A flash of light is sometimes a warning for a brain tumor. It can be followed by acute mental abilities. In my case it wasn’t a tumor. I spent the day in a special summer seminar the school sponsored. It was about lots of ideas and theories the leading scientists were working on.

Like Einstein’s wormhole theories or artificial gravity or matter transmission. There was also things like a perpetual battery or cold fusion and room temperature super conductors or molecular processors. On the biological side was ideas and theories about regeneration or nanites.

I was sitting on our back fence day dreaming of using the things they had talked about to make flying cars or suits of armor like Ironman. The construction crew working on the building behind me was setting explosive charges to tear the building down. I don’t know what caused the accident that set a charge off.

I was slammed off the fence before I even heard the explosion. The piece of rebar was speared into my head but I didn’t feel it. I was inside a bright light, only it just went on and on. The things I had been thinking about seemed to float in my mind and I finally concentrated on one. The answer almost jumped out at me and I looked at another.

No one was home and my parents wouldn’t be back until tomorrow night. Dust swirled around me in tiny tornadoes as the flash of light and my experience continued. I was lucky because the tiny bit of bleeding seeped out. It wasn’t cold over the night but to me it was like time didn’t exist and just went on and on.

It was noon the next day before a neighbor looked over the fence to watch the now large dust devils around me. Several hours later it finally went dark as the doctors induced a coma. The dreams came then but they were strangely like the answers to the theories and ideas I had solved. I woke a week later to a nurse singing softly as she came in to check on me.

She saw my eyes open and smiled, “hi sweetie.”

She checked me and I cleared my throat, “can I have water?”

I spent the night talking to her and writing on a pad of paper she gave me. Over the next couple of days I wrote a lot before I was finally allowed to go home. My dad was a fabricator and my mother a research doctor. They had shaved my head so I didn’t want to go to summer school but mom was having none of that.

When school got out I was surprised when a girl I knew appeared to walk beside me with her girlfriend. I glanced at Kim when she smiled and slipped her arm through mine, “you okay?”

I nodded and blushed, “yeah, the doctor said I was lucky.”

Her friend Megan grinned around her, “now you can use the excuse that you have a hole in your head.”

Kim hit her but grinned as I snorted. I finally smiled, “don’t make me laugh, that hurts.”

Kim squeezed my arm, “so what happened?”

I shrugged, “A piece of rebar hit me...”

She bumped me, “Not that, what happened after? Did you see anything or was it just dark?”

We were almost to my house and I bit my lip, “promise not to laugh?”

They nodded and I stopped at my front walk, “it was like I was inside a big flash of light.”

I looked at them before continuing, “I was thinking of those science theories and they sort of helped me.”

I looked at the empty house, “I think I solved them.”

Kim turned me, “which one?”

I grinned, “well I was day dreaming and... I think all of them.”

They looked at each other and Kim grinned, “can we see?”

I led the way to the front door and led them in. I set my school bag down and went to my desk. I was nervous about having two girls in my room. I handed the first pad I had started putting into my computer, “this is the perpetual battery.”

I was a little surprised they almost understood what I had put down. Kim finally looked at me, “but can you actually build it?”

I had been thinking about that and nodded, “I think so.”

They looked at each other and Kim turned me and sat on my lap, “want a couple of assistants?”

I looked at her and she wiggled, “we’ll work nude and fuck you.”

I looked at her and then at Megan, “seriously?”

Kim nodded as Megan grinned and started stripping. I watched her until she was naked and looked at Kim as she stood, “my turn.”

I watched her undress and grinned as Megan sat in my lap and wiggled, “why?”

She looked at Kim as she reached out to caress my face, “because of what happened. You were almost killed and we were to afraid to tell you how we felt.”

I looked at them, “how you felt?”

Kim grinned as she pulled Megan up and they both pulled me to the bed. They stripped me and pushed me onto the bed before laying on each side of me. Kim rubbed my chest and Megan started rubbing against me, “we have watched you since sixth grade, you’re cute and smart and we like you.”

