The ancient race were known as zoo keepers. They were called that because on several planets they had been on we found huge enclosures with many types of altered or enhanced animals. I was an orphan and spent most of my time just trying to feed myself. Dent was mostly thick forests with fruit bushes and ground covering vines.

I was new to the street gang and kept busy doing errands. We had moved into a huge hanger beside the port. The split came when two girls were caught and brought in. The gang was mostly male and they wanted the girls, willing or not. The gang leader was called Dragon and was walking around them as I entered the club.

The two frightened girls were holding each other. He reached out and tore the older looking girl’s skirt and it started to fall as everyone laughed. When she tried to catch it he slipped a zip knife into her blouse and pulled up to slice it open. I glanced around as everyone laughed again and kept egging him on.

The younger girl was already naked and trying to cover herself. I hesitated before sighing and walking towards the girls, “leave them alone.”

The leader sneered, “fuck off newbie.”

I slugged him and the room went silent. He came to his feet and snarled as he pulled out the elegant plasma pistol he always carried, “you’re dead!”

I shifted as I caught his hand and twisted before bending it back. I kicked across and into his knee and yanked the pistol away. He screamed as he went down and the gang growled and started to move. I lifted the pistol and pointed it at the most violent gang member, “back off.”

Jacob always wore crossed belts with spare charges for his plasma pistol. He pulled his weapon and I shot him in the hand before reaching out to put the pistol barrel between his eyes, “BACK OFF!”

Everyone went quiet as my mind spun. I turned him as he whimpered and pulled the two belts off before backing towards the girls, “come with me.”

I started for the outer door and everyone started to follow. I glanced back at the girls and the door, “out.”

I followed and shoved Jacob forward into the gang before slamming the door and reaching to the side. We kept bars beside the door in case we were raided and I pushed one through the door frame locking bracket and then through the door handle. I turned and reached for one of the girls hands as I started moving.

Dragon had a modified flyer and I pulled the girls to it. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the gang came out one of the other doors. I pushed them in and tossed the ammo belts after them. I moved across and got behind the controls as the gang came around the corner of the hanger. I lifted and spun the flyer before slamming the throttles all the way forward.

I lifted us higher as we accelerated and glanced back a few moments later to see flyers following. I couldn’t turn back towards the city and headed west into the wilderness. The distance between the flyers slowly grew and finally they turned back after almost two hours. I waited before slowly beginning to turn to the south.

I was hoping we could reach the southern colony city of Calhune. Ten minutes later there was a banging and the engine died. I frantically tried to restart it as I looked for somewhere to land. I got the engine started but it didn’t sound good. I saw a narrow strip like clearing between trees and quickly dropped down into it.

I slowed and lowered the landing legs before the engine died again and we dropped onto them. I hesitated before turning to look at the two girls. They smiled shyly and I took a breath before opening the door and getting out. I grabbed the two belts and put them over my head and under my left arm before holstering the pistol.

I looked around as the girls got out. We were at least five hundred kilometers from the port city and twice that from Calhune. I found several old dirty blankets and a first aid kit in the flyer but that was it. I smiled at the girls, “I guess we walk back.”

They went slow because of their bare feet but wrapped a blanket around themselves to keep warm. It was starting to get dark when I saw the old stone building. Abby and Grace were stumbling and shivering as I looked at the alien doorway with storm clouds gathering above us. Abby was fifteen and Grace was fourteen, they were both orphans like me.

I sighed and led the girls in and looked around before continuing down the long hallway. I was holding Abby’s hand and pulling her and she held Grace’s. I was ready to stop and go back when we stumbled into a room that was so dark it seemed to glow. I yawned suddenly and Abby pulled on my hand as she sat.

I knelt and tried to see her or Grace as I became sleepy. I sat as Abby pulled her hand out of mine and I moved to hold her body and reached for Grace. She snuggled against Abby and I had to put my head down as I became to tired to stay awake. I woke to distant grumbles and glanced around at the cave like overhang we were under.

The sun was up but storm clouds kept it dark as rain lashed the grassy area in front of the opening. I sat up and blinked at the way I felt and looked down. I froze as I saw fur covering my body, not hair... fur. I felt myself and frowned as I flexed my fingers and long claws slipped out. I turned to look around and stopped to stare at the two other golden stripped beings.

They were laying together and sleeping and I moved to them slowly and turned the first, it was Abby. I glanced at the other and knew it was her sister. I looked around again and saw my clothes but what got me going was the two ammo belts and the holstered plasma pistol. I went to look and checked the pistol before leaving the clothes and putting the two belts on.

I turned at the gasp and saw Abby sitting up looking at herself. I moved to her and she looked at me with wide green eyes that had golden cat slits. That was when it hit me and I knew what had happened. I made her look at me, “that ruin and hallway were a trap. It was like an animal shoot the zoo keepers must have used.”

