I was not looking forward to the summer. My mother had decided to send me and my thirteen year old sister to bible camp for the whole summer. To make things worse my sister’s two friend were coming with her. I loaded the SUV with our bags and the four sleeping bags. I glanced at my mother talking to Kim’s father.

She probably thought I couldn’t see her when she kissed him. I closed the back and walked around and climbed in the front passenger seat. My sister and her giggly girlfriends were already in the backseat. Mom climbed in and started the car before backing out.

I looked at her, “you know you don’t need to send me to camp for the summer to hide the fact that you and Mr Davis are having sex.”

The girls were quiet as mom blushed, “I’m not sleeping with Jon.”

I looked out the window, “do you really think I haven’t seen you sneaking in wearing your night gown and nothing else?”

I looked at her, “dad left and you are a beautiful woman. If you want to enjoy a man’s company it is your business.”

I looked back at my sister and sighed, “Amber and I are old enough and know about sex.”

I looked at mom again, “I know you know I masturbate and Amber, Kim and Amanda aren’t always quiet when they Jill off.”

She was blushing and finally smiled, “okay we have been having sex.”

She looked in the mirror at Kim, “do you mind Kim?”

Kim grinned, “no, when dad drains his balls he isn’t so grumpy.”

Mom grinned and then laughed, “and I enjoy it when he drains them in me.”

They giggled together and I sat back, “so...”

Mom sighed, “I’m sorry Samuel but the camp has already been paid for.”

I looked out the window, “next time just tell us you need time and space to have sex.”

She reached over to caress my face, “I will.”

Amanda whispered something to Amber and she gasped. I looked back and saw her staring at me. She grinned, “we need our birth control prescriptions refilled at the end of the month.”

Mom looked at her in the mirror, “why? You are going to be...”

She went quiet and smiled, “okay.”

I glanced back and saw the girls whispering together. It was a two hour ride before we arrived and I started unloading while mom and the girls went to check in. Mom walked back with a old man who frowned, “it is unusual but it will save them from having to move around every other week.”

I looked at him and then at mom as she reached out to help with a couple of bags. I followed as she and the old man led us through the camp to a cabin that was the farthest away. Amber, Kim and Amanda were inside and mom set the bags down, “don’t forget to write.”

I looked at her and cleared my throat, “remember the computer and the messenger I showed you how to use?”

She smiled, “you brought your web hub and I-Pad?”

I nodded, “dad is paying so I might as well use it.”

She grinned and turned away, after she was gone the old man start telling us the rules and schedules. The girls seemed to pay attention as I stared out the only window at the lake. He left and Amber closed the door and looked at me, “strip.”

I looked at her and then at Kim and Amanda who were looking at me, “What?”

Amber stepped closer, “take your clothes off.”

I smiled, “after you.”

She pulled her blouse off and turned, “unhook my bra.”

I was stunned and did it automatically, she turned and tossed bra and blouse onto a bare bunk. I stared at her beautiful breasts and she smiled seductively before opening her skirt and letting it drop. I stared at the tiny string panties and then looked into her face as she wiggled and pushed them down.

I looked at her trimmed pussy and started undressing, “god you are beautiful.”

Kim and Amanda laughed and I glanced at them to see them zipping two sleeping bags together. I took my boots off and then opened my pants and pushed them and my underwear down and off. I stepped out of them and looked at my sister. She was looking at my cock and slowly reached out and wrapped her hand around it.

I groaned and she looked into my face. I smiled, “its sensitive.”

I reached down to slip a finger through her slit. She shivered and then grinned, “yeah.”

I touched her hand and looked at the other two as they pushed the two bunks together. Amber let go and I sighed, “undress?”

They grinned and spread the sleeping bags out before patting them. I nodded and turned to watch my sister as she sat and then laid back. I moved onto the bed over her and laid beside her to caress her tummy. She grinned and moved my hand up to one of her breasts, “start here.”

I cupped her breast as Kim and Amanda climbed onto the bed. I rubbed the nipple and gave it a tug before bending to suck on it. Kim and Amanda started feeling me as I moved to the other nipple and sucked while slipping my hand down her body. I rubbed her warm fuzzy pussy and she shuddered and moaned.

It was a couple of minutes before she was panting as my finger slipped through her slit. Kim and Amanda let my cock go and pushed on me, “fuck her.”

I looked at them and then at my sister who smiled and pulled on me. I turned and moved over between her legs. I kissed her before pushing and then wiggling as I forced my cock into her tight pussy. She grunted as my cock sank into her warm pussy and I started to fuck her slowly. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and clutched me.

I buried my cock to hump and press as I kissed her while she kept spasming. It was a minute before she sighed and I had to move. I began to fuck her again and she arched her back, “aaaahhhhh!”

