Twins with a twist.
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Although it has no homosexual content, it does contain two males on one female.

Please enjoy Genetic Kinship


First, let me introduce myself. My name is Terry and I have a brother named Jerry. My twin brother and I were adopted, supposedly. It’s still a little vague to us even today. It seems that you could order a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby boy and there are people out there that could mix that up for you in a test tube and get you one. If you wanted twins or octuplets, why, they could whip that up for you too. Maybe you want them tall or allergy-free and they can blend that together for you. What if you wanted them to be brave or timid? Who knows the limitations or the possibilities when you have a human genome you could alter to your liking. We didn’t even know what stipulations were used in making us but, we were at least brothers none-the-less. That was all we knew for sure.

Now, my twin brother and I are identical. When I say that, I mean exactly identical, right down to the birth marks on the back of our heads. What made it worse, the adopted mother, Vivian, would dress us identically, claiming it was so cute and all. She even went as far as having our hair done the same. Yes, people got us confused… every time. Even my adopted father got us wrong most of the time. I think the rest of the time was pure luck on his part. He was more of a scholar than a diplomat and rarely had social relations with us and never showed any intimacy. As a scientist, our new father spent a good part of our lives at work or doing work related activities. Our upbringing was basically in the hands of Vivian.

Needless to say, my brother and I had a close relationship. Most was due to the bond we shared from being adopted and living our lives with the adopted parents. Another reason we were so close, we were psychic when it came to the other’s state of mind.

Yes, I’m saying that I knew when he felt good or bad and vice versa. Now, I could be crazy or lying or misunderstanding the feelings I felt. Regardless, I had an alarm bell when something bad happened to my brother and he did for me as well. Even worse, I believe we influenced each other.

Never the less, I’m not putting pen to paper to tell you how the “psychic phenomenon” occurs nor how we used it to our devious advantage. I am only mentioning it here for the sole purpose of backing up my claim that my brother and I were extremely close. This closeness made our adopted parents the outsiders in a sense because they lacked that certain bond we had. They were more like friends to us than parents.

I remember the day we were adopted. A man in a suit told us we were going to meet our parents and how happy of a day it was to be. My brother and I had been looking forward to that day and had great expectations for it. They took us to a park and we ate ice cream and a sweat bee landed in my brother’s drink. Vivian caught it before he drank out of it though and I let him have some of mine. That was the first bonding experience we had with our new parents.

As a twin, we have some interesting stories to tell. I could tell you about the times we swapped classes so we could do each other’s class work. Perhaps the story of my twin flirting with a girl in which her boyfriend blamed me for the moral injustice. I could tell you about the punishment I or he suffered from our adopted parents due to the disobedience or an act committed by the opposite, and the innocent one getting the blame.

But I am not going to go through a long story telling you childish bait and switch scenarios, unless it has something to offer in my confessions. Instead, I will just address the one thing he and I became quite good at. Being in tune with each other gave us certain advantages to be sure. Being in sync made us stronger, drawing from each other’s outlook on situations, wiser from each other’s experiences, and yes, better at being bad.

Here now is my story of two identical twin boys, inseparable to the end, separately working as one.

Chapter 1
The Awakening

My identical brother and I shared a bond like no other. When he hurt, I hurt. When I was happy, he was happy. Stomach aches, headaches, colds, and any other ailments were shared between the two of us. My adopted mother had a name for it. She called it ‘sympathy pains’. I found it an odd description as sometimes, I really didn’t sympathize with Jerry. Sometimes, he deserved to hurt.

Puberty strikes all males and in that regard we were no different. What may astound anyone was the fact that we both received this blessing or curse the same night. Well, the odds are astronomical I know and I will tell you something else, we both achieved an erection at the same time, while staring at a nude picture my brother found in the alley beside our house.

It wasn’t the breasts that gripped my fixation or the patch of hair between her legs. It was her eyes that drew me in so deeply along with the shape of her mouth. That lip being bitten and the yearning in her eyes begged me to give her attention. How… sexy she looked with that lusty-eyed stare and that lip tucked in her teeth. It spoke to me so strongly as if she wanted to do something naughty, evil, or wicked.

I know I’m being naïve in my fascination. You wouldn’t believe that a simple look from a girl could have a boy heated to the point of erection; especially with the rest of her charms at my disposal to study. But, I knew little about those charms but I had an internal knowledge, given at birth, at what that look implied.

Jerry was just as affected by the image as I. What got him in his aroused state was his secret to keep but you should know, that look on her face was the nudge I needed to gain a physical salute. It actually made me ache in my pants from the thumping of my heartbeat. I was forced away from the image, not knowing what to do about it other than remove what caused it.

Yes, I actually became embarrassed from my erection and turned my back to rub it. Returning back, I witnessed my twin doing the same with his. It was like watching myself do the exact same thing I did.

We both decided to get rid of the ache by closing up the centerfold. We slept in bunk beds separated on the bedroom floor. After hiding the naughty image, I climbed into my bunk and covered up. Jerry turned out the light and we made our attempts at sleeping.

The mind is a wondrous thing and that damn image was branded into mine. Then the thoughts came pouring in, ‘What’s her name?’ to ‘What could she do?’ and then, ‘What could I do to her?’

The more I thought of that image, the more I ached down there. It wasn’t long before I gripped myself under my pajama bottoms. That was so much better and stroking it dulled the ache. It was the oddest thing to me as I soon realized, speeding up improved my crisis instead of making it ache more. It felt so good in fact; I noticed where it felt so good the most. The crown of my penis seemed to be the place I should focus more.

I rubbed my ache away using a finger and thumb. But then I realized if two digits felt so good, what would more of them do? I wrapped my hand around it and tried it like that. More coverage meant more pleasure upon my aching shaft. I soon got comfortable with the sensations and that image came blazing back in my mind.

Those thoughts I had come rushing back and one simply blew my mind, ‘What if… she wanted… to lick me there?’ explaining that look on her face. That was the breaking point with me, my legs quivered from it. My face became contorted as if I had sucked on a lemon. I tensed up as sturdy as a tree and my groin ached from a climax. If that didn’t amaze me enough, a groan like I was belly aching left my bursting lungs.

But reality set in immediately as Jerry let out the same moan. I can only be honest here and say I think he climaxed when I did. It was dark and I couldn’t see and only my ears bore witness. If I told you our psychic powers kicked in and we shared the same moment of bliss, you’d throw these pages away wanting no more to do with it. But I will go so far as to say, two twins lost their virginity to hands in the same time, same way, and same place.

A clear liquid mess came out that I became aware of. It wasn’t a lot but it was enough and we both used our underwear to mop up. Neither of us spoke while we worked and we rolled away from each other and somehow the image of the girl faded from my mind. It was if nothing had happened, my aching was completely gone. I rolled onto my side facing away from my brother. Like someone turned the light out in my head, I went to sleep immediately.

We didn’t mention it at all the next day and we had school to go to. I can honestly tell you, I never looked at girls the same way after that strangely memorable night. Some women may not know this but a boy can go every night and I, being new at it, wanted to go more than once a night. Let me confess to you that I gathered more images for my mind. Their hair, shape, and facial expressions, I marked those moments in my mind. If I saw a girl give anywhere near the expression on that pin-up, it was marked for my imagination to use as it wishes and you can guess the rest.

I want every girl to know, a boy does not care about your pimples or that special shirt you have on. He doesn’t care about your weight or the homeliness of your face. Sure, boys are cruel beasts; I will be the first to admit it. They’ll say nasty things about you and even pull your hair. But all you have to do is this; give him that look like you could eat him up and that teasing will stop post haste. Yes, licking your lips at him will place that image firmly in his mind. You can trust me on that, he will be home just lusting from it and you will be the object of his desires, regardless of your appearance.

Boys are simple creatures and approach things logically. They don’t care about emotions, those little life soap operas that girls gossip so much about. Jerry and I were no different in that, and I will apologize ahead of time. So what I am about to tell you, please take it with understanding, we were just kids and green as grass.

I knew a girl named Mary Lions. She’d been in my classes since first grade. A blonde with freckles and a little heavy in the rear, but that is all I’ll say about that. Her looks didn’t matter one hill of beans because I caught her giving me that stare. I know it was not something to be proud of and yes, it was a little taboo. But I waited until the end of class and got her attention in the hallway.

I gave her the best lusty stare I could give and yes, I licked my lips. I convinced her to come home with me while my parents were out until late. She lived down two blocks from me and we stopped there to inform her parents where she would be. We explained the homework we had and figured two heads were better than one. They consented with one stipulation; she had to be back for supper.

Because of my stop at her house, Jerry beat me in the door. I saw him in the kitchen raiding the refrigerator like he normally does. I knew he probably heard me come in but had no clue about Mary. I took the opportunity to head for our room while she was close behind me. We had a long dresser we shared but no seats in the room. The beds were the only option to pile our school books on.

I asked her what she wanted to do first and she picked out the book. English was a good subject to me and I was glad to be of some help. We finished it pretty quickly and moved on to the math lesson. It was just as quick to do and we moved on to another. In record time, we had completed what usually takes me a while. It wasn’t because the work was hard, just boring as all get out.

Once we were out of homework I asked again what she wanted to do. To my delight, she wanted to kiss and that set my hormones on fire. It was a little awkward for me as she squeezed her eyes shut. I had no clue how to do it. But pressing lips together was a bit of a turn on and my groin tightened up in my pants. I let her be the one to pull away, just too ignorant to know about that. The moment in time that this occurred is etched in my mind forever…

“That was the best thing I’ve ever done. You really kissed me nice Mary.” I said, smiling my pearly whites.

She looked back at me shyly and said, “You’re so full of it. How do I know you aren’t a liar?”

Let me say that I’m honest by nature and lying got me into trouble more often than not. I wasn’t going to let her sit there with any doubts in her mind and came up with a way to prove it. I picked up her hand and pulled her to me and without her knowledge or consent, placed it on my crotch.

She was caught off guard from that and jerked her hand back in reaction. But I still held her by the wrist and guided her back down to it. “Feel that.” I said when she touched me again and her face turned to one of curiousness. I knew she could tell that I was rigid even through my pants. Tilting her head to the side, she asked, “What is it?” while she traced the outline.

Now here’s the part where you’re going to be mad but I was still just a kid after all. I had no knowledge of molestations and taking advantage of little girls. I didn’t know the how-to and whys and all that detailed moral stuff. All I knew at that time in my life was the aching I felt down there. My knowledge extended as far as the bed I was sitting on but I knew how to make that ache go away.

“That is my pee-pee and it gets all achy when a girl kisses me real good.” I replied, easing my grip off of her wrist. “Rubbing it makes it feel real good and you’re making it feel much better.”

She pulled her hand back from hearing those words and I asked, “What’s the matter? You don’t want to make it feel better?” and stuck my bottom lip out in a pout, sounding disappointed.

She shook her head and whispered to me, “I don’t know how to do that.”

I could relate to her ignorance, I had to learn on my own. “That’s ok, I can fix it myself.” I replied with a sigh, still sounding so disappointed. “Do you ever ache down there?” I asked, trying to learn about girls.

She squeezed her legs together in front of me and answered, “I think I do now, I guess.” and released her legs from their clutching.

I looked concerned because I knew how it felt, “I’m sorry it feels that way.”

Silence fell between the two of us for all of a minute I guess. She broke it first when she asked, “How do you make it stop aching?”

