A father and his daughter
You see, I have always had a panty fetish since I was 16 or 17 and I have never grown out of it... I would steal panties from friends, family, I mean just the scent of a woman drives me insane! I would usually have around 10 or more pairs in my possession at any given time.

So my story begins with the 19th birthday of my daughter Elysabeth whom my wife, Shelby, & I love very much and look after and protect as much as we can. We barely spend any time together anymore as she is in college and focused all on her work and classes. Anyways my wife & I took her out for her birthday for dinner, not to some ordinary restaurant but to a high class, elegant restaurant where they charge you an arm and a leg but we didn't mind because it was us who were paying and not her. Our "small" treat to her (amongst other things). Before we left the house, I had put on some cologne that Elysabeth had bought me once as a present a few months back and as I buttoned up my shirt, I saw a pair of Elysabeth’s panties that I had taken out of the corner of my eye and my cock started to get hard. I quickly brushed them under the bed and cleared my head and headed to the living room where Shelby was getting her jacket on since Elysabeth was still getting dressed and putting her makeup on and doing the whole nine yards. Elysabeth isn’t ugly, she’s the type of girl that guys chase after and want to be with, and body wise, she takes after my wife with big natural breasts and a nice ass (to be honest I think Elysabeth is a 32DD last time I peeked). Well Elysabeth was wearing a tight dress that came down until a hands-width away from her knees and by god I couldn’t help but stare and my wife caught me staring and gave me a sharp jab in the ribs while laughing lightlyand remarked “Ben, I see you staring at her.” So we get into my Chevy Suburban and we pull out and start to head to the restaurant… While driving I always check the rear-view mirror for vehicles that are behind me and while I checked I would check out Elysabeth and her long bronze legs and I thought I saw her panties and that made my cock jump… So I took my eyes off the rear-view and tried to focus on my driving but the memory of her scent drove me nuts, I kept looking and my wife soon saw that I would frequently look at the rear view and asked “Ben, is everything ok? Is someone following us?” (she’s a criminal lawyer). “No Shelb” I replied and stopped looking for 5 minutes until out of the corner of my eye I saw Elysabeth spread her legs a bit and then more and more and that’s when I figured out that she knew I wanted her…

