My name is Jacob and I’m sixteen. Ma and pa died in a fire so I was sent to live with my grandpa. He was a grumpy old man that worked from daylight to sunset. He put me in a cabin that looked like something from a campground, at least it had running water and a small bathroom.

I walked five miles to school each day and helped on the farm each afternoon. There were several kids my age in school and it was a couple of weeks before one of the girls approached me. I was walking home and she ran to catch me, “Jacob!”

I knew she was my age, Rachael had long dirty blonde hair and a nice body. She smiled and looked around before grabbing my hand and pulling me into the woods. She grinned and turned to press against me, “ma said you are my cousin.”

I looked at her in surprise and she kissed me. I blinked and she pulled me to a fallen tree before pulling her skirt up and pushing her panties down. She opened my pants as I stared and turned to bend over the tree. I was staring at her bare pussy and couldn’t help moving between her legs to feel.

Her pussy was soft and warm and I shuddered before bending my cock and pushing into her. Her pussy was almost hot and slippery as I pushed deeper. I started to fuck her as she moaned and shivered and it wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix. She wailed and shuddered hard as her pussy squeezed and gripped my cock.

I groaned as I began to fuck her with long strokes. A couple of minutes later I was fucking her harder as she jerked and struggled. I shoved into her and pressed hard to get deeper before my cock erupted and I peed cum. Rachael screamed and tilted her hips as I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done.

I wanted to do it again but pulled out. She shuddered as warm sperm started to leak from her pussy before slowly standing and pulling her panties up. I wasn’t sure what to do and smiled, “that felt great.”

She grinned, “you’re bigger than my pa and my brother.”

She let her skirt down and took my hand to walk back to the dirt road, “they fuck me sometimes but momma said if you was doing me they would have to stop.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “want to keep fucking me?”

She sounded almost hopeful and I grinned, “sure.”

She grinned and hugged and kissed me, “I’ll bring my things over tonight.”

She ran down the road at the right fork and I turned to the left to walk another three miles. I put my stuff away and changed before I began helping my grandfather. He kept looking at me as I worked and then he grinned, “you smell like pussy boy.”

I blushed and looked around, “Rachael and I... uh...”

He laughed, “she caught you.”

I shrugged, “she’s pretty and I like her.”

Grandfather smiled, “her mother stopped by today and said she was looking to bed you.”

I didn’t say anything but kept blushing. It was awhile before he gestured, “we can finish tomorrow.”

When we walked into his cabin Rachael and another girl from school were there. They looked almost like twins and Grandfather chuckled, “I knew the other bitch would want to come.”

Rachael ignored him as she gestured to the table, “wash, we have dinner cooking.”

I went to the kitchen sink as my grandfather headed towards the bathroom. Rachael pressed against my back, “our cousin Sarah wants to be with us.”

I glanced back before turning and drying my hands. Sarah smiled and lifted her skirt to show her pretty pussy, “momma said I could.”

I looked at Rachael and she nodded so I nodded too. Dinner was nice, a lot better then grandfather’s cooking and I knew he liked it. After dinner I cleaned up and turned to have Rachael grab my hand and pull me after her. Grandfather was in the other room and chuckled as he read beside an oil lamp.

She pulled me out and across to my cabin and we walked in to find Sarah naked as she hung up clothes beside Rachael’s and mine. Rachael turned me and undressed me before pushing me towards Sarah as she moved to lay on the bed with her legs spread. I looked at her body before moving to lay between her legs.

I kissed her as she tried to pull me up and grinned before moving down. She lifted up to look down her body as I stopped to look at her pretty pussy. Rachael sat beside her but I ignored her as I opened Sarah’s pussy and leaned down to lick through it. She shuddered as I began nibbling on her labia and pushing my tongue into her.

She was a little musky but I liked it and started teasing her clit like I had see in porn videos before coming here. She jerked and kept shuddering as she started to lift and thrust up with her hips. She dropped to the bed and spread her legs as I kept licking her pussy and teasing her clit. She was moaning and shaking before finally twisting and covering her pussy.

I moved up her body and felt Rachael guide my cock before I pushed and slowly forced it into Sarah. I started fucking her slowly and her warm pussy began grasping my cock almost from the first thrust. It wasn’t long before she was bucking and thrashing around as she wailed. I fucked her with deep thrusts, pausing to hump and grind each time I buried my cock.

I kept fucking as I hit her cervix and pushed, it was awhile before it opened. By then Sarah was howling as she wrapped her legs around me. I pushed into her and kissed her as my cock throbbed and began gushing. Sarah jerked and tilted her hips as she hugged me and her pussy squeezed and milked the cum into her.

