(for new friends)
It took me five years to shape the black iron wood limb. I started when I was eleven and have been practicing with a bow since I was five. After I cut the limb it took me another two years to slowly carve the bow. By the time it was ready I was to and took my father’s short sword and long knife. He also gave me a letter to a mercenary regiment.

The regiment I was headed for was already moving to a walled town and Keep. I strode through the open gate and glanced around as people flowed around me, most hurrying in. I headed across the inner bailey to the pennant with a black wolfhead. I ignored the men and waited for one with a gold thread embroidered crest on his chest.

He finally turned and glanced at me, “well?”

I held out my father’s letter, “I am seeking a job as an archer.”

He opened and read the letter before smiling, “this says you are the best archer we will ever see.”

He looked at me and I smiled faintly, “I am good.”

He laughed and turned, “Sergeant Dale!”

A short slim man walked towards us quickly, “aye commander?”

The commander gestured to me, “this is a new archer. Put him with the other one, the girl. Assign them a spot on the wall.”

He nodded and the commander looked at me, “you got here in time. Duke Tarence and his dark mages are almost here with a small army to place the town under siege.”

I nodded and shifted my pack, “mages?”

The commander nodded, “Dark priests of Strife.”

I looked at the sergeant and he turned and gestured, “this way lad.”

I followed after him along the wall to a stonewalled tavern. He ignored the tavern and walked into the stable, “Steph!”

I glanced up when a red haired girl looked down from the loft, “sergeant?”

The sergeant gestured to me, “this is a new man. He is your partner so show him to your bedroll and then show him around.”

She nodded, “aye sergeant.”

He gestured, “see you in a few hours to post you on the wall.”

I nodded as I headed towards the ladder up to the loft. The girl gestured and I followed her and watched her figure. Her bedroll was in a corner with an old curtain blocking her bedroll from the other men laying back on the loft. I shrugged my pack off and set my bow aside as I knelt to roll out my bedroll right beside hers.

I set my pack to the side against the curtain before standing. She was looking at me as I turned to her and she blushed. I gestured, “show me where we eat.”

She nodded and turned to head back to the ladder. She took us into the tavern common room and I glanced around at the men crowding the room. I gestured and she went back out and I followed her around the stable to a set of stairs against the wall. She led me up and then back towards the towers guarding the gate before stopping, “this is our spot.”

I glanced at the barrel of arrows at each slit in the wall and nodded. I looked at her, “I need ash, salt and holy water.”

She blinked before turning, “we can get salt from the tavern kitchen and ash from the pile from the fire pit.”

Once we were down she started walking fast, “we will need to go to the church to get the holy water.”

She hesitated when we reached the church but I continue to the door. I lifted my water bag and poured it out on the steps. I walked in and through the milling people to find the priest. I gave him two coppers before he would let me fill my water bag and blessed it. I found Steph waiting and slipped an arm around her waist, “salt and ash now.”

She nodded and we headed back. She didn’t try to pull away as we walked and if anything she seemed to stay closer. I used a large rag to make a pouch and half filled it with ash. I had to pay another copper before the cook would let me have a small pouch of salt. I poured the salt in with the ash and started to mix it throughly.

I led Steph back to the stable and up into the loft. Back beside our bedrolls I knelt to untie the quiver of arrows tied to my pack. While she laid on her bedroll and watched I dumped the arrows. I started using the holy water and then rubbing the ash and salt onto each arrow. I replaced the arrows in the quiver before looking at her as I washed my hands in the holy water.

I hesitated before starting to undress, “undress.”

Her eyes widened and she licked her lips before slowing doing as I told her. I folded my clothes and put them away in my pack. I moved over and onto her before looking into her eyes as she trembled. I gave her a kiss before moving down. I sucked on each of her nipples before continuing down between her legs.

I smelled her pussy before reaching out to open her slit and licking through it. I pushed my tongue into her very tight pussy and nibbled on her inner lips. I covered her clit and began wiggling my tongue and sucking. She gasped and humped as she spread her legs, “mmmm!”

She wiggled and kept humping as she shuddered. I continued to lick her pussy and started using one hand to rub the sides of her pussy. She jerked and tried to cover her pussy as she twisted. I grinned and moved over her and gave her a kiss as she panted. I pushed into her and kept pushing as I felt her naked body against mine.

I humped and jabbed before pulling back to fuck her. She humped up and put her arms around me as I fucked her with long deep thrusts that pushed my cock against the back of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist as her pussy became slicker. She began to buck and writhe around while she clung to me and pressed her mouth to my shoulder as she wailed.