Kim was nodding, “yeah, we want to be your girlfriends.”

I looked back and forth, “Both of you?”

They smiled and nodded before Kim kissed me on the lips. It felt nothing like the kiss my mother gave me. I groaned when she pulled back and Megan kissed me. I shivered and Kim straddled me, “we broke our cherry.”

I looked at her as she lifted and Megan reached between us to position my cock. Kim wiggled and pushed and suddenly my cock was in her warm, very tight velvety pussy. She groaned and shuddered before grinning at Megan and then at me. She started rocking back and forth, pulling my cock almost out of her before rocking back and down to push into her.

I shuddered as my cock hit her cervix and she spasmed and jerked, “aaaahhhh!”

She twisted and squirmed and thrust back and forth and continued to shudder. I held her when she laid on me and kept squirming. I groaned as her warm, velvety pussy rippled and kept squeezing my cock. I thrust up and she jerked as her pussy tightened. I kept lifting my hips and thrusting into her and Kim jerked each time.

I finally grunted and held her tight as I started gushing cum into a girl for the first time. She wailed as she convulsed while her wonderful pussy clenched around my cock. When I stopped cumming we were both breathing hard. My head was hurting a little as Kim shuddered and lifted her hips.

She moved off me after giving me a quick kiss. Megan was rubbing her pussy and giggled, “his cock is still hard.”

She straddled me and sat up to guide my cock to her pussy before slowly impaling herself. I shuddered as her tight pussy began squeezing before my cock was completely in her. She groaned and looked at Kim, “my pussy feels really full.”

Kim grinned, “fuck him.”

Megan grinned back and started rocking with a rolling twist and shuddered hard a couple of minutes later. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy rippled and she wet me and then wailed as she began to convulse, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

Her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock as she began to get erratic. She was panting and shuddering as she moaned and slowly stiffened. A few moments later she spasmed as her pussy clenched and she wet me again, “aaaahhhh!”

I held her waist as she swayed and twisted while her tight pussy milked my cock. She continued to orgasm for another few minutes until I shuddered and grunted. My balls were churning and my cock was throbbing. Megan shuddered hard and spread her knees as she looked at me and I began to pump a fountain of cum up into her.

She jerked as each one gushed into her and her warm pussy gripped my cock tight while I continued to fill her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and laid on me, “I could get used to that.”

Kim laughed and pulled her off, “let him up and lets see if he can draw our first design to work on.”

I smiled and moved to the edge of the bed beside Kim and rubbed one of her pink nipples. I stood and moved to the desk with my head throbbing slightly. I thought for a minute and grinned as I reached for the phone, “mom and dad are suing the building owners and the demo company.”

I called dad, “dad?”

“Are you alright?”

I smiled, “Yeah. I was thinking of building some stuff. Can I use your old shop?”

“Nothing is there.”

I looked at the girls, “Right now I just need space.”

“Alright Devlin.”

I hung up and grinned at Kim and Megan, “now we have a lab.”

I looked at my computer before waking it up. The actual design for the battery was simple but I talked as I used an auto cad program, “first we build the battery to supply power for everything else. It should be big enough to supply enough power which means about a petawatt per hour. For that much power it will be about the size of a small trunk.”

I glanced at Kim and Megan, “I’ll order the material but we need to sweep and clean the shop.”

They nodded and I reached out to finger Megan’s leaking pussy before turning back to the computer as she moaned and shuddered. I finally printed out the plans after ordering the chemicals and materials we needed and turned to the girls, “want to help me take my welder and tools down to the shop?”

After we were dressed I led the girls into the garage and started collecting what I would need. I kept having to stop because of the blood pounding in my head and Kim finally pushed me onto a stool, “tell us what you need.”

I had them load everything into a shop cart my father had and then we were walking down the street. The old shop was only a couple of blocks away in a large fenced lot. I used the spare key to unlock a bay door and we pulled the cart in. There was only a couple of lights working so we opened the doors and started sweeping. Well, Kim and Megan did.

