My dad had died when I was young so it had just been mom and I until I was ten. She married Henry and everything seemed good. Henry’s daughter, my step sister was a fiery short haired red head and two years younger than me. I guess we were close enough but not sexually at least not until mom caught Henry cheating.

Mom and Spice were constantly together and Spice was like her real daughter. I was sixteen the night I heard mom and Henry arguing and came out of my room to see what was wrong. I slipped up behind Spice and put my arms around her, “What’s going on Ginger Spice?”

She glanced back and frowned, “would you believe dad is fooling around with his secretary?”

I blinked and leaned forward to look into the other room, “Why? We both know mom likes sex and...”

Spice shook her head, “He’s a stupid man.”

I looked at her and then turned to pull her with me into my room, “Let’s wait for mom.”

I let Spice use my computer while I worked on building a tiny wooden barn model for a project. It was a couple of hours before she jerked up and I looked at her, “What?”

She turned to look at me before turning to shut a web browser down, “Nothing.”

I kept looking at her and she blushed, “Do you think mom is sexy?”

I grinned, “you mean do I masturbate thinking of her.”

Spice grinned, “Yeah.”

I laughed and glanced at the door, “You and mom are both hot, Ginger Spice.”

She looked a little startled and then grinned, “You think I’m sexy?”

I grinned, “I could eat you for desert.”

She laughed as she stood, “I’m going to see mom.”

I watched her leave and shook myself before turning to put everything I was working on away. When I went out my step dad was gone but I could hear mom and Spice in her room. I went into the kitchen and looked around before cleaning up and then starting a large quick meal that was in the freezer.

I was just putting dinner on the table when mom and Spice came in. Mom was wearing a sheer night gown that didn’t hide anything. She smiled as she crossed to me and pressed against me to give me a kiss, “Thank you Ben.”

I put my arms around her and hugged her, “You okay?”

She smiled, “I will be.”

I glanced at Spice in her long tee shirt and she grinned before lifting the hem to flash her trimmed pussy. I looked at mom who giggled before pushing me towards my seat, “Later.”

My cock was painfully hard as I sat to eat and looking at mom’s breasts through the night gown didn’t help. After dinner I cleaned up while mom and Spice watched. When I was done, mom stood and walked to me and took my hand, “You know your step father is fixed right?”

I glanced at Spice as she came up behind mom, “yeah.”

She smiled, “I want you to fuck me Ben. I want you to fuck me and put a baby in me. If Henry is going to fuck around so can I.”

Spice nodded, “me too.”

Mom grinned back at her, “but you take your birth control pills.”

I grinned and turned to pull mom after me, “You two are going to get so fucked tonight.”

They laughed and followed after me as I went into my room and closed the door behind us. I reached for mom’s night gown and pulled it off before turning to Spice. She grinned and pulled her tee shirt up and off before reaching for me at the same time as mom. They both stripped me and mom pushed me to my bed.

I was lucky I had bought a new bed or we wouldn’t have fit. I pushed mom onto the bed and she laid back before opening her arms. I turned and kissed Spice before crawling onto mom. I kissed her and moved down when she tried to position my cock, “tonight you belong to me and I get to do what I want.”

They laughed as I sucked on one of her nipples before kissing down her body. I stopped at her pussy and opened it before hesitantly licking through it. She shuddered and her hips lifted as I pushed my tongue into her and then went back to licking. I teased her clit by wiggling my tongue against it and then sucking on it.

It wasn’t long before she was shaking and moaning as she kept pushing her pussy up. I finally stopped and moved up her body and lifted up. I guided my cock and pushed into her wonderful pussy in one long, slow push. Mom shuddered and put her arms around me as I kept pushing until my cock was buried.

I shifted and rolled over and rubbed her hips and sides. She sat up and I cupped her breasts. Spice came closer and grinned as she moved up and pushed one of her firm breasts into my face. Mom started rocking as her pussy rippled around and squeezed my cock. I started sucking on the pretty pink nipple shoved into my mouth.

I was thrusting up into mom’s warm, velvety pussy. It wasn’t long before she was wailing and fucking my cock erratically as her pussy milked my cock and she spasmed. Spice kept shuddering and jerking and finally pulled away. I groaned as mom’s pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock.

