Fantasies abound while father and daughter teach each other the meaning of passion.
Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. This chapter involves graphic sexual descriptions between a young woman with her father. The whole of this novella consists of multiple adults and teens (several of them family members) having sex with one another, written in a similar fashion. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I sometimes make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

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- seltra

- - -

Driving through the city, I could hardly concentrate on anything – traffic, stoplights and even pedestrians were nothing but a blur. Twice I nearly found myself involved in a collision. I was completely unfocused – to the point that driving to work may have even been unadvisable. More than one driver flipped me off while I drove in my stupor.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about Julie. Had my own daughter truly given me a blowjob? Had she honestly later wrapped her fingers around my manhood and stroked me to orgasm again? I could hardly believe it – but the fulfilling emotions that still raced through me confirmed that yes, indeed, it had happened. Julie – my fifteen-year-old daughter – had indeed given me pleasure this morning. It was pleasure that could be rivaled only by her mother. Although I still missed Kelly something fierce while she was on vacation, Julie had more than consoled me for the time being.

As the cars and building flew by me and faded into the distance, I thought about Julie had told me. I thought about the story of her first encounter with physical pleasure – which it had been with her brothers! I further contemplated just how much sex they might have had together over the past three years! Could it really have been going on that long without me or Kelly even noticing it?

I could scarcely believe it. This was my little baby girl, my darling little Jewels! She was so naive and innocent. Well, at least she had been at one time. Now? Well, perhaps not so much, I was compelled to admit. She had a lot of experience by now, that’s for sure. Plus, I knew it personally. Still, I decided long ago that I probably would have hung any guy up by his balls with razor wire if he’d impregnated her during her teen years. The thought had never occoured to me, though, what I would have done if that guy had been one of my sons – or me! At the time I had devised that punishment such a notion had been inconceivable.

Three years, I sighed to myself as I turned down the avenue to the accounting firm I owned. How could she not have gotten pregnant after three years of teenage sex? Now, here I was, on the verge of having an affair. I was again about to be untrue to Kelly. That in and of itself wasn’t something either of us was overly concerned about. This was different, however; the affair was going to be with our own teenage daughter! It was just another impossibility that I was trying to wrap my head around.

True, Kelly and I had cheated on one another before. It was almost like a game to us. While the world might consider our lifestyle odd, neither of us minded the infidelity, as long as we came back to one another at the end of the day – and we always did. To relieve tension in our marriage, we had found it to be a useful tool. Still, what would Kelly say if she knew that it was Julie I had begun a sexual relationship with – one that my daughter had begged me not an hour and a half ago to consummate this evening? Would she freak out, or consider it acceptable? I honestly couldn’t say. I had long admired my daughter’s beauty, but this was something far beyond that now.

Was I in over my head, or could I handle this?

Pulling into the parking lot, my thoughts drifted back to my sons. Three years ago, I digested again. Then, like a ton of bricks, a realization hit me! Three years! They had begun asking serious questions about sex right about three years ago! Could it have been possible that it was Julie they had been referring to? I reflected on the situations as best I could remember. Broc had been the first to approach me.

- - -

The house was rather rambunctious as I entered in through the garage door one evening. Julie had a couple of friends over, and her brothers were wasting no time in terrorizing the young girls with water guns.

“Will! Broc!” I yelled instantly, looking at the puddles across the kitchen floor. “How many times have I told you not to use those things in the house!?”

They lowered their aquatic weapons, giving the girls a chance to retreat upstairs to Julie’s room. “Sorry, Dad,” they apologized in unison.

I stared at them a moment. “Well, what are you waiting for?” I demanded. “Get some towels and get this place cleaned up!” As I hopped around on the dry spots in the lake that was once a kitchen I asked, “Is your mother home yet?”

“No, not yet,” Will answered.

“Ah, figures. She’s often late on Fridays,” I complained under my breath. “Ok, well, I’m going to go get changed out of my suit and then we’ll get on dinner and surprise your mom. How does that sound?”

Chuckling, Broc asked, “More pasta?”

I knew exactly what he was referring to. Pasta was pretty well the only meal I knew how to make. I could do very basic cooking, but pasta was the one thing that required moderate effort that I had any skill at. “And you will enjoy every bit of it, right?” I threatened jovially, dodging another pool of water.

“You’re just trying to get laid tonight,” jested Will.

I winked at them. “Whatever gets your mom horny,” I responded. They complained loudly at the mental image and I laughed at their protest. “Hey! You asked for it,” I pointed out. “Now, come on; hurry and dry the floor and start getting stuff ready. I’ll be back down soon.”

Before long, I had changed into jeans and a polo shirt, ready to relax some for the evening. If I was lucky, I could conscript my sons to get everything ready for me. Just as I rounded the end of the staircase, Will and Broc finished a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Broc sighing in exasperation as he lost.

“There,” declared Will decisively. “You ask him.”

“Ask me what?” They both whipped their heads towards me. Obviously, they had not noticed me there yet.

“Hey, Dad,” Broc said shakily. “I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.”

“Sure,” I permitted. “What’s on your mind, son?” He gestured to the front sitting room for a private conversation. “Will, can you get things started?” I ordered as I followed my younger son into the other room.

Encouraging him to begin, we each took a seat. Broc inhaled deeply, as though collecting his thoughts before responding, “Well, see...I kinda like this one girl. She’s awesome. And...well...”

“You’ve messed around,” I guessed.

“Yeah,” he exhaled sharply. Broc’s expression was stoic, but not unreadable.

I examined his expression closely. There wasn’t really worry there, just apprehension. I figured a terrible confession wasn’t about to emerge, but I decided to clarify. “She’s not pregnant, is she?”

“No, Dad,” he laughed good-naturedly. “Of course not.”

“Good,” I stated, adding, “You do realize that if you knocked her up I’d have to castrate you.”

He laughed again, “Yeah, I know that, Dad. That’s not the issue.”

“Well, what then?”

“Well...” he began timidly, “We haven’t had sex yet, but we want to. We’ve experimented with, like, oral sex and stuff quite a bit. She’s not the first girl I’ve ever done things with – you know that – but we want to go further. She has got to have, like, the sexiest little body in the world! I want her so bad! Problem is, she’s a virgin.”

“What do you mean, ‘little body’? You make it sound like she’s considerably younger than you.”

Broc chuckled. “She kinda is; by a couple years.”

“I see,” I responded slowly. I knew my son was quite a partier, even at fourteen years old. I’d met several of the girls he spent time with, but I was sure not all of them. Was he seriously dating a twelve-year-old? “Anyone I know?”

After a half-gasp, Broc waved airily, “No; I wouldn’t think so.”

I nodded thoughtfully, but I wasn’t quite so convinced. Still, I chuckled, “And she’s virgin, huh? I’ll bet you’re wondering how to avoid her getting pregnant so I don’t have to meet her.”

“Yeah, something like that,” my son snickered. “Like I said, she’s still a virgin, so I haven’t gone, like, all the way with her yet. I was just wondering how we can keep her from getting pregnant, you know?”

I decided to explain everything to him, from condoms to IUDs, from ‘the pill’ to NuvaRings. Afterwards, he thanked me for my explanation, but was still troubled.

“Yeah, she’s having trouble getting the pills from her mom. I don’t think her mom wants her to be experimenting with sex and stuff so much yet,” my son rued.

“What has she said to her mom?” I asked.

Shrugging, Broc admitted, “She tried the idea that she could use the pill to regulate her periods.”

Shaking my head, I scoffed, “Not likely. That’s more or less a myth.” Broc looked defeated. “They can be useful in dire circumstances or some sort of medical emergency, but after millions of years I think Mother Nature has pretty much got it right. There’s usually no need for a girl to have to take the pill to ‘regulate’ her periods.”

After digesting this idea, my son nodded. “That’s pretty much what her mom said, too.”

“Smart woman,” I stated before confessing, “Well, I can’t say that I’m entirely enthusiastic about my fourteen-year-old son screwing around, either, but I don’t think anything I say or do is going to make much of a difference, is it?” I stared at him intently to drive the point home. “Not like grounding you and keeping you at the house will have much effect, right?”

Broc shifted his eyes away from mine. “Um...” he stammered.

“Uh-huh,” I concluded. “Well, if you’d like, I can talk to her mom.”

“No, no!” responded Broc quickly – almost more quickly than the conversation required, I half-noted. “I mean...I think she can take care of it by herself. She’s a big girl; she’s almost thirteen.”

Thinking of Julie, who was approximately the same age, I remarked sarcastically, “Oh, yes; because thirteen-year-olds – like your sister – are completely convincing.” I laughed over the absurdity of the idea.

However, Broc wasn’t laughing. “J-Julie?” he asked nervously. “What do you mean by she’s not convincing?”

I raised my eyebrow at him. “Well, I’m just saying that someone like Jewels might have a difficult time convincing her parents for something like this.” Broc looked as though he were about to interject an idea, but I restrained him. “We’re not stupid, Broc. It’s tough to pull the wool over our eyes. Some parents might fall for that crap, but most parents are not that gullible. After all, if Julie were approach us with an idea like that, I’m sure both your mom and I would see through it right away. I know I for one wouldn’t want her to have sex this young.”

“Oh...” Broc sighed sourly.