I buried my cock to grind as it throbbed and I grunted before gushing cum. Steph jerked and thrust her hips up as I kept spurting my seed into her. When I was done I humped as she shuddered, “we should eat before we have to go to the wall.”

She nodded and I pulled out of her before helping her stand. I kept glancing at her body as I dressed and then attached the quiver. I picked up my bow and pulled out the string and carefully strung the bow. Steph looked at the long bow and grinned, “I don’t think I could pull that very many times.”

I smiled, “not many can.”

I followed her down and into the tavern. After we ate we sat outside waiting and I heard drums. I looked at Steph as the sergeant walked to the stable, “archers!”

I stood and pulled Steph up and we walked to the sergeant. He waited until we were crowded around before turning to head around the stable and towards the stairs. Several minutes later I was standing with Steph beside a crenel and looking out as an army spread out and began encircling the town.

I glanced at the commander and a noble when they stopped beside us to look out another crenel. I glanced at Steph and she shook her head. I looked out to watch the army making camp just beyond what would be normal bow range. Six black cloaked and hooded men rode forward to look at the walled town.

The noble growled, “I would give a pouch of gold to see those six smug bastards dead.”

I looked at the noble, “a full pouch?”

The commander gestured as the noble looked at me and then grinned, “yeah.”

I pulled an arrow and stepped in front of the crenel. I looked at the distance and the grass to check the wind. I took a deep breath and let it out before pulling the arrow back as I aimed and released. I was already reaching for another arrow and nocking it. I had four in the air before the first struck.

There was a shimmer and a rainbow of fire in the air in front of him as the arrow went past. His head snapped back as the arrow went through his face. I released a fifth arrow as the second took another in the throat, the rest would be body shots. After I released the sixth arrow I kept watching as the other mages or priests or whatever they were died.

When the last one fell as he turned I looked at the noble, “Anything harder?”

He was looking across the field at the men I had killed and then at me. He grinned and then laughed, “I’ll keep watch for you.”

He pulled his purse from his belt and tossed it to me before looking at the commander, “Now we just need to worry about the other ten thousand men around us.”

The commander grinned as they turned to walk around the wall, “one at a time my lord.”

I looked at Steph and stepped close and kissed her, “to bad we can’t take another moment.”

She laughed and shook me, “for that I’m tempted to spread my legs right here.”

I grinned as I looked out the crenel, “I’ll remind you of that later.”

The army around the six men I had killed was moving around as if they expected more arrows. They were pulled away and then I saw the small party of short pale men. Steph hissed, “Drow.”

I looked at her and she gestured as men hurriedly set up a huge tent behind the others, “Dark elves.”

I nodded and glanced at the setting sun, “they are the ones that will come over the wall after it gets dark.”

She nodded, “assassins.”

Several hours later it was dark, Steph was sitting with her back against the wall. A few clouds kept covering the moon. I was letting my eyes wander over the darkness beyond the army and their many fires. I straightened when I saw the shadows moving away from the army and towards the walls.

I waited until they were halfway across and pulled an arrow, “Steph.”

I put the first arrow into the chest of the first drow and the others froze. That was a mistake as I killed another and they turned. I killed a third before they began to run and then a fourth and fifth before they reached the army. I smiled at Steph as she looked out, “that is five assassins we don’t have to worry about.”

She nodded and the sergeant appeared, “see something?”

I glanced at him, “just five dead assassins.”

He looked out before grunting, “they have a few more.”

He continued down the wall and I grinned as I felt and rubbed Steph’s butt, “its dark.”

She pushed back and grinned, “can you do it quickly?”

I sighed and patted her butt, “I don’t like quick.”

She chuckled, “Me either.”

It was midnight before we were relieved and told to return at first light. We returned to the stable and our bedrolls. I stripped after setting my bow and quiver aside and watched Steph strip. I moved onto her and kissing her as she spread her legs and reached between us to guide my cock. I pushed into her and started to fuck her with long hard thrusts.

She shuddered and began to hump and thrust up as I continued to fuck her. Her cummy pussy was already grasping and squeezing my cock. I finally pushed all the way into her and started to jab and grind. She jerked and hugged me as she bucked and spasmed, “mmmm!”

I pulled back and started fucking her long, hard and deep. She lifted and spread her legs as her pussy contracted and tightened, “oooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her hard and she kept struggling and squirming. She would press her face into my shoulder when she wailed. It was awhile before I fucked her harder and then buried my throbbing cock. Steph jerked and lifted her hips as I began to pump sperm into her. She shook with each spurt I put into her until I was done.

