The Beach
Even though I had just now told him to leave my skirt alone, I could feel his hand push it a little higher. I heard him snicker to himself, as I felt his fingers start crawling up the inside of my thighs. Every touch of his fingers against my skin sent another little shiver running up my spine.” Jake, if you don’t stop that right this second; I won’t let you lay your head in my lap.”

Rising up, he looked me straight in the eye. “Awww Natasha, you know you love it when I touch you that way. But I’ll try to be good, at least for a little while.” He said, winking at me.

“Well you had better.” I warned him, trying to sound as serious as I could, but I could tell from the grin he gave me, that he didn’t believe me for a second. “Besides, I need you to be watching where we are going so you can give me directions.”

“We have a little ways to go yet. There is a small store just ahead and I’d like to stop there.” As I parked in front of the store, he said. “You can wait here if you want. I’ll only be a minute.”

“This is a grocery store. Why do we need anything from here? We will only be at the beach for a few hours”

“I thought maybe it would be nice to have a little picnic. Would you like that? And besides, we may not spend all our time at the beach.” He said hurrying into the store before I could say anything else.

Sitting there waiting for him to return, I had to admit that the idea of having a picnic on the beach did sound very romantic, what a sweet and thoughtful young man. I couldn’t help but wonder, what did he mean that we might not spend all the time at the beach? Thinking back to when I was packing my bag; he had hinted at something, but wouldn’t say what it was. He interrupted my thoughts when he came out carrying a bag of groceries, placed it on the backseat, and then promptly climbed into the car.

“That should be enough, I guess.”

“I would think so. You bought enough to last us a week.” I said, pulling back out onto the highway. I saw him smile slightly, but he didn’t say anything. “I’m curious about something. What did you mean when you said that we might not spend all of our time at the beach?”

“Sorry, but I can’t tell you yet. You will just have to be patient and wait.”

“Do you mean that you can’t tell me or that you won’t tell me?”

“A little of both I suppose. Natasha, there is no use for you to question me, because I’m not going to tell you.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Maybe not, but it sure is fun,” he said, laughing at my frustration at not being able to get him to tell me what he had in mind.

I realized that there was no use in continuing to try to find out, because the harder I tried, the more determined he became to keep it a secret. I guess I’d have to do as he said, and wait to see what it was. As frustrating as that may be; I didn’t seem to have a choice. I changed the subject and for the remainder of the trip, we had a very nice conversation. He was very intelligent, and had good ideas on a variety of subjects. After driving for more than an hour, we finally reached the beach. We had a little trouble finding a parking spot, but after taking a few turns here and there around the parking lot, I finally found a spot to park the car. As I was about to get out of the car, Jake grabbed my hand.

"Don’t you want to change your clothes?" He asked.

"I will, in the restroom." I answered.

"Why don't you change your clothes here?" He said, putting an innocent look on his face.

"In the car?"

"Yeah."He smiled.

"And why…?" I asked,raising my eyebrows.

"Like you said in the house, if given the choice, I would like you to be naked all the time. I know it’s not possible, but at least I can see you naked for few seconds." He replied, winking at me.

"Shut up!" I punched his shoulder.

"Pleeeeassseee" He stretched the word until he finally managed to convince me.

"Ok...ok." I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and slowly lifted it up. The closer I came to exposing my breasts, the larger his eyes became. Pulling the blouse over my head, I looked at Jake. There was a wide smile on his face and his eyes weren't moving at all. I took my time putting the blouse in the bag, and as I did that, every few seconds I’d shake my shoulders just enough to make my upper breasts quiver.

Each time, I noticed that the tent between his legs grew larger. Raising myself up off the seat to remove my skirt, he stopped me by asking if he could do that. “Okay, if you want to, but remember, that’s all, no touching.” Reaching around me, he pulled my skirt down below my knees. I had decided that morning that I would honor his request that I not wear panties. I should have known that he would try something, and before I could stop him, he dragged his hand back up my thighs, and deliberately ran a finger up between my pussy lips, pressing firmly on my clit as he did so. Grabbing his wrist, I jerked his hand away, but I was too late, he had already had his fun. He mocked me by sitting back in the seat and grinning at me.

“Sorry,” he said with not an ounce of sincerity in his voice. “It was the devil that made me do that.”

“You are the only devil around here.” I knew from the grin he flashed me, that given half a chance, he would do it again, devil or no devil. Reaching around behind me, I unclasped the bra. His eyes never left me. Carefully working my arms out of the shoulder straps, I cupped my breasts in my hands to keep the bra from falling off. Holding the bra cups, I slowly pulled them off my breasts, gradually exposing more flesh to his bulging eyes. Finally having my feminine mounds totally exposed to his gaze, I let go of them and allowed them fall to my chest. They bounced a couple of times, and then lay quietly, as if waiting to see what would happen next.

