I married my older sister’s best friend, Tracy was six years older than me. Everything was perfect for the first three years and then she began to act like she was hiding something. I had finished college and had an engineering degree. The company I had been working at to pay the bills had a lot of Asians.

I had been chosen to go overseas to build a bridge. I was supposed to have a meeting with a man that had designed the bridge but he canceled at the last minute. I frowned at the cars parked in front of my house and had to park down the street. When I walked in the front door I saw Mr Phan fucking my wife and she was sucking another man.

I walked straight across the room and grabbed him by the throat and threw him back and into the wall. What followed was a lot of yelling as men scrambled into clothes. I was so pissed I told Tracy to pack and get the fuck out. The thing with Tracy was her mom and dad, they had made me sign a prenuptial and I had her sign one.

She was truly fucked now and knew her parents would disown her. Mr Pham thought he would be slick and threatened to fire me. I told him I quit, I also told him I would see him in court. It was a quiet night as I started packing. It was almost ten when the door bell rang and I went to answer it.

I opened the door to see Mr Hawn, Mr Phan and my wife as well as Mr Phan’s two teenage daughters. I almost shut the door but Mr Hawn had always been fair. I let them in and went to the kitchen table, “how may I help you Mr Hawn?”

He looked at Mr Phan, “my company will compensate you...”

I stiffened, “what?”

He sighed, “we can not afford to have a scandal.”

He nodded to Mr Phan, “I am a mediator. First I will offer you five percent of the company stocks if you refrain from any court action.”

I looked at Mr Phan, “I was already told I was fired and I quit.”

He waved his hands, “you are still my employee. In fact Mister McBride wanted you personally for the overseas job.”

I sat, “ten percent.”

He frowned and I shrugged, “one of your managers was caught with my wife and several of his overseas contacts.”

Tracy shifted, “that was my choice. I asked...”

I glared and Mr Hawn held up a hand, “very well, ten percent of the stocks.”

I nodded and he took a breath, “now Mr Phan has an idea. Your wife has agreed to it so it is up to you.”

I looked at her as she bit her lip, “I’ll listen.”

He nodded and Mr Phan gestured to his daughters, “I will trade my daughters for your wife.”

I blinked and looked at Tracy before looking at the two girls, “do you know what you are saying?”

He nodded, “Angel and Hope know.”

I stood and walked to the girls, “you understand he is selling you to me, that I might...”

The older one named Angel grinned, “fuck us? We know and we want it.”

I looked at her sister and she smiled, “a lot?”

It sounded hopeful and I smiled before looking at Tracy, “if I do, you want an uncontested divorce.”

She nodded and I looked at Mr Hawn, “And I still go to Australia?”

He nodded and I looked at Tracy, “deal.”

The girls left with their father but were returning with their belongings in the morning. Tracy also left but said she would come back the next day for her things. Mr Hawn and Phan left and I was finally alone. I thought about what I had agreed to and shook my head before going back to my packing.

I knew the girls mother didn’t live with them but not why. I loaded everything in my truck and made a last check before driving away. I spent the night with a friend and came home to Tracy and Mr Phan waiting. I ignored them as Angel and Hope pulled two trunks towards me. I added the trunks to the rest in the bed of my truck.

I looked at Mr Phan, “the guardianship papers?”

He held a thick packet of papers and tossed it. I caught it and started going through everything. When I was finished Mr Hawn had arrived. He held a briefcase and opened it to show the stock certificates. I nodded and accepted it, “okay.”

He smiled, “Mister McBride will meet you in Sidney in three days.”

I looked at Tracy before gesturing the girls into the truck and leaving. I had checked the train stocks that my grandparents had left me when they died so I knew I had enough money. I looked at the two grinning girls, “I haven’t seen your mother in awhile.”

They frowned and Angel finally signed, “dad sold mom to a whore house in Bangkok.”

I looked at them, “he told you that?”

Hope shook her head, “he made us watch and said we would be whores like her one day.”

I looked ahead as I thought about it and smiled, I didn’t like Phan, “would you know how to find it again?”

Angel nodded and I grinned, “want to go with me when I try to buy her?”

They sat up and Hope nodded while Angel held my arm. I gestured, “if you are not having a period you don’t wear panties.”