I looked over my fourteen-year-old son again. I knew that he and this mystery girl were going to experiment with sex regardless of what I or her mother said or did. “Are you sure you don’t want me to talk to her mom? Maybe her dad?” I sympathized.

“No. That’s ok, Dad.” He stood as if to leave, his expression rather grim.

I wasn’t quite finished the conversation, however. “Hey, Broc,” I called after him. He turned around to look, even though the expression on his face wasn’t quite optimistic about what I had to say. “Don’t give up hope. Maybe if you can convince her mom that you’ll likely have sex one way or the other, she might relent. Just be honest, or tell her to be honest with her mom, anyways. You never know what might happen.” A smile crept across my son’s face. “And if you’re really desperate, I’ll buy you a box of condoms – just make sure you use them.”

Broc’s jaw hit the floor. “You’re serious?”

“Yeah,” I promised. “If you’re just going to do it anyways, why should I risk being a grandparent yet?”

The expression on Broc’s face shifted from surprise to ecstatic to overjoyed. “Thanks, Dad!” I raised a fist half-enthusiastically and he raced over and pounded it excitedly. “You’re seriously, like, the awesomest dad ever!”

I looked at him acutely and raised a finger. “Just remember son: no one gets pregnant.”

“No worries; I swear!”

“I’m serious, Broc. Sex is awesome, but if you’re not prepared for the responsibilities of a child, take measures against it – particularly when you’re a teen, son. It’s just not the sort of thing to deal with at this time in your life.” I studied him solemnly. “Have fun, but be careful.”

He reassured me again and bounded down the hallway to help his brother with dinner. I followed after him shortly once I had contemplated whether I had done the right thing. If I can’t stop him, I might as well help him be as safe as possible, I justified.

It was a couple weeks later before Will approached me and we had a similar conversation. Just before we each headed to bed, he pulled me aside one night, directing me to the sitting room as Broc had done several days prior.

Timidly, he asked, “Dad, how do you make a woman feel she’s special? I mean, how do you get to making love instead of just having sex? How do you make her feel like a woman?”

This was the difference between my two sons: while Broc was obsessed with knowing how to shove his cock into anything with two boobs and a pussy without consequence, Will was a little more mature. He had a genuine interest in women and wanted to treat them well. Because of this fact alone, I was far more concerned about Broc screwing something up and getting a girl pregnant than I was his older brother.

I smiled at my son’s request for knowledge. “Well, son,” I began, “you need to compliment her genuinely. Make sure you do things for her. Make sure her comfort comes before yours in your life. Of course, you have to have your life balanced and not forget your own interests, but make sure her pleasures come before yours.” Will smiled appreciatively. I knew that he would take this lesson to heart much more than his younger brother would. I added, “It might sound ‘sappy and lame’, but it’s the truth. Find a girl who feels the same way about you. It’s give-and-take. If you’re both working to do that, you’ll have a wonderful relationship.”

“And if she doesn’t?”

“Doesn’t reciprocate your efforts?” I clarified. He nodded. “Well, then,” I taught, “you might consider her commitment to the relationship. If you don’t think she’s investing herself, then, at this stage of a courtship, you might want to reconsider where you want to go with her, if anywhere. It’s especially important to remember this at your age. Give it some time, discuss it and work at it, but, at this point, be prepared to let go if needs be.”

Nodding, Will replied, “I see.”

Looking intently at him to stress my next lesson, I told him, “If she’s not what you’re looking for now, just imagine what will happen to your relationship down the road; imagine all the damage to both of you that could result.” I took a deep breath, remembering several friends whose marriages had failed. “I’ve seen it several times, son. One spouse or the other doesn’t pull their weight – and perhaps hasn’t from the get-go – and the other finally just gets overwhelmed and collapses and there goes the marriage!”

“Yeah, I can see how that would happen,” he agreed.

“Now,” I clarified, “you cannot just expect something without working for it, understood?” Will nodded again as I continued explaining, “Life doesn’t work like that. It never has, it never will. You need to make sure you’re keeping up your end of the relationship bargain, as tough as it might be sometimes. Son, if you’re not helping her with her responsibilities and what she needs, then don’t be surprised when she stops putting out or otherwise neglecting you.”

“What if she starts neglecting first?” he asked.

I chuckled. “Usually women don’t – that’s just their nature. Men are usually the ones that need reminding. However, it does happen, and not entirely infrequently either.” I took a breath. “But, yes, that can happen. If it does, like I said before, work at it and talk it over. If things are still bleak, well, you’ll need to be strong and let go of the situation.” I leaned in another inch or so and added, “Better to be in no relationship looking for the right one than in a toxic one vainly hoping it’ll recover. Don’t be afraid to be single, Will.”

“Hm,” he considered for a moment. I was just about to speak again when Will posed his next question. “Is this what foreplay is all about, getting a woman’s needs met first?”

I laughed heartily. I had to remind myself that Will was moving quickly through his teenage years. He was sixteen now, about the age I had met his mother. Luckily for me, Kelly and I had meshed perfectly. Though a rarity, it could happen for him, too, but I had to consider all scenarios.

“Well, yes, son,” I responded, still chuckling. “Foreplay is a part of this, too. A man is like a microwave: two settings, on or off – although usually more ‘on’ than ‘off’. A woman, well, she’s more like an oven: turn her on the right way and she’ll warm up nicely and stay warm for a long, long time. If you can resist what you want and drag foreplay out for a long time, she’ll give you one hell of a ride, son.”

Will chuckled in response to my metaphor. “Yeah,” he nodded. “I’ve seen that.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. “Oh?”

Drawing in a sharp breath he confessed, “Well, I’ve kinda been...seeing...someone – a girl – over the past little bit.” I nodded, smirking at him. “We’ve been...well...having a bit of fun with each other.” I kept nodding, encouraging him. “We haven’t had sex yet, but she’s been grinding on me and giving me blowjobs and stuff.” His eyes met mine. “It’s really fun, actually.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet, son.” We laughed together. “So, making her do all the work, are you: grinding, blowjobs, anything else?”

“Well, I do some of the work. I feel her up a lot.” He shook his head in disbelief at the memory. “Damn, her sexy body’s so soft and sweet. I just love holding onto her and feeling her breasts and...oh...” Will stopped, seeing me smirking at him. “Sorry, Dad. I guess I got carried away.”

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “No worries, son. You really like her, don’t you?” He nodded emphatically. “So, you’ve felt her up, but haven’t eaten her pussy yet?”


“What? It’s just a question, son. It’s a natural next step.”

Will rolled his eyes as though my question were the most absurd he’d ever encountered. “No I haven’t,” he confessed reluctantly. “I’m afraid that if I start that, I’ll want more and...well...she’s a virgin and stuff. I don’t want to hurt her.” Somewhat hesitantly, he added, “She’s actually having trouble convincing her mom to let her have birth control.”

“Sounds like Broc’s girlfriend,” I remarked.

My son’s mouth opened briefly, but no words escaped, as though he changed his mind about what he wanted to say. “Yeah,” he said at last. “They actually really...similar girls.”

“Hm,” I pondered, wondering if they could be one and the same. “Well, I’ll give you the same advice I gave your brother. Be honest with her mother. Maybe you can butter her up some, letting her know how much she really means to you. Short of that, have her be honest with her mom. If you two are really wanting to have sex—”

“Make love,” interjected Will. “I want to make love with her, Dad.” I smiled at my oldest child. He certainly had a better mind than I had at his age. When I was sixteen, I could remember being only ‘young and dumb and full of cum’ as the saying goes. Will here was certainly mindful about this girl he spent his time with. “I want her to feel special,” he explained, “not like some tramp that I just want to use and drop. I want her to love herself and to know just how much I care for her.”

My understanding deepening, I nodded. “Ok,” I replied. “I can tell you really like this girl.” Will smiled genuinely and nodded solidly. “Well, son, give her all the attention you can. Remember to be true to yourself, as well, but especially during those intimate moments, son, always do everything you can to give her the best feelings possible. Rock her world, my boy.”

He smiled at me in appreciation. I was just glad I could still teach my kids something. “I will, Dad. You know I will. I won’t forget what we’ve talked about.”

“Good,” I stated decisively. “Still, I don’t know of any parent who would rather their daughter pregnant than taking steps to avoid pregnancy if she’s just going to do it anyways. Sex is fantastic and bringing kids into this world is a wonderful part of it, Will, but if you’re not ready for that, it’s a situation better to be avoided.” He nodded, digesting what I was saying. “I told Broc this, and I’ll tell it to you, too: have her be honest with her mother. Hopefully she’ll understand her daughter’s wants and needs.”

“Ok. We’ll try that.”

“If all else fails, I’ll do for you what I promised Broc; I’ll buy you a box of condoms if necessary.” Will’s eyes lit up with glee, obviously imagining every bit of mischief conceivable he could get into with this girl. I could tell his focus had just went out the window, so I ended the conversation. “Will? Good luck, son.”

- - -

The reflection over the conversations with my sons seemed to transpire in an instant. Before I knew it, I was closing my car door and walking into the office, my attention completely elsewhere. I could hardly remember any of my journey to the office. I was instead so preoccupied with trying to understand my children that I could hardly focus on what was going on around me.