Now I had no clue what she had to do but I knew what made mine feel better, “I guess you have to rub it real fast until it pops and then it all goes back to normal.” I crudely explained, hoping I wasn’t wrong.

I watched her put her hand down between her legs and give it a rubbing real fast. She stopped and leaned over a little as if trying to hear something from it. I guess she was testing her rubbing and if that had a desired effect. Watching her do that made mine ache even more and I was forced to rub my own.

“I think it made it worse not better.” she said, giving me a pissed-off look. I didn’t know if it did or not but if looks could kill I’d be dead and I knew that for a fact.

“You need to rub it until it pops but I can’t do that with my pants on.” I said, hoping to gain a little sympathy from her instead of gaining her wrath.

Apparently, my aching self didn’t mean jack squat to her. She leaned back putting her shoulders to the wall and rubbed herself even more. I sat there and watched that lusty look appear on her face once more. I wasn’t going to sit there and watch while she made herself feel better. I did exactly what she did, placing my shoulders to the wall.

I studied her work and it wasn’t long before she closed her eyes to her pleasure. I didn’t know how others felt but pulling my privates out in front of a girl took all the courage I could muster. The only reason I took that chance was the fact that her eyes were closed. Unsnapping my pants and pushing them down, I grabbed myself and stroked it between my finger and thumb and enjoyed my own little pleasure.

I don’t know how long I sat there but it wasn’t too long at all. I had closed my eyes to my pleasure and heard a snap come undone. Not wanting to interrupt the girl, I kept my eyes closed a minute. I continued my self-administrations while imagining what she was up to. I heard her gasp and unconscientiously looked over to see her hand down her pants. But it was that damn lusty look on her face that put me over as she watched me tend to myself.

That same clutching and spasm occurred but this time it was different. That clear liquid that came out in the past had turned whiter and thicker in a short time. I messed up the shirt I wore while she ogled the squirts I put out. Her hand was working frantically and I saw her tense up from the pop. It was extremely erotic to me, watching a girl get off. That lusty look turned to pure pleasure while her body rocked and quivered.

We sat there and panted from our efforts then giggled a little. It was pretty fun to share such a memorable experience with another that wasn’t my brother. But as that thought occurred to me, I saw him in the doorway. It looked to me like he was playing with himself and I interrupted his work. Noticing me catching him, he straightened up a little.

I told Mary to stay right there, I was going to clean up a little. I headed out of the room and had Jerry follow me to the bathroom. You’d have thought I won the lottery the way he was celebrating. I told him to get out of there and leave me alone with Mary. He left the bathroom and I wiped myself off and noted to change my shirt. My erection was gone and I readjusted myself back to the downward position. I finished up with a wet wash cloth and headed back to my room.

I went to turn back in the door and saw my brother standing in my stead. He was telling Mary that he needed more rubbing down there. I stood there and watched her raise her hand to the erection he had in front of her. He was far braver than I as I saw him pull it out. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his shaft and instructed her how to work it. He helped her with his hand over his and stroked in a steady pace.

She became interested in her touch and feel and looked down the hole in the tip. I shook my head in silent worry, knowing what could come out of there. She opened her mouth to ask a question, “Why does it…” and received a shot of his pearly stuff in her mouth that answered the question she had.

She spat it back out but he kept her hand going and finished what they had started. “Sorry about that.” he apologized after letting go of her hand. I saw all of it happen from the side and the look of her tasting him. She smacked her lips a couple of times and decided it wasn’t too bad. Jerry put his dribbling member back in his pants and said he was going to clean up again. He met me in the hallway and punched me on the shoulder.

I was pretty pissed at him, taking advantage of my girl. But it was over and done with before my emotions could adapt to it. He headed for the bathroom and I stood peaking in the door. Mary was scraping my brother off her face and licking her fingers free from it. More images for my collection seared into my mind just watching her do that and I was physically affected again, getting another erection. I could have left it at that but Mary started rubbing her sex again right in front of my eyes.

I waited until she put her hands down her pants and entered the room once more. “Are you still achy down there?” I asked, watching her pull her hand out.

“You did it twice. I guess I have to too.” she replied, looking down at her lap.

I took a seat beside her and said, “Even twice doesn’t seem to be enough.” and watched her gaze go to my crotch and the bulging going on down there.

“What makes it so achy?” she asked, rubbing on the outside of her pants.

Somehow, I had become an expert to her but I really didn’t have any idea. “I guess it has to have the attention but why that is I don’t know.” I replied, watching her squeezing her legs while continuing her rubbing.

“I’m getting tired of rubbing it. My hand is going to fall off.” she stated, easing up on her speed.

I hated to see her suffer like that, “You want me to take over?” I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders at that offer and pulled her hand back from it. I was ignorant of a girl’s privates but reached over to hers any way. I started on the top of her leg and slid it to her middle. I felt two half-peach shaped bulges between her legs but had no idea what to do with them. I just rubbed them for a little bit and patted those bumps like a kitty.

She grabbed my hand and directed me between the two humps in her middle. She forced my hand to go up and down, sliding it in the groove. “Harder” she said, so I pushed in more, at least until I felt solidarity. She reacted a little and nodded her head, and then leaned back some more. “Further down” she stated, and I went deeper towards the curve of her ass.

She sighed once as I sped up but acted like it wasn’t working. “Here” she said, and lifted my hand and stuck it down her pants. There a more nerves in your fingers than there are almost anywhere else. I felt the curvature of her sex and a nub she had down there. “Right there” she said as my fingers caressed it, “Rub in a circle.” she said. I watched her close her eyes as I did like she instructed.

Her mouth opened to take in air and it soon turned into panting. I wanted to explore some more and dipped my fingers further down. Just as I felt my fingers leave the top and start to sink in a hole, she grabbed my arm and pulled me back up a little, “Just rub it right there.” she said.

I went back to circling the nub she had there. It seemed to be what she wanted the most and her breathing confirmed it with gasps. Between the intakes of rapid breath she said, “Faster” and humped in my hand. My circling became straight up and down and she gyrated to change my course. I circled some more but then went sideways, plucking at the hardened bud, and she enjoyed that more.

She reached her arm around my neck and drew me closer to her. The panting she was emitting was blowing down my chest and giving me more sensations to add to my ache. But I kept it up and sped up even more and watched her climax from my fingers. What an eye-opening experience it was giving another so much pleasure. Her body wracked from my flicking her bud and she slammed her hand over mine. She forced me to stop my work and had me rub it around in a circle. Slowing me down until I stopped, leaving my fingers cupped over her sex.

I couldn’t resist going down further but kept my fingers out of her hole. I wanted to feel what the rest of her was and she let me explore just a little. My middle finger felt her moistness coming from between the two humps. I wiggled it a little before pulling out, making sure I had some left on it.

Lifting it up to my nose, I smelled a musky scent. I did what my curiosity demanded and touched my finger with my tongue. After seeing Mary clean herself, I was curious about the taste. The touch wasn’t enough so I inserted my finger and sucked off what I could, letting out a moaning sound.

That had to be the most delightful taste of anything I’d had before. But in the midst of my fascination was Mary watching me do it. She giggled when I saw her from the corner of my eyes and I pulled my finger back out. “Give me some more of that stuff.” I said, and went to her pants once more.

She let me back in to feel her some more. I guess it was a little awkward. She watched my hand as it entered her crotch and felt around down there. Finding the wettest spot on her sex, I gathered more of it on my finger. But since I was there and the opportunity was too, I got all of my fingers wet. It was like opening a Christmas present, discovering the folds she had. I only wished that I could see exactly what my fingers were touching.

“Please stop.” she said, while I pondered various thoughts and getting my fingers wet. I hated to back away from her crotch but the girl wanted me to do just that. Drumming up the will power it took, I reluctantly removed my hand from her secret. What helped me draw back was one simple fact; she just didn’t trust me with it. I could relate to that sobering fear, I didn’t trust myself with it either.

She watched again as I raised my hand and drew in a breath through my nose. The musty smell was damn near addictive as I reveled in the scent. After my sample of her aromatic flavor I placed my little finger in first. Sucking it off, I continued my tasting, working my way to the last one while she watched my consummation of the meal.

“You stopped too late.” she confessed to me, “Now it’s all achy again.” and pouted, as I finished my musty sucking of fingers.

I had a wretched idea for that, “You should let me lick you down there.” knowing I couldn’t help it; the image from the centerfold had given me that idea and I couldn’t get it off of my mind. I knew beyond a reasonable doubt that if mine was tended to like that, my ache would go away in a hurry.

She looked at me like she was considering it and I looked at her back like I wanted to. I guess she was torn by the choices she had and one was the trust it took. “I won’t tell anyone, you have my word on that.” I said, and fully intended to keep it my secret if she relented to it.

“I don’t know; it would feel good I think. But I don’t want to be hurt down there.” she confessed, and looked back down at her chest.

I pictured myself in her place and grimaced at the thought of teeth on mine. “I know what you mean.” was my reply, “I sure wouldn’t want bit on mine.” then I turned around to face her so she could see honesty in me, “You have my word, I won’t do nothing to cause it to hurt.” and gave a serious look of sincerity.

She bit her bottom lip in contemplation and my cock jerked at the sight of it. She fidgeted where she sat and said, “I suppose I could give it a try.”

Now it was my turn to fidget where I sat. I didn’t know what to do. Since she relented to my offer, I was stumped as to how to continue. So there I sat in stupid silence, not knowing what else to do. But Mary started pulling her pants off and gave me incentive to progress. I helped her with her shoes and socks, placing them under my bed. She stood up and grabbed her panties and looked at me and lowered them.

Now I was no expert in beautiful things but that area where belly meets legs had the artwork created by gods and seared that image in my lusty mind. She sat back down on my bunk bed, keeping her legs together. “Wow, just wow.” was all I could say, gazing on her nudity. I dropped to my knees and grabbed hers in in my hand and prepared to see what I’d fingered.

I went to spread her legs apart but she had them tight against each other. “It’s ok, I won’t do nothing.” and tapped her on her knees. She hesitated for what seemed like forever but slowly spread them a part. As if her slowness wasn’t enough to plague me, time slowed down on top of that.

The scene in slow-motion filled my eyes as her legs parted before me. Those two half peaches she had separated just a little, revealing pinkish folds. My hands had minds of their own and left her knees for her thighs. They traced a path on the inside of her legs, headed for that split in the middle.

I couldn’t help but stare in awe, “That is pretty amazing right there.” was all that I could come up with, ogling her sex before me. My hands completed their journey to her little puffy mounds. I took the liberty of spreading them apart just to see what else was in there. Needless to say, I was nervous as all get out. But I was compelled to complete my task, wanting to taste her again.

I crawled on my knees to get myself closer and noticed the scared look in her eyes. I didn’t know what I could do about that but I was going to give it a try. “It’s ok, I won’t hurt you.” and gave her a reassuring pat. Once again, I sniffed her aroma, taking in a breath. I’d find out later in my life, wine sniffing was a popular practice. But I had something more powerful than alcohol just inches from my nostrils.

That lust was back in her eyes as she saw me dip my head. I did what I thought was right and puckered up, giving those puffy lips a kiss. I didn’t know about preliminaries or what was right in this matter. But I knew I wanted to sample a taste, straight from her heated source. I went as low as I thought I could and prepared to lick her up. I stuck out my tongue and took my time approaching that glistening slit.

