This is chapter five of the true stories of Sadie, (my wife) and David (me). How we met, discovered, schemed and molded our sexual lives, beginning in the nineteen sixties, the height of the sexual revolution. Characters and events in this chapter depend on references and descriptions from earlier chapters. So if you have not yet read the previous chapters, we hope you will consider going back and reading them first, starting with, Sadie 01 – Prelude and Awakening.
Sadie – Chapter 5 – Little Jake & the Young’uns

The girls and I arrived back at the beach house from our afternoon on Sand Island and discovered to our chagrin that we were all sunburned to some extent on parts that had not been covered by our bathing suits. Wearing them now was uncomfortable, yet we all had to grin and bear it so as not to give ourselves away to the adults.

Sadie and I rinsed off in the shower by the driveway and drew stares and comments from my mom and dad who promptly admonished Susan to keep an eye on us which under the circumstances was exactly what she intended to do.

I was pretty certain that Jess had told Little Jake about our escapades by the look on his face when she whispered something to him as soon as we returned.

Before we could get together and discuss anything however, we were called up into the kitchen to help get ready for our first family dinner of the week which were always mighty affairs.

Breakfast was moderate but plentiful, usually pancakes or eggs with bacon, grits, toast and juice. Lunches were generally fend for yourselves from cold cuts, peanut butter and jelly, with plenty of fruit and ice chests full of beer for the adults and sodas for the kids.

But dinner was always huge. Tonight we were shelling shrimp and crabs while Aunt Rita cooked mounds of fried chicken. Susan was put to work peeling potatoes while Marty cut them into cubes and dumped them into a huge pot of boiling water.

Jen and Sadie were cutting up salad fixings and Little Jake was already grinding away at an ice cream freezer filled with Aunt Leona’s famous peach ice cream recipe. (There would be fresh peach slices, chocolate sauce and freshly whipped cream to top it with.)

It was always a festive occasion and the multitude of cousins were drafted in small groups that rotated from meal to meal as there was only so much room in the kitchen. Everything came together perfectly as always under the guiding hand of Uncle Robert who actually owned a popular restaurant in Mobile.

We carried everything out to large trestle tables made from the plywood used to shutter the house during hurricanes, set on saw horses Uncle Jake kept up in the floor joists under the house above the stilts.

When everything was laid out, Uncle Jake clanged a brass ships bell attached to a stilt pole on the corner of the house and relatives converged on the food like ants at a picnic. Meals were always fun and generally ended around a fire built on the beach, with everyone fat and happy from too much food and good conversation.

“I’m stuffed!” Jess exclaimed to no one in particular and stood up. “Who wants to go for a walk?”

There was a moment of silence and I took the hint. “Sure.”

“Absolutely.” Sadie replied with a dimpled smile and a furtive wink at me.

“Me too!” said Jen.

Little Jake joined us and finally Susan. The older cousins and adults were content to stay by the fire and talk and the younger cousins had already run down to the water to chase hermit crabs.

We headed down the beach in the direction of Sandy Point, the far narrow spit of land on the west end of the island, just walking and talking of nothing significant. Sadie and Jen had taken up spots on either side of me and had their arms wrapped around my waist. Jess and Jake were walking arm in arm with a blanket Jake had snatched up at the last minute draped over their shoulders. Susan took Jakes empty hand and he looked down at her, smiled and put the blanket over her shoulder, pulling her tight against him.

We walked thirty minutes or so meaning we might have put a mile between us and the beach house. There were no more houses this far down, just sand dunes and sea oats and Jake veered up into the dunes and found a low spot between two dunes that shielded us from view unless you were right on top of us. He spread the blanket out and the three of them sat down on one side of it. Jen, Sadie and I sat down facing them.

There was a bit of tension in the air as Jake sat staring at me. “Uh… what’s up Jake?” I asked.

“You tell me.” He said. “Seems you’ve been having a little fun with our cousin and her friend there.”

“And me!” Susan added. Jakes eyes widened, the girls giggled. (They really had a lot of giggling pent up inside them)

“Yeah, and you’ve been having your share of fun with Jen’s big sister. Fair is fair.” I said.

He sat for a few seconds just staring across the blanket at me. “So, I guess Jess told you everything. Now what?” he asked.

“Oh I can tell you that!” said Susan surprising us all once again with her forwardness. She stood up, shimmied out of her clothes, sat directly on Jakes lap and kissed him on the mouth, long and soft. After a few seconds she began to rotate her hips back and forth and said, “Feels like you know the answer to that too.” and reached down and began unzipping his shorts.

Jake was stunned. He simply sat and watched her fish his hard shaft out of his pants and start to stroke it, looking directly into his eyes. Jess leaned in from the side and cupped her hands under his balls and kissed him with plenty of visible tongue.

I looked down to see Sadie and Jen on either side of me, each with a hand down their pants watching the show. Jen shook her head at my little sister and mumbled “Oh, what the heck.” then stood up and pulled off all her clothes as well. She sat down and turned to Sadie, and helped her out of her tee shirt. Sadie lifted her chest to me and I eagerly took a nipple in my mouth and began to suckle it lightly as I slid my other hand underneath hers and took her place rubbing her clit.

At that, Jess stripped naked and Jen crawled in front of Sadie and helped work her shorts down under her hips and pulled them off. Susan pulled Jakes shorts off while Jess relieved him of his shirt and I was the only one there still clothed.