“Sir?” the secretary called out. It was probably not the first time she had attempted to get my attention.

“Hm?” I replied while trying to gain my bearings.

She looked at me skeptically. “Are you alright, sir?”

I rattled my head, trying to clear my thoughts. “Yeah. Sorry, Sam. How are things today?”

“Well, Frank’s already here. He’s waiting in your office for you. I already gave him the portfolio, so he has all the information about the problems we’ve been having this morning,” Sam explained. “Good luck, sir.”

I nodded appreciatively. “Thanks; I think we’ll need it.” Just as I was about to leave, I turned back to her. “And, Sam, how many times do I have to tell you? We’re informal around here. You can call me David, not ‘sir’. That makes me feel old,” I laughed.

What I didn’t add is that, with everything that had happened to me this morning, ‘old’ was very much the last thing I felt or would like to feel right now.

She chuckled lightly. “Alright...ok, ‘David’.” She mocked. “Still feels kind of weird, but I’ll keep trying to wrap my head around that one.”

“Good,” I concluded before walking off to my office.

As I rounded the hallway corner at my office, I took one last quick glance at Sam. At twenty-five years old, she had just graduated her accounting program at the college in the city. Her resume was so impressive I practically hired her on the spot. She was brilliant, and although she was only at the entry-level position of ‘secretary’, I’d allowed her the opportunity to work on several different large-client cases already to test her knowledge and capabilities. She had performed flawlessly. Our firm would do well with her as a member.

She was a beautiful young woman, too. She was quite a slender woman, probably about 125 pounds, standing about 5’6” and had long, dark brown hair complementing her hazel eyes. Her body was uniquely attractive. Sam’s figure was a perfect ten; so fit, so firm! I knew that she worked out regularly, and it showed. As chance would have it, actually, she had been attending my wife’s fitness classes long before she had applied for this job.

The most exquisite feature was her ample chest. Despite being so petite on most of the rest of her body, her breasts were a prominent size, probably in the 34D range. Still, her bosom sat well, and her curves were painfully appealing. In the short time she had worked at the office, more than once I had thought about having an affair with her if ever the occasion required it. To have a gorgeous woman like Sam in bed with me, I thought. Oh, that would be a dream come true.

The only thing that kept me back was that she was both an employee of mine and a client of Kelly’s. I was concerned about just how awkward it would be for all three of us after the affair was discovered.

An affair, I chuckled to myself. I’m already having an affair. I’m cheating on my wife – with my own DAUGHTER! And I’m not the first member of the family she has seduced, apparently. I thought of my sons. It had been Julie! I knew now that’s who they had been referring to. All along, it had been their sister that they were asking advice on, not some tramp they had been at school with.

Honestly, I had been curious when and where they had been meeting up with their ‘girlfriends’ – which, now I knew, was one and the same girl: their sister! In the past three years they had never seemed to be home less often than before. If anything, they had been home more often instead.

Now I knew why.

I grabbed the door handle to my office. I drew in a deep breath, trying to clear my mind of my daughter, my sons, Kelly and Sam. It was time to handle this case now. Once again confident, I turned the door handle.

“Dave!” a booming voice called out to me as the entryway cleared. Frank sat in one of the chairs, closing the business portfolio that he had been going over. “Good to see you, my friend!”

I closed the door and shook the man’s hand. “You, too, Frank,” I reflected. “Hope all’s well?”

“Humph,” he grumped. “Well enough, all things considered.”

“Yeah, Sam told me on the phone this morning that we have quite the mess here,” I lamented. “She said they’re threatening to find another accounting firm if we can’t get our numbers right.”

“More or less, yeah,” he confessed. “I was just looking over a few things and I think I found a few places where we goofed and where we can tweak the numbers so that everything’s correct.”

“Good; let’s get to the drawing board.”

We worked for a few hours, checking and double-checking the numbers, drawing up new predictions, planning new opportunities and setting goals that the small business could achieve for growth. At the end of the day, we called up our client who was very impressed that we’d gone to such lengths to secure their business.

“You’re sure you boys have done your homework this time?” asked the owner over the speaker phone.

“Yes, indeed, Mr. McRoberts,” Frank replied without missing a beat. “We realized where we had made our errors and, instead of being only feasible, expansion is in your favour now more than ever.”

“Well, I like your ideas,” complimented the voice. “I’ll be in first thing Monday morning. I’ll look over it a little more closely and, if I like it, I’ll sign the papers instead of pulling the plug. How does that sound to you?”

“Sounds excellent,” I agreed. “We’ll email you the files and ideas that we can so you can get a head start and an idea of what to expect. Does that work for you?”

“That would be fantastic. I do have somewhere I need to be shortly, gentlemen, but I will look things over and talk to you Monday. Caprice?”

I smiled. “That would be perfect, thanks.”

“Thanks to you, too. Bye now.”

“Good bye,” Frank and I said in unison. We heard the other end of the line die and I ended the call on our side.

“Well, another disaster averted,” I breathed, leaning back in my chair. “Well done, Frank.”

Frank nodded. “Yeah. You, too.” I nodded in gratitude and looked out my window. Somewhere out there was my home. Somewhere out there was Julie – my little Jewel that I loved so dearly. I wondered what she was doing. Was she as anxious as I was for tonight? Frank interrupted my daydreaming. “Just one thing, though.”

I turned back to him, unsure of what to expect. Did he suspect anything? My heart skipped a beat before beginning to race. “What’s that?” I asked.

He looked at me quizzically. “You’ve seemed pretty distracted today. Are you alright?”

I breathed in deeply, not sure of how to respond. Frank was one of my oldest friends. We had first met over twenty years ago. We had been coworkers in another accounting firm when we were just starting out our careers. Several years ago, the two of us had decided to venture off together and begin a firm of our own. We had been very successful at it, enjoying the rewards of being joint business partners.

Despite knowing one another so well, I hesitated to tell him exactly what was on my mind. How would he take it? Frank had a daughter himself, a year younger than Julie, named Desiree. When the girl was just a toddler, her mom had taken off with some trucker who had promised a life of fortune and luxury. It had devastated Frank.

Several months later the woman came to her senses and finally realized the promises were horrible lies. Seeing just how excellent a life she would have had with Frank, she came crawling back, desperate to be with him again. However, the damage had been done. Being thoroughly incensed with her behaviour, Frank instead handed her divorce papers. Concluding that she was unstable and unsuitable to raise their daughter, the judge gave Frank sole custody of Desiree – and, ever since, he had been mighty protective of her.

Being so defensive of his own little girl, how would he react to the deep love and intimacy that I had begun to share with my daughter?

Realizing I was holding my breath, I released it in a huff. “Yeah,” I sighed. “Just missing Kelly, I suppose.”

“I see.” The look of understanding on Frank’s face was evident. Although he had tried to deny it, I remembered very well how lonely he had been when his wife first left him. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever seen him date anyone since. He smiled wryly, asking, “Well, you have the kids, don’t you?

I shook my head. “Nah; Will just moved away a couple weeks ago to start college in the fall and Broc’s at a rugby camp.”

“So...” he concluded, raising his eyebrows, “it’s just you and Julie, then?”


Frank nodded, smiling. “Hope she’s taking good care of you,” he chuckled.

I figured it best to remain vague about the depth of Julie’s and my relationship. “She has helped relieve some of the burden, yeah.”

“That’s good,” Frank said cheerfully. “Desiree helps me out quite a bit. I’ve never really asked her to do too many chores, but she has realized how much there really is to do in keeping a home in order. She stepped up to the plate on her own quite a long time ago. She has really filled in the role of daughter and wife – sometimes to an excessive amount. She’s growing up way too quickly. I help her out as much as I can when I’m home, though, to give her a break and be a regular teen as much as possible.”

The slight intonation in Frank’s voice didn’t escape me. Desiree acted as a daughter ‘and’ wife? Could he mean things possibly deeper than just the superficial chores around the house? Was it conceivable that Frank and Desiree were sharing emotions with one another as deeply as Julie and I were beginning to discover? I decided to pry subtly.

“What do you mean by ‘an excessive amount’?” I asked after a few seconds.

Frank’s expression changed suddenly and his eyebrows rose slightly, as though surprised. “Oh, she just pampers me whenever I’m feeling down,” he explained airily. “I think she does too much, though.”

This conversation was fast becoming interesting. I was insatiably curious. “Too much?” I repeated.

“Yeah,” he confirmed shakily, avoiding eye contact now. “She just takes care of too many of my needs – things that I’m sure I could handle on my own, that’s all.”

Nervousness wasn’t something I readily saw Frank display. He was almost always so collected and confident. Being secretive was a side of him I rarely, if ever, saw. His skin had flushed slightly as though he were embarrassed by the turn in the conversation.

Fluidly, he changed the subject. “So what’s Will taking in the fall?”

Although it left me wondering, I grinned a little and played his little game, explaining the courses which Will would be taking and the direction in life he wanted to go. As I was speaking, though, I could see Frank’s scalp glistening at the edge of his thinning short, brown hair. At one point, a small bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. Frank wiped it away quickly.

A nervous sweat? Does that mean what I think it does? The realization shocked me.

