When our parents died Jen and I were left alone, I was sixteen and she was eighteen. She could have left me with child services but she didn’t. She became my guardian and took it seriously too. If I was late getting home from school she would call my cell and chew me out. Of course I was also doing a lot more around the house since dad was gone.

It was late June when I came home from school and Jen wasn’t there. I grinned and called her to chew her out but it went to voice mail. When she wasn’t home by the time it was dark I tried calling the police but they told me I had to wait twenty four hours. I stayed up all night and she didn’t return and I finally got the police to file a report in the morning.

She was missing for a week when I remembered something. Our parents had added a feature to our phones just in case and they could be tracked. I told the police and they found the GPS for Jen’s right away. Two hours later I was called to go to the hospital and I was frantic as I remembered the last time when our parents had died.

Jen was in a bed with a doctor and a police woman when I arrived. The police woman pulled me out before I could see my sister. She sat me down and I knew whatever had happened would be bad. My sister had been kidnaped and raped repeatedly by a man they had caught. Officer Dunn was very sympathetic when she told me Jen’s experience had caused her to revert to a child.

I was able to take her home later but it was as if she were a young girl and not an adult. I washed her and put her in a pair of my flannel pajamas. I held her all night as I tried to think what to do. I called the lawyer that had helped us with our parents will and he started paperwork. While he was doing that I got the news about Mr Harris.

He was the man that had kidnaped my sister and was walking away free. I left Jen with a neighbor and headed to the court building. I was just in time to see him walking out with bodyguards and press all around him. When I stopped in front of him he didn’t even blink as a bodyguard reached for me.

He screamed when I snapped his reaching fingers. I glared at Harris, “you raped my sister.”

He grinned, “since they dismissed the case for lack of evidence I’ll tell you she was a good fuck.”

I was tempted to attack him but held myself back, “so you admit you raped her.”

He started around me, “since there is nothing you can do, yeah.”

I watched him leave and looked at the reporters that shook their heads. It seems the evidence the police collected was contaminated and the arresting officer didn’t read him his rights and... He walked away clean. The officer that came out to file the report for me attacking the bodyguard backed away when I told him that I had video evidence that he had attacked me.

I returned home and fumed for days as I tried to think what I could do. I was taking care of my sister as if she were a little girl of five or younger. The court finally declared me an adult and I had myself made Jen’s guardian. It was a month after I saw Harris that I had an idea. I had a friend and he did some checking and I contacted the lawyer again.

First I filed a law suit against the officer and the police department and presented two things before it went to court. The police officer’s bank record showing a five million dollar deposit after Mr Harris was released. The second thing was the inside cruiser surveillance tape showing the officer tampering with evidence.

The city settled out of court and the officer was fired. The next thing I did was file a suit against Mr Harris. The first meeting was with his lawyer who smiled a lot and acted as if we didn’t have anything. I had an ace in the hole and was waiting to play it. The lawyer started by saying we couldn’t take it to court because his client had already faced the charges.

My lawyer had grinned and reminded him this was civil and not criminal. They argued a little before I stood, “tell Mr Harris I will see him in court. Beside the officers that caught him there is the little matter of his admission in front of reporters that he raped my sister.”

The reporter snorted as if that wouldn’t matter and I leaned on the table, “and there is the little matter of his DNA.”

The lawyer grinned as if he had me and stood, “if that is all we can dismiss this now. The DNA was contaminated.”

I nodded, “the DNA collected by the officer your client paid was.”

I straightened, “there is still the DNA from the baby my sister is carrying.”

The lawyer blinked as I turned, “tell that asshole it is going to cost him.”

I thought it would but less then a day later his lawyer settled. I thought it was over and still felt frustrated until I was leaving the room with the check. The lawyer mentioned he would see my lawyer after the baby was born. It turned out the son of a bitch was going to try getting custody of my sister’s baby. I paid my lawyer and invest most of the money.

We still had a month of summer when I began doing a little investigation of Mr Harris. He had been married three times and had twin thirteen year old daughters he seemed to adore. His wife seemed a little cold and there were rumors she might be divorcing him. I managed a quiet look over his estate using a model plane with a video camera.