To tell the truth I was struggling with a bit of double standard here. It was quite fine to be surrounded by a bevy of naked girls, but I was truly uncomfortable with the idea of being openly naked in front of Jake. The only time I’d been naked with other guys was in the locker room in gym class. And that was for as brief a time as I could make it. I sat there for a few minutes battling with my embarrassment at seeing my boy cousin being jerked off by my little sister and our older cousin.

Before I could come to terms with myself, Jen had snaked her hand down my pants and taken hold of my very stiff member and Sadie was lying back with her hand still over mine, guiding me to just the right spot, nearly approaching a state of euphoria.

Jen unsnapped my shorts and pulled the zipper down and reached back in to continue. At that point the little head took over and made the decision for me. I gave in and lifted my hips so Jen could pull my shorts off, then pulled my own tee shirt over my head and resigned myself to being naked for Jake or the rest of the world to see.

I turned on hands and knees facing Sadie and continued to massage between her lips and alternately slip a finger or two up inside her while I sucked on her nipples. Jen lay down on the blanket and swung her body under me and wrapped her mouth around my hardness while fondling and pulling on my balls.

Hearing a loud moan behind me I turned to see my little sister lowering herself down on Jakes hardness, taking him in completely and grinding her hips around on his lap, apparently feeling every inch of him inside her. Then she began moving up and down on his lap and I watched her being filled by our cousin repeatedly as she moved faster and faster, obviously lost in her own blissful enjoyment.

Jess was kissing Jake with one hand between her legs and in her kneeling position in front of him I could see her fingers pushing in and out between her swollen lips.

It was all too much for me and I was the first to come, letting Jen take several releases as she perfectly covered the end with her lips and swallowed every drop.

Sadie reached up and took hold of me, gently stroking me as I continued to pay attention to her important parts. I never softened a bit as she finally succumbed to my ministrations and began to shudder and spasm under my hand. She gave several little full body jerks, holding her breath then letting it out in a loud scream that startled everyone.

Jess turned and looked at her and just said “Wow.”

At that, Jen took hold of me and pulled me up and over towards Jess, nodding at her rear end sticking up in the air and pointed at her with a raised eyebrow and a nod of her head. I walked on my knees up behind her and ran my wet head up and down her slit from behind. She lifted her rear in obvious invitation to continue.

I smeared our juices together up and down her slit then found the soft entrance and pressed forward. I felt her lips spread and the familiar wet warmth of a soft vagina envelope me and she leaned into me taking me all the way in. She began to rock on her knees while she kissed Jake and stroked her clit with one hand.

Behind me Jen and Sadie were now in a sixty nine licking and sucking at each other. Susan was getting wild, bouncing on Jakes lap and within seconds she exploded in a violent orgasm of panting, grunting and jerking her entire body. She leaned over and rolled off onto the blanket in a fetal position breathing hard and twitching slightly every so often which squeezed little jets of fluid onto the blanket.

Jake continued to kiss Jess but was now stroking himself as Sadie sat up and eyed his hardness. She gave me a questioning glance and I shrugged my shoulders with a “go ahead” look and motioned towards Jake. Sadie crawled over to him and took him in her hands, then lowered her head and took him in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, stroking his shaft with one hand, rubbing herself with the other.

Jen crawled up and put her hands between my legs and cupped my balls as they were being slapped by Jess’s rear end, then pressed a finger against my sphincter.

Sadie pulled away from Jake and turned around, facing towards me. She locked her eyes on me as I watched her guide him into her and lower herself down. I watched in fascination as she rose and fell slowly and I could see every detail of his veins and ridges as he moved in and out of my new girlfriend. Her lips rippled around him as she moved.

Sadie leaned forward and put her hand behind my head and pulled me to her mouth. I cupped a breast, kneading it softly. I was filled by the sensation of a small hand beneath me, a warm tight vagina engulfing my hardness, the soft silky touch of a perfect breast and Sadie’s exploring tongue. With very little warning I clenched up, held my breath, kept still to let Jess do what she had been doing and suddenly let loose several times, filling Jess until fluid began to leak out around us.

I pulled back and sat down hard on the blanket. Jess lifted her rear upward and squeezed her muscles letting us see my fluids leaking and dripping onto the blanket. Susan sat up and when she saw what was happening she rolled over behind Jess and began to lick and suck on her, cleaning up the mess and acting like she was thoroughly enjoying it. To this day, it never ceases to amaze me what Susan would try, no matter how perverted or gross. It’s amazing how you can live with someone their whole life and not really know them. She was hornier than I was all the time, and that’s really saying a lot.

Apparently Jake couldn’t believe it either because as soon as she did it, his eyes went wide with surprise and he suddenly jerked up into Sadie and let loose a prodigious amount of semen in several hard thrusts and grunts. When he calmed down, Sadie was still bouncing up and down, squeezing her breasts, pinching her thighs, holding her head, not knowing what to do with her hands until she too exploded in a fantastic satisfying orgasm signaled by another loud scream that we were now getting used to.

We were all lying back exhausted. Sadie had slipped off of Jake, rolled to her side and put her head in my lap and in that short moment of silence there was a faint moaning sigh close by that brought us all instantly alert. Ten feet away, just at the entrance to the sand dunes, Jules was on her knees in the sand, her shorts tangled around her ankles, her mound cupped in one hand, the other up under her shirt, red hair flying in all directions, frantically working herself into a frenzy. Behind her stood Katherine, eyes wide, fully clothed but self-consciously rubbing the front of her shorts with one hand. Both were staring intently at us but immediately stopped what they were doing when we looked and tried to cover it up. Katherine might have been successful but Jules was having a devil of a time getting her pants back into place.