Before I could question my friend further, Frank stood to leave. “Glad to hear Will’s doing so well,” he said hastily. “I would love to stay and chat about the others, but I do need to get home. I promised Desiree I’d be home shortly after we were done here.” While Frank was grabbing his suit jacket, I nodded, unsure of what to say. “We’re planning a big dinner tonight to celebrate this solid step in our business. I was really nervous I was going to have to cancel it – or find some other reason to have a big dinner.”

When he reached the door to my office, I stood and called after him. He certainly seemed to be rushed, which was also uncharacteristic of him. He was already cracking open the door.

“Frank,” I halted again, getting his attention. Arriving at the door, I slowly closed it again. He looked at me almost sheepishly, the way a child would when they’re afraid a parent is about to guess a deep, dark secret of theirs correctly and reveal it to the world. “Are you and Desiree...ok?” I asked quietly. I picked my words carefully, still wary I may offend him.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t we be?” he defended lightly with a slight shrug.

I shrugged in return. “I dunno. You just seem nervous or afraid about something.”

“Well...” whispered Frank, “I’m fine; we’re fine. Everything’s fine.”

“Ok,” I nodded. I sighed, backing away from the door. Frank watched me. “ know...if ever there’s ever anything you’d like to talk about, you can always tell me. I’ll listen with an open mind.”

Lowering his head, Frank nodded slowly. “Thanks,” he muttered warily.

We were both silent for a few seconds before I implied, “Because...I can promise I’ll be able to understand...better than most others could.” Turning to look at me, Frank stared in mild confusion, evidently unsure of what to make of my suggestion. “Believe you me,” I confirmed, “I can understand.”

His eyes scrutinized me some, as though looking for a confirmation or betrayal of my true meaning. Finally, he nodded firmly. “I’ll remember that.”

I smiled and gestured towards the door. “You’d better get going if your daughter’s expecting you.”

“Yeah,” he breathed. “Thanks, Dave.” He opened the door to leave.

“Have a good evening.”

He turned back. “You, too, my friend.” He left, closing my office door behind him.

I returned to my desk and fell into my office chair, overwhelmed with what I had just learned – or what I believe I had just learned. I stared out the window absentmindedly. Although Frank hadn’t come right out and said it, our conversation had definitely left me under the impression that he and his daughter shared a relationship far more intimate than what society accepted, too. However, he was certainly not the only one.

I chuckled to myself. Dave, are you just so naive or thick-skulled that you’re oblivious to everyone around you having incestuous sex with everyone else in their family!? I self-interrogated. I chortled, shaking my head in surprise at the facts that were unfolding around me today.

Not long after, I, too, was on my way home. Time for a nice, romantic dinner this evening with Julie, I planned. Let’s, music, candlelight, some wine (just enough to loosen up, mind you), fettuccine for dinner...what else?

Stopping briefly at the grocery store and its attendant floral department on the way, I bought the ingredients for the meal and a bouquet of flowers I knew were Julie’s favourites – at least they had been a few years ago. It had been a while since I discussed such preferences with her. Everything else was available at home. I had my mind made up. This was going to happen. If Julie was looking for a passionate night, I would do everything I could to set the perfect mood.

After pulling into the garage and entering the house, I stopped suddenly. The whole place seemed to be deathly quiet. I couldn’t imagine Julie going anywhere, but it wasn’t impossible, either. Maybe she went for a run or something, I considered nonchalantly.

Placing the bouquet on the kitchen counter, I began unloading the other cargo I came home with before gathering whatever else I might need for the dinner masterpiece I had planned. Just as I began cutting, I realized I was still in my suit. My mind had been so preoccupied with this evening that I had overlooked such a simple fact. Better go change, I decided and began heading up the staircase to the bedroom.

I wasn’t halfway up the flight of stairs when I heard a soft coo, like the sigh of a woman enjoying the feeling of a man lightly touching her skin. Having heard the sound so often from Kelly in response to my wandering hands, I recognized it immediately. However, I knew this was not Kelly’s voice. It sounded younger, more...adolescent.

Julie...? I wondered. It was certainly possible. After all, her bedroom was just down the hall from my wife’s and mine. I listened closer. Sure enough, a slight mechanical whirring sound was barely detectable. It was one I’d heard many times, too, while tantalizing Kelly’s desires with one of the handful of toys she kept for her ‘lonely times’. Smiling in amusement, I wondered if I could catch a glimpse of my daughter’s current ‘private’ behaviour.

Tiptoeing carefully up the remaining steps and creeping up to her bedroom door, I was delighted to find it wasn’t shut quite tightly. As I approached the slightly-cracked open doorway, Julie’s soft moans, mixed together with the continuous vibrating sound, grew louder and louder. Pushing the blockade aside, I peered through the widened partition. What I saw caused my erection to return immediately.

Sprawled on her bed, wearing no clothing whatsoever, was my precious fifteen-year-old daughter. Her legs were spread widely, her knees raised up in the air, to allow her hands access to the sacred treasure between them. In her hands, she held a vibrator, slowly pressing it into her young womanhood before retracting it just as deliberately. The skin across her vibrant, teenage body was flushed a shade pink from her pulse racing in response to her own touch.

“ Oooh...” she breathed softly. Her voice was remarkably controlled despite her heaving chest. “Ohhh...oh, this feels...amazing...!”

I smiled, watching her work on her own, tender body. Her head leaned back over her pillows, the very crown of it pointing generally towards the door at which I stood. I knew that even if she were to open her eyes she wouldn’t see me immediately. Besides, all her concentration was elsewhere. Again, she plunged the thick toy into her opened crevice. She gasped, moaning more loudly this time, as it penetrated her.

She’s so gorgeous... I admired silently, letting my eyes wander over her youthful figure. Her perfect C-sized breasts were round and full. I could see the perky, darkened skin around her nipples was stiff and sensitive. Mild sunlight filled her room, bathing her magnificent adolescent body, causing it glow radiantly. My daughter is so beautiful. She’s sexy. So...perfect!

“Ohhh...yes...yes...! Hmmm...oh...oooh...” she panted, allowing her physical desires to overtake her. One of her hands shot immediately to her breasts, caressing and stimulating the perfect globes on her chest. “Mmmm... Ohhh...Daddy...! Make me...! Oh, Daddy...! Deeper...Daddy...! Deeper...!”

My lust over my daughter found a new level. The realization of what I had just heard sunk in slowly. She’s thinking of me! My own daughter is getting herself off, thinking of me! I couldn’t withstand any longer. Silently and unconsciously, my fingers unfastened my belt and pants before my hand reached inside of them and found the solid manhood they housed.

My fingers met the slick liquids already covering the head of my penis. With my hand, I spread them along the shaft as well, my fingers gliding effortlessly along my penile rod. Drawing in a deep, sharp breath, I worked hard to prevent any sounds from escaping my throat. I didn’t want to disturb the stunning, beautiful scene before my eyes. I gripped myself tightly, imagining just how magnificent the feeling would be if I were the one pressing myself into Julie’s loving depths.

That’s when I realized that, in a way, I was!

“Daddy...oh! Mmmm...hmmm...! Ohhh...oh, Daddy...” she encouraged her imagination. She began moving the humming instrument with a little more vigour, awakening her innermost needs. “Hmmm..oh, Daddy...! Oooh...keep going...Daddy... I’m gonna...cum...! Oh, Daddy...!”

I stared at her intently, taking in every detail of her bare, pubescent body. My eyes focused specifically where the object she used disappeared into her sexual channel. With one of her hands now out of the way, I could see the tool she used clearly. Not long after our marriage, I’d had a vibrator fashioned out of a replica of my penis. A few years ago – just less than three if I wasn’t mistaken – Kelly had told me she had lost it. Before today, I never would have guessed where it had gone.

Julie was using a perfect copy of my own manhood to pleasure herself. The idea grew more erotic the more I thought about it!

I’m here, Jewels... I responded in my mind, my hand squeezing and stroking the club between my legs. Daddy’s right here... Oh, my baby girl...Daddy loves you...! I love much...Jewels...! I could almost feel her muscles clench around me as I watched the copy of my digit enter her over and over.

“Oh...OH...! DADDY...! I’M CU-CUM...OH...! OHHH! MMMM!” she squealed in delight. As she twisted her head in a vain attempt to understand the emotions bursting inside of her, I caught several glimpses of her face. It was contorted in the deepest pleasure. “OHHH...DADDY...! YOUR COCK...IN...MY PUSSY... FEELS...SO GOOD...! OHHH!”

My body couldn’t resist any more than hers could. Julie...! I screamed in my head. Ohhh...Julie...! Oh, my daughter...! OHHH...JEWELS! I felt all my muscles tense at once, nearly causing me to lose my balance. The pressure in my loins grew as my stiff pole rocketed out its supply of sexual cream into my underwear.

Striving hard to keep my breathing under control, I opened my eyes to see my beautiful daughter laying randomly across her bed, allowing her body to cool down from the immense pleasure it had just experienced. Her chest heaved as her lungs drew in desperate breaths of air. Finally, she sighed lovingly, slowly retracting my duplicate from her young body. It glistened with moisture in the sun as she switched it off and held it up above her face triumphantly.