They grinned and wiggled as they reached under skirts to remove their panties. I stopped at the company conex I had prepped for overseas and loaded it with our things. I called and bought business class tickets and made hotel reservations before driving to my father’s and leaving the truck.

A taxi took us to the bank and then the airport and the headaches began. The bright side was Angel and Hope, they took turns pulling my hand under their skirt so I could finger them. In Japan we had a lay over for several hours and I bought two small carry ons and a change of clothes for each of us.

By the time we reached the hotel we were tired and ready to sleep. I woke with the naked girl against me and lifted my head to see the sunlight in the window. I checked the time and then felt the naked girl until she moaned and shivered. Hope opened her eyes and looked at me as she spread her legs more.

I kissed her and moved over between her legs before pushing into her. She was tight and warm and her pussy grasped my cock as she thrust up. I needed to cum and fucked her with deep thrusts that made her grunt and then shudder as she grinned. I buried my cock and humped, pressed and jabbed while grinding into her.

It was a couple of minutes before she spasmed as her pussy tightened and she wet me, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep as she continued to buck and struggle while wailing. A minute later I thrust all the way into her and gushed spurts and jets of cum. She jerked and thrust her hips up as warm sperm spewed into her, “mmmm!”

It was several moments before I was done and she dropped to the bed panting. I gave her a kiss before pulling out and looking at a grinning Angel. I moved over between her legs as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. I kissed her and pushed into her tight hole before I started to fuck her with long strokes.

Her pussy felt great as it grasped and squeezed with each stroke. I kissed her as I continued to fuck her slowly and a couple of minutes later she started shaking as her pussy tightened, “ooohhhh!”

She jerked and spasmed as she squirted and her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I grinned as I fucked her hard and deep while kissing her. She bucked and thrashed and lifted her legs, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I continued to fuck her for another minute before going to long, slow thrusts. She was clinging to me as her tight pussy grasped my cock. It took several more minutes before I fucked her nice and deep and buried my cock to pump and gush cum against and through her cervix. She lifted her hips and screamed when she felt the warm sperm, “yyyeeeessssss!”

When I stopped I gave her another kiss and watched her shudder for a minute before pulling out. I was tempted to fuck them more but moved off the bed, “showers and dress so we can go.”

The building they took me to was close to a business center but had high walls. I rang the doorbell and waited, a moment later a small woman opened the door. I glanced at Angel and then at the woman, “I wish to buy a woman.”

She looked at the girls and stepped back as she held the door open. She led us across the paved courtyard and into the house before gesturing, “stay here.”

The man that walked in a minute later frowned, “we are not buying.”

I smiled, “I wish to buy a woman not sell one.”

He smiled, “for how long?”

I shook my head, “her name is Mia Liang and if she is still here I want to buy her not use.”

He frowned before turning and leaving. A few minutes later another older man walked in, “you wish to buy Mia Liang?”

I nodded and he looked at the girls, “it will cost a lot.”

I sighed, “a grown women in Bangkok isn’t hard to find.”

He smiled and rubbed his hands, “but we have trained her.”

I looked into his eyes, “ten thousand.”

He shrugged, “one hundred.”

I laughed, “I could buy ten girls for that.”

I turned and gestured to the door, “they don’t want to sell her.”

The man cleared his throat, “twenty.”

I turned to look at him for a minute before looking at Angel and Hope, “fifteen.”

He sighed as he shook his head and I turned again and took a step and he yelled, “Deal!”

I turned and looked at him, “bring her out.”

He went to the doorway and spoke to someone around the corner. A minute later a slim woman was pushed into the room. I recognized her but she was slimmer, I nodded and opened the small case I was carrying. I counted out the money and looked at the man, “her papers?”

He nodded and she held a packet up. I stepped closer and took them before looking through them carefully. I held out the money and he grinned, “we paid five.”

I turned and gestured for her to go to the girls, “I would have paid fifty.”

I stopped on the way back to the hotel and let the girls shop. They pulled their mother into shops and dressing rooms until they each had a dozen bags of clothes. Their mother had held their hands as much as she could. We had eaten lunch before shopping and I bought hygiene kits for each of them.

When we walked into the room at the hotel the girls grinned and headed towards the bed. Their mother looked at me and I smiled, “I don’t know if you remember me.”

She smiled, “I remember.”

