Zach and Scotty get a new gay lover
A month ago Scotty had celebrated his twelve birthday by losing his virginity to his lover and cousin sixteen year old Zach. Scotty's mom, Cindy, and Zach's mom, who are sisters, fully approved of their gay relationship. Zach had moved to San Diego from Wisconsin to attend prep school and were sharing Scotty's bedroom. They had quickly developed a physical attraction which led to mutual masturbation, cock sucking and finally a night of anal sex after coming out at a gay pride parade that afternoon.

On the morning of Scotty's birthday , the two boys had their right ears pierced and they now constantly wore matching diamond studs. On the beach, the boys made an attractive couple in their matching gay pride flag imprinted Speedos. Heads would turn when they would walk along the beach and sunbathers could only imagine what these two did to each other in bed every night.

One day while walking along the beach Scotty observed, "Zach, have you ever noticed how many gay guys have star tattoos on their chests?"

"Yeah, " said Zach. " I think they look cool. Do you think your mom would let us get tats?"

"Let's go home and ask, " responded Scotty.

They went home and made their request. Cindy approved and after a quick call to Zach's mom for an approval they drove to the same tattoo and piercing salon where the boys had their ears pierced.

The tattoo artist heard the request, smiled at the young lovers and an hour later they left the salon with matching star tattoos on their chests.

That evening the boys were sitting on the couch with Cindy watching a video. Of course they wore nothing but their Speedos. Cindy looked admiringly at the two boys. Both were very good looking and the diamond studs and tattoos only added to their gay sexuality. Cindy couldn't stop thinking about watching these two boys having sex.

Zach had picked up on his aunt's glances and correctly guessed that she would like to watch him having sex with her son. After all she had done for them, he would like to reward her with a gay sex show.

Zach hugged Scotty and said, " I think it's time for a little love making. Should we go to bed?"

Zach's words really turned her on and now she really wanted to watch.

Then Zach added, " Maybe we should invite your mom to come along and watch how much we have learned about gay sex?"

Scotty's eyes widened and he exclaimed, "Yes mom come and watch us. We have so much fun together."

Cindy was shocked but managed to say, "I would enjoy that."

But Zach made a condition. "If you are going to watch us have sex, you have to be naked also."

Cindy quickly agreed and they headed for the boys' bedroom with a queen sized bed that Cindy had bought to replace the previous twin beds. The boys stripped off the their Speedos and then waited for Cindy to strip off her clothes.

Cindy was only 32 and she had a great body. It had been a long time since she had been fucked but she was willing to get some pleasure watching her son and nephew have sex.

Zach watched as his aunt stripped. He much preferred Scotty's body but he had to admit to himself that he wouldn't mind fucking his aunt just to see what it would be like.

Cindy said, " OK show me some good sex!"

Zach looked at Scotty and said, "Scotty let's start out by sucking each other's cocks." The boys got into position and started sucking away.

Cindy sat on the edge of the bed and enjoyed the show. She wished she could get some of this action.

The boys sucked for 15 minutes before they both came at the same time. At the end Zach could see the desire in his aunt's eyes. She wanted to be fucked in the worst way and he was tempted to try it.

" Aunt Cindy, you look like you could use some fucking. Even though I am gay, would you like me to fuck you?"

" Come on, mom, let Zach fuck you. I would like to watch that."

That was all the encouragement Cindy needed. Zach was a good looking boy and he was her son's gay partner, but still she really wanted sex right now.

" I would really like you to fuck me Zack." She took Zach's limp cock in her mouth and within a minute he had his erection back. She moved to the middle of the bed and spread her legs. She helped Zach insert his cock into her vagina and soon he was pumping his aunt.

Although he preferred butt fucking Scotty, the sensation was not bad.

After 15 minutes Cindy moaned that she was having an orgasm so Zach released his load of sperm up his aunt's vagina. Good but not as good as Scotty.

Scotty had sat on the edge of the bed and was exited watching his lover screw his mother. But now it was his turn.

" Zach, please fuck me next. You two got me excited and I am ready to be fucked."