It was a minute before I was done and slowly pulled out. I moved over and Rachael giggled as she reached between Sarah’s legs to finger her leaking hole. I grinned, “come here.”

She grinned as she crawled over Sarah and I pulled on her before twisting until she was under me. I kissed her and lifted before pushing into her pussy, “tomorrow you need to wash and douche so I can lick your pussy.”

She grinned and hugged me as I began to fuck her with deep strokes. Her pussy was warm and slimy so my cock sipped in and out easily. It was a few minutes before she began to shudder as her pussy rippled and tightened. I buried my cock and kissed her as I humped, pressed and jabbed.

Rachael thrashed around as she lifted her legs and kicked wildly, “ooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her as she bucked and finally pushed into her and kissed her as I began to spew and pump cum. She screamed as she clung to me, “aaaahhhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she sighed and dropped to the bed. I took turns fucking the two until after midnight when we fell asleep. The girls helped me with morning chores before we showered and started walking to school. All the way there they talked about our family. There were only four rooms in the school and Sarah had to go to another while Rachael sat beside me.

A few of the guys kept looking at me and Rachael whispered that they were her brother and our cousins. Sarah sat with us for lunch and whispered that her brother was upset because he couldn’t fuck her anymore. Rachael snorted, “from the way Charles was looking he ain’t happy either.”

I looked at them as I ate an apple, “Charles?”

She nodded but Sarah answered, “her brother.”

A few minutes later the two boys walked towards us so I stood. My pa had always made sure I knew how to handle myself. The older of the two jabbed a finger into my chest, “if you think...”

That was as far as he got, my left hand snatched his and twisted and bent and I turned. He screamed as his arm was suddenly locked straight and I struck with my right. He dropped and the other boy jumped but I shifted and moved to the side and back. I caught one of his hands and twisted it before spinning and kicking up into his stomach.

It went that fast and then they were on the ground. I touched the first with my foot, “my name is Jacob. Rachael and Sarah came to me so start using your hand or find a willing stump.”

I looked at Rachael and Sarah when they spit on the two boys before taking their hands and leading them to another spot. The other girls in school were smiling and the other guys snickered. They left us alone for the rest of the day. After school got out we started home but I turned at the crossroads suddenly and headed down to the only store around.

The girls were grinning as I bought a few things like a couple of bolts of cloth for new dresses and things for dinner. Walking towards home we saw the county deputy sheriff sitting beside the road with a few of the guys from school. Sarah and Rachael ran to see what had happened but I kept going.

When they caught up Rachael slipped her arm through mine, “Charles and Peter jumped Edgar Pike.”

I looked at her as Sarah kept nodding and looking around, “they did it sudden and threw an old jacket over his head before they beat him.”

Rachael sighed, “after they was done, they took the jacket off and found out it wasn’t you.”

I looked at her, “they must be dumb.”

The girls looked at me and I shrugged, “like I wouldn’t be walking you two gorgeous women home.”

They looked at each other and then giggled before kissing my cheek. The last mile they giggled a lot and stripped to walk nude. I was really tempted to fuck one of them and they knew it. I changed and rubbed both their butts before going to find my grandpa to help him, he was in his cabin which surprised me.

He led me out carrying an old rifle, “we’re hunting for supper today Jacob.”

He was mostly silent as we walked through the woods but every now and then he would tell me things. He let me shoot the rifle a couple of times and I was surprised when I actually hit what I was aiming at. We returned to the cabins a couple of hours later with a few rabbits, some grouse and a small hog. Grandpa said we would hang the hog for a couple of days.

Rachael and Sarah were wearing sun dresses and sat sewing in the kitchen. We went to wash and then I went to do chores. While we ate Rachael and Sarah told us their mothers had called and Charles and Peter had been to see the judge. They would be doing a lot of extra work for the Pike’s and the judge had warned them the next time would mean jail.

Grandpa was smoking an old pipe and nodded. We had a nice hunter stew as the girls called it and I did the dishes and cleaned up as they sat and went back to making a couple of dresses. When it started to get dark grandpa stood, “night Jacob, try to keep yur bitches from yawling all night.”

I grinned as the girls giggled and put their sewing away. As soon as I closed the door to our cabin they were stripping me. Rachael backed me to the bed, “you better make us holler some more tonight.”

I laughed as I pulled her dress off and reached for Sarah’s, “On the bed you.”

I slipped onto the bed after them and caressed Rachael’s hip and pelvis before turned and moving down between her legs. She spread her legs and I opened her slit and licked through her pussy. She groaned and lifted her hips as I kept licking her and started sucking on her clit and using my tongue to tease it.