I made several preparations before I was ready. I picked the lock on the back gate of the estate and walked calmly across to the back patio. I used a thin knife blade to open the door and headed towards the back. I used a rag with chloroform and let Mr Harris breath it in and then his wife who look bruised.

I pulled a thin syringe and injected Harris with a diluted sleeping pill I had gotten for my sister. I carried him out and to the waiting rental van. I went back to the house and into one of his daughters room. I used the chloroform and gave her a shot like her father and carried her out. I went back for the other daughter and brought her to the van.

I went back to close the back door and then the gate before driving away. I had worn gloves and larger shoes with covers so I hadn’t left any prints. When I got to the abandoned ranch I carried Harris into the barn. I stripped him and locked him into the cage I had made. I stripped the girls, checked and broke their hymens.

I carried them into the house and set them in a bedroom. The windows had been boarded up and I locked the door. I checked on my sleeping sister before leaving to return the rental and driving back. It was morning with the sun just up when I parked. The house and barn couldn’t be seen from the road and the nearest neighbor was almost two miles away.

I got my sister up and fed her before going to check on the two girls. I opened the door to see them on one bed holding each other. I nodded and stepped in before closing the door, “I’m sorry for doing this.”

They didn’t speak as I leaned against the door, “your father... your father raped my sister. He paid a cop to contaminate the evidence and got off. He thought nothing of trying to just pay us off. My sister... Jen was kept for a week and now she...”

I looked down, “she is like a child. Your father stole her mind and now that he knows she is pregnant he was planning to take her baby.”

They looked at each other and seemed to nod to each other. One sat up, “I’m Sarah. What are you going to do to us?”

I looked at her, “your father adores you. I am going to... fuck you and make him watch. I will keep doing it for a week or two until you crave it. I have machines to fuck you while he watches.”

They looked at each other again and the other one grinned and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, “just fuck us?”

I nodded, “like cheap whores.”

She grinned as her sister giggled, “and you will let us go?”

I shrugged, “I might keep you for awhile...”

They looked at each other and Sarah joined her sister on the edge of the bed, “and keep fucking us like whores?”

I nodded and they looked at each other before laughing and looking at me, “deal.”

It was said together and I nodded and opened the door, “I’ll bring breakfast.”

I found Jen in the front room coloring and watched before going into the kitchen. I cleaned up after her and then made a couple of bowls of cereal for Sarah and her sister. I put the bowls on a tray and hesitated before pulling a large bottle of lube out of the case I had bought. I was careful when I opened the door but they were still sitting on the bed.

I turned to set the tray on the night stand bolted to the wall beside the door and looked at them as I closed the door and stepped back. Sarah stood and crossed to take the bowl and spoon and then her sister. She smiled at me, “I’m Elizabeth but you can call me Liz.”

I watched as they ate and gestured to the lube when they brought the bowls and spoons back to the tray, “the lube will help. Make sure you take it with you when I take you out.”

They nodded and I took the tray and left. I checked on Jen before going to the barn. Harris was awake and started threatening as soon as he saw me. I watched him for a couple of minutes before getting the cattle prod and walking to the cage. I jabbed into him and moved around to jab and shock his ass. I grabbed a bucket of water and tossed it on him.

I backed off, “let see how you like it when the tables are turned. I have both your daughters and you are going to watch as I breed them and turn them into whores.”

He glared as I turned and put the prod away and left. I looked at the two girls when I opened the door, “who is first?”

Sarah grinned as she stood, “me.”

I looked at her sister before gesturing to the night stand, “don’t forget the lube.”

I closed and locked the door behind her and led her after me and paused when I saw Jen singing as she colored. I glanced at Sarah and saw her looking at my sister. I touched her arm and led her out, we were walking across to the barn when she spoke, “that was your sister?”

I nodded and she touched my arm, “I’m sorry.”

I looked at her before opening the door and pulling her into the barn. I pulled her to a chair that was suspended from a beam with two leg slings that would keep her legs spread. I turned and lifted her into the chair as she blushed. Harris was yelling and making threats as I put her legs into the slings and put straps around her arms, waist and chest.

I moved so her father could see her pussy and started fingering her. He cursed me and threatened as I kept fingering his daughter and she started humping and wiggling. I rolled a metal cart closer and picked up a vibrator as she panted and switched it on. I poured lube on her pussy and the vibrator before rubbing it through her slit.

