After spending four years in the service I was finally out. I had joined when I was only seventeen. I had gone with a friend while on leave after my first tour overseas and we had discovered a lost tomb in Asia. It was overgrown and hidden by vines and trees. What made it worth while to me was the treasure vault we found below it.

I had bought a home in the suburbs before getting out. It was a summer evening and I had been home long enough to get bored. I decided to go visit an old friend and drove into the city. The house was sitting back from the street and had tall fences. There were a lot of cars but I was able to park to one side on the drive.

I could hear a party going on in the backyard and grinned as I remembered the parties before I had left. I walked around the house and into the back. There was probably thirty people here, half were girls or young women. I walked up behind my friend as he talked to two guys and put my finger against the back of his head, “you still owe me a hundred bucks Jay.”

He looked back and grinned as he turned and gave me a hug, “Storm!”

I grinned as I hugged him and pushed him back, “I thought you were a respectable banker now?”

He grinned and looked around, “only at work.”

I laughed and he turned to pull a stunning blonde to him, “this is my bitch Sandra.”

I smiled, “bitch?”

Sandra grinned as Jay reached to her neck and the collar, “bitch.”

I grinned, “so you are still into the dom game.”

He laughed, “that’s the only one. Your niece Eve is inside letting all the guys fuck her. She has been trying for two years to get someone to accept her as their slave.”

I frowned, “Eve is fourteen.”

He shrugged, “you know how controlling your asshole brother is. Well, he has been worse since his wife died. He has also become a real dog with the bar women. He knows Eve is having sex and only told her to use birth control.”

I looked at him and then at the house and Sandra whispered just load enough for me to hear, “he isn’t happy.”

I looked at her and then at Jay, “no I’m not.”

Jay looked around, “she wants...”

I held up my hand, “you’re an asshole Jay. You just told me you have been fucking my niece since she was twelve. You are using her if for two years she has been doing this and not getting what she wants.”

He shifted, “no one wants a girl that could get them put in prison.”

I looked at him hard as a man put his hand on my shoulder, “this guy causing problems Jay?”

My elbow struck back and into his gut before I turned and yanked his head back by the hair, “never touch me asshole.”

I shoved him away and looked at Jay as the party went quiet. He licked his lips, “what are you going to do?”

I sighed and shook my head, “give my niece something she wants.”

He grinned and Sandra whispered in his ear. He looked at her before grinning at me, “Sandra has a bitch Eve’s age. I was going to start breeding her and... she is Eve’s friend. You can take both of them.”

I looked at him before shaking my head, “get the other girl, I will find Eve.”

I started for the door as he followed with his bitch Sandra behind him. I found Eve bent over the arm of a couch, her slit was leaking cum with a small puddle on the floor. I rubbed her clit with a finger, “stand up.”

Eve wiggled and then stood and turned to me before her eyes went wide, “uncle Storm!”

I nodded, “uncle Storm. Go get dressed and come back, I’m taking you home with me.”

She walked into the hall and I turned to look at the few men that had followed me. The guy I had elbowed was glaring and I smiled, “jump.”

He looked around and I took a step, “don’t look for help, jump or walk away.”

He looked at me before spinning and pushing his way through the others. I looked at them and they turned to leave too. It was ten minutes before my niece returned with Jay and Sandra following. Behind them was a stunning girl. She had golden hair that was tied back in a pony tail that dropped to her waist.

Her breasts looked pert and her hips were starting to fill out. She was carrying a suitcase and I could see she was frightened. I turned and led the way out the front door and then across the yard to my four door jeep. I opened the back door, “in.”

Eve climbed in carrying a small back pack and I took the suitcase from the other girl. She climbed in as I walked to the back and opened it to set the suitcase inside. I walked back to Jay, “no more underage girls at your parties Jay, I have lost enough friends.”

He grinned and slugged my shoulder, “how about I come to your place?”