I stuck it between her folds all the way in until my lips touched up against her. I drug it up her nice and slow and tried my best to get all that I could of her musky nectar. Now I didn’t know how many licks it took to get to her creamy center but I only made it for one long lick and that was all the patience I had for it.

I swallowed what I gathered and that affected me greatly; my penis rose like a flag pole. I had to moan one long deep hum from the taste of her sweet and sour pussy. But that was the closest to verbiage I could muster. My interests lay open before me and this time there was no doubt. I planned to suck each and every inch, top to bottom, and yes, even those puffy sides.

Just to prove that I wasn’t a liar, I started on the sides. Sucking in half a peach in my mouth, I used my tongue on the inside of it. It was my fullest intent to suck every drop from that center. This hunk of meat was just the start and I had more ground to cover. I sucked in the other side, scraping juices off of its inside and swallowing while it was still in there. I worked my way up to the top and down the other side. It was just like me to save the best for last.

Using my fingers to spread her open, a drop had formed in her center. That wasn’t going to be there long and scraped it up with my tongue. Now let me say at this point, I didn’t know what I was getting into. But if I thought it was remotely possible to get every bit of her juices in me, I was sorely mistaken. I stuck my tongue in that creamy center and slurped up all that it yielded. But to my surprise and more to my delight, she made more of those delicious juices.

I leaned back to look at her, “How’s that?” I whispered, and heard her release her lungs in a long drawn-out sigh.

“That’s fine.” she said, and looked at me, “But it isn’t getting any better.” and sighed again from out of frustration, “I just think you’re making it worse.” giving up on my endeavor.

“Now wait.” I said, “I just need you to show me how.” admitting my failure to her, “Tell me what will make it feel good and I’ll darn sure do it for ya.”

Mary rolled her eyes at me and made me feel like a heel. She didn’t have to tell me what she was thinking; I knew she thought I was stupid. But I’d give up any intelligence I had left just to please that girl in front of me. “Come on, show me.” I said, and dipped my head back in her center.

I stayed there breathing on her slit for a while, hoping that she’d take over. I nudged her with my nose, bumping it against her sex. She finally showed some reaction and scooted closer to me and the edge of the bed. I didn’t know how much courage it took for her to spread those lips open for me. But I was pretty happy to see her do it. I had a grin like you wouldn’t believe while she guided my head to her.

She made me sit there and used her legs, rubbing my face in her slit. “Right there.” she said, when I hit a sensitive spot and I’d lick or suck on it a bit. She got to humping on me and kept up a steady pattern, “Now do it like that.” she said to me and let up off of her pumping.

Up and over, down and over, I continued to do what she wanted. The sigh she let out was a whole lot better and that prodded me to do it even faster. But she couldn’t help herself to pleasure and started humping back on me. All I could do at that point was suck and lick where I was able. At some level of speed, my face started bouncing on her. That got her to make some pretty strange noises but it sounded like she enjoyed it.

The inevitable happened faster than I expected and she went over from my facial applications. Her legs clamped on my head while she climaxed on my mouth and I could just reach her bud with my tongue while my chin was in her crotch. There was a new experience for me as her legs quivered on my ears. I nodded my head between those tight legs until she released me from her grip.

I licked up more of the juices she produced and she shoved my head away. Apparently there was a limit to what she could tolerate and I had overstayed my welcome. I stood up to find myself aching in my crotch and had to readjust it. She watched me do it but oddly enough, I didn’t think much of it. I guess it was the sight of my brother standing in the doorway that kept me from caring about her watching. I was too focused on him, thinking that next time, I was going to make sure he was nowhere around.

I turned my gaze back to the target and asked, “You think you could do that for me?”

She sat up on the bed and said, “I’m not putting that thing in my mouth. You can get that out of your head.”

Now I don’t know how anyone else would feel but I felt kind of jilted. I just sat there and gave her my best by slobbering all over her pussy. But now she tells me I don’t have a chance of getting the same kind of treatment? “Fine” I said, “You can sit right there and watch me while I do it.”

I dropped my pants along with my underwear before she had a chance to reply. I stood dead center between her legs and set to work to get my satisfaction. We locked eyes as I started the show but she had other things to see. Boys can urinate anywhere and most of them really don’t care who sees. But as she studied my task at hand, I had some concern for her study.

She made it up to me by doing one act that was sure to get me off. While she watched me work in frenzy, she licked her lips lustily. I slowed down after seeing that; I wouldn’t last long at all from it. I slowed to just a stroke a second, postponing my popping off. Just to add to my own torture, she reached out and scraped a drop off my tip.

She drew her finger up to her eyes and pinched with her thumb on it. Separating her finger from her thumb, she tested the elasticity of it. A string ran between the digits and she pinched them closed again. Opening them back up gave her the same view as before with the string running between her digits. She seemed fascinated with it as she played with the string and I didn’t even know why.

I also didn’t know if she meant to or not but she stuck her finger in her mouth. Judging by her reaction, I guessed she’d done it by accident. She seemed as surprised as I was to have it in her mouth. She shrugged it off and took in her thumb and pulled it out with a pop.

That was it; it was more than I could handle and I sped up my work by a lot. I didn’t know what I wanted to see more; the spot where she licked her fingers from or the spot I licked earlier but either one would have done me just fine because I had an another image sear into my mind. I wasn’t a jerk like my brother was. I warned her before it happened, “look out, here it comes!” I announced with pride and she did the unexpected.

Before I could get my eyes closed from the tension overloading my body, she leaned forward instead of back and planted her lips on my tip. I had just enough common sense in me to stop stroking all the way over the head. It wouldn’t be good if I busted her mouth while she sat there sucking on it. Too many images were going in my head now and her mouth on me like that would never fade.

I think I might have broken something when I shot, it felt like a tendon had snapped. I didn’t know if there was one in my groin but if there was, I seriously didn’t care. I would go weeks to heal up from it just to enjoy the sensations I had. Another image seared into my mind as I saw my fluid leak out. It seeped out of the corner of her mouth and made a path to her chin. Nothing escaped on my next launch of fluid and I could feel her swallow it.

I milked myself into her mouth as I felt her tongue hit my exit hole. You can sure bet that I squeezed my cock hard, trying to get every drop from it. But after my shivering, bucking, and tension, another sensation struck me. My cock was so sensitive I did what I thought would never have occurred to me. I had to push her off of the tip and let the sensation ease up on me. The pop she made when she left my tip was kind of cute and I marked that for future enjoyment.

“Ok, I’m done. It’s sensitive now.” I said between bated breaths. She leaned back and watched me pull up my pants and tuck myself in the underwear. While she waited for me to get out of the way, she cleaned the creamy white stuff off of her chin. After I moved out of her way, she got her panties and pants back on. I bent down and retrieved her socks and shoes. “Did your ache go away?” I asked, watching her tie a shoe.

“I guess so.” she replied, leaving me feeling like she wasn’t content. I understood that it isn’t what you say; it’s how you say it. She left me feeling guilty and inadequate about it all. I pondered in my mind over that situation through time. I even had some advice given to me regarding the similar situation. I didn’t know if she was feeling guilty herself and perhaps a little inadequate but the advice I was given was the fact that I didn’t have intercourse with her was the culprit. They thought that to be truly satisfied, the complete act must be performed. Now, I never mentioned Mary to them but gave the facts as a scenario. Their assessment seemed to fit the situation however and I’ve concluded that debate in my mind, going with his opinion.

After Mary left, Jerry and I had some words. I wasn’t too happy with him; cutting into my session like he did. Of course, he thought it was the wildest thing in the world to trick the girl into thinking he was me. To be honest, I thought the same thing but I wasn’t going to admit it. We argued about the morality of it all, specifically that her mouth had a bit of both of us in it. I know, it was wrong to debate it that way, now. But as a child, it was the closest I came to moral obligation. Being no great philosopher of moral ethics, the concept that Mary had both of us didn’t really bother me but it was more like him intruding and gaining his relief without my permission.

The argument continued after the parents got home. I suppose my evil brother saw the animosity I had with him and worked on his solution to resolve our differences. After supper, we headed outside until it was time to get ready for bed. We pieced bikes together, finding parts here and there around the neighborhood. I was working on a Schwinn frame when he mentioned his solution.

“If I bring a girl home, you can pay me back.” Jerry explained, tossing the crescent wrench back in the box. The odds of me getting by with it were pretty slim. Just mere luck allowed him to. But, to get the argument over with, I consented, “Ok bro, it’s a deal.” was all I could say about it. I figured it was a losing bet but it settled the argument and relieved the stress of the situation with me.

He did bring home a couple of girls over the next few months but the sessions were strictly for homework. Nothing like the experience I had with Mary occurred and I just summed it up as bad luck or normal luck. Having a girl willing to go along seemed quite the challenge for my brother. It was probably just as big of a challenge for me too but I didn’t try as hard as he did.

In the months that followed, we both learned a lot about sex and foreplay. The alley beside us was next to a beer garden and the apartments over it were mega picks of porn, compliments of the trash cans. I never sought them out but my brother sure brought in a lot. I never was fascinated with the physical attributes of the various women. I always sought out those lustful eyes. If they were windows to the soul, I wanted to see through them and determine their intent. Sure, breasts and ass of the female body were sure nice to look at but those eyes told me whether or not the girl was willing or at least had some interest. Surprisingly, very few pictures had that look I sought after.

In my view, posing nude would already be a little bit of a turn on. But, I guessed that other people capturing a private moment of masturbation or any other lustful moment probably hampered the looks they gave. What even stood out to me more was the casual look, as if they had clothes on. How it could be that they treated it like an everyday occurrence baffled me somewhat and they become almost a downer whether they wore anything or not. The artistic nature of the bodies shown was ruined by the lack of emotions in their faces for me.

I suppose rambling on about that certain look doesn’t help you much. You already think I’m half-crazy because of the bond I had with my twin brother. I’ll not mention the fact that we both could tell when the other was aroused or injured regardless of distance. You’d just push that crazy meter over a little further. But the look women give in their times of lust has helped me more than you know when seeking out my own carnal desires.

I am about to embark you on a course of incest. Now, it might not be your cup of tea but it happened to me none-the-less. Keeping in mind that we were adopted, incest was no hurdle to overcome with us. Those in the large family of our adopted parents were simply girls related to us by a piece of paper. Secondly, the lack of emotions regarding our physical advances probably is a big negative with you, the reader.

I’ve heard tales of love when a daughter physically loves a father or brother loves a sister. I’m sorry to say, love was an emotion my twin and I lacked on our instances with family members. Just to make sure you understand, love didn’t come until much later in my life for any person of the opposite sex. That is to say that I believe family members love family members and sometimes it turns physical. But my twin and I, although we liked the cousins and aunts, lacked the heart-wrenching emotion of love.

My mother took us to see two aunts that lived out in the country on occasion. We’d been to one before a few times but this visit was a little different. One of the aunt’s names was Gladys and she had two daughters, Cindy and Mindy. They lived on a lake in a trailer right next to a state park. Gladys had gone through a divorce since the last time we visited and my mother was there on a consoling mission.

We weren’t allowed near the water but the park offered swing sets and monkey bars among other things. Cindy and Mindy had given us a tour of what was new or what was gone since the last time we were there. We wounded up at the merry go round where there was enough seats for the four of us. It was sitting on that round table that I recognized that special look from Cindy. She wasn’t looking at me but at my brother instead while he talked about his friends at school.