Jess was first to speak up “Julia Rebecca Kelly, what do you think you’re doing!” she demanded.

“Well obviously not whatever you’ve been doing!” Jules retorted in her typical rebellious tone.

“I mean what are you doing here young lady?”

“Don’t young lady me! You’re not Mom!”

“Fine, just get on back to the house right now!” Jess commanded.

“No way Jess! We’re staying here with you guys and we’re gonna do what you’re doing, and you can’t tell us what to do!” Katherine jerked her head and looked a Jules with wide eyes at the word “we.”

“Not gonna happen!” said Jess. “You’re like, thirteen, now scat and don’t you tell a soul!” Jess raised her voice.

“No way!” Jules stamped her foot. “If you don’t let us do stuff with you guys I’m gonna tell Uncle Jake and Mom and Aunt Joyce and EVERYONE what you’re doing over here! And when we get home I’m going next door and telling Mister Johansson what Sadie was doing!” She crossed her arms over her chest and put on a seriously pouty face.

Jen looked at Jess and in a low voice she said, “Jess, you told us you were only thirteen the first time, and she’ll tell, you know she will.”

Jess deflated and her shoulders sagged. “Crap. Okay, fine, sit down.” She said in a sharp disgusted tone.

Jules bounced over to the blanket and plopped down right in the middle of it. “Cool! What were you guys doing, we want to see! Come on Kat” She motioned to her friend. Katherine was still wide eyed and unsure of herself and she walked a little closer but stopped at the edge of the blanket.

“Come on Kat!” Jules patted the blanket next to her. Katherine stepped carefully onto the blanket and lowered herself into a cross legged position in one easy motion, not saying a word.

There was a tension in the air and nobody knew what to do next. Jules was almost bouncing up and down with excitement but Katherine was sitting with hunched shoulders, hands in her lap and eyes downcast as if she was embarrassed by all the nudity around her. The rest of us looked at each other and I actually found myself covering my lap with a tee-shirt in front of her.

Jules looked around the group and found that with all her blustering and rebelliousness, she was still fully clothed. She paused, looked at us all, then over at her friend Kat, sighed, stood in the middle of the blanket and decisively stripped off all her clothes, tossed them in a pile and plopped back down cross legged.

“Jules.” Katherine hissed through her teeth with widened eyes. Jules just waved her hand dismissively.

She rested her hands on her knees and made no attempt at modesty. Facing me, her smooth mound was stretched aside and her slit was opened directly in front of me. He lips were small and tight, the hint of a pink nub peeked between them and they formed a tear drop shape that surrounded a tiny dark opening at the bottom, a tiny stream of moisture seeping out onto the blanket. Her breasts were barely double A sized with a kind of puffiness under her nipples that were smaller images of Jen’s. Her eyes flashed the same brilliant green as her sisters in the pale moonlight.

Jules turned towards Jake and reached over and touched his penis. She stroked it the way you would soothe a pet and it immediately responded. She looked a Kat and touched it again. Kat looked back at her in astonishment. “Jules!” she hissed again. Jules giggled then stroked him and smoothed her fingers down and across his balls then back up and finally took him in her hands fully and began stroking him in earnest. He leaned back on his elbows and lolled his head back with a soft moan. “Is that okay?” She asked him quietly almost under the sound of the breeze.

“Perfect.” Jake croaked.

She was a little clumsy, after all this was her first penis and Jess reached in now and then to move her hand or whisper an instruction and after five or six minutes Jake tensed up, held his breath, and grunting, let loose four or five nice squirts that lofted a few inches straight into the air and landed directly back on to himself and Jules’s hands.

“Eeeewwww.” Cried Jules and she jerked her hands away, wiping them on the blanket only making matters worse as the fine island sand stuck to her hands.

Still sitting with her legs clamped tightly together, Kat reached over and very tentatively touched the fluid still dripping from Jake. She carefully brought it to her face and sniffed it experimentally. Then her little pink tongue appeared and she took a small taste of it. She made a face, but tasted it again and satisfied, clamped her arms back around her knees. It was so strange, all done quietly, softly, gently and shyly.

By now I was thoroughly hard again and Jules turned on the blanket and faced me. She reached out and took hold of my hand and gently pulled me towards her.

She placed my hand over her tiny breast keeping her eyes locked on mine. I bent and licked a small hard nipple and sucked it between my teeth and raked them lightly across it. She jerked and made a squeaky little intake of breath. I pushed her gently onto her back while Jake took up position on the other side and we both began kissing her budding breasts and tweaking her nipples. The other girls moved in and touched her stomach, arms, legs and anything they could reach. They placed kisses all over her body while Jake and I took turns kissing her lips passionately. Sadie settled down between her legs and quickly began to hit all the right buttons. I could see her elbows moving but could only imagine what was going on with her hands that I couldn’t see.

We kissed and touched and stimulated and caressed and I remember having the thought right then that I’d really love to be in her place. We were all really horny by now and I simply had to take things into my own hands. I started stroking myself and noticed that Susan was already working on Jake with one hand while she continued to caress Jules with the other. Jules was turning her head from side to side as we kissed her. She saw Susan stroking Jake and she saw me stroking myself so she reached over and took me in one hand and Jake in the other and did her best to help us along while her body was being overdosed in pleasure.

Finally submitting to the extreme stimulation of so many hands and lips she came in an intense body wrenching orgasm. It arrived in the form of muscle clenching, body stiffening little jerks without much movement or thrashing about. Very internalized but obviously thoroughly enjoyed. As soon as it started, we intensified our efforts, not letting up an ounce even when she begged us to stop. Her orgasm lasted for what seemed like several minutes and when she finally stopped moving in spite of our ministrations we removed our hands, one at a time.