I smiled and glanced at Sandra hanging on his arm before giving him the address. I walked around and got in before carefully backing out and around the other cars. I stopped on the street to dial my brother’s cell before starting to drive. I slipped the blue tooth out of my shirt pocket and into my ear.

When my brother finally answered he sounded abrupt, “what!”

I shook my head, “I found your daughter being fucked by several guys.”

“She’s a whore, what do you expect me to do?”

I glanced in my mirror at Eve, “give custody to me.”

I could hear the way his voice picked up, “you want her?”

I pulled into the large parking lot of a super mart, “yes.”

“I’ll do up papers and send them to you.”

He hung up and I shook my head as I parked and got out. I opened Eve’s door and helped her out before doing the same for the other girl, “what’s your name?”

She kept her head down, “Mia.”

I locked the jeep and started for the door. I went to the pet section and tried several studded collars until I found ones that would fit the two girls. I grabbed two long leather leashes and headed towards the cashier. I let the girls get in the jeep before driving home. Once I parked under the carport I turned and fished out a collar and handed it to Eve, “put this on.”

Her eyes were wide as she took it and did as I told her. I got out and opened the back door before going to get the suitcase. I led the two girls into my house and then back to my bedroom. I set the suitcase inside the walk in closet and turned to the girls, “undress.”

Eve stripped eagerly but Mia was slow and hesitant as I undressed. I snapped the leash on Eve’s collar and turned to walk back to the front room, “come on.”

I motioned to the couch and waited until they were sitting. I sat on the coffee table in front of them and looked at my niece, “you want to belong to a man and be his slave?”

She nodded as she bit her lip and I looked at Mia, “from the way you act you don’t.”

She shook her head and I smiled, “would you mind having sex with me?”

She grinned and shook her head again and I nodded before looking at Eve, “you will call me master and do what I tell you.”

She nodded and grinned and I looked at Mia, “you can call me Storm.”

She nodded and I looked back and forth, “Eve, you will call Mia mistress or mistress Mia.”

She looked at her friend a moment before grinning and nodding again. I looked at Mia, “you will call her slave or bitch.”

Mia nodded with a slight smile and I stood and pulled Eve up and around the arm of the couch before bending her over like I had first seen her. I rubbed through her slimy slit and fingered her hard nub of a clit. She shuddered and a moan escaped. I looked at Mia, “have you ever had anyone lick your pussy?”

She shook her head and I smiled and squeezed Eve’s clit, “turn and scoot under my bitch’s head and she will lick your pussy.”

She grinned as she twisted and threw a leg onto the back of the couch before scooting down. Eve reached under her hips to pull her close before pushing her face into her trimmed pussy. I turned and bent my cock before pushing into Eve in one long thrust. She groaned as my thick cock sank into her but kept licking her friend.

I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts as her tight pussy grasped and squeezed. She was slick and slimy so it was easy for my cock to move through her pussy. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman and I needed to cum. I began planting my cock and humping and pushing and a couple of minutes later Eve wailed as her pussy clenched, “ffffuuuuccckkkk!”

She spasmed and jerked as I shoved all the way into her and held her while I peed cum against and through her cervix. She continued to shake and push back until I was finished and pulled out. I smiled at Mia as she laid back, “come help me wash her?”

She moved back and I pulled Eve up. I reached for the leash and led her back to the bathroom with Mia following. I didn’t have a douche but thought the shower head would work. I took Eve’s collar off and pulled her into the shower and Mia followed. I pulled the shower head down and touched Eve’s inner thigh, “spread them.”

She grinned and did as I told her. I held the spray against her pussy and Mia giggled as she reached down to open Eve’s pussy. She started pushing her fingers into her pussy and cum ran out. I finally stopped and replaced the shower head where it was before starting to wash her, “where would you like your first time Mia?”

She grinned, “outside in the grass. On my back with my legs up and spread so you can do me deep.”

Eve grinned and turned to cup her breasts, “I like it that way too.”

I rubbed her butt, “you seem to like it anyway.”

She laughed and looked back, “I do.”