“Oh...I can’t wait...” she murmured breathlessly, thinking out loud. “I can’t wait...for tonight... I want him... Oh, I want badly... I want to make...make love to my dad...” Her soft, pleasant voice filled me with more erotic love for this beautiful young woman than I ever thought possible. “I love you, Daddy...” she whispered quietly, turning onto her side towards her pillows. “I hope you come home soon...”

I love you, too, Jewels, I adored mentally. It will be far better than you can possibly imagine. I promise it, baby girl; I promise it.

Not wanting to reveal myself just yet, I watched her lay there for some time as she enjoyed her fantasized emotions of what was to happen later on in the evening. Julie’s breathing slowly became rhythmic. Had she fallen asleep?

Though it went unnoticed by her, I blew her a kiss before I began moving stealthily back down the hallway to my bedroom. Once there, I reclined on my bed for several minutes, contemplating what I had just seen and heard while watching my daughter masturbate. She had been fantasizing about me! Her thoughts were about her dear, old dad. Thinking about it, I felt overwhelmed with a powerful combination of lust and love that I hadn’t experienced since Kelly and I first flirted and dated in high school. Although I loved my wife, there was something particularly exciting about this which I figured was what caused the emotion to run so rampantly. Being like a game made it so enthralling!

Damn, she was a beautiful teenager – and fast becoming a painfully gorgeous woman. To hell with social norms. To hell with what anyone thought! I loved Julie and she loved me. We were together, alone, this month. We could show one another how deeply our affections ran. I was going to neither waste nor spoil the opportunity she and I had over the next four weeks for the most loving intimacy.

I want to make love to you, too, Julie, I finally replied to her in my head. I chuckled, thinking, I truly do want to make love to my own daughter. Is only her love sufficient while Kelly is gone? I considered that idea for a moment. I wanted Julie – I wanted my daughter. I craved to have her every physical pleasure. Yeah, I concluded, finally confessing it to myself. It honestly is only Julie’s love that will fill the void. How wild. Who would have ever thought?

Eventually, I arose and cleaned myself up. I changed into some slacks and a nice dress shirt; clothes that weren’t quite so formal, but still comely enough for a date night with such a special woman in my life. Before I returned to the kitchen, though, I peeked once more into Julie’s room. Watching her lie there, I knew she was asleep. Quietly, I crept to her bed and pulled one of her blankets over her tender, naked body to keep her warm and kissed her on the cheek.

“I love you,” I whispered, almost imperceptibly for even my own ears. Though far away in dreamland, Julie sighed contentedly with a slight smile on her pretty face.

Once in the kitchen, I began preparing and assembling the ingredients for some chicken fettuccine alfredo. Cooking everything slowly and carefully, I prepared what I considered to be an outstanding meal. Everything was seasoned to perfection, the sauce was creamy and the food temperature excellent.

With the meal all but finished, I glanced around the room. Perfect. Now for the finishing touches, I decided.

I went to work. I arranged the dining table, setting the plates, cutlery and wine glasses at one corner so we could sit close to one another. The bouquet of flowers I placed in a vase neatly between the two sets of dishes, flanked by the candles. Once they were lit, I walked over to the stereo. If figured I’d set the music before waking Julie up for dinner. Just as I was scrolling though my iPod, though, I heard a voice from the stairwell.

“Daddy?” a gentle, feminine voice inquired. “What’s going on?” I smiled and turned around. Julie was standing at the edge of the kitchen, dressed in light sleepwear. Her hair was somewhat disheveled from sleeping, but it still had that beautiful, I-just-woke-up look to it. She rubbed some sleep from her eyes and began walking towards the stove, slowly inhaling the smells of dinner in the air. “Mmmm! That smells good!”

“Hope so,” I announced. “I’m pretty proud of it, if I do say so myself.”

Looking over the stove, she turned to me and smiled. “Fettuccine alfredo?”

“Chicken fettuccine alfredo,” I elaborated. “Been a while since I’ve made it. I’m a master at spaghetti, but I figured tonight something else was in order.”

Julie’s eyes wandered around the room, taking in the state of the kitchen and dining room. “What’s the occasion?” she asked in mock surprise.

I winked at her and she giggled mischievously. She continued to examine the setting, smiling broadly when she finally saw the flowers. Before she could comment on them, I interrupted, “Everything’s almost ready, Jewels. Better hurry and get ready yourself.”

Her stare fixed on me, a loving smile set permanently on her face. Quickly, Julie walked across the room and wrapped me in her arms. “Thank you, Daddy,” she sighed peacefully. I embraced her in return. “This is wonderful! What do you want me to wear?”

“I don’t know,” I surrendered. At this point, my love for her was so overwhelming that whatever she wore was perfectly fine. This night was hers. If she preferred, a funeral gown would have sufficed, although it certainly wouldn’t have been my first choice. “Something nice,” I suggested. “How about you wear something that you would feel comfortable going on a date in?”

Julie backed up a couple inches. She kissed my mouth tenderly. I absolutely melted at the touch of my fifteen-year-old daughter’s lips. “Ok, Daddy,” she agreed. “I know just what to wear. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t start without me.”

“I’ll all be here when you get back,” I assured her. I watched as she gleefully bounded back upstairs to ready herself for our daddy-daughter date – and an evening of so much more! Of course, my eyes were pinned to her waistline curves as she left. Although covered by her unflattering sweatpants, I could imagine every contour of her body beneath. This will be an evening to remember, I reveled.

Quickly, I finished scrolling around on my iPod, finding the ‘Romance’ playlist of music I often used with Kelly. I hurried and closed all the shutters and draperies for privacy. I roared our gas fireplace to life, which was visible from either side of the wall in both the living room and sitting room. After, I then lowered the light, further setting the ambiance. Finally, the crowning moment arrived. Taking a bottle of merlot from our wine cabinet, I uncorked it and poured a sample. I’d been looking for a special occasion to open this bottle. I hoped the wine was up to the challenge.

I checked the wine, swirling, sniffing and sipping it. Perfect!

Just as I finished pouring us each a glass, Julie returned to the kitchen. The sight of my beautiful little Jewel took my breath away. She’d only had time for a quick preparation, but she had done remarkably well with what little time she’d had to work with.

She wore a lavender blouse, soft and elegant, that fit her unique figure flawlessly, bringing out the beauty of her delicate curves. I noticed instantly that it had one more button undone than I would have permitted if she were going on a date with some guy from school. However, I figured this time, well, I could let it slide. Below her shirt, she wore a richly-coloured black skirt, ending just below mid-thigh. It fit tightly enough for a prominent display of just how womanly my daughter had become, but not so snugly that it was promiscuous. On her feet was a pair of black, heeled shoes which exaggerated the length of her smooth, delicate legs.

Her chocolate-coloured hair was brushed straight so that it flowed lightly, falling down over her head and onto her shoulders. The cascade of brown flowing over her upper body showed just how firm and shapely her young and athletic teenage body was. It entirely melted my heart as I looked at her, admiring the beauty she radiated. She wore just a basic application of makeup. Far from being caked on, the foundation, eye-liner, blush and lip gloss that she had applied accentuated every remarkable, lovely feature she carried.

In short, she, too, was perfect.

“Wow...” I gasped, feeling my jaw hang in enchanted bewilderment, “You look absolutely gorgeous, Jewels!”

She smiled shyly, averting her eyes to the floor. “Thanks,” she giggled.

I set the bottle of merlot on the table and walked over to her. A mesmerising waft of magnificent perfume greeted my nose. I let my eyes wander lustfully over my fifteen-year-old daughter. She was gorgeous. I could see just how meticulous she had been over every preparation for this evening.

Taking her hand with one of mine, I tilted her face up to look at me. “I mean it, Julie,” I stressed. “You are one of the loveliest women I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Julie looked at me in curiosity. “One of the loveliest?” she repeated.

“Outshone only by your mother in the long run,” I clarified. She giggled sweetly, understanding my meaning. “But, right now,” I complimented sincerely, “I swear you are the most gorgeous woman on earth.”

Humming appreciatively, she placed her hand on the back of my neck, pulling us together. We kissed long and passionately, a forbidden kiss that we took great pride in as we indulged. “Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered tenderly once our lips broke free.

I led her to the table, pulling out her chair and replacing it as she sat down before taking my place around the edge of the table. She looked over the simple, but delicious, spread of food I’d prepared. Beyond the fettuccine, I had readied dinner rolls and vinegar/oil dipping sauce, bruschetta with bread and a light salad.

Julie’s eyes lit up like diamonds. “Wow. Is this all for me?”

“Well, for us, yeah,” I clarified. “I thought it suitable for a nice evening.”

Her eyes met mine and I could see a deep well of love and adoration behind them. “I think it will be a fantastic evening,” inferred Julie, a hinted promise in her voice. She picked up the wine glass. “You’re sure?” she cleared, raising an eyebrow.

Nodding, I reassured, “Jewels, I wouldn’t have poured it if I wasn’t sure.” A radiant smile crossed Julie’s face. “Besides, I know you’ve had alcohol with friends before.”

She shrank into her seat, somewhat timidly. “Well, at, like, parties and stuff, yeah,” she admitted needlessly. She drew the glass to her nose and sniffed gently, allowing the sweet aroma to soak into her brain. “We’re never allowed something like a glass of wine for dinner – at least not unless we, like, were sixteen first.” Placing the glass on her lips, she sipped slowly and basked in the taste tricking over her tongue. She swallowed and smiled. “Oh, that’s good.”