I heard him take in a sudden gasp of air, once again confirming his fascination with my large mounds. To make it fun, I threw my bra towards Jake. He quickly grabbed it like a baseball player catching a ball and immediately brought it to his face. Burying his nose, he smelled the two cups that had only seconds before cradled my warm soft breasts, shielding them and keeping them from view.

I took the bikini out of my purse, and laid the two parts on the seat between us. I picked up my bikini bottom from the seat, deciding to put it on first. Since he loved my breasts so much, I thought I’d let him admire them for a few moments longer.

As I put on the bikini bottom, Jake stared at the string that was between my pussy lips and the small piece of cloth just large enough to cover my front. After tying the string that held the front and back together, I reached over and lightly tapped him on his nose with my finger. “And you young man, are not to undo those knots, you hear me?” His only reply was sort of a grunt, which was okay, because I knew that the first chance I gave him; he would have those two knots untied in a flash.

Then I picked up the small triangular top and tied the string around my neck. "Will you tie the knot for me?" I asked as I turned my back towards him. As he started tying the knot, I adjusted the cups to hold my boobs. The normal suggestion is that only girls with small breasts should wear triangle tops, but I had worn this bikini for photo shoots. The tiny tops barely covered my nipples, areola and not much else, but he had begged me to wear this bikini.

Turning back to face him, I asked, “How do I look? Do I look good enough for you to be seen with me?”

“Oh, honey. You look absolutely fantastic! You have no idea how beautiful you are. I’m proud to be seen with you.”

"Thank you. You are such a sweetheart." I winked as I felt my face start to blush. Then I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. "Now it’s your turn."

"uh!....wh...." He stuttered as he kept looking at me, taking heavy breaths in between words.

"Now it’s time you to take your clothes off” I repeated. “I don’t think people wear normal clothes whenever they go to beach."

"Oh...yeah...sorry." He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it up over his head. Then he unhooked the button on his shorts and pulled it down over his legs. His dick sprung free as soon as he grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled it down.

"Oooooh!" I cooed. Jake's cheeks turned red as I stared at his cock standing straight up like a light pole. He picked up a black v-neck swimsuit from his bag and struggled to get it on in the confining space of the front seat. He seemed a little embarrassed, as he tried to adjust his bulge inside the swimsuit. I guess that it didn’t help any that I kept staring at him, but I couldn’t help it. I loved the sight of his cock, and hated to see it covered. When he was about to put his shorts back on, I snatched them from his hands and threw them on the backseat.

"I think you look sexy in this outfit." I commented.

"Thank you!" He replied, giving me a big wide smile. His eyes widened as I leaned towards him, placed my hand on his bulge, and gave it a little squeeze. I did this a few more times until it was hard as a rock.

“Stop doing that, Natasha. If you don’t, I’m not going to be able to get out of the car for awhile.”

"Why not? Now you're looking sexier than ever." I gasped, grinning at his discomfort. I got out of the car and he followed a few seconds later. Handing me the towels to carry, he picked up the bag of groceries then, stepping up beside me, he took my hand in his. When he did this, my heart about burst for joy, he was showing me that he really was proud of me and wanted everyone to know it. That was the nicest compliment that he could give me.

Patting his arm and looking up at him, I softly whispered. “Thank you.”

“What for?” He asked in a puzzled voice.

“Oh nothing. Just for being you.” I know that he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about; modest guys like him don’t realize the power that they wield. How that quiet, unassuming, self-confidence they have is so appealing to some women. Hand in hand, we started walking towards the beach. I felt his hand tighten slightly on mine as we climbed down a steep flight of stairs. This gave me such a wonderful sense of security. Reaching the bottom of the steps, we turned and then continued down a dirt trail carved into the wall of the cliff. Huge boulders and giant rock formations littered the sand. There were a few people here and there and some families on the beach as I looked around.

"So what do you think?"

"It’s so beautiful Jake. " I smiled at him as I stood there enjoying the beautiful view, “The sand, the sun shining on the clear sparkling water with those clouds just hanging up there. These huge cliffs around the edge; they are like a frame surrounding a pretty picture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything prettier.”

“I have! You!” He said, as he placed his hand on my waist and pulled me towards him. As his lips touched mine, I felt his tongue gently caressing them. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I opened my mouth slightly to give him easy access. His tongue slowly slid inside, exploring my mouth as it entered. Our tongues played with each other, each giving each taking as we kissed. Holding me tight, he gently mauled my ass cheeks with his right hand, as our kiss became more intense.