Katherine was still sitting, legs close up under her chin, one arm wrapped around her knees, watching wide-eyed as her friend lay there naked, covered in sweat, breathing hard, not moving a muscle. Her other hand was held tightly over the outside of her shorts between her legs and her fingers were pressing down in little pulses. But when I looked at her she jerked her hand away in embarrassment. I smiled reassuringly at her and looked away.

The night became silent with only the sound of the small waves splashing on the sand and a soft whisper of wind in the sea oats around us. Then in the oddest way, Katherine reached up and still looking down at Jules on the blanket she slowly began to unbutton her cotton blouse, one button at a time and when she had them all undone, she shrugged the blouse off her shoulders and pulled her arms back around her chest. Then she reached behind and unsnapped her bra and shrugged it off as well, covering her chest once again, never looking up.

We were all mesmerized, it was such a singular act. She was consumed with extreme embarrassment, but we could tell she was excited by the naughtiness that surrounded her and the idea of being a part of that naughtiness, completely counter to her deeply ingrained Southern morals. She kept her elbows together, trying to stay covered but unsnapped her white denim shorts, and shimmied them under her rear and down her slender legs taking her panties with them and put them all in a neat pile next to the blanket. She sat with her feet together, knees drawn up to her chest and arms wrapped around her knees. She looked up briefly and ventured a smile then promptly put her head down on her knees again, looking out beneath her eyelids at Jules, still unmoving next to her. She put her hand down between her legs but just held it there, flat, her fingers pulsing against it, then slid one finger in just one knuckle deep put quickly withdrew it when she realized were all watching.

Jake moved up beside her and leaned in to give her a kiss, caressing her bare back. She shrugged him of and said “no.” in a soft tiny voice. He backed away and sat down next to Jess who put an arm around him and gave him an approving look for not having pressed the issue.

In retrospect, it was probably good that we had both come a few times already so there was no urgency to encourage her. We sat watching her press on herself like that for a few minutes when she suddenly moaned, turned quite red in the face, gave a little shudder like a chill in the night, stood up and proclaimed, “I need a swim.” And she turned and ran straight for the water.

In that instant, we all got an eye-full of her little teenage body. She was more developed than Jules, with nice A-sized breasts topped with pink areolas and hard nipples. She had a barely visible triangle of blond hair below her stomach and her legs were long and shapely. When she turned away she displayed a tight firm rear-end below a narrow waist and then she was gone.

Jess leaned in towards Jake and said “I think she just had her first orgasm.” Jake smiled and nodded.

In a heartbeat, everyone was up and running after her. I could see the fluorescence being kicked up by Kat as she splashed out into the water and I chased after her leading the pack. When I reached her she was waist deep and I tackled her plunging us both under. It was an altogether eerie sensation. I could see the green glow around our bodies under water and it almost distracted me from the sensations of having my arms around a pretty, naked young girl.

The others caught up and soon we were engaged in all manner of horse play, naked, in the dark with only the starlight, the sliver of a new moon and the phosphorescence of the plankton.

Jules had climbed up on Jakes shoulders and Jen on Sadie and they were battling in a game of chicken. I looked around and grabbed Kat by the hand, dove beneath her, lifted her up on my shoulders and headed for the action. I was immediately aware of the soft warm feeling on the back of my neck as Kat held on to my forehead and pressed into me to stay aboard. It made me instantly hard again. It gave me added incentive not to let her be knocked off.

Susan clambered up onto Jess’s shoulders and the game was on. We tussled and pulled, charged and feinted and I was doing fine until in a close encounter with Sadie and Jen, Sadie reached under, grabbed my hard penis and pulled me sideways. I lost all balance and dumped Kat squarely on top of Susan and Jess who went under followed shortly by Jake who succumbed to the same tactic and Jen threw her arms in the air in triumph as Sadie pranced around in circles.

“No fair!” cried Jake.

“Nobody made rules!” said Sadie. “If it’s hanging out it’s a handle!” she teased.

“Fair game.” I said and scooped Kat back up for another round. Everyone responded and we were facing off once again. This time while Sadie and Jen were battling Susan and Jess, I came in behind Sadie. When Kat put her hands over Jen to pull her backwards, I reached under Sadie’s rear end, slid two fingers up inside her and lifted with the palm of my hand firmly planted in her cheeks. She screamed and went down taking Susan with her.

Jake and Jules came at us. Jake stopped short, looked me in the eye and said “Both hands on her knees cousin.”

“Absolutely!” I laughed and drove ahead. Jules and Kat battled mightily pulling and pushing. Jake and I struggled to maintain footing in the shifting sand underneath and finally, both girls toppled off to one side, splashing in the water and came up spurting saltwater and laughing joyously.

Jules said “I’m hungry. Let’s go for leftovers.” And she splashed back to shore.

We all dressed, then gathered up the blanket and headed down the beach towards the house. We were splashing through the shallow water, ankle deep and I kicked some up onto Susan’s back. She screamed and kicked back at me, “You’re getting me wet!” she complained and I splashed her again, laughing.

Then Jess, always the smart one said, “We probably all need to get wet, including the blanket.” And she headed out a little ways, sat down and rolled in the surf, soaking her shirt and shorts.

“What are you doing?” Jen asked looking at her with a disgusted look on her face.

