Part 5
“Hinata Welcomes the Pleasure”

Naruto twitched hearing sounds. He opens his sleepily eyes rubbing the dirt away from them. Smelling something good he turns his head slightly to see Sakura at the stove that he only used to cook ramen in nothing but her underwear. Moving his body out of bed Sakura hasn’t noticed or is simply too busy to notice. Once his feet are on the ground another surprise came into view for Naruto.

Steam flows out of the bathroom as Ino walks out with nothing but a towel wrapped around her head. Naruto gawks her beauty as she walks over to the table. Naruto checks under the covers now only covering his privates to see that he too his naked and with morning wood. He takes the covers off of him and walks to the table casually thinking either this is a dream or it really happened and he was hoping for the latter choice.

“Good morning Naruto” Ino had jovial expression on her face sitting there with her breasts staring right at Naruto.

Naruto gulped moving his head from her breasts to her face as he says “Morinng Ino.”

Sakura walks over with eggs, ham, rolls, and several cups of milk on a tray “Morning all. Naruto would you like a blowjob this morning?”

Naruto was in total awe not by the food, but what Sakura said that he didn’t believe a word she said so he asked “What!?”

Ino gets up and walks around the table with Sakura. Both kneeing down toward his cock Sakura repeats what she said with a puppy face while Ino is opposite of her “Would you like a blowjob this morning Naruto?” Naruto nodded and with command Ino and Sakura were licking his shaft and playing with his balls together. Naruto placed his hands on each of their heads as he enjoyed the feeling of getting head.
Ino licks the head of his cock while looking up at Naruto who is in total disbelief that he was getting relief after fucking them last night. Sakura licked the shaft and while playing with his balls getting them nice and tense.

Naruto moved his head back trying to hold what was about to happen. Sakura moved upward to the tip of his cock touching tongues with Ino. Ino moved back to allow Sakura to suck his cock bobbing her head up and down. Ino played with her pussy while staring at Sakura blowing Naruto. Sakura’s pussy was now dripping onto the floor so she moved one hand back and fingered herself.

“Aaahh…Oooohh…Yesss…suck it…Sakura…Ooohh…fuck yes…I…I…I’m coming!” Naruto moaned turning his head down to Sakura as he shot his load of cum into her mouth. Sakura sucked it up making sure she got every single drop of it. Naruto as she was doing that undid Sakura’s bra freeing her breasts. Moving his head the other way he French kissed Ino deeply.

Sakura pooped his cock out of her mouth. Looking up she sees Ino and Naruto making out and not wanting to be left out moves enough to get close to them. Ino moves away from Naruto and toward Sakura as they share Naruto’s cum. Sakura spit it into Ino’s mouth right in front of Naruto. Not wanting to be left out Naruto fingers their dripping wet pussies.

Sakura and Ino pull away and drop Naruto’s hands away. They all look at each other seductively then it hits all three. All of their stomachs were aching real food. Sakura disperses the food around as they eat breakfast.

Once finished Naruto wants more fun with a few hand signals he turns to his sexy no jutsu technique. Sakura and Ino smile and grab him moving him onto the bed. After sometime of fucking and making out Sakura and Ino knew they had to get to the hospital for their daily routine and quickly leave Naruto in his sexy no jutsu mode sprayed on the bed.


Staring into the ally Hinata looked dreamily at Naruto as he was using his sexy no jutsu technique with Konohamaru. She blushed at the sight of the two. Feeling aroused for some reason all she could do was stare at Naruto. Subconsciously her hands moved into her pants as she played with her pussy.

As she was looking back into the alley she saw Sakura step into the spotlight and quickly Hinata hid behind the corner listening intently to what was going on. At first she only heard Naruto and Konohamaru. She had to see if Sakura was going to pulverize her sweet innocent Naruto. Using her byakugan just in time Hinata saw Konohamaru fly past her. She notices Naruto on the ground begging for Sakura’s forgiveness. As it went on Sakura grabbed him and started dragging him. Hinata was too afraid to appear in the ally and quickly left.

