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Yarn and Borbie looked up in fear and horror. There friend Hoan Vegars was standing above them, aiming his twelve gauge Remington 870 at them. Hoan then heard someone say "drop the gun dirt bag." Police Officer Quagbly was standing behind him, pointing his Smith and Wesson M&P right at his head. While Hoan was distracted, Yarn and Borbie grabbed there clothing, and ran away. Hoan  then explained the situation to Officer Quagbly. Quagbly said "I'm sorry I let the gays get away". Hoan responded with "let's go round up them queermo sexuals!" they then ran down the hall in search of the missing faggots. Two friends named Turneh Deer and Measus Nary watched the entire seen unfold. They were both horny. Measus' 5 inch penis was erect, as was Turneh's 5.1 inch member. They tried to leave, but they walked right into each other. When they hit each other, their boners touched. They were both extremely aroused. Turneh said "let's fuck in the bathroom." Measus replied with "fuck yeah." Measus and Turneh went into the bathroom. On the loud speakers they heard an order that every teacher must bring their class to the gym, so that the homosexuals may be found. Turneh and Measus both got completely nude. Turneh knelt down infront of Measus. Turneh then started giving Measus a blowjob. Turneh first started to lick up and down the length of Measus' shaft. Measus moaned softly, more loudly when Turneh started to stick the tip of his tongue into his sexy urethra, which was oozing pre-cum. Turneh than began to suck on the beautiful penis. Measus held Turneh's head still, thrusting his young cock into Turneh's wet mouth. All this face fucking was bring Measus to orgasm. Measus said "oh my god, I'm going to cum." Turneh responded by licking all over the head of Measus' dick. Measus yelled "Ahhh Oh!" as he ejaculated down Turneh's teen throat. Measus then bent over the counter, exposing his young, sexy, amazing, tight, virgin anus to Turneh's throbbing penis. Turneh then slowly inched his penis up into Measus' ass. Measus told Turneh to go faster, so Turneh picked up the pace.  

Mark Gaylin had to take a piss. Before the order to go to the gym was sent out, his teacher allowed him to go to the bathroom. Mark, while walking to the bathroom, heard the order. He decided to hide in the closet near him, lest he be exposed as a homosexual. After he was sure the coast was clear, Mark ran to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Mark got a sodomy surprise. He saw the scene infront of him, and got so horny. The boys invited Mark to join in the fun, so he quickly took of all his clothes, revealing his 5.1 inch, uncircumcised hard-on. Mark still had to pee, so he pissed all over Turneh's hot thrusting ass. Measus then had an idea to continue this three way in a different location. So they all walked naked across the hall, and into the WOOD shop. Mark lay chest down across a narrow table, which was right at crotch level height. Mark started to suck Turneh's sexy dick, while Measus thrusted his dick into Mark's well used anus. Everyone was moaning in pleasure. Then Measus screamed "I'm cumming!" Measus then ejaculated his spunk deep within Mark's bowels. Mark loved the feeling of Measus' hot jizz in his ass. Mark and Turneh then got into the 69 position on a table. They then cummed into eachother's mouths, unleashing torrents of cum down eachother's throats. Then the door flung open, Hoan was there with his gun. Hoan couldn't find the fags in the gym, so now he was searching the school. Hoan could tell what just happened, so he shot Turneh, who was still laying down on the table, right in the head. He then pointed the gun at Measus, and shot him in the chest. Mark ran over to grab a piece of wood to use as weapon, but Hoan shot him in the back of the head, blowing his brains out all over the wall. Hoan soon received word that Yarn and Borbie were hiding in the rainbow flag flying nation of P-Town. Hoan then called the mayor of P-Town, Mayor Penisass. Hoan said "Mr. Mayor, if you don't hand over the fugitives, I will be forced to declare war." The mayor then said " I'm sorry, but I won't betray my own kind." Hoan replied angrily "Fine! Then prepare fooor baaaaaaattllllllle!!!" Hoan hung up. He then started to raise an army. First he got his friend Kajc Netersop to join. Kajc agreed, and grabbed his Viking sword. Hoan soon raised a large, well equipped, and deadly army. Hoan had a love interest, and her name was Bonnie. Hoan really wanted to fuck her. So they got married. Hoan took Bonnie into his room. They then got naked, and Hoan admired her wonderful fifteen year old breasts. Hoan then lay on top of her. He started to push his great, amazing, beautiful, huge ten inch cock into her tight pussy. He then broke her hymen. She cried out in pain, but soon was enjoying her fucking. She then had an orgasm. She yelled "ohhhh yaaaaaa!" Her pussy's increased wetness, along with the clenching of her vaginal walls brought Hoan to orgasm. He yelled "I'm gonna cum." Bonnie said "oh yeah Hoan, fill my sexy pussy up with your hot cum." Hoan screamed "humunah humana fus ro dah shazaaaaam and boom goes the dynamite!" He filled her up with his semen. They then made out. The next day Hoan led his army to P-Town. The now General Penisass was preparing for war. They raided the local army navy store, gaining weapons and supplies. They also fortified there town. Hoan and his army, for the first time, could barely see P-Town way in the distance. General Vegars' army then set up camp for the night.

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