I pulled out and moved aside before rolling her onto my bedroll and her stomach. I moved between her legs as she obediently spread them and I pushed back into her slimy pussy. It was another hour before I stopped fucking her. I held her as she slept and her soft breathing lulled me to sleep. I woke to the sergeant barking for us to get up.

I looked at the naked woman in my arms and caressed her hip, “you might want to wash your pussy.”

She looked back before grinning, “yeah.”

It was still dark when we gathered together a little later and followed the sergeant onto the wall. Steph had disappeared but caught up as I stopped to look out at the army waking up. I was grumpy and glanced at the sergeant walking back down the wall, “can I shoot a few?”

The noble laughed as he followed the commander and the sergeant. The sergeant had told me he was duke Gabriel, “wait for that bastard duke Tarence and I’ll give you two purses of gold.”

I looked at him and nodded as the commander slapped my shoulder, “patients Joshua.”

With the sun the enemy army formed. The duke appeared with several others and stopped beside me, “see the fancy noble behind the front ranks?”

I looked out and nodded when I saw the group of nobles, “the one with the jeweled sword?”

The noble beside me snorted, “yes.”

I looked at him before pulling an arrow and nocking it. I pulled it back, aimed and fired. Before it reached him there was another flare and a rainbow of fire appeared in the air. The arrow was on fire as it slammed into his throat and he went back and off the horse. I glanced at the duke before pulling an arrow from the barrel.

I began to fire at the other nobles and the officers. I heard the commander and the duke bellow as he ran from the wall. The army in front of us was milling as others joined me. They fired high so they were barely hitting anyone. I was and those that fell only made everyone panic. The men in the army turned to run and started scattering.

I saw the men charging and rushing out the gates and I spun, “Steph!”

I ran for the stairs with her behind me. I kept running as I went around the stable and headed for the gate. Others were charging out as we reached the gate and we joined them as we moved through. As we charged across the open fields I slung the bow and pulled my sword and long knife, “watch my back Steph.”

The enemy’s army had splintered and was running away. I headed for the huge tent I had seen put up. When a man rushed out with a chest and another following, I charged into him. I stabbed the second in the gut and rolled away. I was coming to my feet when the other man started to lunge. Of course his lunge was stopped with an arrow in his chest.

I glanced at Steph as she lowered her bow and looked around. Few men were near as I gestured to the chest, “see what is in that.”

I turned to walk into the tent and looked around. The drow rushed out of the shadows and I cut to the side with my sword as I blocked with my knife. The sword tip sliced one of the drow open as the knife blocked a curved short sword. Another arrow sped past to take another drow in the chest as I blocked a sword and stabbed one through the mouth.

I shifted and moved aside as another arrow took a drow in the throat. Two were left and one spun to run while the other lunged. My knife struck through it’s wrist and I twisted as I stabbed my sword into his chest. Steph put an arrow in the other’s back as he sliced the wall at the back of the tent.

I looked around carefully before nodding to a small pale white haired girl on her knees. She was naked and her pink nipple almost begged me to come play. I looked around again and moved to the wooden clothes press as Steph went to the girl. I glanced at her when she pulled the girl to her feet, “she has a slave collar.”

I looked at the slightly pointed ears and the slanted almond eyes, “drow.”

She nodded as she cupped a firm breasts, “still...”

I grinned and gestured to the bed, “wrap her in the silk sheets and we will take her with us.”

I opened the chest and snorted at the clothes, “bring her here.”

I pulled out a fancy silk shirt and turned as they walked up. I set my sword and knife aside and tossed the shirt, “put this on.”

I found a rag to wipe my weapons and headed towards the door, “I bet they have horses behind the tent.”

I walked around and found twenty good looking horses. I moved through them and started putting them on leads. I led them back around the tent and grinned at Steph and the slave girl who had her arms full of silk bedding, “put it in the clothes press.”

I moved to each of the dead drow and took their weapons. I piled them all together and looked back towards where I had killed the noble and walked towards him. He was laid out where he fell and I searched him and took his purse and weapons before catching his horse and leading it back.

A lot of men and soldiers were returning and I thought it was time to go. I bundled all the weapons and lifted the heavy chest of silver to the noble’s horse. I settled the bundle on another horse and turned to hold the lead rope out to the slave, “take it.”

She accepted it timidly and I removed my bow before handing it to Steph. I lifted the clothes press onto my shoulder, “time to go.”