I reached for her and pulled her down before shifting around and starting to fuck her with deep thrusts that pushed into her cervix. I needed to cum and a few moments later mom jerked and looked at me in surprise. I buried my throbbing cock as she lifted her legs and tilted her hips. I shuddered hard as I suddenly began to pee cum through her cervix.

Mom jerked hard as her pussy tightened, “HOLY FUCK!”

She shuddered and jerked as I kept pumping more cum into her. When I was done I sighed and relaxed before giving her a kiss. Mom groaned as I pulled out of her and then giggled, “Damn you can fuck.”

I grinned as I pushed Spice onto her back, “Your turn Ginger Spice.”

She grinned and spread her legs as I slid down her body. I licked through her pussy and captured her clit before sucking as I used my tongue to tease it. Spice moaned and shuddered as she lifted her hips. I continued to lick and use my tongue as she started panting and thrusting up. It was several minutes before she grunted and squirted while jerking and shuddering hard.

I had felt her hymen and moved up before positioning my cock. I kissed Spice as she continued to spasm and shoved into her hard. She screamed and started wiggling as I worked my cock into her deeper and laid on her. Mom moved against us and caressed Spice’s cheek as she struggled, “Hold still and wait Spice.”

I kissed her and held her as she cried and she put her arms around me, “That really hurt.”

Mom smiled, “I warned you it would.”

I nibbled on her neck and then her ear and kept kissing her. She finally shook me, “okay fuck me.”

I looked at her as I humped into her. She winched as I fucked her slowly with long strokes. It was a couple of minutes before she shivered and her hips lifted as her pussy tightened. She looked at me and smiled before I kissed her passionately and started fucking her with deep thrusts. Each time I buried my cock I pressed and humped.

It wasn’t long before she was shaking and thrusting up as she moaned. A couple more minutes and Spice shuddered hard before beginning to convulse as her warm pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. She started bucking and thrashing around as she howled and wailed. She squirted me a couple of times as she clung to me tight.

I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She wrapped her legs around me and I kissed her passionately. My cock throbbed and erupted in a thick stream of warm cum. She jerked and shuddered as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock while I continued to flood her. When I stopped cumming she pulled away from my kiss with a sigh, “that was nice.”

Mom chuckled, “You better remember your birth control in the morning.”

I pulled out of Spice and grinned at mom before rolling her onto her stomach. I fucked both of them until after midnight and we fell asleep holding each other. I woke to mom slipping off the bed and turned to look at Spice stretching. I grinned and reached over to rub her nipples, “careful or I will stretch something else.”

She grinned as mom laughed from the door. She turned and rolled onto me, “My pussy is sore.”

I reached down and held her butt as I gave her a kiss, “Than I guess I better put some ointment in.”

She giggled as she twisted and rolled away, “you put enough in last night.”

She climbed out of bed and walked towards the door. Something had changed the way she walked and I stared at her hips and butt before getting out of bed. I followed Spice into the bathroom and she looked up and opened her mouth as I stopped at the shower, “don’t forget your pill this morning.”

She grinned, “I won’t.”

I climbed into the shower and turned the water on and a minute later she joined me. She pressed against me and rubbed her bare breasts against my chest, “Last night was great, thank you.”

I kissed her softly before turning her around and cupping her breasts, “I get to wash you.”

She laughed and pushed back as she turned her head, “At least I can douche and use tampons now.”

We spent extra time in the shower before getting out. I went to dress as she headed for her room. When I walked into the kitchen it was to see Henry. I glanced at him as I went to get a bowl of cereal and he blushed and looked away. I ate and cleaned up before looking at him, “I hope she was worth it.”

He jerked as I walked out and went to do some chores. I mowed and raked and trimmed and cleaned the pool and spa. I cleaned the garage and sprayed around the base of the house with bug spray. I was hot and sweaty when I came in at lunch time. Mom, Spice and a young woman I recognized as my step father’s secretary were at the kitchen table.