During dinner I would occasionally feel a leg brush up against mine but nobody apologized and I would look at Shelby to see if it was her but there was no facial difference to indicate that it was her who was playing footsies with me and when I would look at Elysabeth, she would smile and continue eating. At one point, I got up to excuse myself to place an important phone call and noticed that my wife and Elysabeth where talking and it didn’t seem a nice conversation because Elysabeth’s face was showing an angry motion. Soon she got up and started heading my way and waited until I hung up. “Elysabeth, whats wrong my dear?” I asked to which she replied “Nothing is wrong Daddy,. Can I have the keys to the Suburban?”. Now she knows I never let anyone drive my Suburban so it deemed me suspicious so I walked out towards the car with her in tow and asked “Elysabeth, tell me what is really wrong”. She then leaned against the car and looked at me dead in the eye and said “Dad, I know you have been stealing my panties,” to which I stammered and became red in the face, thanking God that it was already dark out. “It’s alright that you do, I know you were looking at me in the car too.” I couldn’t deny it if the girl knew straight out, but I tried, “What do you mean?! You really think that daddy would do that to his daughter?”. She looked at me, smiled and said “If I can prove it, will you stop denying it and stop being so secret about it?” I replied, “Sure, be my guest honey”. She then reached up her dress, pulled down her panties (which turned out to be Victoria Secret lace-waist) which I had had my eyes on for a while and I wanted them.. she held them out in front of me and touched my crotch to only to my surprise to feel a hard cock. “Oh man, I am caught” I whispered, “Yes you are dad, now get in the car and show me what you do with my panties” she said with a laugh. “No, it’s not going to happen Elysabeth, not here and not now…. Probably not ever.” I replied with a gasp as she gently squeezed my erection through my pants. “Then when we get home, or else I will tell mom”, she said reassuringly. She slipped her panties back on and went back into the restaurant while I regained my composure and let my cock deflate before heading back in to both women. We had desert quickly and I paid the check and tipped the waitress and we headed back home. During the trip Shelby talked a little bit about her day and I really wasn’t paying attention, my mind was focused on Elysabeth’s threat and what she wanted me to do… Truth is, I really wanted to whip my cock out and show her right there and then but I yearned for her to suck me and let me fuck her good. God how I fantasized about making love to her! We got home and Shelby told me she was going to take a bubble bath to relax and Elysabeth immediately winked at me and motioned a jerking off motion with her hand. I froze, I could have sworn Shelby saw her do it.. I replied to Shelby that I would be in the living room watching TV if she needed me for anything. Elysabeth bent over to turn on the TV just enough for me to see her beautiful ass cheeks and that made my cock grow quickly, she turned around and bit her lip and whispered “You like what you see don’t you daddy? You want to fuck your little girl so badly don’t you?”. I could barely speak, my daughter? Talking like this? How could she have known? What if my wife walked in right now and heard her talking like this? “Don’t lie to yourself, and don’t lie to me daddy, you know you want to” she continued, I couldn’t speak, so all I did was grab my crotch and nod. “Good”, she said as she smiled and pulled her panties to the side to give me a view of her beautiful pussy. I groaned lightly and looked at her with a lustful look and blurted out “Elysabeth, I can’t help it, you are so beautiful and your scent, god its so amazing, I have been stealing your panties since you were 16 and I have watched you masturbate a few times, I want you so bad but mom…”. She interrupted me and said: “Shut up and just do it, I can be quiet, can you? I have been thinking about you fucking me since I was 14.”. That set me off, I unzipped my pants, pushed them down, and freed my cock. My daughters jaw dropped and she immediately got down on her knees, grabbed my cock with one hand and started to lick the head of my cock causing me to twitch and groan. “Shut the fuck up dad! Mom will hear!” she whispered, “I can’t help it baby” I replied. I then grabbed her and laid her down on the couch and attacked her clit with my tongue and slid a finger easily into her tight pussy. “Ahh” she cried out, “Are you still a virgin Elysabeth?” I asked quickly, “Yes daddy… your virgin” she replied in a small, whimpering voice. I gasped and continued to lick her pussy as she pulled her top down and exposed her beautiful breasts which I started to caress with my free hand. I stopped and licked her nipples a few times which caused her to arch her back. “Take me daddy, please” she begged, “Not yet my love, soon” I relpied, “No daddy, take me now,” she pleaded “just stick it in me.” She grabbed my cock and guided it to her opening “Is it going to hurt bad daddy?” she asked with a scared look in her eyes “You’re so huge daddy” she said quickly before I could answer. “Yes Elysabeth, it will hurt at first but then it will go away and only feel good, I promise” I looked at her and kissed her, god her lips were so good looking and she kissed like a pro! I slid my cock into her slowly and felt the resistance just as she screamed into a pillow in pain. “Shh baby, it will be over in 3,2,1..” and I thrust myself deep into her, ripping her and taking her virginity causing her to scream louder and then whimper as the pain soon started to go away. “Mmm daddy, that hurt but it feels soo good“ she cooed as I thrust myself in and out of her slowly. “Ohh baby, you are so beautiful” I whispered as I continued to fuck her softly. “Harder daddy” she whimpered as I started to go faster and harder.. that’s when we heard Shelby yell down “Ben! Stop watching porn!” Elysabeth and I laughed quietly and I replied “I’m sorry, I was flipping thru channels and stopped on the Playboy channel by accident but there was this really pretty 19 year old who was getting it by an older guy!” and started to fuck Elysabeth again. I put my hand over her mouth so that she wouldn’t be as loud as she was before. “Ohh daddy, I am just a little girl tho, and your cock is huge!!” she moaned, “Oh baby, you aren’t a little girl anymore, you are a woman now” I said in between thrusts, “I want to be daddy’s woman” she whimpered out and looked at me with the most sexiest look I have ever seen. I continued to fuck her and caress her breasts until she froze, her mouth opened in a mixture look of shock, frightened, and embarrassed. That’s when I heard Shelby clear her throat “mmmhhmmm”. I froze. This was it, our marriage is over, I’m ruined just because of my stupid little fantasy… “I see what you mean by the Playboy Channel Ben” Shelby said slowly as she walked towards me. I pulled out slowly and just sat there not looking at anything. “So our daughter is that 19 year old and you are the older guy huh? I knew you were sexually attracted to Elysabeth, Ben. It wasn’t hard to tell. The way you look at her, the way you stare, the way you smile and you attitude changes… I saw your bulge earlier tonight in the car.” She says slowly as she reaches and touches my chin and turns it towards her. “Look at me love” she says commandingly. I look to see her nude body, full round breasts staring at me, clean shaven pussy glistening in the room’s light, I could see she was extremely turned on by the sight of me fucking our daughter. “Get that cock hard again, and finish what you started” she said. My daughter was shocked, she stammered out “M-m-mom you- you aren’t m-mad?”. “No, my dear daughter, I find it incredibly sexy that daddy is sexually attracted to you and actually followed thru with it. I knew he was stealing your panties” I slid myself back into my daughter as my wife started to finger herself after she sat on the recliner. My daughter didn’t hold back the moans, she was loud. REAL loud and my wife seemed to enjoy it. The mixture of my wife’s moans and my daughters moans were too much for me to handle… I felt my balls tightening up and the feeling of an orgasm started to come on to me… I moaned that I was going to cum to which my wife started to push me deep into my daughter telling me to fill her up with my hot cum… My daughter wasn’t even listening, I felt her pussy tightening as she had her orgasm and that set me off, I started to cum, I shot rope after rope of semen deep into her, the most I ever have cummed it seemed like. She cooed for a bit moaning “its soo warm daddy” and then asked “Oh shit, I’m not on BC, am I going to get pregnant?!” My wife replied “Probably, yes.” My daughter got scared but we calmed her down and told her it would be alright. We all kissed and then my daughter and I went to go take showers… we decided that we would share a shower since we had broken the sexuality boundary between us and I turned on the hot water and waited for it to get hot… I peeked at my daughter and saw a drop of my cum starting to fall out of her pussy and it got me really worked up, my cock got erect really quickly and she started come towards me to suck it but I stopped her and said “I need to please mommy too baby” and she understood. We both got into the shower and cleaned ourselves up and dried each other off and headed to bed.

To Be Continued….

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omg this reminds me of a story i read on are you the same girl from there?

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omg this reminds me of a story i read on are you the same girl from there?

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omg this reminds me of a story i read on are you the same girl from there?

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