I started walking and they followed with the string of horses behind them. Steph cleared her throat, “what are we doing with the horses?”

I kept walking, “hopefully selling most of them. I would rather be a mounted archer.”

She laughed, “and selling the weapons?”

I nodded, “I might keep a few but yeah.”

Steph caught up to me and walked beside me, “and the girl?”

I smiled, “after you play with her, I will take turns with you and her.”

She laughed throatily, “yummy.”

When we walked into the stable I turned and set the press aside before removing the bundle of weapons. I lifted the heavy chest of silver down before unsaddling the noble’s horse. I led them out to the small corral and put the horses in before returning to the stable. Steph was already in the loft and I grinned as I grabbed the bundle of weapons and climbed up.

She had the girl on her back and was between her legs when I walked up. I set the bundle of weapons beside my bow and knelt to rub her butt, “we need to return to the wall.”

She lifted her wet face as she girl moaned and shuddered, “I was right, yummy.”

I laughed and pulled her up before bending to grab my bow. She pulled the girl up and after us as I led the way back down. I hesitated before moving the clothes press and the money chest. When we reached our spot on the wall only a few men were still there. I looked out at more of our soldiers returning and searching those on the battlefield.

I turned and sat and reached for the small girl and pulled her onto my lap, “what is your name?”

She wouldn’t look up but whispered, “Cerria.”

I leaned back and pulled her against me as Steph sat beside me. I put my arm around Steph and she put her head on my shoulder. I turned to look at the girl when she murmured and squirmed as she slept. Steph giggle and I grinned as I looked at her. I looked at the sergeant when he appeared, “go eat and...”

He frowned at the girl before looking at me. I caressed her exposed thigh, “plunder.”

He laughed as he turned, “go eat and get some rest.”

I looked after him and then called, “the duke owes me two pouches of gold.”

I shifted the girl and stood with her before handing her to Steph. I lifted my bow and led them down to the tavern. I hesitated before turning to lead them around to the kitchen door. One of the cooks was more than happy to give us plates of food. Steph looked at me, “why?”

I glanced at the girl as she wolfed the food, “you ever been around soldiers after a battle?”

She frowned before shaking her head, “they will be drinking and might rape us?”

I started eating, “not might.”

After we ate I took them to the jakes and then back to the stable. The duke, the commander and the sergeant were looking at the horses. I stopped after sending Steph and Cerria to the loft, “want to buy them?”

They turned and the duke cleared his throat, “duke Tarence’s tent was looted.”

I grinned, “well that would be after we fought the drow and killed them.”

The duke nodded, “and the pay chest?”

I grinned, “a chest of silver.”

They looked at each other and the commander looked at me, “silver?”

I nodded, “I brought it back to split with the company. The rest I took as my own, like the slave and the weapons and the clothes press.”

The duke followed as I led them in and to the chest I had put in an empty stall. I opened the chest of silver and the commander bent to push his hand in and stir the silver coins, “how was he going to pay his army with this?”

I shrugged, “unless it was taken out before we reached the tent I don’t know.”

I opened the clothes press and lifted the bedding to show the clothes and the duke shook his head, “Take it.”

I nodded and closed the chest, “I’ll keep five of the horses if you want to buy the rest.”

The commander cleared his throat, “the company will give you a fair price.”

I grinned as I headed for the ladder, “after I have gotten some sleep.”

They laughed as I climbed up and walked around the curtain and saw Steph. She was naked like Cerria and laid back with her legs spread. The girl was between her legs licking her pussy and she was moaning and shuddering. I grinned as I dropped the bedding and my bow before I began to undress.

I laid beside Steph and bent to suck on a nipple, “having fun?”

She pulled my head back to her nipple, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I sucked hard and moved up to give her a kiss. I turned and lifted the girl and she looked at me before I turned her. I moved her back and helped her straddle Steph’s head before reaching under her face to finger Steph. She shuddered and humped and Cerria bent her head to lick her pussy again.

She stopped when Steph pulled her hips down and licked her. I grinned as I laid beside them and waited my turn. They were both moaning and shuddering and wiggling and squirming. Cerria rolled off and I caught her as she panting and helped her turn around. I caressed her pale body and bent to suck on her pink nipples.

She held my head as I continued to suck and moved to the other one. She moaned and shuddered and I turned to move between her legs. Steph turned on her side, “go slow.”

I kissed Cerria and lifted to slowly push and force my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She clutch me as I settled and held her while she panted. It was a little while before she humped and her pussy squeezed. I humped, pressed and thrust in and out slowly with small jabs. She wiggled and squirmed as my cock moved through her pussy.