Now Cindy was the oldest between the sisters and she was a very pretty girl. I’ll not tell you about her long locks of hair or her budding nipples that poked against the thin top she wore. I will tell you that any close inspection of her brought some arousal on me down there. She flirted with my brother, telling him the girls at school were probably crooning over him. Mindy was more interested in the flowers that grew on the border of the park, giving me their names and how you could mix them together to get a good looking bouquet.

The giggling and horseplay Cindy put out made it quite obvious to me that my brother had her full interest and it left me a little jealous of him. I had little luck with Mindy as her sexual awareness seemed to lie dormant at the time. Eventually, Mindy and I walked the boundaries looking at the flowers she was so enthralled with, leaving my brother and Cindy alone on the merry-go-round.

The time we spent away from them allowed them to get closer to each other. Upon returning, I saw Jerry kissing her and they broke it off as we neared. Mindy mocked them and teased about sitting in a tree and leading to love and marriage drawing Cindy into embarrassment. She offered her own tease and claimed she at least knew how to where Mindy had no clue. Nothing can compare to sister rivalry and Mindy defended herself with a “Do too.” although I seriously had my doubts. But, just to stir the pot, I told Cindy that I had kissed Mindy over by the woods and she was a good kisser.

This left Mindy flabbergasted, not knowing whether to deny my claim or accept the compliment as it was. I suppose she settled to let it ride since she didn’t deny it. Cindy was shocked to say the least and didn’t buy the allegation but had no way of challenging it either. That didn’t stop her from coming up with a test and she asked Mindy to prove it by kissing me again.

Rather than sit there while Mindy looked shocked at her sister’s request, I turned her towards me and planted one on her lips. I made sure her back was turned to Cindy, not wanting her to see the expressions Mindy would be giving out and held her in that kiss for quite a few seconds. She melted on my lips in those seconds and closed her eyes. Whatever one can say about the power of a kiss, I can at least confirm its hypnotic qualities. I too succumbed to it, feeling its effect on my groin.

After letting up on Mindy, she slowly backed away from me. I will remember the sigh she let out after that kiss for the rest of my life. It was a simple reaction but spoke volumes to me yet failed to define the moment in one way or another. I could read so much in it but could have been wrong about all of it. I took the choices of my contemplations and settled on her enjoyment. She did nothing else to confirm or deny her pleasure in that kiss but I will believe it affected her positively.

It seemed the bluff failed Cindy as Mindy turned around and stuck out her tongue. Just to prove Mindy had nothing on her, she kissed my brother again. I couldn’t resist the urge and said, “Tongue, use your tongue.” after reading about the French kiss in a story from those magazines. My brother knew what I was referring to and inserted his in her mouth. I could tell she resisted him but finally conceded to it.

Mindy became curious, watching her sister fall to my brother’s tongue. I had to offer her the same, “You want to try that Mindy?” I asked, knowing I sure wanted to. She nodded agreement and I turned her to me. I went a lot slower this time so she wouldn’t have any surprises. I held her head in my hands as I pulled her closer. This one was a lot softer than the last and I wanted to make it go on for a while. I started with a simple kiss and gradually urged her to open her mouth with my tongue.

I’m not sure if the place in the world of men could have dominion over a kiss. But it seems to me that men do the work in the task of giving French kissing. It took my initiative to set forth the pace and involve my tongue in her mouth. I mention this here so you will know; a woman rarely offers her tongue in a kiss. Those females that do offer their tongues first are usually aggressive in nature and forgive me; could even be intimately dominant towards their own kind. Such was the case of the innocent Mindy, receiving more than she gave.

After probing around in her mouth a little, she finally sucked on my tongue. That brought forth more of my arousal and forced me to relinquish the kiss. I can say in all honesty, the innocence glowed from the girl like an aura and added guilt to my current state of mind. Had it been my brother on the girl, he would have eaten her up like candy. But I had issues with taking such liberties with a girl that lacked any experience. It was if I was in the process of corrupting her and suddenly wanted no part of it.

After setting her back she asked what was wrong and I couldn’t confess my emotions. I simply explained that it was too good of a kiss and I had to stop to keep from going too far. In the eyes of the innocent, I saw confusion as if questioning why something so good was so bad. But I wasn’t about to explain to the girl the issues with erections men have. She pouted a bit and told her sister that I didn’t want to kiss her any more. Cindy gave me a serious look making me feel like the bad guy. I tried to explain in a polite way that she was affecting me physically.

“She’s turning you on!” Cindy exclaimed, looking at my predicament. But I was one with no embarrassment in that regard and looked at her without blinking an eye.

“Sorry; it happens.” was all I said, and turned my attention away from her.

“It’s no big deal.” my brother chimed in, “Cindy has me turned on.”

I believed I could handle this issue if it weren’t for Mindy’s question, “How do you get turned off?”

Even my brother became a mute at that blatant question so Cindy offered her wealth of knowledge, “They have to jerk off.” she replied, thinking she knew boys best.

I wasn’t one to let that ride, “Unless a girl does it for us.” I simply stated, and let that sink in her head. If I had my choices then a girl could do it every time for me and save me some serious effort.

“Ewe!” Cindy exclaimed, like she knew it was disgusting and put her hands over her mouth.

My brother seemed taken aback by her response, “What’s so bad about that?” he asked, sounding a little offended.

“You know!” she started, “Making stuff squirt out.” explaining it in those obtuse terms.

“Have you ever seen it?” Jerry asked, looking at her to see if she would lie about it.

“No!” she exclaimed, offended by the question.

“Then you don’t know anything about it.” Jerry assessed, crossing his arms.

“What stuff?” Mindy asked, making the conversation turn more awkward.

“You shouldn’t be listening Mindy, you’re too young.” Cindy replied. This was exactly my point when I was kissing her but somehow it was different when she thought of it.

But, my brother was a crude bastard and said the one thing I thought would not be good to ask, “Wanna see it?” and smiled his evil grin.

[Now, I mentioned that I saw that look in Cindy earlier. Before I continue with her response, I need you to realize that I did not instigate nor did I prevent it. Technically, I guess I was as crude as he was and on reflection, realize my fallacy in reasoning. But as a child, I lacked the necessary maturity for responsible behavior and I didn’t change much even later. I ask your forgiveness and understanding ahead of time. What will be revealed to you may sour your stomach and make me a beast in your eyes. But those are your hang-ups, not mine.]

“Um, sure.” she replied after a moment of thought, and turned to face her sister, “Go play on the monkey bars.” and shooed her away.

“Nu uh, if you get to see it then I do too.” Mindy replied, crossing her arms in defiance.

Thinking the gig was up and that was the end to that, I sighed a little in relief, keeping Mindy’s innocence in mind. But no sooner had I thought that concept in my head did Cindy give her own thoughtful reply, “Fine, you can watch him and I can watch him.” pointing at each of us.

My brother stood up and said, “Alright then.” and unzipped his fly in front of her.

Now I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, watching him fish his dick out. I could have said that I wouldn’t do it and chickened out on the spot. But I looked around the abandoned park with no soul around anywhere. I gave a small pep talk to myself, ‘If he could do that then I can too.’ and followed him in his transgression.

Thankful to make such a brave decision in just a matter of seconds, no sooner did his appear than did mine right beside him. Mindy watched Jerry as he pulled his out of his pants but settled on mine that was closer. Cindy covered her mouth in awe while Mindy just looked on curiously. That was the difference between Cindy’s lust and Mindy’s obvious innocence.

I looked away from Mindy as she stared at my performance. I focused again on Cindy’s eyes and that lustful look she had in them. I didn’t need to see her nipples or the fine curves of her ass. That look she gave while watching my brother was enough to put me right over. Blocking Mindy from my mind, I let my lust take over. I tensed up and told the girls, “I’m ready.” just before my outburst.

I groaned from the sight of Cindy’s widening eyes as she brought her attention to me. I had the fortitude to point it away, preventing my ejaculation from hitting them. They watched it arc in the air and splatter in the dirt. I spread my feet for what was to come, and shot another wad out. The third wasn’t as forceful and it dripped after that, landing between my spread feet.

Jerry was not as kind as I and shot his first wad on Cindy. It landed on the side of her cheek and she turned to see the second shot come out in vivid 3D. Watching it land on the side of her nose, I decided Jerry was an asshole. But even still, it was a sight to see. God help me, I actually enjoyed it.

Cindy didn’t think so and called my brother a prick. I almost chuckled at her words and thought, ‘Why yes, that’s what it seems to be.’ She scraped it off of the side of her cheek and most all that had run to her chin. She flicked it like a booger off her finger but it was a sticky mess that left a shiny sheen.

“I expected that from Jerry, not you!” she yelled while trying not to gag.

I wasn’t going to take the blame for that and pointed to my brother, “That is Jerry.” I said in a grimaced whisper, just as she looked at me.

Might I say at this point in my story that whoever said honesty was the best policy had probably not met my cousin Cindy.

She jumped up at the same time her fist came out and punched my brother in the nose. Before he could bleed, she was all over me with fingernails aimed at my face. Nothing I said could make her calm down, and trust me, I rattled off several things. From “It’ll wash off!” to “I didn’t do it!” it was all a wasted breath. That girl wore herself out on me, beating on my face and chest.

My brother was absolutely no help at all as he held his nose and danced. I finally got both of her arms tied up and held her close to me. “I’m sorry” was all I could say to her about a hundred times over. She had her head on my chest and wept and that made me feel even worse. After a minute of her crying on me I offered her at least a consolation prize, “You really got Jerry good!” I said, and she looked over at my bleeding twin.

“I can’t believe she busted my nose!” he said, blowing out one hole and then the other.

“That’s all on you bro.” I stoically replied, still holding on to Cindy. “You weren’t supposed to shoot her with it.”

He stomped his foot and yelled back at me, “Bull crap! She wanted to see it!”

You just don’t realize how hard it was for me not to even snicker. But I knew that if a single peep came out, Cindy would knock me senseless. I shut up, afraid to say anything in fear it would be taken the wrong way. I let out the breath I was holding when Cindy said, “I didn’t want to see it on my face!”

I had to put my mind somewhere else. She wasn’t making it any easier not to laugh. I looked over at Mindy in shock as she stood there examining my zipper. I dropped my hug off Cindy and took care of the display I was giving. My brother wasn’t in any better condition as his dick had a drop of his blood on it. “Fix yourself.” I said to him, pointing at his zipper.

“Awe man!” he started up, “There’s blood all over my penis!”

I offered him the same advice I gave Cindy, “It’ll wash off.” I said with a sigh.

“Bet I can tell the difference between you two now.” was Cindy’s next observation.

His nose was already swelling as if the blood on his shirt weren’t enough. My nose bled from seeing his and Mindy pointed that out to me. Although my nose didn’t swell like his, it did have a trickle of red. I wiped it on my sleeve and shrugged; I hated to have sympathy pains for my brother, especially when he deserved it.

We cleaned up the best we could and told my mother that Jerry tripped and busted his nose. She seemed just as concerned over my sympathy pains as she was his busted nose. That was the first time she really took notice of our unique bond.

With the arrival of my sexual awakening, the night was going to be different for me. The usual routine was Mandy and Cindy sleeping together in Cindy’s bed while my mother slept in Mindy’s. My aunt had a king-sized bed and enjoyed us boys sleeping with her. She didn’t have boys of her own but she always wanted one, she claimed. Her husband wasn’t happy with it and both Jerry and I stayed on Gladys’ side of the bed.

