Part 6
“Hyuga Incest”

The act of Hyuga incest is forbidden. If caught instant death to those family members with out discussing the manner. There is however one loophole and that is the head of the family line they are able to commit it in order to keep the bloodline strong, but not amongst others that are part of the head of the family but of lesser Hyuga. Cousins are allowed to do so as long as one is part of the head of the bloodline if not it is considered instant death. If they are directly brother and sister in the same household and one is of the head of the family line it is forbidden and that goes with parents and their children.

After a long day of love making at Naruto’s Hinata was exhausted and might have looked like she had a good hard fuck if it hadn’t been for Naruto allowing her to take a shower to clean up. Walking out into the night she heard Sakura and Ino turning the corner. She quickly hid herself from them not wanting to discuss today’s matters. Afraid of what might happen if they found out Naruto was cheating on them for her.
Arriving at the Hyuga clan section of town Hinata of nervous she might be spotted and questioned of her whereabouts all day. She had no interest of talking to anyone, and if they did ask she would have no choice, but run and scream from that person. What if it was her father? She couldn’t hide from him. No she had to make up a good story for her whereabouts. But what would be a good cover up story? Her mind stopped when she heard a distinct noise nearby. It was soft barely audible, but she sensed it.

“Byakugan” Hinata opened her eyes to see her sister in bed with a pillow covering her face. She looked like she was doing something to herself, but couldn’t tell. Quickly running over there the lights were off to her sister’s room. She stood right outside without showing her shadow with the moon shining brightly tonight. She took a deep soundless breath and opened the door to her sister’s room.

Hanabi didn’t notice at first she was too distracted in pleasuring herself to hear the door open. Hinata grabbed the pillow from her sister’s head. Hanabi stopped and froze there staring like a deer watching its life end to a vehicle.

“I’m sorry sister” Hanabi quickly sat up wearing nothing except panties.

Hinata stared at her sister then turned to the doorway that remained open. Standing up she was going to have a discussion with her sister and this time it was private. She closed the door moving her head from the floor to her sister. “Where is the toy I gave you?”

Hanabi took a deep breath “I gave it to Moegi last week?” both sisters take a deep breath. “I’m sorry sister”
“Don’t be many girls have had it before me. I received it from Sakura, before that it came from Ino and before that from another girl in the leaf village it is tradition for us female shinobi to share it and pass it down to the next generation of female shinobi.” Hinata replies moving her eyes to and away from her sister’s succulent little breasts. Hinata had D-cup and knew soon her little sister would have the same sized breasts.

“Thanks sister” Hanabi hugs her sister tightly.

Hinata lifts her sister’s head up to face hers and she moves her head closer to hers until she kisses her on the lips. Breaking the tradition and possibly ending both their lives in the process Hanabi does the same to Hinata.

Hanabi asks “why?” Her sister hushes her and kisses her again. Their soft lips tasting each other Hinata moves her hands over her sister’s breasts. The movement was making Hanabi feel even lighter than when she was masturbating earlier. She had never kissed a girl and never would have thought she would be kissing her own sister.

Hanabi moved her hands onto Hinata’s breasts feeling the large size her sister had. Hinata pulls away from her sister lifting her shirt now both being shirtless. Hinata goes back to kissing her sister. She moves her down onto the bed continuing kissing her on the lips. Hanabi moved her hands on top of her sister and rubbed her back slowly moving her hands down to her pants. She slips them down a little before her sister realized what was going on. Hinata helped her move her pants down to her ankles finally after a few kicks they were off. Hinata was now fully nude while her sister was still wearing panties.

Hinata moves away from her sisters lips desiring the rest of her sister’s body. She sucks and teases her sister’s breasts sending shivers throughout Hanabi. Hanabi grabs the pillow and moans into it buckling her hips on the bed. Hinata kisses downward on to Hanabi’s stomach kissing her bellybutton and blowing on her body. She then moves down her inner thighs where Hanabi grabs her sister’s head desiring the forbidden fruit of the Hyuga to eat her. Hinata licks lightly on Hanabi’s clit and instantly Hanabi screamed into the pillow knowing her lustful desire tonight was going to happen. Hinata licked her sister’s pussy lips lightly making Hanabi go crazy. After awhile Hinata stopped licking. Hanabi removed the pillow to see what Hinata wanted to do next.