I drank a glass of cold water before heading to the bathroom and another shower. I turned when the shower door opened and mom stepped in, Spice followed her and then the woman. I looked at mom and she smiled, “This is Pepper and the reason Henry cheated.”

I didn’t know what to say but mom rubbed my chest, “She doesn’t have a boyfriend. She has always made the guy wear protection.”

Mom looked at her and then back at me, “She is nice Ben.”

I looked at the woman as Spice hugged me from behind, “I like her to Ben.”

I glanced at her and then at mom, “What...”

Mom grinned, “She likes your stepfather. We have been talking and I think she will be moving in and we will share Henry equally.”

She reached down to stroke my cock, “and you.”

I shuddered, “you start that again and we will be in bed for hours.”

She laughed as Spice giggled and the woman grinned. I sighed and pulled mom close, “You sure?”

She nodded and kissed me, “you still need to knock me up.”

She looked at the woman, “Her name is Pepper and she will sleep with you tonight.”

I looked at Pepper and then at Spice and she grinned, “no you don’t, my pussy is still sore.”

I grinned and turned back to mom, “okay mom after you so you get the most.”

She laughed and scratched my chest before turning me and starting to wash me. I grinned when Spice pulled Pepper in front of me and stuck out her tongue. I grinned and looked at the nervous woman, “I’m Ben.”

She rubbed my chest, “I’m sorry about what happened... your dad was just so nice and sexy and... well, I was lonely and didn’t have anyone and...”

I touched her lips, “hush.”

I washed her gently before kissing her cheek and turning to let mom wash my front. Spice moved around to rubbed her body on me and a moment later Pepper was too. After mom finished and we had dried off, Pepper gave me a soft kiss, “thanks.”

She grabbed her clothes and started dressing as mom pulled me out and across to my room. I turned her and caressed her hips as I held her against me. She sighed and kissed me back before pressing against me. I smiled and sat her on the bed before kneeling and leaning down to lick her pussy. Mom shivered and spread her legs as she lay back.

I nibbled and licked and teased her clit and sucked and pushed my tongue into her before starting all over again. It was awhile before she jerked and shuddered hard and covered her pussy. I looked up and then stood and helped her into the middle of my bed. I moved between her legs and kissed her as I humped and slowly pushed my cock into her.

Her pussy was warm and slippery as it squeezed my cock and I began to fuck deeper. Mom lifted her legs as she clung to me, “ooohhhhh!”

I kept fucking her slowly and it wasn’t long before she started bucking and squirming under me. Her legs were waving and kicked in the air as she wet me and her pussy spasmed. She wailed as she clutched me and pressed her body against mine, “bbbbaaaaabbbbbbyyyyyyy!”

I kissed her passionately and started to fuck her hard and deep, pushing into her as she spread her legs. Every couple of minutes mom would scream, wail or howl as she thrashed around and came. After fifteen minutes I thrust into her and kissed her as I gushed a huge stream of cum.

Mom jerked as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She hugged me and kept kissing me as I pumped spurt after spurt into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and let her legs drop to the bed. I stayed on and in her as I continued to kiss her softly. Mom finally laughed and shook me before rolling until she was on top.

She lifted her hips and my slimy cock came out. She rested on me and kissed me once more before rolling out of bed, “things to do.”

I smiled as I looked at her beautiful body, “like shop for baby things?”

Mom stopped before she reached the door and looked back as she grinned, “now that is a good idea.”

She walked out and headed towards her bedroom, “SPICE!”

I grinned and moved off the bed before dressing. I ate lunch and watched as mom and Spice left holding hands. I went to do something I hadn’t in a few years, I checked the company stocks dad’s life insurance had been invested in. I was shocked and hesitated before changing the dividends to start coming to me.

I went out into the garage and looked at the wood I had before grinning. I used a computer program and then started cutting and sanding. Spice slipped up behind me hours later and wrapped her arms around me, “dinner time.”

I glanced at her and set what I was working on down before turning, “you sure your pussy is sore?”

She grinned and shook me before taking my hand, “maybe you can fuck me tomorrow.”