Cindy said, I'll help you boys get ready." She grabbed a bottle of lube, poured some on her hand and stroked Zach's still erect cock.

Then she told Scotty to lay on his stomach. She poured some lube on his butt crack and then took two fingers and inserted them into his butt hole to make sure he was well lubed.

"OK boys let's see some action."

Zach quickly mounted Scotty and pumped his cock up Scotty's hole. Zach really enjoyed screwing Scotty.

Cindy watched how much the boys enjoyed gay sex. It excited her to see her nephew ramming his cock up her son's ass. Both boys moaned with pleasure. She wondered if she could ever find pleasure with another woman. It was something to think about.

That night Cindy slept with the two boys. Although she knew they preferred gay sex, neither boy refused her offer of a blow job. The threesome spent a pleasurable night of sucking and fucking. She even encouraged Scotty to fuck her once before daybreak. Cindy hoped that they would allow her to join them occasionally in the future.

In the morning the boys woke up but Cindy had left. They decided on a round of butt fucking before getting out of bed. Both boys agreed they preferred gay sex but it was fun having a third person in bed, even a woman. They also agreed that they would fuck Cindy every once in a while since she enjoyed it so much.

The boys showered together , put on their Speedos and decided to walk the half mile to the beach. About a block from their townhome they were stopped by an attractive woman in her thirties. She said that she had noticed them walking to the beach and wanted to talk to them about her son.

They followed her in the house and she invited them to sit on the couch.

" My name is Susan and I have a 10 year old son named Alex. You probably have seen him run around the neighborhood. He has shaggy bleach blond hair, dark tan and bright blue eyes."

The boys nodded. They smiled at each other because they had indeed noticed the cute young boy.

Susan continued, "I am a lesbian and Alex never knew his father. I think he may be interested in boys but he does not have any close friends. I assume from the earrings, tats and Speedos that you two boys are gay."

The two boys again nodded yes.

" Well I was wondering if you two boys might introduce Alex to the gay lifestyle if you know what I mean."

Zach answered, " We would be happy to teach him about being gay with a few conditions. To fit in it would be nice if you get his right ear pierced and get him a star tattoo like ours. And of course he would need a Speedo like ours. He could spend the weekend with us. My aunt, Scotty's mom, wouldn't mind. I think you would like Cindy. You are both about the same age and are both very attractive. And she's open to different kinds of sex although I don't think she has ever been with a woman. Want to go on a blind date?'

After going to the beach, the boys went home and explained their plan to Cindy. Cindy knew who Susan was and she was open to going on a date. Zach called Susan and arrangements were made for Friday night.

On Friday night the doorbell rang at 7 0'clock announcing the arrival of Alex and his mother Susan. Zach and Scotty ran to the door wearing nothing but their Speedos. They were anxious to meet the little boy who would be joining them for the evening. They opened the door and were greeted by Susan and Alex who was wearing the same gay themed Speedos and his freshly applied star tattoo on his chest. Although he had longer hair they caught a glimpse of the diamond stud in his right ear.

Susan said, " Alex, these are the two boys, Zach and Scotty, you are going to spend the night with. They will be teaching you a lot about being a young gay boy."

Alex flashed a big smile and went up to Zach and Scotty and gave them each a big hug. "Thanks guys! I have really been looking forward to tonight. Mom said you guys were good looking but I didn't know you looked this great."

Zach answered, " Well you are very handsome and you have a great little body. I think you will enjoy learning about being gay."

Just then Cindy joined the group ready for her date with Susan. Both woman looked hot and the boys good tell there was an instant attraction between the two women. Cindy leaned forward and gave Susan a quick peck on the lips.

Before she went out the door holding Susan's hand, Cindy said, "I may not come home tonight."

Zach thought about his aunt and Susan have a very satisfying night of lesbian sex. He was happy for her.

The three boys went into the family room and sat on the couch with Alex in the middle. Alex said, " Guys I have no experience with sex. I have never been with another boy. "

Scotty said, " Alex, a month ago I was in the same position. Before the night is over will teach you everything about gay sex. First we are going to show you some gay movies and you will see everything we will be doing to each other. Then we will move to our bedroom. Let's start with kissing."