“First, the blanket has stuff on it that we don’t need our parents to find. Second, we all left here all dry and cozy, but we’re going back with sopping wet hair in dry clothes? Not a leap for the adults to make. But if we’re all soaking wet when we get back, then we’re just a bunch of cousins who had fun in the water. I’d rather get in trouble for soaking my clothes than for what we were really doing. Worst case, they’ll make us do the laundry and all the evidence will be washed down the drain.”

Nobody could argue and suddenly we were at it again, splashing, pushing dunking and laughing hysterically. We made it back to the house where Aunts Uncles and cousins were sitting around a fairly good sized fire on the beach, snacking on the leftovers from diner or having a beer.

“Well there they are!” cried Auntie Abby, delighted “I declare, we thought you all had just drowned out there!” and as we drew closer and she saw our dripping hair and clothes she said, “Oh, my, it looks like you DID drown! Now let me see, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!” she said pointing her finger as she counted, “Looks like they’re all there Joycie!” she said to my mom cheerfully. And then in an aside, “I sent the young’uns out to find them, they were feeling so left out, bless their hearts.”

“Mom!” Jules stamped her foot. “Stop calling us the young’uns!”

“Oh, now just you don’t be silly.” She said. “Of course you’re younger than they are!”

Jules stamped away with a sigh of disgust. “There’s plenty younger than us here.” She pouted. Parents can be so infuriating sometimes. But it stuck and from then on, Jules and Kat were the young’uns.

“Now, y’all just go on up and get your suits and towels and rinse off down here before you go up and put all those wet things in the washer.” Auntie Abby said cheerfully. And we obeyed, but we all looked at Jess with a wink or a nod to her perfect intuition.

Above the stilts, the house had two floors. The bottom was the great room, dining area, kitchen and laundry room, the top was five bedrooms, three small rooms at the back of the house over the driveway and two large master bedrooms with balconies facing the Gulf. The upstairs had been designated as girls only and the boys took the entire bottom floor. There were cots and pallets, sleeping bags and blankets everywhere and it looked like a refugee camp. We had to move the sleeping gear out of the kitchen every morning to make room to cook breakfast, so whoever was assigned breakfast the next day ended up sleeping in the kitchen the night before.

I woke at dawn and roused Jake. We went down to the boat and loaded it up with a cooler full of sodas, a pile of beach towels and one of those four legged canopies that were used to shade the food tables on the beach.

The girls came down one at a time or in pairs and we fixed breakfast, eating it on the balcony while the sun came up over Fort Gains in the east. Plenty of people were still sleeping so we made little noise and tiptoed downstairs as quietly as possible. We piled into the boat and made a beeline to the other side of Sand Island.

Before we had rounded the tail of the island, everyone but Kat was naked. Jake drove the boat hard up on shore, we buried the anchor and set up the canopy on a flat section of beach, spreading a blanket of towels under it. Kat sat in the boat and watched us working about our “camp” and finally stripped off her cover-up and suit and climbed ashore timidly, holding a hand between her legs and one tentatively across her breasts.

Jules raced up to the top of the sand dune looking back towards the beach house. “Jules! Get back down here!” Jess called out. “They can see you with the Telescope!”

“Don’t worry!” Jules called back. “They put it away in the closet to make room for a cot. Hey! Look what’s over here!” she called out and disappeared over the top of the dune.

Jake and I climbed up high enough to see over the dune and surveyed the far beach. We could see the house plainly enough and we could see people on the beach, but they were tiny and indistinct. Nevertheless, we cautioned everyone to keep low and go around the side of the dune just in case somebody back there had brought a good pair of binoculars.

On the other side of the dune was a clear pool with a sandy bottom sprinkled with sparkling white sea shells. Jules had waded out to the center and as standing about breast deep. “It’s really warm like a bath tub!” She said. The water level was slightly above sea level and there was a low spot between the dunes where apparently the high tide came to fill the pool, which retained water, soaking in the sun all day during low tide and heating up to a very warm temperature.

“We have to come back here at night.” Said Jake.

“Absolutely.” I told him. We waded out into the water and lay back luxuriating in its warmth.

The rest of the girls crept low around the back side of the dune and soon we were lying side by side along the bank, with only our heads above water just talking and feeling exceptionally free in our nudity and strongly bonded new friendships.

After about thirty minutes of this easy talk and soaking, Kat rolled on her stomach and floated over next to me. She looked me in the eye and seemed extremely nervous. She pulled her legs up under herself and covered herself with her arms. “David.” She rasped in a low breathless whisper.

I waited. She said noting more but reached over very carefully, eyes on mine and touched me under the water. I twitched. “David.” She said again quietly and her voice cracked.

“What Kat, tell me.” I said gently.

She didn’t reply but instead wrapped her hand around me and squeezed gently, watching my eyes as if asking if it was alright, looking terrified. “Would you…” she started but couldn’t finish, but began to stroke me under the water, still looking as if I might bite her at any moment.

The tension of her uncertainty and the erotic nature of being stroked by a beautiful young girl while lying in a hot pool with six other naked people had me completely hard and anticipating her question.

“What Kat?” I asked again.

She looked up under her eyelids and in her meek little voice said, “Would you… put it in me?”

I stopped and looked at her, then around the pool. Everyone had frozen in time. I looked into her pleading but frightened eyes, took hold of her hand and said “Come with me.”

I led her out of the pool, around the dune back to the towels spread beneath the canopy. She was shaking as she knelt then lay back on the towels and pulled my hand down to her. As gently as I could I cupped a breast in one hand then leaned down and took the other nipple in my mouth and sucked it in. She gasped and when she exhaled I could hear the staccato sound of her breath as she trembled in freight and anticipation. I kissed her on the chest between her breasts then downward towards her stomach. The others followed us out of the pool and Jen came around to one side of her and Sadie to the other and the two of them started smoothing their hands along her arms and shoulders, down her sides and across her chest, cupping her breasts as they passed them.

