I was at a friends when he showed me a collection of pictures he had gotten off the internet. I didn’t say anything when I recognized my fourteen year old cousin and her best friend. The pictures showed Lisa and Ann with at least a dozen different sized dildos and vibrators. There was even a few with them on bikes with small dildos up inside their pussies.

I got a copy of the pictures and left. I was really tempted to jack off but let my mom and dad know I was going across town to visit my uncle. Dad waved as he watched a game and mom smiled a secret smile. I was sixteen and had just gotten my driver’s license. I did billing in the evenings so I had a job and dad paid for my first car which was an old El Camino.

I knocked on my uncle’s door and heard my cousin yell to come in. Her mother died a few years ago so I knew it was just her and my uncle. I walked in and smiled at her and Ann in the front room, “Your dad not home yet?”

Lisa shook her head as she grinned at me and I took a breath, “I saw the pictures of you and Ann.”

She blushed and they exchanged looks before Lisa stood, “you going to tell dad?”

I hesitated, “it depends on why you did it.”

Ann stood, “they were for me and my shitty brother copied them and put them online.”

I kept looking at Lisa, “you like using the toys?”

She nodded and I looked at Ann before gesturing to the hall, “show me.”

They hesitated before holding hands and walking towards the hall. I followed them back to Lisa’s bedroom and her huge bed. I saw them glance at each other before starting to undress. Lisa went to her night stand while Ann crawled onto the bed. Lisa came back and blushed as she handed an anal plug and vibrator to her friend.

Lisa smiled and sat on the edge of the bed and poured lube on the anal plug before slowly pushing it into her ass. She groaned and turned to hand the lube to Ann before turning and laying back with her legs spread. I pulled her desk chair out and took the digital camera from the desk. I sat and began to take pictures as Lisa and Ann started to rub the vibrators through their slits.

It was a couple of minutes before they began to shudder and moan. That was when Ann slipped the vibrator into her and fucked her pussy a few times before pulling it out to rub her clit with it. Lisa copied her a moment later and shuddered hard as her hips lifted off the bed. I couldn’t take it and stripped as they kept fucking the vibrators.

I stroked my cock as Lisa started shaking and jerking, her pussy looked a lot wetter and slippery. I moved onto the bed and over my cousin before she pulled her vibrator out and I shoved my thick cock in. I fucked her slowly with long, deep thrusts that pushed against the back of her pussy.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me as her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. A few minutes later I buried my cock and kissed her as it erupted and I began to pump huge gushing spurts. Lisa jerked and lifted her hips as her pussy milked the cum into her. When I was done I pulled out and moved back.

I watched Lisa pant as she slid the vibrator into her cummy pussy. I looked at Ann and she pulled her vibrator out and smiled at me. I moved up between her legs and pushed my cock into her slowly. I started to fuck her as she put her legs over mine and thrust up against me. I kept fucking her with long strokes.

She began to jerk and then shudder almost violently as she screamed and thrashed around. Her pussy spasmed and kept grasping at my cock as I fucked her hard and deep. It was five minutes before I shoved into her and began to spurt thick jets of cum. Ann clung to me as I flooded her belly and then I pulled out and moved back.

Like Lisa she shivered and picked up her vibrator and slid it into her cummy slit. I fucked them three times each and took pictures of them fucking their cum leaking pussies with their vibrators. I helped them clean the vibrators and Lisa rubbed my chest, “not going to tell dad?”

I shook my head, “can I fuck you again?”

She grinned as Ann giggled, “your place tomorrow. We’ll ride our bikes over.”

I smiled as I remembered the pictures I had seen, “I’ll check you after you get there and remove the dildos.”

Lisa grinned with Ann and I left. I had to work into the night to catch up on the billing and then I fell asleep. Mom woke me in the morning as she sat on my bed, “have fun yesterday?”

I sat up and stretched, “yeah.”

She rubbed my bare chest, “Chester said he didn’t see you when he got home.”

I looked at her and blushed, “I had to talk to Lisa.”

Mom caressed my cheek, “Talk?”

I looked at my computer and the screen saver flipping through the pictures of Lisa and Ann. She looked and then looked at me and I shrugged, “I promised not to tell her dad after she told me what I went to see her about.”

I shifted and scooted back, “she and Ann play around together a lot...”

I looked at mom but she didn’t say anything so I continued, “she sent those pictures to Ann and her brother found them and put them on the internet. When I get the chance I will talk to him about it.”