Scotty placed his lips on Alex's and gently gave the little boy his first gay kiss. After five minutes, Zach took over. "Alex now I am going to teach you about French kissing. We're going to keep our mouths open and use our tongues. I think you will enjoy it."

Zach had Alex sit on his lap. Alex put his arms around Zach's neck and they started to French kiss. Zach thought to himself that this kid was a natural.

But now it was time for the video. The movie was about two teenage boys who fall in love and discover the joys of gay sex progressing from mutual masturbation, to cock sucking and finally anal sex. Zach and Scotty watched Alex's reaction. His mouth went wide open and his little cock went erect. He was certainly ready for sex.

At the end of the video, Alex said, "Gay sex looks really fun. When can we start?"

Zach and Scotty said in unison, "Right now!"

They led Alex to the bedroom and all three took off their Speedos. "Guys, I have never seen naked boys before but I really like looking at you two naked."

Zach answered, " And we really like your cute little body. Now crawl in bed and lay in the center."

Zach grabbed a bottle of lube from his dresser and explained how it was going to be used now … and later.

Zach lubed up Alex's three inch penis and Scotty's four inch penis. "Alex, I'm going to jerk you off while you jerk off Scotty."

" Zach, I've never jerked off before," said Alex.

"Then you are really going to enjoy this," answered Zach.

Zach put his fingers around the little cock and started stroking. Alex imitated Zach and put one hand around Scotty's cock and started pumping.

Alex was in heaven. He enjoyed the new sensation and his face showed how much pleasure he was experiencing. Scotty in the meantime was enjoying the fact that he was being stroked by a boy other than his cousin Zach. He loved Zach but liked this new experience.

Zach controlled the rate and pressure of his strokes to give Alex maximum pleasure.

Finally, Alex said, "I feel like I am going to explode. What should I do?"

"Don't worry, Alex. You are going to love what happens next, " said Zach. With one more stroke, ropes off sperm flew through the air all over the little boy's chest. A few second later Scotty released his load over his chest.

"You guys are really a mess. I guess I am going to have to clean you both up before we go on,'' said Zach.

He started with Alex's little chest. The little boy's sperm tasted great and in a couple minutes Zach had licked him clean.

Zach was about to start on Scotty when Alex said, " Can I clean up Scotty?" Zach nodded yes and the little boy went to work with his tongue and swallowed all of Scotty's cum. This was a good sign for the next lesson on cock sucking.

But first the three boys decided to take a short break and just hold and kiss. Zach and Scotty enjoyed the addition of Alex to their lovemaking. He was cute and quickly learned how to satisfy another boy.

Then Zach announced it was time to give each other blow jobs. "Alex I'm going to suck your cock while you suck Scotty's."

The boys got into position. Zach slid down between Alex's legs and took all three inches of his cock into his mouth. Scotty positioned his cock over Alex's mouth so he could begin sucking.

Zach enjoyed having the little boy's cock in his mouth and Scotty was already moaning from the pleasure of being sucked by Alex. The boys kept this up for fifteen minutes until Alex came in Zach's mouth. Zach enjoyed swallowing the short spurts of cum that were hitting the back of his throat. A minute later Scotty let out a loud moan of pleasure as he unloaded into Alex's mouth. Zach looked up and was impressed that the 10 year old could swallow a load of cum with no problem.

The boys were exhausted and they decided sleep for a while until moving on to butt fucking. Alex and Scotty decided to hold each other and fell asleep. Zach looked at the two young gay boys and realized how lucky he was to have sex with both of them. He decided he could get used to this arrangement.

After an hour, Zach woke up the two boys and told them it was time to move on to anal sex. " Alex, Scotty is going to fuck you first. His cock is smaller than mine and it will make it easier for you the first time."

Scotty smiled and said, "Thanks for letting me be first. Alex, don't worry I will take it slow and easy."