“Oh sister please let me eat you” Hanabi pleads watching Hinata move her self around until they are in a sixty-nine. In seconds Hanabi is devouring Hinata’s pussy with her tongue. Hinata is doing the same. Sister on sister eating each other’s pussies sending waves of pleasure through both of them that before tonight would never have been a thought.

Hinata felt tightness like she felt with Naruto before. She was hungry and desired to have sex with those she was close to. Here she was having sex with her younger sister only hours after doing it with Naruto.
Hanabi was feeling a tightness she rarely got with the dildo or playing with herself. She had no idea this was what it felt like to have sex. This was her first encounter having sex with someone else. If this was how it was she never wanted it to end. The next person she has to have sex with is going to be Moegi. Who else would she trust in sharing this type of sexual fulfillment? Then it hit her she felt the orgasm flow through her body as she came into her sister’s mouth. Before she could scream Hinata also came and Hanabi was off to the races eating every drop of sweet forbidden juices from Hinata’s pussy lips.

Once the act was done Hinata got off of Hanabi. Hanabi didn’t want to end it, but at the same time was ready for anything her big sister was going to do. Hinata turned around facing Hanabi. She kissed her not just on the lips, but fully with a French kiss. She drove her tongue deep into her sister’s mouth Hanabi could barely breathe for a moment as the love for her sister now was more than just lust she too moved her tongue into her sisters mouth wrestling tongues as they felt more than sisters now, but lovers. Hanabi sat there motionless enjoying the love her sister was giving her.

Hinata pulled away with Hanabi smiling hoping for more. Hinata moved her legs between Hanabi’s “This is called tribbing where we rub each other’s pussies together getting each other off.” Hinata had never tried it but had heard enough of it from the other girls. Hanabi followed her sister’s lead and they began rubbing their pussies together. At first it was strange doing this neither girl was confident enough in doing this, but as they got into it felt right. Their bodies shook them bed. Bouncing their entire bodies up and down with only their arms solid on the bed both sisters were tribbing. Pussy juices flowed on to the bed below them as they slammed their pussies together.

“Ooohh… Hanabi…I….love…you!!!” Hinata screamed feeling another orgasm coming.

“Sister… I…I…love you…too!” Hanabi screamed as well feeling yet another orgasm too.

It hit them both dropping to the bed laying spread out on polar opposites they took a deep breath. The door opened up and the two look at the stranger in front of them. Both scared and in full of desire to continue the party.


Walking after a long day into the Hyuga clan Neji finished training today. He had a full meal moments ago with his team, but now he was dead tired and desired one thing rest. Before opening his bedroom door he heard screaming somewhere within the clan. He couldn’t tell who it was. His byakugan eyes were over used today and he had no desire to peek into every one in the clan. Using his hearing he followed the sounds into the head of the Hyuga clan’s area. He was only allowed here when training with Hinata or talking to her father. He looked around and sensed that no on one was watching. He followed the sound until he reached Hanabi’s room.

Taking a deep breath he stood outside trying to figure out what was going on in her room. He knew he would be dead if caught having sex with Hinata or Hanabi, but to hear Hanabi like this he wasn’t sure if he should take a look or if he should head back. He decides to head back, but as he took a few steps he heard Hanabi say sister and he heard Hinata. Now his curiosity gets to him. He takes deep breath and looks around to see no one around. He opens the door slightly to see what is going on.

Never in his wildest dreams would he of thought to see the sisters doing what they were doing now. They were naked on the bed bouncing up and down with their legs connected. He didn’t understand. He knew about sex was between a man and a woman from Guy, but he had no idea of anything like this. He also knew this was forbidden and if found out would change the order of the clan dramatically. Though if he ran now and told someone Hinata and Hanabi would deny it and he would be the liar. He had no choice in the matter.

Opening the door wide open Neji stands in front of the two girls as they have their orgasms. He looked down to see he had a boner than turned his head up to see that both were now staring at him eager to take his cock.

He walks forward taking his shirt off knowing he was likely to die, but knew if he was going to die let it be with a reward to satisfy his craving. The girls licked their tongues as they sat up longing for him to move over to them.

Neji takes his pants off revealing his hard cock and instantly the girls were even hungrier. Once at the bed Hinata and Hanabi shove him onto the bed. He lies down with the girls looking only at his cock. Hinata licks the tip of it while Hanabi licks the shaft of his beautiful cock.