She looked down, “master.”

I looked at her as Angel came from the bed and slipped her hand into her mother’s, “David is ours. We were traded for his wife.”

She looked from her daughter to me and I shrugged, “the bitch was cheating with your husband and a house full of clients.”

I smiled at Angel, “two unused girls for one used one was a good deal.”

She grinned, “we liked it when he squirted in us this morning.”

Mia smiled and then grinned, “I like feeling that too.”

I blushed and then grinned, “first you ladies go douche and wash so we can go eat and then we need to get a little sleep... before we go to the airport.”

Hope laughed from the bed, “you have to fuck momma first tonight.”

Dinner was nice, the girls sat on each side of their mother and whispered and giggled. After dinner I stopped at the hotel front desk to pay the bill. Once in the room the girls went to the bathroom as I stripped and laid back on the bed. I glanced at the door when they walked in naked and Hope pushed her mother towards me.

I grinned, “come here Hope.”

She frowned but climbed onto the bed and moved past her mother. I pulled her onto me, “move up so I can lick you.”

She grinned as Angel giggled and jumped onto the bed. Hope moved up and straddled my face before I pulled her down and captured her clit. I felt Mia straddle me and a few moments later my cock pushed into a tight warm pussy. Hope was rubbing back and forth as I teased and sucked on her clit and a couple of minutes later she spasmed and wailed.

Angel pulled her off and I saw Mia rocking back and forth with her eyes closed. I caressed her hips and she looked at me and smiled. I caressed her pelvis and cupped her breasts as she shuddered and her pussy grasped my cock. She knew what she was doing as her wonderful pussy milked my cock until I shuddered and pulled her down before rolling.

I fucked her hard and deep for barely a minute and buried my cock as she held her legs up and spread. She was spasming and tossing her head and gasped when I held her and began pumping a torrent of cum against and through her cervix. She clutched me as her pussy tightened and squeezed, “aaaahhhh!”

It was several moments before I was done and she dropped her legs to the bed. I kissed her softly before pulling out and moving off her. I reached for Angel and she grinned as she threw a leg over me and sat up. She lifted and fitted my cock to her tight pussy before sitting. She wiggled and shuddered before grinning at Hope as she began to rock.

I fucked Angel and Hope once more before doing their mother again. I woke to the phone and glanced at the time before shifting around Hope to answer. I started rubbing butts and fingering slits and the girls wiggled and moaned as they woke while their mother smiled and watched. We showered and the girls douched before dressing.

The flight wasn’t long but the drive from the airport out to the bridge site seemed to take a long time. At least we stopped to eat along the way and arrived in the early evening. Mister McBride grinned when he saw the girls and their mother but didn’t say anything. He already had a trailer for me to one side of the job site.

I was tired but sent the girls and their mother to bed while I looked everything over. I undressed as I walked back to the bedroom and slipped into bed beside Mia. I snuggled up behind her and caressed her hip before closing my eyes. I woke to her warm pussy pushing onto my cock and groaned as I held her hip and pushed deeper.

Hope and Angel giggled as their mother shuddered and pulled away before shoving back onto my cock. I opened my eyes and started to fuck her and she began moaning as her pussy kept grabbing my cock. I rolled onto her as she went to her stomach and fucked down into her deeper. Her pussy squeezed and clenched each time I pushed in.

It wasn’t long before she began to spasm and wail. She kicked the bed and squirmed as I fucked her firmly. It didn’t take me long to bury my cock before I started gushing cum. She jerked and tilted her hips at the feel, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out and glanced at the time. I slipped out of bed, “we need to wash and see about a shopping trip for groceries.”

That was actually easier than I thought and I ended up giving the girls and Mia money and watching them leave. I shook myself before starting to work, the bridge took six months. By the time it was finished Mr McBride had talked me into working for him and selling the company stocks.

As for my exwife, it turned out Mr Hawn was trying to get a big contract from her dad. It didn’t happen because he and her mother walked in on another one of Mr Phan’s parties with Tracy fucking a dozen men. She was cut off and the company lost the contract. I found out later that she had been sold to a whore house in Bangkok.

The end of the job brought other news for me, the girls and Mia went off the pill together. We live in Australia now in a nice house and the girls always say it was because I got a two for one trade in.
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