I continued to fuck her slowly but began to use long thrusts. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and jerked while her pussy spasmed and tightened, “ooohhh!”

Steph giggled and rubbed my back as I continued to fuck Cerria. I started pressing and grinding each time I buried my cock and she began to breath heavy and shake. She was humping up each time I pushed in and writhed around under me as she kept clutching and clinging to me. A little later she suddenly wailed and thrashed around while lifting her legs and kicking in the air.

I slowly buried my cock and tried to hold her squirming body as I gushed and spewed cum. She jerked and shoved her pussy up as it tightened. She was clinging to me and kept sighing as I spurted until I was done. I waited until she put her legs down and lay quietly as if waiting. I pulled out and moved off her and Steph moved onto her and gave her a kiss.

She moved down and started licking her leaking pussy and Cerria was back to sighing and moaning. I smiled and moved closer to give her a kiss and feel and play with her breasts. When she jerked and spasmed Steph moved up, “good?”

Cerria hesitated before nodding and I sighed as I started to lay back. I shifted to look at Steph snuggled against Cerria, “want to join the mounted archers?”

She looked at me and grinned, “as short as I am? That is a silly question.”

I grinned as I got up and started dressing, “I need to see the commander. The duke paid me a pouch of gold and owes two more. I want to see if it is enough to buy into the company.”

I left and went looking for the commander. He was willing to accept the pouch and the two owed to me. He grinned and looked around, “Sergeant Davis!”

I turned as a slim bow legged man walked to us from the other side of the gate, “sir!”

The commander gestured to me, “meet your new lieutenant.”

The sergeant looked at me and then at the commander, “yes sir.”

The commander grinned, “your platoon is moving out as forward scouts for a company of the duke’s archers.”

I looked at the sergeant, “I have someone that I will bring.”

He nodded, “we are still short a few horses.”

I looked at the commander and he gestured, “get with your lieutenant for the horses.”

I gestured and led the sergeant after me and back to corral beside the stable. I looked at the horses and climbed in and started selecting. I picked five, four mares and the duke’s stallion. I tied them to the fence and gestured to the sergeant, “take the rest.”

He grinned and nodded before walking around the stable and a moment later I heard him bellowing. I went into the stables and up onto the loft. Steph and Cerria were still awake and I knelt, “get dressed you just became a horse archer and we are leaving.”

She sighed and turned to help Cerrie get dressed. I packed and added two drow short swords over my shoulders. I helped her before carrying everything down. Sergeant Dale was speaking to two men and glanced at me and grinned, “moving up in the world sir.”

I shook my head, “is there anywhere I could put the clothes press?”

He nodded, “leave it and your packs and I’ll have them put in one of the supply wagons.”

I smiled and turned to set my pack against the wall and Steph set hers beside mine. When I looked at the five horses I shook my head because we needed saddles. I glanced at Steph, “I think we need to see if the saddles are still out behind the tent.”

She sighed and nodded as I went into the tack room and found five hackamores. We walked together and led the horses out and across the field. Men were loading the dead into wagons and more were taking the large tent down. We went around and I saw the line of saddles still there. I started checking and we saddled the five horses.

I frowned at a pile of saddles and gear to one side and shook my head, “anyone that knows horses wouldn’t do that.”

I walked closer and saw the corner of a large chest. I looked around, “find me some rope.”

I checked the chest and then piled several saddles back on it and the rest on the horses. I fastened the rope to the chest and the horses and we started back to the gates with the horses pulling the chest. When we walked in I waved to the commander and he sighed as he started for me, “what now?”

I grinned, “remember you were asking about the pay chest?”

He looked at the pile of saddles on the chest before grinning, “you found it?”

He gestured to several men and I called sergeant Davis and nodded to the extra saddles. Steph led the horses and Cerria back to tie our bedrolls onto one of the spare horses. I found out we were headed east to check a rumor of another army. I made sure Steph had an extra quiver on her saddle and added an extra to mine.

The saddles were lighter but just seemed more comfortable. I swept Cerria up and onto a horse before securing the two spare horses to her saddle. I tied her reins to Steph’s saddle before leading mine around and back to where sergeant Davis was waiting, “any word on when we move?”

He nodded, “the duke and his archers are coming now.”

I glanced at the double line of men and horses behind him, “mount up and we will wait on the road leaving the clearing.”

He nodded and spun, “MOUNT!”

I turned and mounted and grinned as Steph jumped and swung up easily. I gestured, “stay behind me and keep Cerria beside you.”