She looked at me, “zoo keepers?”

I smiled, “the ancient race that made enclosures on several planets to keep creatures.”

She frowned as she kept looking at herself. She flexed her fingers and her claws came out, “I have claws.”

She grinned, “and fur.”

I nodded and she looked into my eyes, “cool eyes.”

I shook my head, “yours too.”

I took a breath, “wake your sister and explain while I go look for a way out.”

She glanced at Grace before nodding and I stood. I looked at the rain and moved out and to the left along a cliff. When it turned and headed out I knew this was one of the enclosure walls. I followed it and looked at it carefully as well as the trees close to it. The enclosure was fairly large but I didn’t find any breaks in the walls.

I walked back into the overhang and the girls smiled. I smiled back at them, “I’ll need to cut a tree but I think we can climb out.”

Abby nodded and Grace caressed her body, “neat isn’t it?”

I grinned and reached out to scrap a finger claw across a pretty pink nipple, “very.”

She shuddered and then grinned at her sister. Abby shook her head, “tempting a boy is what got us caught.”

Grace laughed, “but now we are all alone in the woods with one and can have our way with him.”

Abby looked at me before slowly smiling, “well I am feeling horny.”

I grinned as I took the two belts off and reached for Grace since she was closer, “you girls are in for so much sex.”

I laid down with her and leaned over to suck on a nipple before caressing down between her legs. She groaned when my finger rubbed her clit while I kept kissing her. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and pulled on me. I turned to move over her and between her legs and forced my thick cock into her tight pussy.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I pushed all the way into her and stretched her pussy. I shivered as her pussy rippled and pulled back to start fucking her slowly with deep thrusts. She shuddered hard a minute later before lifting her hips and thrusting up. Soon I was fucking her harder and grinding each time I buried my cock.

Abby was sitting beside us rubbing my shoulder as her sister wailed and howled. She began to thrash around and kick as she lifted her feet into the air. I only lasted a few minutes before shoving into her and pressing. My throbbing cock erupted and I peed cum through her cervix. She screamed at the feel of warm sperm pumping into her and clutched at me, “ABBY!”

I groaned as I kept spewing and spurting until I was done and my cock was just throbbing. I humped into her and she shuddered hard before Abby laughed, “my turn.”

I pulled out and looked at her and she turned to go to her hands and knees. Grace giggled, “you look like a bitch.”

I moved behind her as she grinned back at her sister, “so do you now.”

I rubbed her before positioning my cock and slowly forcing it into her tight pussy as she groaned. I pushed deeper and began to fuck her with long strokes. I kept it slow at first and she became slippery quickly as she started to thrust back. She shuddered while her pussy kept grasping my cock.

Soon I was fucking her with long, deep strokes. She stiffened a few minutes later and then began to slam back onto me as she wailed and howled. Her tight pussy clenched and she wet me as she kept shaking. I started to fuck her harder and she continued to jerk and spasmed until I thrust into her and buried my cock.

I held her as she shook and then I began to gush warm sperm. Abby screamed when she felt the cum erupting in her but pressed back. I pumped six or seven large spurts of cum before I was done and slowly pulled out. She laid down and shivered and Grace giggled, “satisfied now?”

Abby turned her head to grin, “I could do it a few more times.”

I grinned as I stood and looked out to see the rain stop, “maybe after we get out.”

I went to my clothes and searched through them for my energy knife and the few odd bits I was carrying. I cut the clothes into strips and rolled them. I looked at the girls and smiled before gesturing, “come with me ladies.”

They grinned and started walking beside me. In the far left corner was the closest tree to the wall. I moved the girls back before moving to it. I used the energy knife to make shallow cuts and slowly carved out a deep wedge. I moved around to start on the other side and when the tree began to crack and fall I moved away quickly.

It caught on the top of the wall and settled there. I put the knife in a loop on one of the belts before going back to the tree. I jerked and shook the tree but it didn’t move so I signaled the girls. It was simple to climb up the tree until I could jump onto the wider section of the wall. I helped the girls before turning to look over the other side.

Climbing into a cage with a wild animal wasn’t something I wanted to do. We walked the wall until I thought the other side wasn’t an enclosure and then I anchored the strips from my clothes. I lowered Abby and then Grace before climbing down. I looked around to get a sense of direction and started walking towards the east.

Abby and Grace walked easily and kept whispering and giggling. It was late afternoon when I saw the animal, it was called a Harris Snipe if I remembered right. I used the pistol and silently moved closer before killing it with a shot through the thick head. A Harris Snipe was a type of large avian, this one weight almost twenty kilos.

