and said 'I'm so wet. Can we hurry up? I can't wait.' I nodded, sharing her excitement and said 'Yeah. Let's walk a bit faster.' We sped up and soon we neared the hotel. We were exhausted, cold, and extremely horny. We quickly rushed the talk to get our room sorted, and then proceeded up the stairs. And finally we reached the door. I put the key in the lock and turned it as Violet whispered 'Hurry up.'. The door opened, and she pushed me inside, and then after i took the key out, she shut the door behind us. We took our shoes off, and then she pushed me up against the closest wall and pressed her lips against mine. She was sliding her arms up my back, and down to my ass, holding me into her as much as possible. I quickly broke free of the kiss to say 'I think we should go find out bed.' She agreed, and grabbed my hand to lead me to the room as fast as possible. When we got to the bed, i decided it was time to have some fun. I took my shirt off and ordered her to take hers off. She was taken aback by my sudden control but she took hers off with almost no hesitation. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me, our cold skin touching, and she flinched a little at the touch. I kissed her fiercely and played with her tongue using mine. She grabbed my crotch and she giggled as she felt my cock through my jeans. I pushed her down on the bed lightly, and started kissing her again, rubbing my crotch against hers. She moaned through kisses, grabbing my hair as she felt my cock harden against her increasingly wet pussy. She pulled away from kissing me and managed out a rushed 'Oh god can you fuck me now?!' And i smirked and shook my head. She looked at me confusedly and asked 'Why not?!' I chuckled and said 'Because i have something else in mind.' I took her bra, tights, and panties off and she laid there utterly naked. She looked up at me in anticipation, wondering what i could do that would pleasure her more than filling her pussy with my hard cock. I started to kiss her body. I started at her neck, kissing, and biting it. She grabbed my hair again and moaned loudly. I started kissing slowly down her body, to her perky tits. I sucked and licked one nipple, purposely spending too long on it. After a lot of moaning and begging me to go to the other one, i finally decided to move over to it. I gave her other nipple a long, slow lick, and then i lightly bit on it, triggering a loud moan from her. 'D'you like that honey?' I said as i looked up at her face, which was twisted now in pure bliss. 'Y-yes..' she said quietly. 'Can you please taste me..?' She said. 'Of course.' i replied with a smirk. I kissed down her body again, sucking lightly on the bottom of her left tit. I slowly licked down her stomach as she arched her back and pressed on my head, trying to direct me to her wet pussy. I got around to the top of her left thigh, and kissed down it as she moaned loudly, and begged me to eat her out. I then switched to her right thigh, kissing up it to her now literally dripping wet pussy, she had literally soaked the sheets. I asked jokingly 'Have you came already?' And she looked down frustratingly and said 'No, now hurry up and change that.' I decided to shock her by complying. I suddenly moved quickly up to her soaking wet pussy, and abandoned kissing her thighs. I slowly teased my tongue around the entrance to her tight hole, as she moaned 'Fuck..' extremely loudly, arched her back, and tightened her thighs around my head. I then dragged my tongue slowly up her soaking wet pussy, lightly and slowly circling her clit as she moaned - Almost to the point of screaming. I then licked slowly back down. She moaned out an 'Ohhh f-fuck..', and grabbed my hair and said 'P-please.. Eat me out baby.. I want to cum so bad..' And i decided to tonguefuck her. I started slowly and teasingly, sliding my tongue in and out, she moaned out 'Oh my god!' loudly and arched her back, while pushing my head into her crotch, trying desperately to get my tongue deeper. I started tonguefucking her quicker and quicker as her moans became screams, and she started squirting, all over my lips and in my mouth. I groaned, loving the taste of her cum as it coated my tongue. I then slowly took my tongue out of her tight little hole, and she moaned and flinched as she felt it leave. I remarked 'I must have really turned you on for you to cum that quickly!' And she nodded and managed 'Y-Yeah..' out. I chuckled and said 'You've still got to please me, y'know.' She looked at me and smirked, having gained some energy back. 'Okay baby.. What do you want?' I smirked back and ordered 'Stand up.' She complied, and i laid on the bed. I ordered 'Take off my belt, jeans, and boxers.' She fumbled with my belt, rushing to take it off. She slid my jeans off as i lifted my ass off the bed, helping her. Then, with my boxers left, she commented on how she could see my cock. 'Wow, you're really hard, aren't you?' She said, looking at my face with a smile. 