My long black bow was a little awkward but there was no way I was going to leave it. I started for the gate and the sergeant fell in beside me with Steph and Cerria right behind us. When we reached the edge of the forest we stopped and I turned my horse to watch behind us. I glanced at the sergeant, “how many men have ridden before?”

He snorted, “half. We have a full company of archers and three companies of skirmishers. The commander wanted mounted archers as scouts.”

I nodded and turned my horse when I saw the duke trotting his horse with a line of archers behind him. He slowed as I started my horse moving, “where to sir?”

He grinned, “a couple of days ride east. If duke Ash is there with his army we will harass them until they get close to the town.”

I nodded and glanced around, “you know there is a track three hundred paces to the south that we could use to remain hidden.”

He looked and nodded, “send your men forward.”

I looked at the sergeant and he spun his horse and called four men. They went through the woods and I turned to follow as the duke fell back. I glanced back at Steph and Cerria and then turned to watch for the track. We turned and headed down it and I could see the four men a couple of hundred paces in front of us.

We went past abandoned farms and fields and stopped every hour to walk the horses but continued to move. Jerked beef was past up a couple of times but we continued to move until almost midnight when the duke sent a rider up to have us stop. We were just below the crest of another ridge as we picketed the horses and sat across from them to sleep.

I held Cerria on my lap with Steph leaning against us. It was awhile before I sniffed and looked at Cerria when she lifted her head. She looked around, “smoke.”

I nodded and shifted her towards Steph, “Steph.”

I stood and grabbed my bow and glanced around before walking forward towards the crest of the ridge. I looked at the four men as I walked through them and a few minutes later I was on the top of the ridge. I was looking down the other side of the ridge at fires from a large army. From where I stood I could see two large tents close to the southern edge of the camp.

I turned and headed back and paused by the four men, “stay quiet and move to the crest to keep watch.”

I gestured to the sergeant as I came back through the men, “the enemy is over the ridge.”

He came to his feet as I swung into my saddle and turn to ride back to the duke and his archers. I dropped to the ground as he stood, “the army is just over the ridge.”

He looked and I grinned, “the command tents are close to the southern edge and within bow shot.”

He looked forward, “show me.”

I climbed back into the saddle and waited for him before riding forward and through my men. I swung down and smiled at Steph and Cerria as I held out the reins and looked at the duke, “we need to walk from here.”

He got down and absently held the reins out to Cerria. I grinned as she timidly took them and turned to start walking, “sergeant Davis?”

As we stood looking down at the army the duke shook his head, “they have at least ten thousand men.”

I was looking at the tents and grinned, “sergeant do you think we could sneak up on the command tent and perhaps give the commander a gift?”

He nodded and then snorted, “that close we could throw rocks and hit the bastard.”

I grinned and turned to walk back, “we could take the sentries sir and bring your company down and as it gets light...”

He chuckled, “I like both ideas. We will bring our men down and then you can try taking a squad in.”

I looked at the sergeant, “you know which men to use for the sentries?”

He nodded and went looking for them when we reached the platoon. The duke accepted the reins for his horse, “thank you.”

Cerria nodded with a smile and I watched him leave before looking at Steph, “we are going to sneak up and lead the other company in before I take a squad to visit the army’s commander.”

She shifted, “be careful.”

I nodded, “Cerria can stay with the horses. You are coming with me.”

The men the sergeant picked were very good and killed the sentries before we walked the horses down beside the army. The duke and the lieutenant in command of his archers stood with me as I got ready to move into the enemy camp. I left my bow with Cerria and went over the low field wall. I led the dozen men and pulled the two drow short swords I was wearing.

I was surprised no one was up as we walked through the few tents. When we walked around the command tent the two guards were asleep on their feet. I was within reach before they reacted and swung both swords. As they fell Steph and the other men crowded close. I shoved into the tent with them following and sliced across to kill a man that came to his feet.

I started across as several men came to their feet and my men killed them with their short horse bows. A large man leaped off his bed, “what...”

I shoved a sword into his chest and sliced to the side at another man who stepped back. Steph was there and lunging with her sword. The men gasped as it slid into his chest and I was looking around. There was only two dim lanterns to show the bodies and carnage. I looked at three large chests and bent to open one. I grinned and opened the other two.

I hissed and gestured, “take these.”

I grinned at Steph, “if you can’t pay the army they don’t fight.”