I didn’t stop as I continued to fuck her and bury my cock each time I pushed into her. A couple of minutes and Amber was thrashing around and wailing as I kissed her. Her grasping pussy was milking my cock as I pushed all the way in and held her. My cock throbbed before pumping large jets of cum through her cervix.

My sister jerked and clung to me as I filled her pussy and then sighed when I stopped. I pulled out and laid beside her and Kim pushed me onto my back, “you can fuck us while we are here.”

She straddled me and lifted to position my cock before pushing back and down. She grunted and wiggled as my cock pressed against her cervix. Amanda moved over and rubbed my chest as my sister watched, “I shouldn’t tell you but my mom is fucking yours and Kim’s dad.”

I looked at Amber and she shrugged as Kim thrust back and forth rubbing her pussy on me, “dad is their stud.”

Amanda leaned over to kiss me, “and you are our stud.”

Amber grinned as Kim shuddered and her pussy tightened, “oohhh!”

I held her hips and pulled her back and forth. She jerked and her eyes went wide as her pussy rippled and squeezed, “fuck!”

I grinned as Amber and Amanda snickered and reached up to knead her breasts. I shook my head when she continued to shudder and sit there. I pulled her down and carefully rolled over before I started to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and humped up as I kept thrusting in and out.

Her tight pussy squeezed my cock constantly as I kept fucking her. I used long thrusts and pushed all the way into her each time. A minute later she stiffened and then kissed me as she wailed and began bucking. Her pussy tightened and she clutched me as I fucked her hard. I slowed a minute later as she tossed her head and moaned while thrashing around.

I smiled and held her and gave her another kiss before starting to fuck her as my balls churned. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy clenched to grasp my cock. I shoved into her and began to pump large spurts of cum. She shuddered and clung to me, “yyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!”

It was several moments before I stopped and sighed. Amber rubbed my back before pulling me back and pushing me off her friend. Amanda pushed me onto my back as my sister laid between Kim’s legs. Amanda kissed me, “do me from behind?”

I grinned, “after I lick your pussy.”

She blushed but nodded, “okay.”

I grinned as Kim and Amber giggled and turned Amanda and moved down her body as she spread her legs. I smelled and then opened her pussy before licking through it. She shivered and moaned as I pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her labia. I wiggled my tongue against her clit before capturing it and sucking and then squeezing it with my lips.

Amanda shuddered hard and humped up as I went back to licking her and then teasing her clit. I continued for awhile as she moaned and spasmed while humping up. It was Kim that pulled me away and pushed me up Amanda’s body. I settled between her legs as she put her arms around me and then lifted and pushed and forced my cock into her.

She groaned and shuddered as I continued to push deeper before pulling back and starting to fuck her. I kept doing it slowly but sank my cock all the way into her. A couple of minutes and she arched her back as she kissed me and screamed in my mouth. She spasmed and began thrashing around while her tight pussy contracted and grasped at my cock.

I fucked her harder and she kept pulling me down to kiss and wail into my mouth. Kim and my sister were giggling as I fucked their friend. It was several minutes before I changed and buried my cock. I humped and pressed and jabbed while Amanda clutched me and her pussy tried to milk my cock. When I went back to fucking her I wasn’t holding back and tried to cum.

I fucked her with long strokes and pushed my cock into her as deep as I could each time. It was a couple of minutes before I kissed her and thrust into her while holding her bucking body and pumping spurts of sperm. Amanda howled in my mouth as she convulsed and hugged me, “yyyyyeeeeesssssss!”

When I was done I shuddered and pulled out before laying beside her. Amber and Kim moved to lay on her and look into her face before grinning as she shuddered again. Amber moved off the bed, “we need to add the other mattresses and then go look around.”

Walking through the camp I realized it was nice here, we even sat on the dock with our feet in the water. Of course we had bible study before dinner but after that I led the girls to a bathroom and shower. Once back in the cabin I set up my hub and I-pad as the girls undressed. I stripped and sat at the head of the bed as I checked my e-mail.

Kim straddled me before slowly sitting on my cock. I looked at the screen when I heard a gasp and saw mom with Kim’s dad looking back. I froze but Kim shuddered and looked at them, “hi.”

Her dad opened his mouth but mom grinned, “hi. Having fun?”

Kim looked at me with a grin as Amber and Amanda came to peek over us, “yes.”

I blushed and looked at mom and her dad as mom pulled him back out of the camera. Kim began thrusting back and forth as her pussy squeezed and grasp. Amber tugged on a nipple as she sat on the edge of the bed with Amanda, “show off.”

Mom and Kim’s dad were back with mom on his lap naked. I grinned as she shivered and wiggled, “want to know how our first time went?”