A middle-aged couple walked past us just as our lips parted company. Neither of them said anything, but the woman did smile as she looked at me. As they passed, she winked. I felt my face turn crimson as I smiled back at her. Did she have what I had; or was she envious of me?

"Let me take you to my favorite spot. I hope you like it." Once again, he took my hand in his as we started walking towards the west side of the beach. As we walked between the people, the men stared at me. Some of the women threw angry looks my way. I saw one girl poke the guy she was with, trying to regain his attention. Everyone must have seen us kissing, because I heard several people making comments.

One young man gave Jake the thumbs up. "What a hot girl, man!" “Yes, she sure is,” was Jakes reply as he looked at me with a smile on his face. "Lucky boy," came from another admirer. Pausing for a moment, Jake glanced in the direction of the man that said that. “Don’t I know it? I’m the luckiest guy in the whole world.” I had never felt so loved in all my life when he said that. I hugged his arm against me as I laid my head on his shoulder. "Wish I had a girl like her." I heard one man mutter, as he lay on a towel by himself.

As we continued walking towards the West, I noticed that in some places, the cliffs reached almost to the water’s edge. This created several small semi-secluded beaches. I wondered why Jake didn’t seem interested in staying in the area where all the people were, because it wasn’t very crowded. It wasn’t long until I realized that his destination seemed to be one of those smaller sections of beach. I was sure he must have his reason, so I didn’t question him.

Entering the first small section of beach that was set apart from where all the people were, I was sure this was where he was going, but to my surprise, his pace didn’t slow. As we crossed this narrow strip of beach, I couldn’t wait to spread my beach towel out and relax on the warm sand. We almost had to wade through the water to get around a huge rock formation that jutted out from the cliff wall. As we passed that rock, he stopped and let me look around for a moment. The beauty of what lay before me was almost out of this world.

It was as if we had landed on another planet; the almost white sand lay spread out before us, smooth as glass. I guess the last tide had washed it clean. Not a footprint could be seen anywhere. Off to my left, I saw where untold eons of time and the relentless tides crashing against the sandstone rock, had carved a cave in the sheer vertical cliff.

As my eyes moved on further down the cliff wall, I became aware for the first time of the calmness, the almost complete silence of the place. The distance, and that last outcropping of rock, silenced the excited cries of joy from the children playing on that section of beach we had passed through. The only sounds we could hear were the dying murmurs of the little wavelets, as each tried to go further up the beach than the previous one, before receding back into the briny depths.

“I can see you are feeling the same thing that my Mom and I felt, the first time we saw this section. Totally awe inspiring, isn’t it? Another nice thing is that hardly anyone ever comes this far, so it is like having your very own private beach.”

“Oh, yes, it most certainly is. It’s stunning. ”

“I think the best place to spread out our towels is over by that outcropping of rock.” He said, as he started towards a huge rock that stuck up out of the sand, almost in the middle of the beach.

I put my sunglasses on as we spread out the two big beach towels side by side. “I’m a little tired after that long drive. Would you mind if we laid here for a little while and relaxed before we went swimming?”

“Sure. No problem. You know I always love to lay down with you.” He said, giving me one of his lopsided grins, as he flopped down on a towel.

Kicking off my sandals, I thought to myself that even if he printed his thoughts in black and white, they wouldn’t have been any easier to read. I knew exactly what he was thinking; lately his teenage mind had only one thought, and that centered entirely on sex. Well not this time, buddy-boy, I thought to myself.

Suddenly, I flung my sunglasses down, and made a mad dash towards the water. As I ran, I shouted back at him, “Sorry, I changed my mind. The last one in the water is a rotten egg.” Running as fast as I could, I glanced back over my shoulder, and I could see him gaining on me. Even though I had a head start, I was still half a dozen steps from the water’s edge, when suddenly I felt his strong arms wrap around me from behind.

“Think you are pretty funny, don’t you?” He said, half turning me towards him. I just stood there grinning at him, waiting to see what he would do next. Suddenly he stooped down slightly, placed his right arm behind my thighs and lifted. As I fell backwards, he caught me with his left arm behind my back, and lifted me into his arms. With a sudden gasp and yell, I instinctively threw both arms around his neck for support. I guess the shocked look on my face was funny, because he laughed as he started carrying me towards the water.

“Jake! What are you doing?” I asked, wiggling in his arms trying to get free, but he held me tight. “Put me down this very second!” I demanded.