We cleaned the shop office and the bathroom and shower before it started to get dark. Kim and Megan let me walk them home and gave me a kiss before going in. All I could think of was the girls when I went to bed. School seemed bright as both Kim and Megan kissed me each time we met between classes.

After school I waited and they held my hands as we walked to the shop. I unlocked the small door and they helped me pull the large boxes that had been delivery in. There was also sheets of metal I had to move to the area I was going to use. Kim closed the big shop door as I did that and I turned a few minutes later to see her and Megan naked.

I stared and Megan grinned before walking to me and pressing against me, “need something before we start?”

I caressed her hips and slipped my hands down to her butt, “yeah.”

Kim laughed, “use the desk in the office.”

I looked at her and then grinned, “look in the boxes for the circuit breaker boxes. You can set them aside and then come help her.”

Megan started pulling me while Kim grinned. I lifted Megan and sat her on the desk before laying her back and kneeling. I pushed her legs open and leaned in to lick through her pussy and she shivered as she lifted her hips. I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her before teasing her clit.

I sucked and nibbled before going back to licking her and tongue fucking her pussy. It was several minutes before I stood as Megan panted and pushed my pants down and off over my shoes. I moved closer and slowly pushed into her warm pussy and started to fuck her. I went slow at first and gradually my cock hit and started to push into her cervix.

It was several minutes before Kim was pressed against me as Megan lifted her legs and wailed, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

Her pussy rippled and kept squeezing my cock as I fucked her a little harder and faster. She twisted and turned as her warm pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock. I buried my cock to hump, grind, press and jab. A few minutes later Megan howled as her pussy clenched around my cock and she squirted.

I finally grunted and thrust into her and held her hips as my cock erupted and I peed a gushing stream of cum. Megan lifted and tilted her hips as I pumped and spewed sperm into her and Kim bent to kiss her. When I stopped cumming she was panting and shuddering. I pulled out and bent to kiss her before turning to Kim.

She grinned at me and spread her legs as she lay on Megan. I moved behind her and felt her warm slit before pushing my slimy cock into her. I held her and began to fuck her slowly as she kept kissing Megan. Her pussy squeezed my cock constantly and she began to spasm. It was several minutes before my cock pushed deeper.

Kim wailed and jerked as I continued to fuck her but a little harder. She convulsed as her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

It was another ten minutes before I buried my cock and pushed. Kim was incoherent as Megan held her and I began to gush warm cum into her. I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was finished and slowly pulled out. She shuddered and looked back with a grin, “feel better?”

I grinned, “Yeah.”

I spent the afternoon telling the girls what to do as I cut sheets of metal and welding them together. I fucked Megan and Kim once more before they got dressed and I walked them home. After I went home I took my computer apart and took it to the shop before going back home. That was the pattern for the next two days.

Friday was different, I had finished the huge inverter and installed the circuit box. The building owner and the demo company settled out of court with my parents and they had deposited it in my account. I ordered what we needed for the next project yesterday and double checked everything before plugging the battery in.

The lights brightened as the meter between the two circuit boxes began spinning backwards. I looked at the temperature gauge before grinning at Kim and Megan, “it worked.”

Kim grinned and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the office. The large airbed I had ordered was inflated with sheets and a blanket already on it. I pushed Kim onto the bed and stalked after her, “are we spending the night?”

They laughed as I leaned down and licked through Kim’s pussy. She shuddered and lifted her hips as I latched onto her clit and sucked and teased it. I pushed my tongue into her and moved over as Megan crowded next to me. I grinned and turned my head to kiss her, after that we took turns licking Kim and teasing her clit.

When she screamed and spasmed I lifted up and moved up her body as Megan held my cock. She guided it and I pushed into Kim’s tight pussy before I began to fuck her slowly. It was a minute before she started howling as she jerked and thrust up. I fucked her nice and deep, planting my cock each time.

We had been eager to finish the project so this was my first time today. I buried my cock to hump, jab and grind and she started convulsing. The girls took turns each day being first so they could get that first huge load of cum. Kim lifted and spread her legs as she felt my cock throb and clung to me.