I looked into my lap, “I asked Lisa to show me and her and Ann did.”

I looked at mom, “I had sex with both of them.”

She grinned and then giggled, “did you take more pictures?”

I looked at the desk and the small USB drive, “yes.”

Mom stood, “I hate to burst your bubble but Chester and your father have already seen the pictures.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “they fucked me a long time that night.”

My mouth fell open and she laughed as she turned to leave, “take more pictures and make a copy for me.”

I grinned as I thought of dad and my uncle fucking mom together. I moved off the bed and went to wash and get dressed before eating breakfast. I went back to work until the drive alarm went off. I saved my work, grabbed my camera and went out into the garage to see Lisa and Ann.

I grinned as they sat and wiggled on their bikes and lifted the back of their short skirts. I walked around them and knelt to take a few pictures showing the small dildos up inside each of them. I took Lisa’s pack with the vibrators and helped them off before leading them into the house and to my room.

I turned Lisa at the bed as I set the pack on the foot of the bed. I pushed her back and lifted her legs into the air before pulling my pants down and off. I moved forward and pushed into her pussy and started to fuck her. Ann slipped onto the bed and went through the pack to pull out dildos and thick vibrators.

She moved all the way onto the bed and started using the vibrator on her clit. I was still fucking Lisa with deep thrusts and she was meeting each one. I buried my cock a few minutes later as she wailed and started shaking while her pussy grasped my cock. I gushed cum into her and she grabbed my arms as it flooded her.

When I finished and pulled out she wiggled back onto the bed and accepted a dildo from Ann. She pushed it into her leaking pussy and I went to get my camera. I took several pictures of her and Ann, especially Lisa with the cummy dildo in her pussy. I set the camera down and moved around to flip Ann onto her stomach and pull her to the edge of the bed.

I pulled the fat vibrator out of her and pushed my cummy cock in. I started fucking her with deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was kicking and spasming as her slippery pussy kept grasping my cock. She was wailing or howling every two or three minutes as her pussy tightened and she convulsed.

I finally shoved into her completely and began to pump and spew cum. Ann tilted her hips as her pussy clenched around my cock and she screamed, “YES!”

I groaned and held her as her pussy kept milking cum into her. When I was done cumming I pulled out and she reached between her legs with the fat vibrator and started fucking it into her leaking pussy. I took more pictures as they switched toys and licked each others leaking pussies.

I fucked them three time each before putting their bikes in my car and driving them to Lisa’s. I walked into Ann’s house to see her brother sitting on the couch drinking beer. I looked at him and ignored her father, “posting pictures of a minor will get you put in prison.”

Ann’s father opened his mouth as her brother turned and looked at me with wide eyes. I nodded, “I traced it back to you. You put pictures of Ann and my cousin on the net, if they are still there tomorrow I will be calling the cops and have you arrested.”

I glanced at Ann’s red faced father, “I’m sure you saw the pictures, delete them and make sure the pictures are removed from the internet.”

I left and went home to start working and got a call from Lisa, “did you talk to Ann’s brother and father?”

I saved my work, “yes. Her father knew and saw the pictures. I warned her brother that if he didn’t have the pictures pulled from the site I would have him arrested.”

There was a moment of silence, “you took pictures.”

I smiled, “you saw and knew and I won’t be putting them on the internet.”

She giggled, “they make me horny all over again.”

I turned to look out the window, “is Ann going to be okay?”

Lisa sighed, “her dad is a pig so she stays here a lot.”

I grinned, “you two could move in with me.”

She laughed, “we would get a lot of real fucking that’s for sure.”

We talked for a few more minutes and then she had to go. After dinner I went back to work and mom slipped in and rubbed my shoulders, “get more pictures of the girls?”

I grinned and turned to pull her onto my lap, “tell you what, you have dad or uncle Chester take pictures when they fuck you and I’ll give the girls pictures to you.”

She grinned and wiggled on my lap, “deal.”

I reached around her to pick up a USB drive, “make sure they don’t get copied.”

She looked at me and opened her mouth and I thrust up, “use the digital picture frame I gave you.”

Mom shuddered and thrust back and forth, “thanks honey.”

She moved off my lap and rubbed her pussy before walking out. I glanced at the door an hour later to see Lisa and Ann. I blinked, “you’re here?”

Lisa grinned, “dad said he was coming over to drink with your dad and mom.”

I gestured, “close the door and come in.”