Hinata broke one forbidden taboo tonight why bother being shy about another. With Neji coming in it only added fuel to the fire that was within Hinata. The moment she licked the tip of his cock she was in for a long sexual night.

Hanabi knew what she wanted the moment she saw Neji. She also knew what her sister wanted and that was the same as her his cock. She wanted to suck it, fuck it and make love to it.

“Oh, Hinata suck me!” Neji moaned lying on the bed “Hanabi, yes! Fuck!”

Hinata pushed more into her mouth covering the entire tip and swirling her tongue around it. Hanabi moved away from the cock and up to Neji’s body. Kissing his chest and blowing on his skin Hanabi sent shivers of excitement throughout Neji’s body.

Hinata noticing her sister had left the cock drove it down her throat and now sucking it slowly while moving her tongue around it lustfully. Neji noticed and grabbed the back of her head making sure she sucked it. Neji moaned “Suck it head of the Hyuga clan Hinata! Suck it!”

Hanabi moved upward kissing his chest and teasing his nipples by licking them while looking at his face. As he moaned again Hanabi moved upward to his neck and kissing his face until their lips met. Hanabi and Neji kissed hard and long both desiring this kiss. Neji had one hand on Hinata’s head and he moved his other around Hanabi’s naked back rubbing her smooth skin lightly.

Hanabi wanted more she moved her legs over his body with her pussy facing the direction of Hinata. She moved her hips up and down Neji’s body with her breasts touching his body. Her soft moans as she kissed him added with the heat she placed on his body only further made her sexually aroused for this night of forbidden taboo.

Hinata felt the tightness coming from Neji and pulled away from his cock before he could shoot his load. She saw Hanabi was only inches away from his cock and decided to have some fun. She moved her sister’s legs downward. Hanabi stopped kissing Neji to see what was going on and knew her sister wanted her to get fucked by a man. Hanabi moved down with the tip of Neji’s cock at her pussy lips. Hinata pushed it in sending waves of pleasure through both Neji and Hanabi’s bodies.

Neji was now fucking the younger sister of the head of the Hyuga clan Hanabi. He laid there as Hanabi bounced up and down his cock with her hands pressing into his chest. He moved his hands onto her breasts for extra support. Both breathing heavily as they fucked.

Hinata moved away from Hanabi and Neji’s cock and up to Neji’s face. Instead of kissing it she wanted him to lick her pussy. She moved her legs over his head. Neji moved his hand down from Hanabi and held onto Hinata as he moved his tongue to her clit. He licked and sucked on the wet clit making Hinata go crazy. Her pussy juices were flowing down into his mouth as she was having an orgasm after orgasm. Both sisters were screaming as they met face to face they kissed holding each other for support. Hanabi fucking Neji’s cock and Hinata fucking his face. Both of their pussies were extremely wet and dripping.

Neji felt the tightness come back now and he shoved his cock deeper and faster into Hanabi’s pussy. “Oh Fuck! Fuck Me! Fuck!” Neji screamed as his shot of cum went into Hanabi’s body.

Hanabi stopped out of breath after that extensive fuck. It was her first cock of hopefully many. She got off his cock and lay on the bed besides the other two. Hinata moved her body off of Neji so Neji could get up. Neji grabbed Hinata’s ass and positioned his cock into her pussy lips. Hanabi moved her legs in front of Hinata’s face. Hinata immediately took the hint and started eating Hanabi’s pussy that had her sister’s juices and Neji’s.

Hanabi held Hinata’s head tightly between her legs as she screamed “Fuck Yes! Eat me Sis! Fuck!”

Neji fucking Hinata doggy-style smacked her ass repeatedly making it nice and red “Fucking Head! You two are fucking Hyuga sluts!”

“You like that we are sluts” Hanabi replied.

“Yeah, you are fucking dirty sluts! You’re fucking sisters I’ve fucked both of you!” Neji pounded his cock into Hinata. He was feeling another wave of cum ready to spurt its load and he was going to make sure it went deep into Hinata’s pussy just like he did to her sister. “Oh fuck here I come again!” After shooting his load he pulls out hearing a noise he grabs his clothes and heads out the door of Hanabi’s room making sure no one sees him.

Hinata continues eating her sister out not noticing the next figure to enter the room. Hanabi on the other hand stares directly in to her biggest fear a figure that could easily kill them both swiftly and with no remorse even if they are his daughters. Hanabi tries to pull Hinata away from her pussy, but to no avail. Hinata was glued on to her pussy eating it like no tomorrow.