Jess and Susan took up positions on either side and began to do the same with her legs and hips. I kissed down her stomach and paused around her belly button flicking my tongue around it and then into it. Her abdominal muscles retracted and tensed. I continued downward and found that her hair was very fine and soft as baby hair. I kissed in the hair and down one side where her vulva joined her legs then up the other, finally kissing down the middle. She was trembling, lying there, with her head up watching us all but when I finally darted my tongue between her lips she collapsed back onto the blanked and arched her rear end up off the ground and moaned heavily.

Jules reached in and began to caress her stomach and I parted her lips and slowly inserted one finger just an inch deep and explored around the opening while I began pay full attention to her clit with my tongue. She began rocking her hips and I put my free hand under her and began to knead her cheeks, slipping my fingers into her crack and grazing her other warm opening.

Jake bent over her and took her face in his hands and leaned in to kiss her on the mouth. It was odd, but with fourteen hands exploring every inch of her body, a tongue on her clit, a finger in her vagina and her breasts going into over load, I think that Jake was her first kiss, strangely out of order. She kissed him back with closed mouth and he made several attempts until Jess leaned in and whispered “Open your mouth a little.” When she did, Jake kissed her softly, and probed with his tongue. I pressed further in and could feel the constricted opening of her hymen as it rippled up my finger. That was the last straw and Kat went into total sensory overload. She began convulsing and shaking violently, but we didn’t let up.

Just as with Jules last night, the girls continued to kiss and caress her skin, I redoubled my efforts with my tongue, and my little finger found its way into her now sopping wet crack and pressed one knuckle deep into her other opening while Jake continued to explore her tongue with his. We held her down and she began to scream and flail about on the blanket, hands everywhere, mouths, tongues, everyone extremely hot and horny from this massive attack on her pleasure senses.

She was jerking and thrashing under our hands and she started to beg us to stop but we didn’t. We continued until she had no more strength and her flailing eased, then stopped and she lay still except for small muscle twitches and heavy breathing. She was covered in a sheen of sweat from head to toe and she lay there panting for a few minutes, finally meekly getting out a few words between breaths. “What… did… you… do… to… me?”

Jess stroked her hair. “You’ve never had an orgasm before?”

“Nobody… ever… touched… me… before.” She panted.

“You never touched yourself?” Jen asked.

“Just… last… night… mom… said… nasty.” Then added, “Not… nasty… amazing… nothing … like… last… night.” and she drifted off to sleep.

Jules stared at her for a few seconds, then looked up at each of us with wide eyes, flopped down on her back with legs spread, and said. “Do me now, do me again!”

So we did.

When Jules finally came and we held her down and pressed her on and on until she couldn’t move, Susan sat up and looked at me, then at Jake and pushed him flat on his back and mounted him without a word, guiding him to her opening and falling all the way down in one easy motion and began pumping up and down almost frantically.

Sadie watched this for a moment then lay back pulling me on top of her and wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me to her. I felt her warm lips once again as they opened around my head then slipped over the ridges and slid up my hard shaft. I pushed into her completely, as deep as I could, holding her in my arms, buried deep inside, just feeling the presence of one another and we kissed passionately. I felt the soft press of her breasts against my chest, the warmth of her thighs against my hips, the smoothness of her arms around my shoulders and I was once again in heaven with this beautiful girl.

We became aware of hands on our bodies. Hands that were not ours and I smiled as I looked up into the faces of Jen, Jess, and even Kat, touching us as if she might burn herself, but less self-conscious than before. Jules was still laying on her side breathing hard but watching us as I moved in and out of Sadie, feeling our bodies respond to one another and aware of the heat of the sun on my calves where they protruded out of the shade of the canopy.

Kat finally got up the nerve to slide around behind us where she had an unobstructed view of our coupling. She reached under and cupped my balls and caressed my cheeks while they moved up and down. I looked behind and saw her staring at us, eyes wide, and noticed one hand was between her legs, working furiously there.

A scream from Susan let me know that she was in the throes of another good orgasm and when she finished and lay off to the side, Jess took her place immediately, easily sliding down jakes shaft with the combination of Susan’s lubricating juices and her own hungry waiting passion. She bounced up and down there for a few minutes and Jake put his hands up under her arms and lifted her upwards. Jess raised herself off of him and to my astonishment, guided him into her other opening and moved up and down on him until his head popped into her there and she slid down slowly taking all of him up into her bowels. She began to move up and down slowly and the moans that left her lips were proof that this was a special kind of pleasure that none of us had yet to experience.

Sadie was looking up over her shoulder and the other girls were paying close attention. Even Jules was up on her arms just a few inches away watching every detail. I had stopped moving and Sadie turned to me and urged me on with her heels. I began to move in her again but now with more fervor at this erotic new sight. Sadie exploded under me, slow at first, no movement, held breath, then sudden shaking and jerking the whole length of her body. I could feel her squeeze me and her inner muscles contract in little spasms as her orgasm washed over her and she threw her arms around me tighter and pulled me to her for a deep penetrating kiss before collapsing back onto the towels, spent.

Jules was still watching Jake and Jess and despite her very recent massive orgasm was pushing two fingers inside herself in rapid jerky motions. Jen was kissing Sadie with one hand between her own legs and Susan had reached up and was gently squeezing Jakes balls.