The next morning Hinata stands outside below Naruto’s apartment after a long day unable to find Naruto anywhere through out the village. She at long last found him with Ino and Sakura. All she could see was them eating breakfast not if they had clothes on or not.

She rested her eyes and waited for someone to leave the building. People past by for an hour or so, but she still noticed no movement. She did another check and saw Sakura and Ino were now leaving. Hinata couldn’t figure out why they were up there for so long. She knew what Ino and Sakura’s chakra readings were and knew that Naruto couldn’t replicate them.

Hinata took a deep breath and stayed in the shadows as Sakura and Ino passed her heading to the hospital. The two were talking about medical jutsu’s. Hinata moved around the corner and walked up to Naruto’s apartment.

Standing there in front of Naruto’s apartment she took several deep breaths. The last time she saw him face to face was when they faced Pain. Sure she had seen him develop into a powerful shinobi, but only in the shadows. She lightly knocked at the door once not sure if he heard her or not she tapped it couple more times.

Door knob moved Hinata was about to face Naruto face to face what was she going to say. She was panicking she wanted to run, but she also wanted to see Naruto. The door flew open. Hinata stared into the eyes of Naruto. Naruto stared into the eyes of Hinata and for a brief moment there was total silence.
Hinata saw the sexy no jutsu version of Naruto, and fainted.


Hinata’s teammates Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru stood outside across the street watching Hinata walk up to Naruto’s. Shino stopped Kiba from walking any further and pointed toward Hinata.

“Hinata going to Naruto’s” Kiba says baffled by the idea that she was brave enough to do something like this.

“Her heart is pounding right now it seems she might faint before she even gets to Naruto’s doorstep” Shino replies in a monologue.

Akamaru barks. Kiba and Shino stare to see Hinata now standing at Naruto’s doorway.

“Naruto has opened the door!” Shino steps forward getting a better look.

“What is she doing?” Kiba senses Hinata is going to faint, but doesn’t admit it.

“She’s fainted” Shino replies “Naruto is dragging her inside.

“Oh no, he doesn’t!” Kiba steps ahead and bumps into someone.

“Oh hi guys. Glad I found you” Tenten says cheerfully at the three.

“Tenten!” Kiba screams surprised by her awareness.

“You said you were glad you found us?” Shino asks.

“Yes, Neji is busy with family business and Lee is busy training, and I need two guys to help me move some new equipment I received” Tenten smiles back at them.

“We can…” Kiba says before Shino stops him.

“Assist you right away” Shino says to Tenten then faces Kiba “I have tracking bugs up there if Hinata is in trouble they’ll alert me right away.” Kiba reluctantly walks with Tenten, Shino, and Akamaru.


After a few moments Hinata wakes in an unfamiliar room. Sees Naruto sitting at the edge of the bed smiling back at her all she could do was smile back.

“Glad your awake Hinata” Naruto says “Sakura and Ino would know what to do, but I…I” scratching his head smiling back at her as she moves toward him and hugging him for no apparent reason. “Hinata?” Naruto confused by her actions.

“Why are you in your female form Naruto?” Hinata says moving away from Naruto. Quickly Naruto forgetting that he was in this form transforms back to male version.

“Anything else” Naruto asks nervous not to make her faint once more.

“Why were Sakura and Ino up here earlier?” Hinata asks making Naruto trapped. If he says they had sex Hinata might not understand and faint. If he told her they were taking care of him she might ask if he was hurt and then she might faint. There were so many scenarios and all showed Hinata fainting again. So he blurted out the truth. Hinata took some time to process and was about to faint when Naruto kissed her on the lips. Hinata no longer wanted to faint, but full slowly into Naruto’s warm embrace and enjoy his company.