“Okay, if you want down.”

The moment I said that, I knew that it was a bad mistake on my part, because by now he was standing in waist deep water. I started to say something when suddenly he straightened his arms and dropped me full length into the water. I came up gasping and sputtering. Wiping the water from my eyes, the first thing I saw was him standing there, laughing hysterically at me.

“You ordered me to put you down, so I did.” He said, laughing even harder.

“I’ll get you for that.” I threatened as I scooped up a double handful of water and threw it at him. Within seconds, the water fight was on as we started splashing water at each other. He had the advantage, because he was stronger and had larger hands, so he could throw twice as much at me. I did put up a good fight though, but it wasn’t long before I felt that I was about to drown in the water he was throwing at me. Holding up my hands in surrender, I cried out. “Okay, Quit! Stop! I give up, you win.”

We spent the next few hours swimming and frolicking around in the water. We were playing like young kids on the beach, laughing and jumping on each other. In between all this, there were a few hugs and kisses. The day was so pleasant, that time seemed to stand still. After awhile I started to notice something else; hunger pangs. “I’m getting hungry, are you? Did you buy anything good to eat?

“I got us some snacks and some sandwich material.”

“I guess maybe we had better go and get something to eat then. But first, there is something I want to show you,” I said moving up close in front of him.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Just this.” I slipped my left leg around behind his, and then made a sudden lunge at him. Unable to back up because of the water and my leg holding his, he tumbled backwards, with me on top of him. I scrambled to my feet first, and as he came up for air, “That’s for dumping me in the water earlier.” I said giggling.

“I guess I did deserve that, didn’t I? Okay, now we are even.” He said with a big smile on his face. Putting our arms around each other’s waist, we waded back to the shore.

"That was fun." I said as we got out of the water. Returning to where we had left our stuff, I picked up a towel and dried myself. “Okay, let’s see what goodies you bought for us to eat.” I said sitting down on my towel. As we ate, we talked about how much fun we had had and he told me how he and his mom had discovered this place some time ago. I noticed that he never took his eyes off me. At first, I thought he was being a gentleman and giving me his undivided attention, then I realized there was something else that was holding his attention. My bikini was still wet and it was sticking to me as if I had painted it on. The outline of my nipples was clearly visible.

“I’m sure glad that you thought to stop and get something for us to eat. All that swimming made me hungry but that filled me up. I’m feeling lazy now, so I think I’ll lay here in the sun for a while.” Raising my hands high over my head, I stretched, twisting my upper body one-way then the other. This pushed my big boobs even tighter against my tiny bikini top. As I did that, I secretly kept my eye on Jake. I had to smile to myself, when I noticed a raise forming in his tight swim trunks, and I saw him squirm a little.

Digging a bottle of sun lotion out of my bag, I said, “Why don’t you come and lie down beside me while I put some of this on?”

I saw Jake watching my hands moving to all sides of my body as I applied the sun lotion to my stomach. He seemed to be hypnotized and couldn’t take his eyes off what I was doing. I kept careful watch on him, as I made a great show of rubbing the oil all over and up and down my sides. I could see that there was a definite bulge showing between his legs. Then he reached out and took the bottle out of my hand. “Turn over and I’ll do your back.”

“I’d love that.” I said as I quickly turned over.

“Hmmm, that feels nice.” I murmured as he began rubbing along my lower back, gradually working his way up. He seemed to know how much pressure to apply, and I could feel little tingles running up and down my spine as his hands never stopped. Soon I felt a little tug on my bra string, and suddenly the bra came loose. “Ah Ah, naughty boy! You are only supposed to be applying the lotion, remember?”

“You wouldn’t want me to miss a spot, would you?” He quickly replied.

“Yes, right! Now why don’t I believe that was your real reason?” He confirmed my suspicion a second later, as his hands caressed my upper back, but his probing fingers dipped low and rubbed the sides of my breasts.

“Turn over and I’ll do your legs for you,”

Placing my arm over my breasts to hold my untied bra, I turned over. I saw a momentary look of disappointment cross his face, when he saw me holding my bikini top in place. “What’s the matter, Jake? Were you hoping that I’d forget you had untied it?” I asked, grinning at him.

Knowing that his little trick didn’t work, all he could do was to grin sheepishly. “Well a guy can hope, can’t he?”

I could feel him wrap his long fingers of both hands around my legs, and then slowly move upwards. Then he’d move over to my other leg and do the same thing again. "This had to be heaven on earth" I thought. Becoming aware of not feeling his tender touch any longer, I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was staring at me in a different way.