I turned to save my work before shutting the computer off. I turned to see Lisa and Ann naked on my bed. I stripped and moved to the bed and laid beside Lisa, “first, your father has already seen the pictures.”

Her eyes went wide as Ann shifted beside her. I caressed Lisa’s face, “he saw them with mom and dad. They fucked mom a long time after they saw them.”

Lisa and Ann looked at each other and then grinned. I laughed, “I didn’t know when I talked to you. I gave the pictures I took to mom. She is going to use the digital picture frame and wants dad and Chester to fuck her again.”

They grinned again and I caressed Lisa’s hip, “It was in exchange for them taking pictures of each other fucking mom.”

Lisa’s eyes brightened, “you going to let us see them?”

I nodded, “that’s why I am telling you now.”

Ann hugged her, “we could make it more fun and take the pictures for them.”

Lisa turned to look at her before grinning, “and fucking Tom after?”

Ann giggled and they rolled out of bed and walked to the door and opened it. They slipped out and I moved off the bed. I slipped a pair of silk shorts on and went to find the girls talking to mom. She glanced at me when I stopped in the bedroom doorway and blushed, “it sounds good but let me tell your father.”

I smiled, “they can take the pictures nude if it will make dad and Chester hornier.”

Mom laughed as she walked to the door, “god, they would never go down if the girls did that.”

Lisa and Ann giggled and I gestured, “we need the camera and spare card. You can even use the video camera but I will need to keep downloading it if you fill the card.”

Ten minutes later I was sitting in mom’s chair in the corner of her bedroom. Dad, mom and Chester were on the bed naked with Lisa and Ann standing naked beside the bed with the camera and video camera. Lisa turned the digital picture frame on after slipping the USB drive in. It was a big sixteen inch frame and sat on mom’s night stand.

From the first picture mom gasped as she saw a cummy vibrator pushed into Lisa’s open pussy. It didn’t take Chester or dad long to start working on mom. The men kept looking at the pictures and then at either Lisa or Ann beside the bed. Mom moaned, screamed, wailed and howled.

They fucked her pussy and ass and she sucked their cocks until they couldn’t get hard anymore and she was slimy from cum. I went to get the USB drive while Lisa and Ann pulled the covers up and said good night. When I closed my door they set the cameras aside and pulled me to the bed as I stripped the shorts off.

I had waited long enough and pushed Ann down and moved between her legs. I kissed her and pushed into her slippery pussy and starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. They laughed and Lisa pressed against us to rub her bare breasts on me. I kept fucking Ann but began to plant my cock and grind or hump.

She lifted her legs and clutched me as she shuddered and her pussy grabbed my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she spasmed and wailed as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I continued to fuck her as I felt my balls churn and my cock throb. I shoved into her just as I began to spew and spurt. Ann lifted her hips and howled as warm sperm gushed into her, “aaaahhhh!”

I shuddered as I pumped cum into her and when I stopped she dropped to the bed panting, “mmmm!”

Lisa laughed as she pulled on me, “do me now.”

Ann giggled as I pulled out and cum began to leak. I turned to Lisa as she went to her knees and put her head on the bed. I grinned and moved behind her to rub her pussy before pushing into her. I held her hips as I began to fuck her with long strokes. She started thrusting back as her tight hole grasped my cock.

Ann giggled as she lay back with her legs spread and rubbed a small vibrator through her slit. I pushed Lisa down before I began to fuck her with long, grinding strokes. Her tight pussy was constantly grasping and clenching around my cock. When she started kicking the bed I fucked her harder as I tried to cum.

She was wailing and howling when I shoved into her a few minutes later and started to pump spurts of cum. After all the sperm I had put into the two girls I didn’t have a lot left. When I pulled out Lisa sighed and turned to snuggle as I lay between her and Ann. I woke to mom’s tap on my door and smiled at her when she stuck her head in.

I turned to rub Lisa’s butt as she lay on her stomach, “wake up so I can fuck your ass.”

She groaned and turned her head as she lifted her butt, “okay.”

I glanced at Ann when she giggled and she reached past me to push a finger into my cousin’s ass and fuck it in and out. Lisa shuddered and pushed back before lifting her head, “hey.”

I laughed with Ann and turned to move over Lisa and position my cock. I pushed and slowly entered her ass, I pulled back before pushing in again and she groaned and shuddered. I started to fuck her slowly and gradually buried my cock as she spasmed and her ass squeezed. I shivered and began to fuck her with long strokes as I tried to cum.