Jake finally clenched up and came hard inside Jess’s bowels, jerking his hips upward several times then melting back down to earth. Jess continued to rock for a few more strokes but finally lifted herself free as a dribble of juices plopped down onto Jakes softening shaft.

It was too much for Katherine, she crawled over to me, took my arm to get my attention and with sad longing eyes said “David, please put it in me!” Her hand was still frantically massaging between her legs. In one night she had gone from shy, naive, unsure wonderment to lustful longing need.

I took her shoulders and lay her down on the towels, moved her hand away from her mound and leaned down to kiss it. It was soaking wet, fluid smeared all over from her hand and hotter than the Alabama summer. She spread her legs wide and I found her clit and the moment I touched it she came in my face, just little shudders and a small flow of fluids but definitely a nice little orgasm. “Are you sure?” I asked her gently.

She didn’t reply but frantically nodded her head up and down with her lips pursed together, spreading her legs even further until they were nearly at right angles from her little body.

I lowered myself down to her and kissed her stomach, chest and nipples and her mouth. Apparently she had learned well last night because her kiss this morning was hot, passionate and full of exploring tongue. She put her arms around my neck and nodded her head again, now biting her upper lip.

“It’s going to hurt.” I told her. She nodded her head again, eyes pleading. I touched the opening with my head. She squeaked. I moved up and down her smooth slit, although I really didn’t need to worry about lubrication, we were both quite primed.

I pushed downward and felt the head pop into the opening. I moved in and out, her tight entrance slipping over the ridge each time. She gasped and nodded her head again. I pushed forward, a little bit more with each thrust and felt the obstruction. I pressed harder each time and she grimaced, biting her lip harder and squinting her eyes. Finally, the pressure was too much and her barrier gave way. She closed her eyes, squeezing out a tear from one corner but managed to stay quiet but for a small “Umm” noise and her muscles held me firm and tight. I held still, only about half way in and waited, smoothing her hair, caressing her cheek and kissing her lightly. After a moment she began to relax and she looked up at me and nodded once again.

I pushed further in and felt her grip me again, but then relax and I slowly began to move in and out in careful thrusts all the while still kissing and caressing her face. Soon she began to thrust her hips at me and shortly after that our slow intimate love making became wild pounding lust. She began to pull at my rear with her heels and was now making loud noises of passion with each jerk of her body. Eventually she was thrashing about so much it was becoming difficult to stay inside her and in fact we lost contact several times and she immediately reached down, grabbed hold of me and guided me back in to begin thrashing about all over again.

The others watched in amazement. Kat was now a full-fledged sex machine. A complete transformation in just twenty four hours, wild lustful and free. I lifted her to me and sat up. She threw her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Her hips were grinding into me and she wildly alternated between kissing me deeply and throwing her head back and shouting out loudly at each thrust. She was so tight and so active that I couldn’t take much more and finally had to tell her, “Kat, I’m gonna come, you gotta pull off!”

“No… Aaahhhh… aaahhh… inside... aaahh… please… don’t stop… aaahhh, aaahhh… don’t stop… please…” and she pressed herself down as far as she could to prevent me from leaving her. There was nothing I could do short of peeling her off and throwing her to the ground. I tensed, grunted and let loose inside her, several hard releases and the normal sounds of our actions were augmented by an audible squishing noise and a sensation of warm fluids running down my balls and thighs. A sensation so erotic there was no chance of me getting soft any time soon.

Kat continued to pound up and down on me for two or three more minutes and as tight as her little vagina was, it squeezed me even tighter as every muscle in her body contracted, her face and shoulders turned deep red as she groaned out her held breath. She twitched and spasmed in my arms and kissed me, panting and jerking, grinding into me, tightening her legs around me in a scissor hold.

When she finally relaxed, she was still entwined about my neck and waist, breathing hard, soaked in sexual fluids and sweat. She clung tightly to me as I stood, and still coupled with her spasming inner muscles I walked down to the water, wading out until we were waist deep then knelt keeping our heads above the water. She shivered once, then reached up and kissed me passionately and deeply and very quietly whispered, “Thank you David.” as I stroked her hair and cheek.

“You could get pregnant.” I told her.

“I know. I don’t think so.” She said.

“I hope not.” I told her “From now on we pull out or we get some kind of birth control.” I told her.

“It’s the wrong time of the month, and I just wanted everything. I never even thought about sex before last night. I never touched myself I never knew it would feel that good. I’ve never even seen anyone in my family naked and suddenly there were all of you. When we came up and saw you guys all doing stuff I was shocked and embarrassed and I had to turn away and not look. But it also made me feel like I had to see more and I couldn’t stop looking. When you guys did that to Jules last night I wanted to also, but I was afraid. But I couldn’t sleep all last night thinking about it and I knew I wanted it today no matter what. And I knew I wanted all of it. Thank you. It was even more than I could even imagine before.”

Finally beginning to soften, I lifted her easily off of me and felt the cooler water wash around me and clean me off.

“Owe, owe, owe….” She said as I slipped out of her.

“What? What did I do?” I worried.

“Owe… owe... Salt water… stings really bad.” She said with a grimace.

“Ooch.” I said in sympathy.

“It’s okay, it’s going away.” She said, with a twisted look still on her face.

“Come on, let’s go back to the beach and get a soda. You wore me out young-un.” I teased.

She slapped me on the shoulder but she did it with a huge smile on her face.