It was a few minutes before she wailed and began to buck and twist around. I moved up and kissed her as I pushed into her tight pussy. I started fucking her with deep strokes and she began to shudder as her pussy tightened. Sarah pressed against me as I fucked Rachael with deep thrusts, grinding into her with each stroke.

It was a couple of minutes before she began to howl as she spasmed and jerked. I continued to fuck her as she hugged me and held on while lifting her legs into the air. It was a few minutes before I was ready and buried my cock as I began to pee sperm through her cervix. She wailed as her pussy squeezed my cock, “BREED ME!”

I pumped strong spurts into her until I was done and she kept shaking until a couple of minutes later. She sighed and dropped to the bed as I kissed her and pulled out. Sarah was rubbing her pussy and turned to put her head down and her butt up. I grinned as I moved behind her and slowly forced my cock into her tight hole.

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed and I began to fuck her. She kept thrusting back each time I pushed into her and a minute later started to howl and spasm, “oooohhhh!”

I held her hips as Rachael snickered and fucked her hard and deep. She jerked and kept slamming back as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. Her warm pussy felt so good I wanted to cum and kept fucking her hard. I lasted over five minutes before I shoved into her and groaned as I gushed and pumped huge spurts through her cervix.

Sarah screamed at the feel of warm sperm erupting inside her and began convulsing, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done Rachael pulled me out of her and down onto my back so she could straddle me. I fucked them until after midnight again before we went to sleep. I woke up to my alarm and was tempted to just go back to sleep. Rachael rubbed my chest, “its Saturday.”

I smiled and turned to kiss her, “I have chores.”

She grumbled and turned to snuggle against Sarah as I climbed out of bed. I washed and dressed before going to start my chores. When I walked into grandpa’s cabin a slim woman turned to smile, “hello nephew. It sounded like you kept my girl up most of the night.”

I grinned as I carried the large can of milk and the pail of eggs to the counter, “I tried. Which is your daughter?”

She laughed as she helped me lift the can of milk, “Sarah, Rachael’s mom comes to take care of your granddad during the week.”

I smiled as I started checking the eggs like grandpa had taught me, “is he still in bed?”

She grinned as she headed for the door, “I wore him out so you will have to start without him.”

I smiled but kept checking eggs until I had done them all. I put the few I thought were fertile in the wicker basket and carried them into the almost hot side room and the few incubators. When I came back in Rachael and Sarah were in the kitchen. We had breakfast and cleaned up.

The girls pulled me out when we were done, “we can help weed and then we are going to the creek to skinny dip.”

I grinned, “you do and I won’t wait for tonight.”

They grinned as they kept pulling on me. Weeding was not like grandpa showed me since the girls removed their tops. It was several hours before I saw him as he was working in another part of the field. It was noon when Sarah caught my hand and started pulling me out of the field. The creek was to one side and we stopped beside it to strip.

They grinned when I was naked and walked backwards as I stalked after them into the cold water. When I caught them Rachael rubbed my chest before Sarah suddenly pushed me from the side. I staggered and took a step before suddenly splashing down into a deep hole. I came up spitting water as they laughed.

I splashed them before swimming to the edge and then chasing them. We played for over an hour before I pulled them out and laid back in the grass. Sarah straddled me and rubbed her pussy on my cock before laying down. I grinned as I held her hips and looked at Rachael, “last night you said to breed you?”

She grinned as Sarah giggled, “I’m hope’n, so you can marry me.”

I grinned and lifted Sarah’s hips before shifting my cock. She moved up and wiggled as she pushed back against my cock and shuddered as I pushed into her tight pussy. I looked at Rachael, “I’ll keep planting my seed and hope for a litter.”

Sarah giggled and started rocking as she sat up, “I’m going to wait until I turn sixteen, then you can breed me.”

Rachael laughed and reached up to tug on a nipple, “silly bitch.”

Sarah shuddered as her pussy tightened and then she grinned and started to rock. She twisted and rolled her hips as she sighed and moaned, “he can practice breed’n me until I’m ready.”

Rachael pulled her off and onto her back, “fuck her proper.”

I laughed and rolled over between Sarah’s legs and pushed into her. I kissed her before I started to fuck her with long thrusts, “I like practicing.”

She hugged me and grinned as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. We did a lot of practicing and planting. After Rachael got pregnant I married her but Sarah still lives with us as a common law wife. I used some of the money from my parents estate to build greenhouses. My grandfather grumped a little but I saw the way he looked at them.

Before Rachael had her second baby and Sarah had her first we had things growing year round. Rachael and Sarah just say it is because they are so fertile.
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