I realized that she was right. It was the first time that I’ve ever allowed her a drink in my presence. I knew that she’d experimented with different drinks at social gatherings. At the house, however, Kelly and I strictly maintained that the minimum age for us allowing our kids to consume alcohol was sixteen – up until now, anyways. Julie had watched enviously over the past few years as first Will, then Broc were permitted something stronger to drink at dinner on occasion. I could only imagine how much she reveled in this moment.

“I figured we could make an exception tonight,” I brushed off. “Besides, you’ll be sixteen in a few months; close enough.”

Through a giggle, Julie replied, “A few? Um...try eight.”

“Like I said, close enough,” I dismissed with an amused shrug. “Don’t tell you mother,” I half-joked with a wink. She giggled again and sampled the wine once more.

We dished our plates and ate slowly. Julie and I talked of school and work, of life and love. The mood wasn’t as light as it had been during breakfast, though. Conversation almost seemed stifled. It wasn’t awkward or forced by any means; it was just...slow. It was as though our minds were occupied by heaver thoughts – and I knew why. I knew what was on both our minds: this morning and, consequently, this evening. Was Julie having second thoughts about tonight? While my conscience had disappeared, had her senses returned? Was the inappropriateness of the situation settling into her mind?

I decided I needed to be the one to break the ice.

When a lull in the conversation appeared, I took advantage of the opening. “Jewels?” I asked hesitantly.

Julie turned to me immediately, with an almost excited, anticipatory expression on her face. “Yeah, Daddy?”

I chose my words carefully. “Do you...regret what we did this morning?”

“What?” she gasped and brought her hands to her mouth. “No!” she insisted. Tears welled in her eyes as she asked, “ you, Daddy?”

“No!” I confirmed adamantly. “No, absolutely not!”

“Then why would you ask that?”

How could I explain myself to her? “Because...” I hesitated, unsure of how to formulate my thoughts. “Because it is wrong – at least in the world’s eyes. Fathers and daughters aren’t ‘supposed’ to be together like this. They wouldn’t understand, Jewels. No one would understand what we’ve started to share.” A look of love and peaceful understanding crossed Julie’s face. The threatening tears subsided. In her eyes, I saw adoration for her dear old pop grow as it sank in that my concern was her protection – our protection. My fears began to settle some. I reached out and grasped her hand.

I was about to continue, but Julie was quicker on the draw. “Don’t you think I know that?” insisted my daughter in a harsh whisper. “Think about what I have with Will and Broc. I love them and they love me. We’ve been showing it to each other with sexual favours whenever we can get a few minutes alone together. We’ve been doing it for three years now! If someone ever found out that I’ve been having sex with my brothers, we’d probably all be run out of town and exiled to hell-knows-where!”

Knowing I couldn’t disagree, I added, “If they didn’t lynch us first.” Julie’s lips stretched as a wide, beautiful smile returned to her lovely face. I smiled in return. “I was just afraid you may have been having second thoughts. I am your father, after all, not one of your brothers.”

Drawing in a deep, contented breath, Julie stood up and walked around the corner of the table. Spreading her legs, she straddled my lap, placing her arms around my neck. My hands instinctively found her waist. Her perfume once more saturated my nose’s perception. I was transfixed as she made herself comfortable. “And I couldn’t love you more, Daddy,” she breathed gently, leaning towards my face. Our lustful lips met once again.

Immediately, I felt blood rush to my loins. The surge had one sole objective: to create an unmistakeable bulge in my pants. This time, however, I didn’t care. In fact, I welcomed it and knew Julie would, too. I kissed my daughter with all the passion of a long-time lover. She returned the emotion, her tongue beginning to pry my lips apart. My mouth opened in response, my own tongue reaching between us and exploring her young, fifteen-year-old mouth. Our lips and tongues danced together, as though made for one another. I could almost hear them begging us never to distance them again.

Still, the embrace had to end. As our mouths parted she asked, “Were you worried because our conversation hasn’t been as easy tonight during dinner as it was at breakfast?”

I nodded sombrely. “Yeah...” I acknowledged. “That’s exactly the reason, Jewels. You felt the tension, too?” Her response was to nod affirmatively as well. “It felt like your conscience had gotten the best of you.”

“I was thinking the same thing about you,” giggled Julie quietly. Her beautiful, rich brown eyes burned into mine. “Trust me, Daddy; I want this probably more than you do.” She leaned onto me, hugging me tightly. As I hugged her back, she whispered privately in my ear, “I’ve wanted it for a long time. I’m a hot and horny little girl, Daddy. I may just surprise you. My pussy is wet just thinking about what it’ll be like.” She gave a gentle nudge with her hips against my pelvis.

That was all that was necessary. It was the first time I’d heard my daughter speak so dirty – and I loved it! Her words and sultry voice filled me with an undeniable excitement. The burning desire that welled in my groin around my stiffened manhood spread to my entire body. Again, I felt the deep yearning to share the deepest intimacy with my fifteen-year-old daughter.

I took a deep breath. Exhaling heavily, I offered, “Maybe we should do something about that.”

Julie sat straight back up on my legs. Her face was entirely agreeable. “Maybe we should.”

Our mouths dove for one another’s. For what seemed like hours, we exchanged our mutual love and ardor for each other in the currency of kiss after passionate kiss. My hands wandered over Julie’s clothed body. Beneath the fabric I could feel her strong, teenage muscles. Her body was rigid with eagerness. Every sinew and fibre was being geared towards the outpouring of love between us.

Without looking, I found the bottom hem of her blouse. My fingers scurried underneath the light clothing. Once beneath her shirt, I could feel her warm, tender skin. The mere touch of her bare, adolescent body ignited every primitive desire within my body. My lips desired to explore more of her skin. I trailed my kisses across her face: first over her cheeks, then down her chin. One by one, I led my passionate lips down to her neck.

“Oh...Daddy...” Julie breathed softly, leaning her head back and enjoying the pressure of my mouth on her sensitive skin. Behind my head, I felt her hands grasp my hair, holding me and keeping me close to her.

While I necked her, I slowly inched my hands up her abdomen, my fingers taking in every contour of her young and lithe frame. Continuing my ascent, I found the bottom edge of her bra. I let my thumbs wander tenderly over the fabric cups. I could feel how hard her nipples had already become even though the padding.

Julie hummed softly, enjoying the sudden sensations. I stopped kissing her, but kept my hands stationed on her womanly chest. She rested her forehead on mine and inhaled slowly a few times to catch her breath. “I think that we were just both so anxious that neither of us wants to be the one to make the first move,” she surmised wisely in a whispered voice. “I think we were both so worried that the other might not be comfortable with the situation. That’s probably why we didn’t talk quite as easily while we were eating.”

A broad smile crossed my face. “You’re probably right. You’re way too smart for your own good, Jewels,” I postulated, pulling my face back from hers. A proud smile rested on her face. I withdrew a hand from her clothing and tapped her nose. “And a little too analytical, I think.”

With a playful smile, Julie commented, “Well, I have a great teacher.” She gave me a quick peck on my lips. “Don’t you think?”

Cupping her face with my free hand, I dismissed, “He does what he can.”

We stared at one another. I memorized everything about her face: her lips, her eyes, her hair and every other feature I could see. She looked glorious in the dim candlelight. My daughter truly was my little Jewel.

The look on her face said everything. I knew I reflected the same loving stare. No further words were necessary. We both knew what we wanted. Our night of romance, passion and intimacy had already begun. Recognizing the cue, I wrapped my arms around her and hoisted my sweet, youthful daughter into the air as I stood. She wrapped her arms and legs around my neck and waist to support herself as she leaned in and began kissing me once again.

Walking carefully, I moved into the front sitting room. This is where I wanted to be for the first time my little Jewel and I made love. With our passionate kisses flowing between us freely and smoothly, I took her to the large sofa. Her young lips were delightful and soft, the taste of them more sweet than pure honey. The feeling as they slid along my own was overpowering. Everything in me ached with desire for my baby girl.

There was no turning back now – not that either of us would have chosen to if we could.

I set my teenage daughter down gently against one arm of the couch, throw pillows all around her. I knelt on the floor in front of her. Reaching up, I began unbuttoning her lavender blouse, laying a slow, deliberate and loving kiss on every inch of newly-exposed skin as her bare chest opened up to my view. My only regret was that a black, satin bra now stood in my way. Still, she breathed deeply and sighed every time my lips touched her nubile body.

Finishing all the buttons, I pulled back her shirt, her small bra now all that blocked her magnificent teenage breasts from my eyes. Firelight – the only light in the room – danced across her body, as though setting it aglow with love and want. My eyes confirmed the witness my hands had noted earlier. Julie’s fit, slender body was the epitome of sexy. My mind simply couldn’t get enough.

I noticed she was heaving, her breathing heavy and slow. I looked into her eyes, expecting apprehension. Although there was none evident, for clarity I asked, “Are you nervous?”

