My name is Amberlyn and I’m a mage. We aren’t like normals and go to schools only other mages use. Even as young children it is normal for teachers to help us learn to control our power. I have always been smart even if I had started school a year behind. Until just before I started at the mage academy I never thought of girls.

Mages attend locals schools until they are thirteen or fourteen and then they are sent to academies. I boarded the old looking steam boat and headed for the cabin on my ticket. I knew I had to share a cabin with someone for the two day trip upriver but didn’t expect who I found. Sometimes because of my name I get put with girls.

Until I turned twelve it used to bother me, now it gave me a chance to be around them. I touched the ticket to the door number and then my palm before opened the door. A girl turned to look at me with her top off and opened her mouth before closing it and gesturing, “this is my cabin.”

I swallowed as I looked at her beautiful breasts with her perfect nipples, “me too.”

She frowned and crossed to pull my ticket out of my hand. She looked at it before smiling and stepping back, “coed, nice.”

I blushed and pulled my large trunk in and closed the door before pulling it to the wall. I turned to looked at the girl again as my mind whirled, “I’m Amberlyn.”

She smiled as she looked at me, “Goslyn.”

She looked down at her breasts as I kept looking at them and then grinned, “you like them?”

I nodded and she laughed, “well, maybe later you can play with them.”

She turned and pulled a blouse to her and slipped it on before walking to me and handing my ticket back, “want to go watch from the upper deck?”

I nodded and she grabbed my hand and pulled me after her and out of the cabin. We watched together as the ship was pushed away from the dock and the paddles at the rear began turning. It wasn’t long before we were heading up the middle of the wide river. Goslyn grinned as she looked at me, “lets go back to the cabin.”

We walked back as other kids mingled and talked. When I closed the door Goslyn was already pulling her blouse off. She tossed it aside and cupped her breasts, “want to feel them now?”

I swallowed and nodded before following her as she backed away just out of reach until she hit the seat by the window and sat. I knelt and reached out with shaking hands to cup and feel her amazing breasts. It was only a few moments before she groaned and reached for her skirt and wiggled out of it and her panties.

I looked down at the first real pussy I had ever seen and she almost whispered, “lick it.”

I didn’t even glance up and pushed her legs apart and leaned forward. I licked through her slit and up into her as she shivered and shuddered. I started wiggling my tongue on her inner lips and then moved to her clit. It wasn’t long before Goslyn was breathing hard and shuddering as her hips lifted.

She finally pushed my face back and I looked up as she murmured a spell that caused my clothes to slip off. I stood and pushed her down on the bench seat and she put one leg over the back. I moved between her legs and pushed and slowly forced my cock into her warm, tight, velvety pussy.

She jerked and screamed as she started thrashing and bucking. I started fucking her with long thrusts and she wrapped her legs around me, “YES!”

I hit something at the back of her pussy and then felt the magic in me and her magic as it seemed to come alive. It surrounded us and surged back and forth through us as I continued to fuck her. Her tight pussy kept grasping and spasming around my cock as I buried it. I humped and pressed and jabbed as I felt something inside her give.

Goslyn was wailing as I went back to fucking her slowly with deep thrusts. She clutched me and thrashed and squirmed as she wet me and her pussy milked my cock. I had never done this and couldn’t hold back if I had wanted. I thrust into her and pushed hard as my cock erupted and I peed cum.

She stiffened and tilted her hips as she looked at me with wide eyes, “mmmmmm!”

When I was done our magic calmed and filled us until I felt a lot stronger. I pulled out and turned to see three adults standing in the room. I gestured and we were suddenly dressed, Goslyn sat up and looked around me, “who are you?”

A finely dressed young woman smiled, “teachers returning to school and chaperones on the ship.”

The older man sighed, “where is your cabin mate young woman?”

Goslyn looked at me as I turned to them, “I am.”

The other woman stirred, “boys and girls do not share cabins.”

The young woman held up her hand, “your name?”

I glanced at Goslyn, “Amberlyn Shade Glimmer.”

They looked at each other and then shook their heads. The older woman smiled, “do you know what spell the two of you just did?”

I looked at Goslyn, “Spell?”

She shook her head and I looked at the three teachers. The man gestured and I felt something echo inside me as Goslyn gasped. He shook his head, “an accident and wouldn’t you know, two catalysts.”

I moved to hold Goslyn and she clutched me as our magic surged. The teachers looked at each other before the older woman smiled, “nothing to do now, we can’t separate them.”