Alex moved to the center of the bed and Zach took a finger of lube and massaged the little boy's butt hole. "Just relax your muscles Alex and let my finger slip in."

After a couple of minutes, Zach's finger popped in and he stroked his finger back and forth in Alex's hole.

"Zach your finger feels great but I think I am ready for Scotty's cock."

Zach moved aside and Scotty got his rigid cock ready to enter Alex. He slowing pushed his cock back and forth. Zach had prepared Alex well and it didn't take Scotty long to insert all four inches up Alex's butt. Scotty, as promised took, slow and easy strokes in and out. Alex moaned with pleasure and said, "Scotty go ahead and pump faster."

Zach laid on his side and enjoyed watching a cute little 10 year old give up his virgin butt to his 12 year old lover. Both boys were fully enjoying anal sex. After ten minutes Zach could see from the expression on Scotty's face that he was ready to dump his load.

"Go on Scotty and squirt your cum."

Scotty's body went rigid and he could tell that Alex's butt was filling up with round after round of warm cum. After he was finished, Scotty removed his still hard cock and laid down. Alex crawled on top of Scotty and started kissing him and thanking him for such a great first fuck.

After watching this great fuck show, Zach's cock was rigid and he was ready for his turn with Alex. And he was more than willing to settle for sloppy seconds.

"Alex are you ready for some more fucking."

Alex flashed a big smile and said, "You bet I am!"

Alex resumed his position in the center of the bed. Zach approached from behind. Zach thought about how perfect of a body this kid had. He took a couple of minutes to kiss Alex's back, finishing with the two small butt cheeks. Zach only wish was that Alex could take his 6 inch cock.

Zach placed his erect cock at the entrance of Alex butt and gently pushed forward. Alex looked back and said," Go ahead Zach, I'm ready to be fucked."

This was all the encouragement that Zach needed and he entered the little boy with one stroke. Alex was tighter than Scotty but he was in and started pumping his cock back and forth. Zach thought about the fact that he now had two willing and gorgeous boys to fuck. His life had really changed in one month.

Little Alex was enjoying his fucking by Zach and moaned with pleasure. Zach stopped on occasion to admire Alex's body and kissed him on his neck. Alex turned around and looked at Zach with his big blue eyes and said, "Zach, I love you."

As he continued to fuck Alex he thought about the fact that two boys had now said that they were in love with him. Could he possibly be in love with two boys at the same time? He looked at Scotty's face but saw no look of jealousy so he replied back, " And I love you Alex."

Zach wanted this fuck to last as long as possible but after fifteen minutes he told Alex to get ready. One final thrust and he unloaded his cum to join Scotty's cum up Alex's hole. Satisfied he laid down on the bed, grabbed Alex and put him on top of his body. He wanted to simply embrace his new lover and French kiss for awhile.

After ten minutes Zach went hard again and ready to fuck again. " OK, Scotty I'm ready for you. "

Scotty smiled and got into position. Zach quickly mounted his 12 year old lover and started pumping his incredible ass. Zach had fallen deeply in love with Scotty over the last month and the two thoroughly enjoyed fucking each other every night. Alex looked on as the young lovers enjoyed their passionate love making. Finally Zach released another load up Scotty's ass. Satisfied they collapsed, embraced each other and shared a long kiss. Zach thought how incredible this night was but wondered if he could satisfy two boys every night.

Zach finally said, " Alex, you have not fucked anyone yet. Do you want to try?"

"I know my cock is only three inches long, but I really I want to try it."

" Well then crawl on my back and fuck me," said Zach.

Alex quickly scrambled on top of Zach and thrust his stiff cock into him. Although Alex's cock was small, he enjoyed the idea of being screwed by a 10 year old boy. The little boy was pumping his cock in and out as fast as he could and was able to go for ten minutes before releasing his load into Zach ass. Finally, little Alex had taken all three entrances between his new lovers. He was truly a gay boy now.

That night, Scotty and Alex cuddled with Zach who was laying in the middle. He smiled at his two lovers and thought about the endless nights of sex to come.

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