I fucked her with several long, firm thrusts before shoving into her and pressing as I spewed a torrent of cum. She jerked and shuddered hard when she felt the warm sperm gush into her, “YES!”

I pumped strong spurts until I was done and she spasmed with each one as her pussy milked the cum into her. When I stopped she sighed and hugged me before I slowly pulled out and rolled onto my back. Megan giggled as she straddled me and lay on me to rub her naked body against mine.

I grinned and held her and rubbed her butt. Kim laughed as she turned on her side and gave her butt a swat, “fuck him.”

Megan laughed before sitting up and lifting. I held my cock up and she positioned her pussy before wiggling and pushing down to impale herself. She started thrusting back and forth as she leaned on me. I cupped her breasts and kept feeling her. Kim giggled, “he loves feeling our tits.”

I grinned and rubbed Megan’s nipples, “I like how they feel.”

They giggled as I thrust up and shuddered and Megan grunted and started rocking, “okay buster, I’m going to fuck you hard.”

She was lifting up and leaning forward before moving back and slamming down on my cock to shove it into her and against her cervix. She rubbed her pussy back and forth on me as my cock pressed firmly against her cervix. It wasn’t long before she was erratic and jerking as her pussy spasmed and squeezed.

She wailed and howled a moment later and screamed when my thick cock pushed her cervix open, “DEVLIN!”

I pulled her down and rolled before I started fucking her with slow, deep thrusts. She lifted her legs into the air, “FUCK ME!”

She kept shuddering and spasming as she clutched me and thrust her hips up for my cock. I began to fuck her with firm thrusts as Kim moved closer and started rubbing my back as she murmured, “sperm her.”

It was still several minutes before I thrust into Megan as her body stiffened. She lifted her hips as my cock throbbed and she screamed when warm cum erupted against and through her cervix, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I spurted and spewed and pumped cum against and into her cervix until I was done. I kissed her and slowly pulled out to lay beside her. I grinned when Kim kissed Megan and moved off the bed, “I need to start on the computer board for the matter transmitter.”

They grinned and followed me as I went to the single desk and printed the board I needed to start with. It took several weeks to make the solid cabinets and put the boards in. After that I had to make a few special parts and then add the programing. One month after we started I was ready to try it. Summer school was finally over and we had a couple of weeks off.

I was up early and working in the shop. Kim and Megan hadn’t gotten here as I placed the raw materiel on pad one. I carefully looked at the plans I had put into the transmitter and pushed the lever up. The two pads glowed and seemed to haze before the haze faded and another transmitter was on pad two.

I grinned as I went to move it and the left over bits of bricks on pad one. I moved the next pile of material onto pad one and brought up the plans for a micro super computer. After that it was a few batteries but sealed and then a few things to surprise Megan and Kim. Finally I moved the larger pile onto the pad and brought up the plans before activating the transmitter.

The vehicle that appeared was sleek and unlike anything not in a work of fiction. I moved the leftovers and turned to grin at Megan and Kim when they walked in. They stopped and grinned before running to look at the vehicle. I went to open the shop main door before walking back, “ready for a test ride?”

They laughed as they stripped and climbed in. I got in and touched a small pad, “computer I am Devlin Edwards your driver.”

“Scanning your print and recording your voice.”

I grinned at the girls, “list Kim Adams and Megan George as additional drivers.”


I touched a button that brought the car fully online and moved a lever to rise it a meter above the ground. I pushed the accelerator forward gently and we moved out of the shop before I turned onto the street and started going faster. Kim cleared her throat, “there isn’t any safety belts.”

I grinned, “each seat is equipped with a micro compensator gravity devise that works much better than a safety belt.”

I glanced at a cop we were passing and frowned before shaking my head and lifting the vehicle straight up several hundred meters as it started following us. Megan laughed, “escaping?”

I grinned as I accelerated and headed towards the sky, “before they give me a ticket.”