They nodded and the man gestured, “shield the cabin before having sex.”

After they left I looked at Goslyn, “you okay?”

She nodded and I turned to look out the window, “what’s a catalysts?”

She leaned against me, “something that makes something else stronger.”

I glanced at her, “we aren’t a something though.”

Goslyn grinned, “they said shield the cabin before we have sex.”

I grinned, “that sounds promising.”

She stood, “lets go out.”

I helped her up and we went up to the main galley to watch the river before going to eat. When I closed the door to our cabin Goslyn was already tossing her blouse towards her trunk, “put up a shield.”

I grinned and turned to touch the wall before murmuring the spell. When I turned around again she was naked and pulling the bench seat out to make it into a bed. I undressed and then pulled her into the small bathroom. She rubbed my chest and stroked my cock before turning to brush her teeth.

While I was brushing mine, she let me watch as she peed and then cleaned her pussy. When we slipped into the narrow bed she kissed me, “lick me again?”

I grinned and moved down to suck on one of her nipples before moving between her legs. I licked through her pussy and used two fingers to hold it open as I kept licking and nibbling. I started pushing my tongue into her as she lifted her hips and shuddered harder. It was five minutes before I moved to her clit and started working on it.

She spasmed and shook as she started bucking and twisting. A few minutes later she arched her back and screamed as she squirted, “aaaahhhh!”

She pulled and gestured and I slid up her body. I grinned and lifted up before pushing into her. I kissed her and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. Goslyn clutched me as her pussy tightened and she shuddered hard, “oooohhhh!”

I buried my cock and began to hump, press and grind. Her pussy rippled and kept grasping and squeezing my cock. She arched her back and wailed as she shook, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts that hit and pushed deeper. She began to convulse and squirted as her pussy contracted, “mmmmm!”

I kept fucking her firmly with deep strokes and she continued to spasm and clutch at me. By the time I was ready to cum she was incoherent and magic was causing everything in the room to shift and move. I thrust into her and grunted as I peed a gushing torrent of cum. Goslyn screamed as warm sperm erupted and began flooding her.

She started twisting and jerking, “aaaahhhhh!”

I sighed when I stopped cumming and kissed her as she panted. She grinned and pushed on me, “from behind now.”

I fucked her four times before we fell asleep exhausted. We only came out of our cabin to eat. When we arrived at the school all the girls and guys looked at us and grinned as we led our trunks off. I guess the shield didn’t keep the noise we made from leaking. As we walked in the Academy front doors an older mage was waiting, “Amberlyn, Goslyn?”

We looked at each other and he gestured, “follow me.”

He lead us through the stone corridors and stopped at what looked like a classroom door. He gestured, “put your hands on the door together.”

We did as he told us and the door opened to show an empty looking room and I had been right, it had been a classroom. He looked around before using his staff and murmuring several spells. Couches and chairs appeared by the huge fireplace and a huge ancient looking bed appeared in a corner.

There were desks and a couple of tables and even two large wardrobes. He nodded and turned to look at us, “because of what happened you will be staying here together. You have your own bathing and bathroom through the far door. Leave your things and come to the dinning room.”

The feast was wonderful and Goslyn was pulled away almost as soon as it was over. I had a couple of guys surround me and they started talking and trying to get me to tell what Goslyn and I had done. I didn’t want to share that and just shrugged. When one of the older guys began a spell of compulsion to make me talk I almost panicked and threw up a shield.

I didn’t expected a repeating echo as Goslyn’s magic joined mine and the boy was thrown across the room and against the far wall. There was instant silence as a stunning woman with long blue hair walked towards me and other students quickly moved out of her way, “What happened?”

I looked around and blushed, “they... he wanted me to tell what Goslyn and I did. I wouldn’t and he tried a spell.”

I looked at the two teachers kneeling beside him, “I just put up a shield to stop his spell but...”

I looked at Goslyn as she walked to me. I shook my head, “somehow I felt Goslyn and...”

The woman smiled and turned to look around, “well, this is as good a time as any. When a mage or wizard is a catalyst they amplify another mage or wizard’s spells. If two catalysts join together and form a linked pair as Amberlyn and Goslyn have, it can be a very powerful force. He and she can perform a spell separately but if either are threatened they can and do cause an echo, amplifying the spells greatly.”

She looked around, “I think you have had enough. Your class schedules will be sent to your rooms. Try not to be tardy for tomorrow’s classes.”

She looked at me and smiled at Goslyn before walking away. I looked around and Goslyn whispered as she took my hand, “You didn’t tell?”