'Let me help you with that.' She said as she got on her knees, and started rubbing my cock over her boxers. She trailed her fingers up the shaft of my cock and i groaned, realizing frustratingly that she was going to punish me for teasing her. She pressed her tongue against the head of my hard cock through my boxers, and i trembled at the touch. She then ran her hands up my body, reaching my chest. She giggled, moved up, and kissed me. I moaned 'Please can you touch my cock again..' As she pulled away and looked at me. She looked at my lips and said 'I can still taste myself.. I'm still so turned on baby..' And then smirked as she went down toward my cock again, trailing her hands toward it. She got back on her knees below the bed as my legs went over the side. She got between my legs, and slowly took my boxers down, apparently abandoning teasing me - Or so i thought. She threw my underwear on the floor, looked up at me and said 'I bet you wanna cum now don't you..' As i groaned out a 'Y-Yes..' So she teasingly licked from the bottom of my shaft upwards, taking her time and using only the tip of her tongue. I moaned and tangled my fingers in her hair, pressing on her head. She looked up and smirked again, then swirled her tongue around the head of my hard cock as i arched my back from the pleasure. I moaned out 'Please suck my cock baby..' And she decided to lick back down my shaft. I groaned and frustratingly hit my head back on the pillow. She then licked back up at a somewhat quicker speed, and took the head of my cock in her mouth. I moaned out 'Oh fuck..' Loudly as she started to suck down on my cock, taking inch by inch of my head and shaft. She used her tongue while my cock was in her mouth, licking around my shaft and occasionally swirling it around the head. I moaned loudly and pressed her head down further. 'Make me cum baby..' I groaned, as she decided to deepthroat me and take as much of my cock as possible. She gagged, and carried on sucking my cock as my chuckle turned into another moan. She kept deepthroating me, slowly getting used to it as she took more and more of my cock. My moans turned into shouts as i managed to get out 'Fuck! I'm cumming!' and she looked up at me and i realized she was going to take it all. She tightened her lips around my throbbing cock as the first load came out all over her tongue. She licked over the head of my cock, cleaning it for me as she swallowed my cum. She was taken aback by the second load as she slowly sucked around the head, up off my cock. It covered the inside of her lips and she licked it all off and swallowed it. Then she took my cock in her mouth, and moaned as she felt my cock throb and the third and final load coated her tongue. She closed her eyes as she circled her tongue around the head of my cock and swallowed all my cum. She then licked up the shaft and head, cleaning my cock completely of any cum. I was exhausted but she was still horny and eager to have her pussy touched. She started kissing my neck as i giggled, and i moved my hand back down to her pussy. She moaned and grinded into me, trying to make me finger her. I decided to full out slide my fingers in deep and make her cum. So i quickly pushed two fingers in and fingered her extremely fast. In less than 10 seconds she had squirted over my fingers, screaming 'Oh fuck!' and then pushing my head into her pussy, making me clean her up. By now i was hard again, so i pushed her on her back on the now soaking wet sheets. She looked up and said 'Fuck.. I came so hard..' And i chuckled as she didn't realize what was coming. She glanced down at my now hard cock which was extremely close to her pussy, and then her expression changed to understanding and excitement. She wrapped her arms around me as i thrust my cock deep inside her, feeling her tight wet pussy around my shaft. She moaned loudly just from the first thrust, and grinded her pussy up against my cock, trying to get me deeper. I started slow, and deep. Making her moan with each thrust. I got slightly faster, and harder as her moans got louder, and her pussy was starting to soak my cock, my balls, my thighs, and the sheets. I stopped for a second and her expression turned into disappointment as i pulled out. I chuckled and she asked why, i said 'Kiss me' and she complied without hesitation. I then thrust my cock deep inside her pussy as she instantly squirted, covering my cock in her cum. She screamed 'Fuck!' against my lips as i started pounding her hard and fast, feeling her wet tight pussy around my shaft. I fucked her faster and faster as she came over and over, her face in pure bliss as my cock filled her up. I could feel my cock throbbing as she moaned 'Cum in my mouth, please!' And i pulled out and she sat up, quickly taking my cock in her mouth. I came loads, filling up her mouth so she tried to swallow it all, but only got some, and the rest came out of her mouth and covered her tits. She moaned as her pussy was still throbbing, and she loved the taste of my cum. When i finished groaning and cumming, I lied back on the bed and ordered her to lick up all the cum from her tits as she complied. We cuddled up and sighed, utterly exhausted. We laid there for a while, until i looked at her and said 'We have a long night ahead of us.' And she smirked and said 'You know.. I think i want you to stretch my ass.. And don't forget to record it.. I wanna see myself lose my anal virginity.' I looked back at her, shocked, but then i smiled and said 'Sure. I was right about the long night then.' As she giggled. We cuddle up and kissed and watched a movie until we got bored.. And then decided to carry on having fun...


Might do more. I don't know yet. I hope you enjoyed. :3

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2013-03-12 00:58:42
just a few gramatrcal errors such as stating she came and not cummed and there was another, but, I can'rt find it now............ good story however

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2013-03-11 06:57:22
to anonymous, if you can do better? Include your name and write your own story that apeal to every one. It is imposible, but there is no need to be rude to those who alease try. It just shows how sad you realy are.

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another illiterate trying to write, if you cannot do it may be you shouldn't try. Impossible to read, read first line and gave up.

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