Naruto undresses her clothes. Hinata blushes with the slightest touch of him feeling her body. She closed her eyes and let him take her. “Ohh…Naruto do me” she whispered as Naruto kissed her neck and body. Her shirt was open exposing her large breasts to the fresh air. Her delicate pale skin lay below Naruto’s body.

He moves his hand downward feeling her heart beat and her stomach ache for his touch. She laid motionless knowing her dreams were finally coming true she was going to make love to Naruto. He sucked on her tits teasing them and biting them gently. He moves her pants down to her knees opening her most private parts to the open. Hinata blushed. Naruto lusted.

He didn’t get much action this morning to satisfy his hunger and was extremely horny for Hinata. He stood up and moved his cock to Hinata’s pussy lips. Gently pushing it in Naruto started fucking her. Hinata was a virgin, though her pussy was broken a year ago to a dildo that Sakura gave her, which then she gave to her sister a few weeks ago.

Naruto pushed further and faster into Hinata’s pussy. He had already come twice today once in Sakura’s mouth and the other in Ino’s pussy. Since fucking Sakura his secretion had multiplied 10 times that of what he was capable on his own. He moved down on Hinata and kissed her feeling her breasts in his hands.
Hinata was feeling it down below ready to give way to an orgasm “Oh…Oh…Naru…Naruto!” Naruto picked up the pace as Hinata gave away with loud moan and her pussy juice dripped onto his cock and on his bed sheets. Naruto fired up his famous jutsu.

“Sexy No Jutsu!”

Hinata witnessed Naruto transform once again to his female form. Hinata always dreamed of seeing Naruto in his female form and making love to this form, but never thought this was how it was going to be. Naruto moved up her body leisurely grinning with lust. Kissing her body sporadically upward Hinata blushes waiting for him to kiss her on the lips. Looking face to face the two stare at each other for what seems eternally. Naruto moved down to her lips and kissed her then she kissed him desiring more of this feeling. Hinata moved her hands over Naruto’s head and held him down. She did not want this moment to end she stuck her tongue in his mouth and he did the same to her. Moving gently they roll onto their sides with a warm sensation flooding them both.

Hinata took the initiation this time by leaving Naruto lying on the bed. She looked his naked female form before moving around the bed. She moved her legs over Naruto’s head. Naruto knew what Hinata wanted this time and he dived right in eating her pussy sending waves of bliss all over Hinata’s body. Hinata looked down to see Naruto did not have a cock only a pussy. If she recalled earlier when she had asked about his seeing his female form she remember seeing his cock, but then again it could all be in her mind.
She licked his pussy lips that it wasn’t sweet at all, but salty just like any male would taste like. She needed to taste his nectar and she did licking his clit getting it nice and wet. She loved Naruto, she loved his touch, and she loved his sexual taste. She was in love with him and nothing would separate them. Moving her tongue away from his clit and into his pussy lips she was getting hungrier and hungrier for him.

Naruto devoured her pussy as her juices flowed into his mouth. It was sweet like raindrops in the spring. That wasn’t the only thing that was getting to him. Hinata was eating his pussy and it was making him squirm he knew he was going to give way to an orgasm. He didn’t want to be the only one though.
Hinata felt it down below that she was to give off another orgasm. Before entering Naruto’s this idea of having sex with him and in his female form were the last things on her mind. Here she was though in a sixty-nine on Naruto’s bed getting ready to give way another orgasm.

Both felt it at the same time, but instead of screaming they were far too hungry for each other with lust and desire. A flood of juices came into Hinata’s mouth feeling like she was going to choke, but she held on. Naruto also had a flood of Hinata’s juices flow in his mouth with some of it dripping away from his mouth. They ate each other until they were fully clean.

Moving off of Naruto Hinata embraced Naruto and once again made out with him not wanting to let go of this pleasure they stayed in bed the whole day unaware of another presences lurking outside of Naruto’s bedroom window watching over Naruto’s exhibition toward three of his female peers.

Next episode: Hyuga Incest

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