I looked at her and blushed, “it should be yours to tell if or when you want to.”

She grinned and squeezed my hand, “other boys all want to brag and tell everyone what they do.”

I shrugged as she pulled me towards the door. When we walked into our huge room Goslyn stretched as she absently tossed her clothes off. I smiled and looked around before undressing and gesturing to bring my trunk to me. I opened it and looked inside to see it empty. I looked around and Goslyn grinned from a rug in front of the fire, “they unpacked for us.”

I opened the first wardrobe before grinning and feeling several night gowns. I closed it and moved to the other one to find my clothes. I put everything away and turned to walk towards Goslyn. She smiled when I laid beside her, “that teacher was stunning.”

I caressed her hips as I looked into the fire, “she looked very pretty.”

I looked at Goslyn and smiled, “she kind of makes me think of you.”

She grinned, “I don’t have blue hair.”

I grinned and kissed her when she turned her head to look at me. A throat cleared and I twisted to look at the door as the stunning teacher closed it. Goslyn turned to look around me, “Hi.”

The teacher smiled and began undressing, “I see you have an undress code for your room.”

I grinned and Goslyn giggled, the teacher had a slim body with firm breasts and pretty pink nipples. Her trimmed pussy hair was even blue. She sat beside us, “you two will have one class together. It is very rare to find a catalyst and even rarer for two to meet and become linked.”

She reached out to caress one of Goslyn’s breasts, “the class will cover many topics but it is mostly so we can watch how your link handles it as well as train you how to control it.”

Goslyn shivered and reached out to feel her breasts, “so you want to see how we work.”

The teacher smiled, “yes. I’m Miss Summer, you can call me Elizabeth when we are alone.”

I cupped one of Goslyn’s breasts as I kissed her shoulder. Elizabeth moved against her and pushed her onto her back as she kissed her passionately. I smiled and reached out to caress Elizabeth’s hip. They were moaning as they wiggled and pressed into each other. Goslyn spread her legs as Elizabeth slipped between them and humped against her pussy.

Their hips moved as if they were fucking and Goslyn turned her head to look at me, “fuck her.”

Elizabeth moaned and shivered as I moved over and between her legs while straddling Goslyn’s. I rubbed her warm pussy before pushing into her. She shuddered as her slippery hole tightened and she pushed back to get me deeper. I started to fuck into her and several moments later pushed against the back of her pussy.

She jerked and spasmed as she wailed, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I felt my magic rise and mix with Goslyn’s as I kept fucking Elizabeth with long strokes. She continued to jerk and shudder as she tried to push back and hump Goslyn at the same time. I grinned over her shoulder and began to fuck her hard and deep. She howled and started thrashing around as Goslyn began to wail.

It was awhile before the magic and sensations filling me peaked. I thrust into Elizabeth and held her hips tight as I began to pee cum against and through her cervix. She screamed and jerked as warm sperm gushed into her and just seemed to keep going. Goslyn was bucking and spasming erratically and she clung to her too.

The magic spread and slowly I stopped cumming and pulled out before moving to one side. Elizabeth rolled off Goslyn and sighed, “oh my goodness that was the best fuck ever.”

I grinned as Goslyn giggled, “do me now Amberlyn.”

I laughed and gestured and she rolled over and straddled Elizabeth. I moved down behind her and over Elizabeth’s legs before rubbing her wet slippery pussy. She shivered and kissed Elizabeth as I slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. Goslyn began to hump down and then thrust back and I waited for her before matching her.

Each time she thrust back I pushed in. She felt amazing and started shuddering a lot faster than normal. Our magic seemed to blend and swirl around and through us. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her with long thrusts and planting my cock all the way in her each time. A few minutes and Goslyn howled and began twisting and jerking as her pussy milked my cock.

The magic was like a breathing thing as it reached out and pulled back. Elizabeth began to buck and spasm as she clung to Goslyn. It was several minutes before I felt my balls churning and shoved into Goslyn as our magic pulled back. I held her as my cock throbbed and then a geyser of cum erupted against her womb.

Magic exploded out of us in sparks that filled the room. When I stopped cumming Goslyn was still shuddering and I waited before pulling out. She rolled off and grinned, “that was a good one.”

We ignored the sparks but Elizabeth whispered and they came together before vanishing suddenly. She stared and then looked at us before grinning and holding out her arms as she spread her legs, “Amerlyn?”

Goslyn giggled, “fuck her.”

