The following is a true story. The names have been changed, to protect the privacy of the people involved. My name is Henry, and my adventures began in the summer of 1968, I was 10, about to be 11. Both my parents come from big families so I have lots of cousins on both sides. My parents and I would visit my mother’s , mother the most, almost weekly, so I grew up closer to those cousins. My cousins ranged in age from in their 30’s to about 6. The cousins I saw the most were Katie who was 15 at that same time, Cindy who was 13, Davey who was 12, Toni who was 8 almost 9, and Mickey who was 6. Katie was the daughter of my mother’s 2nd oldest sister, along with Ruby who was about 23, and Lydia who was 21. Cindy was the only child of my mother’s 2nd youngest sister. Davey, Toni, and Mickey were my mom’s youngest sisters kids. Since I was an only child, Cindy and I were very close.

In June of 1968 Cindy and I were to stay with our grandmother for 2 weeks in June. The first week we would go to Vacation Bible School. Our days started off early at about 6am. We would get up and eat a breakfast left for us by Grandmother, wash dishes, and get ready for some one to pick us up for VBS. Grandmother lived on a 200 acre farm, with chickens, and pigs, and cows. She grew most all of her food, so she was up before us already taking care of the farm. We would come back from VBS about lunch time, Grandmother would come in and eat with us, and she would go back to working on the farm till about 5:30, come in for supper, help us clean up, and go to bed about 8pm. Cindy and I were left alone a lot.

Monday, Cindy and I went to VBS in the morning. After lunch and clean up, we decided to play inside, since it was so hot out. We played cards, and a board game, and then we looked through the toys I had brought to wee what we would play next. I had brought a toy doctor’s bag, that had pretend doctors instruments, except for the stethoscope, which really worked. Cindy wanted to play doctor. She listened to my heart, pretended to take my blood pressure, and temperature. Then it was my turn. I put the stethoscope high on her chest in the middle, right where the collar bone meets the rib cage. “ I can’t hear you very well,” I told Cindy. She took the earpieces and put them in her ear, then took her hand and pushed my hand to the left. I was holding the stethoscope between thumb and forefinger, with the rest of my fingers straight out. Cindy was starting to grow boobs, and was already an A cup ( I found out about sizes much later.) Even though my hand was on the outside of her shirt, I could feel the swell of her boob. As I listened, Cindy’s breath shortened, and her heart rate increased. I could feel her nipple starting to stick up. “Is something wrong?’ I asked, “You are breathing funny, and I feel something like a pencil eraser in your shirt.” Cindy stammered, “ No I’m fine… let’s play something else,” as she snatched my hand away from her chest.
“But I want to know what was in your shirt, I want to play doctor some more…” I pestered. “I don’t know, maybe later, only if you don’t bug me about it, “said Cindy. We just played more games until supper. After Cindy took a shower, then I took a shower and we settled in to watch TV. I fell asleep, but Cindy continued to watch until the channel went off the air at about 1 in the morning, according to what she told me the next morning.

Tuesday was the same morning to lunch routine. When we got back to grandma’s house, she had already eaten and left. After lunch I asked “what do you want to do Cindy, can we play doctor again, can I check you over anywhere ?” Cindy was ill from lack of sleep, so she shouted at me, “I told you not to keep asking me about Doctor, one more time and I will never play again, and I will tell on you. Now I’m going to take a nap, and you can do what ever you want. Just leave me alone!” With that I decided to go fishing. I got my pole and bait, apologized and left the house. It took about 15 minutes to walk to the pond. I had just put a purple plastic worm in the water, when I realized the cows were in the fence with the pond. And where there are cows… there was grandma’s mean BULL. I got my stuff together and sneaked away from the pond. Nothing else to do, I went back to the house. I went in quietly, so as not to wake Cindy. She was asleep in the bedroom we shared. The bedroom had 2 twin beds, a nightstand between the beds, a dresser with mirror, 2 rocking chairs and a fireplace. Grandma slept across the hall in a similar room, the bathroom was next door, and the kitchen and dining room were at the end of the hall. Cindy was dead to the world, she did not flinch when I accidentally dropped my tackle box. After a bit I decided I was going to check out the “erasers” in Cindy’s shirt. I got my toy doctors bag, so I would have an excuse if caught. I took out the stethoscope, and remembered what my doctor did, breathed out on the listening end, and rubbed it to get the scope warm. Cindy was wearing shorts and a peasant blouse. I eased up the hem of the shirt, and saw at the waistband of her shorts the top of her navel. At that time I was fascinated in order, by a girl’s navel ( I could see one of those once in a while), a girl’s boobs (you could see them under her shirt), and a girl’s pussy, ( which I had no ideas about). I stopped and changed directions, by hooking my thumbs under Cindy’s waistband and pushed down until her button was completely exposed. I gently probed her navel with my finger, rubbing and caressing it for several minutes. I was in heaven, I had never touched a girl’s navel. Then I went back to my original plan. I eased the stethoscope under Cindy’s shirt going upward until I came to the edge of her bra. I stopped briefly, suddenly realizing Cindy’s heart and breathe rate were fast like the last time. I eased the scope up over her boob stopping when it was at the top of her bra. I had been watching Cindy’s eyes for and flicker of waking. She did not move. I felt the “eraser” start to push up through her thin cotton bra, into the palm of my hand. I left the stethoscope laying on her chest as I began to rub my fingers back and forth over her boob. Cindy’s nipple got very stiff. I began to knead, massage the boob, until Cindy let out a small “mmmmmhhh.” I froze, panicked, I eased my hand and the scope back out from under her shirt, and began to shake. It was then I discovered I was sporting a boner. This usually only if I played with it or thought about naughty things for a while. I left Cindy and went out on to the front porch. Nothing else of consequence happened that day or night, except Cindy did not stay up late.