They grinned as the three girls giggled and rubbed my chest. Kim rubbed back and forth harder as her tight pussy spasmed around my cock. She kissed me and screamed but it could still be heard. Mom giggled as Kim’s dad groaned and Amber and Amanda laughed. I humped and Kim jerked and shuddered hard while twisting and shaking.

Amanda bent to suck on one of her nipples and look at mom, “where is mom?”

Mom was shuddering and jerking and Kim’s dad grinned, “on her way over.”

He humped and then began grunting and mom jerked and shook, “yes!”

I grinned as my sister and Amanda snickered while Kim panted and started convulsing. I held her hips and pulled her back and forth while jabbing up into her and a minute later she stiffened and clutched me, “aaaahhhh!”

I spurted against her cervix strongly again and her pussy tightened and seemed to milk the cum into her. I kissed her as she shook and when I was done I relaxed. I caressed her hips and looked at mom as Amanda and Amber pulled Kim off. Mom smiled as she leaned against Kim’s dad and then looked away as Amanda’s mom pulled her up, “my turn.”

I grinned as Amanda straddled me and impaled her tight pussy, “mine too.”

Her mom turned to look at us and then smiled, “hey Samuel.”

I smiled back, “hey.”

She started rocking and Amanda did too. Amber and Kim were kissing on the bed beside us and Amanda’s mom leaned closer, “where are the other girls?”

I turned the I-pad and heard her giggle, “lick her pussy Amber.”

I laughed as I set the pad down where she could watch as my sister moved down between Kim’s legs. I pulled Amanda down and felt her butt before shifting as she held me. When I was above her I kissed her and began to fuck her. She humped up each time I pushed into her and her pussy began to tighten.

I kept fucking her slowly but with deep thrusts as I started kissing her. I heard giggling and turned to see Kim and Amber laying together watching with the pad turned. I smiled and ignored them and it as I kissed Amanda again and buried my cock. I humped and jabbed slowly with short thrusts and she wrapped her legs around me and moaned louder.

Her warm pussy felt nice around my cock as it squeezed and massaged it. A couple of minutes and I began to fuck her with long thrusts and she began to spasm and wail. I don’t think she cared who saw or heard but I tried to kiss her and cover her howls and screams. Her spasms turned to jerky convulsions a few minutes later and I shook my head before fucking her hard.

She lifted and spread her legs as I kept burying my cock. It took a couple of minutes and then I thrust into her as I began spurting cum. She jerked and lifted her hips as I pumped more in. When I was done she sighed and relaxed and I pulled out and laid beside her to caress her hip, “thanks Amanda.”

She grinned and her mother laughed, “have fun girls.”

The screen went blank and I turned at a slight noise to see one of the female counselors standing in the doorway. She shook her head but was smiling, “that was your moms watching?”

The girls moved together as I sat up, “yes.”

She grinned, “try not to scream to loud.”

She left and closed the door and we looked at each other. Amber grinned as she stalked over Kim and then Amanda, “yeah Sam, try not to make us scream to loud.”

I caught her and pushed her back and down as I moved over her, “silly girl I plan to fuck you until you howl at the moon.”

Amanda and Kim laughed as I pushed into my sister and kissed her. It took me awhile to cum and Amber was bucking and thrashing when I did. I held her as Kim and Amanda snuggled together and we went to sleep. I woke to the morning sun and looked at my sister in my arms.

Her eyes were open and watching me and she grinned before whispering, “fuck Amanda before she can pee.”

I turned to look before grinning and reaching out to roll Amanda onto her back. She shifted as I moved over her and pushed her legs open and pushed into her cummy pussy. She shuddered and opened her eyes as I pushed into her deeper and started to fuck her, “good morning.”

She put her arms around me as her pussy grasped at my cock, “um?”

I buried my cock and humped, “I was asked to fuck you before you could pee.”

She shuddered and lifted her hips while her pussy tightened. She grinned as she looked at my sister, “just you wait Amber.”

My sister laughed as she rolled out of bed and Kim sat up, “What?”

I went back to fucking Amanda but with firm thrusts as I pressed into her while trying to cum. She hugged me and wrapped her legs around me, “Hard Samuel.”

I fucked her hard and deep and barely a minute later I thrust into her and held her as I spewed and spurted. She jerked and shuddered while her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

When I stopped I pulled out and moved off the bed and pulled her out. Kim was almost dancing as she waited but my sister had already left. I grabbed my robe and waited for Amanda before walking with them to the bathroom and then going in the other side.

That was actually a fun summer, the female counselor became ours and we behaved during the day. At night we fucked and talked with our mothers or Kim’s dad as they fucked. When we came home it was to one home, Amber, Kim and Amanda slept in my bed with our clothes in another room.

We just finished the local college and bought our own place.
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