I did them both three times before we fell asleep. I woke in the huge old bed and looked at Elizabeth dressing beside the bed, “time to get up?”

She smiled, “breakfast in an hour and then classes.”

Goslyn shifted and pushed her butt back against me, “we have time for another turn?”

Elizabeth laughed as she headed towards the door, “see you in class.”

I hugged Goslyn and cupped a breast, “want a warm bath?”

She turned to look at me and grinned, “that sounds good.”

She rolled away and I followed, the bathing room was huge with a fountain in the pool sized bath. Goslyn pulled me in and went to add something from a bottle that made the pool disappear under a blanket of bubbles. When we walked into the dinning room only half of the other kids were there. We ate together and she kissed my cheek before walking out.

I headed to my first class, charms. I smiled at how easy the first lesson was as if I were much stronger. The teacher had watched me the first time and after that always put a ward around me as if the magic would escape. After that I had spell craft where we learned how to create spells. The teacher didn’t wait for me to do anything and warded me first.

Potions was next and I sighed as the teacher ignored me for the whole class. I met Goslyn in the dinning hall and she grinned as she walked away from the group of girls. She kissed me and glanced back, “the other girls think I’m cool because we are sleeping together and the teachers don’t stop it.”

I grinned and took her hand before we walked to a table. After lunch we went to different classes and I was back to being warded. The last class was with Goslyn and several teachers. This time the room was warded but not us and they went back over each class we had during the day but had us try to do everything together.

The magic was stronger and had the echoing effect which sometimes had an effect on the spells, charms or enchantments. When Goslyn got frustrated, magic exploded through the enchantment she was working on and instead of the brick floating it smashed into the ceiling and stuck there.

None of the teachers could change it or move it. I put an arm around her waist as I looked up and she almost growled. I grinned and kissed her and turned her as I pulled her against me, “forget the stupid brick.”

She started to push me away but Miss Summer cleared her throat, “Amberlyn may be correct. Kiss him and relax.”

Goslyn sighed and tried to kiss me quick but I held it longer and she moaned and shivered as magic swirled around us in colorful ribbons and mist. I held her hips and then caressed them before looking up, “could you bring the brick back so I can try?”

She glanced up and gestured and it dropped and then began to float. I kissed her softly and she shuddered and growled, “this class better end soon.”

The teachers chuckled as I looked around and reached out to touch the brick. I meant to change it back but magic erupted around and through the brick until it changed into a huge ruby brick.

I growled and Goslyn shook me and hugged me, “leave it.”

I looked at the teachers and they shrugged and Mr Delco turned towards the door, “enough for today.”

The others nodded but Goslyn was already pulling me towards the door, “we have time before dinner.”

I grinned as wisps of colored mist spun off her and pulled at me. As soon as we were clear of the room and walking towards ours I slipped my arm around her, “horny?”

She nodded, “very.”

I was tempted to just pull her into an alcove but waited until we walked into our room and closed the door. I spun her and wasn’t surprised when our clothes vanished. I kissed her passionately and she groaned before turning as she spread her legs and bent, “now... I need you now.”

I spread my legs before moving closer and pushing into her in one long thrust. She shuddered and shoved back as my cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. I ignored Elizabeth when she opened the door. I started fucking Goslyn with deep thrusts as her warm pussy rippled and grasped at my cock.

It wasn’t long before she was spasming and jerking as she wet me, “Amberlyn!”

She bent over further as I fucked her harder and Elizabeth pressed her naked body against mine, “take her to the floor.”

I moved with Goslyn until she was on her knees with her head down and I went back to fucking her. It was a couple of minutes before I was ready and she was squirming and grunting as her pussy squeezed. I buried my cock and pushed her to the floor before I was suddenly peeing cum.

She screamed as almost hot sperm erupted and pumped deeper into her, “yyyeeessss!”

It was a minute before I was done and groaned as I pulled out. Elizabeth murmured a spell and we lifted and floated to the bed. I held Goslyn as she panted and turned to caress my chest. Elizabeth sat beside us and rubbed my hip, “doing magic together made you horny?”

I grinned at Goslyn, “touching her makes me horny.”

She laughed and moved to kiss me before looking at Elizabeth, “touching and doing magic sent tingles straight to my pussy.”

She reached out and pulled on Elizabeth, “I could use a good licking.”

I laughed as Elizabeth moved over me and down between Goslyn’s legs. I looked at her butt sticking up and moved behind her, “can I fuck you?”