Wednesday morning had the same routine. After lunch there was no nap, and I dared not ask about playing doctor. About bedtime a bad thunderstorm blew in with heavy rain, loud thunder, and bright flashes of lightning. The power went out about 8:30 so Cindy and I went to bed. After a little while Cindy asked “ are you afraid, I am, would you do something for me, would you get in bed with me for a while, until I go to sleep. I am having trouble going to sleep and I forgot my big teddy bear, If you would lay beside me I could get to sleep.” “If you do I will think about playing doctor… once I am asleep, I will be ok, I won’t wake up, I an having trouble going to sleep… please” begged Cindy. “Ok, alright, but once you are asleep I’m getting back in my on bed,” I answered. I got out of bed, and slipped under the sheet with Cindy. I rolled on my side facing away from her, and she scooted up close enough to throw an arm over my side. Later in the night I got up to pee. When I came back the clock showed me I had been asleep for several hours. Cindy was breathing softly in her sleep, as I got back in the bed with her. I had a plan. She was wearing a sleep shirt that came to just above her knees, with a pair of sleep shorts. She had rolled over away from where I was in the bed during the night. I eased up right behind her. I slowly took hold of her shoulder and rolled her on her back. Cindy did not wake up. I took and pulled at the hem pf her shirt until I had it up high enough I could easily get my hands under it. Slowly I shoved both hands under her shirt. First I played with her navel for a few minutes. Then I moved upward, until I got to the swell of her breasts, where they come out from her rib cage. I eased both my hands on to her bare breasts. I almost blacked out from holding my breath. I started to massage them, gently rubbing her nipples with my fingers. Then suddenly Cindy kind of snorted and rolled away from me. When I regained my senses, I realized she was still asleep, and also I had a boner. I was intent on playing with her boobs some more, so I got up close behind her, to the point my dick was pressing up against her butt. I reached my right hand up under her shirt, and moved up to her breast. I played with her boob for a while and I noticed she had started pressing her butt up against my hard-on. It felt great. Like a hot dog being pressed down in to a bun. Her breathe was shallow and quick and everywhere I touched Cindy was hot as a fire. To the point her boob had gotten sweaty. I decided not to press my luck any further because along with pressing against me, Cindy had started to make some very soft “mmm” noises. I moved back to my bed and went to sleep.

The only thing that happened Thursday took place that morning between breakfast and time to go. Cindy said “ I had a strange dream last night.” I stopped breathing “ wha, wha, what kind of dream?” I stammered. “I don’t know how to describe it exactly, I felt funny, tingly, and I woke up, I had been sweating, and I was breathing like I had been running.” said Cindy. “ You were in your bed, and I felt for a minute like I did not know where I was at, “said Cindy. “ I don’t know maybe it was something you ate, You had a lot chips before bed,” I stated. “No it was weird, I felt funny, not like I ever have before… but I liked it… it wasn’t something I ate.” mused Cindy. Then our ride to VBS was there. There was no nap, or thunderstorm, or mention of doctor that day.