I kept doing it as she began to shudder and jerk. Several minutes later she wailed and bucked and I looked at Harris as I began pushing the vibrator in and out. Sarah convulsed as she howled and squirted while I picked up another vibrator and rubbed her clit. I was fucking her with the first one and she continued to spasm and get wetter.

I pulled the vibrator out and turned both off as I opened my pants. I looked at Harris as he yelled and promised me anything to stop. I moved between his daughter’s legs and pushed into her before I started to fuck her hard and deep. She jerked shuddered as her slippery pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I continued to fuck her and she looked into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back and a few minutes later she screamed and bucked as I planted my cock and began pumping huge gushing streams of cum. She jerked and shook, “YES!”

When I was done I pulled out so he would see cum leaking out of his daughter. He didn’t say anything as I pulled up my pants and moved a machine between her legs. I poured lube on the dildo and moved it until it slid into Sarah. I switched the machine on and watched as it began to fuck her slowly and she shuddered and humped.

I used her for two hours before stopping and helping her off the chair. Harris was just glaring by then as I led her away. As we were walking across to the house Sarah giggled, “and I thought I knew how to masturbate.”

I looked at her and reached down to rub her butt, “you have a few hours to rest before going back.”

She grinned as we walked into the kitchen, “I’m looking forward to it.”

I locked her in the room with her sister before checking on Jen. I carried the plastic box full of toys out into the fenced backyard and led her out, “don’t leave the yard.”

She shook her head and smiled, “can I be naked like the other girl?”

I blinked and shrugged, “sure.”

I watched her undress before moving to her toys and then went back to unlock the bedroom door. The girls were giggling together and Liz stood, “my turn?”

I nodded and let her out before locking the door, “after we finish I’ll make lunch and you and your sister can get some air in the backyard.”

I led her through the house and out the kitchen door. I stopped to see my sister playing happily before leading Liz across to the barn. Like Sarah I strapped her into the chair with her legs spread in the slings. Harris only glared as he watched me fingering her pussy. She shifted and moaned and then began lifting her hips.

I reached for the vibrators and it wasn’t long before she was spasming and wailing while jerking. Harris was gripping the bars and cursing as I fucked his daughter with a vibrator and rubbed her clit. I pulled them out and moved between her legs after setting them on the cart. I pushed into her slippery pussy with one long stroke.

I began to fuck her with deep thrusts as she went back to howling and bucking. Her tight pussy was grasping my cock repeatedly as she humped and thrust up. I fucked her steadily and enjoyed her pussy as it milked my cock. I finally shoved into her and began gushing cum and looked up to see Jen standing in the doorway watching.

I shuddered and pulled out before turning to pull the machine into place and pushing it into Liz. I started it on slow and then went to my sister as Liz began shuddering and humping again, “Jen?”

She looked from Liz to me as she clutched a doll, “you hurt her.”

I knew better than to touch her, “no. Liz likes doing it.”

She licked her lips before looking at me and I held out my hand, “come see.”

I looked at Harris and he was still staring at his daughter. When Jen put her trembling hand in mine I led her across to Liz. I reached out to rub Liz’s inner thigh, “hey Liz are you enjoying it?”

She was jerking and humping and looked at me as she nodded, “sssoooo... ggggooooodddd.”

Jen smiled and reached out to touch the dildo pumping in and up, “slippery.”

I nodded and turned her and walked her back to the door, “see Liz likes it.”

She kept looking over her shoulder, “can I try?”

I looked at her and thought furiously, “you have to wait until tomorrow. Its going to be a pony ride tomorrow.”

I pushed her towards the house, “go back to the yard and I will be over in a little while.”

She nodded and started walking, “I like ponies.”

I watched until she was in the yard before turning and walking to Liz. She was howling as the machine fucked her and I slipped a finger into her ass. My finger slid in and she wailed as I fucked her ass with my finger while the thick dildo fucked her slimy pussy. I looked at Harris and smiled, “a few days and they will beg me to fuck either hole.”

He cursed as I turned and pulled my finger out. I stopped the machine and pulled it back before releasing Liz from the chair. I stopped on the way back to pull my sister into the house and then bring Sarah out. I sat them at the table and started to make lunch and turned when Jen asked Liz if she had fun. Liz grinned as she looked at me, “we had lots of fun.”