I pulled them out and dried them off before replacing the collar on Eve. I handed the leash to Mia before heading towards the kitchen. I made cold drinks and went out the back door with Mia following and Eve behind her. I set the drinks on the patio table and nodded to the backyard and the pool, “take my bitch for a walk and find the spot you want me to use.”

Mia grinned as she started walking and Eve began pointing areas out. I watched the two naked girls and smiled at the way they acted with each other. Mia led Eve back and smiled, “under the tree in the right corner.”

I took the leash and slipped an arm around her waist before I started for the grassy spot she had pointed out. When I stopped I dropped the leash and looked at Eve, “sit.”

She grinned as she crossed her legs and sat while I turned to pull Mia against me and kissed her. I sat with her as I kept kissing and slowly lay her back. I caressed down her body as I continued to kiss her and rubbed her pussy before gently fingering her clit. It was a minute before she moaned and shuddered and I turned to move over her.

She spread her legs for me but I kissed her once more before kissing down her body. When I reached her pussy I licked through it and used two fingers to open it. I started to lick and then nibble and finally covered her clit. It took her a few minutes to spasm and shudder and she cried out and twisted away as she covered her pussy.

I smiled as I moved back up her body and kissed her again. I lifted and forced my cock into her extremely tight hole before I began to fuck her. I used slow thrusts to push my cock deeper until it was all the way inside her and pressing against the back of her pussy. She clutched me as her pussy clenched and she shuddered hard, “ooohhhh!”

I started fucking her and burying my cock with each thrust to hump and grind. It didn’t take her long to lift her hips and thrust back. Her shudders turned to spasms and then convulsions as she lifted and spread her legs, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I shoved into her and began to jab and grind as I kept kissing her. I waited for her to take a deep breath before I began to fuck her hard and deep. She jerked and grabbed me as she squirted and screamed, “fffuuuucccckkkkk!”

I continued to fuck her while she spasmed and a minute later thrust into her in time to gush and spew thick spurts of cum. Mia jerked and thrust her hips up as warm sperm was pumped into her. I kissed her and held it until I was done cumming and pulled back to smile. She grinned as her cummy pussy squeezed my cock, “I loved that.”

I leaned down and whispered, “make Eve lick you after I pull out.”

I kissed her and she giggled as I pulled out and laid beside her. She lifted her head, “come lick his cum out of me... slave bitch.”

Eve grinned as she moved straight between Mia’s legs and started licking and shoving her tongue into Mia. I bent to suck on her nipples while she shivered and lifted her hips as her breathing changed. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and shuddered hard while pushing Eve away.

I grinned and reached for the leash as I stood, “come along bitch.”

Eve stood and pulled Mia up, “yes master.”

I led them into the house and set the leash on the kitchen table, “sit.”

I smiled at Mia, “have you had dinner?”

She shook her head and I turned to start cooking, after dinner I cleaned up. I led Eve into the front room and turned the TV on. I sat and pulled on the leash before pulling Eve onto my lap, “what would you like to watch Mia?”

She sat beside me and grinned as she named a show. I changed the channel and handed her the remote before cupping one of Eve’s breasts and reaching down to finger her, “spread your legs.”

I played with Eve and fingered her for two hours before taking both girls to bed. I fucked Eve twice more and Mia once before laying back and pulling both against me to sleep. I woke up early like always and nudged Mia. She opened her eyes and I smiled, “horny?”

She grinned, “do me from behind?”

I waited for her to roll onto her stomach before turning to move over her and between her spread legs. I pushed into her almost hot pussy and started to fuck her with my usual morning need. She grunted and tilted her hips as I fucked her with deep thrusts and a couple of minutes later she spasmed as her pussy clenched, “ooohhhh!”

I continued to fuck her as she shuddered and it wasn’t long before she began to jerk . A minute later I shoved into her and held her as I peed a thick stream of cum. Mia kicked the bed as her tight pussy rippled and squeezed while she screamed, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

When I was done I kissed her bare shoulder before pulling out. I looked at Eve as she watched us and smiled as I moved towards her, “on your back and spread your legs.”