I wish I could describe how Jules lost her virginity to Jake, just like her big sister had several years ago, but I missed it. When we walked back up to the beach, arms around each other and rounded the boat, Jules, straddling Jake, was bouncing up and down for all she was worth and all the other girls were touching, caressing and licking or kissing them both all over their bodies. Susan was sitting on Jakes face kissing Jules and holding her breasts in both hands while Jake did his best to keep his tongue in contact with her clit.

Kat and I stopped and stared at the scene and without looking down she reached over and took my now re-hardening member in her hand and just held it there. I lay my arm over her shoulder and cupped a breast while we watched. There was a thin trickle of blood running down Jakes shaft as Jules, oblivious, found every ounce of pleasure she could from the moment.

Kat slumped to her knees and took me straight into her mouth and began bobbing her head back and forth. I was still shocked at the transformation as she had lost all inhibitions and now wanted nothing more than continuous sex. I stood there and let her suck on me for a long time until Jake came hard inside Jules and began to soften after a few moments until he plopped out of her and she sat back on him disappointed.

She turned and saw Kat kneeling in front of me and ran down to us. She pushed me up against the boat practically jerking me out of Kats mouth and lifted a leg over my hip guiding me clumsily inside in a small fits and gasps. Once she was fully impaled, she lifted the other leg, locked her heels behind my back and clinging to my neck, began bouncing up and down in my arms. With her head on my shoulder I was trying not to sneeze from her wild red curls tickling my nose. I couldn’t turn my head far enough away to avoid the unruly mop and it almost made me start to laugh.

Kat was slightly miffed at her friend and had her eyebrows knitted together in a look of anger, but instead of getting mad, she scooted up behind us and began caressing Jules’s cheeks and my balls.

Perhaps emboldened by her new found interests and perhaps guided by Jess’s earlier performance, she pressed her hand up between Jules’s cheeks and wormed a finger up into her tiny rear entrance. Jules yelled out in surprise but began to work even harder and before long, she tensed up into one of her muscle clenching orgasms.

When she was done, she slid out of my arms, sat down onto the sand and fell backwards where the lapping waves of the Gulf advanced and retreated through her hair and around her shoulders.

Kat reached up and took me in her hands but the combination of Jakes semen and Jules’s blood coating it somehow discouraged her from continuing her oral ministrations. I walked up to the canopy and lay down on Jess, who was lying on her stomach, and pressed into her behind. I slid in easily from our combined lubrication and she lay there with her hands folded under her face as if she was sunning herself and let me finish inside her like a good cousin.

All of us properly satiated by now moved down to the water to cool off. We grabbed some sodas from the cooler, walked out to where we could sit in the water up to our necks and formed a circle and talked for probably an hour or more, occasionally heading back in to the boat for another soda, just lounging in the saltwater until our fingers and toes were wrinkled and our faces sunburned, easy, familiar and gloriously, comfortably naked. It was singularly exhilarating. Without a doubt, the best vacation I had ever had.

We finally headed back to the boat and climbed aboard. I pulled the anchor out of the sand and we headed back around the East end of the island. As we made the turn towards Dauphin Island, everyone slipped back into their bathing suits and we ran up on the beach in front of the house to the sight of Uncle Jake standing with his hands on his hips.

He gave Jake and I a good ass chewing, sparing the girls, about taking the boat out without asking, several of the uncles had been planning to do some fishing in the early morning and when they got up the boat was gone. We contritely promised to ask next time because we knew that what we had actually been doing would get us into far more trouble than borrowing the boat without permission.

The rest of the week we took the boat out to Sand Island which turned out not to be every day, but it was okay because every night we took walks down to the dunes on Sandy Point. We carried towels instead of the blanket so it was easier to explain why they might be wet when we got home, and we fell into a routine of doing our laundry every night without being asked.

To be sure, we had fun the rest of the time swimming, crabbing and shrimping from Uncle Jakes boat. We ate Gulf seafood every day along with burgers, hot dogs watermelon, fried chicken and you name it. But the end of the week came too soon and we didn’t want to leave.

On Saturday, we cornered our parents and asked them if the eight of us could stay at the beach house for another week. After all, Jake and I were eighteen, and Jess was nineteen, we could watch the young’uns and see they didn’t get into trouble. Plus there was plenty of food left over from the week and we could crab and fish for more, “Please?” we begged.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.” Uncle Jake reasoned. “A bunch of boys and girls staying together isn’t all that proper.” He worried.

“Oh Jake, what trouble could they possibly get into with all the young’uns around always watching.” Aunt Lila said.

The young’uns giggled at that but not for the reason Uncle Jake and Aunt Lila reasoned.

Aunt Lila tipped the scales when she told Uncle Jake with a smile and a light in her eyes, “Besides Jake, it might be nice to spend a week with just the two of us after being crammed into this little house with a few dozen people all week.”

In the end they relented but they made us let my brother Marty and Jakes sister Beth stay with us. After all the girls were thirteen and Marty was fourteen and Beth was fifteen. We had to relent so now we were ten and the week would be ours! Uncle Jake said he would leave the station wagon in case we needed to go get something from the Quickie Mart, and because we would need a car big enough to ride home in at the end of the week and tow the boat. Then, gathered in the great room he gave us a long list of instructions and warnings about safety, behavior, trust and responsibility and we all pledged our obedience.

As soon as he piled into Uncle Sean’s car and we watched it disappear up the strand until we could no longer see it, we all gathered in a tight circle around Marty and Beth who were sitting in the middle of the floor obliviously playing chutes and ladders, munching on a peanut butter sandwiches, and drinking Cokes.

Startled, they looked up into our faces. “What?” they both said.

Chapter 6 – Marty, Beth and the Aussies
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