"Are you alright?” I asked, but he didn't respond. To my amazement, he wasn't wearing underwear; he was naked. Before I knew what was happening, he caught the string that was stuck between my pussy lips and pulled it aside using his finger. With his other hand, he opened me up and held me that way; his eyes afire, it was as if he was possessed. The look on his face was scary, yet somehow exciting. Deep down inside, I knew that he had waited all day for this moment; I was his woman, his prize and now he was claiming his reward.

I felt a quick tremor rush through my body, as his lips made sudden contact with my widely spread pussy, and felt my clit being sucked into his mouth. His probing tongue rushed into me like an invading army, showing no mercy.

“No Jake… Please not here? Someone may see us.” I begged, but he ignored me. He was beyond all reason. His sharp pointed tongue continued probing my inner depths, then returning to caress my inflamed little man.I bit off a scream as he lightly grabbed my clit between his teeth. As hard as I tried to stop it, at each caress, I could feel my body responding. Then as quickly as he had entered me, he left, leaving me wide open to whatever he chose to do next. Feeling him slid up my body, I started to say, “What are you.....uh!"

I jerked as he slowly inserted his dick, and spreading my love tunnel walls wide apart with his rock solid cock, pushed deep inside my pussy,. Again begging him to stop, I tried to push him off, but he was to strong. Before I could resist further, he pulled the cups off my breasts and placed his mouth on my right boob. He pulled in as much of my tit into his mouth.

As I felt his tongue flick across my sensitive nipple, the inevitable happened; I lost all control as my body took over. He started licking my aureole and nipples again and started sucking them with a great deal more love.

Throwing caution to the wind, I threw my arms around his neck and let him have his way with me. The pent up passion of the day soon caught up with us, as he began pumping faster and faster into me, sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout my body. He was pumping his cock inside me as well as sucking both side of my boobs randomly.

His actions were driving me crazy and my determination of resisting his advances was slowly fading away. Feeling him suddenly stop and push hard against my pussy, I knew he had passed his limit of endurance. It was time as I could feel his cock expand inside me. This thought pushed me over my pleasure pinnacle, and we began the pleasant downward ride together.

"Aaaaah! yes! I so fuckin like it when I explode inside you' He said as he felt his cock shoot thick globs of cum inside me. He removed his cock from my pussy and laid beside me. As he closed his eyes I watched his cock slowly loosing his hardness after he came hard inside me.

"This naughty boy deserves a punishment. " as I caught his dick glistened with cum

"Uh!" was all he could manage to say

" Now you have to fill my mouth right now or else I wont let you put your clothes on and you have to walk naked until we get inside the car" I said reaching out and grasping his cock.

"I will but let me take some breath. I don’t have anything left inside me and am feeling bit dizzy. I need some time" He replied

"Did you ask me before doing all this. You have been naughty since morning. Now its time you pay the price for it " I licked up all sides oh his cock which was covered with his cum before starting to massage and rub his cock in my hand. Then I opened my mouth and slid my mouth down on his cock, not stopping until it pushed against the back of my throat. Then i closed my mouth around his cock and gently sucked. Slowly I slid my mouth back off of Jake's cock, stopping only when my lips smacked together as the head of his cock slid from my mouth.

I sucked it hard but not luck. I wrapped my boobs around him and started giving him boob job. It was slowly starting to work as his dick turned semi hard after a few strokes.Without letting free his dick between my boobs I started to suck his cock, sliding my mouth up and down on it . Few minutes later I saw Jake lifting his hips inches from the ground which meant that orgasm was building inside him. It was time as jets of cum began to spurt into my mouth. Gripping his cock even tighter and pumping it, i sucked and swallowed all of the cum until the very last drop of cum from his cock.

Snuggled up in his arms afterwards, we watched the sun setting on the horizon. “It’s getting late.” I whispered. “Don’t you think we should be heading back home?”

“I was hoping to spend more time with you. Why don’t you call Mom and see if it would be okay if we stayed at least another day? Pleeeeeaseee!”

Before leaving for the beach I was determined to keep him under control. But now everything has changed. His actions were forcing me to change my mind.Until I reached LA I had everything clear in my mind. I will spend some time with my favorite cousin and move to New York. But now everything had changed. I don’t know if I want to become a model after what all happened between us .There were lot of reasons building in my mind .It maybe because Jake is the only person I care about more than anyone else about in the world after my mother. Maybe that's the reason I'm not able to resist his actions. I knew that Jake was young and there's nothing else in his mind except sex. I decided to spend some more time with Jake to decide about my relationship with Jake.

"Let me talk to Aunt" I said, dialing her number.

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