We used to argue over who got to snuggle up to Gladys and settled it by taking turns. Tonight, my brother had pointed out, we could each be on either side. We went to her room at bedtime after doing the usual rituals. As usual, she was sitting in the bed with a book ready in her hands.

Gladys was always a friend in my eyes. She not only seemed to care but she cared whole-heartedly. I’d like to phrase it so you could understand; she wasn’t a fake or a liar. When you heard her say I’m sorry, you knew she meant every word. To me and my short life, she was exactly what a friend should be. My mother was a mother and had that figure of authority but Gladys didn’t have that persona and treated us as her equal.

The first time that we spent the night, Gladys had problems with her feet. Jerry and I rubbed them for her while she read stories to us. It became a habit on visits so my brother and I, with a foot in hand, did so again this night. She started her story about a knight and princess but I wasn’t focused on that.

My brother’s a crude bastard, if I haven’t told you that, and he started rubbing on up her leg. Now we were both down at the bottom of the bed and I saw her night dress rise along with her leg. I was pretty thankful that she was reading a book and not focused on what he was doing. I continued my rubbing but he nodded at me, wanting me to mimic his path. I didn’t know just how up he was going to go but I at least made it as far as he did.

I had never had my calves rubbed but it seemed to me it would feel pretty good. Gladys adjusted her legs for us, spreading them over our laps. I could plainly see her panties from my view and Jerry could see exactly what I could. But things took a turn for the worse when a pussy lip slipped out on one side. I don’t know of anyone personally that could stare at that and not be effected.

I was sitting in just my underwear and T-shirt which we both used as night clothes at the time. Her pubic hairs along that lip were objects of my curiosity. What little pink I could see of her inner skin was enough to make my penis half harden. The problem arose when she bent her knee and her foot touched me there while my hands were further up her leg.

I waited to hear her stop reading and say something about what she felt. I kept rubbing on up to her knee while my brother did the same with his leg. But I didn’t even get a break in the story and shrugged it off as her not paying attention. I could almost live with that thought if her knees weren’t up in the air. But that damn nightgown she wore revealed more of her sex as the other lip slipped out on the other side.

I won’t sit here and tell you how sexy my aunt was. You don’t need to know all of that. All you need to know was that her knees were bent and her foot was resting on my cock. I sat there and admired her pussy as it was engulfing the crotch of her panties. Just to show you how fair of a person she was her other foot rested in my brother’s crotch.

[I know of morals and etiquette in society. But don’t sit there and judge me from your point of view while you rest there on your ass. Judge me from my point of view and where my ass was sitting at.]

The book she read blocked her face from our view but that worked both ways for us. I looked at my crotch and back at my brother and saw him nod at me with a grin. I continued my work on her calf and then knee and found a sensitive spot just above it. There’s a tendon there, located in the back. When I squeezed it, her toes curled up on the back side of my aching cock.

My eyes and mouth flew open in shock when it happened but Gladys just kept on reading. Seeing no reaction from her, I motioned to my brother. I showed him the spot on the back of her knee and gave it another squeeze. His eyes grew wide while his mouth dropped open, watching her toes curl into me.

He let a few seconds pass and then did the same with his. He got the same treatment as I did and held back a snicker from it. That was it, the game was afoot and we did it quite often after that. Just as we started getting a rhythm going the damn knight saved the day and got his princess.

She closed the book with a loud pop and said, “That’s it boys, I’ve had enough; you’re both driving me up the wall.” and tossed it on the night table. “Get the covers and let’s get some sleep.” and reached over to turn out the light. She waited until we were ready, listening to us mumble, grumble and groan. When we had the covers over the three of us she clicked off the table light. I heard my mother laughing with the girls down the hall. I guess she was still playing around. I didn’t hear much more than that though as Gladys rolled over towards me.

Her breast hit my cheek when she did it and that was just fine with me. But she poked me on the shoulder, urging me to turn over. She was out of her mind if she thought I’d give her breasts up so I snuggled into them deeper.

I don’t know how long I laid there but I was breathing through her nightgown on her breasts. I would have gladly suffocated there and died one happy boy but she wasn’t going to help with my suicide and rolled over to face my brother. That brought her ass to my crotch and I needn’t describe my reaction.

She didn’t lay there long either as my brother was facing her breasts and my erection was nestled in her crack. She rolled over on her back and let out a really long sigh. I scooted in and put my head on her breast and my brother did exactly the same. I could see his eyes were open since I had adjusted to the dark and he was staring at the bump in her nightgown formed by her nipple.

I picked my leg up and threw it over hers and my brother did exactly the same. If she thought she was in trouble before, she just didn’t know my brother. I felt the covers move from his hand on her thigh as he raised it up higher towards her crotch. Curse me if you want, I just couldn’t resist doing that myself, and did it exactly the same.

Because I started behind him, he had his hand already under her gown. I crept up to match his location and thought he would settle in there. I guess I really didn’t know my brother as he pointed his finger out and touched me on my hand so I would know what he was doing. I felt him move up higher and had to mimic his path. He didn’t stop until he was touching one side of her exposed pussy lip. Jerry’t tell me he didn’t because I know for a fact, I was feeling her pussy hairs myself.

He looked at me from across her mounds and then looked at that bump again. He rubbed his cheek down and placed her nipple on his lips. He always pushed me to my limits but I did exactly the same. One might ask how long she could stand that with our mouths breathing on her nipples and our hands on her pussy lips. I can be your expert on that one should you have a need to know it.

By the time I felt her nipple harden on my lips was about as long as she was going to take that. When she said we were driving her up the wall, I had no idea she meant it literally. She rose up, tossing us off, and scurried all the way back. She didn’t stop there and kept on going until she was sitting on top of the headboard. Now I hadn’t expected to scare her to death but it sure looked like fear in her eyes. Since I was the closest, I turned on the table light and seen her protecting her breasts with her arms.

“What’s the matter?” Jerry asked, sounding concerned and I just tried to look innocent.

“You two are evil, pure evil!” she said, with her arms wrapped tightly around herself.

I took offense at that and said, “I didn’t do anything bad!”

“You were on my… and on my….” she sighed, “You know what you were doing!” and slid down the backboard to the bed.

“It didn’t feel good?” my brother asked, knowing darn well that it did.

She waited to answer so I guess she was thinking but then she finally said, “You know that it did and that’s why you did It.” and looked down to avoid our stares.

Well I couldn’t just sit there and look like a heel and had to offer my apologies. “I’m sorry.” I said but wasn’t happy with that, “I wanted to make you feel good.” and that was my honest confession.

“You made it feel too good.” she said, then dropped her hands to her crotch, “And that is the problem.”

“Well call me stupid but how’s anything too good going to be some kind of a problem?” Jerry wanted to know, putting a smirk on his face and a shocked one on mine because that was what I wanted to know.

“Because you’re my nephews!” she said rather loudly, giving us both a hateful look.

Well that left me clueless to what she meant so I asked, “So what does that have to do with it?”

“Its incest!” she said, and threw a pillow at me for being so stupid.

That was the first time I had ever heard that word and I didn’t know what it meant, “What’s that?” I asked, wrinkling my nose while picking up the pillow.

“You know, when a family member has relations with each other.” she explained.

Well no, I didn’t know and wanted to learn more, “So what?” I asked; it didn’t seem like a big deal but she explained it all to both of us.

Kids are full of questions and my brother and I had our share. Gods and kings from the past used to do it and now it was forbidden everywhere. She didn’t know who made up the rule or how long it had been in place. All she knew was that it could cause birth defects somehow if a girl got pregnant that way. That, of course, opened up the door as to how to have sex in the first place.

She was out of the frying pan and into the fryer and just stuttered and stammered on out. Jerry and I, we knew it all, from those magazines we had been gathering. But we acted innocent as best we could and that brother of mine urged her on. “You put it where?” just to see her roll her eyes and explain that one then asked, “How deep does it go?” to watch her squirm. But Jerry was an asshole and had to ask the same question I was thinking of. I swear to you, every time I thought of something, he would flat out just ask her.

“Is that all?” he questioned, “Or can you do more?” just to listen to her fumble through oral sex. “They kiss you there huh? Does it taste good?”

[Damn, what a dick he truly was. Seriously though, it wasn’t funny. Every question I knew better to ask, he would just go ahead and ask it. He even made me nervous enough to stop thinking of things not to ask.]

“I… hear it tastes good.” was all she mumbled, hiding behind her hands.

But I’ll be damned if I didn’t open my filthy mouth. “Can I taste it?” I asked, and immediately turned red because I knew better than to even ask that. But since I was trying not to think of it so hard, I guess I went ahead vocalized it.

She looked at me between her fingers and said, “No!” with a growl in her voice.

“Well why not?” Jerry asked, while I just thought of it and remembered I wasn’t supposed to think.

“Because it’s incest!” she said in frustration, all mad about having to say it.

She was awful hooked up over a piece of paper, “It’s just a piece of paper.” Jerry said, “We aren’t related like that.” mimicking my very thoughts.

[Go right ahead; I know you’re going to. You can add that to me being crazy and all. You don’t have to believe a lick of it either. I know I wouldn’t if I were you. But I’m not you so I’ll believe the facts while you can just call it crazy.]

I tried again not to think of anything and blurted out, “Just a taste to see if it’s good.” I begged, like any kid would beg for candy. I was beginning to get a little frustrated at this. Not thinking anything was making me say some pretty brash things.

Son of a bitch if I didn’t think not to think, “It’s not like your married now anyhow.” Jerry said.

Well that brought out an answer I didn’t expect, “Fine!” she said, and let out a huff.

“Fine?” I asked, not believing my ears.

“Fine” she replied, and then added, “But just one finger each.” and pointed at both of us.

I don’t know how sexually frustrated you had to be to let two boys talk you into tasting your pussy. But whatever the threshold was for that line to be crossed, my brother and I exceeded it. She pulled up her nightgown and got her panties out of her slit. When she pulled it off to the sides, both of our eyes lit up.

“How far does the hair go?” my brother asked and I wanted to know the same thing. It was the first time I ever saw pubic hair and the first time I ever saw a full grown pussy. She pulled her panties up higher and higher and showed us that hair covered the mound she had there.

“That looks beautiful.” I said in awe, amazed at the very sight of it.

“You boys will be chasing after these your whole lives.” she said, like it was some sort of challenge. “Look good at it now. You won’t see another for quite a while.”

At the time, I didn’t know what pussy was made of but it sure had a hypnotic power over me. I couldn’t help but get closer to it and ended up on the bed beside her while my brother did exactly the same.

“One finger.” she warned, giving us a stern look. My brother and I looked at each other and then back to that hairy pussy. “One finger.” we said simultaneously, and lifted up our index finger.

She nodded her head which gave us our cue to go ahead and get our fingers wet. We both leaned in and I pulled a lip apart while my brother did exactly the same. I saw the moistness on her inner lips and there was a bead of pearly white resting at the bottom. I was going to do her a favor and save that from dribbling into her crack but my brother beat me to it and drug it back up to the hole.

I started where he did and did the exact same thing with what was left. When I caught up to his finger, we both dove into her entrance. I was amazed how she swallowed both of our fingers but was just as surprised at the heat. I felt around in there while my brother did exactly the same.