I showed the girls how to pluck the bird as I began gathering dry sticks beside a shallow stream. I pulled the lighter from the pocket I had attached to one belt and started a fire before going to help the girls and clean the bird. I used a long stick through the bird and two thick ones on each side of the fire and began roasting it.

It seemed to take forever before I pulled the bird back and we pulled it apart to eat. After we were full I led the girls into the stream to wash and grinned as Abby took my hand and used it to wash her cummy pussy. After we got out they pulled me to a large patch of soft moss under a tree. Abby was on one side and Grace the other.

Abby pressed against me and then turned to straddle me. Her sister reached under her almost hot pussy and lifted my hard cock. She wiggled and pushed down as my cock was positioned and slowly sat until my cock was buried. She grinned as she put her hands on my chest and started rocking and thrusting back and forth.

Her warm pussy started to grasp and squeeze as my cock kept pressing against her cervix. It was a few minutes before she began to spasm and jerk erratically. She wailed and twisted as she wet me and rubbed her pussy back and forth on me. I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her with long thrusts.

She wrapped her legs around me and howled as I fucked her hard and deep, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock to hump, press, grind and jab. Abby spread her legs wide as she clutched me and thrashed around. I shoved into her hard as I began to gush a huge stream of cum. She thrust her hips up and her body shook, “YES!”

I peed and then spewed and finally spurted a few times before I was done. Abby was panting as cum began to leak around my cock and I pulled out. Grace pulled on me and turned to go to her hands and knees, “do me.”

I was still horny and moved behind her to push my slimy cock into her tight pussy. I held her as she pushed back and began to fuck her with long thrusts. She kept thrusting back to sink my thick cock into her and I pressed against her. It was several minutes before she began to convulse as I held her up and continued to fuck her.

Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and squeezing. I started to fuck her hard and deep, planting my cock each time and pressing in harder. Grace howled and wailed as her pussy tightened and milked my cock. I continued to fuck her steadily and it was several minutes before I shoved into her.

She spasmed and jerked almost violently as I began to spew a thick stream of cum. I pumped a half dozen large spurts before stopping and letting her sink to the ground. Abby grinned as she lay back fingering her cummy slit, “my turn.”

I did them both three times before we went to sleep. I listened to the night sounds as the two snuggled against me. I looked at them when I heard purring and grinned before closing my eyes. I woke to the faint hint of daylight and shifted before rising. I went to wash in the stream and took a drink.

I woke the girls and let them wash before we ate a little more from the bird we had roasted the night before. I led the way after that and it was a few hours before I smelled smoke. I paused and glanced at the girls and then turned to follow the smell. I looked through a tall bush to see a dozen men beside a ruin that I recognized.

By their clothes and actions I knew they were from the city and not from the gang. They had all kinds of equipment and kept saying they should go in and get readings. I looked at the girls and reached for Abby’s hand and stepped around the bush, “stay out of the building.”

The men spun and two lifted rifles. I didn’t move and stood between them and the girls, “its one of the zoo keeper entry rooms.”

An old man cleared his throat, “what are... who are you?”

I smiled faintly, “Diamond Henry Edwards. We wrecked and I thought to use this place as cover for the night.”

I looked back at Abby and Grace, “it put us to sleep and we woke up in an enclosure and changed like you see us.”

The men lowered their rifles as the other man came closer and the old man nodded, “that would explain the huge energy spike that was detected here. I’m David McNiel.”

I turned and pulled Abby and Grace to my side, “This is Abby and her sister Grace.”

He smiled at them and looked at me, “there isn’t an enclosures here.”

I gestured back the way we had come, “try a day’s walk that way.”

He looked at another man who grinned, “they must have tunnels or a means of transportation not found before.”

A few minutes later we were sitting beside the fire and answering questions. Several men left to begin a sonic probe around the building. Another old man, Peter Delencourt leaned forward as the few men around us moved away to discuss how to enter the building safely, “you know several doctors will want to look you over?”

I looked at him and he sighed and glanced around, “Scientists are unfeeling sometimes. When they take you back to Calhune they will try to separate you so they can run tests. It will be a long time if ever before you will be released. I have seen the data on zoo keeper animals and we don’t have the ability to reverse what was done to you. I doubt those that would study you will even try.”

I looked at the girls as they held hands and they looked at me. I sighed and then grinned, “any chance you could get a portable housing unit brought out?”

He blinked, “I could but we won’t be staying here if the enclosures are a day away.”

I grinned, “we could escort some of the men back and cut a landing area. I think we will stay here and study the enclosures.”

He grinned, “doctors will still want to examine you.”

I looked at Abby and Grace, “tell them my mates and I will be happy to let them but in our own home here and only while we are together.”

He laughed and stood, “let me make a few calls.”

I watched him walk away before looking at Abby, “sorry but I...”

She grinned, “we don’t want to be locked away either.”

Grace nodded, “I liked the mate part.”

