part 4 of the series enjoy!
“Tsunade’s Treat”

The moment Sakura left to chase Ino Tsunade’s office has been hectic. ANBU who watch above were now getting a piece of Tsunade either fucking her or getting fucked by her. Shizune also satisfied a few ANBU. At this time though the ANBU were satisfied and all had gotten a piece of Tsunade. Shizune was doing her normal routine of sucking off Tsunade’s cock as usual with only one difference now she was able to satisfy her own urges and not just her pussy either.

Tsunade sensed someone coming quickly lifted Shizune off of her, but Shizune was too horny to stop sucking. The doors open up a male figure steps into the light. Tsunade knew there was only one person in the entire leaf village that would show up unannounced and sure enough she was right.

“Damn, you Auntie why didn’t you tell me!” Tsunade at first was confused, but then realized Sakura told him the story. No longer would Tsunade be called Granny, but Auntie.

“What brings you here Sakura must have told you the story?” Tsunade says unable to stand up due to Shizune and of course her balls were tightening up to shoot a load.

Sakura and Ino at last catch up to Naruto both ready to bash his head for being so stupid. Then they realized they were within the presence of the Hokage. Quickly the two bowed and stood on opposite sides of Naruto.

“Shizune! I’m…ah. Fuck yes” Tsunade came then turned away from Shizune to look at the three “What do you want Naruto?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Naruto asks curiously in a positive mood.

“You were to know the third requested a lot of things for you after the fourth died, however they never passed.” Tsunade lifts Shizune off of her and now stands. Shizune plays with her self and licking the cum from her mouth.

“What else don’t I know?” Naruto asks. Sakura was exhausted, but knew Naruto had a right to ask these questions since he really never had parents.

“The answers you seek are out of my power, however for the clan those answers I can give you.” Tsunade responds. Naruto is silent waiting for the answers. “The first Hokage’s wife was an Uzamaki. I am the honorable granddaughter of the two. Your mother was my cousin who was also the Hokage’s wife’s granddaughter. Your mother’s parents came from another part of the clan that was more known for royalty due to the red hair. You had a cousin if I recall from the same royal Uzamaki clan that you face off with awhile back.”

“Pain?” Naruto listened like never before he had no idea he was this special. “So you’re not my aunt?”

Tsunade takes a deep breath “I’m your second cousin.”

“The summoning?” Naruto asks cautiously.

“Unfortunately it is such an old jutsu we no longer have those records due to the war between the villages. Only the jutsu’s those are passed down by the Uzamaki clan to the leaf village.” Tsunade walks over to Naruto feeling pity on a boy that knows so little of his family background. He will be the next Hokage.

“Now that all is clear Naruto why don’t we head back to my place” Ino says seductively in Naruto’s ear.
During the time Tsunade was talking to Naruto he couldn’t resist looking at Shizune playing with herself. His cock was twitching slowing getting harder and harder. He turned his head to Ino and saw only her breasts, then to Sakura looking at her breasts, and at last Tsunade’s looking at her breasts. He had a devious idea grinning he made the hand symbols to turn himself into his female nude form in front of everyone.

“What is this?” Tsunade asked somewhat aroused?

Sakura and Ino taken aback by Naruto’s form were not suspecting this to happen.

Shizune stopped playing with herself and turned to Naruto. No longer was she the only one in her birthday suit. She stood up and walked over to the rests.

Naruto walked forward and squeezed Tsunade’s breasts “How can I please you?”

Tsunade smirked and took her breasts out of her shirt revealing her DD breasts. Sakura and Ino look at each other and do the same undressing. Within no time all five were naked. Shizune, Tsunade, and Naruto were the only ones with cocks. Sakura and Ino realized that too late.

Shizune was behind Sakura with her cock protruding her pussy and her breasts squeezing her back. Naruto was standing behind Ino with his cock protruding her pussy with his breasts squeezing Ino’s back too. Tsunade stepped behind Naruto and did the same. Sakura and Ino were pushed together.

“How about a little fuck session Sakura?” Shizune says moving her cock into Sakura’s pussy and kissing her neck.

“Ino are you ready fro another round?” Naruto asks with Ino unable to move.

“Hey Naruto lets see how well built you are inside?” Tsunade pushes her cock deep into Naruto’s vagina walls. “Not bad you even got it”

Naruto looks away from Ino to Tsunade “Oh you have no idea how much I wanted this?” Tsunade and Naruto make out as Tsunade shoves her cock into Naruto.

Sakura and Ino knew they were trapped and they were only getting hotter with each thrust into them. They did what anyone would do in this situation they French kissed as their pussies got wetter and their tits were fully erect.

ANBU standing above could only stare in disbelief that Naruto turned this into a lesbian futa orgy. Next thing none of them could of seen coming.

Naruto created multiple clones. There were now twelve female nude Naruto’s in the room.

“Now Naruto what do you expect to do with all of them” Tsunade replied with lust in her eyes.

Two Naruto’s attacked her bottom area one fucking her pussy and the other fucking her ass. She was forced to bend down and as she did a third Naruto appeared in front of her with a cock sticking out. Tsunade knew exactly what to do she sucked it down. The Naruto fucking her pussy began sucking on her breasts. Her body was aching, but she wasn’t going to lose to a little boy and his tricks.

Sakura, Ino, and Shizune were in the same position as Tsunade. None of them could imagine that Naruto would go this far.

Sakura had no chance of making the hand symbols correctly how hard and fast Naruto was tearing her apart. The first time they fucked like this was before they got her then she would never have been able to handle Naruto, but now she could easily take him on.