I looked up while my finger played in her and watched her close her eyes. I crooked my finger at the top of her hole while my brother did his at the bottom. It occurred to me that it could hold anything small as it stretched to yield to my finger.

A moan left her lips and she said in a whisper, “I didn’t mean both at the same time.” which I thought was a little late to be complaining about it.

“Sorry about that.” was all I could say and pulled out to play with her hardened nub.

I circled it over and over her hood while my brother put the rest of his finger in. Her eyes fluttered back open, “That’s… enough!” she gasped but it took a few seconds to force myself to quit.

“What’s wrong? Did we hurt you?” Jerry wanted to know while pulling his finger out.

She sighed when she said, “It isn’t that.” and sat up on her elbows to look at us.

Since I had to stop I might as well taste her and stuck my finger in my mouth while my brother did exactly the same. She watched as we sampled her and smacked our lips together. “Yummy!” we both said at once, and reached for more of it.

She clamped her legs closed on us; no longer open for business. Both of us showed our frustration from her doing that. “I want some more!” Jerry teasingly demanded, and tried to spread her legs apart.

“I want some too!” I responded, and reached for a knee while she giggled and said, “Once is enough!” over and over.

She crossed her legs on us and we didn’t do well getting them apart. We both eased up on her after she finished laughing. We rested beside her after wrestling around and I realized how potent her sex juice was. My dick was tenting my underwear and I suspected my brother was the same way although I didn’t look. When she relaxed and put her hands down to her sides, a hand brushed up against it.

“Sorry” I said, “I think the taste made it that way.”

“It was getting that way long before that honey.” she pointed out, probably remembering her foot on it.

“How do you make it go away?” Jerry had to ask, lying on the other side of her.

“Let’s get some sleep.” she replied, not even going there. “Hit the light Jerry.” she said, but I was the one closest to it. I turned the light off while she scooted down. When she got settled, you can guess where we wounded up at. I was harder than the first time when I dropped my leg over hers. I didn’t even get to that perky nipple before she rose up again.

“This isn’t going to work.” she said with a sigh. “You two need to get rid of those.”

“I asked you how” Jerry replied, “but you totally ignored me.”

I could hear her sigh at that and she said, “Ok, go to the bathroom and rub it until it blows.”

That sounded so funny, I laughed and thought what my brother said “I’m not making it blow up!” and he busted out laughing.

I stopped thinking and said, “Rub yours until it blows!” and laughed from not expecting to say it.

“I’ll rub yours and you can rub mine!” Jerry said between his laughter.

Gladys had no humor and said, “Fine, you two can rub each other’s.”

Both Jerry and I stopped laughing at once and I said, “We can’t do that!” rather sharply.

“Why is that?” she wanted to know, as if nothing was wrong with it in her eyes.

I looked at her in the dark and said, “Well, that would definitely be incest!” and busted up laughing again.

I could see her frown in the dark and laughed even harder at that. But after a minute, it didn’t sound funny no more as I got to thinking and Jerry said, “I don’t want to touch his pee-pee, I got my own if I want to do that!”

Gladys leaned over and turned the light back on, brushing her breasts against me. I was becoming acutely aware any time I had a close encounter of that kind. The light came on at the same time I rubbed myself but it was getting really aching by then.

“You’re doing it wrong.” Gladys said with a huff, after catching me in the act. “You have to grip it and pump It.” she instructed, leaving me a bit shocked to hear it.

I grabbed it through my underwear, knowing full well it was wrong, and beat it on my belly a few times. I almost snickered when she rolled her eyes and said, “Wrong”

“Come here Terry and watch this.” she said, and sat up a little closer to me. “Pull it out Jerry” and nudged my arm and I just froze a little bit. Jerry looked over her shoulder and said, “Heck no! I don’t want to see that!” and dropped back down on the bed.

“Fine, just lay there and suffer while I teach your brother how to do it right.” she said, and nudged me again to get it out.

I shrugged my shoulders, giving up my modesty, and let out a very long sigh. Pulling my underwear out, I pushed it down, and tucked it under my balls.

[I told you that you would hate me and this is just one reason why. But I bet you won’t even consider the amount of courage it takes for a kid to do something like that.]

“Now put it in your hand and tighten your fingers around It.” she instructed, looking at it from my side, and that was more than I could handle.

I fell back on the bed and put my hands over my face. I was able to do it in front of her daughter and now her mother was telling me to do it. I didn’t know why there was a difference but a full grown adult looking at my penis made me more embarrassed than I ever thought possible.

I heard her sigh after I fell back and move around on the bed. It might have been the fact that she wasn’t getting to sleep or maybe because I was so embarrassed. But I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft and she started jacking me off.

She probably got about ten strokes on me before that damn brother of mine interrupted us. “That’s a load of crap ain’t it? I want some of that!” he exclaimed, and knocked me out of my trance.

I took my hands off of my face just to see what her reaction was. She kicked the covers all the way off of the bed and scooted down to lay beside both of us.

That act right there allowed me to see the panties just inches lying beside me. She had Jerry do the same as me and his underwear was tucked under his balls. In just a few seconds, she was stroking us both and I was feeling a little awkward. But I was on her right side and she was using her good hand on me. She seemed to be pretty good at it and I felt her speed up a little.

The position we were in made it uncomfortable and I thought it would be better to turn towards her a little, getting on my side. That kept her from hitting my flank and I felt much better after that. My brother caught on to what I had done and turned exactly the same.

I could see the mounds of her breasts and the V-line of her panties. She continued to work on us while lusted after her body. It went that way for quite a few minutes until she started slowing down. “What’s wrong with you guys?” she had to ask, wondering why we hadn’t blown yet.

My brother’s a crude bastard and said, “Maybe if we can play with yours too.”

To be honest, it was going through my mind at the same time he said it and I thought it was a good idea. I reckon Gladys did too as she said, “You’ve already had your fingers on it; you might as well go ahead and do It.” thinking, I guess, it would help.

I reached over and got my hand in the side of those pink lacy panties. This time I used more of my fingers to spread those lips apart. My middle finger was the first one to feel her wetness on it. As it slipped inside her velvety folds, I felt my brother, who was doing everything just the same.

Her work slowed down on us quite a lot but I really wasn’t disappointed. Since both of our hands were inside her panties, we were interested in other things. Jerry would dip in with a couple of fingers and I would follow with mine when he pulled out. That only took just a few times from us before she urged us to go faster. She didn’t really say anything unless you count moans and groans. She more or less told us with her hips; pushing herself on our hands.

We found a rhythm together and I risked looking at her. That was a mistake on my part as I saw that look cross her face. My hands slipped out on my next stroke and hit her on the clit. That’s what she gets for looking so sexy when she bit her bottom lip. She lifted her legs and forced us off of her sex but we gained entrance from behind. I slipped inside her panties once more and found Jerry doing exactly the same.

I thought I’d have access to her hardened bud but my brother beat me to it. I settled on pumping my hand into her and she could take all three of my fingers. My little finger had no place to go and wounded up on her asshole. As I pumped my fingers into her, it kept grazing over that clutching hole. My thumb fell beside her clit where my brother was rubbing her there. But then he changed course and eased his fingers beside mine. He wounded up where I already was with his little finger right beside mine.

We found that she could take six fingers and we got in another rhythm. Our thumbs worked her clitoris as we pumped into her with our little fingers grazing her backside. We didn’t do it all on our own, she helped a lot by her thrusting her hips. I was pretty thankful for that because I never fucked a girl with my fingers before. But she knew what she wanted from us and we intended to give it to her. Needless to say, her attention on us ended and she lay there just squeezing our hardened penises.

After a time, we just held our hands still and let her do the work. I was afraid to try anything with the speed she was giving it. To add to our experience, the faster she went, the tighter her grip got on our cocks. So, like a pilot shooting straight up, Gladys held our joy sticks while she climaxed to the top. That look on her face was so profound to me; it was like a crowning achievement. I enjoyed the moment and added it to my mental pictures for future reference.

She came down from her adventure in little jerks while we picked up the slow internal caressing of her sex. Focusing back to the work we had done, I noticed the wetness her orgasm produced. I couldn’t resist taking my fingers out and bringing them to my mouth. I licked and sucked the access off while my brother did exactly the same.

She recommenced where she left off, stroking us slowly again. We went back to massaging her pussy lips. “That… was wild.” she said in a whisper, “I could do that again.” so we slipped our fingers back in her entrance to start the ride again.

“No, no, not now. We need to get some sleep. Why aren’t you two done already?” as if she wanted it all to be over.

I probably would have blown up for her if it weren’t for my underwear, “My balls are numb.” my brother said, pointing to his restriction.

“Take them off.” she said with a huff, and dropped her head back on the bed.

We both scrambled out of what we were wearing and I felt the blood rush back where it belonged. “T-shirts too.” she also added, “We don’t want to get them wet.” That would leave us both totally naked but I didn’t seem to care at that point. I wadded my night clothes up and tossed them towards the door while my brother did exactly the same.

We both turned our attention back to her fully clothed body and I thought it was a little unfair but my brother said, “That isn’t fair! Now we’re naked and you aren’t.”

“If it will get you two off then I’m all for it, I want to get some rest tonight.” she replied, and my brother and I stripped her down, revealing her breasts to us. She was packing under that nightgown; I can sure tell you that. Where Mary’s were just starting, Gladys was completed and she had nice-sized orbs. They were so fascinating, my brother and I each took one.

“Can I taste?” I asked, and her hand sped up a little. “Me too.” my brother added.

All she did was nod consent. I guess she was concentrating on her work so I started concentrating on mine. It was the first time my mind could remember sucking on a nipple. If I had done that as a baby, I wouldn’t remember. More sensations occurred in my mouth as it hardened between my lips. I wanted to feel every bit of it and used my tongue around it. I could feel the ridges and the firmness of the tip.

You know what my brother did so I won’t have to tell you. But both of us moaned at the same time as she tightened on our stiffness. She must have done that to get our attention because right after that, she started humping air. I got the hint and so did my brother and we dropped our hands down to play.

I was just wondering what it would feel like to enter her backside when my brother didn’t wonder and did it. His little finger entered there, I know, because I felt him do it. His little finger passed the first knuckle and she gasped from the effects of it. I felt left out and headed for her clit, using my thumb on it. It must have been just as good to her as she gasped again from the effects of it.

It wasn’t long before all of our fingers were busy trying to satisfy each other. She had my three along with my brother’s working inside her entrance. Her hands were wrapped around each of us, pumping at a good pace. Jerry’s little finger was getting a rhythm while sucking on a nipple. My little finger worked its way in, right beside my brother’s. I didn’t think her nipple could get harder but it stiffened up a little more anyway. I know that for sure because it was in my mouth when it did it.

My brother and I learned pretty fast the quickest ways to please her. We used our thumbs to pinch her clit while pumping her with all of our fingers. With us nibbling on a nipple each, she went up on her climb again. She shook her head from the sensations she had and opened her mouth in anguish to scream. I was glad it was a silent one.

But watching the girl go over like that was just too much for me. She was good at keeping her rhythm while climaxing from our attentions. I couldn’t help it, she forced it out of me, watching her revel in her bliss. I blew up all over her, watching my fluids cross my brother’s. Between us both made an “X” across her belly and hit the undersides of her breasts. I was tensed up while she was coming down and noticed her pussy trembling to a stop. It seemed to last forever with me and my toes curled up from the effects of it.