Friday came with a change of pace. No VBS that morning, just a program to show off our crafts after suppertime. I woke before Cindy and reached over and turned off her alarm, got up and ate. When I came back, she was still asleep, with her back toward me and on the edge of the bed. I could not get in behind her. The beds were old fashioned and very tall. I could kneel and the top of the bed would be under my armpits. I decided to stand there and “examine” Cindy. I started by playing with her belly button for a bit, until I moved up to her breasts. I lingered, feeling of them for a while, until she sighed and rolled to her back. I snatched my hands back. Cindy was still asleep. I started back to her belly button for a while. Then I decided to go further down. I eased my right hand down under her shorts and panties. I slowly pushed downward until I felt some sparse, light silky hair. I stopped and twirled my finger though her pubic hair in a figure 8 for a little while. Then I pushed further down until I felt heat, and her pussy lips, almost the feel of rubbing between two fingers…. And wet. WET!!! Eeew she had peed (so I thought). I retreated. I stood for a bit and decided to get back in my bed. I lay facing Cindy. I did not realize my dick was hard and tenting right at the fly of my pajamas. About then the phone rang. Cindy’s eyes sprang open, as she looked at me her gaze widened. She jumped from bed and ran to the phone, spoke a minute, then came back. She sat on the bed facing me, and said “that was our ride for tonight, they will pick us up at 6:30.” Cindy looked back down at my shorts, and asked “ are you, are you… alright?” I blushed and said “I’m fine.” as I pulled the sheet up to my tummy. Cindy was concerned,” but you are sticking out… down there… are you hurt?” “No! “ I yelled,” I get like that if I have to pee real bad” Cindy said “I’m sorry… I just don’t know about boys… other than they are different.” “Does it hurt when IT sticks out like that ? What do you call IT?” Cindy asked. “ I call it a pecker, and it only hurts if it stays stiff a long time.” I told her. “Why does it stand up like that?” Cindy asked. “It gets hard when I have to pee real bad, or if I think about naughty things,” I said. “Which is it now? What kind of naughty things?” Cindy breathed. “Well naughty things like… playing doctor and examining you ANYWHERE… stuff like that. And why it is sticking up this morning… well both reasons.” I boldly answered. “Oh… we will have to see about that…” Cindy murmured. With that she got up and stated “I’m hungry.” and left. The rest of the day was ordinary. Playing games, no nap, no doctor, no thunderstorm.

Saturday started out slow. Cindy and I woke up late, since we did not have to be anywhere that day. Nothing happened until after lunch. Cindy said she was going to take a shower, right after we had finished cleaning up the dishes. That was odd we were not going anywhere. She showered and came out in her robe in to the bedroom, where I was reading a comic book. Cindy said “ I have been thinking about you wanting to play doctor… and how nice you were to me during the thunderstorm… and yesterday morning your… pecker sticking up… well if you will show me yours, I will show you mine…” I was astounded “sss sure “ I gasped. Cindy frowned and said “don’t you cheat me. “ After discussion it was decided we would show at the same time. Cindy said “on my count 1, 2, at 2, I dug my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts. Cindy reached to the belt of the robe and began to pull out the knot. At 3, I snatched my pants down to my knees, my dick starting to get hard, bouncing like a pendulum. Cindy’s robe fell open, and my eyes locked on the most perfect, beautiful set of boobs. Perky, with the nipples starting to stiffen, I was in heaven. Time had stood still. I heard Cindy gasp as my dick reached full hardness, not much back then, about big around as a large man’s thump and almost twice as long. It seemed to impress Cindy, as it she blurted “that’s the first pecker I have ever seen.” Her eyes were wide in amazement. My senses were coming back to me as I looked down. There is was, fat lipped, slightly red where the vertical lips met, slightly covered with light brown curly hair… pussy. I had heard about it, told jokes about it, but know I could see it. After what seemed an eternity, Cindy pulled her robe closed and reminded me “Never tell anyone, remember your promise.” I had sat back on the edge of the bed and pulled my shorts back up. Cindy leaned forward and grabbed my dick through my shorts, and said “ it is so hard.” I looked and her robe had re-opened flashing her boobs. I reached and caressed one boob giving it a slight squeeze, “ so soft, so nice,” I breathed.
Cindy reminded me “don’t forget your promise, never tell anyone. “ Cindy retreated to the bathroom and got dressed. Later that afternoon the phone rang, it was my dad. Mom was sick and I had to come home. Dad picked me up before suppertime.

The rest of the summer was busy, and I never got to spend another week at grandma’s with Cindy. Just one week with Davey, and another with both Toni and Mickey. Toni was constantly following me, always wanting to be around me that week. At the time I thought she was a pest, looking back later, if I had been smarter we could have had a lot of fun. But that is another story.

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