Lisa was tilting her hips as she moaned and pushed back and a minute later I was fucking her hard and deep. She wailed as her ass clenched and I shoved into her with a grunt before gushing thick spurts of cum. She shuddered hard when she felt the warm cum pumping into her and turned her head, “mmmm!”

Ann laughed as she rubbed my shoulder, “horny slut.”

I pulled out and moved straight back as Ann moved against her and started to finger her leaking ass. I used the camera and started taking pictures as Ann fucked Lisa’s cummy ass with two fingers. I finally grinned and set the camera down, “we better go to the bathroom and wash.”

That brought both of them out of bed and chasing me. I let them go first before I went and then I accepted the douche mom slipped me and pulled the girls into the shower. When they were clean inside and out we got dressed and went to the kitchen. Dad and my uncle grinned at the girls and my uncle pulled Lisa onto his lap, “did you enjoy last night?”

She grinned, “yeah, we liked watching you two fucking Autumn.”

Mom laughed, “and they loved looking at your cummy pussy.”

She grinned as she looked at Ann, “we really liked fucking Tom.”

Ann nodded as she sat with a bowl of cereal, “I wouldn’t mind doing it every night just to put me to sleep.”

Lisa laughed as she stood and went to sit beside her friend, “yeah we would love a nightly injection of cum.”

I grinned as mom, dad and my uncle laughed. Uncle Chester took them home after and I went to do some work before checking the site that had posted the pictures. I frowned when I saw them up and sent a message to the webmaster. I got dressed and drove across and parked in front of Ann’s house.

I got out and was walking towards the door when I heard the scream. I hit the front door hard with my shoulder and it slammed open. In the living room Ann was struggling with her father and brother and her clothes were torn and half off. They looked at me with wide eyes and white faces as I started towards them, “you two are going to jail.”

They pushed Ann towards me and I caught her and pulled her around as I kept going. I stopped and pulled out my cell and dialed, “I need the police at four seven five James street.”

Ann’s father and brother ran from the room and out the front door as I heard mom, “what is going on Tom?”

I turned to hold Ann, “Ann’s father and brother were trying to rape her. I need to call her mother.”

I hugged Ann as I hung up, “what is your mother’s number?”

She was still crying and hugging me, “she won’t do anything.”

I pushed her back, “listen to me, you are coming to live with me. I want your mother because she can grant mom custody.”

She nodded and sniffed before taking the phone and dialing. I pushed her towards the hall, “go pack everything.”

It wasn’t hard to get her mother to agree and then I called mom back and told her what I was doing. She said she would take care of it and to bring Ann home as soon as I could. Ann only had a few boxes of stuff so I put it in the bed of the El Camino and took her home. As soon as she saw mom she stumbled away and mom caught her.

I brought her things in and put them in my room before calling Lisa to tell her what happened. Thirty minutes later she was knocking on the door and ten minutes after that mom stopped and told me they were going out and taking my car. I nodded as I tried to concentrate to do a little work before just stopping.

I looked around and stripped the pictures off my walls and cleaned the room. I hesitated before moving all of Ann’s stuff into the guest room and started putting it away. I checked the porn site and the pictures were gone. It was a few hours before mom came home and they began carrying stuff in.

Lisa grinned as she went past me, “I’m moving in to and so is dad.”

Ann smiled as she went by, “your mom said we can sleep with you.”

I grinned and watched them take the boxes into the guest room before following, “the toy collect goes in my room.”

Mom laughed as she turned from hanging the clothes up, “is that all?”

I walked to her and reached up to unbutton her blouse, “I wonder if dad and uncle Chester would like to watch the girls using their toys on you.”

She grinned, “after you get them cummy?”

Lisa laughed as she and Ann pressed against me and I turned mom to remove her blouse. I undid and pushed her skirt down and then her panties. I looked at her pussy and rubbed it before grinning and giving her a kiss. I turned her and pushed her towards the bed, “take lots of pictures girls.”

Ann laughed, “Not staying?”

I glanced back from the door, “I would end up fucking her.”

They laughed and mom pulled on the girls as she laid back on the bed, “you girls can fuck him for me.”

They did and I have fucked mom a few times. The girls have also fucked dad and uncle Chester a few times. They still use Lisa’s toy collection and enjoy getting off, especially since I have given them a few more to play with. One of their favorites is a full size male doll.

We haven’t heard from Ann’s father or brother since they left but Ann is grown now.
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