Their father stared in disbelief that both of his daughters were both sexual for each other. He saw Neji leave, but also knew Neji was just around the corner unsure what to do next. He knew he’d have to take care of him later, but now his daughters were the world to him. He was aware of the laws the dictate the Hyuga clan. He practically wrote them. To see his daughters in the way they are now he was speechless. He didn’t want to kill them nor did he want to punish them. This wasn’t some jutsu practice this was pure love for each other. He didn’t move as his youngest daughter stared terrified by him and his oldest daughter ignoring him eating out her sister’s pussy. He felt a something below ache that only aches when he with his wife. He moved his hand into his pants. Hanabi gasped with every inch he moved. He felt his cock ache. He wasn’t sure if he should or not. He knew it was forbidden, but his body ignored all laws.

He removed his pants showing his erect cock to his youngest daughter. She was still frightened as he moved closer to them both. He stood behind Hinata where only a few minutes ago Neji was fucking her. He stared at her wet pussy lips as they stared at him. His desire to fuck was overpowering his laws that dictated the Hyuga clan. He moved his cock at the lips of Hinata’s pussy. Hanabi stared petrified as she was witnessing her father fuck her sister.

He couldn’t move as he stared into Hanabi’s eyes, but not for very long as Hinata moved backward where his cock was. His cock moved into his daughter’s pussy and he knew there was no turning back. He fucked her pussy drilling it in and out of her pussy. Grabbing her body and driving it in further and faster. Hanabi no longer stared at him and was distracted by Hinata who was making her come again.

Hanabi was having an orgasm in front of her by her sister while her father fucked Hinata. She knew she wasn’t going to die now and simply let the moment go as she enjoyed the pleasure.

Hinata felt a cock pushing in her but knew it couldn’t be Neji’s it felt slightly bigger. Her walls were stretched further than they have ever been. She stopped eating her sister’s pussy and took a look. She was about to faint as she saw her father fucking her. Before she could say anything Hanabi forced her back to eating her delicious pussy. Hinata’s mind was blown away. It felt strange her father was fucking her, but it also felt right. If there was one guy that ought to fuck her it was her father. She now wondered what happened to Neji was he in the room or did he leave by her father’s presences?

Neji after leaving the sisters hid in the alley waiting to see what would happen. He heard no anger and was curious as to what was happening to the sisters. He used his byakugan to witness something that he never would have dreamt. Hinata was getting fucked by her father. Neji figured it was safe to go back to the sisters if the father was fucking them he probably knew about Neji. Neji walked back to see the scene hadn’t changed. Hanabi was getting her pussy eaten by her sister while her sister was getting fucked by their father. Neji walked around the room until he got to Hanabi. Hanabi saw him walk around to her and the moment he was over to her she grabbed his cock and sucked it.

The father of Hinata and Hanabi stared in disbelief that his youngest was sucking a cock like a pro. He wanted to kill Neji, but was trapped fucking Hinata. He was left with one choice and that was to keep fucking his daughter, while his other daughter gave Neji a blowjob. He felt tightness below and knew he was going to blow. He didn’t want to shoot into his daughter’s pussy. He quickly popped it out.
Hinata the moment her father took his cock out of her stopped and turned around “Please daddy fuck me! I’m all horny tonight!”

He was shocked that she knew it was him. What could he do Hanabi was still blowing off Neji and Hinata was in front of him as naked as she was born. He shoved his cock once more into her pussy no longer caring where his cum went. He drove his cock in her as he saw her moan enjoying the sensation he was giving her. Hinata stood up and hugged him while his cock was still in her pussy. He held onto her as he locked lips with her not as father and daughter but lovers.

Neji couldn’t deal with it and Hanabi didn’t want to be left out. Hanabi took his cock out of her mouth and with no questions asked Neji moved onto the bed and fucked her raw pussy. She moaned softly then he kissed her on the lips not letting go.

Hinata and her father moved onto the bed next to Hanabi and Neji all fucking each other. All four knowing this was a special night and a night that would change their beliefs.

All four of them were unaware of a fifth person lurking in the area writing down information in the shadows of the roof above them. Then they vanished into the night ready for the next sexual act in the leaf village.


Next week: Karin's Release

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