Julie smiled so lovingly and genuinely that my heart melted, as only a father’s or a lover’s does – and I was both to her this night. “With you, Daddy? Never!” she stated, taking my hands and resting them on her clothed breasts. “I’m just so excited and so happy. Like I said, I’ve wanted this for so long, and now it’s finally happening.” Her arms disappeared beneath her. An instant later, her bra went slack. “I love you.”

Lifting the lacy underwear, I ran my hands over her freshly-revealed breasts. My fingers and palms caressed her C-sized breasts tenderly. The feeling of her wonderful, young chest in my hands was overwhelming. “I love you, too, Jewels,” I gasped, revelling in the feeling of her stiff nipples drag against the palms of my hands. “I love you so much.”

Sitting up, Julie removed her blouse completely, tossing it aside on the floor. Her bra soon followed. Julie – my young daughter – sat there, her chest exposed and inviting. I leaned forward, wrapping my arms around her, rubbing her back passionately, feeling her every strong, womanly muscle there. Our chests were pressed together. Against mine, her maturing globes compressed, further stoking the fire of my need for her.

Slathering her with kisses, I heard her coo beneath me. “Mm...hmmm... Mmmm...oh, Daddy...” she sighed, so tenderly. Her hands wandered over my back, massaging me fervently through my shirt. I could feel her desire growing stronger and stronger. Finally, her hands rested on my head, urging me onwards.

I led my lips across hers before wandering her body while my hands trailed wherever else her skin was exposed. I explored her face again, followed by her ears and neck. I descended her smooth skin, allowing my lips to ignite fires of passion and need all across her collar bone before forging on and lingering on the twin mounds of soft tissue on her chest. The stiff nipples felt exquisite as I rubbed them with my tongue and lips. My daughter’s fifteen-year-old skin was more delicious my mind could process.

“Oh...ohhh... Daddy...oh, that feels so nice...” she purred softly. “Daddy...oh...ohhh...! Daddy...I think... OOOH...!”

Beneath my gentle touch, Julie’s body began to tremor. She gasped several times before exhaling suddenly. I stopped my loving treatment to her areolas and looked at her. In the dim firelight, there was a look of surprise on her face as she breathed harshly.

“I think...I think I just...had an orgasm...” she seethed. “A small one...but...I think...I think it was...was one...”

Grinning, I asked, “Well, you’ve had them before?” She nodded. “You know what they feel like.” She nodded again.

“I was just surprised,” she explained. “It’s not like we’re making love yet. That’s never happened before.”

I shrugged amusedly. “It can, Jewels. If a woman gets turned on enough, she can have an orgasm even just from someone kissing her body passionately.” Julie’s mouth gaped open in wonder. “It’s not a typical thing,” I defined, “but it’s possible; it happens.”

Julie breathed a few more times before guiding my head back to her tender body. “Do it again,” she insisted.

I returned my lips to her young skin, kissing her and enjoying every sigh and moan she made as I descended. As I reached her skirt, I pulled away from her. Bringing up my fingers to the black clothing, I unzipped it in the back and slowly pulled it from Julie’s body. I tossed it away, turning to look at my daughter’s expression. She was biting her bottom lip, excitedly watching my every move as I removed her shoes, each landing on the floor with a dull thud. Taking my gaze down her magnificent body, I looked between her legs. All that remained was a black pair of thong panties.

I urged Julie’s legs apart. Leaning in towards her flawless vessel, I pulled the thin clothing to the side – and stared. My daughter’s perfectly-maturing womanhood sat in front of me, shaved clean of any and all hair. Already, the stiff bulb above the thin slit was expressing itself. A soft, fragrant waft caught the attention of my nostrils. I knew Julie was ready for far more, but I wanted to prolong the experience.

With the clothing pulled away, I bowed my head towards her beautiful womanhood. Keeping my eyes focused on her gorgeous face, my tongue began flicking across her delicate clit several times.

“OHHH...!” Julie moaned in ecstasy, her head reeling back. “DADDY...! Ohhh...MMMM...yes...!” Her hands grasped desperately at the couch cushions as though searching for something to keep her conscious. I smiled, and ruefully pulled away from her ripe fruit. She complained audibly, but I insisted.

With both hands, I tugged at her last article of clothing. She lifted her hips to comply. “Let’s get these off you,” I suggested quietly. I no sooner had removed her underwear when her hands grasped my head, pulling me towards her vessel once again.

“Eat me, Daddy!” she ordered insistently. Her heaving and difficult breathing returned quickly as I began dragging my lips and tongue over her pubic mound. “! Ohhh...oh, yes...yes...! Eat your...little girl’s...pussy... Oh, Daddy...oh, yes...!”

Interlocking my arms around her legs, I found her body and breasts once again. As I caressed her, I could feel her warm womanhood pulse and quiver between my lips. She kept moaning. Every pass my tongue made over her sensitive, womanly bulb triggered an immediate reaction. Below me, she began thrashing.

“Daddy...oh, Daddy...! Ohhh...yes... I love you...I love you, Daddy...I love you...!” she squealed as sexual pleasure filled her youthful body. “Dad...oh, Daddy...ohhh... Oh...yes... That good... Oh...yes...! That’s...good... Mmmm...!”

The taste of my fifteen-year-old daughter’s womanliness was magnificent. Her nubile skin was smooth and delicious. The slight trickle of feminine juices that escaped her body was sweeter than I could have imagined! I kept up my efforts, nibbling and sucking gently with my lips on the tiny, round gem, enjoying every sound Julie made above me.

“Ohhh...! Ohhh...Daddy...! I’m gonna cum...! Yes...I’m gonna...cum...! Keep going...Daddy...! Please don’t...stop...!” she shrieked between difficult gasps for air. “DADDY...DADDY...! YES...I’M CUMMING...! CUM...! OH...OH...UHHH!!!”

My daughter’s adolescent body seized as she trembled in my arms. She stopped breathing altogether. Julie’s orgasm blasted inside of her, intensely and violently. A wash of Julie’s nectar flowed into my mouth. How I enjoyed the taste! I prolonged her enjoyment, not ceasing to treat her body with everything I could offer.

Eventually, the seizure ended. I stopped tantalizing her body and looked up at her face. Exhaling forcefully and desperately gasping for another breath, Julie’s eyes fluttered open. “Mmmm...Daddy... Oh, Daddy...!” she wheezed.

“Enjoy that?” I asked needlessly.

“Oh, Daddy...” she repeated. “That was...amazing! Will and Broc...aren’t even...that good...!”

I half-stood up. “I’m glad I could prove myself.”

“And then some!”

Reaching out, Julie’s arms unbuttoned my shirt. While my daughter worked on the upper half, I took care of the rest. I stepped out of my shoes and used my toes to remove my socks. My fingers worked quickly and efficiently to unfasten and remove my belt and pants, exposing the solid mass of flesh that I carried. Just as I stepped out of them, Julie undid the last button on my shirt and lifted it up and over my shoulders. I let it drop to the floor.

There we were, completely naked in front of one another. Neither she nor I were embarrassed or ashamed of ourselves, what we had done or what we were about to do. Our love – the deep, intimate love of father and daughter – settled all fears. Neither of us spoke or moved for several seconds as we allowed the reality of our situation to sink in. We were breathing deeply, but it was with anticipation. Then, as my daughter’s fifteen-year-old hands caressed over my bare shoulders and chest, she broke the silence.

“Make love to me, Daddy.”

I squared myself in front of her, moving between her widely-stretched legs. Resting one knee on the couch, and one foot on the floor, I drew close to her. Reaching between us, my daughter wrapped her slender fingers around my solid manhood. She guided it to the entrance of her body.

“I love you,” she whispered tenderly.

As she wrapped her arms around my back, I looked at her beautiful face. For years, I had let her grow up, carefully watching and directing from a distance. Now, I was personally about to help guide her journey into womanhood. Placing my hand on her cheek, I stared into her lovely eyes. I leaned down and kissed her, long and slow and lovingly.

“I love you, too, Jewels,” I breathed in return.

With a gentle shove, I pressed myself against her, feeling all eight and a half inches of my sexual organ enter my daughter’s warm, slick and tight vagina. The feeling of her gripping muscles reacting to my entrance was pleasure unlike anything I had ever experienced. Julie gasped as her heated body melted together with mine.

“OHHH...!” Julie groaned beneath me.

My heart skipped a beat, worried I may have injured her. “Are you alright?”

She opened her eyes in amazement. “Alright?” she asked incredulously. “My daddy has his huge cock in my pussy and he asks if I’m alright?” She smiled wider than I had ever seen. “I’m the best ever!” She lifted herself up, kissing me gently. “Keep going, Daddy.”

I pulled back until just the rounded head of my manly pole remained inside her. Julie groaned, feeling me move along her sexual canal. Her hands clasped my muscular glutes, pulling me back towards her. Then, she groaned even louder as I pressed myself up into her a second time.

“OHHH...yeah...!” my daughter moaned. “Oh...again, Daddy... Again...!”

My mind could barely process what I was experiencing. Each time I backed up, the strong walls of her gripping vagina were reluctant to let me go. Slowly, I slid my masculine digit back, until it was nearly out of her again.

Amid the pleasure drowning my consciousness, somehow I managed, “Ohhh...Jewels...”

I repeated the process a third time, then a fourth, continuing until I found a gentle but steady rhythm. Julie began thrusting back, anxious to feel me fill her petite channel again and again.