Six men chuckled and then grunted as they lifted the chests. I stripped the man from the bed of rings and the gold chain necklace before going to peek out. I gestured as I stepped out and waited for the men before leading them back through the camp. When we reached the low wall the duke was waiting.

He looked at the chests and then at me, “what?”

I grinned, “we took the army’s pay chests.”

He grinned as the men took the chests to the horses. I smiled at Cerria when she handed me my bow and quiver, “thanks.”

She nodded and I looked at the duke, “how about fire arrows in the tents?”

He turned and started passing orders. Tiny fires sprang up and I pulled an arrow and accepted a small rag from Steph. I was looking at the other tent and thinking it could be for priests or mages. I grinned as I moved to a fire and looked at the duke and he nodded. I lit the rag and pulled the arrow back and fired.

A hundred arrows streaked through the air and when mine got close to the other large tent there was a huge rainbow explosion of fire. The arrow struck the tent and I blinked as it exploded in a tower of fire that reached into the night sky. It was as if there were a thousand screams that shattered the night. Streaks of white light ripped out in hundreds of shining rays that sped away.

I spun to the duke as he yelled for the company to mount. I looked at the sergeant, “mount but have the men continue to fire into the camp.”

I grabbed Cerria as she tried to mount and tossed her up and into her saddle before swinging up, “Steph!”

She turned her horse, “here.”

I gestured, “Cerria.”

She nodded and I lifted my bow to shoot a man leading a few dozen men towards us. They stopped and dropped and I watched the duke riding away as my men kept shooting, “sergeant Davis? One squad stay and two go a hundred paces back to cover.”

He spun his horse, “first hold, second and third follow me.”

We moved back slowly and once we were over the ridge the duke was waiting, “lets see what they do.”

I nodded and swung down, “dismount sergeant.”

When the sun came up we saw the army heading away in several different directions. The duke slapped my back, “I’ll be damned.”

I turned to help Cerria up into her saddle, “need us to show you the way home?”

He laughed and waved as he headed to his horse. It was getting dark when we reached the town and even the horses were staggering. I made sure the sergeant had the men care for the horses before they went to eat or sleep. I smiled as the commander walked to us and gestured to the three stacked chests, “their pay chests.”

He grinned and turned to yell for men and Sergeant Dale. He gestured to the tavern, “I had your chest moved to a room on the second floor. Eat and get some sleep and we will talk in the morning.”

I looked at the sergeant and he waved, “you did real good.”

I grinned and led the horses with Steph and Cerria around to the corral by the tavern. I let them sit as I brushed and fed the horses. I pulled them up and after me into the tavern. Dozens of men were in the tavern and I stopped an older woman and ordered food and directions to the room the commander had put my chest in.

We were all starving but I made sure Cerria had enough before stripping her and Steph. I held Cerria and Steph snuggled against her other side when we fell asleep. I woke to light in the window and looked at Cerria before caressing her. She turned her head and opened her eyes. I rubbed a pink nipple before reaching across her to Steph.

She opened her eyes and looked at me as I continued to caress and play with Cerria’s nipple. She grinned and shifted before giving the other one a suck. Cerria smiled and sighed as she wiggled and I moved over her and gave her a kiss, “want a bath?”

She nodded and I grinned at Steph, “after you two can play and then I get you.”

She laughed and we both kissed Cerria and I moved out of bed before walking to the chest and our packs beside it. We found a servant and the bathing room with a single tub. I grinned as I took the shirt off Cerria and Steph laughed as she turned to start filling the tub. After Cerria sat I helped fill the tub.

We knelt on each side of the tub before starting to feel, caress and wash her. She sighed and shivered and I let Steph finger her and wash her pussy as I did her hair. After we were done it was Steph’s turn and Cerria seemed to get her going until she was shuddering and moaning as she cleaned her pussy.

I waited until she stopped spasming before helping her out and taking her place. I had to fend them both off when they started to stroke my cock. After my hair was clean I finally stood and stepped out as they giggled. I dried off and put the clean shirt on Cerria and another on Steph before I put my pants on.

I pushed and felt and rubbed as we went back to the room and I closed the door. Steph and Cerria stripped the shirts off as they crawled into bed. I pushed my pants down as Cerria moved down between Steph’s legs to lick her pussy. I grinned as I moved onto the bed and kissed Steph before moving down to suck on her nipples.

She shuddered and humped as she spread her legs more. I rubbed her other breast and tugged on the nipple as I kept sucking. She twisted and started moaning louder as Cerria sucked on her clit and kept pushing her tongue into her. She humped harder and jerked and spasmed as I moved up to kiss her.