Ino was the same as Sakura she vowed the next time she fucked anyone after this session it had to be romantic and in her favor there was no way she could handle someone like Naruto the rest of her life.
Shizune was pleased that someone besides Tsunade or an ANBU was doing her body, but she was not prepared to handle Naruto’s wild ways her three holes have never been this plugged up with meat and juices in her entire life. She was enjoying the feeling that she was pleasing Naruto someone that she respected as a younger brother. She however was confused why Naruto is doing Tsunade when they are related. She could understand if they were third cousins, but second is too close.

“Oh yes!!! Fuck I’m going to come!!!” Real Naruto says as his cock is getting sucked by Tsunade. The other Naruto’s grunt in excitement as they also feel tightness down below pumping their cocks in and out of the holes of these four women. All of the Naruto’s go into hyper-drive shoving faster and faster until it hits. Large loads of hot salty sticky white cum sprays all over the four women faces and into their holes. All their pussies are soaked wet with multiple orgasms.

Naruto clones disappear and Naruto returns to his normal self still with a hard cock he holds in his hand. He collapses on the floor tired, but not passed out yet. The four women turn to each other remove their cocks and lustfully turn to Naruto with sexual hunger.

Tsunade sits on top of Naruto’s face. Naruto opens his eyes to see the view and obediently licks Tsunade’s pussy. Tsunade knew they were second cousins, but she wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get pleasure by a boy that made her extremely horny.

Sakura grabbed his cock and started sucking keeping it hard and moist while playing with his balls. While doing so placed a couple fingers into Naruto’s asshole making him hornier.

Shizune moved below Sakura and started eating her pussy while Shizune fingered her own.
Ino moved in front of Tsunade and sucked on her marvelous breasts. She moved one hand down to Tsunade’s pussy that Naruto was sucking and placed a finger in it for extra pleasure. Tsunade did the same to Ino while they held each other’s brace.

Tsunade moaned in the pleasure from Naruto and Ino “Fuck!!! Oh Fuck!!! Yes fuck me!!!” Tsunade panted and moaned by the waves of pleasure.

Ino moved upward from Tsunade’s perky breasts and kissing her neck and ending at her mouth. The two lick tongues feeling each other then locking lips as cum seeped out of their pussies. Naruto ate up Tsunade’s while Ino’s cum fell on Naruto’s chest.

Sakura could feel Naruto tense up as his back arched up and down as yet another load of cum shot into Sakura’s mouth. She sucked it all up and sat upward with Shizune eating her pussy she too could feel yet another orgasm. “Shizune! Make me come! Fucking eat me!” Sakura yelled with cum in her mouth. Once Sakura came and Shizune ate it up Sakura moved off of her and kissed her on the lips sharing Naruto’s white cum. After a few moments of kissing they got up and moved over to Tsunade and Ino.

Tsunade moved away from Ino and noticed Sakura and Shizune first standing in front of them. Ino turned to where Tsunade was looking to see the two. Sakura kissed Tsunade on the lips giving her Naruto’s tasting cum too. Shizune kissed Ino sharing Naruto’s cum. The four women shared kisses with each other.
Tsunade and Ino got off of Naruto. Naruto stood up weakly. Sakura and Shizune licked Naruto’s chest that was full of Ino’s pussy juices. Tsunade and Ino were on there knees sucking on his balls and cock cleaning it up.

Naruto lifted Shizune’s face up and kissed her fully on the lips as he hugged both Sakura and Shizune to draw them closer. Sakura moved her face up to where Naruto and Shizune were making out. Naruto turns to Sakura as they kiss then Sakura kisses Shizune. Pretty soon they are kissing each other and licking tongues.

Naruto pulls them away and gets on his knees and kisses Tsunade fully on the lips then turns to Ino and does the same. Sakura and Shizune get on their knees and join the three. All five of them kissing each other and playfully groping each other for attention knowing that this is where the orgy ends for the day.
They clean up licking the remains of cum stains on their bodies and then get dressed. Tsunade and Shizune wave the three away as they head to the Hokage’s private shower. Naruto, Sakura, and Ino walk away smelling of sex holding each other’s hands. Sakura and Ino had messed up hair as they walked out of the Hokage’s office.

ANBU watching from above waited until the coast was clear and they undressed leaving only their masks on and started their own silent orgy in the Hokage’s office.


Naruto stepped out of his apartment showers fully clean of sex and got dressed in his normal attire. He left the apartment and flew to Sakura and Ino’s places.

Sakura finished her shower and placed a little makeup and dressed a little above her normal attire, but nothing that would make Naruto lose it. A knock at the door Sakura walked over and opened it to see…
Ino stared out of her window brushing her hair after a long shower. She put some perfume to arouse Naruto to seduce her later. A knock at the door startled her then she licked her lips hungry for not just food, but a long night of romantic sex. She opened the door to see…

During the way to Sakura and Ino’s Naruto made a clone so he could grab both of them and head out for a dinner with the two of them. The doors opened to both places and Naruto realized he was under dressed for the occasion. Sakura and Ino smirked at Naruto’s attire giving each Naruto a kiss on the cheeks and then on the lips each leaving a scent of their female odor on him. He blushes holds their hands and they leave for dinner.

The three meet at a romantic dinner place with a candle in the center of the table with the table enclosed for privacy. They got their meals and ate them slowly enjoying each others company discussing what they wanted to do tonight. Once finished of their meals Sakura held on to Naruto’s right hand and Ino his left heading to his apartment for a long romantic night of sex.

Only the full moon shined into the room as they entered an eternal night. Naruto collapsed on his bed undressing himself. Sakura and Ino did the same pouncing on Naruto each knowing this relationship was going to last for a long…long… time.


Who is at the door?

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