I let her pull me in and saw Henry and Pepper sitting at the dinner table with mom. I pushed Spice towards it as I went to wash. I sat between mom and Spice and ate, mom got Pepper talking and Henry relaxed. Mom looked at me, “Pepper moved her things into Spice’s room. She is sleeping with you and Spice tonight.”

Henry looked at mom as she looked at him, “you are going to fuck me tonight and sleep with me.”

Spice nodded, “fuck her at least an hour dad.”

He looked at her and then at mom before clearing his throat, “are you sure?”

Mom sighed, “Tomorrow I am sleeping with Ben and Pepper is sleeping with you.”

Henry looked at Pepper and she smiled, “we are sharing you so fuck her good tonight and I’ll fuck you good tomorrow night.”

I grinned as he smiled and Spice leaned towards her, “I’m still sore from last night remember?”

Pepper grinned, “Ben will help me kiss it better.”

Henry snorted before laughing as mom giggled and I grinned, “french kisses.”

That made everyone laugh and Spice grin. After dinner I started cleaning up as mom pulled Pepper and dad into the front room. After I finished Spice took my hand and pulled me in and sat me down before slipping onto my lap. Mom and Pepper were sitting on each side of dad and had big grins.

When the movie ended mom stood and pulled him up. Spice jumped up, “want to get ready for bed with me Pepper?”

She smiled as she stood and followed her while I shut everything off. I went to brush teeth and get ready for bed and walked into my room. Spice and Pepper were already in bed and I hesitated before shutting the light off. I stripped before turning the night light on and walking towards the bed, “lay back Spice.”

She laughed as Pepper giggled and I slipped into bed. I was beside Spice and caressed her pelvis before turning and sliding down. I met Pepper between Spice’s legs and she grinned before starting to lick Spice. I waited until she moved aside and took my turn. I licked through her pussy and sucked on her clit while wiggling my tongue.

I moved and let Pepper take a turn as Spice began humping and shuddering. She lasted almost ten minutes before wailing as she beat the bed and spasmed. She twisted away from Pepper before panting as she pulled her up onto her for a kiss. She rolled and slid down her body, “your turn.”

Pepper laughed as I joined Spice and we began to lick and nibble until she was shaking and shuddering hard. Spice finally moved to the side, “fuck her now.”

I moved up and kissed her and pushed into her. I started slow, with thrusts that pushed my cock deeper. Slow didn’t last as I kept fucking her and went faster and harder until she had her legs spread and in the air while she howled. A few minutes and she was thrashing around wildly as she continued to buck while her pussy clenched and kept squeezing.

It wasn’t long before I shoved into her and kissed her as I began to pump a stream of cum. Pepper jerked and lifted her hips as she screamed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Spice was rubbing my back, “that’s it breed her.”

Pepper spasmed and clutched me as the stream stopped but I spurted a few more times. When I was done I kissed her and she dropped her legs. I pulled out and moved and Spice moved down, “I get to lick up the cum that leaks out.”

Pepper giggled as she spread her legs and lifted her hips. I cupped a breast and bent my head to suck on a nipple. After she shuddered hard and covered her pussy Spice lifted her head and grinned before rolling Pepper onto her stomach, “your turn.”

Pepper laughed as she spread her legs and I moved between them. I pushed into her and started to fuck her as she pushed back. I fucked her six times and Spice licked her after each time too. I held them both with their heads on my shoulder when they went to sleep. I woke to mom’s knock and glanced at the door when she opened it.

She smiled as she crossed to the bed and rubbed Pepper’s bare back, “time to get up.”

She groaned and slowly rolled onto her back and mom winked at me as she turned and bent. She pushed Pepper’s legs open and started licking her cummy pussy. Spice giggled as Pepper shivered and lifted her head and looked down her body while spreading her legs more, “mmmm!”

Spice straddled me and lifted my hard cock before slowly pushing down and wiggling. I shuddered as her tight pussy grasped my cock and reached up to cup and knead her breasts. She grinned as she began to rock and twist her hips. Mom helped Pepper off the bed, “save some for me.”