She grinned as she rolled onto her back and I moved over her. I kissed her and pushed into her before I started to fuck her slimy pussy. She wrapped her legs and arms around me as I continued to fuck her with long thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her slick pussy grasped and tried to milk my cock.

A minute later she was wailing as she thrashed around and bucked. It was another five minutes of riding her before I thrust into her and buried my cock. I kissed her as I began to gush strong spurts of cum. She thrust up as her pussy squeezed, “cccuuuummmmiiiinnnnggggg!”

She jerked and spasmed as she continued to cling to me while I flooded her with sperm. When I was done I pulled out and reached to the side of the bed. I attached her leash and slipped out of bed, “bathroom and showers.”

After washing, I watched as Eve took her birth control pill with Mia. She grinned, “Jay was going to take them away when I ran out.”

I pulled Eve after me with Mia following, “I’ll wait until Eve is sixteen before breeding her.”

When I sat her down she was grinning. I caressed her face and looked at Mia, “I’ll do you too if you want.”

She grinned and nodded as I turned to pull out cereal. After breakfast I led them back to the bedroom, “get dressed.”

First I took them to my brother’s, he wasn’t home which was okay. I had Eve pack and then I took the girls to the closest mall. I bought long stocking with corsets, sexy panties and bras all for Mia. For Eve I bought catsuits and crotchless panties and bras with nipple slits. I bought them both a slim gold band with a single small diamond.

When we got home I helped Eve carry her things into the bedroom before rubbing her butt, “put the black catsuit on with your collar and leash and come to the kitchen.”

I grinned and winked at Mia and she laughed as she started undressing too. I was making lunch when mistress Mia led Eve in on her leash. Eve wore a black crotchless catsuit and Mia had long stockings with a garter belt, a corset and a lace bra, all in black. I grinned as I stopped what I was doing and took the leash, “thanks Mia. Could you finish making lunch?”

She grinned and nodded as I led Eve into the front room. I had her straddle the arm of the couch and lay forward. I started feeling and fingering her pussy and slipped a finger into her. She shuddered and moaned as her tight pussy grasped my finger. I quickly stripped and moved behind her before slowly forcing my cock into her.

I held her as I began to fuck into her deeper and she started pushing back. It wasn’t long before I began to fuck her hard and deep. I was shoving into her and humping and pressing as I reached under her to rub her clit. Eve jerked and spasmed while her tight pussy grasped at my cock. I used my other hand to started rubbing her asshole.

I went back to fucking her with long strokes. She bucked and shuddered hard while she started wailing as she squirted. It took another five minutes before I thrust into her with my thumb buried in her ass. My cock was throbbing as she jerked and her pussy squeezed continuously.

I grunted when I began to spurt and gush cum deep inside her and Eve lifted and shoved back. When I was done I bent to kiss the back of her neck, “thank you my bitch.”

She shuddered as her tight pussy kept milking my cock, “anytime master.”

I pulled out and then helped her up and took the leash to pull her into the kitchen. I undid the leash and pushed her towards Mia, “take her place.”

Mia turned and came to me and I pulled her onto my lap. I cupped a breast, “I was thinking of a vacation. I know of a nudist camp on a river.”

She looked at me and I grinned, “want to get a nice tan?”

She grinned and pulled my hand down to her pussy, “can we still keep the collar on Eve?”

I grinned and started fingering her, “I would think so.”

Eve brought the grilled cheese sandwiches to the table and I gestured, “sit and eat.”

She grinned as I held a sandwich with my other hand for her friend to take a bite. Mia ate but started to wiggle and squirm and I finally lifted her and positioned my cock and she pushed and wiggled down it with a moan. Eve smiled as Mia started to thrust back and forth and shudder. I caressed and felt her body while her tight pussy clenched and squeezed.