She groaned as Goslyn held her head between her legs while she shuddered. I shifted and pushed into her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. It was a minute before she howled and spasmed while her pussy gripped and milked my cock like never before. I growled and held her hips as I fucked her hard, pounding against her cervix.

She stiffened and then screamed and began jerking as her pussy kept milking my cock. Goslyn lifted her head to look at me before grinning, “breed her!”

I shuddered as I realize that was what was happening and shoved into her hard and yelled as I peed another stream of cum. Elizabeth thrust back as her pussy milked my cock and kept shaking, “ooohhhh!”

It was several moments before I stopped and pulled out of her to fall onto the bed. Colored mist filled the room with magic sparks constantly erupting and popping and Goslyn pulled her down and looked at me, “why did that happen?”

I groaned and looked at her before shaking my head. I sat up as the mist pulled together and faded away, “I don’t know. One moment everything was like the last time and then... she changed.”

Elizabeth shuddered and sat up slowly, “I need to see the headmaster.”

I looked at her and then at Goslyn who moved off the bed, “and we need to go eat.”

I followed her and got dressed while looking around, “I wonder what happened to our clothes?”

Elizabeth left and I took Goslyn’s hand before following. Dinner was good but it almost felt like I was starving and by the way Goslyn was eating so was she. She left to see a couple of other girls as I went to look around outside. It was getting dark when I returned to our room. I undressed and sat in front of the fire on the couch to think about the classes I had.

I glanced at Goslyn when she came in and she grinned before crossing to undress and put her clothes away. She came to sit on my lap and wiggle before kissing me, “did you find our clothes?”

I looked around and whispered a finder spell. The clothes appeared and dropped to the floor. She grinned and sent them to the laundry basket before lifting to position my cock and sit. I cupped a breast as she began to slowly rock. We looked at the door as Elizabeth walked in and then the headmaster.

I was tempted to have Goslyn stop but she felt so good and I didn’t want to pull out. She shuddered as her pussy tightened, “we started without you.”

Elizabeth smiled, “I have been speaking with the headmaster and...”

She looked at him and the headmaster smiled, “you two seem to have a special link. Anyway because Miss Summer has been... intimate with you, she and you have formed a bond.”

I shuddered as Goslyn’s tight pussy rippled and milked my cock, “what does that mean?”

Goslyn turned to kiss me and hold on as she began to spasm and jerk. Elizabeth grinned, “it will be a minute before she is aware.”

I thrust up and tried to pushed deeper as our magic swirled around and out, reaching for Elizabeth. I groaned as I shifted and laid Goslyn on her side but kept thrusting and shoving my cock into her. The mist like ribbons of magic began to glow and weave as I fucked while Goslyn began to keen and writhe around, “Amberlyn!”

I felt her magic pulling and buried my cock as I tilted my head to scream while peeing cum, “GOSLYN!”

Her pussy clenched before milking my cock as she spasmed and convulsed. The magic changed and exploded into sparks that danced and popped. It was awhile before I stopped cumming and Goslyn sighed, “now I feel full.”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out and sitting back. Elizabeth shuddered as the headmaster held her and looked at us, “that was interesting.”

Goslyn finally caught her breath and sat up before moving to sit on my lap. He smiled, “now as I was saying Miss Summer and both of you have formed a bond. It is much like the link you already share. When a catalyst works with another mage sometimes they form a bond. I think now we might know why, it has to do with trust or sex. The magic pulled those you trust enough to share your body with and bonds with them.”

Elizabeth started undressing before walking towards us, “and I wanted to be with you so our magic blended and made the bond. I am your mage now and you are my catalysts.”

Goslyn grinned, “so why do you feel different?”

She grinned and knelt to push Goslyn’s legs open, “because our want and need to be together removed the spell to protect me from getting with child.”

She leaned down to lick through Goslyn’s leaking pussy. She groaned and shuddered and I grinned, “so I really did breed you?”

She laughed and Goslyn giggled, “yes.”

The headmaster chuckled, “I will attend your joint class tomorrow.”

He left as Goslyn spasmed and then stood and pulled Elizabeth up. She was backing to the bed as she started caressed her and I stood to follow. It was a few hours before we had enough and just held each other. That was when Elizabeth began reviewing both of our classes.

School and our life became entwined with Elizabeth and when we graduated we were asked to stay and teach. Elizabeth has learned that she is not allowed to use a spell to keep her from getting pregnant. If Goslyn puts it in she is fine. As for Goslyn, the night she got pregnant I think the whole country shook and colored ribbons of magic filled the sky.
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