Spice laughed as she bounced and I groaned. I pulled her down and rolled before kissing her as I began to fuck her nice and deep. She held her legs up and spread so I could fuck all the way into her. I humped and jabbed as she began panting and shuddering. It was a minute before she was bucking as her pussy clenched and tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I grinned as I buried my cock and humped against her. Spice clutched me as she thrashed around, “fffuuucccckkkkkk!”

I kissed her before pulling back and fucking her with long deep thrusts. I planted my cock firmly with each stroke and Spice began to howl and wail as she convulsed. Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and squeezing. It was several minutes before I shoved all the way into her and held her while my cock began pumping warm sperm through her cervix.

She lifted and tilted her hips as she clung to me, “YES!”

I shuddered when I stopped cumming and kissed Spice as her pussy continued to milk my cock. She smiled and slowly relaxed, “if you pull out I will beat you.”

I grinned and humped as I kissed her. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and then she grinned and pushed on me, “I need to pee.”

I laughed, “what happened to not pulling out?”

She grinned, “you can put it back later.”

I pulled out but caught her before she could escape and climbed out of bed. I pulled her into the bathroom and waved at Pepper in the shower before sitting on the toilet and making Spice straddle me as she giggled. She started peeing and sighed as she rubbed the head of my cock, “do mom again to make sure she gets pregnant.”

I shuddered and hugged her when she stopped peeing and stood, “shower and then I’ll tie mom to the bed.”

She laughed as she pulled me in with Pepper, “I had fun last night Pepper.”

Pepper grinned and reached out to rub a nipple, “me too.”

I grinned as I pushed my sister around Pepper, “Lets help her wash.”

After she got out I held Spice and washed her, or felt and caressed her. She smiled but didn’t stop me and kept sighing and pulling my face close for a kiss. We got out and dried off before she went to dress and I went looking for mom. She was sipping coffee in the kitchen with dad who looked tired. I grinned as Pepper hurried in, “am I late?”

I grinned, “you are riding in with dad so I would say no.”

He smiled as she hesitated and went to mom. I slipped up and kissed mom’s cheek before making cereal and pouring a bowl for Spice when she came in. Mom pushed Pepper and dad together and towards the front door, “don’t forget to fuck her during lunch.”

They were blushing as the door closed and mom turned towards me, “Ben?”

Spice laughed, “need a breeding mom?”

Mom laughed as she crossed to me and pulled me up, “your father fucked me good but I love Ben’s cock.”

She pulled me after her and back to her bedroom and bed. I turned her at the edge and sat her down before pushing her back, “to bad you are still cummy.”

She grinned and rolled before spreading her legs and lifting her butt, “nice and deep.”

I grinned as I moved between her legs to finger her pussy before pushing into her. I slowly buried my cock and held her as I enjoyed her almost hot pussy grasping and squeezing. She pushed back and giggled and I started to fuck her slowly but with long deep thrusts. It was only a couple of minutes before she shuddered and her pussy gripped my cock, “mmmm!”

Spice laughed as she came to hug me and look down to watch my cock going in and out of my mother. She wiggled and jerked as she pushed and thrust back harder and I held her waist before suddenly fucking her hard and deep. She screamed into the bed as I plunged my cock all the way into her each time.

I loved her pussy as I slowed and shoved into her and reached under my cock to finger her clit. She twisted and spasmed as her pussy clenched, “BEN!”

Spice laughed and slipped onto the bed and turned to scoot under mom and look up at her pussy and my cock. I started fucking her again and she pushed back to meet my thrust as her pussy worked to milk my cock. A moment later I felt a tongue licking the shaft of my cock when I pulled out and pushed back in.

Mom howled and shuddered hard as I fucked her firmly for several minutes. I pushed all the way into her and held her as I started gushing large spurts of cum. She wailed and shook when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

When I stopped mom started to sag onto Spice and I grinned and pulled out before looking down as she started licking mom’s leaking pussy. I laid beside mom to kiss her bare shoulder and wait. She did end up pregnant and so did Pepper, I think it was her way of apologizing.

She and mom still take turns sleeping with dad but Spice only sleeps with me. She got pregnant the month she turned sixteen and mom and Pepper did too. My step dad learned his lesson and fucks the two when they tell him or pull him to bed.
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