“Mmmm...Daddy...” she grunted in delight. “This is better than...oooh...I ever imagined...!”

My mind reflected back briefly to watching her masturbate. How wild and exciting that had been! Now, we were living the fantasy – and it was, to her great enjoyment, more than she had bargained for. For me, it was more exquisite than I could have possibly imagined.

“I know, baby girl,” I moaned back to her, enjoying the pure bliss of her succulent interior. “Awww...Jewels... You’re so tight... Oh, daughter... Mmmm...Julie...!”

All of a sudden, my daughter gripped me tightly, her fingernails digging into my back. When combined with the pleasure ricocheting in my body, the slight pain was erotic and fantastic! It drove me onwards more intently, regardless of Julie’s accompanying pleas to me for more.

“Keep going...Daddy...keep going...! I’m gonna...cum again...!” she urged. “Faster...Daddy... Ohhh...harder...! Deeper...!” She wrapped her arms more tightly around me for support.

I didn’t need a second invitation. I began thrusting inside of my fifteen-year-old daughter as urgently as I could, still maintaining a steadily-paced rhythm.

“Oh...Daddy...! Daddy...! DADDY...!!! MMMM! OHHH...! OOOH!!!” she shrieked as another climax built within her tender frame. With her face beside mine, I heard her breathing stop, caught in her throat as she felt the orgasm unleash itself.

Julie clung onto me with great effort as I felt her body shake. I didn’t need to see her face; I knew it was squeezed into a beautiful expression of ultimate pleasure. Around my thick rod, her internal muscles squeezed and clenched, nearly sending me over the sexual edge myself. I kept my mind calm, allowing Julie to enjoy every press I made so deeply into her teenage body.

As her breathing returned to normal, I leaned away from her, eventually lying on the couch itself, staring straight up into Julie’s gorgeous face. She smiled contentedly as she straddled my body, leaning forwards and bracing herself on my chest with her arms. The glowing firelight accentuated every curve – curves which my hands touched lovingly and liberally.

Once she had control of herself, Julie began to thrust downwards against me. “Hmmm...Daddy...” she moaned, breaking the passionate silence. “Oh, your my pussy...I love it...!”

“And I love you, Jewels,” I added, my hands still wandering her luscious skin. I brought them back to cup her teenage breasts. The C-sized globes fit so wonderfully in my hands. I squeezed them gently, my fingers stimulating her nipples. She sighed as our skin making such intimate contact.

She grinned at me, her dazzling smile. “I love you, Daddy.” Bending down, Julie’s mouth met mine once again.

We kissed intimately and lovingly, knowing that the love we shared was more than just what a father and daughter experienced – we were bound to one another, wholly and completely.

Suddenly, Julie sat back up, grinding her pelvis against me with even more fervour than before, pinning her clitoris between us to maximize the pleasure. “Here it goes...oooh...again...!” she strained through clenched teeth.

“Cum for me...Jewels...!” I urged. “ girl...cum hard on Daddy’s cock...”

Julie’s breaths began to get shallow. Wasting no time, I sat up and took one of her succulent breasts into my mouth, swirling my tongue over her sensitive areola. After a few seconds, I repeated the process on the other one.

“Ohhh...Daddy...! I’m...CUM-CU-C...!” She failed to get the words out in time before another orgasm flooded her mind with euphoria.

Her fingers latched onto my chest hair. I swear she pulled some out, but I didn’t care. Her body burned with unspeakable lust against mine. My little girl was having the time of her life! She’d had orgasm after orgasm tonight, thrilling herself as much as she could possibly tolerate. I could feel her body getting slick, her skin beginning to sweat in response to so much stimulation and physical effort.

“Ohhh...Julie...” I moaned, feeling her body quake and vibrate. Once more I felt her young womanhood grasp my sexual obelisk wedged so deeply inside her. It took great effort not to abandon myself to an orgasm just yet. I wanted Julie to experience more! “You’re so sexy, Jewels...” I breathed hard, “so sexy when you cum...!”

Collapsing on my chest, Julie settled from the ecstasy that she had been experiencing. I wrapped my arms around her, embracing her with all my love. I just sighed, feeling her body struggle for air, knowing that I was the catalyst for all her pleasure tonight.

“That didn’t take long,” I pointed out with a chuckle.

“No,” she giggled, nestling herself against me. “Not long at all. I’m so turned on right now. I could probably have another one instantly.”

I caressed my hands up and down her back. “Feel like trying?”

“Oh, Daddy...” she cooed. “I want one more so bad! I’m getting exhausted, though.”

Kissing her on the head, I hummed my understanding. “That’s fair enough, baby girl,” I told her.

“But that’s not fair to you,” she objected. She shook her head as well as she could against my chest. “No, we have to keep going. You’re not satisfied yet.”

“Well,” I posed, “we can fix that.” I felt her cheek wrinkle as she smiled, understanding my meaning.

We returned to our original position. With Julie up against the arm rest and throw pillows and me in front of her, we watched as my engorged pole entered her feminine cavern once again.

“One more,” I told her.

“One more,” she agreed anxiously, closing her eyes and abandoning herself to my sexual thrusts.

“We’ll do it together,” I promised. With my orgasm in mind, I controlled my movements to build it. Pleasure wracked my mind immediately again. “ baby girl... Oh, Jewels...!” I began to moan as I thrust my manly rod into her, enjoying this experience for everything it was worth.

“Daddy...” cried out my daughter below me. Her hands caressed my chest and back, allowing her desires to overpower her fatigue. “It feels so good, Daddy...! I don’t want it to stop...!”

“Ohhh...I know, baby girl...I know...!” What could I do, though? Already my body was preparing its final efforts. I just hoped she was ready, too. “It’s gonna...gonna have to...Jewels... I’m getting close...”

“Me, too...! Daddy...! Me, too!” her fifteen-year-old voice called out. “Don’t stop...ohhh...don’t stop yet...Daddy...! Make me...cum...again...!” I kissed her with all the overflowing passion we shared. With that, Julie’s body cramped up, vibrating uncontrollably. “Ah...AH...! AHHH!!! DADDY...OHHH...!!!” she shouted.

Around my penile staff, my daughter’s muscles again squeezed desperately. After thrusting twice more into her gorgeous, young body, her smooth, velvety interior took its toll. My muscles contracted responsively and I could feel the pressure building at the base of my erect penis. Involuntarily, I pushed against her harder, driving her into the corner of the couch.

“Julie...!” I panted. “ we go...Jewels...! Baby girl...OHHH... AH...! AH...AHHH! OH, JU...! UHHH...!” My groans were cut off as my body started to spasm, unleashing an explosion of thick liquid deeply into her womb.

My mind was elated and my body trembled with rapture. The heated interior of my daughter clenched my manhood tightly. I held her fifteen-year-old body close, the sensational touch of her skin against mine amplifying the bliss flowing in my body. All I could think about was Julie, about the love we shared and how intimately and deeply we were able to show it. Beneath me, I could feel Julie sharing the same emotions.

“Ohhh...!” I heaved as the last of my tremors shook me. Cracking open my eyelids, I looked at my daughter below me. “Jewels... Oh, Julie...!”

Placing her hand on my mouth she hushed, “Shhh...” We leaned into one another and kissed. Words could not describe what we felt. It could only be experienced. Our kiss was long and deep, filled with desire and love that could otherwise not be defined.

When our lips separated, I looked into her lovely brown eyes. There was an adoration there that could only have been achieved through our loving union tonight. She meant everything in the world to me. I hoped that I had made that perfectly clear. As I stared at her, her expression told me I had.

“I love you, Julie,” I whispered. “I hope you know that.”

“I do, Daddy,” she replied in a hush. “I felt it tonight. I hope you felt it, too.”

Nodding slowly, I smiled tenderly. “I did. I felt it so much, baby girl.” I kissed her briefly again. “I’ll never forget it.”

“Me either,” she promised.

I pulled away from her, and we lay down on the couch. Our naked bodies fitted neatly together, I spooned her as we drifted into a peaceful nap. My arms wrapped around my daughter, holding her close to me, feeling the warmth of her naked body against mine. I could sense her teenage body relax, drifting into unconsciousness.

Before closing my eyes, my eyes wandered across her slender, fifteen-year-old figure once more. The light from the fireplace danced across her flawless, smooth skin. Every flowing contour of her youthful body was like richest, most delicate satin sheet, but I knew she was infinitely far more perfect. Tilting my head to see her beautiful face, she had the most content smile I’d ever seen her wear. She was more gorgeous than I could describe. Laying my head down, I gave her one last hug before my mind went blank.

I awoke to Julie moving, rising from the couch. How much time had passed I couldn’t begin to guess.

“Where are you going, Jewels?” I asked her.

She glanced back at me as she shut off the fireplace. “I’m a little cold, Daddy,” she shivered. She crossed back over to the couch I laid on, giving me a quick kiss. She was right. Her lips were like ice. “I’m going to go up to bed.”

I quickly snatched her hand and sat up. “How about we go to bed?”

Even in the dark, I could see Julie bite her bottom lip as she smiled excitedly, catching my meaning.

Lovingly, she whispered, “I would love that!”

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