Jen smiled as she played with her doll, “William said I can try tomorrow on the pony.”

The girls looked at me and Sarah cleared her throat, “Pony?”

I smiled, “a cushioned bench you have to straddle. The machine will be behind you and I will... fuck you like that too.”

They grinned and Liz touched Jen’s hand, “the pony sounds fun.”

I brought lunch to the table and watched them eat and whisper to Jen and giggle. I also saw them reaching between their legs to touch or finger their pussies. After they ate I led them out with Jen following and stood watching as they played with her in the yard. It was an hour before I led the girls in and locked Liz in the room.

I led Sarah back to the barn and saw Harris move away from the bars as I secured her in the chair again. I crossed to look at the bars before smiling as I walked to the wall and flipped a switch. I went back to his daughter and rubbed her slit before I picked up the vibrators. By the time she was howling her father was cursing me.

I slipped a vibrating anal plug into her as she bucked and thrashed and looked at her father before pulling the vibrator out. I moved between her legs and pushed into her and began to fuck her with long strokes. She twisted and jerked and her father screamed as he grabbed the bars and jerked away.

I held Sarah’s waist as I began to fuck her hard and her pussy kept grasping my cock. I continued to fuck her steadily as she wailed and screamed. The anal plug vibrating in her ass had her bucking and jerked and her pussy was tighter as I finally thrust into her and began spurting cum. Sarah yelled and thrust up when she felt the sperm pumping into her.

She looked into my eyes as I watched her and she shuddered and grinned, “I want it in my ass.”

I smiled because she had said it loud. I pulled out of her and removed the plug from her ass. I moved another machine around and between her legs and attached a smaller soft dildo. I moved it closer and pushed it into her ass before moving the other and pushing the dildo into her pussy. I turned the machines on and picked up a vibrator to rub her clit.

It wasn’t long before she was wailing and begging me to do it harder. Her sister was just as bad when I brought her in later. The evening treatment had them howling and grunting. I put them in the bathroom together and watched as they giggled when washing cum and lube out of their pussy.

Jen peeked in, “can I play?”

I shifted as the girls gestured her in and watched as they started playing with her pussy too. I let them continue until Jen shuddered and jerked and then went to shut the water off. I pulled Jen out and dried her while Sarah and Liz dried each other. I locked them in their room and before I had stepped away I heard moaning.

Jen smiled at me when I tucked her into bed, “I like Sarah and Liz.”

I nodded, “I know.”

I bent to kiss her cheek before turning the night light on and the over head off. I went out to check the generator and the gas before walking into the barn. Harris was sitting in the middle of the cage looking at me as I tossed a plastic bag with three baloney sandwiches in with a bottle of water.

He ignored it and I smiled, “I would eat it now. Tomorrow I will wash the cage and it will be gone.”

He glared, “you won’t get away with this.”

I laughed as I turned towards the door, “your two whores are in bed licking each other right now.”

I stopped outside the barn to flip a switch before going to the house and cleaning the vibrators and dildos we had used. I cleaned the house before laying on the couch and turning on the TV to watch the surveillance of Harris. I woke to the beep of my watch and looked at Harris shivering in the cage.

I shut the TV off and went to wake Jen and hesitated before unlocking and opening the other bedroom. I had to wake the two girls that were sleeping in each others arms. I waited in the bathroom doorway as Jen, Sarah and Liz went to the bathroom and then I took them into the kitchen. I made warm oatmeal and watched as they ate.

Jen smiled when she finished and I nodded into the other room, “time to color.”

She wanted Sarah and Liz to play but I took them to the bathroom and gave them enemas. When I took them back to the bedroom Liz kissed her sister, “can I be first?”

Sarah grinned and whispered loud enough for me to hear, “horny slut.”

Her sister laughed as she came back to me and I locked the door. I brought a dog bowl I had poured hot oatmeal into and slipped it into the cage before going to move the chair to one side. I brought the thickly cushioned saw horse I had made and helped Liz straddle it. She wiggled as she put her feet in two stirrups and lifted to look under her pussy mound.