A screen had flicked on when we went above a hundred meters and I watched as we rose to over sixty thousand feet. I checked the pressure and oxygen level before turning and headed down at well over two thousand knots. I grinned as I watched the readouts, “she is operating perfectly.”

I turned and headed back to the city as I slowed and dropped lower until I was a couple of meters above a highway. I glanced up as fighter jets flashed by over us and lowered the vehicle more and slowed. I was careful as I drove back to the shop and pulled in. I settled the vehicle to the ground before shutting down and opening the doors.

I glanced at the girls as I went to close the shop doors, “you girls were late this morning.”

Kim frowned, “my parents wanted to talk to me. They knew we have been having sex.”

I looked at Megan and she grinned, “mine don’t care as long as I take birth control.”

I headed towards the office as I looked at Kim again, “what are your parents going to do?”

She grinned as she ran to catch me, “nothing now.”

I sat at my computer as the girls sat on the bed and began searching for the wireless signal to the super computer I had created. After that I was transferring files and finally stood to undress, “phase two is complete.”

They grinned as Megan wiggled back on the bed and I moved towards them and climbed on. I lay between her legs and started licking through her pussy. She shuddered and humped into my face as Kim leaned over to suck on her nipples. I teased her clit and sucked as she moaned and thrust up harder. It was a few minutes before she jerked and twisted away, “ooohhhh!”

Kim laughed as I moved up and gave Megan a kiss before pushing into her pussy. I started fucking her and she hugged me as her pussy squeezed. It wasn’t long before she began to shudder and hump while her pussy spasmed and grasped at my cock. I buried it all the way inside her and just humped and jabbed while her warm pussy clenched.

When I pulled back to fuck her, she arched her back and began thrashing around, “Fuck me!”

I grinned as I fucked her hard and deep while she bucked and clutched me. Kim giggled and rubbed her bare breasts on me, “sperm her really deep.”

It was several minutes before I thrust into her and grunted as my cock gushed and I began pumping thick ropes of cum through her cervix. Megan screamed as she spread her legs wider, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I shuddered and jerked as I poured sperm into her and then sighed when I was done. Megan was panting when I kissed her and pulled out. I laid beside her and caressed her pelvis, “ready for instructions on phase three?”

Kim grinned, “how long before you fill my pussy?”

I reached over Megan as she snickered and rubbed Kim’s clit. She shuddered and spread her legs as I slipped my finger into her, “Want it now before we start working?”

She groaned and grabbed my arm, “yes.”

I moved over Megan as Kim rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs. I pushed into her from behind and started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She kept her hips tilted and began pushing back. She felt hot and her pussy was grasping and clenching around my cock from the moment I pushed into her.

Every couple of minutes I buried my cock just to enjoy her pussy around it. Megan knelt beside me and absently rubbed her friends asshole, “what is phase three?”

Kim spread her knees and pushed back to get me moving again and I grinned as I started fucking her, “creating and moving to a less accessible lab.”

Kim jerked and shuddered hard as she pushed back, “ooohhh!”

Megan kissed me, “hard and deep.”

I grinned as I fucked her friend like she said and she began kicking the bed. She twisted and spasmed while her pussy tried to grasp my cock. She wailed and howled as I kept fucking her before thrusting in many minutes later and spurting cum. She jerked and gasped, “YES!”

She shuddered and jerked with each spurt of warm cum and sighed when I slowly pulled out. Megan pulled me off the bed, “how and where are we moving the lab to?”

I grinned and gave a nipple a tug, “you rode in the car. I was thinking straight up a few hundred miles.”

She blinked, “in space?”

I nodded and stood before moving to my desk. I started dressing before looking at the girls, “first we need a platform to move the batteries and transmitter and the super computer. I was thinking of using the decommissioned ship yard for the basic material and starting with an anti grav platform to build the bio dome on.”

By the time school started the twenty kilometer bio dome was in orbit five hundred miles above the earth. It took the military another few months to track us and by then I had the dome up and running with everything I needed. The girls live with me now as the horizons for man spread out from the planet. Of course they produced the ultimate creation when they had my babies.
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