It was several minutes before she began to convulse and wail. I reached down to rub her clit as her pussy milked my cock and started thrusting up. Mia jerked and shuddered violently a few minutes later when I held her and pumped cum up into her. After I was done I just held her as she slowly relaxed.

We had just finished eating when someone knocked. I went to the door while Eve and Mia waited in the kitchen. I opened the door after looking out and Jay walked in with his bitch. I closed the door behind them, “my slave... bring two cold beers.”

Eve came out a minute later and Jay grinned as Mia followed her with the leash. I gave a beer to Jay and sat before pulling Mia onto my lap, “have a seat.”

I think Eve and Mia had talked because she knelt beside my leg. Sandra grinned as she reached out to push her daughter’s legs open, “he breeding you Mia?”

I looked at Jay and raised an eyebrow and he leaned forward to pull Sandra onto his lap, “quiet bitch.”

Mia wiggled and looked at me, “yes Storm is breeding me but I’m not his bitch and you can call me Mistress.”

Jay laughed as Sandra grinned and I hugged Mia, “so I was thinking of taking a vacation to a nudist camp.”

Mia cleared her throat and looked at Eve as she turned and spread her legs, “slave bitch, my pussy is leaking cum.”

Eve grinned and turned to move between her friend’s legs and started licking her. Jay stared and then looked at me and I shrugged, “Mia doesn’t want to waste the cum.”

He grinned and looked at Sandra as she giggled. I looked at Jay, “want to come with us?”

He shook his head, “I have work.”

I hugged Mia as she shuddered and humped while moaning, “no vacation time?”

He looked at Eve before grinning, “well yeah but I have an audit coming up.”

I reached down to touch Eve and she stopped and leaned back as Mia panted. I shook my head as I leaned back, “you could come out on a weekend?”

He grinned as Sandra wiggled beside him, “where you going to stay?”

I looked at Mia, “what do you think, a hotel or camping?”

She grinned, “well if we camp we don’t have to get dressed.”

She moved off me, “your master is hard slave bitch.”

Eve looked at me and stood before straddling me. She sat and pushed my hard cock into her and sighed. Mia rubbed her butt, “fuck him.”

Eve grinned as she began thrusting back and forth while she rolled her hips. I held her hips lightly as I grinned, “camping sounds good.”

Jay laughed and took a drink of beer before looking at Sandra, “when he finished you can lick the cum out of his bitch.”

Mia scooted forward on the couch, “she can practice licking mine.”

Jay grinned and pushed Sandra who laughed and moved down and between her daughter’s legs. I watched and then looked at Jay, “so you want to come up on the weekends?”

He nodded, “sure, I’ll bring my bitch’s collar and leash so we can walk the beach.”

Mia shuddered and jerked her hips, “like my lover’s cum bitch?”

Sandra grinned up her body, “yes mistress.”

I grinned as Jay chuckled and Eve began jerking and shuddering hard. Her tight pussy gripped my cock as she rubbed and ground her pussy on me while she put her mouth against my shoulder to scream. I looked at her and rubbed her back as my cock throbbed and jerked inside her. It was a minute before I pulled her down as she spasmed again.

She jerked as I began pumping spurts of cum. Her pussy contracted and began squeezing and milking the cum into her as I pumped thick spurts. When I was done Eve sighed and I gave her a kiss, “Very nice. Now go sit and get the cum that leaks out licked up.”

She grinned and stood before moving around Sandra to sit on the couch with her legs spread. Mia pushed her mother’s face away from her pussy, “go lick the cum out of our cum slave.”

Sandra grinned as she moved over between Eve’s legs and pushed her tongue into her. Mia moved to sit on my lap while looking at Jay. I caressed her hips, “so what have you been up to?”

Fifteen years later I can look back and see where the two girls changed my life. I married Mia when she turned sixteen and Eve is still happy as my slave. It isn’t as obvious now that we have children but my four daughters know since they are at that age and have learned to tempt me until I take Eve or Mia to bed.
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