I pushed her down and reached down to flip a switch. She shivered and humped as the thick cushion began to vibrate, “mmmm!”

I stood beside her to feel and rub through her slit as she wiggled and humped. I put lube on a anal plug that vibrated and started pushing against her ass as I fingered her. She moaned louder and the plug slipped into her ass. I turned it on and kept fingering as I looked at her father. He wouldn’t look up as he ate and I pushed my pants down and moved behind Liz.

I pushed into her very tight pussy and fucked her long hard and deep while she wailed and howled. She kept shuddering as I fucked her and begged for more. It took five minutes or so before I buried my cock and gushed cum. Her pussy rippled and milked the cum out of my cock as she yelled, “sperm me!”

I held her hips as I spewed warm cum into her and when I was done I pulled out. I moved two machines into place and added lube to her asshole before slowly pushing a small dildo into it. Liz groaned and wiggled, “more.”

I smiled as I pushed the dildo from the other machine into her leaking pussy. I turned them on before looking at her father staring at her. She wailed and begged to be fucked for over two hours before I shut the machines off and pulled the dildos out. I moved her off the saw horse and she shuddered as I led her towards the door.

I locked her in the room after bringing her sister out. Jen smiled at me, “can I ride the pony now?”

I looked at Sarah and she smiled, “I’ll help bring it out and away from dad.”

I bit my lip before pulling her after me with Jen following. In the barn I moved the saw horse into the tack room with Sarah and my sister. I went to bring one of the machines in and closed the door. Jen was on the saw horse and I moved to lay her down before turning the vibrator on. Sarah grinned as my sister shivered, “mmmm!”

I was looking at her butt and slit as she unconsciously humped into the cushion. Sarah looked at me and pressed against me, “I’ll go in front of her so you can see me.”

I looked at her and blushed as I realized she knew I wanted to fuck my sister. She moved around and knelt, “like that Jen?”

She nodded and kept shivering, “nice.”

I opened my pants and moved closer before rubbing the head of my cock in my sister’s slit and pushing into her. I fucked her slowly and she moaned and shuddered while her pussy squeezed my cock. I took my time as she kept shuddering and moaning and looked at Sarah who smiled at me. It was awhile before I felt the churning and needed to cum.

Jen was constantly jerking and shaking as I pushed into her and spurted and spewed. When I stopped cumming she sighed as I pulled out and turned the vibrator off, “I liked that ride.”

Sarah grinned as I closed my pants and helped my sister off. I gave her a kiss, “go play in the backyard.”

I watched her leave the barn before we moved everything back out. Sarah grinned as she straddled the saw horse, “good I need a fuck.”

Like with her sister I started rubbing and then using vibrators. When she started howling I moved and pushed into her and started fucking her hard and deep while she spasmed and her pussy clenched around my cock. She jerked and screamed and begged for me to fuck her harder. When I shoved into her and pushed deeper while spurting and pumping cum she howled.

When I pulled out I moved the machines into place and turned them on. She loved it and told the whole world. I did the two girls three times a day and my sister once and before two weeks were over Jen was sleeping with them. I had been giving Harris a little help with drugs and he was a gibbering idiot with dead balls that were black and ready to fall off.

I had actually washed and disinfected him before letting him go. I under estimated his wife and let him go inside his estate. When he broke into the house two large dogs attacked him and he was killed by accident. That was the official news story the next day but I had heard his wife telling the dogs to attack.

I stopped at the farm and walked through the house before opening the bedroom door. The girls were snuggling against my sister and I walked to the bed. I sat and reached out to feel and rub Sarah’s butt, “Sarah?”

She lifted her head and grinned, “want to fuck me?”

Liz snickered, “horny slut.”

I sighed, “your dad is dead. When he went into the house there were attack dogs.”

She sat up, “you didn’t...”

I shook my head, “It is on the news. I wanted you girls to know and hear.”

Liz shook her head, “he got what he deserved.”

They looked at me and Sarah reached out to rub my crotch, “you sure you don’t want to fuck us?”

I did and have many times over the years. I have loved my sister with them and even gotten her pregnant twice more. The girls waited until they were sixteen before getting pregnant. Before my sister had her first baby I knew she was back mentally. I woke to her looking at me and she bent to kiss me softly before whispering, “thank you Will.”
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