I laid back trying to get over it but my hips kept jerking from the after-effects. I could hear all three of us gasping, trying to catch our breaths. Jerry was the first to recover and got down to the foot to get the covers. Gladys got a bunch of tissues off of the night table. When she was done cleaning all of us up I turned out the light. Nobody said anything at all for the rest of the night. I fell asleep laying on one of her breasts while my brother occupied the other.

I woke up to the sound of ‘momma’ being whispered loudly near me. I was still where I fell asleep and felt Gladys take in a deep breath of air. ‘Momma’ was said a little louder next and Gladys moved from the sound of it. I stirred when I heard ‘What is it?’ coming from right over me.

“Why are you naked?” the voice of Cindy asked, and I noticed the blanket was around my waist. “I don’t know honey, I guess we were hot.” was Gladys’ voice in reply. I felt the covers get pulled up higher but I didn’t open my eyes.

“Are they naked too?” Cindy asked, and I know I turned red from hearing that.

“What time is it?” Gladys asked, ignoring her daughter’s question.

“I don’t know but Aunt Vivian said to wake you up.” Cindy replied.

“Ok” was all Gladys said, and a few seconds passed.

“They look the same.” Cindy said, and her mother agreed with a “Mhm”.

I studied my position and found my hand cupping a pussy lip. My brother was cupping the other side. I was pretty thankful we weren’t completely uncovered. Not that it would bother me but Gladys would have a hard time explaining it. Her nipple had to be below my chin and there was nothing covering that up. My thoughts went back to her pussy and regretted not being able to suck on it. That thought made my cock twitch against her hip, making me realize my erection.

“Jerry” Cindy said, and nudged me on my back. “Hmm” was all I said, trying not to think about her right by my ass. “Get up” she said, and couldn’t think of something to say.

My brother is a cruel bastard and he started playing with Gladys’ pussy. I couldn’t help but follow his lead and do the same on my side. I tested the elasticity of her lip and the thickness by pinching it. All the while Cindy was waiting for us to wake up, not realizing our alertness and play. I didn’t expect Gladys to lay there and take it but didn’t know what she could do about it with her daughter right beside us.

“Come on guys, wake up!” Cindy said, at the same time she pulled the covers off. So much for my thankfulness of being covered up as she had to get a full view of everything.

“Cindy!” Gladys yelled and rose up, tossing the two of us off of her breasts just to cover them with her arms. I let go with serious regret of her pussy, brushing the hairs there as I left.

“Momma!” Cindy replied, having her eyes overloaded.

All three of us where wide awake from having those covers disappear. I didn’t know what to do but my brother pulled the covers back up over us while Gladys yelled at Cindy for doing it.

“If you all weren’t naked, I wouldn’t see it.” Cindy replied, settling their argument pretty quickly.

Gladys asked her to get her nightgown off of the floor and she put it on under the covers, ending our eye candy for the day. Cindy refused to touch our underwear that was still wadded up on the floor. Why it was such a big deal was baffling to me. They were just clothes after all.

Our father Harold had told us that women were afraid of their own shadows when Vivian complained about the house creaking one time. I suppose underwear was another one of those scary things to them. I never feared the dark or monsters myself so I couldn’t relate to any of it.

The sun shone through the window that was covered by pretty thin curtains. When Cindy headed for the door, I could see her outline through her nightgown. All thoughts sexual were becoming a hassle it seems. It affected my groin area every time. The morning erection I had twitched from her figure.

Gladys said we could get dressed after the door closed. She didn’t mention the night before but I suspected her daughter didn’t help her by reminding her about it. She seemed out of touch with reality though and didn’t even look at us sporting morning erections right in front of her.

We changed shirts and put on shorts. We kept our clothes in Gladys’ room because that was where we slept all the time there. Before we headed for the bathroom Gladys said, “Don’t tell your mother about last night. Let me tell her instead.”

My brother said, “Why? We don’t have to tell her anything.” and I agreed, since it seemed to bother her.

“She should know that I corrupted you two.” she replied, looking in her lap while she sat on the bed.

Corruption was a term I didn’t know and asked, “How did you corrupt us?”

She rolled her eyes and said, “By letting you have sex with me of course.”

Neither one of us had intercourse with her of course so my brother pointed that out; “We still had sex.” was her reply.

“We only masturbated. I wish we had sex.” I said unintentionally.

Her eyes grew wide at that, “Your mother would kill you to hear you say that.” she said, sounding appalled at the idea of it.

I didn’t see any problem here; I’d do it for my mother if she asked. My brother said, “I wouldn’t mind having sex with her either.”

“Do you not remember what I told you about incest?” she chastised.

My brother shrugged at her, “Incest, phooey. That’s your word not mine. I’m adopted.”

I had my own ideas, “If we had sex with her, she wouldn’t be mad at you.” I pointed out, giving my brother a wink.

“That is a terrible thing to say!” Gladys said, “Vivian will never do that anyway.”

All I can say is that incest didn’t mean a thing to me, “It shouldn’t bother her any. It’s not like she gave birth to us.” I assessed, and my brother nodded in agreement.

“Look, your mother couldn’t have children. She adopted you two so she could be a mother to you, not a lover.” Gladys explained.

“Says you, but I bet we could convince her.” Jerry quipped.

“You can’t do that! It’s not possible. Don’t you understand?” Gladys said in a huff, “Its incest!”

“It is not, stop saying that.” Jerry said, getting aggravated at the word.

“I’m telling your mother!” Gladys threatened, or thought she was.

“Ok, let me know if she says yes.” Jerry, the crude bastard said, and then headed to the bathroom.

“I can’t believe your brother!” Gladys said when the door closed.

I shrugged because I felt the same way. “I can ask her if you want.” I said; since she seemed uncomfortable about it.

“Jerry! I expected that from your brother!” she chastised, getting us confused.

“She loves us, I don’t see her getting mad about It, that’s all.” was all I could say, and headed out to see if Jerry was done yet.

By the time I finished in the bathroom, breakfast was done. Vivian was a great cook and her sister was not a sham at it herself. I could smell the bacon when I opened the bathroom door. I didn’t make it to that meal without being accosted in the hallway by Cindy. Well, I could do without breakfast for a while if she wanted to talk to me.

“What did you do with my mom?” she asked, crossing her arms while blocking the hallway.

“I was sleeping with her.” I replied.

“You did more than that, all of you were naked.” she pointed out.

“Why? Did she complain?” I asked, trying to dodge the interrogation.

“No! But something happened, you guys haven’t slept naked with her before and she is acting funny.” she explained.

“I guess we made her feel good then.” was my response. I wasn’t giving her any details and she could use her imagination on it.

“How did you make her feel good?” she prodded, wanting those details.

“I don’t know, what would make you feel good?” I asked, throwing it back at her.

She huffed and stormed off through the doublewide trailer, heading for the living room. I headed for the kitchen where the food was calling my name. I saw Mindy sitting by Jerry while Vivian sat across from Gladys. That good smelling food was all over the table and my mouth was watering from it.

Vivian handed me a plate off the corner and I filled up. There was a rule of my mother’s. Eat everything on the plate and always eat something if it’s offered. You can’t say no to a host. If they took the time and money to make you food, you better eat it without complaint. I totally agree. Since we were in the country, I made a country breakfast. Eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, and gravy; I piled them on top of each other and mixed it up.

“How did you sleep last night Terry?” my mother asked, watching me shovel it in.

Naked, with my head lying on your sister’s breast didn’t seem like a reasonable response, “Good” I said with my mouth full.

Nothing else was said while I finished my plate. Mindy and Jerry finished well before me and they left. My mother and her sister were the only ones there. I noted the similarities between the two. Both had dark blonde hair but Vivian’s was a little lighter. My mother was Gladys’ little sister so she was younger. I couldn’t determine the size of their breasts to compare them due to their nightgowns. Not that I needed to know about Gladys’ but Vivian was a mystery to me.

I finished my plate and sat there, just admiring the two women. My mother noticed my attention on her and she caressed me on my leg. That act of affection sparked my curiosity in her, wondering if I could convince my adopted mother to have intimate relations with me.

Gladys got up to go get dressed. My mother started to get up but I leaned in for a hug. I snuggled my head in her breasts but couldn’t tell if they were bigger or smaller than Gladys’. She hugged me back and I noticed Gladys looking at me while she did it. I smiled at her, remembering the softness of her breast. That made one awesome pillow. I said my good byes and headed out to the park where the others were, leaving the two sisters alone.

I found the three on the merry-go-round, my brother sitting between them. Their backs were turned to me and I could see Jerry’s hands around them both, one on each side. His hands were on their bottoms as they sat there talking. I heard Cindy say, “Your brother is probably doing them both right now.” My brother asked, “So what if he is? Are you jealous?”

I hopped on the merry-go-round before she answered and asked, “Jealous about what?” watching them bounce from my weight.

“Nothing” Cindy offered, moving my brother’s hand off of her backside.

“She thought you were doing Gladys and mom.” my brother said.

“Oh, that explains why she’s jealous.” I said, taking a seat on the other side of her.

“I’m not jealous!” Cindy denied, and took a defiant stance, cross her arms.

“Ok, so you don’t mind if we do your mother?” my crude brother asked.

I didn’t know how much of a conversation they had before I got there but it was already knee-deep into what Cindy witnessed this morning. Poor Mindy was probably getting her ears full of it.

What? No, why would I care?” she asked, trying to sound cool about it.

“Look, you’re mom had a hard time with your dad. We were honestly just making her feel good.” I said, trying to explain it in an easy way.

“Yeah, we’d do the same for you, you know.” my twin and his devious mind added.

“Oh… I don’t think I’m ready for sex.” Cindy admitted, sounding a little scared.

I had to address her concerns before my twin said something crude, “We didn’t have sex with her.” I admitted, “We just made her feel good.”

“Wait, how did you ‘do’ her if you didn’t ‘do’ her?” she asked, trying to phrase it without turning red.

Before I could answer, my brother butted right in, “We’d have to show you.” and gave a wicked smile.

Cindy wasn’t falling for it, “Show Mindy.” she said, dodging his advances.

Jerry was taken aback somewhat but said, “Fine… Mindy?” looking at her, “Can you lay back for me?”

She apparently had the treasure of the gods and was sworn to protect it, “You’re not touching me!” she vowed, hugging herself tightly.

“Ok then, guess you’ll just have to imagine it then.” Jerry said, putting his hands in his lap.

We sat in silence for a minute and Cindy broke it with, “Ok, show me.” and sighed, giving in to her curiosity.

My brother pushed her back, leaving her legs off of the metal surface. He motioned at me to help and we both lay down beside her. The first thing I noticed was the scent of her hair. I liked strawberry scent from then on. I brushed the dark blonde strands away from her face and tucked them behind the ear I was looking at. I started at her neck with a very long caress while my brother did the same. I slowed at the rising of her breast and the bud signifying the peak. I made sure each finger ran over it and then bumped over it again with my thumb. As each digit passed, it grew in size and hardened before the next finger struck.