She clung to me and kept shaking as Cerria nibbled and sucked and gently bit. She wailed in my mouth and bucked as she tried to close her legs and twist away. Cerria giggle and moved up as Steph panted and then laughed as she rolled onto her. She kissed her passionately before moving down and I looked at her butt in the air as she licked Cerria.

I moved down and behind Steph to rub her pussy before pushing into her. She shoved back as her pussy clenched and she shuddered. She kept licking and tongue fucking Cerria as I held her hips and began to fuck her hard and deep. She kept thrusting back onto my cock as I fucked her.

Her pussy was constantly gripping and squeezing my cock. Cerria was humping and thrusting up as Steph sucked on her clit and nibbled. I held her waist as I kept fucking her with long hard strokes. She spasmed and wet me as I continued to pound her tight pussy while she howled. It had been a couple of days and I needed her bad.

I thrust into her hard over and over before I buried my cock and tried to push deeper as I peed cum. Steph screamed when she felt the almost hot eruption of sperm flooding her and but shoved back, “yyyeeesss!”

She jerked and shuddered hard while her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. I kept pumping and spurting until I was done and let her go. She kept jerking as my cock slipped out and she sagged to bed. Cerria pulled her up and onto her back before kissing her and moving down. She stroked my cock but turned to lick through Steph’s pussy.

I grinned and pulled her butt around as I watched her lick Steph. She kept pushing her tongue into her and curling it to bring cum out before teasing and then sucking on her clit. Steph was bucking and humping as Cerria continued to lick her and then she started to suck the cum out of her. Steph wailed and twisted as she tried to push her away.

I fingered Cerria and she looked back before moving as I moved up between Steph’s spread legs. I shoved into her and began to fuck her hard again. She bucked and clutched me as my cock sank into her. I fucked her firmly and humped into her hard each time I buried my cock. She lifted and spread her legs as she wailed and thrashed around.

I kissed her while fucking her hard and deep and her pussy was gripping and grasping my cock. She was wetting me and kicking in the air as I kept shoving into her and grinding against her. She writhed around and convulsed while her pussy clenched and tightened almost painfully. I buried my cock and began jabbing and shoving my cock straight into her.

I couldn’t hold back and thrust into her hard before gushing and spewing cum deep inside her. She tilted her hips and screamed when she felt more warm sperm shooting into her. I held her tight as I spent myself in her and slowly pulled out and rolled away when I was done. Cerria laughed and moved down to lick her pussy but not as avidly.

I smiled as I turned to suck on one of her nipples and she clutched my head and held me in place. I grinned as she shuddered and moved up to kiss her before reaching down to pull Cerria up. Steph grinned and kissed me back before rolling and pushing Cerria onto her back. She kissed her and looked at me, “fuck her slowly.”

I moved over Cerria and between her legs. I kissed her and lifted and let Steph position my cock. I slowly forced my cock into her and pushed deeper before giving her a kiss, “okay?”

She put her arms around me as her extremely tight pussy grasped my cock. She nodded and smiled, “yes.”

I gave her another kiss before I pulled back to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. She groaned as her hips lifted and she shuddered. Steph pressed against us as I continued to fuck Cerria. It wasn’t long before she began to writhe around and clutch at me. Steph giggled and whispered, “hard and deep.”

I did as she said and began to bury my cock and humped against Cerria as she thrashed and struggled. She pulled Steph’s face down and kissed her hard while her tight pussy gripped my cock and she bucked. I lifted to make room but continued to fuck her while they kissed. She twisted and jerked as I kept fucking her and she wailed into Steph’s mouth.

I fucked her firmly and started to grind and press before finally pushing all the way into her as I spurted and pumped cum. Cerria jerked her hips up as her pussy tightened and she clutched Steph, “YES!”

It was a few moments before I was done flooding her and lay on her with my cock throbbing deep inside her. She smiled as Steph moved and wrapped her legs around me and pulled, “again?”

Steph chuckled as I grinned and pulled back to fuck Cerria again. It was awhile before we were done and I moved off the bed. I dressed as Steph went through the chest for clothes for Cerria. We ate and I went looking for the commander. He was paying the regiment and told me we would be moving in a couple of days to start recruiting men for the mounted archer company.

Steph stayed as my partner for several years until we retired in a southern kingdom. Cerria remained with us as our lover and takes great pleasure in it. Steph was pregnant before we began recruiting and had twins, a boy and a girl. Cerria was pregnant too and had a beautiful girl. She was the one to care for the children and protected them fiercely.
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