Her sister bumped her shoulder and then giggled, “we never thought about it but the zoo keepers changed our bodies.”

She looked at Grace, “I wonder if they left our implants in?”

I opened my mouth and then closed it. Abby grinned and rubbed her pelvis, “I wonder if we will have a single baby or a litter?”

Grace giggled and moved to push me back and straddle me as she kissed me. I held her and gave her a squeeze before letting her go, “those are some of the first questions we need to ask the doctors.”

Abby pulled Grace off me, “lets go find a couple of men to help you make the landing area.”

It was easier than I thought but I was really leery of going in the flyer. The lift belts we wore would let us jump out and descend through the trees with little trouble. I held the girls as we flew until I saw a piece of wall from the enclosure. I moved to the door as the flyer turned and headed back.

It slowed and I pulled the two frightened girls as I jumped out. I was afraid of leaving the girls to jump with all the men in case they decided to take them away. They screamed of course until they realized we were floating and not falling. I let them go as we dropped between trees and a moment later landed.

The first thing Abby and Grace did was go behind a bush to pee as the dozen men landed. It took less then five minutes to walk back to the enclosure wall. After that we cut and then trimmed and chopped up a dozen trees. We moved everything to one side and a couple of hours later two flyers landed and they began making a camp.

While they were distracted I made a grapple and tied a rope to it. I went to the wall and threw the grapple. I pulled and made sure it stayed before climbing up. I moved to look in the other side and quickly backed away as a huge beast roared from the other side of the wall. I grinned and climbed down as several men came to see what was happening.

I started for the girls, “I would be very careful of the beast on the other side of the wall.”

They grinned as I swept Grace up in my arms and looked at Abby, “as soon as we get dinner we should move away to sleep.”

Grace kissed me, “I get you first.”

Abby laughed, “the horny bitch has been humping my leg.”

Grace giggled, “she keeps fingering me.”

I shook my head, “dinner and then fucking.”

They grinned as I pulled them to the tents and found a small kitchen set up. A little pleading from the girls and we were sitting beside a tent and eating. After we finished I cleaned up what we had used I glanced at the growing darkness. I pulled the girls after me as we slipped out of camp and into the forest.

I found a tree with thick drooping branches and moss covering the ground. I set our bundle of things to the side and stared at Grace as she went to her knees and put her head down. Abby rubbed her butt, “fuck her.”

I grinned as I moved behind her to rub and finger her slit. I shifted and pushed into her and sank my cock all the way into her with a sigh while she groaned. Abby laughed as I pulled back and began to fuck Grace slowly with long thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was thrusting back hard to shove my cock into her.

I grinned at her sister and started fucking her hard and deep. A couple of minutes and she was wailing and shaking as her pussy rippled around my cock and tightened. I slowed to long strokes again and began rubbing her asshole. She twisted and jerked back and forth as her wails turned to howls and she wet me.

She spread her knees more and I started fucking her firmly again as I planted my cock and pushed. It was a couple of minutes and she had her upper body on the ground by then. I thrust all the way into her and held her as my cock erupted and I peed cum through her cervix. Grace spasmed and pushed back as she screamed, “cccuuummmmmmiiinnnggg!”

I spewed and gushed and pumped spurts until I finished and let her hips go. Grace slumped to the ground panting as Abby giggled and pushed me down beside her and rolled me onto my back before straddling me, “my turn.”

I grinned as I held up my cock and she slowly sank her tight pussy down on it. She shuddered and her pussy tightened before she began to rock and thrust. I cupped her breasts and tugged on the nipples as she started twisting and rolling her hips. It was a couple of minutes before she was jerking erratically and moaning out loud.

Her pussy was a lot slipperier and kept gripping my cock. I turned my head at a sound and saw three men watching us and pulled Abby down, “do you mind?”

They looked at each other and I shook my head, “we may have been altered but we are human and I’m sure you know and understand how we have sex.”

I could see their faces redden as they turned away and Abby giggled, “I didn’t mind.”

I humped up, “careful or I’ll see if they want a turn.”

She laughed as she sat up, “sorry that position is filled.”

Grace snuggled against me, “mine too.”

I smiled and pulled Abby’s hips back and forth, “get to work so I can fill your position.”

She bounced and rolled her hips while twisting and I thrust up as her pussy clenched. When I came it was a geyser that pumped into her while her pussy grasped and kept milking it out of my cock. She jerked and shook as her pussy milked my cock and then sighed and laid on me before lifting her hips. She slipped half off me and Grace snuggled against my other side.

The zoo keepers didn’t leave the implants in the girls but they only had one baby each. A large house and compound was build against the wall to the enclosures. It was a few years before the scientists started looking at another newly discovered site. We are the caretakers at this site now and have a lot of tourists come to see us and the creatures.
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