I traced a line underneath the breast before continuing south. I didn’t do it for her pleasure but mine, wanting to learn every inch of her. I headed for the center of her chest and found my brother’s hand there. We both turned directions and headed south, anxious to get to her nether. While it traveled, I placed my head on her chest as close to her nipple as possible. Once again, my lips touch one and it rose and fell with her breath. It seemed lonely, perking for attention, so I blew some air across it. I doubt that was all of the attention it wanted as I heard her bated breath. I made sure each outtake of breath would blow over that little bump and my hand ventured further to the top of her leg where a dip connected it to her sex. “Oh my God.” she whispered, knowing how close I was.

I took my time and worked on down, heading for my half peach. But my fingers no sooner had grazed over that hump when I felt my brother on his side. We focused on our peach halves of her lips and just started on the massage when that girl had already gotten her fill. She rose up, throwing us off, and scrambled back away from the both of us.

My brother grabbed her by the ankle and I managed to get the other one. We got her half-way back but she grabbed the bars on the merry-go-round. “What is it with women running off like that? Your mother did the same thing with us.” I asked, wondering if it was even possible to have two women make me do that.

“It’s too much!” she firmly admitted, “You teamed up on me.”

We let go of her ankles. It wasn’t like we would force her. She let go of the support bars and crossed her chest with her arms.

“I’m not sure we teamed up on you, he did his thing and I did mine.” my brother stated.

“Well yeah, but you both did it exactly the same.” Cindy explained, “How do you know what the other is doing?”

“We did it last night, remember?” I said, “We just showed you what we did to your mother, to make her feel good, you know?”

“But that takes some practice to get it that perfect. Who did you practice on?” she asked, knowing something seemed off.

“We didn’t practice.” my brother said, “We’re just that good.” he bragged.

“I don’t believe it.” Cindy stated, scooting back up between the two of us. “I mean, you did it together like you planned it out.” shaking her head, “It gave me goose bumps.” she admitted, and rubbed her arms.

“Shucks, it wasn’t all that. Nobody’s made you feel good before, that’s all.” I stated, readjusting myself. I couldn’t get anything done to a girl without my cock rising to the occasion. It was like a sensor, the more turned on the girl, the harder it got.

Yeah, I could handle it.” Mindy bragged. Sibling rivalry, you got to love it.

“You didn’t even get started, remember?” my brother reminded her, nudging her with his elbow.

“I’ll try it. I know I can do better than Cindy.” she dared, just trying to best her sister.

Mindy wasn’t helping her any either, “Go ahead, you won’t last long.”

Next thing I know, we are on both sides of Mindy, doing the same thing to her like we did her mother and her sister. She handled it pretty well until my brother unsnapped her pants.

“Wha… what are you… doing?” she asked with bated breath.

“We’re showing you what we did to your mother.” my twin answered in a whisper. “Think you can handle as much as she did?”

“Ok, ok. But go easy.” she whispered back, and I watched her tilt her head back as our hands entered her pants.

“We won’t hurt you.” I reassured her, pressing my fingers under her panties. I didn’t touch her center and stayed on her lips as I worked my way in. The softness I felt was like no other, even softer than Mary’s was. It struck me that I was touching a growing flower, seeing the finished product just last night. She shivered heavily in fear on me when my thumb brushed her bud. That was enough for me to realize, she wasn’t quite ready just yet. Perhaps some morals are imbedded in you and I lost any lust I had. That was as far as I would go; touching her there was plenty enough.

I backed away very slowly, keeping her from getting scared. It left a pain deep in my gut for even going that far with her. Some fruit is forbidden, I know; especially if it isn’t ripe yet. I found my brother doing exactly what I did and removing ourselves from her sex. Some would say I was a coward or even a lesser man to quit. But I didn’t have it in me to ruin her child-like innocence. I was seriously affected in the most negative way. I found out later that my brother had the same feelings as I, which caused him to back off of her as well. It turned out that even he had some moral limits.

I cursed her in my mind a while for tolerating us going so far. She had to best her sister and mother and it was my brother that put that in her head. I might have thought it but he was the one that said it and I didn’t know who to blame for that. But I took it for all I could get and treated it as a life lesson. It was one of those things that were off-limits to me and never to be repeated again. I reverted back to my tried and true method of looking for that certain look. That was one thing I never saw from Mindy at any time during that visit.

“Was that all you did?” Cindy asked as she noticed that we both had quit working on Mindy.

She broke the conversation I was having inside my tormented head, “No” I replied, then softly added, “We can’t do that to Mindy.” not able to explain myself. “She’s just not ready for that yet.” was the best that I could come up with.

Cindy pondered my words a moment and then nodded her head in understanding. “Well Mindy went further than I did, I’ll give her props for that.” and offered her sister a hand to get her sitting back up.

We played in the park on the sets they had there for the rest of the day. Cindy pulled me off to the side to say she had watched us with her sister. “Thanks for stopping when you did. I didn’t think about her being too young.”

“I don’t know why I stopped, really. It just didn’t feel right, you know?” I said, standing on the monkey bars beside her. Whoever thought to make a huge dome skeleton out of a bunch of metal bars had a good idea for kids; they were a lot of fun to play on.

“I guess you stopped to keep from hurting her. A girl can get hurt like that, you know.” she said, hanging on to a bar with one hand like a monkey, swaying in the air.

“I wouldn’t hurt her. That’s why I was being gentle. ” I stated, swinging out on my own bar.

“You could if you didn’t know what you were doing.” she pointed out, grabbing another bar. Her shirt rose up and revealed her belly button. There’s something erotic in a girl’s navel that makes them look so sexy. That little cleft gained my attention for a second and I had to get back to the conversation.

“What could hurt? I would have made it feel good. It just didn’t seem right to me, that’s all.” I replied, grabbing another bar myself.

“You could hurt her hymen.” she explained, grabbing on to the next bar.

I didn’t know what that was but I wasn’t going to confess my ignorance and simply replied, “Oh”

In all of my reading of those magazines, I hadn’t come across anything regarding a hymen and thought it was a technical term unrelated to the act of sex. I made a mental note to find out more on it since it was something related to girl parts. You can sure bet that I was definitely interested in girls.

My brother was playing on the swings with Mindy and they seemed to be getting bored with it. We got together with them and started a game of hide and seek. Tag was the next game and before we knew it, the day passed and dinner time came.

Country food tastes like no other. You cannot buy it in a restaurant anywhere. From fresh tomatoes to home-grown onions, it is the freshest tasting food you could ever have. My aunt had a garden and grew everything from corn to turnips. She even had a full row of blackberry bushes. You could eat to your heart’s content off of those bushes and only had to watch out for the thorns. The only bad thing about eating them was eating them before dinner. I couldn’t pass them up; they were right on my way back to the trailer I was heading to for dinner.

My mother found the evidence written on my face when I entered to clean up. She followed me in the bathroom and locked the door behind her. As a child, any time I was around the opposite sex, my erection would occur for the wildest reasons and this time was no different. A woman in the bathroom with me was all I needed to form a sexual reference in my mind. Even though it was my adopted mother in the bathroom, it made little difference to my erection.

She took a seat on the toilet while I turned on he water. Looking in the mirror, I saw blackberry all over my mouth. I dropped my head after seeing it, now knowing why my mother was in there with me. She sat in silence while I removed the evidence. Toweling of my hands and face, she asked the dreaded question, “Did you get the blackberries off?”

I hung my head at that question, knowing full well she didn’t approve of my transgression, “Yes momma.” I said, using the endearing name she liked in hopes of easing my punishment. Normally, I’d be standing in a corner forever but dinner was waiting and I knew it would probably be corporal punishment this time.

“You’ve been told to leave them alone haven’t you?” she said, looking my sorry ass over, probably wondering how I could be so stupid.

“Yes, momma; I just couldn’t help getting some.” I replied, watching her bend over to study me and giving me a shot of her cleavage. They were at least the size of Gladys’ and that brought on other thoughts. I wondered if her nipples were the same size I saw last night.

“We have dinner waiting, come here and drop your pants.” she said, planning on giving me a swat or two which wasn’t too bad in normal circumstances.

I didn’t know what she would think of my erection and I was embarrassed over it at first. I thought that if I approached her from the side, maybe she wouldn’t notice it. That didn’t turn out like I planned though because after dropping my pants, she turned me around to put me over her knee. That was the most embarrassing moment in my life but it was also one of the most titillating. Although I had no winning prize, I wasn’t ashamed of what I had. My ego was chopped in half, I’m sure, when she rolled her eyes at it.

Bending me over, it lay on her thigh and the couple of swats she gave me made it rub roughly against her. The stings from her punishment only enhanced my experience; giving me erotic sensations I hadn’t expected. I hadn’t thought that being disciplined could be exciting in that manner but I was a novice at best. It left me yearning for more punishment and I would have enjoyed her beating my ass for a while, if only to enjoy my erection humping on her leg.

She had to have noticed it I thought and having me stand back up I said, “I’m sorry.” for my using her sexually.

“See that you don’t eat any sweets before dinner again.” she replied, thinking I apologized for disobeying her. She noticed my arousal had gotten stronger from the experience and said, “Put that away and get to dinner.” leaving me wondering what she meant by it or without giving any hint what she thought of my state of mind.

Thoughts juggled in my mind regarding the experience. I wanted to talk to my brother and see what he thought of it. I’ve seen where people were spanked and used for someone else’s sexual satisfaction. I thought maybe, I could play that role, if ever given the chance. But dinner was interrupted by a conversation change, “Gladys tells me you two kept her up late last night.” my mother stated.

“She read us a story.” my brother said. He sounded so innocent in stating it too.

“Regardless of which, you both will sleep with me tonight and give Gladys a chance to get some rest.” she informed us, and went back to eating in silence.

My brother and I shrugged it off although I was somewhat disappointed. We hadn’t slept with our new mother at all; we were too old when we were adopted I guess. But not being with Gladys that night would certainly put any plans we had in the trash.

After dinner, we did what we found was a fun past time and caught fireflies in jars outside. We were permitted to play until dark and then we’d have to come in for the night. Sitting down on the floor in front of my mother, I got involved with the TV. We watched an episode of Bonanza and tolerated a show called Dallas. J. R. Ewing was a jerk but he had a hot looking wife. The intricacies of the relationships on it were of no interest to me; but the actresses were enough to keep my feasting eyes entertained. I really liked the bathing suits and hot dresses they wore on that show.

My brother sat on the opposite side in the floor at my mother’s feet. We shared a bowl of popcorn between us with my mother helping eat some of it. Before the Dallas show was over, I was laying my head on her knee watching it. Then I noticed Gladys glancing at us and I knew what she was thinking. I’d have bet a dollar, if I had one, that she thought we were working on Vivian.

Just to see what her reaction would be, I rubbed the calf of my mother’s leg and like it was planned, my brother did exactly the same thing, stopping at the back of her knee. Gladys had a smirk on her face like her thoughts were just verified and I just smiled back at her. She already called us evil once and we were just proving her right. I just bet she’d like to be a fly on the wall when we got her sister to bed that night.

I glanced at Cindy sitting beside her mother on the couch and caught her watching the two of us. I wondered what she was thinking, following our massaging fingers. Between the show with the sexy actresses and two females eyeing me over, I couldn’t help but get an erection while my hands were on my mother. A room full of girls and only two of us males made me think of some pretty bad things to do.

I was a happy boy for once when it got time for bed. I wanted to see if we could have the same effect on my adopted mother like we did her sister just the night before. I had no idea what drove me to such desire but I looked forward to another erotic adventure. This time, my adopted mother was the centerpiece of my lust.

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